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Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century

Author : Fernando M. Reimers,Connie K. Chung
Publisher : Harvard Education Press
Release : 2019-01-02
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781612509242


Book Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century Description/Summary:

This book describes how different nations have defined the core competencies and skills that young people will need in order to thrive in the twenty-first-century, and how those nations have fashioned educational policies and curricula meant to promote those skills. The book examines six countries—Chile, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States—exploring how each one defines, supports, and cultivates those competencies that students will need in order to succeed in the current century. Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century appears at a time of heightened attention to comparative studies of national education systems, and to international student assessments such as those that have come out of PISA (the Program for International Student Assessment), led by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This book’s crucial contribution to the burgeoning field of international education arises out of its special attention to first principles—and thus to first questions: As Reimers and Chung explain, “much can be gained by an explicit investigation of the intended purposes of education, in what they attempt to teach students, and in the related questions of why those purposes and how they are achieved.” These questions are crucial to education practice and reform at a time when educators (and the students they serve) face unique, pressing challenges. The book’s detailed attention to such questions signals its indispensable value for policy makers, scholars, and education leaders today.

Twenty-first Century Curriculum Policy

Author : Zahira Kunhi,Lesley Vidovich,Tom O'Donoghue
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-02-02
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783030614553


Book Twenty-first Century Curriculum Policy Description/Summary:

This book focuses on the phenomenon of a ‘21st century curriculum’ and its role in preparing students for work and life in a rapidly changing global knowledge society. Its context is the global and diverse national influences on education policy agendas. The central concepts in the academic literature that underpins the phenomenon are globalisation, curriculum, and policy. The analysis spans global influences on the development of ‘21st century curriculum’ policy, the construction of such policy at the national and State levels in Australia, and the enactment of such policy in three select case-study schools and in relation to which both similarities and differences are identified. The global to local span and the international relevance of the exposition are both revisited to highlight major findings, to discuss them in relation to recent literature and to offer propositions about ‘21st century curriculum’ development that are of wide interest and relevance. Recommendations for policy and practice as well as possible future directions for research in the field follow.

Implementing Deeper Learning and 21st Century Education Reforms

Author : Fernando M. Reimers
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2020-11-04
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783030570392


Book Implementing Deeper Learning and 21st Century Education Reforms Description/Summary:

This open access book is a comparative analysis of recent large scale education reforms that broadened curriculum goals to better prepare students for the 21st century. The book examines what governments actually do when they broaden curriculum goals, with attention to the details of implementation. To this end, the book examines system level reforms in six countries at various levels of development. The study includes system level reforms in jurisdictions where students achieve high levels in international assessments of basic literacies, such as Singapore and Ontario, Canada, as well as in nations where students achieve much lower levels, such as Kenya, Mexico, Punjab-Pakistan and Zimbabwe. The chapters examine system-level reforms that focus on strengthening the capacity to teach the basics, as in Ontario and Pakistan, as well as reforms that aim at building the capacity to teach a much broader set of competencies and skills, such as Kenya, Mexico, Singapore and Zimbabwe. The volume includes systems at very different levels of spending per student and reforms at various points in the cycle of policy implementation, some just starting, some struggling to survive a governmental transition, and others that have been in place for an extended period of time. From the comparative study of these reforms, we aim to provide an understanding of how to build the capacity of education systems to teach 21st century skills at scale in diverse settings.

As the Witnesses Fall Silent: 21st Century Holocaust Education in Curriculum, Policy and Practice

Author : Zehavit Gross,E. Doyle Stevick
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2015-03-16
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783319154190


Book As the Witnesses Fall Silent: 21st Century Holocaust Education in Curriculum, Policy and Practice Description/Summary:

This volume represents the most comprehensive collection ever produced of empirical research on Holocaust education around the world. It comes at a critical time, as the world observes the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. We are now at a turning point, as the generations that witnessed and survived the Shoah are slowly passing on. Governments are charged with ensuring that this defining event of the 20th century takes its rightful place in the schooling and the historical consciousness of their peoples. The policies and practices of Holocaust education around the world are as diverse as the countries that grapple with its history and its meaning. Educators around the globe struggle to reconcile national histories and memories with the international realities of the Holocaust and its implications for the present. These efforts take place at a time when scholarship about the Holocaust itself has made great strides. In this book, these issues are framed by some of the leading voices in the field, including Elie Wiesel and Yehuda Bauer, and then explored by many distinguished scholars who represent a wide range of expertise. Holocaust education is of such significance, so rich in meaning, so powerful in content, and so diverse in practice that the need for extensive, high-quality empirical research is critical. Th is book provides exactly that.

A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy

Author : Juliet Christian-Smith,Peter H. Gleick,Heather Cooley,Lucy Allen,Amy Vanderwarker,Kate A. Berry
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2012-07-02
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780199939381


Book A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy Description/Summary:

It is zero hour for a new US water policy! At a time when many countries are adopting new national approaches to water management, the United States still has no cohesive federal policy, and water-related authorities are dispersed across more than 30 agencies. Here, at last, is a vision for what we as a nation need to do to manage our most vital resource. In this book, leading thinkers at world-class water research institution the Pacific Institute present clear and readable analysis and recommendations for a new federal water policy to confront our national and global challenges at a critical time. What exactly is at stake? In the 21st century, pressures on water resources in the United States are growing and conflicts among water users are worsening. Communities continue to struggle to meet water quality standards and to ensure that safe drinking water is available for all. And new challenges are arising as climate change and extreme events worsen, new water quality threats materialize, and financial constraints grow. Yet the United States has not stepped up with adequate leadership to address these problems. The inability of national policymakers to safeguard our water makes the United States increasingly vulnerable to serious disruptions of something most of us take for granted: affordable, reliable, and safe water. This book provides an independent assessment of water issues and water management in the United States, addressing emerging and persistent water challenges from the perspectives of science, public policy, environmental justice, economics, and law. With fascinating case studies and first-person accounts of what helps and hinders good water management, this is a clear-eyed look at what we need for a 21st century U.S. water policy.

Educating for the 21st Century

Author : Suzanne Choo,Deb Sawch,Alison Villanueva,Ruth Vinz
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-10-20
Category : Education
ISBN : 9789811016738


Book Educating for the 21st Century Description/Summary:

All over the world, governments, policymakers, and educators are advocating the need to educate students for the 21st first century. This book provides insights into what this means and the ways 21st century education is theorized and implemented in practice. The first part, “Perspectives: Mapping our futures-in-the-making,” uncovers the contradictions, tensions and processes that shape 21st century education discourses. The second part, “Policies: Constructing the future through policymaking,” discusses how 21st century education is translated into policies and the resulting tensions that emerge from top-down, state sanctioned policies and bottom-up initiatives. The third part, “Practices: Enacting the Future in Local Contexts,” discusses on-the-ground initiatives that schools in various countries around the world enact to educate their students for the 21st century. This volume includes contributions from leading scholars in the field as well as educators from schools and those working with schools.

Education for the Twenty-first Century : Issues and Prospects

Author : International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century
Publisher : United Nations Educational
Release : 1998
Category : Basic education
ISBN : UOM:39015043052813


Book Education for the Twenty-first Century : Issues and Prospects Description/Summary:

Containing a selection of texts on education prepared during the work of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century, this volume bears witness to some paradoxes faced by education: to reconcile divergent aims and trends, to embody both continuity and renewal, to encourage conformity and innovation. These papers are intended to complement existing literature to respond to questions that arose in the course of the Commission's work, and to illuminate specific issues that cross disciplines.

The University in the Twenty-first Century

Author : Yehuda Elkana,Hannes Kl”pper
Publisher : Central European University Press
Release : 2016-09-30
Category : Education
ISBN : 9789633860380


Book The University in the Twenty-first Century Description/Summary:

This volume addresses the broad spectrum of challenges confronting today?s universities. Elkana and Kl”pper question the very idea and purposes of universities, especially as viewed through curriculum?what is taught, and pedagogy?how it is taught. The reforms recommended in the book focus on undergraduate or bachelor degree programs in all areas of study, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences, technical fields, as well as law, medicine, and other professions. The core thesis of this book rests on the emergence of a ?New Enlightenment. This will require a revolution in curriculum and teaching methods in order to translate the academic philosophy of global contextualism into universal practice or application. Are universities willing to revamp teaching in order to foster critical thinking that would serve students their entire lives? This book calls for universities to restructure administratively to become truly integrated, rather than remaining collections of autonomous agencies more committed to competition among themselves than cooperation in the larger interest of learning. ÿ

Bringing Schools into the 21st Century

Author : Guofang Wan,Dianne M. Gut
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2011-01-15
Category : Education
ISBN : 9789400702684


Book Bringing Schools into the 21st Century Description/Summary:

Shift happens: Emerging technologies and globalization have resulted in political, social and cultural changes. These changes have a profound impact on all aspects of human life, including education. Yet while society has changed and continues to change, schools are slow to keep up. This book explores issues related to transforming and modernizing our educational systems, including the impact of societal shifts on education, the efforts at various levels to bring schools into the 21st century, the identification of 21st century skills, the reformation of the curriculum, the creation of alternative models of schooling, the innovative use of technology in education, and many others. It addresses questions like the following: Should schools systems adapt to better meet the needs of tomorrow’s world and how should this be accomplished? How can society better prepare students for a changing and challenging modern world? What skills do students need to lead successful lives and become productive citizens in the 21st century? How can educators create learning environments that are relevant and meaningful for digital natives? How can the school curriculum be made more rigorous to meet the needs of the 21st century? This book encourages readers to transcend the limits of their own educational experience, to think beyond familiar notions of schooling, instruction and curriculum, to consider how to best structure learning so that it will benefit future generations. It encourages a deeper analysis of the existing education system and offers practical insights into future directions focused on preparing students with 21st century skills.

Early Language Learning Policy in the 21st Century

Author : Subhan Zein,Maria R. Coady
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-09-22
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783030762513


Book Early Language Learning Policy in the 21st Century Description/Summary:

This volume analyses the policymaking, expectations, implementation, progress, and outcomes of early language learning in various education policy contexts worldwide. The contributors to the volume are international researchers specialising in language policy and early language learning and their contributions aim to advance scholarship on early language learning policies and inform policymaking at the global level. The languages considered include learning English as a second language in primary schools in Japan, Mexico, Serbia, Argentina, and Tanzania; Spanish language education in the US and Australia; Arabic as a second language in Israel and Bangladesh; Chinese in South America and Oceania; and finally, early German teaching and learning in France and the UK.

Inclusive Education for the 21st Century

Author : Linda Graham
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2020-07-16
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781000257526


Book Inclusive Education for the 21st Century Description/Summary:

Placing a student on the autism spectrum in a busy classroom with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and an aide to deal with the inevitable meltdowns is often done in the name of 'inclusion', but this is integration and not inclusive. How can teachers and schools create genuinely inclusive classrooms that meet the needs of every student? Research evidence indicates the strategies that make schools inclusive for students with disability benefit all students. Yet many schools are still operating under twentieth-century models that disadvantage students, especially those with disability. Inclusive Education for the 21st Century provides a rigorous overview of the foundational principles of inclusive education, and the barriers to access and participation. It explores evidence-based strategies to support diverse learners, including specific changes in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices, and the use of data. It addresses the needs of children with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities, as well as those with complex learning profiles, including mental health issues. With chapters from leading experts from Australia and the UK, Inclusive Education for the 21st Century addresses common issues in both primary and secondary schools. Underpinned throughout by research evidence, it is designed to assist educators to develop the deep knowledge required to make inclusive education a reality in all schools.

Pharmacy Education in the Twenty First Century and Beyond

Author : Ahmed Fathelrahman,Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim,Alian A. Alrasheedy,Albert Wertheimer
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2018-04-17
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780128119464


Book Pharmacy Education in the Twenty First Century and Beyond Description/Summary:

Pharmacy Education in the Twenty First Century and Beyond: Global Achievements and Challenges offers a complete reference on global pharmacy education, along with a detailed discussion of future issues and solutions. This book begins with a brief overview of the history of pharmacy education, covering all levels of education and styles of learning, from undergraduate, continuing professional education, and methods for self-learning and development. Teaching strategies such as team-based learning, problem-based learning and interdisciplinary education are also described and compared to conclude why certain pharmacy programs attract students, and why educators prefer particular teaching strategies, assessment tools and learning styles. As a result, this book provides pharmacy educators, administrators, students and practitioners with a comprehensive guide to pharmacy education that will enable readers to choose the best approaches to improve, reform or select a program based on worldwide experience and the latest available evidence and research. Describes and discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated with different types of pharmacy curricula, degree programs, styles of learning, teaching strategies, and more Edited and written by a team of authors to provide diverse global experiences and insights into what factors make a program attractive and successful Covers important topics in pharmacy education, such as quality and accreditation issues, the business of pharmacy education, leadership and similarities

Teaching 21st Century Skills

Author : Rekha B. Koul,Rachel Sheffield,Leonie McIlvenny
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-11-10
Category : Science
ISBN : 9789811643613


Book Teaching 21st Century Skills Description/Summary:

This book helps educators provide opportunities for their students to engage in creative and collaborative projects that blur the lines between subjects and promote problem-finding and problem-solving activities. It offers a global perspective on makerspaces through an Indian and Australian lens, illustrating the commonalities between the approach and the pedagogy in order to highlight the universal nature of these essential 21st-century skills. The book is particularly useful for science, technology and mathematics teachers, highlighting the potential of engaging in a more integrated curriculum approach to their specific discipline. It is of great interest to scholars whose research focuses on understanding 21st-century skills and how they can be taught and assessed in a school setting. It is an indispensable resource for teacher educators, school administrators, curriculum designers, policymakers and researchers in the field of science education.

Curriculum Change within Policy and Practice

Author : Damian Murchan,Keith Johnston
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-01-04
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783030507077


Book Curriculum Change within Policy and Practice Description/Summary:

This book explores how curriculum reform is interconnected with policy, practice and society. Curriculum reform is increasingly associated with efforts to better the lives of citizens and provide a competitive edge to national prosperity. Educational policy and practice have been the subject of unprecedented convergence worldwide in the quest for so-called 21st century skills. This book offers a case study of curriculum reform within the Republic of Ireland, focusing on antecedents, processes and outcomes of government efforts to evoke fundamental curriculum realignment at lower secondary level. Set against a backdrop of fluctuating economic fortunes and concerns about academic standards and educational equity, this volume has wider relevance beyond Ireland for any system undertaking education reform at scale.

Rethinking Social Studies Teacher Education in the Twenty-First Century

Author : Alicia R. Crowe,Alexander Cuenca
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2015-11-26
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783319229393


Book Rethinking Social Studies Teacher Education in the Twenty-First Century Description/Summary:

In this volume teacher educators explicitly and implicitly share their visions for the purposes, experiences, and commitments necessary for social studies teacher preparation in the twenty-first century. It is divided into six sections where authors reconsider: 1) purposes, 2) course curricula, 3) collaboration with on-campus partners, 4) field experiences, 5) community connections, and 6) research and the political nature of social studies teacher education. The chapters within each section provide critical insights for social studies researchers, teacher educators, and teacher education programs. Whether readers begin to question what are we teaching social studies teachers for, who should we collaborate with to advance teacher learning, or how should we engage in the politics of teacher education, this volume leads us to consider what ideas, structures, and connections are most worthwhile for social studies teacher education in the twenty-first century to pursue.

Education for the Twenty-First Century

Author : Hedley Beare,Richard Slaughter
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2021-12-17
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781000532647


Book Education for the Twenty-First Century Description/Summary:

First published in 1993, Education for the Twenty-First Century grew out of a common and deep-seated concern about the way young people think of their own future, and about some of the relatively simplistic education reforms advocated, often by people with scant comprehension of modern educational practices. Schools as institutions, schooling patterns, the curriculum and teachers themselves have come under heavy criticism, but it has to be recognized that the problems in education have no lasting or satisfactory solutions while schools continue to operate out of the framework which has determined their raison d’être for the past two hundred years. The authors argue that schools do not need fine tuning, or more of the same; rather some of the fundamental assumptions about schooling have to be revised. They argue that learning about the future must become very much a part of the present, and they set out in the book some of the thinking and several techniques which permit us to confront the future and make it a more friendly place. The book will be of interest to students, teachers and policymakers.

Transnationalism and German-Language Literature in the Twenty-First Century

Author : Stuart Taberner
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-03-01
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9783319504841


Book Transnationalism and German-Language Literature in the Twenty-First Century Description/Summary:

This book examines how German-language authors have intervened in contemporary debates on the obligation to extend hospitality to asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants; the terrorist threat post-9/11; globalisation and neo-liberalism; the opportunities and anxieties of intensified mobility across borders; and whether transnationalism necessarily implies the end of the nation state and the dawn of a new cosmopolitanism. The book proceeds through a series of close readings of key texts of the last twenty years, with an emphasis on the most recent works. Authors include Terézia Mora, Richard Wagner, Olga Grjasnowa, Marlene Streeruwitz, Vladimir Vertlib, Navid Kermani, Felicitas Hoppe, Daniel Kehlmann, Ilija Trojanow, Christian Kracht, and Christa Wolf, representing the diversity of contemporary German-language writing. Through a careful process of juxtaposition and differentiation, the individual chapters demonstrate that writers of both minority and nonminority backgrounds address transnationalism in ways that certainly vary but which also often overlap in surprising ways.

Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills

Author : Esther Care,Patrick Griffin,Mark Wilson
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-11-07
Category : Education
ISBN : 9783319653686


Book Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills Description/Summary:

This book provides a detailed description of research and application outcomes from the Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills project, which explored a framework for understanding the nature of these skills. The major element of this new volume is the presentation of research information from the global assessment of two 21st century skills that are amenable to teaching and learning: collaborative problem solving, and learning in digital networks. The outcomes presented include evidence to support the validity of assessment of 21st century skills and descriptions of consequent pedagogical approaches which can be used both to teach the skills and to use them to enhance key learning goals in secondary education systems. The sections of the volume are connected through a focus on the degree to which innovative assessment tasks measure the constructs of interest. This focus is informed by conceptual and methodological issues associated with affordances of 21st century computer-based assessment. How understanding of the nature of the skills, as derived from these assessments, can guide approaches to the integration of 21st century skills in the classroom, is informed by initiatives adopted by participating countries. The guiding questions in this volume are: "Do the assessment tasks measure the constructs?" and "What are the implications for assessment and teaching in the classroom?" It is the third volume of papers from this project published by Springer.

Holocaust Education in Primary Schools in the Twenty-First Century

Author : Claus-Christian W. Szejnmann,Paula Cowan,James Griffiths
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2018-07-09
Category : History
ISBN : 9783319730998


Book Holocaust Education in Primary Schools in the Twenty-First Century Description/Summary:

This collection is the first of its kind, bringing together Holocaust educational researchers as well as school and museum educators from across the globe, to discuss the potentials of Holocaust education in relation to primary school children. Its contributors are from countries that have a unique relationship with the Holocaust, such as Germany, Israel, neutral Switzerland, and Allied countries outside the UK. Their research provides new insight into the diverse ways in which primary aged students engage with Holocaust education. Chapters explore the impact of teaching the Holocaust to this age group, school and museum teaching pedagogies, and primary students’ perspectives of the Holocaust. This book will appeal to school and museum educators of primary aged students whose work requires them to teach the Holocaust, Citizenship (or Civics) or Human Rights Education. Since the turn of the twenty-first century there has been a transformation in school and museum-based Holocaust education. This book clearly demonstrates that primary education has been included in this transformation.