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The Prettiest Star

Author : Carter Sickels
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1938235622


Book The Prettiest Star Description/Summary:

"Small-town Appalachia doesn't have a lot going for it, but it's where Brian is from, where his family is, and where he's chosen to return to die. At eighteen, Brian, like so many other promising young gay men, arrived in New York City without much more than a love for the freedom and release from his past that it promised. But within six short years, AIDS would claim his lover, his friends, and his future. With nothing left in New York but memories of death, Brian decides to write his mother a letter asking to come back to the place, and family, he was once so desperate to escape. Set in 1986, a year after Rock Hudson's death shifted the public consciousness of the epidemic and brought the news of AIDS into living rooms and kitchens across America, The Prettiest Star is part Dog Years by Mark Doty and part Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. But it is also an urgent story now: it a novel about the politics and fragility of the body; it is a novel about sex and shame. And it is a novel that speaks to the question of what home and family means when we try to forge a life for ourselves in a world that can be harsh and unpredictable. It is written at the far reaches of love and understanding, and zeroes in on the moments where those two forces reach for each other, and sometimes touch"--

The Prettiest Star

Author : Carter Sickels
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-05-25
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1938235835


Book The Prettiest Star Description/Summary:

EW's 50 Most Anticipated Books of 2020 - O Magazine's "31 LGBTQ Books That'll Change the Literary Landscape in 2020" - BookRiot's "Most Anticipated LGBTQ Books of 2020" - Lambda Literary's "Most Anticipated LGBTQ Books of May 2020" - Salon's "Best and boldest new must-read books for May" - BookPage's "19 can't-miss reads from independent publishers" - Garden & Gun's "Best Books of May" - Logo NewNowNext's "11 Queer Books We Can't Wait to Read This Spring" A stunning novel about the bounds of family and redemption, shines light on an overlooked part of the AIDs epidemic when men returned to their rural communities to die, by Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Award-winning author Carter Sickels. Small-town Appalachia doesn't have a lot going for it, but it's where Brian is from, where his family is, and where he's chosen to return to die. Set in 1986, a year after Rock Hudson's death brought the news of AIDS into living rooms and kitchens across America, Lambda Literary award-winning author Carter Sickels's second novel shines light on an overlooked part of the epidemic, those men who returned to the rural communities and families who'd rejected them. Six short years after Brian Jackson moved to New York City in search of freedom and acceptance, AIDS has claimed his lover, his friends, and his future. With nothing left in New York but memories of death, Brian decides to write his mother a letter asking to come back to the place, and family, he was once so desperate to escape. The Prettiest Star is told in a chorus of voices: Brian's mother Sharon; his fourteen-year-old sister, Jess, as she grapples with her brother's mysterious return; and the video diaries Brian makes to document his final summer. This is an urgent story about the politics and fragility of the body, of sex and shame. Above all, Carter Sickels's stunning novel explores the bounds of family and redemption. It is written at the far reaches of love and understanding, centering on the moments where those two forces stretch toward each other and sometimes touch.

The Prettiest Star

Author : Nina Antonia
Publisher : SAF Publishing Ltd
Release : 2005-02
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 0946719721


Book The Prettiest Star Description/Summary:

The biographer of Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls and Peter Perrett turns her attention to the heyday of glam rock. As a timid teenager, Antonia weaves her childhood memories of growing up as a glam-obsessed girl in Liverpool, to the time she actually got to meet her idols—Iggy, Thunders et al. A provocative girl’s eye view of the boys in make-up.

The Prettiest

Author : Brigit Young
Publisher : Roaring Brook Press
Release : 2020-04-14
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781626729223


Book The Prettiest Description/Summary:

The Prettiest is an incisive, empowering novel by Brigit Young about standing up for yourself and those around you. “All middle school girls AND boys (especially boys!) should read this book.” —Alan Gratz, New York Times–bestselling author of Refugee THE PRETTIEST: It’s the last thing Eve Hoffmann expected to be, the only thing Sophie Kane wants to be, and something Nessa Flores-Brady knows she’ll never be . . . until a list appears online, ranking the top fifty prettiest girls in the eighth grade. Eve, ranked number one, can't ignore how everyone is suddenly talking about her looks—and her body. Sophie, always popular and put together, feels lower than ever when she's bullied for being number two. Nessa isn't on the list at all, but she doesn't care. Or does she? Eve, Nessa, and Sophie are determined to get justice—or at least revenge. But as these unlikely vigilantes become fiercely loyal friends, they discover that the real triumph isn't the takedown. It's the power that comes from lifting one another up. A Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2020

We Had No Rules

Author : Corinne Manning
Publisher : arsenal pulp press
Release : 2020-05-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781551528007


Book We Had No Rules Description/Summary:

A young teenager stays a step ahead of her parents’ sexuality-based restrictions by running away and learns a very different set of rules. A woman grieves the loss of a sister, a “gay divorce,” and the pain of unacknowledged abuse with the help of a lone wallaby on a farm in Washington State. A professor of women’s and gender studies revels in academic and sexual power but risks losing custody of the family dog. In Corinne Manning’s stunning debut story collection, a cast of queer characters explore the choice of assimilation over rebellion. In this historical moment that’s hyperaware of and desperate to define even the slowest of continental shifts, when commitment succumbs to the logic of capitalism and nobody knows what to call each other or themselves—Gay? Lesbian? Queer? Partners? Dad?—who are we? And if we don’t know who we are, what exactly can we offer each other? Spanning the years 1992 to 2019, and moving from New York to North Carolina to Seattle, the eleven first-person stories in We Had No Rules feature characters who feel the promise of a radically reimagined world but face complicity instead.

The Prettiest Girl I Ever Killed

Author : Charles Runyon
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2011-12-31
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781440539022


Book The Prettiest Girl I Ever Killed Description/Summary:

Accidents happen, but the town of Sherman seems to have more than its fair share of the fatal kind. Someone falls into a well, another drowns, another is killed by an exploding stove. Curt Friedland comes back to town to clear his brother of murder, convinced there is more to all these deaths than mere coincidence. Enlisting the aid of Velda, whose sister was supposedly murdered by Curt's brother, the two of them gradually begin to attract the attention of a very ingenious killer, a man well versed in the game of Death.

The Evening Hour

Author : Carter Sickels
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Release : 2012-01-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781608195978


Book The Evening Hour Description/Summary:

West Virginia native Cole Freeman, who has avoided a coal-mining job by working as a nursing home aide and reselling unused prescription drugs, finds his life changing when a disastrous threat forces him to confront his fears.

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

Author : Jennie Smith
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2012-07-25
Category : Art
ISBN : 9780811875097


Book The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs Description/Summary:

Contains a collection of art inspired by folk songs, also contains the lyrics of the folk songs.

The Prettiest, Prettiest Princess

Author : Melissa Cudworth
Publisher : Melissa Cudworth
Release : 2018-07-05
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0692143173


Book The Prettiest, Prettiest Princess Description/Summary:

Why pigeon hole the "pretty" in princess to a royal ball gown and tiara? Our little princesses are pretty beyond appearances. "The Prettiest, Prettiest Princess" is a sweet poem that celebrates what makes our little girls special, inside and out. Within 21 brightly illustrated pages, you'll meet six girls are who are uniquely different in their style, but more importantly, you get a peek into their personalities, imagination, and heart.

The Prettiest Daffodil

Author : Beth Winslett Fontenot
Publisher : Elm Hill
Release : 2020-07-23
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781400331413


Book The Prettiest Daffodil Description/Summary:

The Prettiest Daffodil is a delightfully illustrated and charming tale about Daphne Daffodil who learns to love herself just as she is with the help of a deer named Lucky. Daphne is a little yellow daffodil who lives on the edge of a forest surrounded by many other kinds of daffodils. She doesn’t think she is as pretty as the other daffodils with their showy colors and fancy petals. With the help of Daphne’s caring forest friend, Lucky, she learns that all of God’s creations are beautiful, and that God did not create her to compare herself to others. Daphne learns to love herself just the way God made her. The enchanting watercolor illustrations, painted by the author, span the seasons in the life of a daffodil and showcase the many kinds of daffodils beyond the yellow ones that are most familiar. Educational information that describes fun facts about growing daffodils and a botanical diagram is included in the back of the book.

The Prettiest One

Author : James Hankins
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Release : 2015-10-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1477829822


Book The Prettiest One Description/Summary:

When Caitlin Sommers finds herself alone in a deserted parking lot with blood on her clothes and no memory of the past few months, it seems like one of the nightmares that have tormented her for years...but it's all too real. Desperate to learn the truth about where she's been and what has happened to her but terrified of what she may find, Caitlin embarks on a search for answers. Her journey takes her from the safe suburban world she knows to a seedy town she's never heard of, where a terrible truth from her past lies hidden--a truth she can't quite remember yet can't completely forget.

The List

Author : Siobhan Vivian
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2012-04-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780545443234


Book The List Description/Summary:

An intense look at the rules of high school attraction -- and the price that's paid for them. It happens every year. A list is posted, and one girl from each grade is chosen as the prettiest, and another is chosen as the ugliest. Nobody knows who makes the list. It almost doesn't matter. The damage is done the minute it goes up. This is the story of eight girls, freshman to senior, "pretty" and "ugly." And it's also the story of how we see ourselves, and how other people see us, and the tangled connection of the two.

Let's Get Back to the Party

Author : Zak Salih
Publisher : Algonquin Books
Release : 2021-02-16
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781643751146


Book Let's Get Back to the Party Description/Summary:

A Most-Anticipated Book of 2021: BuzzFeed * The Millions * Cosmopolitan * Electric Literature * LGBTQ Reads * Paperback Paris One of Advocate's “22 LGBTQ+ Books You Absolutely Need to Read This Year” “An intimate saga that brims with necessary conversations about cultural identity.”​ —O, The Oprah Magazine, “32 LGBTQ Books That Will Change the Literary Landscape in 2021” It is 2015, weeks after the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, and all Sebastian Mote wants is to settle down. A high school art history teacher, newly single and desperately lonely, he envies his queer students their freedom to live openly the youth he lost to fear and shame. When he runs into his childhood friend Oscar Burnham at a wedding in Washington, D.C., he can’t help but see it as a second chance. Now thirty-five, the men haven’t seen each other in more than a decade. But Oscar has no interest in their shared history, nor in the sense of be­longing Sebastian craves. Instead, he’s outraged by what he sees as the death of gay culture: bars overrun with bachelorette parties, friends cou­pling off and having babies. For Oscar, confor­mity isn’t peace, it’s surrender. While Oscar and Sebastian struggle to find their place in a rapidly changing world, each is drawn into a cross-generational friendship that treads the line between envy and obsession: Se­bastian with one of his students, Oscar with an older icon of the AIDS era. And as they collide again and again, both men must reckon not just with one another but with themselves. Provocative, moving, and rich with sharply drawn characters, Let’s Get Back to the Party in­troduces an exciting and contemporary new talent.

The Comedown

Author : Rebekah Frumkin
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
Release : 2018-04-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250127532


Book The Comedown Description/Summary:

A dazzling epic that follows two very different families in Cleveland across generations, beginning with their patriarchs, who become irrevocably intertwined one fateful night A blistering dark comedy, Rebekah Frumkin's The Comedown is a romp across America, from the Kent State shootings to protest marches in Chicago to the Florida Everglades, that explores delineating lines of race, class, religion, and time. Scrappy, street smart drug dealer Reggie Marshall has never liked the simpering addict Leland Bloom-Mittwoch, which doesn’t stop Leland from looking up to Reggie with puppy-esque devotion. But when a drug deal goes dramatically, tragically wrong and a suitcase (which may or may not contain a quarter of a million dollars) disappears, the two men and their families become hopelessly entangled. It’s a mistake that sets in motion a series of events that are odd, captivating, suspenseful, and ultimately inevitable. Both incendiary and earnest, The Comedown steadfastly catalogs the tangled messes the characters make of their lives, never losing sight of the beauty and power of each family member’s capacity for love, be it for money, drugs, or each other.

When the Stars Lead to You

Author : Ronni Davis
Publisher : Little Brown Young Reader
Release : 2019
Category : Depression, Mental
ISBN : 0316490695


Book When the Stars Lead to You Description/Summary:

After Ashton broke Devon's heart, she focused on preparing for her future as an astrophysicist but Ashton's appearance on the first day of her senior year forces her to revisit their magical summer together.

Survival of the Prettiest

Author : Ashley Olafsen
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016-08
Category : Body image in girls
ISBN : 0692763260


Book Survival of the Prettiest Description/Summary:

Survival of the Prettiest focuses on three main ideas: 1. Current gendered expectations, perpetuated by the media, are having negative real life consequences on kids and teenagers.2. There is an enormous lack of awareness on mental health, which, combined with stigmas, is both dangerous and deadly.3. Our contradictory attitude towards sex, where we don't talk about sex in school or at home yet allow pornography and a sex saturated culture to prevail, is having massive consequences on teenagers.

The Blackwater Lightship

Author : Colm Toibin
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-10-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781501106927


Book The Blackwater Lightship Description/Summary:

It is Ireland in the early 1990s. Helen, her mother Lily, and her grandmother Dora have come together, after a decade of estrangement, to tend to Helen's beloved brother, Declan, who is dying of AIDS. Under the crumbling roof of Dora's old house, Declan's two friends join the women as each waits for the end. The six of them, from different generations and with different beliefs, are forced to plumb the shoals of their own histories and to come to terms with each other. The Blackwater Lightship is a beautifully written, deeply resonant story about three generations of an estranged family reuniting to mourn a tragic, untimely death. In spare, luminous prose, Colm Tóibín explores the nature of love and the complex emotions inside a family at war with itself. His fourth novel is about morals and manners, and the clashes of culture and personality. But most of all, it is a novel about the incomparable capacity of stories to heal the deepest wounds.

Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory, The

Author : Corey White
Publisher : Random House Australia
Release : 2020-08
Category : Comedians
ISBN : 9781760899134


Book Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory, The Description/Summary:

Corey White was a golden child. He knew this because his father would hit his mother and his sisters but not him. And his mother adored him so much she let him drop out of primary school. After losing his father to jail and his mother to heroin, though, he became a target for cruelty and dysfunction in foster homes. A scholarship to a prestigious boarding school lifted him out of foster care and awakened a love of learning and reading for him, but this was soon overwhelmed by a crushing depression and drug addiction. Through it all, he kept thinking - sometimes hoping, sometimes fearing - that he was destined for something bigger. Would he find salvation in the halls of a university, or a poetically grimy crack den, or through love? Or would the golden glow that had been in him since childhood ultimately fade, leaving only darkness and ruin? The Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory is a memoir of trauma and survival that will break your heart and then show you how to rebuild it. It is a powerful, lyrical and darkly funny debut from one of Australia's brightest young comedians. 'Equal parts hilarious and horrifying, Corey's story is one of the most powerful I have ever read.' Wil Anderson 'Look back in anger. Look around in acceptance. Look forward in love. Harrowing, and yet hopeful.' Tim Rogers

The Care and Handling of Roses With Thorns

Author : Margaret Dilloway
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2012-08-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781101588871


Book The Care and Handling of Roses With Thorns Description/Summary:

Winner of the ALA Reading List Award Difficult and obstinate. Thriving under a set of specific and limited conditions. That pretty much describes me. Maybe that’s why I like these roses so much. Roses are Galilee Garner’s passion. An amateur breeder, she painstakingly cross-pollinates her plants to coax out new, better traits, striving to create a perfect strain of her favorite flower, the Hulthemia. Her dream is to win a major rose competition and one day have her version of the bloom sold in the commercial market. Gal carefully calibrates the rest of her time to manage the kidney failure she’s had since childhood, going to dialysis every other night, and teaching high school biology, where she is known for her exacting standards. The routine leaves little room for relationships, and Gal prefers it that way. Her roses never disappoint her the way people have. Then one afternoon, Riley, the teenaged daughter of Gal’s estranged sister, arrives unannounced to live with her, turning Gal’s orderly existence upside down. Suddenly forced to adjust to each other’s worlds, both will discover a resilience they never knew they had and a bond they never knew they needed.