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Women and the Law Stories

Author : Elizabeth M. Schneider,Stephanie M. Wildman
Publisher : Foundation Press
Release : 2011
Category : Law
ISBN : 1599415895


Book Women and the Law Stories Description/Summary:

This book examines landmark cases establishing women's legal rights, offering accounts of the litigants, history, parties, strategies, and theoretical implications. It will enrich any law school course and can serve as a text for a course on women and the law, gender and law, feminist jurisprudence, or women's studies. This volume utilizes subject areas common to many women and law casebooks: history, constitutional law, reproductive freedom, the workplace, the family, and women in the legal profession. Several chapters explore issues of domestic violence and rape. See (a website with additional resources for teaching).

Women and the Law

Author : Susan Atkins
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1984
Category : Sex discrimination against women
ISBN : 0631142290


Book Women and the Law Description/Summary:

Women in Law

Author : Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
Publisher : Quid Pro Books
Release : 2012-03-10
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781610271011


Book Women in Law Description/Summary:

Women and Law

Author : Kalpana Kannabiran
Publisher : SAGE Publications India
Release : 2013-08-30
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9788132118688


Book Women and Law Description/Summary:

How should we approach the problem of “women and law”? Should the focus be on women-centred laws and their efficacy? Or should the focus be, instead, on the ways in which the law imagines women and the ways in which women have engaged with the law—spilling beyond fields traditionally associated with the phrase “women and law”? And how does violence figure in all these? Women and Law, a compilation of 11 insightful essays, examines these questions and a range of concerns—domestic violence, employment and labour, anti-discrimination jurisprudence, family laws, access to forest and land rights, the right to health, the complexities in the intersection of women’s rights with disability rights and women’s experiences of repressive legislation such as TADA. This volume attempts at a fresh mapping of the field of women and law from an interdisciplinary perspective and presents the work of activists, lawyers and scholars in conversation.

Women and the Law of Property in Early America

Author : Marylynn Salmon
Publisher : UNC Press Books
Release : 2016-08-01
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781469620442


Book Women and the Law of Property in Early America Description/Summary:

In this first comprehensive study of women's property rights in early America, Marylynn Salmon discusses the effect of formal rules of law on women's lives. By focusing on such areas such as conveyancing, contracts, divorce, separate estates, and widows' provisions, Salmon presents a full picture of women's legal rights from 1750 to 1830. Salmon shows that the law assumes women would remain dependent and subservient after marriage. She documents the legal rights of women prior to the Revolution and traces a gradual but steady extension of the ability of wives to own and control property during the decades following the Revolution. The forces of change in colonial and early national law were various, but Salmon believes ideological considerations were just as important as economic ones. Women did not all fare equally under the law. In this illuminating survey of the jurisdictions of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, Salmon shows regional variations in the law that affected women's autonomous control over property. She demonstrates the importance of understanding the effects of formal law on women' s lives in order to analyze the wider social context of women's experience.

International Women’s Rights Law and Gender Equality

Author : Ramona Vijeyarasa
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-07-22
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781000401776


Book International Women’s Rights Law and Gender Equality Description/Summary:

The law is a well-known tool in fighting gender inequality, but which laws actually advance women’s rights? This book unpacks the complex nuances behind gender-responsive domestic legislation, from several of the world’s leading experts on gender equality. Drawing on domestic examples and international law, it provides a primer of theory alongside tangible and practical solutions to fulfil the promise of the law to deliver equality between men and women. Part I outlines what progress has been made to date on eradicating gender inequality, and insights into the law’s potential as one lever in the global struggle for equality. Parts II and III go on to explore concrete areas of law, with case studies from multiple jurisdictions that examine how well domestic legislation is working for women. The authors bring their critical lens to areas of law often considered from a gender perspective – gender-based violence, women’s reproductive health, labour and gender equality quotas – while bringing much-needed analysis to issues often ignored in gender debates, such as taxation, environmental justice and good governance. Part IV seeks to move from a theoretical goal of greater accountability to a practical one. It explores both accountability for international women’s rights norms at the domestic level and the potential of feminist approaches to legislation to deliver laws that work for women. Written for students, academics, legislators and policymakers engaged in international women’s rights law, gender equality, government accountability and feminist legal theory, this book has tremendous transformative potential to drive forward legal change towards the eradication of gender inequality.

Women In Law

Author : Mark Epstein,Cynthia Fuchs Epstein,Robert C. Gallo
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1981-12-17
Category : Women lawyers
ISBN : UCAL:B4460919


Book Women In Law Description/Summary:

Law, Family, and Women

Author : Thomas Kuehn
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 1994-04-27
Category : History
ISBN : 9780226457659


Book Law, Family, and Women Description/Summary:

Focusing on Florence, Thomas Kuehn demonstrates the formative influence of law on Italian society during the Renaissance, especially in the spheres of family and women. Kuehn's use of legal sources along with letters, diaries, and contemporary accounts allows him to present a compelling image of the social processes that affected the shape and function of the law. The numerous law courts of Italian city-states constantly devised and revised statutes. Kuehn traces the permutations of these laws, then examines their use by Florentines to arbitrate conflict and regulate social behavior regarding such issues as kinship, marriage, business, inheritance, illlegitimacy, and gender. Ranging from one man's embittered denunciation of his father to another's reaction to his kinsmen's rejection of him as illegitimate, Law, Family, and Women provides fascinating evidence of the tensions riddling family life in Renaissance Florence. Kuehn shows how these same tensions, often articulated in and through the law, affected women. He examines the role of the mundualdus—a male legal guardian for women—in Florence, the control of fathers over their married daughters, and issues of inheritance by and through women. An ambitious attempt to reformulate the agenda of Renaissance social history, Kuehn's work will be of value to both legal anthropologists and social historians. Thomas Kuehn is professor of history at Clemson University.

Women and the Law in the Roman Empire

Author : Judith A. Evans-Grubbs,Judith Evans Grubbs
Publisher : Psychology Press
Release : 2002
Category : History
ISBN : UOM:39015053776335


Book Women and the Law in the Roman Empire Description/Summary:

This sourcebook fully exploits the rich legal material of the imperial period, explaining the rights women held under Roman law, the restrictions to which they were subject, and legal regulations on marriage, divorce and widowhood.

Women Before the Bar

Author : Cornelia Hughes Dayton
Publisher : UNC Press Books
Release : 2012-12-01
Category : History
ISBN : 9780807838242


Book Women Before the Bar Description/Summary:

Women before the Bar is the first study to investigate changing patterns of women's participation in early American courts across a broad range of legal actions--including proceedings related to debt, divorce, illicit sex, rape, and slander. Weaving the stories of individual women together with systematic analysis of gendered litigation patterns, Cornelia Dayton argues that women's relation to the courtroom scene in early New England shifted from one of integration in the mid-seventeenth century to one of marginality by the eve of the Revolution. Using the court records of New Haven, which originally had the most Puritan-dominated legal regime of all the colonies, Dayton argues that Puritanism's insistence on godly behavior and communal modes of disputing initially created unusual opportunities for women's voices to be heard within the legal system. But women's presence in the courts declined significantly over time as Puritan beliefs lost their status as the organizing principles of society, as legal practice began to adhere more closely to English patriarchal models, as the economy became commercialized, and as middle-class families developed an ethic of privacy. By demonstrating that the early eighteenth century was a crucial locus of change in law, economy, and gender ideology, Dayton's findings argue for a reconceptualization of women's status in colonial New England and for a new periodization of women's history.

Women, Law and Culture

Author : Jocelynne A. Scutt
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-02-17
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9783319449388


Book Women, Law and Culture Description/Summary:

This book explores cultural constructs, societal demands and political and philosophical underpinnings that position women in the world. It illustrates the way culture controls women's place in the world and how cultural constraints are not limited to any one culture, country, ethnicity, race, class or status. Written by scholars from a wide range of specialists in law, sociology, anthropology, popular and cultural studies, history, communications, film and sex and gender, this study provides an authoritative take on different cultures, cultural demands and constraints, contradictions and requirements for conformity generating conflict. Women, Law and Culture is distinctive because it recognises that no particular culture singles out women for 'special' treatment, rules and requirements; rather, all do. Highlighting the way law and culture are intimately intertwined, impacting on women – whatever their country and social and economic status – this book will be of great interest to scholars of law, women’s and gender studies and media studies.

The Legal Protection of Women From Violence

Author : Rashida Manjoo,Jackie Jones
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2018-03-22
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781351732833


Book The Legal Protection of Women From Violence Description/Summary:

Violence against women remains one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world today, and it permeates every society, at every level. Such violence is considered a systemic, widespread and pervasive human rights violation, experienced largely by women because they are women. Yet at the international level, there is a gap in the legal protection of women from violence. There is currently no binding international convention that explicitly prohibits such violence; or calls for its elimination; or, mandates the criminalisation of all forms of violence against women. This book critically analyses the treatment of violence against women in the United Nations system, and in three regional human rights systems. Each chapter explores the advantages and disadvantages coming from the legal instruments, the work of the monitoring systems, and the resulting findings and jurisprudence. The book proposes that the gap needs to be addressed through a new United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence against Women, or alternatively an Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women. A new Convention or Optional Protocol would be part of the transformative agenda that is needed to normatively address the promotion of a life free of violence for women, the responsibility of states to act with due diligence in the elimination of all forms of violence against all women, and the systemic challenges that are the causes and consequences of such violence.

Paving the Way

Author : Herma Hill Kay
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 2021-04-13
Category : History
ISBN : 9780520976467


Book Paving the Way Description/Summary:

The first wave of trailblazing female law professors and the stage they set for American democracy. When it comes to breaking down barriers for women in the workplace, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name speaks volumes for itself—but, as she clarifies in the foreword to this long-awaited book, there are too many trailblazing names we do not know. Herma Hill Kay, former Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law and Ginsburg’s closest professional colleague, wrote Paving the Way to tell the stories of the first fourteen female law professors at ABA- and AALS-accredited law schools in the United States. Kay, who became the fifteenth such professor, labored over the stories of these women in order to provide an essential history of their path for the more than 2,000 women working as law professors today and all of their feminist colleagues. Because Herma Hill Kay, who died in 2017, was able to obtain so much first-hand information about the fourteen women who preceded her, Paving the Way is filled with details, quiet and loud, of each of their lives and careers from their own perspectives. Kay wraps each story in rich historical context, lest we forget the extraordinarily difficult times in which these women lived. Paving the Way is not just a collection of individual stories of remarkable women but also a well-crafted interweaving of law and society during a historical period when women’s voices were often not heard and sometimes actively muted. The final chapter connects these first fourteen women to the “second wave” of women law professors who achieved tenure-track appointments in the 1960s and 1970s, carrying on the torch and analogous challenges. This is a decidedly feminist project, one that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg advocated for tirelessly and admired publicly in the years before her death.

Women, the Law, and the Constitution

Author : Kermit L. Hall
Publisher : Articles-Garlan
Release : 1987
Category : Married women
ISBN : UOM:39015014377694


Book Women, the Law, and the Constitution Description/Summary:

The essays in this work take account of law and women by placing both in the context of the women's movement and the course of social change in American history. Most of these articles are recent scholarly examinations of the place of women in American legal culture.

Gender Justice and the Law

Author : Elaine Wood
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-11-16
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781683932406


Book Gender Justice and the Law Description/Summary:

Shaped by politics and policy, Gender Justice and the Law presents a collection of essays that contribute to understanding how theoretical practices of intersectionality relate to structures of inequality and relations formed as a result of their interaction.

Women, Business and the Law 2016

Author : World Bank Group
Publisher : World Bank Publications
Release : 2015-09-18
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781464806780


Book Women, Business and the Law 2016 Description/Summary:

In a changing world, how can we be sure that women as well as men entrepreneurs and workers obtain the benefit from these changes? Ensuring that women have the same legal opportunities as men is one part of the picture. By measuring where the law treats men and women differently, Women, Business and the Law shines a light on how women's incentives or capacity to work are affected by the legal environment and provides a basis for improving regulation. The fourth edition in a series, Women, Business and the Law 2016: Getting to Equal examines laws and regulations affecting women's prospects as entrepreneurs and employees in 173 economies, across seven areas: accessing institutions, using property, getting a job, providing incentives to work, building credit, going to court, and protecting women from violence. The report's quantitative indicators are intended to inform research and policy discussions on how to improve women's economic opportunities and outcomes.

Women, Business and the Law 2021

Author : World Bank
Publisher : World Bank Publications
Release : 2021-04-05
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781464816536


Book Women, Business and the Law 2021 Description/Summary:

Women, Business and the Law 2021 is the seventh in a series of annual studies measuring the laws and regulations that affect women’s economic opportunity in 190 economies. The project presents eight indicators structured around women’s interactions with the law as they move through their lives and careers: Mobility, Workplace, Pay, Marriage, Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, Assets, and Pension. This year’s report updates all indicators as of October 1, 2020 and builds evidence of the links between legal gender equality and women’s economic inclusion. By examining the economic decisions women make throughout their working lives, as well as the pace of reform over the past 50 years, Women, Business and the Law 2021 makes an important contribution to research and policy discussions about the state of women’s economic empowerment. Prepared during a global pandemic that threatens progress toward gender equality, this edition also includes important findings on government responses to COVID-19 and pilot research related to childcare and women’s access to justice.

Violence Against Women and the Law

Author : David L Richards,Jillienne Haglund
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-11-17
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781317249603


Book Violence Against Women and the Law Description/Summary:

This book examines the strength of laws addressing four types of violence against women--rape, marital rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment--in 196 countries from 2007 to 2010. It analyzes why these laws exist in some places and not others, and why they are stronger or weaker in places where they do exist. The authors have compiled original data that allow them to test various hypotheses related to whether international law drives the enactment of domestic legal protections. They also examine the ways in which these legal protections are related to economic, political, and social institutions, and how transnational society affects the presence and strength of these laws. The original data produced for this book make a major contribution to comparisons and analyses of gender violence and law worldwide.

Women and the Law

Author : Rachel Vogelstein,Jamille Bigio,Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Publisher : Council on Foreign Relations Press
Release : 2018-10-11
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0876097549


Book Women and the Law Description/Summary:

Barriers to women's economic participation persist in every region of the world. Nations need to do more to level the legal playing field for women and ensure that women have the right to compete fairly in the economy-which will lead to significant gains.

Women's Legal Landmarks

Author : Erika Rackley,Rosemary Auchmuty
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2018-12-27
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781782259794


Book Women's Legal Landmarks Description/Summary:

Women's Legal Landmarks commemorates the centenary of women's admission in 1919 to the legal profession in the UK and Ireland by identifying key legal landmarks in women's legal history. Over 80 authors write about landmarks that represent a significant achievement or turning point in women's engagement with law and law reform. The landmarks cover a wide range of topics, including matrimonial property, the right to vote, prostitution, surrogacy and assisted reproduction, rape, domestic violence, FGM, equal pay, abortion, image-based sexual abuse, and the ordination of women bishops, as well as the life stories of women who were the first to undertake key legal roles and positions. Together the landmarks offer a scholarly intervention in the recovery of women's lost history and in the development of methodology of feminist legal history as well as a demonstration of women's agency and activism in the achievement of law reform and justice.