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Author : Alex Berenson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-12-15
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1953039103



A booklet that combines the first three editions of the best-selling Unreported Truths series.

Tell Your Children

Author : Alex Berenson
Publisher : Free Press
Release : 2020-02-18
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781982103675


Book Tell Your Children Description/Summary:

In “a brilliant antidote to all the…false narratives about pot” (American Thinker), an award-winning author and former New York Times reporter reveals the link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness, and a hidden epidemic of violence caused by the drug—facts the media have ignored as the United States rushes to legalize cannabis. Recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states. Advocates argue cannabis can help everyone from veterans to cancer sufferers. But legalization has been built on myths—that marijuana arrests fill prisons; that most doctors want to use cannabis as medicine; that it can somehow stem the opiate epidemic; that it is beneficial for mental health. In this meticulously reported book, Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, explodes those myths, explaining that almost no one is in prison for marijuana; a tiny fraction of doctors write most authorizations for medical marijuana, mostly for people who have already used; and marijuana use is linked to opiate and cocaine use. Most of all, THC—the chemical in marijuana responsible for the drug’s high—can cause psychotic episodes. “Alex Berenson has a reporter’s tenacity, a novelist’s imagination, and an outsider’s knack for asking intemperate questions” (Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker), as he ranges from the London institute that is home to the scientists who helped prove the cannabis-psychosis link to the Colorado prison where a man now serves a thirty-year sentence after eating a THC-laced candy bar and killing his wife. He sticks to the facts, and they are devastating. With the US already gripped by one drug epidemic, Tell Your Children is a “well-written treatise” (Publishers Weekly) that “takes a sledgehammer to the promised benefits of marijuana legalization, and cannabis enthusiasts are not going to like it one bit” (Mother Jones).

The Price of Panic

Author : Jay W. Richards,William M. Briggs,Douglas Axe
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2020-10-13
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781684511426


Book The Price of Panic Description/Summary:

For the first time in history, the world shut itself down—by choice—all for fear of a virus, COVID-19, that wasn’t well understood. The government, with the support of most Americans, ordered the closure of tens of thousands of small businesses—many never to return. Almost every school and college in the country sent its students home to finish the school year in front of a computer. Churches cancelled worship services. “Social distancing” went from a non-word to a moral obligation overnight. Moral preening on social media achieved ever new heights. The world will reopen and life will go on, but what kind of world will it be when it does? It can’t be what it was, because of what’s just happened. Professors Jay Richards, William Briggs, and Douglas Axe take a deep dive into the crucial questions on the minds of millions of Americans during one of the most jarring and unprecedented global events in a generation. What will be the total cost in dollars, lives, and livelihoods of this response from governments, on advice from Science? What role have national and global health organizations such as WHO played in this? To whom are they accountable? What evidence do they rely on in sounding the alarm? How did science bureaucrats, relying on murky data and speculative computer models, gain the power to shut down the global economy? How did politicians, who know nothing of the science, decide whom to trust? We need to know what and how it happened, to keep it from ever happening again.

Undercover Epicenter Nurse

Author : Erin Marie Olszewski
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2020-08-18
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781510763678


Book Undercover Epicenter Nurse Description/Summary:

Undercover Epicenter Nurse blows the lid off the COVID-19 pandemic. What would you do if you discovered that the media and the government were lying to us all? And that hundreds, maybe thousands of people were dying because of it? Army combat veteran and registered nurse Erin Olszewski’s most deeply held values were put to the test when she arrived as a travel nurse at Elmhurst Hospital in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. After serving in Iraq, she was back on the front lines—and this time, she found, the situation was even worse. Rooms were filthy, nurses were lax with sanitation measures, and hospital-acquired cases of COVID-19 were spreading like wildfire. Worse, people who had tested negative multiple times for COVID-19 were being labeled as COVID-confirmed and put on COVID-only floors. Put on ventilators and drugged up with sedatives, these patients quickly deteriorated—even though they did not have coronavirus when they checked in. Doctors-in-training were refusing to perform CPR—and banning nurses from doing it—on dying patients whose families had not consented to “Do Not Resuscitate” orders. Erin wasn’t about to stand by and let her patients keep dying on her watch, but she knew that if she told the truth, people wouldn’t believe her. It was just too shocking. Willing to go to battle for her patients, Erin made the decision to go deep undercover, recording conversations with other nurses, videos of malpractice, and more. She began to share what she found on social media. Unsurprisingly, she was fired for it. Now, Erin is standing up to tell the whole horrifying story of what happened inside Elmhurst Hospital to demand justice for those who fell victim to the hospital’s greed. Not only must the staff be held accountable for their unethical actions; but also, this kind of corruption must be destroyed so that future Americans are not put at risks. The deaths have to end, and Erin won’t rest until the bad actors are exposed. Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital is a shocking and infuriating inside exposé of the American healthcare system gone wrong. At the same time, it’s the story of a woman who traveled from the small-town streets of Wisconsin, to the battlefields of Iraq, to the mean streets of Queens, on a quest to help fight for her country. With this book, the real battle has begun.

World Report 2021

Author : Human Rights Watch
Publisher : Seven Stories Press
Release : 2021-02-02
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781644210291


Book World Report 2021 Description/Summary:

The best country-by-country assessment of human rights. The human rights records of more than ninety countries and territories are put into perspective in Human Rights Watch's signature yearly report. Reflecting extensive investigative work undertaken by Human Rights Watch staff, in close partnership with domestic human rights activists, the annual World Report is an invaluable resource for journalists, diplomats, and citizens, and is a must-read for anyone interested in the fight to protect human rights in every corner of the globe.


Author : Douglas Carswell
Publisher : Head of Zeus Ltd
Release : 2017-03-25
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781786691545


Book Rebel Description/Summary:

Politics has never been more unpredictable. Radical populists and insurgents have turned politics-as-usual on its head. Rebel explores how we got here, where we are heading and what we can do about it. Douglas Carswell argues that these insurgencies are a reaction against the emergence of a political and economic oligarchy that has subverted our democracy and stifled our market system. 'Politics,' he writes, 'is a cartel. Like the economy, it is rigged in the interests of a few.' This leaves our liberal, democratic order – the mechanism that has allowed a historically unprecedented proportion of humanity to flourish – facing a twin assault: oligarchs on the one hand, radical populists on the other. Reassessing history and politics, Rebel puts forward a bold new thesis: we are not the first to face such a threat. Oligarchic cartels have clogged the arteries of nations and economies throughout history, triggering radical insurgencies in protest. But all too often the radicals have strengthened the hand of the oligarchs: the Roman, Venetian and Dutch republics all succumbed to cartels. 'Anti-oligarch radicals,' the author notes, 'have often made the oligarchs seem the more attractive option.' So, too, today, he suggests. In the face of these twin threats, Carswell mounts a robust defence of the liberal, democratic order. Drawing on his first-hand experience in taking on – and beating – the established political parties, he proposes a profound reform of politics and capitalism to free us from the cartels, listing the practical steps needed to make this revolutionary change happen.

Death and Justice

Author : Mark Fuhrman
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2010-11-30
Category : True Crime
ISBN : 006204818X


Book Death and Justice Description/Summary:

Controversy rages about capital punishment as innocent men and women are being released from death rows all over the country. Are innocent people being executed? Is capital punishment justice or is it revenge? Into the debate steps Mark Fuhrman, America's most famous detective, and no stranger to controversy himself. Fuhrman seeks to answer these questions by investigating the death penalty in Oklahoma, where a "hang 'em high" attitude of cowboy justice resulted in twenty–one executions in 2001, more than any other state. Most of these cases came from one jurisdiction, Oklahoma County, where legendary DA Bob Macy bragged of sending more people to death row than any other prosecutor, and police chemist Joyce Gilchrist was eventually fired for mismanaging the crime lab. Examining police records, trial transcripts, appellate decisions and conducting hundreds of interviews, Fuhrman focuses his considerable investigative skills on more than a dozen of the most controversial Oklahoma death penalty cases.

False Alarm

Author : Marc Siegel
Publisher : Wiley
Release : 2005-08-08
Category : History
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114239606


Book False Alarm Description/Summary:

Life today for citizens of the developed world is safer, easier, and healthier than for any other people in history thanks to modern medicine, science, technology, and intelligence. So why is an epidemic of fear sweeping America? The answer, according to nationally renowned health commentator Dr. Marc Siegel, is that we live in an artificially created culture of fear. In False Alarm, Siegel identifies three major catalysts of the culture of fear—government, the media, and big pharma. With fascinating, blow-by-blow analyses of the most sensational false alarms of the past few years, he shows how these fearmongers manipulate our most primitive instincts—often without our even realizing it. False Alarm shows us how to look behind the hype and hysteria, inoculate ourselves against fear tactics, and develop the emotional and intellectual skills needed to take back our lives.

After the Pandemic

Author : Lawrence Knorr,Barbara Matthews,Chris Fenwick,Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks,Pat LaMarche,Scott Zuckerman,Merrill Shaffer,Marianne Bickett,Virginia Brackett,H. A. Callum,Tory Gates,Catherine Jordan,Wylie McLallen,Mark Carlson,Maia Williamson,Penny Fletcher,Iris Dorbian,Brook Lenker,Jack Adler,Joseph Mazerac,Bridget Smith,Simon Landry,Will Delavan,Wynne Kinder,Thomas Malafarina
Publisher : Sunbury Press, Inc.
Release : 2020-05-01
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781620067000


Book After the Pandemic Description/Summary:

Twenty-five Sunbury Press authors contributed twenty-seven chapters about the possible impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on society. Based on their experiences in a variety of fields, they provide their projections about the changes facing us, many of which have already been underway for some time. Included in this volume: Tory Gates: Change and Embracing It Mark Carlson: The Role of Plagues in Human Enlightenment Wylie McLallen: The Pandemic of 1918 Thomas Malafarina: How Are Future Pandemics Likely to Be Different? Barbara Matthews: COVID-19: Through the Eyes of a Grandmother Bridget Smith: Dreams Deferred Iris Dorbian: The Great Equalizer H.A. Callum: Fighting Solo: Covid-19 and the Single Parent Catherine Jordan: Left Behind Joseph Mazerac: An Essential Optimist Scott Zuckerman: Public Health, Civil Liberties, and Life After the Pandemic Scott Zuckerman: Medicine in the Post-Coronapocalypse Era Will Delavan: The Looming Health Insurance Problem Pat LaMarche: Politics Makes No Bedfellows Virginia Brackett: COVID-19 Effects on Higher Education Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks: The Corona Virus and Homeschooling Wynne Kinder: The New ACEs: At-home COVID-19 Effects on Youth Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks: How Museums and Galleries Will Adapt to the Coronavirus Marianne Bickett: Coronavirus, Instrument of Change: How the Arts Will Usher in a New Era Merrill Shaffer: The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Sports Maia Williamson: Tourism in the Post-Pandemic World Jack Adler: The Brave New World of Travel Brook Lenker: Conservation in the Midst Simon Landry: On the Economic Front Lawrence Knorr: The Various Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Penny Fletcher: Materialism vs. Spirituality Chris Fenwick: Creativity—Necessity is a Mother

Duty of Care

Author : Dr Dominic Pimenta
Publisher : Welbeck Publishing
Release : 2020-09-03
Category : COVID-19 (Disease)
ISBN : 1787395596


Book Duty of Care Description/Summary:

One NHS doctor's story of the frontline fight against Covid-19

A Little Light

Author : Tom Whipple,Sarah Knapton,Lucy Mangan,Alex Hern,Lindsay Dodgson
Publisher : Sphere
Release : 2020-06-25
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9780751581720


Book A Little Light Description/Summary:

At a time of fear and anxiety, leading writers offer reassurance by looking at twenty ways the response to the coronavirus pandemic could make the world a better place. The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is a once-in-a-century event, a tragedy and a source of deep anxiety. But in darkness there is light; in tackling the most impossible challenges, human ingenuity forges new and positive paths forward. In his introduction, Professor Graham Davey argues that context and perspective are the best ways to alleviate the personal anxiety created by the pandemic and lockdown - context offered by the pieces in this collection. From leading science, society and culture writers and editors comes an easy-to-read look at twenty ways the human response to coronavirus could help to make the world a better place. Twenty reasons for each of us to find light in the darkness. Contributors include: Tom Whipple, science editor of The Times Lucy Mangan, columnist and author Sarah Knapton, science editor of the Telegraph Lindsay Dodgson, senior staff writer at Business Insider Alex Hern, technology editor of the Guardian

The Iran-Iraq War

Author : Efraim Karsh
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group
Release : 2009
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781435874992


Book The Iran-Iraq War Description/Summary:

Describes the events preceding and during the Iran-Iraq War, detailing the battles, political negotiations, and consequences of the war.

Hospital-Based Emergency Care

Author : Institute of Medicine,Board on Health Care Services,Committee on the Future of Emergency Care in the United States Health System
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release : 2007-05-03
Category : Medical
ISBN : 0309133777


Book Hospital-Based Emergency Care Description/Summary:

Today our emergency care system faces an epidemic of crowded emergency departments, patients boarding in hallways waiting to be admitted, and daily ambulance diversions. Hospital-Based Emergency Care addresses the difficulty of balancing the roles of hospital-based emergency and trauma care, not simply urgent and lifesaving care, but also safety net care for uninsured patients, public health surveillance, disaster preparation, and adjunct care in the face of increasing patient volume and limited resources. This new book considers the multiple aspects to the emergency care system in the United States by exploring its strengths, limitations, and future challenges. The wide range of issues covered includes: • The role and impact of the emergency department within the larger hospital and health care system. • Patient flow and information technology. • Workforce issues across multiple disciplines. • Patient safety and the quality and efficiency of emergency care services. • Basic, clinical, and health services research relevant to emergency care. • Special challenges of emergency care in rural settings. Hospital-Based Emergency Care is one of three books in the Future of Emergency Care series. This book will be of particular interest to emergency care providers, professional organizations, and policy makers looking to address the deficiencies in emergency care systems.

The Antidote

Author : Barry Werth
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-02-04
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781451655667


Book The Antidote Description/Summary:

Documents the story of maverick pharmaceutical company Vertex and a small team of entrepreneurial scientists who after dissociating themselves from Merck endeavored to create breakthrough medicines and transform the pharmaceutical industry. By the award-winning author of The Billion-Dollar Molecule.

Tietze's Syndrome

Author : Stephanie Kenrose
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2009-11
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 1449591019


Book Tietze's Syndrome Description/Summary:

Are you tired of suffering from Tietze's syndrome? This easy-to-use guide offers advice on controlling your symptoms and making the kinds of lifestyle changes to allow you to live a full and active life again. Inside this book, you'll find information on current treatments from dietary changes and biofeedback to local anesthetic blocks and surgery. What people are saying about the 1st edition: "A neatly summarized book with easy, sound recommendations for anyone who is suffering or knows someone with similar symptoms, gives you a good insight on what is going on inside and at the same time helps your health provider to give you a better diagnosis and treatment." Martha Marquez, M.D. "This book is great! This will definitely help us understand and manage Tietze's Syndrome, not only for those who are experiencing the same illness, but also the medical professionals as well. I would definitely recommend that people buy this book for reference." Janice Geronimo, R.N.

Trudeau and Our Times

Author : Stephen Clarkson,Christina McCall
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1997-08-23
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9780771054051


Book Trudeau and Our Times Description/Summary:

The classic two-volume study of Trudeau and his impact upon Canadian society and politics Volume 1: The Magnificent Obsession Winner of the Governor General’s Award This volume examines the formative influences on Pierre Trudeau’s childhood, his knight-errant youth and early manhood, his charismatic ascent to the Liberal Party leadership, and his dramatic first decade as prime minister. It concludes with his bittersweet triumphs in fighting off the separatists in the 1980 referendum campaign and his battle with provincial premiers to patriate the Canadian constitution. Volume 2: The Heroic Delusion Winner of the John W. Dafoe Prize for Distinctive Writing This volume describes in fascinating detail the abiding liberal Pierre Trudeau’s quixotic confrontations with his neo-conservative opponents, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. A masterful analysis of the country’s political economy in the decades following World War II, it suggests that Trudeau’s delusion was that Canada could pursue a policy independent of her neighbours to the south.

The Pandemic Century: One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria, and Hubris

Author : Mark Honigsbaum
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2019-04-09
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780393254761


Book The Pandemic Century: One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria, and Hubris Description/Summary:

With a New Chapter and Updated Epilogue on Coronavirus A Financial Times Best Health Book of 2019 and a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice "Honigsbaum does a superb job covering a century’s worth of pandemics and the fears they invariably unleash." —Howard Markel, MD, PhD, director of the Center for the History of Medicine, University of Michigan How can we understand the COVID-19 pandemic? Ever since the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, scientists have dreamed of preventing such catastrophic outbreaks of infectious disease. Yet despite a century of medical progress, viral and bacterial disasters continue to take us by surprise, inciting panic and dominating news cycles. In The Pandemic Century, a lively account of scares both infamous and less known, medical historian Mark Honigsbaum combines reportage with the history of science and medical sociology to artfully reconstruct epidemiological mysteries and the ecology of infectious diseases. We meet dedicated disease detectives, obstructive or incompetent public health officials, and brilliant scientists often blinded by their own knowledge of bacteria and viruses—and see how fear of disease often exacerbates racial, religious, and ethnic tensions. Now updated with a new chapter and epilogue.