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Writing Myths

Author : Kristina Adams
Publisher : Kristina Adams
Release : 2022-01-24
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Writing Myths Description/Summary:

Everything you wanted to know about writing but were too embarrassed to ask. Can you make a living from writing? How much money do authors make per book? Just how important is book marketing? Discover the answers to these common questions and more in Writing Myths, the latest nonfiction book by bestselling author and blogger Kristina Adams. If you’re considering a career as any kind of writer, this book is a must-read. You’ll finish it ready to make an informed decision about your writing career. Even seasoned writers will learn new and fascinating facts about the industry that they work in. Find out what myths are holding you back in your writing career – download your copy today. Google keywords: writing career, novel writing, productivity, publishing industry, writing industry, books for writers, advice for writers, procrastination, inspiration, motivation, creativity, self-publishing, book marketing, indie publishing, traditional publishing, blogging for authors, advice for authors

Writing Myths

Author : Joy M. Reid,Keith S. Folse
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2008
Category : Education
ISBN : 0472032577


Book Writing Myths Description/Summary:

This volume was conceived as a "best practices" resource for writing teachers in the way that Vocabulary Myths by Keith S. Folse is one for reading and vocabulary teachers. It was written to help ensure that writing teachers are not perpetuating the myths of teaching writing. Each author is a practicing teacher who selected his or her "myth" based on classroom experience and expertise. Both the research and pedagogy in this book are based on the newest research in, for example, teacher preparation, EAP and ESP, and corpus linguistics. The myths discussed in this book are: § Teaching vocabulary is not the writing teacher's job. (Keith S. Folse) § Teaching citation is someone else's job. (Cynthia M. Schuemann) § Where grammar is concerned, one size fits all. (Pat Byrd and John Bunting) § Academic writing should be assertive and certain. (Ken Hyland) § Students must learn to correct all their writing errors. (Dana Ferris) § Corpus-based research is too complicated to be useful for writing teachers. (Susan Conrad) § Academic writing courses should focus on paragraph and essay development. (Sharon Cavausgil) § International and U.S. resident ESL writers cannot be taught in the same class. (Paul Kei Matsuda) The book concludes with a discussion of students' myths about academic writing and teaching written by Joy Reid.

Story Fix

Author : Larry Brooks
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2015-08-07
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781599639130


Book Story Fix Description/Summary:

Reinvigorate Your Fiction! You've written the first draft of your novel or screenplay, and you've released it into the world: to your critique group, to your most trusted beta readers, or even to an agent or an editor. But something's wrong. You're not getting the glowing response you had expected, or you might have even received a rejection. Your story is getting a "Meh..." when you had hoped for an "Amazing!" But have no fear--the piece you've sweated and bled over isn't dead on arrival. It just needs fixing. Story Fix is the answer to your revision needs. With practical techniques from critically acclaimed author and story coach Larry Brooks, you will learn how to: • Develop a story-fixing mind-set • Navigate the two essential realms of revision: story and execution • Evaluate your novel or screenplay against twelve crucial storytelling elements and essences. • Strengthen your concept and premise. • Punch up the dramatic tension, pacing, thematic weight, characterization, and more. • Align your story with proven structural principles. Filled with candid advice on the realities of the publishing world and helpful case studies of real authors who fixed their own stories, Story Fix isn't just about revision--it's about resurrection. Infuse your fiction with a much-needed jolt of electricity, and bring it back to life. "Larry Brooks is a superb storyteller and teacher. If anyone can fix your novel, it's him. Put this one on your desk and read it often." --Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon and New York Times best-selling author of My Sister's Grave "Story Fix is the ultimate writer's companion for taking any manuscript to the next level. A staple for the beginner, a refresher for the pro." --Joe Moore, #1 Amazon and international best-selling co-author of The Blade and The Shield

Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales

Author : María Gerber
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2008
Category : Composition (Language arts)
ISBN : OCLC:747275450


Book Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales Description/Summary:

IEW's Fables, myths, and fairy tales is a delightful tool in helping teachers and parents of elementary age students teach writing through stories that never grow old. Characters and adventures will capture your student's imagination and provide rich writing content. These lessons are meant to be a resource to teachers and students already familiar with the techniques of Teaching writing: structure and style.

Writing and Staging Myths and Legends

Author : Charlotte Guillain
Publisher : Capstone Classroom
Release : 2016-01-01
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781484627761


Book Writing and Staging Myths and Legends Description/Summary:

What are myths and legends? How can you write plays that make myths and legends come to life? How can you turn a story full of famous characters into a fresh and exciting production?

Permission to Write: How to Write a Book and Other Myths From the Real World of Writing and Publishing

Author : Patricia J. Parsons
Publisher : Moonlight Press
Release : 2019-10
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 0995888221


Book Permission to Write: How to Write a Book and Other Myths From the Real World of Writing and Publishing Description/Summary:

Part memoir, part mentor, PERMISSION TO WRITE: HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND OTHER MYTHS FROM THE REAL WORLD OF WRITING AND PUBLISHING is a cautionary tale for writers toiling away, all alone (except for those damned online writers' groups), checking the best-seller lists every day and noting that their names are not there. Unknown writers have always been writing: they just haven't been seeing their words in print. The awful truth is that the digital age has made it much easier to have a book published - and much more difficult in so many ways. Indeed, it is truly disheartening for both writers and readers to think that publishing a book is so easy (digital self-publishing anyone?), but ensuring its quality is truly problematic. PERMISSION TO WRITE does just that: gives aspiring writer permission to write - if and only if they manage to improve their writing, take a more realistic approach to the fact that they probably don't write as well as they think, and disabuse themselves of the notion that just because they can publish their books, they should. This book chronicles author Patricia J. Parsons's journey through a quarter of a century of slogs with traditional publishers (including Doubleday Canada, the now-defunct NC Press, the University of Toronto Press, Kogan Page, London), as well as her romps through the increasingly convoluted corridors of the Wild, Wild West of the burgeoning digital-self-publishing world. The purpose of this book is to entertain everyone who ever thought that he or she could write a book - possibly a majority of the population - and to provide a bit of tough-love, "mentorly" advice along the way. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Patricia J. Parsons has been a writer and writing teacher for over 30 years. With a background in medical communication, she took her first foray into writing books with a nonfiction trade book on the ethics and politics of organ transplantation, an area in which she had worked in medical communication. That first book was published by a now-defunct Toronto publishing house. After a few years writing for magazines and corporate entities, she wrote several more nonfiction books for large publishing companies in Canada, the US and the UK. Since then she has branched out and has written several novels and a memoir. She began her academic career teaching corporate writing at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada, where she then spent 26 years teaching, researching and writing in the area of corporate communication strategy and ethics. She retired as a full Professor, taking early retirement to pursue her passion for writing.

Write Your Own Myths

Author : Philip Womack
Publisher : Sterling Children's Books
Release : 2021-04-20
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1454941782


Book Write Your Own Myths Description/Summary:

Write Your Own Myths showcases 20 myths, legends, and folktales from many different periods and cultures, and uses them as springboards and prompts to help you write your own versions--or point you in directions you never thought you'd go. You'll learn about all the important aspects of creative writing: * Learn about beginnings from The Sword in the Stone. * Baba Yaga's chicken house will help you get those settings believable. * Odysseus will teach you about dialogue and Loki will help you with plot. Supported with beautiful illustrations that will get your imagination flowing, there are also glossaries, tips and tricks, extra prompts, and more information about each myth or legend. The final section is packed with even more ideas for further reading and discovery. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen, and get creative!

Parallel Myths

Author : J.F. Bierlein
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release : 2010-06-16
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307754646


Book Parallel Myths Description/Summary:

“Unusually accessible and useful . . . An eye-opener to readers into the universality and importance of myth in human history and culture.”—William E. Paden, Chair, Department of Religion, University of Vermont For as long as human beings have had language, they have had myths. Mythology is our earliest form of literary expression and the foundation of all history and morality. Now, in Parallel Myths, classical scholar J. F. Bierlein gathers the key myths from all of the world's major traditions and reveals their common themes, images, and meanings. Parallel Myths introduces us to the star players in the world's great myths—not only the twelve Olympians of Greek mythology, but the stern Norse Pantheon, the mysterious gods of India, the Egyptian Ennead, and the powerful deities of Native Americans, the Chinese, and the various cultures of Africa and Oceania. Juxtaposing the most potent stories and symbols from each tradition, Bierlein explores the parallels in such key topics as creation myths, flood myths, tales of love, morality myths, underworld myths, and visions of the Apocalypse. Drawing on the work of Joseph Campbell, Mircea Eliade, Carl Jung, Karl Jaspers, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and others, Bierlein also contemplates what myths mean, how to identify and interpret the parallels in myths, and how mythology has influenced twentieth-century psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and literary studies. “A first-class introduction to mythology . . . Written with great clarity and sensitivity.”—John G. Selby, Associate Professor, Roanoke College

Essays Into Literacy

Author : Frank Smith
Publisher : Heinemann Educational Publishers
Release : 1983
Category : Language arts
ISBN : 0772500207


Book Essays Into Literacy Description/Summary:

The Modern Myths

Author : Philip Ball
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2021-05-17
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780226774213


Book The Modern Myths Description/Summary:

Myths are usually seen as stories from the depths of time—fun and fantastical, but no longer believed by anyone. Yet, as Philip Ball shows, we are still writing them—and still living them—today. From Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein to Batman, many stories written in the past few centuries are commonly, perhaps glibly, called “modern myths.” But Ball argues that we should take that idea seriously. Our stories of Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Sherlock Holmes are doing the kind of cultural work that the ancient myths once did. Through the medium of narratives that all of us know in their basic outline and which have no clear moral or resolution, these modern myths explore some of our deepest fears, dreams, and anxieties. We keep returning to these tales, reinventing them endlessly for new uses. But what are they really about, and why do we need them? What myths are still taking shape today? And what makes a story become a modern myth? In The Modern Myths, Ball takes us on a wide-ranging tour of our collective imagination, asking what some of its most popular stories reveal about the nature of being human in the modern age.

Montpelier Tomorrow

Author : Marylee MacDonald
Publisher : All Things That Matter Press
Release : 2014-08-21
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0990715817


Book Montpelier Tomorrow Description/Summary:

A gripping novel about a mid-life mother trying to make up for the one moment she failed her daughter. "Montpelier Tomorrow" asks the questions: How far should we go in trying to save our loved ones?; and, When should a mother save herself? When Colleen's son-in-law is diagnosed with ALS, she moves in to be his caregiver and discovers that her efforts to help only make her daughter's life more complicated.--Publisher.

Typewriter in the Sky

Author : L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher : Galaxy Press LLC
Release : 1995-08-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781592121366


Book Typewriter in the Sky Description/Summary:

Modern man Mike de Wolf gets stranded in a pirate adventure being written by his friend Horace Hackett and finds himself fighting for his life as the villainous Miguel de Lobo, while trying to figure out how to extricate himself from Horace's fatal plot.

10 Publishing Myths

Author : W. Terry Whalin
Publisher : Morgan James Publishing
Release : 2019-10-01
Category : Reference
ISBN : 9781642794533


Book 10 Publishing Myths Description/Summary:

10 Publishing Myths offers authors the chance to succeed in the publishing world by giving them practical tools they can use to succeed and dodge the myths of the industry. The publishing world is filled with misconceptions and myths. Therefore, it is terrific for authors to have big ambitions as their book is being published, but, it is also important to be realistic and understand the world of publishing. W. Terry Whalin has worked with hundreds of authors and published a number of bestsellers, and he knows that it is important to focus on creating a good book and not realistic about the business aspects. Within 10 Publishing Myths, Terry focuses on giving authors a realistic picture of the book world then detailing practical steps they can take to succeed. Inside 10 Publishing Myths, authors learn the actions they can take to succeed, they get a step-by-step guide for practical results, and so much more!


Author : Tina Glasneck
Publisher : Vie La Publishing House, LLC
Release : 2018-04-20
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781949004038


Book Hellish Description/Summary:

She's a cold fish desperate to break a curse. He's a college student without direction. Lady Hel, the goddess of death, has given up on love and has no use for it. After all, she's the ruler of Helheim, the realm of the undead! She doesn't need anyone...until she crosses Odin, the All-Father of the Norse gods. For her betrayal, she’s exiled, cursed to look for her reincarnated one, true love, who died long ago. Now, stripped of her throne and most of her powers, will Lady Hel find love to remove the curse, or will she forever powerlessly suffer in turmoil, agony, and anguish? Harley Andersen is a seven-year college senior with no idea what to do with his life. So far, all he's come up with is killing time. When his best friend dares him to hop the gate of what's supposed to be a haunted house, he encounters a woman who steals a lot more than his breath. What she's offering Harley could give him the future he's missing. It'll just require a trip to the past. Hellish is a standalone book in the HELL CHRONICLES. Readers will recognize characters from the DRAGON SERIES, but you don't need to read them first to enjoy this new adult fantasy that turns the Beauty and Beast tale on its head. Hellish is the prequel to the novel Hellbent. Grab your copy now and fall in love! *** Read the rest of the Hell Chronicles and find out what readers are loving! *** The Hell Chronicles • Hell for the Holidays (Prequel, standalone short story) • Hellish • Hellbent • Helltown • Hellbound • Hellraiser

ESL Readers and Writers in Higher Education

Author : Norman W. Evans,Neil J Anderson,William G. Eggington
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-06-12
Category : Foreign Language Study
ISBN : 9781317648949


Book ESL Readers and Writers in Higher Education Description/Summary:

ESL Readers and Writers in Higher Education describes the challenges ESL students in U.S. postsecondary institutions face when studying in a second language, and offers suggestions for how teachers, advisors, tutors, and institutions might provide support that meets the reading and writing needs of this very important student population. Because the ESL profession as a whole, including what professionals are doing in the classroom, sits under the umbrella of an institutional response to a language-related challenge, some solutions aimed at helping students achieve optimal proficiency lie outside of the classroom. As such, this book is based on the assertion that language development support is not the sole responsibility of language teachers. Everyone on campuses that hosts ESL students bears some responsibility for these students' language development. Chapters are therefore, intentionally adapted to appeal to a wide variety of readers from classroom teachers, and teachers in training, to admissions officers, academic advisors, and international student advisors.

Myth and Creative Writing

Author : Adrian May
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-11-19
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781317863021


Book Myth and Creative Writing Description/Summary:

Myth and Creative Writing is a unique and practical guide to the arts of creative writing. It: Gives a historical perspective on the storyteller's art Takes a wide view of myth, to include: legends, folklore, biblical myth, classical myth, belief myths, balladry and song. Considers all aspects of the creative process, from conception to completion Provides tips on seeking inspiration from classical and mythic sources Shows how myths can be linked to contemporary concerns Enables beginning writers to tap into the deeper resonances of myth Guides students to further critical and creative resources A secret that all writers know is that they are part of a long tradition of storytelling - whether they call it mythic, intertextual, interactive or original. And in the pantheon of storytelling, myths (those stories that tell us, in often magical terms, how the world and the creatures in it came to be) are the bedrock, a source of unending inspiration. One can dress the study of literature in the finest critical clothing - or intellectualise it until the cows come home - but at its heart it is nothing more - and nothing less - than the study of the human instinct to tell stories, to order the world into patterns we can more readily understand. Exploring the mythic nature of writing (by considering where the connections between instinct and art are made, and where the writer is also seen as a mythic adventurer) is a way of finding close links to what it is we demand from literature, which is - again - something to do with the essences of human nature. Further, in the course of examining the nature of myth, Adrian May provides a very practical guide to the aspiring writer - whether in a formal course or working alone - on how to write stories (myths) of their own, from how to begin, how to develop and how to close.

Myths and Memories

Author : Cindy Lane
Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Release : 2015-02-27
Category : History
ISBN : 9781443875790


Book Myths and Memories Description/Summary:

This book examines the perceptions of European travelling writers about southern Western Australia between 1850 and 1914. Theirs was a narrow vision of space and people in the region, shaped by their individual personalities, their position in society, and the prevailing discourses and ideologies of the age. Christian, Enlightenment, and Romantic philosophies had a major influence on their responses to the land – its cultivation and conservation, and its aesthetic qualities – and on their views of both indigenous and settler colonial society – their class and assumptions of race and ethnicity. The travelling men and women perpetuated an idealised view of a colonised landscape, and a “pioneer” community that eliminated class struggle and inequality, even though an analysis of their observations suggests otherwise. Nevertheless, although limited, their narratives are invaluable as a reflection of opinions, attitudes and knowledge prevalent during an age of imperialism. Their perspectives reveal unique viewpoints that differ from those of immigrants who wrote about their hopes and fears in making a new life for themselves. These travellers were economically secure, literate and educated; foundations which provide an insight into the way power and privilege, implicit in their writings, governed the way they imagined Western Australia in the colonial and immediate post-federation period. The tinted lenses through which European travelling writers narrowly observed space and people, presented a mythical, imagined sense of southern Western Australia.

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

Author : Donald A. Mackenzie
Publisher : Masterlab
Release : 2014-12-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9788379911615


Book Myths of Babylonia and Assyria Description/Summary:

This volume deals with the myths and legends of Babylonia and Assyria, and as these reflect the civilization in which they developed, a historical narrative has been provided, beginning with the early Sumerian Age and concluding with the periods of the Persian and Grecian Empires. Over thirty centuries of human progress are thus passed under review. Keywords: myth, legend, ancient, religion, classic

The Legal Writing Handbook

Author : Laurel Currie Oates
Publisher : Wolters Kluwer
Release : 2014-03-25
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781454845591


Book The Legal Writing Handbook Description/Summary:

The Legal Writing Handbook: Analysis, Research, and Writing, continues in the tradition that has made it a resounding success and a leading text for almost two decades, offering a complete teaching package with everything a student needs for the legal writing course. Features: Updated with the goal of making students practice ready. New chapter on writing e-memos, that is, shorter, less formal memos that might be embedded in an email. Exercises added to the research chapters Expanded chapter on letters that discusses both opinion letters and demand letters.