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Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Release : 2004
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9780253216731


Book Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy Description/Summary:

Proceedings of a conference held Feb. 25-26, 2001 at Arizona State University.

Why Aren’t Jewish Women Circumcised?

Author : Shaye J. D. Cohen
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 2005-09-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780520212503


Book Why Aren’t Jewish Women Circumcised? Description/Summary:

"This book represents engaged scholarship at its very best. Cohen presents the vast range of texts at his command with brevity and wit. Elegantly written, this is a very stimulating book that is sure to provoke admiration, discussion, and controversy."—David Biale, author of Cultures of the Jews "A distinguished and wide-ranging work of scholarship. Cohen’s definitive discussion of the covenant of circumcision enhances our understanding of Jewish identity formation, women’s status in Judaism, Jewish-Christian polemic, and the impact of diverse cultural environments on the evolution of Jewish tradition."—Judith R. Baskin, author of Midrashic Women

Friendship in Jewish History, Religion, and Culture

Author : Lawrence Fine
Publisher : Penn State Press
Release : 2021-02-04
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9780271090085


Book Friendship in Jewish History, Religion, and Culture Description/Summary:

The ubiquity of friendship in human culture contributes to the fallacy that ideas about friendship have not changed and remained consistent throughout history. It is only when we begin to inquire into the nature and significance of the concept in specific contexts that we discover how complex it truly is. Covering the vast expanse of Jewish tradition, from ancient Israel to the twenty-first century, this collection of essays traces the history of the beliefs, rituals, and social practices surrounding friendship in Jewish life. Employing diverse methodological approaches, this volume explores the particulars of the many varied forms that friendship has taken in the different regions where Jews have lived, including the ancient Near East, the Greco-Roman world, Europe, and the United Sates. The four sections—friendship between men, friendship between women, challenges to friendship, and friendships that cross boundaries, especially between Jews and Christians, or men and women—represent and exemplify universal themes and questions about human interrelationships. This pathbreaking and timely study will inspire further research and provide the groundwork for future explorations of the topic. In addition to the editor, the contributors are Martha Ackelsberg, Michela Andreatta, Joseph Davis, Glenn Dynner, Eitan P. Fishbane, Susannah Heschel, Daniel Jütte, Eyal Levinson, Saul M. Olyan, George Savran, and Hava Tirosh-Samuelson.

Gendering Modern Jewish Thought

Author : Andrea Dara Cooper
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Release : 2021-11-02
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9780253057556


Book Gendering Modern Jewish Thought Description/Summary:

The idea of brotherhood has been an important philosophical concept for understanding community, equality, and justice. In Gendering Modern Jewish Thought, Andrea Dara Cooper offers a gendered reading that challenges the key figures of the all-male fraternity of twentieth-century Jewish philosophy to open up to the feminine. Cooper offers a feminist lens, which when applied to thinkers such as Franz Rosenzweig and Emmanuel Levinas, reveals new ways of illuminating questions of relational ethics, embodiment, politics, and positionality. She shows that patriarchal kinship as models of erotic love, brotherhood, and paternity are not accidental in Jewish philosophy, but serve as norms that have excluded women and non-normative individuals. Gendering Modern Jewish Thought suggests these fraternal models do real damage and must be brought to account in more broadly humanistic frameworks. For Cooper, a more responsible and ethical reading of Jewish philosophy comes forward when it is opened to the voices of mothers, sisters, and daughters.

Jewish Women Philosophers of First-Century Alexandria

Author : Joan E. Taylor
Publisher : OUP Oxford
Release : 2003-11-20
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0191555452


Book Jewish Women Philosophers of First-Century Alexandria Description/Summary:

The first-century ascetic Jewish philosophers known as the 'Therapeutae', described in Philo's treatise De Vita Contemplativa, have often been considered in comparison with early Christians, the Essenes, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This study, which includes a new translation of De Vita Contemplativa, focuses particularly on issues of historical method, rhetoric, women, and gender, and comes to new conclusions about the nature of the group and its relationship with the allegorical school of exegesis in Alexandria. Joan E. Taylor argues that the group represents the tip of an iceberg in terms of ascetic practices and allegorical exegesis, and that the women described point to the presence of other Jewish women philosophers in Alexandria in the first century CE. Members of the group were 'extreme allegorizers' in following a distinctive calendar, not maintaining usual Jewish praxis, and concentrating their focus on attaining a trance-like state in which a vision of God's light was experienced. Their special 'feast' was configured in terms of service at a Temple, in which both men and women were priestly attendants of God.

Judaism Since Gender

Author : Miriam Peskowitz,Laura Levitt
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2014-06-03
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781136667220


Book Judaism Since Gender Description/Summary:

Judaism Since Gender offers a radically new concept of Jewish Studies, staking out new intellectual terrain and redefining the discipline as an intrinsically feminist practice. The question of how knowledge is gendered has been discussed by philosophers and feminists for years, yet is still new to many scholars of Judaism. Judaism Since Gender illuminates a crucial debate among intellectuals both within and outside the academy, and ultimately overturns the belief that scholars of Judaism are still largely oblivious of recent developments in the study of gender. Offering a range of provocations--Jewish men as sissies, Jesus as transvestite, the problem of eroticizing Holocaust narratives--this timely collection pits the joys of transgression against desires for cultural wholeness.

Jewish and Christian Women in the Ancient Mediterranean

Author : Sara Parks,Shayna Sheinfeld,Meredith J. C. Warren
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-12-31
Category : History
ISBN : 9781351005968


Book Jewish and Christian Women in the Ancient Mediterranean Description/Summary:

This engaging and accessible textbook provides an introduction to the study of ancient Jewish and Christian women in their Hellenistic and Roman contexts. This is the first textbook dedicated to introducing women’s religious roles in Judaism and Christianity in a way that is accessible to undergraduates from all disciplines. The textbook provides brief, contextualising overviews that then allow for deeper explorations of specific topics in women’s religion, including leadership, domestic ritual, women as readers and writers of scripture, and as innovators in their traditions. Using select examples from ancient sources, the textbook provides teachers and students with the raw tools to begin their own exploration of ancient religion. An introductory chapter provides an outline of common hermeneutics or "lenses" through which scholars approach the texts and artefacts of Judaism and Christianity in antiquity. The textbook also features a glossary of key terms, a list of further readings and discussion questions for each topic, and activities for classroom use. In short, the book is designed to be a complete, classroom-ready toolbox for teachers who may have never taught this subject as well as for those already familiar with it. Jewish and Christian Women in the Ancient Mediterranean is intended for use in undergraduate classrooms, its target audience undergraduate students and their instructors, although Masters students may also find the book useful. In addition, the book is accessible and lively enough that religious communities’ study groups and interested laypersons could employ the book for their own education.

On Women & Judaism

Author : Blu Greenberg
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1981
Category : Jewish women
ISBN : UOM:39015020745074


Book On Women & Judaism Description/Summary:

Judaism III

Author : Michael Tilly,Burton L. Visotzky
Publisher : Kohlhammer Verlag
Release : 2020-04-28
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9783170325890


Book Judaism III Description/Summary:

Judaism, the oldest of the Abrahamic religions, is one of the pillars of modern civilization. A collective of internationally renowned experts cooperated in a singular academic enterprise to portray Judaism from its transformation as a Temple cult to its broad contemporary varieties. In three volumes the long-running book series "Die Religionen der Menschheit" (Religions of Humanity) presents for the first time a complete and compelling view on Jewish life now and then - a fascinating portrait of the Jewish people with its ability to adapt itself to most different cultural settings, always maintaining its strong and unique identity. Volume III completes this ambitious project with profound chapters on Modern Jewish Culture, Halakhah (Jewish Law), Jewish Languages, Jewish Philosophy, Modern Jewish Literature, Feminism and Gender, and on Judaism and inter-faith relations.

The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Ethics and Morality

Author : Elliot N. Dorff,Jonathan K. Crane,Raymond F Schinazi Junior Scholar in Bioethics and Jewish Thought Jonathan K Crane
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2016-08-01
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9780190608385


Book The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Ethics and Morality Description/Summary:

For thousands of years the Jewish tradition has been a source of moral guidance, for Jews and non-Jews alike. As the essays in this volume show, the theologians and practitioners of Judaism have a long history of wrestling with moral questions, responding to them in an open, argumentative mode that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of all sides of a question. The Jewish tradition also offers guidance for moral conduct by individuals, communities, and countries and shows how to motivate people to do the good and right thing. The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Ethics and Morality is a collection of original essays addressing these topics--historical and contemporary, as well as philosophical and practical--by leading scholars from around the world. The first section of the volume describes the history of the Jewish tradition's moral thought, from the Bible to contemporary Jewish approaches. The second part includes chapters on specific fields in ethics, including the ethics of medicine, business, sex, speech, politics, war, and the environment.

Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish History

Author : Paula E. Hyman
Publisher : University of Washington Press
Release : 2017-05-01
Category : History
ISBN : 9780295806822


Book Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish History Description/Summary:

Paula Hyman broadens and revises earlier analyses of Jewish assimilation, which depicted �the Jews� as though they were all men, by focusing on women and the domestic as well as the public realms. Surveying Jewish accommodations to new conditions in Europe and the United States in the years between 1850 and 1950, she retrieves the experience of women as reflected in their writings--memoirs, newspaper and journal articles, and texts of speeches--and finds that Jewish women�s patterns of assimilation differed from men�s and that an examination of those differences exposes the tensions inherent in the project of Jewish assimilation. Patterns of assimilation varied not only between men and women but also according to geographical locale and social class. Germany, France, England, and the United States offered some degree of civic equality to their Jewish populations, and by the last third of the nineteenth century, their relatively small Jewish communities were generally defined by their middle-class characteristics. In contrast, the eastern European nations contained relatively large and overwhelmingly non-middle-class Jewish population. Hyman considers how these differences between East and West influenced gender norms, which in turn shaped Jewish women�s responses to the changing conditions of the modern world, and how they merged in the large communities of eastern European Jewish immigrants in the United States. The book concludes with an exploration of the sexual politics of Jewish identity. Hyman argues that the frustration of Jewish men at their �feminization� in societies in which they had achieved political equality and economic success was manifested in their criticism of, and distancing from, Jewish women. The book integrates a wide range of primary and secondary sources to incorporate Jewish women�s history into one of the salient themes in modern Jewish history, that of assimilation. The book is addressed to a wide audience: those with an interest in modern Jewish history, in women�s history, and in ethnic studies and all who are concerned with the experience and identity of Jews in the modern world.

Sephardic Jewry and Mizrahi Jews

Author : Peter Y. Medding
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2008-02-15
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780199712502


Book Sephardic Jewry and Mizrahi Jews Description/Summary:

Volume XXII of the distinguished annual Studies in Contemporary Jewry explores the major and rapid changes experienced by a population known variously as "Sephardim," "Oriental" Jews and "Mizrahim" over the last fifty years. Although Sephardim are popularly believed to have originated in Spain or Portugal, the majority of Mizrahi Jews today are actually the descendants of Jews from Muslim and Arab countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. They constitute a growing proportion of Israeli Jewry and continue to revitalize Jewish culture in places as varied as France, Latin America, and the United States. Sephardic Jewry and Mizrahi Jews offers a collection of new scholarship on the issues of self-definition and identity facing Sephardic Jewry. The essays draw on a variety of disciplines--demography, history, political science, sociology, religious and gender studies, anthropology, and literature. Contributors explore the issues surrounding the emergence and increasingly wide usage of "Mizrahi" in place of "Sephardic," as well as the invigoration of Sephardic Judaism. They look at the evolution of Sephardic politics in Israel through the dramatic rise and continuing influence of the Shas political party and its spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Other contributors examine the variegated nature of Mizrahi immigration to Israel, fictional portraits of female Mizrahi immigrants to Israel in the 1940s and 1950s, contemporary Mizrahi Israel feminism, modern Arab historiography's portrayal of Jews of Muslim lands, and the changing Sephardic halakhic tradition.

Eliezer Schweid

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson,Aaron W. Hughes
Publisher : BRILL
Release : 2013-06-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9789004249790


Book Eliezer Schweid Description/Summary:

This volume features Eliezer Schweid’s most original essays and an interview with him. Together they express his fundamental outlook: the faith of a secular Jew, articulating responsibility toward one’s neighbor, one’s people, the world, and God in a secular age.

Philo's Perception of Women

Author : Dorothy Sly
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-10-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1930675984


Book Philo's Perception of Women Description/Summary:

Philo was a Greek-educated but observant Jew who lived during the time of Jesus and Paul. According to the author, Philo's writings synthesized earlier Greek and Jewish perceptions of women. Although Philo accepts the female as good because created by God, Sly argues that Philo nevertheless saw women as necessarily subservient and under the control of men. Thus his writings express some of the earliest sources for repressive attitudes towards women, and suggest that similar attitudes exhibited by the church fathers may be traced through Philo to earlier traditions.

Rethinking Jewish Philosophy

Author : Aaron W. Hughes
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2014-04
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9780199356812


Book Rethinking Jewish Philosophy Description/Summary:

Rather than assume that the terms "philosophy" and "Judaism" simply belong together, Aaron W. Hughes explores the juxtaposition and the creative tension that ensues from their cohabitation. He examines the historical, cultural, intellectual, and religious filiations between Judaism and philosophy.

An Introduction to Modern Jewish Philosophy

Author : Claire Elise Katz
Publisher : I.B. Tauris
Release : 2013-11-19
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 1848854889


Book An Introduction to Modern Jewish Philosophy Description/Summary:

"How Jewish is modern Jewish philosophy? The question at first appears nonsensical, until we consider that the chief issues with which Jewish philosophers have engaged, from the Enlightenment through to the late 20th century, are the standard preoccupations of general philosophical inquiry. Questions about God, reality, language, and knowledge have been as much concern to Jewish thinkers as they have been to others. In this textbook, which surveys the most prominent thinkers of the last three centuries, Claire Katz situates modern Jewish philosophy in the wider cultural and intellectual context of its day, indicating how broader currents of British, French and German thought influenced its practitioners. But she also addresses the unique ways in which being Jewish coloured their output, suggesting that a keen sense of particularity enabled the Jewish philosophers to help define the whole modern era."--Page 4 of cover.

Feminist Perspectives on Jewish Studies

Author : Shelly Tenenbaum
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 1994-01-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0300068670


Book Feminist Perspectives on Jewish Studies Description/Summary:

This work evaluates the development of feminist scholarship within Jewish studies. Scholars in biblical studies, rabbinics, theology, history, anthropology, philosophy and film studies assess the state of knowledge about women in these fields and how they have affected the mainstream.

Five Books Of Miriam

Author : Ellen Frankel
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 1997-12-29
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780060630379


Book Five Books Of Miriam Description/Summary:

Weaving together Jewish lore, the voices of Jewish foremothers, Yiddish fable, midrash and stories of her own imagining, Ellen Frankel has created in this book a breathtakingly vivid exploration into what the Torah means to women. Here are Miriam, Esther, Dinah, Lilith and many other women of the Torah in dialogue with Jewish daughters, mothers and grandmothers, past and present. Together these voices examine and debate every aspect of a Jewish woman's life -- work, sex, marriage, her connection to God and her place in the Jewish community and in the world. The Five Books of Miriam makes an invaluable contribution to Torah study and adds rich dimension to the ongoing conversation between Jewish women and Jewish tradition.

Male Friendship, Homosociality, and Women in the Hebrew Bible

Author : Barbara Thiede
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-07-01
Category : History
ISBN : 9781000407068


Book Male Friendship, Homosociality, and Women in the Hebrew Bible Description/Summary:

Male alliances, partnerships, and friendships are fundamental to the Hebrew Bible. This book offers a detailed and explicit exploration of the ways in which shared sexual use of women and women’s bodies engenders, sustains, and nourishes such relationships in the Hebrew Bible. Hebrew Bible narratives demonstrate that women and women’s bodies are not merely used to foster and cultivate male homosociality, male friendship, and toxic hegemonic masculinity, but rather to engender them and make them possible in the first place. Thiede argues that homosocial bonds between divine and mortal males are part of a continual competition for power, rank, and honor, and that this competition depends on women’s bodies for its expression. In a final chapter, she also explores whether female characters in the Hebrew Bible use male bodies to form friendships and alliances to advance female power, status, and rank. The book concludes by arguing that women are essential to the toxic biblical hegemonic masculinity we find in the Hebrew Bible, but only because their bodies are used to make it possible in the first place. This book is intended for scholars of the Hebrew Bible, as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students in religious studies, women and gender studies, masculinity studies, queer studies, and like fields. The book can also be read profitably by lay students of biblical literature, seminary students, and clergy.