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When There's No Burning Bush

Author : Gary Morsch,Eddy Hall
Publisher : Baker Publishing Group
Release : 2004
Category : Religion
ISBN : 080109173X


Book When There's No Burning Bush Description/Summary:

Accompanied by a study guide for group discussions, an illuminating guide dispels common misconceptions about ministry by drawing from personal experiences and real-life examples to help readers identify and comprehend God's call and integrate it into their everyday lives. Original.

Burning Bush Stony Ground

Author : Joseph Fiol
Publisher : Author House
Release : 2014
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781496987846


Book Burning Bush Stony Ground Description/Summary:

These stories, along with others, are randomly scattered among the pages of "Not the Eyes Again . . . & Other Irregularities," "The Devil in French . . . & Other Musings," "When It Was the War . . . & Other Conflicts," "Second Coming . . . & Other Upheavals," and "The View from Below ... & Other Reerings."

Southern Sun

Author : Jo Kellum
Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
Release : 2008
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 1934110469


Book Southern Sun Description/Summary:

A colorful resource for Southern gardeners lists and describes general and species of plants that flourish in the sunlight in Southern gardens, and presents plants that thrive in all the differing intensities of light experienced in the region. Simultaneous.

The Burning Bush

Author : Daniel West
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2017-02-23
Category : History
ISBN : 9781329054783


Book The Burning Bush Description/Summary:

Danny is a true patriot, he believes in his country, he is too old to join the military after 9/11, so he joins Blackwater instead so he can help support the US troops. He deploys with the invasion forces and drives a fuel tanker truck while that force takes Baghdad. He becomes disillusioned when he learns the true reason that the US government invaded Iraq. After driving a supply truck and being continually ambushed and attacked for almost a year, he loses faith in his belief that the US is actually helping the people of Iraq. When Danny is taken hostage by one of the insurgent groups, no one tries to rescue him.

Burning Bush Stony Ground

Author : J. L. Fiol
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2016-04-20
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9781524631987


Book Burning Bush Stony Ground Description/Summary:

This collection is the final in the series Burning Bush Stony Ground. As in the case of the other four volumes, the stories have previously appeared scattered among the pages of Troubled Water, When It Was the War, The Devil in French, Second Coming, and The View from Below. In the Burning Bush Stony Ground series, the stories have undergone changes in shaping, content, sequence, or point of entry. Some appear under different titles. All the stories in the series, with the obvious exception of those with celestial, infernal, and futuristic themes, have personal connections.

Burning Bush 2.0

Author : Paul Asay
Publisher : Abingdon Press
Release : 2015-04-21
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781630887971


Book Burning Bush 2.0 Description/Summary:

Maybe God doesn’t speak through prophets as often these days because he knows people wouldn’t listen. Maybe God speaks to us in different ways—and in the places he knows where we congregate: in our movie theaters, living rooms, iPods, and smartphones. Maybe God still longs to connect with us, and so goes into the places where we’re most likely to listen. Burning Bush 2.0 is a whimsical and sincere examination of the ways God communicates with us—sometimes subtly and secretly—through our media and entertainment streams. Asay examines how faith and God’s fingerprints mark movies and music, television and technology. Through word and picture, God still speaks to us through unsuspecting voices—in ways we’re best able to hear—even if we don’t fully comprehend it completely in the moment. God is everywhere, and doesn’t ask permission to speak, shout out, or whisper his name. Includes study guide for individuals and church groups.

Burning Bush

Author : Stephen J. Pyne
Publisher : University of Washington Press
Release : 2017-08-24
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9780295998831


Book Burning Bush Description/Summary:

Pyne traces the impact of fire in Australia, from its influence on vegetation to its use by Aborigines and European settlers.�Mr. Pyne, showing what a historian deeply schooled in environmental science can contribute to our awareness of nature and culture, has produced a provocative work that is a major contribution to the literature of environmental studies.��New York Times Book Review

Lectio Matters

Author : Mary Margaret Funk
Publisher : Liturgical Press
Release : 2013-02-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780814634912


Book Lectio Matters Description/Summary:

Lectio divina is a way of praying by sustained immersion into a revelatory text. While Scripture is the classic place of encounter with God, the text could also be the book of life or the book of nature. InLectio Matters, respected spiritual guide Meg Funk accompanies the reader in exploring the various levels of lectio divina as taught by the ancient church writers and by sharing her own long experience. By means of this wisdom both ancient and new, lectio divina can become our burning bush, a real encounter with the living God, in which we take off our sandals and bow our brow to the ground.

The Burning Bush

Author : Aaron Kramer
Publisher : Associated University Presses
Release : 1983
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 0845347063


Book The Burning Bush Description/Summary:

Disciples of the Holy Spirit

Author : Dr. George P. Kimber
Publisher : WestBow Press
Release : 2015-12-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781490893327


Book Disciples of the Holy Spirit Description/Summary:

Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to make people his followers and to guide them as disciples. Disciples of the Holy Spirit helps Christians to understand the work of the Holy Spirit, to clarify the role of the Spirit in their lives as believers, and to guide them along moral paths so they may embrace the Spirit’s gifts and bear fruit to the glory of God. Author George P. Kimber taps his knowledge and experience from nearly six decades of discipleship as an evangelist, pastor, teacher, and professor to explain the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. He outlines God’s need for disciples in today’s challenging times. He tells how the Holy Spirit empowers individuals to follow Jesus’ unique model of discipleship. He describes the ethics of discipleship that Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount and that his apostles carried out in their ministries. He reinforces the truth that godly love underlies all of the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of disciples. Disciples of the Holy Spirit will guide you both in understanding how the Holy Spirit’s gifts and fruits come to life in your discipleship and in applying moral principles to the faithful practice of the Spirit’s gifts. In the end, you will come to know the Holy Spirit and its holistic work in your life.

The Burning Bush Gospel Messages Vol. II

Author : Wiley Toston
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
Release : 2018-06-19
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781641387156


Book The Burning Bush Gospel Messages Vol. II Description/Summary:

These pages are written out of a deep concern for the lame, the lost, and particularly for the Christian community in general. The majority of these sermons were delivered in connection with brief revival services throughout America in churches and associations and during conventions local, state, and national. These sermons proved to be such blessings to those who heard them delivered that they are now presented to the public at large with hope that many will be blessed by reading them. Every

Go To Market Strategy

Author : Lawrence Friedman
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2012-06-25
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781136400452


Book Go To Market Strategy Description/Summary:

In this path-breaking new book, best-selling author and leading go-to-market strategist Larry Friedman provides a practical and battle-tested approach for taking products, services, divisions, or even an entire company to market! Drawing on dozens of examples and best-practices across a variety of industries, 'Go To Market Strategy' lays out a clear and actionable blueprint for building a winning go-to-market plan - one that will enable you to do more business, with more customers, more often, and more profitably. In this book you'll find all of the techniques and tools you need to answer today's crucial go-to-market questions: · Which markets offer the best opportunities for profitable growth? · What do my target customers need? How can I do a lot more business with them? · What mix of channels and partners will help me reach and sell to the most customers at the lowest possible cost? · Do I have the right product or solution? How can I create broader customer interest in my offerings? · Do I have a winning value proposition? What would make the 'message' more compelling - and drive more purchasing activity? 'Go To Market Strategy' is not about incremental change. As Friedman points out, it is for executives seeking nothing less than double-digit revenue growth and the slashing of at least 10-15 percent of selling costs - absolutely realistic results that go-to-market innovators have consistently achieved. This book lays out all of the techniques used by the world's top go-to-market leaders, so you too can achieve those kinds of results, and gain a real go-to-market competitive advantage in your markets.

30 Old Testament Interactive Stories for Young Children

Author : Steven James
Publisher : Standard Publishing
Release : 2007-01-02
Category : Religion
ISBN : 078471939X


Book 30 Old Testament Interactive Stories for Young Children Description/Summary:

This is a collection of favorite Bible stories, each written with a creative and meaningful storytelling technique especially suited to help teachers involve young children in the Bible story. Enjoy this library of favorite Bible stories and storytelling techniques developed by award-winning author and professional storyteller Steven James. Each book includes creative storytelling techniques especially suited to help teachers tell God’s story and involve children in the Bible story.


Author : Jo Saxton
Publisher : Hodder
Release : 2011-07-21
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781444703009


Book Influential Description/Summary:

Are you a woman getting on with shaping your surroundings - in the office, at church, in your local community? Do you ever feel unsupported and unequipped? Do you sometimes doubt your calling? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, INFLUENTIAL is for you. In it Jo Saxton unpacks biblical principles on leadership, interviews women who lead in different situations and contexts, asks the deepest, most difficult questions, and gives all sorts of practical ideas for how to be a woman of influence - wherever you are.

The Flourishing Tree: Cultivating a Life of Faith

Author : Hope Squires
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Release : 2014-11-26
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781483419336


Book The Flourishing Tree: Cultivating a Life of Faith Description/Summary:

This books taps into the powerful imagery of trees to suggest ways that one may sink roots into God’s Word and grow strong branches that bear the fruits of faith.

When Not to Build

Author : Ray Bowman,Eddy Hall
Publisher : Baker Books
Release : 2000-08-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 158558052X


Book When Not to Build Description/Summary:

Wise insight on building a church, growing a church, and keeping costs low. For pastors, leaders, and building committees.