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My Story, Your Story, His Story

Author : Larry A. Toller
Publisher : Larry Toller
Release : 2006-08
Category : Autobiography
ISBN : 1598864556


Book My Story, Your Story, His Story Description/Summary:

Short vignettes written in journal form about Larry Toller's life and how they tie into the scriptures of the bible.

Your Story, My Story

Author : Connie Palmen
Publisher : AmazonCrossing
Release : 2021
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1542022401


Book Your Story, My Story Description/Summary:

From the award-winning author of The Friendship comes a shattering, brilliantly inventive novel based on the volatile true love story of literary icons Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. In 1963 Sylvia Plath took her own life in her London flat. Her death was the culmination of a brief, brilliant life lived in the shadow of clinical depression--a condition exacerbated by her tempestuous relationship with mercurial poet Ted Hughes. The ensuing years saw Plath rise to martyr status while Hughes was cast as the cause of her suicide, his infidelity at the heart of her demise. For decades, Hughes never bore witness to the truth of their marriage--one buried beneath a mudslide of apocryphal stories, gossip, sensationalism, and myth. Until now. In this mesmerizing fictional work, Connie Palmen tells his side of the story, previously untold, delivered in Ted Hughes's own uncompromising voice. A brutal and lyrical confessional, Your Story, My Story paints an indelible picture of their seven-year relationship--the soaring highs and profound lows of star-crossed soul mates bedeviled by their personal demons. It will forever change the way we think about these two literary icons.

My Story Can Beat Up Your Story!

Author : Jeffrey Alan Schechter
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2011
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN : 1932907939


Book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! Description/Summary:

More than 20 years ago, Jeffrey Alan Schechter arrived in Hollywood with the dream of making it as a screenwriter. His dedication — not just to writing, but to learning what makes a good story — paid off and Jeff became a million-dollar screenwriter, story doctor, and rewrite artist. My Story Can Beat Up Your Story is the same powerful, easy-to-learn system that industry insiders have used to generate millions of dollars in script sales and assignments. In a clear, step-by-step fashion, this book is a fun, eye-opening, brain-expanding, and often irreverent guide to writing stories that sell. Covering everything from Heroes to Villains, from Theme to Plot Points, from cooking up good ideas to a business plan for smart writers, this book forever eliminates that horrible feeling every writer goes through — staring at the blank page and wondering "what comes next?"

The Friendship

Author : Connie Palmen
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2012-06-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781448137992


Book The Friendship Description/Summary:

Ara and Kit, two girls in the village school, seem to have nothing in common. Ara, the elder, is large, earthy and illiterate; Kit is lean, brainy and interested in abstractions like philosophy. After they leave school Ara cannot let Kit alone - she is drawn to her as a moth to a candle flame.

His Story, History. My Story, Mystery.

Author : Anna Michelle Walden
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Release : 2012-09
Category : Art
ISBN : 9781466944510


Book His Story, History. My Story, Mystery. Description/Summary:

Things seem to be happening very quickly. Some things were secrets. And I knew these secrets would never be appropriate, for any conversation, in any lifetime. However, it was my reality. Was anything good going to come out of this? There was too much to tell, and no one would understand. I didn't even understand-so how could anyone else? It seemed improbable that I would get what was inside, out of me. It wasn't how I was raised to discuss this negativity . . . to "air out one's dirty laundry," it just wasn't accepted. Was it all my fault? These vulgar and unprecedented events that were beginning to destroy me. I decided to block it out, keep it inside and keep moving with my life. Trying, waiting for the day I would get past it and walk through the door of the other side. The other side of all this madness. In the meantime, I had to do something with my emotions, my secrets and my feelings. They were locked up, tighter than tight. I began to write in journals. Entries that were poems and anecdotal stories of what was happening in my life. I had to become my own inspiration. I had to somehow get what was inside...out. A young girl's life filled with devastation, tragedy and self-destruction was all on its way. It was already here! Still maintaining a happy, ambitious life but harboring guilt, anger and resentment. And dealing with the world and its own evolving. This is the story of over ten years of writings, from the ages of 14-26 years. Someone leading themselves out of the dark and into the light. This was my way and this is my story. My story . . . in poetry.

My Story, Her Story .... Is Your Story

Author : J. R. Parker
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-06-25
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1721939768


Book My Story, Her Story .... Is Your Story Description/Summary:

Macy Graham is trying to live her life the best way she knows how. Missing her father, who died just ten years ago, and hurt by her husband, who is cheating on her with multiple women, her heart is overwhelmed. The women in her life, all have challenges; they all need a little help and cannot offer Macy what she needs during this time in her life. So, Macy decides to get professional counseling, but not sure whether it will save her marriage or save her life. She comes to a dilemma in her life, should she stay, or should she leave?

My Story, My Song

Author : Missy Buchanan,Lucimarian Roberts
Publisher : Upper Room Books
Release : 2019-08-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780835811279


Book My Story, My Song Description/Summary:

My Story, My Song is the heartwarming memoir of the late 88-year-old Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, mother of Good Morning America coanchor Robin Roberts. It details pivotal moments in Mrs. Roberts' life, revealing how faith in God gave her strength and hope to face the challenges of life. Good Morning America viewers came to know and love Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts. For many, the heartfelt connection began the day after Hurricane Katrina blew through the Gulf Coast. They eagerly watched as Robin stood among the remnants of her hometown and talked about her desperate search for her elderly mother, who had ridden out the storm in her Mississippi home. Once she knew that her mother was safe, Robin admitted she was not surprised to learn that even as the winds howled and floodwaters rose, Lucimarian Roberts sang hymns. As she was working on her memoir, Lucimarian still was able to recite the lyrics to hundreds of hymns and spirituals first learned in her childhood church. She credited hymns for helping her, a black woman born in 1924, live faithfully through the turbulent times of the Great Depression, segregation, the civil rights struggle, and the loneliness and constant moves that came with being married to a U.S. Air Force officer. Robin writes, "Folks are drawn to Mom's humility, wisdom, and spirituality. Countless times I've been told, 'Your mother should write a book.' Reflections from Robin on her mother's life and faith cap each chapter. Now you will be able to gain insights from Lucimarian Roberts' amazing life. "God has brought the most wonderful and sometimes the most unlikely people, of all ages and races, into my life to encourage and guide me on this spiritual journey of life," Mrs. Roberts said with bright eyes. Highlights of My Story, My Song include: Inspiring stories of how a mother's love and character affect generations to come A tribute to the power of hymns and music to lift the heart out of loneliness and grief Honest childhood stories of poverty and alcoholism and the strength to overcome Insight into life as an African American during segregation and beyond Examples of the powerful influence of mentors and role models Encouraging stories of aging with grace Reminders of the impact of integrity, character, and love You will be inspired and uplifted by this memoir of a woman who faced the best and worst of times with faith, dignity, and grace.

My Story

Author : Marilyn Monroe
Publisher : Taylor Trade Publishing
Release : 2006-11-25
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781589795013


Book My Story Description/Summary:

Written at the height of her fame but not published until over a decade after her death, this autobiography of actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) poignantly recounts her childhood as an unwanted orphan, her early adolescence, her rise in the film industry from bit player to celebrity, and her marriage to Joe DiMaggio. In this intimate account of a very public life, she tells of her first (non-consensual) sexual experience, her romance with the Yankee Clipper, and her prescient vision of herself as "the kind of girl they found dead in the hall bedroom with an empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand." The Marilyn in these pages is a revelation: a gifted, intelligent, vulnerable woman who was far more complex than the unwitting sex siren she portrayed on screen. Lavishly illustrated with photos of Marilyn, this special book celebrates the life and career of an American icon—-from the unique perspective of the icon herself.

When You Don't Like Your Story

Author : Sharon Jaynes
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2021-01-26
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781400209712


Book When You Don't Like Your Story Description/Summary:

Bestselling author, cofounder of Girlfriends in God, and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries Sharon Jaynes reveals the secret to living a better story: understanding that the worst parts of our past are the very things God uses most. Many people don't like the story God is writing in their lives. The mistakes, failures, tragedies, and circumstances outside of our control linger in our minds and hold us back. How do we come to grips with the pieces of our stories that we wish weren't there? How do we silence the pain of what has been done to us and the shame of what we've allowed to be done through us? In When You Don't Like Your Story, Bible teacher Sharon Jaynes shows us how God untangles our most painful emotions with the fingers of grace, putting his redemption on display. In the hardest parts of our narratives, we get to see God's greatest work--and this changes the ending of our stories. As we overcome shame, offer forgiveness, and use our stories to help others, we find freedom from the past and learn to live in the restoration of the present.

Your Story

Author : Joanne Fedler
Publisher : Hay House
Release : 2017
Category : SELF-HELP
ISBN : 9781401954314


Book Your Story Description/Summary:

Your story could change someone's life-if you write from your own experience but for and toward your reader. Expert teacher and mentor Joanne Fedler shows you how in this no-excuses guide. We either think our lives are so special that everyone should be interested in what's happened to us, or so ordinary that we can't imagine anyone would care. The truth lies somewhere in between- yes, we are all special, and no, people will not care-unless we write with them in mind. Joanne Fedler, a beloved writing teacher and mentor, has written Your Story to help anyone, even those who don't necessarily identify as "writers," value their life stories and write them in such a way that they transcend the personal and speak to a universal story. This book shows how to write from your life, but for the benefit of others. Each human life is unique, and the meaning we each make from our joys and suffering can, if written with a reader in mind, be an act of generosity and sharing. Filled with practical wisdom and tools, the book tackles- mind-set issues that prevent us from writing ways to develop trust (in yourself, the process, the mystery) triggers or prompts to elicit our own stories Joanne's original techniques for "lifewriting", developed over a decade of teaching and mentoring and much more "Joanne understands the writer's loneliness," says one such writer whose life she's touched, the award-winning Israeli author Nava Semel. "In this book she has created a menu of encouraging possibilities on how to overcome our fears and dig deep into our souls, so that our true voice can emerge."

My Story, My Life

Author : Nancy A Hoffman
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2012-08-01
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 0979594707


Book My Story, My Life Description/Summary:

An interactive life-review journal designed by a psychologist helps families share their stories with one another. It includes prompts that take users through the different phases of life with lined space to record memories, thoughts, and reflections.

Birthday Letters

Author : Ted Hughes
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 1999-03-30
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9780374525811


Book Birthday Letters Description/Summary:

A collection of poetry addressed to Hughes's late wife, poet Sylvia Plath, reexamines the psychological breakdown that led to both some of her greatest poems and to her untimely death. Reprint.

My Story 1

Author : Craig Froman,Andrew Froman
Publisher : New Leaf Publishing Group
Release : 2018-05-25
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781683441175


Book My Story 1 Description/Summary:

Just what exactly is social studies, you may ask? Well, it includes the study of all kinds of people and places, some far away and some next door. In this book we talk about families, like your family in your house, and also lots of people close by, which we call a town or city, and finally about even more people in cities or outside of cities, all living in big places called countries. My Story and the World Around Me is a course for lower elementary students. It includes basic introductions to history, politics, sociology, economics, and geography, and provides a fuller understanding of God’s world and the cultures of the countries. This is a daily adventure-based curriculum series that encourages families to explore the world together through four nine-week quests and to understand it better from God’s perspective. It is designed with elements that make weekly learning fun and interactive, including: Activity timeWord find timeReview timeMy story journal Learn all about the world while you discover more about your own. And make sure you pull out your Quest Collector Cards at the beginning of each quest. Your world map on the other side shows where you are in each lesson!

Your Story Is Your Power

Author : Elle Luna,Susie Herrick
Publisher : Workman Publishing
Release : 2018-03-06
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781523503988


Book Your Story Is Your Power Description/Summary:

HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF? IN A VERY REAL SENSE, we define ourselves through our stories. If we can truly understand the stories that made us the women we are, including the motivations behind our actions and thoughts, we can take charge of how our future unfolds. WHAT IS AT THE HEART OF YOUR STORY? Follow the prompts, tools, questions, and advice through a labyrinth of self-discovery to reach the center of your voice, your power, your truth. And then learn how to share that story—and all of your Feminine Power—with a world that needs to hear it.

Your Story Matters

Author : Leslie Leyland Fields
Publisher : NavPress Publishing Group
Release : 2020-04-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781641582193


Book Your Story Matters Description/Summary:

Your Story Matters presents a dynamic and spiritually formative process for understanding and redeeming the past in order to live well in the present and into the future. Leslie Leyland Fields has used and taught this practical and inspiring writing process for decades, helping people from all walks of life to access memory and sift through the truth of their stories. This is not just a book for writers. Each one of us has a story, and understanding God's work in our stories is a vital part of our faith. Through the spiritual practice of writing, we can "remember" his acts among us, "declare his glory among the nations," and pass on to others what we have witnessed of God in this life: the mysterious, the tragic, the miraculous, the ordinary. With a companion video curriculum from RightNow Media, this is a "why not" book as opposed to a "how to" book. Leslie asks each of us an important question: "Why not learn to tell your story, in the context of the grander story of God?"

My Story, My Self

Author : Anna Brett
Publisher : B.E.S. Publishing
Release : 2018-04
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1438011482


Book My Story, My Self Description/Summary:

Tune in. Turn off. Chill out! This keepsake journal created especially for girls will help you tap into your strengths, gain insights into your thoughts, and build confidence. Dream, plan, and track your days with inspirational quotes, practical tips, interesting hacks, and more.

How Your Story Sets You Free

Author : Heather Box,Julian Mocine-McQueen
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2019-09-03
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781452181707


Book How Your Story Sets You Free Description/Summary:

Everyone has a story to tell. Sharing that story can change you, your community, or even the world. But how do you start? This inspirational guide invites readers to unlock their truth and share it, whether in a TED talk, a blog post, or a conversation with their loved ones. Storytelling coaches Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen reveal how to embrace the power of personal storytelling in a series of easy steps. Their practical and motivating advice fills this charming ebook and serves as a powerful reminder that stories matter.

My Story 2

Author : Craig Froman,Andrew Froman
Publisher : New Leaf Publishing Group
Release : 2018-08-13
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781683441182


Book My Story 2 Description/Summary:

This book of adventure is going to help you learn about something called social studies. Social studies is about people and places around the world. We will talk about what people eat, where our food comes from, how governments are set up, the symbols on flags from different countries and what they mean, how God teaches us to love the people of the world like He does, and much more. The language of this book is English, but we’ll share some Italian and Chinese words with you too! My Story, My Country, My World is a course for lower elementary students. It includes basic introductions to history, politics, economics, sociology, and geography, with the ultimate aim of teaching a comprehensive understanding of God’s world and the cultures of each country. This is a daily adventure-based curriculum series that encourages families to explore the world together through four nine-week quests and to understand it better from God’s perspective. It is designed with elements that make weekly learning fun and interactive, including: Thankful Time!Government Time!God's Creation Time!My Story Journal It’s time to explore God’s world and to learn more about others… and more about you too! Get your Quest Collector Cards ready. Each card includes your world map showing the path of each of your four journeys.