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The Three Days of Wensleydale

Author : William Gideon Michael Jones Barker
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1854
Category : Wensleydale (England)
ISBN : OXFORD:590054977


Book The Three Days of Wensleydale Description/Summary:

The Yorkshire Dales

Author : Joan Ingilby
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1956
Category : Yorkshire (England)
ISBN : UOM:39015030654613


Book The Yorkshire Dales Description/Summary:

Christian Names in Local and Family History

Author : George Redmonds
Publisher : Dundurn
Release : 2004-04-13
Category : Reference
ISBN : 9781554881321


Book Christian Names in Local and Family History Description/Summary:

Surnames have always provided key links in historical research. This groundbreaking new work shows that first names can also be highly significant for those tracing genealogies or studying communities. Standard works on first names have always concentrated on etymology. George Redmonds goes much further: he believes that every name has a precise origin and history of expansion, which can be regional or even local; up to c. 1700 it may even have centred on one family. This text fully explores the implications of this belief for local and family history, and challenges many published assumptions on the historical frequency of first names.

The Pilgrimage of Grace

Author : Geoffrey Moorhouse
Publisher : Phoenix
Release : 2003-07-01
Category : History
ISBN : 1842126660


Book The Pilgrimage of Grace Description/Summary:

During the Pilgrimage of Grace for a short time Henry VIII lost control of the North of England and there was a very real possibility of civil war. Protesting against the king's betrayal of the 'old' religion, his new taxes, and his threat to the rights of landowners, the poor and the powerful united against their king and his henchman Thomas Cromwell, raising an army of 40,000.The leader of the Pilgrimage was the charismatic, heroic figure of Robert Aske, a lawyer. Under his influence and persuasion most of the Northern nobility joined the rebellion and gathered for battle at Doncaster where they would have outnumbered the king's soldiers by 4 to 1. But Aske had an unshakeable belief in justice and fair dealing, which was to prove his undoing. He was persuaded by the king's men to abandon military force and negotiate terms in London. Once there he was arrested, charged with treason and hanged in chains. Another 200 'pilgrims' were executed in the North as a 'fearful spectacle'.

Seven Streams Of The River Ota

Author : Robert Lepage,Eric Bernier
Publisher : A&C Black
Release : 2014-03-10
Category : Drama
ISBN : 9781408148969


Book Seven Streams Of The River Ota Description/Summary:

"Of all Lepage's magic boxes, this is the masterpiece" (Independent on Sunday) Early one August morning in 1945, several kilos of uranium dropped over Japan changed the course of human history. Fifty years later, Hiroshima's vitality is striking: the city where survival itself seemed unimaginable today incarnates the notion of renaissance. Robert Lepage and Ex Machina's The Seven Streams of the River Ota makes Hiroshima a literal and metaphoric site for theatrical journey through the last half-century. In The Seven Streams, Hiroshima is a mirror in which seeming opposites - East and West, tragedy and comedy, male and female, life and death - are revealed as reflections of the same reality.

Cool as a Cucumber

Author : Blanchard Jerrold
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1859
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : UOM:39015063523859


Book Cool as a Cucumber Description/Summary:

Altars Restored

Author : Kenneth Fincham,Nicholas Tyacke
Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand
Release : 2007-11-29
Category : History
ISBN : 9780198207009


Book Altars Restored Description/Summary:

By looking at what happened physically in the local churches, in contrast to the formal enactments of government, and using sources such as churchwardens' accounts and surviving religious artefacts, the book recaptures the experience of the ordinary parishioner in this crucial period of religious change.

Cave Hunting

Author : W Boyd Dawkins
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-04-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798634487472


Book Cave Hunting Description/Summary:

Caves have excited the awe and wonder of mankind in all ages, and have figured largely in many legends and superstitions. In the Roman Mythology, they were the abode of the Sibyls, and of the nymphs, and in Greece they were the places where Pan, Bacchus, Pluto, and the Moon were worshipped, and where the oracles were delivered, as at Delphi, Corinth, and Mount Cithæron; in Persia they were connected with the obscure worship of Mithras. Their names, in many cases, are survivals of the superstitious ideas of antiquity. In France and Germany they are frequently termed "Fairy, Dragons', or Devils' Caves," and, according to M. Desnoyers, they are mentioned in the invocation of certain canonized anchorites, who dwelt in them after having dispossessed and destroyed the dragons and serpents, the pagan superstition appearing in a Christian dress.

The Voices of Morebath

Author : Eamon Duffy
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 2003-08-11
Category : History
ISBN : 9780300175028


Book The Voices of Morebath Description/Summary:

In the fifty years between 1530 and 1580, England moved from being one of the most lavishly Catholic countries in Europe to being a Protestant nation, a land of whitewashed churches and antipapal preaching. What was the impact of this religious change in the countryside? And how did country people feel about the revolutionary upheavals that transformed their mental and material worlds under Henry VIII and his three children? In this book a reformation historian takes us inside the mind and heart of Morebath, a remote and tiny sheep farming village on the southern edge of Exmoor. The bulk of Morebath’s conventional archives have long since vanished. But from 1520 to 1574, through nearly all the drama of the English Reformation, Morebath’s only priest, Sir Christopher Trychay, kept the parish accounts on behalf of the churchwardens. Opinionated, eccentric, and talkative, Sir Christopher filled these vivid scripts for parish meetings with the names and doings of his parishioners. Through his eyes we catch a rare glimpse of the life and pre-Reformation piety of a sixteenth-century English village. The book also offers a unique window into a rural world in crisis as the Reformation progressed. Sir Christopher Trychay’s accounts provide direct evidence of the motives which drove the hitherto law-abiding West-Country communities to participate in the doomed Prayer-Book Rebellion of 1549 culminating in the siege of Exeter that ended in bloody defeat and a wave of executions. Its church bells confiscated and silenced, Morebath shared in the punishment imposed on all the towns and villages of Devon and Cornwall. Sir Christopher documents the changes in the community, reluctantly Protestant and increasingly preoccupied with the secular demands of the Elizabethan state, the equipping of armies, and the payment of taxes. Morebath’s priest, garrulous to the end of his days, describes a rural world irrevocably altered and enables us to hear the voices of his villagers after four hundred years of silence.