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The Villain

Author : L. J. Shen
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-12-08
Category : Man-woman relationships
ISBN : 9798577173548


Book The Villain Description/Summary:

Cruel. Coldblooded. Hades in a Brioni suit. Cillian Fitzpatrick has been dubbed every wicked thing on planet earth. To the media, he is The Villain. To me, he is the man who (reluctantly) saved my life. Now I need him to do me another, small solid. Bail me out of the mess my husband got me into. What’s a hundred grand to one of the wealthiest men in America, anyway?

The Villain

Author : Victoria Vale
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-02-16
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1984994239


Book The Villain Description/Summary:

Book 1 of 2 in the Villain Duology, a Dark Regency Erotic Romance duet set in the wilds of Scotland. A heartless villain... Lady Daphne Fairchild braves the journey from London to the wilds of Scotland alone with one purpose in mind: confront the man who purposely and methodically set out to ruin the men of her family. But what he demands in exchange for answers will thrust Daphne into a world of mystery, hatred, and lust. An indecent proposal... Thirty days and nights in the bed of the Earl of Hartmoor ... this is the price she must pay to learn the truth of the dark lord's vendetta against her family. Yet, when she accepts the offer, Daphne never expects to find that nothing is what she thought it was, and the truth proves far harder to stomach than she ever imagined. A cruel desire that holds her captive... Even as he uses her to exact his final revenge against her family, Daphne cannot deny the way her body reacts to his touch, the way her soul seems to become more intertwined with his by the day. Despite the ruin he has made of her life, she cannot escape that the threads of deceit, desire, and pain have tied them together irrevocably. With her fate now in his hands, she is uncertain whether he will turn out to be the hero who steals her heart, or the villain who destroys her soul.

The Villain

Author : Jim Perrin
Publisher : The Mountaineers Books
Release : 2005
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780898869866


Book The Villain Description/Summary:

Mountain climber Don Whillans' reputation was as wide as the Yosemite big walls and as high as the Himalayan peaks he risked his life to scale. His epoch-making first ascent of Annapurna's South Face set a standard to which modern Himalayan climbers aspire. The Villain tells the exciting story of this brawling, hard-drinking mountaineer.

The Villain's Beloved

Author : J. Bella
Publisher : Bella J.
Release : 2022-02-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9791221305135


Book The Villain's Beloved Description/Summary:

The day Elijah took me, he vowed to tame me. I tried to fight him. Tried to survive without losing my heart. But in the end, he did what he said he’d do… tame me. He claimed me so unapologetically, and I surrendered willingly. Together we found our place within the darkness. We succumbed to wicked desires and tainted intentions. And with every kiss, every touch, I allowed myself to fall deeper. Drowning within the seduction of a killer’s obsession. I was reckless. Blinded by the promises of a man who wanted nothing but me. I should have known better. Guarded my heart more fiercely. After all—nothing good can come from falling for the villain.

The Villain's Captive

Author : J. Bella
Publisher : Bella J.
Release : 2022-02-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9791221305128


Book The Villain's Captive Description/Summary:

I'm the one they all fear. The one they whisper about. A faceless ghost. My hands are coated with the blood of my victims. I've never missed a target, and I always deliver. I'm the Grim Reaper of the Cosa Nostra. Then there's her. The cellist whose music soothes the malignance of my existence. For years I've lurked in the shadows watching her play. Waiting. Anticipating the day I'll come for her. Her innocence tempts me. My blackened heart craves to ruin it, to smother her light with my darkness. She's the nucleus of my obsession... and my next victim.

The Villain's Daughter

Author : Roberta Kray
Publisher : Sphere
Release : 2010-06-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780748116294


Book The Villain's Daughter Description/Summary:

Sean O'Donnell, small-time villain and family man, walked out of his home nineteen years ago and hasn't been heard of since. Now his daughter, Iris, has returned to the East End in the hope of finding him again. But she's not the only one on his trail. The psychotic Street brothers are right on her heels - and they've got good reason to want her father dead. With the help of the mysterious Guy Wilder, Iris slowly begins to unearth the horrors of the past. It isn't long before she comes to realise that some secrets are best left buried...

The Villain's Guide to Better Living

Author : Neil Zawacki
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2012-04-20
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781452116525


Book The Villain's Guide to Better Living Description/Summary:

All those aspiring ne'er-do-wells who cackled all the way to the cash register with the best-selling How to Be a Villain are ready to embrace the finer points of the evil life with The Villain's Guide to Better Living . Within lie the answers to such trying questions as: Home dcor - Gothic? Apocalyptic? Ikea? Friends - Do I have any? Can I make them? Work - Should I be a mad scientist or a corporate bastard? Written by the author of How to Be a Villain, this fiendish lifestyle guide is a must-have for any villain who knows more about programming TiVo than about entertaining with panache.

The Touch of a Villain

Author : Holly Renee
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-03-16
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798722981226


Book The Touch of a Villain Description/Summary:

Young. Wealthy. Elite. Ruthless. The boys of Clermont Bay ruled over this town as if it was their kingdom.And Beck Clermont controlled them all.He was arrogant and conceited, and from the moment I met him, he had made up his mind about me.Dangerously handsome and wickedly cruel, he had no intention of letting me spend my senior year under the radar.The secrets of old money ran deep, and even though I barely knew them, the sins of my family had put a target on my back.He was a hurricane, and I was unprepared for the storm.His touch fatal. His impact irreparable.There was no negotiation.He stole my heart. Without warning, without permission.He was the enemy, but that didn't stop me from falling for The Touch of a Villain.This book is part of a series and is not a standalone.

The Villain Institute

Author : Megan Linski,Alicia Rades,Hidden Legends
Publisher : Crystallite Publishing
Release : 2021-01-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book The Villain Institute Description/Summary:

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORS Megan Linski and Alicia Rades spellbind readers within a paranormal fantasy prison where supernaturals go to the dark side and villains become the heroes. Learn why readers are calling Charlie their next book boyfriend, and Ava a villain to root for! Love is even more dangerous behind bars. Ava-Marie My name is Ava-Marie, and I love living on the dark side. Getting into trouble is kind of my thing, but one night, I take revenge too far. I’m sentenced to a reform school for magical delinquents... though really, it’s a prison. As the only supernatural who can control both fire and water, I’m already a target. To make matters worse, I literally share a soul with Charlie, a sexy inmate from the wrong side of the tracks. Surviving at the Institute is almost as risky as falling in love. But there’s a way out. The Warden is offering a pardon for the team who wins the Darke Games— a sick, twisted competition where more prisoners come out dead than alive. They think I'm the bad guy. I'm about to show them just how much of a villain I can be. Charlie I shouldn’t be at the Institute. I’m in here because of her— the girl who claims to own half my soul. After losing my sight, I grew up as an orphan, banished from magical society. I learned enough on the streets to survive the gangs and fight clubs inside the prison. But nothing could prepare me for the Darke Games. Ava-Marie is my worst enemy, but if we’re going to break out of here, we’ll have to get along. Yet the more I let Ava in, the more I want her. I can’t let my desire for her get in the way of my one chance at escape. Except it already has. There’s a dark power inside of Ava that terrifies me... And none of us will be prepared when it unleashes. ** The Villain Institute is the first book in the Prison for Supernatural Offenders series. A new adult college paranormal enemies-to-lovers dark romance, this supernatural prison ignites fiery passions and secret adventures. "Sass, spells, and smolder fans of the genre will crave... their use of voice is devilishly effective in driving both plot and people." - The BookLife Prize by Publishers Weekly “I was captivated from start to finish and had a very hard time putting this book down. So far it is my fave read of 2021.” - Michelle Titherington VanDaley, Reviewer ★★★★★ “Because both Ava-Marie and Charlie have a disability, this story is really one of a kind… Linski and Rades have a great imagination” - Boekensteeg ★★★★★ “This was 100% action and magic packed-- and a little bit dangerous. Be ready for a non-stop read that deals with drama and hard emotions.” - Smada’s Book Smack ★★★★★ Break out of the Institute and order today! This series takes place in the Hidden Legends Universe, along with the Academy of Magical Creatures series, the University of Sorcery series, and the College of Witchcraft series. The Hidden Legends universe features college-aged protagonists attending magical academies, dual points-of-view, disabled and diverse main characters, and steamy, empowering romances. Each series stands on its own and can be read in any order. This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 18+

Root for the Villain

Author : J-Zone
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2011
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 0615532276


Book Root for the Villain Description/Summary:

"#1 best seller in Norwegian beef patty shops"--Cover.

The Villain Virus

Author : Michael Buckley
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013-10-10
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1484402030


Book The Villain Virus Description/Summary:

Former NERDS teammate Heathcliff Hodges introduces a virus to Arlington, Virginia, home of the NERDS headquarters, and it transforms people into superintelligent criminal masterminds. Flinch is determined to destroy the virus, and in order to do that


Author : Michael Grant
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2018-10-16
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780062467898


Book Villain Description/Summary:

Acclaimed author Michael Grant’s globally bestselling Gone series continues with Villain, where old foes return and new ones rise, with action-packed scenes, gory battles, and plot twists that will leave readers scrambling for more. It’s been four years since the events of GONE. The Perdido Beach dome is down, but the horrors within have spread. The alien virus-infested rock that created the FAYZ is creating monsters—monsters that walk the cities and countryside, terrorizing all. There are tanks in the street and predator drones in the sky, doomed efforts to stop the disintegration of civilization. Into this chaos comes a villain with the power to control anyone with just the sound of his voice. Dillon Poe wanted to be a comedian once . . . but everyone made fun of him. Dillon the loser. Dillon the freak. Now he’s sending thousands to their death. Who’s laughing now? The only people who can stop a superpowered villain are superpowered heroes. Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, and a new mutant with unmatched powers, are all that stand in Dillon’s way. But when the lines begin to blur between hero and villain—some begin to wonder who’s really the monster. Praise for Monster: “Ratchets up the gore and action, and features a diverse cast of characters. An evocative, intricately plotted companion series.” –ALA Booklist Read the entire series: Gone Hunger Lies Plague Fear Light Monster Villain Hero

13 Steps To Evil: How To Craft A Superbad Villain

Author : Sacha Black
Publisher : Atlas Black Publishing
Release : 2022-05-18
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book 13 Steps To Evil: How To Craft A Superbad Villain Description/Summary:

Your hero is not the most important character in your book. Your villain is. Are you fed up of drowning in two-dimensional villains? Frustrated with creating clichés? And failing to get your reader to root for your villain? In 13 Steps to Evil, you’ll discover: + How to develop a villain’s mindset + A step-by-step guide to creating your villain from the ground up + Why getting to the core of a villain’s personality is essential to make them credible + What pitfalls and clichés to avoid as well as the tropes your story needs Finally, there is a comprehensive writing guide to help you create superbad villains. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned writer, this book will help power up your bad guy and give them that extra edge. These lessons will help you master and control your villainous minions, navigate and gain the perfect balance of good and evil, as well as strengthening your villain to give your story the tension and punch it needs. If you like dark humor, learning through examples and want to create the best villains you can, then you’ll love Sacha Black’s guide to crafting superbad villains. Read 13 Steps to Evil today and start creating kick-ass villains.

The Joker: Year of the Villain (2019-) #1

Author : Anthony Burch,John Carpenter
Publisher : DC Comics
Release : 2019-10-09
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN : PKEY:T2015800015001


Book The Joker: Year of the Villain (2019-) #1 Description/Summary:

In the Year of the Villain, what’s a Clown Prince of Crime to do when the world has started to accept doing bad as the only way to live? Out-bad everyone else, of course! The Joker is on a mission to get his mojo back and prove to the world that there is no greater villainy than the kind that leaves you laughing. This special one-shot is co-written by legendary film auteur John Carpenter (The Thing, Halloween) and Anthony Burch (the Borderlands video games), making for a Joker comic that’s twisted in ways you never imagined!

Overcome Your Villains

Author : Heather Monahan
Publisher : HarperCollins Leadership
Release : 2021-11-16
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781400225583


Book Overcome Your Villains Description/Summary:

Whether you’re facing the glass ceiling, a toxic work environment, or anything in between, limit-breaking female founder Heather Monahan’s 3-Step BAK process will help you evaluate and eliminate any outside or self-defeating blockers between where you are now and where you deserve to be. If you’ve ever felt alone, down, defeated, or discouraged—this book’s for you. If you’ve ever been unsure of your next move or felt your confidence slip just when you needed it the most—this book is definitely for you. Author and entrepreneur Heather Monahan will help you learn the easy but remarkable steps you can take to overcome the negative people and other challenges we all encounter at work and at home, find real and lasting happiness, and achieve the success you deserve in your career and in your personal life. Growing up in poverty, Heather leapfrogged the tremendous obstacles in her life to reach the pinnacle of success in business—only to lose it all when she was fired by the villain who was her new boss. She has seen the worst of the worst when it comes to the destruction a toxic workplace can have on someone’s perception of themselves and their outlook for the future. In these pages, she lights the beacon on your path towards stepping into and then stomping out your fear to reach your full potential—regardless of the level of trauma you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing in your workplace. Overcome Your Villains will help you learn: Heather’s 3-Step BAK process to evaluate your situation and identify a clear path forward. How to deal with (or overcome) a toxic environment, whether that be at work, at home, or in your own head. All the options you have to reach your full potential, and how to immediately start pursuing them.

The Illustrated Book of Medicine

Author : Joseph H. Talbet,Margaret S. Pichardo
Publisher : Bookbaby
Release : 2021-05-20
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 109836807X


Book The Illustrated Book of Medicine Description/Summary:

Filled with anatomically correct images, the Illustrated Book of Medicine: Alphabet Anatomy, will take your child on a coloring journey through an anatomy lab and allow them to make easy associations between the letters of the alphabet and different parts of the human body.

Time Villains

Author : Victor Piñeiro
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release : 2021-07-06
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781728230504


Book Time Villains Description/Summary:

Story Thieves meets Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library in this wacky, hilarious, and fast-paced middle-grade series starter, with the perfect combination of magic, imagination, and adventure. Javi Santiago is trying his best not to fail sixth grade. So, when the annual "invite any three people to dinner" homework assignment rolls around, Javi enlists his best friend, Wiki, and his sister, Brady, to help him knock it out of the park. But the dinner party is a lot more than they bargained for. The family's mysterious antique table actually brings the historical guests to the meal...and Blackbeard the Pirate is turning out to be the worst guest of all time. Before they can say "avast, ye maties," Blackbeard escapes, determined to summon his bloodthirsty pirate crew. And as Javi, Wiki, and Brady try to figure out how to get Blackbeard back into his own time, they might have to invite some even zanier figures to set things right again...

And Be a Villain

Author : Rex Stout
Publisher : Crimeline
Release : 2011-02-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307783905


Book And Be a Villain Description/Summary:

Madeline Fraser, radio talk show host extraordinaire, had a natural dread of dead air. So when one of her on-air guests signed off at the mike after drinking a glass of a sponsor’s beverage, it was a broadcaster’s nightmare come true. Enter Nero Wolfe. He agrees to take the case, with his sizable fee contingent on his solving the murder. But to Wolfe’s surprise, everyone connected to the case now lies in unison about it. And as the portly detective soon discovers, the secret worth lying about only hides another worth killing for. Introduction by Maan Meyers “It is always a treat to read a Nero Wolfe mystery. The man has entered our folklore.”—The New York Times Book Review A grand master of the form, Rex Stout is one of America’s greatest mystery writers, and his literary creation Nero Wolfe is one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time. Together, Stout and Wolfe have entertained—and puzzled—millions of mystery fans around the world. Now, with his perambulatory man-about-town, Archie Goodwin, the arrogant, gourmandizing, sedentary sleuth is back in the original seventy-three cases of crime and detection written by the inimitable master himself, Rex Stout.