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Understanding the NICU

Author : Gary Weiner,Jeanette Zaichkin,David Loren
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016-11-01
ISBN : 1610020480


Book Understanding the NICU Description/Summary:

"Features family stories and guidance"--Cover.

The Littlest Peanut

Author : Shannan Wilson
Publisher : Brown Books
Release : 2011-09-01
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 1612540236


Book The Littlest Peanut Description/Summary:

This is my baby book, special for me. To jot down your thoughts and one day I'll see the challenges and obstacles I overcame with your prayers. This book will be something that one day we will share.

Developmental and Therapeutic Interventions in the NICU

Author : Elsie Vergara,Rosemarie Bigsby
Publisher : Brookes Pub
Release : 2004
Category : Medical
ISBN : UOM:39015056933487


Book Developmental and Therapeutic Interventions in the NICU Description/Summary:

The most comprehensive book available on neonatal intervention, this in-depth resource gives professionals the strong foundation of clinical knowledge they'll need to work with high-risk newborns. With a unique developmental and therapeutic perspective that sets it apart from other texts on the subject, the book is filled with research findings and practical guidelines clinicians will use to promote the well-being of infants in the NICU and to involve and support their families. In-service and preservice professionals will benefit from an exploration of different developmental models for neonatal intervention an overview of medical conditions of newborns and commonly used interventions a synopsis of the functional abilities of premature infants discussion of crucial elements within the NICU environment, including teamwork, equipment, and sources of support detailed guidelines for positioning and feeding a model for family-centered care guidance on assessing behavior and development suggestions for working with infants with prolonged NICU stays tips on easing the transition from hospital to home information on following up with high-risk infants The overviews, learning objectives, and case stories in each chapter make this an ideal textbook for new and future clinicians, and the guidelines for everyday practice make it a reference professionals will use again and again as they work with high-risk infants and their families.

Trauma-Informed Care in the NICU

Author : Mary Coughlin, RN, MS, NNP
Publisher : Springer Publishing Company
Release : 2016-08-28
Category : Medical
ISBN : 0826131964


Book Trauma-Informed Care in the NICU Description/Summary:

This innovative book for Neonatal Nurses and NICU clinicians provides evidence-based clinical guidelines proven to mitigate and reduce the often profound trauma experience and subsequent developmental challenges for vulnerable hospitalized infants and their families. Each in-depth guideline includes the latest scientific research explaining the clinical rationale for the recommended practices, associated short-term and long-term outcomes, and implementation strategies to support practice improvement. The text reflects a trend —the provision of trauma-informed care in the neonatal intensive care unit--that has recently gained increasing momentum. With endorsements by respected transdisciplinary neonatal clinicians, it provides guidelines that encompass the five core measures for age-appropriate care, including the Healing Environment, Pain and Stress, Protected Sleep, Activities for Daily Living, Age-Appropriate Infant Guided Feeding, and Family-Integrated Care. The book also features downloadable sample competencies and parent teaching guides, along with additional eLearning modules with Nursing CE. A self-assessment checklist and teaching sheets, sample competencies, and sample algorithms add to the book’s utility. Key Features: Provides clinically relevant, evidence-based practice guidelines for minimizing trauma in neonates Encompasses the five core measures for age-appropriate care Includes proven implementation strategies to facilitate practice transformation Offers downloadable sample competencies and parent teaching guides and eLearning modules with Nursing CE Reviewed and endorsed by transdisciplinary neonatal clinicians [EN1] Not sure I like this word – maybe a development, awareness, etc.?

Treatment of Psychological Distress in Parents of Premature Infants

Author : Richard J. Shaw, M.D.,Sarah Horwitz, Ph.D.
Publisher : American Psychiatric Pub
Release : 2020-10-07
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781615373208


Book Treatment of Psychological Distress in Parents of Premature Infants Description/Summary:

This volume delves into recent findings on the psychological effects of premature birth on parents. Individual chapters focus on maternal psychological distress as well as the commonly neglected issues that affect fathers. Uniquely, this book outlines a comprehensive programmatic approach to psychological consultation in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), describing how to leverage common interventions, including trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, in innovative ways to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care

Author : Carole Kenner,Judy Lott
Publisher : Springer Publishing Company
Release : 2013-08-21
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780826109750


Book Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care Description/Summary:


Coming Home from the NICU

Author : Kathleen A. VandenBerg,Marci J. Hanson
Publisher : Brookes Pub
Release : 2012-11-01
Category : Medical
ISBN : 1598570196


Book Coming Home from the NICU Description/Summary:

Support the transition from NICU to home with this accessible book, the complete guide to helping parents meet their baby's special needs, develop strong parent-child bonds, and ensure optimal development in the first year after homecoming.

My Preemie Baby Book

Author : Kristin Moan,Eric Moan
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-06-19
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1634890701


Book My Preemie Baby Book Description/Summary:

Intensive Parenting

Author : Deborah Davis,Maria Tesler Stein
Publisher : Fulcrum Publishing
Release : 2016-05-25
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9781555917685


Book Intensive Parenting Description/Summary:

Parenthood transforms you. Even before this crisis, you may have experienced a wide range of feelings triggered by pregnancy, birth, and welcoming a new baby. The NICU experience challenges your emotional coping, your developing parental identity, your relationship skills, and your ability to adjust.Intensive Parenting explores the emotions of parenting in the neonatal intensive care unit, from in-hospital through issues and concerns after the child is home. Deboral L. Davis and Mara Tesler Stein describe and affirm the wide range of experiences and emotional reactions that occur in the NICU and offer strategies for parents coping with their baby's condition and hospitalization.

Care Coordination in the NICU

Author : Sara L. Mosher, RN, MSN, MHA
Publisher : Springer Publishing Company
Release : 2018-08-28
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780826140128


Book Care Coordination in the NICU Description/Summary:

Focuses on nurturing the emotional health of patients and families to ensure improved outcomes This innovative clinical practice resource for neonatal nurses embodies family-centered care strategies for optimal outcomes through every phase of the NICU experience. While rigorous programs provide the knowledge and skills to care for the physical needs of high-risk mothers and neonates, NICU practitioners often find themselves unprepared to support the emotional health of these patients and their families. Care Coordination in the NICU provides the education, inspiration, and resources to NICU health professionals so they can learn how to be emotionally supportive to their patient’s entire family unit. The book addresses a variety of challenging patient and family issues that occur in the NICU as they relate to care coordination throughout the process. Each chapter focuses on a particular area of the perinatal/neonatal family journey, and includes current medical research, clinical examples, and recommendations for best practice alongside case studies that depict families experiencing a perinatal challenge. Most valuable of all, each chapter also includes stories directly from the source, the families, who have experienced the fear, isolation, and uncertainly of an NICU experience, and have greatly benefited from the emotional support of caring practitioners. Key Features: Examines the gamut of challenging patient and family issues that occur in the NICU as they relate to care coordination throughout the process Helps practitioners to incorporate family-centered care into their daily practices Discusses effective listening and communication strategies for families in crisis Includes examples of practice improvement strategies to improve clinical outcome and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization Provides a Case-Based Learning section depicting real-world scenarios for discussion and problem-solving Includes links to abundant resources and educational material Contains chapters on palliative care and bereavement and supporting patients with special challenges.

Our New Baby is in the NICU

Author : Lindsey Coker Luckey
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-07-06
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1733289917


Book Our New Baby is in the NICU Description/Summary:

A child is experiencing his new sibling being born prematurely and placed in the NICU.

Waiting for Baby

Author : Jennifer Bracci
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2012-02-01
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781452545493


Book Waiting for Baby Description/Summary:

Visiting a neonatal intensive care unit can be an overwhelming experience, especially for a young child during sibling visitation. The sibling will see monitoring equipment, breathing machines, intravenous pumps and incubators. They will hear alarms ringing and sometimes babies crying. Preparing children for the NICU environment is crucial so they are not as fearful and can focus on bonding with their new sibling.

Preemies - Second Edition

Author : Dana Wechsler Linden,Emma Trenti Paroli,Mia Wechsler Doron
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2013-02-05
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781476735559


Book Preemies - Second Edition Description/Summary:

The comprehensive “Dr. Spock”-like reference that is both reassuring and realistic—now updated to reflect the many advances in neonatology. Preemies, Second Edition is the only parents’ reference resource of its kind—delivering up-to-the-minute information on medical care in a warm, caring, and engaging voice. Authors Dana Wechsler Linden and Emma Trenti Paroli are parents who have “been there.” Together with neonatologist Mia Wechsler Doron, they answer the dozens of questions that parents will have at every stage—from high-risk pregnancy through preemie hospitalization, to homecoming and the preschool years—imparting a vast, detailed store of knowledge in clear language that all readers can understand. Preemies, Second Edition covers topics related to premature birth, including: What are your risk factors for having a premature baby? Can you do something to delay early labor? What do doctors know about you baby’s outlook during her first minutes and days of life? How will your preemie’s progress be monitored? How do you cope with a long hospitalization? Are there special preparations for you baby’s homecoming? What kind of stimulation during the first year gives your baby the best chance? Will your preemie grow up healthy? Normal?

Religion and Ethics in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author : Ronald M. Green,George A. Little
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Release : 2019
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780190636852


Book Religion and Ethics in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Description/Summary:

Each year, neonatal Intensive care units (NICUs) in the U.S. and around the world help thousands of sick or premature newborns survive. NICUs are committed to the ideals of family-centered care, which encourages shared decision-making between parents and NICU caregivers. In cases of infants with conditions marked by high mortality, morbidity, or great suffering, family-centered care affirms the right of parents to assist in making decisions regarding aggressive treatment for their infant. Often, these parents' difficult and intimate decisions are shaped profoundly by their religious beliefs. In light of this, what precisely are the teachings of the major world religious traditions about the status and care of the premature or sick newborn? Few studies have grappled with what major religious traditions teach about the care of the newborn or how these teachings may bear on parents' decisions. This volume seeks to fill this gap, providing information on religious teachings about the newborn to the multidisciplinary teams of NICU professionals (neonatologists, advance practice nurses, social workers), as well as to parents of NICU patients, and students of bioethics. In chapters dealing with Judaism, Catholicism, Denominational Protestantism, Evangelical Protestantism, African American Protestantism, Sunni and Shi'a Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Navajo religion, and Seventh Day Adventism, leading scholars develop the teachings of these traditions on the status, treatment, and ritual accompaniments of care of the premature or sick newborn. This is an essential book that will serve as a first resort for clinicians who need to understand the religious dynamics influencing anyone making a difficult decision about her sick newborn.

Small But Mighty

Author : Alyssa Veech
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-11-26
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0578415550


Book Small But Mighty Description/Summary:

Small But Mighty is a beautifully illustrated inspirational book for mothers who wish to read to their premature baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Preemies often spend several months in the NICU, making bonding between mother and baby challenging. Reading to preemies also promotes literacy and reading comprehension as adolescents.

Preterm Birth

Author : Institute of Medicine,Board on Health Sciences Policy,Committee on Understanding Premature Birth and Assuring Healthy Outcomes
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release : 2007-05-23
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780309101592


Book Preterm Birth Description/Summary:

The increasing prevalence of preterm birth in the United States is a complex public health problem that requires multifaceted solutions. Preterm birth is a cluster of problems with a set of overlapping factors of influence. Its causes may include individual-level behavioral and psychosocial factors, sociodemographic and neighborhood characteristics, environmental exposure, medical conditions, infertility treatments, and biological factors. Many of these factors co-occur, particularly in those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged or who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups. While advances in perinatal and neonatal care have improved survival for preterm infants, those infants who do survive have a greater risk than infants born at term for developmental disabilities, health problems, and poor growth. The birth of a preterm infant can also bring considerable emotional and economic costs to families and have implications for public-sector services, such as health insurance, educational, and other social support systems. Preterm Birth assesses the problem with respect to both its causes and outcomes. This book addresses the need for research involving clinical, basic, behavioral, and social science disciplines. By defining and addressing the health and economic consequences of premature birth, this book will be of particular interest to health care professionals, public health officials, policy makers, professional associations and clinical, basic, behavioral, and social science researchers.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Author : Glenys Boxwell (Connolly)
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2010-04-29
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781135154608


Book Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Description/Summary:

Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition of Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing is a comprehensive, evidence-based text for nurses and midwives caring for sick newborn babies. Written by and for nurses, it concentrates on the common problems occurring within the neonatal intensive care unit. This user-friendly text will enable nurses to recognise, rationalise and remedy these problems using both a multi-systems and an evidence-based approach. Individual chapters include: Professional Development • Developmentally-focused Nursing Care • Resuscitation of the Newborn • Management of Thermal Stability • Management of Respiratory Disorders • Cardiovascular Management • Brain Injury in the Preterm Infant • Haematological Problems • Pain Management • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance • Nutritional management • Neonatal Infection • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures • Neonatal Anaesthesia • Surgical Aspects of Neonatal Intensive Care • Neonatal Transport • Family Support • Ethics and Neonatal Nursing • Medication in the Newborn • Death and Dying in the Neonatal Unit It is essential reading for experienced nurses and midwives caring for sick newborn babies within the neonatal intensive care unit, for nurses undertaking qualifications in the specialism of neonatal nursing and for pre-registration students undertaking relevant modules or placements.

Small But Mighty NICU Journal

Author : Baby Valor
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-03-06
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798622232381


Book Small But Mighty NICU Journal Description/Summary:

This GOREGOUS NICU journal makes the perfect gift for preemie moms! Every NICU journey is unique. With space for 90 days of documenting and journaling, this NICU diary is easily adapted to your situation. Beginning with a visitor guestbook to log those who are able (and allowed) to visit, this journal continues on to gorgeous spreads. One side of each spread has a beautiful layout with room for tracking the gestational age, weight, and how many days your baby has been in the NICU as well as a list to check-mark things that were done that day and space to track feedings, medical stats, tests, or other laboratory results. The other side of each spread has a journaling section giving flexibility to tailor this page to your own situation. Document highs/lows or a prayer for the day. Write down your worries, fears, or goals for your babies. This side of each spread ends with a space to jot down questions to ask and a place to focus on gratitude for the day to keep your spirits up. With a unisex, Scandinavian theme, this minimalist and modern design works for boys or girls and can be modified to almost any situation. Beautiful hand drawn graphics adorn each page with a mountain and forest theme. Perfectly sized at 7x10, it is a good sized journal but still fits in a bag or purse as needed. FEATURES Premium Matte Soft Cover Printed on Bright White Interior Stock Convenient 7"" x 10"" Size 186 Pages (93 pages front/back) Designed By A 3x NICU Mama In The U.S.A.