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Dylan the Villain

Author : K. G. Campbell
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2016-03-08
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780698405165


Book Dylan the Villain Description/Summary:

A surprising and laugh-out-loud showdown between two pint-sized super-villains, perfect for young fans of Despicable Me. Dylan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Snivels, have always told him that he is the very best and cleverest super-villain in the whole wide world. And Dylan's confident that it's true--until he starts school and meets Addison Van Malice. Sure, Dylan's costume is scary. But Addison Van Malice's is bone-chilling. And yes, Dylan's laugh is crazy. But Addison Van Malice's is bananas. And Dylan's inventions are certainly super-villainous. But Addison Van Malice's are demonic! When their teacher, Ms. Ick, announces a Diabolical Robot Building Contest, Dylan sees his opportunity to prove that he really is the most evil villain of all. But Addison's not giving in without a fight. And so begins a competition of skill and wits that doesn't go the way anyone expected...


Author : Michael Buckley
Publisher : Harry N. Abrams
Release : 2012-09-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 141970415X


Book NERDS Description/Summary:

When a virus infects Arlington, Virginia, home of NERDS headquarters, transforming victims into criminal masterminds, it is up to Flinch to stop its spread by miniaturizing himself and entering the head of the Villain Virus's creator, Heathcliff Hodges.

The Villain

Author : L. J. Shen
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-12-08
Category : Man-woman relationships
ISBN : 9798577173548


Book The Villain Description/Summary:

Cruel. Coldblooded. Hades in a Brioni suit. Cillian Fitzpatrick has been dubbed every wicked thing on planet earth. To the media, he is The Villain. To me, he is the man who (reluctantly) saved my life. Now I need him to do me another, small solid. Bail me out of the mess my husband got me into. What’s a hundred grand to one of the wealthiest men in America, anyway?

Root for the Villain

Author : J-Zone
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2011
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 0615532276


Book Root for the Villain Description/Summary:

"#1 best seller in Norwegian beef patty shops"--Cover.

How to Be a Villain

Author : Neil Zawacki
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2012-01-27
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781452110394


Book How to Be a Villain Description/Summary:

A delightfully evil gift, How to Be a Villain is a step-by-step guide to joining the forces of darkness. Because, though villains may never win, they sure have more fun, hatching master plans for world domination, smoothing their dastardly tights. Neil Zawacki answers all the most urgent questions: Should I go with a black or red theme? Do I invest in an army of winged monkeys or ninja warriors? And just where will I put the evil hideout? Whether readers choose to pursue a career as a Criminal Mastermind, Mad Scientist, Corporate Bastard, or just a Wanna-be Evil Genius, they are sure to find plenty of tips for jumpstarting any evil enterprise. Cheaper than attending the annual bad guy conference and way more fun than being good, How to Be a Villain is guaranteed to elicit deep-throated evil laughs across the land.

The Villain Virus

Author : Michael Buckley
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013-10-10
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1484402030


Book The Villain Virus Description/Summary:

Former NERDS teammate Heathcliff Hodges introduces a virus to Arlington, Virginia, home of the NERDS headquarters, and it transforms people into superintelligent criminal masterminds. Flinch is determined to destroy the virus, and in order to do that

Year of the Villain: the Infected

Author : Various
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN : 1779502540


Book Year of the Villain: the Infected Description/Summary:

"Year of the Villain: The Infected spins out of the hit miniseries The Batman Who Laughs and tells the tales of four superheroes who are reborn as the Infected...corrupted versions of some of DC's greatest heroes who were gifted with extraordinary new powers--but whose souls have been blackened by the evil of the Batman Who Laughs. The heroic lives of Shazam, the Blue Beetle, Gotham City's Commissioner Jim Gordon and former Teen Titan Donna Troy are all transformed by the Batman Who Laughs. Now they are pawns in his efforts to destroy the heroes of the DC Universe--whether they want it or not!"--

Meet the Heroes . . . and the Villains, Too!

Author : Maggie Testa
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2021-08-31
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781665904865


Book Meet the Heroes . . . and the Villains, Too! Description/Summary:

Learn all about your favorite heroes and baddies in this sweet tabbed board book based on PJ Masks, the hit preschool series airing on Disney Junior! Are you ready to meet the PJ Masks? Now you can learn all about Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as well as the baddies they battle—Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja—in this super terrific tabbed board book that features one hero or villain on each tab. PJ Masks © Frog Box / Entertainment One UK Limited / Walt Disney EMEA Productions Limited 2014

Dc Year of the Villain Omnibus

Author : Scott Snyder,Brian Michael Bendis,Joshua Williamson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-03-31
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1779500882


Book Dc Year of the Villain Omnibus Description/Summary:

The complete collection of DC's "Year of the Villain" event is here! Following the events of Scott Snyder and James Tynion's Justice League, Lex Luthor takes a major step forward, assembling his Legion of Doom for the final push to replace Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the League as the rightful leaders of not only mankind, but the universe itself! Lex Luthor is hoping to harness the power of Perpetua, the first being to be imprisoned within the Source Wall, now newly freed. Perpetua and Luthor's plans to rid the universe of heroes will continue to escalate until they reach a breaking point! Don't miss the complete collection of stories from DC's epic "Year of the Villain" event. From New York Times best-selling author Scott Snyder (Dark Nights: Metal) and some of the best artists in the industry including Alex Maleev, Francis Manapul, Jim Cheung, Greg Capullo and more!

Hero vs. Villain

Author : T. Nat Fuller
Publisher : Abrams
Release : 2018-06-12
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781683352730


Book Hero vs. Villain Description/Summary:

Hero vs. Villain is a gently irreverent book of opposites with a slight narrative that plays on the popularity of benign villains and superheroes. Their adversarial relationship makes heroes and villains the perfect stars for a book about opposites. But can sworn enemies learn to be friends?


Author : Michael Grant
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2018-10-16
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780062467898


Book Villain Description/Summary:

Acclaimed author Michael Grant’s globally bestselling Gone series continues with Villain, where old foes return and new ones rise, with action-packed scenes, gory battles, and plot twists that will leave readers scrambling for more. It’s been four years since the events of GONE. The Perdido Beach dome is down, but the horrors within have spread. The alien virus-infested rock that created the FAYZ is creating monsters—monsters that walk the cities and countryside, terrorizing all. There are tanks in the street and predator drones in the sky, doomed efforts to stop the disintegration of civilization. Into this chaos comes a villain with the power to control anyone with just the sound of his voice. Dillon Poe wanted to be a comedian once…but everyone made fun of him. Dillon the loser. Dillon the freak. Now he’s sending thousands to their death. Who’s laughing now? The only people who can stop a superpowered villain are superpowered heroes. Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, and a new mutant with unmatched powers, are all that stand in Dillon’s way. But when the lines begin to blur between hero and villain—some begin to wonder who’s really the monster. Praise for the Gone series: “Exciting, high-tension stories. I love these books.” —Stephen King “Intense, marvelously plotted, paced, and characterized.” —ALA Booklist (starred review)

The Odd Sisters

Author : Serena Valentino
Publisher : Disney Electronic Content
Release : 2019-07-02
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781368044141


Book The Odd Sisters Description/Summary:

Throughout the Villains series, the Odd Sisters have meddled in the lives of the Wicked Queen, The Beast, Ursula, Maleficent, and Mother Gothel, changing the course of fate for the greatest villains ever known. Now, it's time for their reckoning. This latest novel by the author of the wildly popular Villains series goes deeper into the lives of the twisted, diabolical Odd Sisters, finally revealing the dark truth about who they are and where they're from . The Odd Sisters will appeal to fans who can't get enough of the mischievous sisters, as well as draw new readers to Serena Valentino's darkly fascinating take on the Disney Villains.

Unmasking the Villain

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013
Category : Electronic books
ISBN : OCLC:845132515


Book Unmasking the Villain Description/Summary:

The idea of the villain in literature seems to be inextricably linked to notions of immorality, selfishness, and chaos, thus placing the villain in binary opposition with depictions of the hero figure in contemporary America. This project offers a reevaluation and reconstruction of traditional views of villainy in popular culture for two purposes: first, to challenge the aforementioned binary in order to develop a new schema for understanding the villain, and second, to better understand the villain's role in prompting introspection regarding our own values. To these ends, I focus on three texts of different genres and time periods for providing a possible archetype for the modern villain. To set the foundations of the villain, I first analyze the process of vilification of problematic characters in ancient Greek myths, focusing primarily on Homer's Odyssey in conjunction with Joseph Campbell's influential work on the epic hero and the monomyth. After situating the villain as a powerful figure working within social institutions (rather than being apart from these institutions), I transition to the modernized idea of the supervillain as it relates to the superhero. This section draws on conflicting views of William Moulton Marston and Fredric Wertham regarding the didactic nature of villains and heroes in comic books, and then introduces the role of the Joker from the Batman franchise in subverting social norms via the carnival as explained by Mikhail Bakhtin. Finally, I apply Jeremy Bentham's theory of the panopticon to Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy to promote the idea that President Snow's role as a villain is imposed upon him by both internal and external audiences, and that he does not possess as many qualities of the stereotypical villain as the audiences does. In short, then, through these texts, I hope to demonstrate how the villain functions in popular literature today, and how this role challenges our own -- often polarized -- views of "good" and "evil".

Ellen Walton

Author : Alvin Addison
Publisher : Good Press
Release : 2019-12-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : EAN:4064066227364


Book Ellen Walton Description/Summary:

"Ellen Walton" by Alvin Addison. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Desperate Measures

Author : Katee Robert
Publisher : Trinkets and Tales LLC
Release : 2020-12-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781532398032


Book Desperate Measures Description/Summary:

Once upon a time, I was a princess in a tower. One night, and my entire life went up in flames. All because of him. Jafar. As my world burned down around me, he offered me a choice. Walk away with nothing but my freedom… Or rise to his challenge and win my fortune back. I bargained. I lost. Now Jafar owns me, body and soul. Even as my mind rails against his rules, my body loves the punishments he deals out when I break them. But a gilded cage is still a prison, I’ll do anything to obtain my freedom. Even betray the man I’m falling for. In DESPERATE MEASURES, you’ll find: -> Enemies to lovers -> Captive Heroine -> Kinky Roleplay -> Daddy/baby girl -> Alpha hero

Die the Villain

Author : C. P. Serret
Publisher : Tempest & Gayle
Release : 2020-02-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781734323412


Book Die the Villain Description/Summary:

"A modern romance filled with love, betrayal, and a touch of spy-thrilling action[…] Die the Villain[] blends cyber espionage with Gossip Girl-esque glitz and glamour. —Independent Book Review "[Finn] embodies such humanity that readers will find it impossible not to root for him." —The Prairies Book Review No one knows who you really are… Not the Yakuza. Not your team of hacker mercs. Not Chloë, that stunner you met uptown. Not your handful of friends on the college-bar scene. Your double life is old hat—a shell game played against all sides. But what will you do when a foiled heist leaves your Darknet crew missing or dead? What will you do if Chloë's in danger too? When everything's on the line… Who will you become? Contra the entrenched coloniality of voice, C. P. Serret presents an intercultural novel, post-postmodernity, of an individual struggle with alienation, anomie, and authenticity; of cybercrime gone wrong and a roller-coaster crash with the rich kids of Instagram—an off-the-rails carnivalised plunge. Rendered in diamondoid prose, nine years in the making, Die the Villain is the metamodern noir of the final days of our pre-Snowden naïveté and the underpinnings of our dystopian present.

Mistress of All Evil

Author : Serena Valentino
Publisher : Disney Electronic Content
Release : 2017-10-03
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781368012492


Book Mistress of All Evil Description/Summary:

The tale is told as if it's happening once upon a dream: the lovely maiden meets her handsome prince in the woods. The story has been told many times and in many ways. But always the maiden finds out that she is a princess—a princess who has been cursed by a dark fairy to prick her finger on a spindle and fall into an eternal sleep. Though her three good fairies try to protect her, the princess succumbs to the curse. But the power of good endures, as her true love defeats the fire-breathing dragon and awakens the princess with true love's first kiss. The two live happily ever after. And yet this is only half the story. So what of the dark fairy, Maleficent? Why does she curse the innocent princess? What led to her becoming so filled with malice, anger, and hatred? Many tales have tried to explain her motives. Here is one account, pulled down from the many passed down through the ages. It is a tale of love and betrayal, of magic and reveries. It is a tale of the Mistress of All Evil.