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The Marriage Code

Author : Brooke Burroughs
Publisher : Montlake Romance
Release : 2021-01-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542025079


Book The Marriage Code Description/Summary:

In Brooke Burroughs's endearing debut novel set in vibrant India, enemies turned allies encounter obstacles in an unexpected multicultural romance only to discover that in the end, love is love. Emma has always lived her life according to a plan. But after turning down her boyfriend's proposal, everything starts to crumble. In an effort to save the one thing she cares about--her job--she must recruit her colleague, Rishi, to be on her development team...only she may or may not have received the position he was promised. (She did.) Rishi cannot believe that he got passed over for promotion. To make matters worse, not only does his job require him to return home to Bangalore with his nemesis, Emma, but his parents now expect him to choose a bride and get married. So, when Emma makes him an offer--join her team, and she'll write an algorithm to find him the perfect bride--he reluctantly accepts. Neither of them expect her marriage code to work so well--or to fall for one another--which leads Emma and Rishi to wonder if leaving fate up to formulas is really an equation for lasting love.

God's Marriage Code of Conduct

Author : Joy Callahan
Publisher : Charisma Media
Release : 2012-03-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781616389000


Book God's Marriage Code of Conduct Description/Summary:

DIV For unhappy marriages or for married couples who act more as roommates than husband and wife, God’s Marriage Code of Conduct can help hurting couples overcome the loneliness and trials within their marriage. /div

Marriage by Law

Author : Pockett
Publisher : Blvnp Incorporated
Release : 2016-10-05
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1680307592


Book Marriage by Law Description/Summary:

"Marrying a total stranger? I'd rather eat seafood for the rest of my life." What happens when two complete strangers are thrown into an arranged marriage they don't want? All hell breaks loose. Ivory Hiddleberg, born to a long line of entrepreneurs, is in a sticky situation. As the first girl born in the family for over five generations, she was expected to do one thing: to marry into the influential Quartz family. To honour an age-old deal made by her great-great grandfather, she was set to marry Darius Quartz, CEO of a multi-billionaire company. Deadly handsome but cold as ice, she knew he could never give her the happiness she deserves. But with parents hell-bent on making the deal a reality in hopes of preventing competition between their businesses, they couldn't do anything. So marry him she did. Six months later, Ivory finds herself bored to death. With her stranger of a husband gone for business training abroad, nothing much has changed. That is, until Darius returns. Add Ivory's cheating ex-boyfriend, her hilariously loyal best friend, and Darius' insane cousin to the picture, and her life just becomes more interesting than attending her French lessons. Will she come through? Will they ever learn to accept their relationship? Will love come after marriage? Grab this funny, romantic novel full of fun, joy, insanity, and most of all, love. Get your copy now.

Minimizing Marriage

Author : Elizabeth Brake
Publisher : OUP USA
Release : 2012-03-15
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9780199774135


Book Minimizing Marriage Description/Summary:

This book addresses fundamental questions about marriage in moral and political philosophy. It examines promise, commitment, care, and contract to argue that marriage is not morally transformative. It argues that marriage discriminates against other forms of caring relationships and that, legally, restrictions on entry should be minimized.

Marriage Law and Practice in the Long Eighteenth Century

Author : Rebecca Probert
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2009-07-02
Category : History
ISBN : 9781139479769


Book Marriage Law and Practice in the Long Eighteenth Century Description/Summary:

This book uses a wide range of primary sources - legal, literary and demographic - to provide a radical reassessment of eighteenth-century marriage. It disproves the widespread assumption that couples married simply by exchanging consent, demonstrating that such exchanges were regarded merely as contracts to marry and that marriage in church was almost universal outside London. It shows how the Clandestine Marriages Act of 1753 was primarily intended to prevent clergymen operating out of London's Fleet prison from conducting marriages, and that it was successful in so doing. It also refutes the idea that the 1753 Act was harsh or strictly interpreted, illustrating the courts' pragmatic approach. Finally, it establishes that only a few non-Anglicans married according to their own rites before the Act; while afterwards most - save the exempted Quakers and Jews - similarly married in church. In short, eighteenth-century couples complied with whatever the law required for a valid marriage.

The Marriage Code

Author : Bill Farrel,Pam Farrel
Publisher : Harvest House Pub
Release : 2009
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0736916415


Book The Marriage Code Description/Summary:

Why is it so hard for married couples to get in sync with each other? How is it that one's mate can be a source of joy and of frustration all on the same day? Marriages operate by a code--a collection of key words, actions, insights, and attitudes that determine how a couple's relationship works. When that code is uncovered, love grows and flourishes. If that code remains a mystery, love gets buried behind misunderstandings and irritations. Bill and Pam Farrel, authors of the bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti (more than 180,000 copies sold), offer biblical and practical insight into this code that God has programmed into His unique design for each married couple. Laced with the Farrels' trademark humor, The Marriage Code is packed with ideas for creative code-breaking so couples can connect at a richer, deeper level, enabling them to discover: the real enemy of love the pace that will energize their relationship the plan that will get their lives in sync the keys to creating great interactions the clues for discovering a satisfying sex life The Marriage Code is for every couple who wants to know just how good their relationship can be. As both partners grow in relationship with God and rely on the Spirit for insights into the heart of their mate, they can replace their old, selfish codes with a new one that leads to greater intimacy in every area of life.

The Marriage Game

Author : Sara Desai
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2020-06-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780593100578


Book The Marriage Game Description/Summary:

“This novel has all the funny banter and sexy feels you could want in a romantic comedy.”–NPR A high stakes wager pits an aspiring entrepreneur against a ruthless CEO in this sexy romantic comedy. After her life falls apart, recruitment consultant Layla Patel returns home to her family in San Francisco. But in the eyes of her father, who runs a Michelin starred restaurant, she can do no wrong. He would do anything to see her smile again. With the best intentions in mind, he offers her the office upstairs to start her new business and creates a profile on an online dating site to find her a man. She doesn’t know he’s arranged a series of blind dates until the first one comes knocking on her door… As CEO of a corporate downsizing company Sam Mehta is more used to conflict than calm. In search of a quiet new office, he finds the perfect space above a cozy Indian restaurant that smells like home. But when communication goes awry, he's forced to share his space with the owner's beautiful yet infuriating daughter Layla, her crazy family, and a parade of hopeful suitors, all of whom threaten to disrupt his carefully ordered life. As they face off in close quarters, the sarcasm and sparks fly. But when the battle for the office becomes a battle of the heart, Sam and Layla have to decide if this is love or just a game.

California Marriage Law

Author : Ed Sherman,Susan Cameron
Publisher : Nolo PressOccidental
Release : 2001
Category : Law
ISBN : UCSC:32106016344514


Book California Marriage Law Description/Summary:

Completely updated to cover recent legal changes, this latest edition includes explanations of California’s marriage laws, sample prenuptial and marriage contracts, and advice on the legal rights of unmarried couples.

A Marriage Proposal

Author : Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Publisher : Samuel French, Inc.
Release : 1942
Category : Marriage
ISBN : 057362898X


Book A Marriage Proposal Description/Summary:

The story tells of the efforts of a nervous and excitable man who starts to propose to an attractive young woman, but who gets into a tremendous quarrel over a boundary line.

Marriage Proposals

Author : Anita Bernstein
Publisher : NYU Press
Release : 2008-12-01
Category : Law
ISBN : 9780814739402


Book Marriage Proposals Description/Summary:

The essays in Marriage Proposals envision a variety of scenarios in which adults would continue to join themselves together seeking permanent companionship and sustenance, linking sexual intimacy to a long commitment, usually caring for each other, and building new families. What would disappear are the legal consequences associated with marriage. No joint income tax return; no immigration privileges like the “fiancée visa” or the right to bring in a husband or wife; no special statuses for prison visits or hospital decisions; no prerogative to remain silent in court by claiming “confidential marital communications”; no pension entitlements; no marital benefits and detriments regarding criminal or civil liability. The anthology makes a unique contribution amid the two marriage furors of the day: same-sex marriage and the Bush Administration's “marriage movement” (that marrying is good and more marriages would be better for society). Abolishing the legal category of marriage is the only policy suggestion in current American discourse that speaks to both causes. Activists on both sides of the same-sex marriage fight, along with marriage movement partisans, all seek improvement through law reform. Marriage Proposals gives them a viable reform—abolition of marriage as a legal status—for fighting battles in the courtroom and the streets. Contributors include Anita Bernstein, Peggy Cooper Davis, Martha Albertson Fineman, Linda C. McClain, Marshall Miller, Lawrence Rosen, Mary Lyndon Shanley, and Dorian Solot.

Conjugal Misconduct

Author : William Kuby
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2018-03
Category : History
ISBN : 9781107160262


Book Conjugal Misconduct Description/Summary:

Examines the experiences of couples in controversial unions and the legal and cultural backlash against contested marital arrangements in twentieth-century America. Will appeal to readers studying marriage law, gender, sexuality, class, and race in the US and those seeking historical insight into the recent debates over the definition of marriage.

Common Law Marriage

Author : Goran Lind
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2008-09-02
Category : Law
ISBN : 9780199710539


Book Common Law Marriage Description/Summary:

The extraordinary recent increase in rates of cohabitation and non-marital birth presents a major challenge to traditional family law principles, and the legal rules governing cohabitation are thus among the most hotly contested areas of family law and policy today. In many nations, courts, legislatures, and law-reform bodies are "reinventing" common law marriage, seemingly without any sense of its history, doctrinal development, or limitations. The current law surrounding common law marriage is extremely complex. Professor Göran Lind has undertaken the demanding task of writing the most well-researched text on this topic to date. Separated into three Parts, Common Law Marriage covers the origins of the doctrine, its legal aspects in modern America, and the future of cohabitation law across the globe and in the 11 American jurisdictions that currently recognize common law marriage. It provides a cultural and historical history of the subject, from Ancient Roman Law to Medieval Canon Law, and analyzes over 2,000 American cases which have utilized the doctrine. This timely book is an excellent resource for scholars, legislators, and policymakers who are interested in the complex legalities of common law marriage.

Marriage Mentor

Author : Israel Joseph
Publisher : Independently Published
Release : 2020-09-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798680957332


Book Marriage Mentor Description/Summary:

Traumatized! Devastated!! Shattered!!!"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" This is the condition of about 70 to 85 percent of today's marriages. Non-romantic, boring, hostile, manipulative, exploitative and tiresome; almost rendering the institution and its members unworthy of the names 'marriage' and 'couples' they bear. This situation is heart-rending, pathetic and 'annoying'. Do not just take my word for it. You too can take some time and carry out a little survey of your own in your community.If you're sincerely hunting for a good material to set your marriage alive and ablaze, through the power of the Holy Ghost and fire, grasp this piece and you'll watch you marriage burning with genuine love and affection. You'll definitely begin to see outstanding changes in your situations and circumstances in record time, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

10 Code Marriage

Author : Rachel Allerdings,Lance Allerdings
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-06-02
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1950385973


Book 10 Code Marriage Description/Summary:

How to Kill a Marriage

Author : Laurie Best
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-04-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1545330719


Book How to Kill a Marriage Description/Summary:

Every marriage is different and every couple is sure to undergo their own set of hardships, and joyful moments. Conflict however is a widespread antagonist that will seep into every marriage and relationship like unwanted sea water seeps into a boat. How to Kill a Marriage is a unique true story, that uncovers the raw authentic struggles of marriage, and relationships. You will feel like a fly on the wall as the author vividly depicts real conflict and imperfect resolution. This book will engage your emotions and make you reconsider your ideas about unconditional love, relationships, and break ups. There is a thin line between love and hate and a parallel twisted comparison between a marriage ending and a murder. This story uses comparative literature to help paint the picture of how we all have the ability within us to gruesomely murder the purest forms of love.

The Canon Law of Marriage and the Family

Author : John McAreavey
Publisher : Four Courts PressLtd
Release : 1997
Category : History
ISBN : 1851823565


Book The Canon Law of Marriage and the Family Description/Summary:

This work has three parts: the first deals with the substantive law on marriage; the second deals with procedures, such as nullity procedures and procedures for the dissolution of marriage; the final part deals with issues of family. The author is the bishop of Dromore.

Love Warriors

Author : Davina Kotulski
Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
Release : 2010-09-23
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 1453639713


Book Love Warriors Description/Summary:

Love Warriors is a comprehensive reader on the same-sex marriage movement, outlining the rights, benefits and protections marriage provides and the real-life harm caused by marriage discrimination. Kotulski affirms that advancing equality for LGBT people is part of the American legacy of expanding human rights and upholding cherished values. Love Warriors is perfect for veteran supporters and those still on the fence. "Love Warriors illustrates how society is best served when all loving couples who want to settle down are all able to do so through the civil institution of marriage." -Mark Leno, California Leader "Love Warriors is powerful and educates us to see our common humanity. Equality in marriage is a human rights issue. Read this book and get engaged for justice!" -Dolores Huerta, Civil Rights Leader and Co-Founder of the United Farm Workers "Evolve toward a more enlightened understanding of marriage equality." -Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., author, The Conscious Parent "A must-read for anyone concerned about equality and justice. If you aren't a Love Warrior before reading this book, you will be when you're done." -Ed Fallon, Former Iowa State Represenative "If you want your opinions about the most important social issue of our time based on reason and facts this book is your MUST READ." -Don Clark, Ph.D. author, Loving Someone Gay

Runaway Bride

Author : Megan Kelly
Publisher : Mk Books
Release : 2016-12-06
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0988601761


Book Runaway Bride Description/Summary:

A RUNAWAY BRIDE Grace Marshall fled the church moments before her ceremony, leaving her twin sister buttoned into the wedding dress. A risky move for a good reason, and now she has to deal with the fallout. She expects the town and her family to be angry, but not this cowboy she just met. Who is he to judge? WITH SECRETS TO HIDE Horse trainer Mike Torres Thompson fabricated new identities for his siblings in order to keep them together after their parents died. Different location, different names, different lives. Once these last two kids are on their feet-and those feet moving out his door, he can pursue his own dream of a ranch for abused horses. Then he meets Grace, and all his carefully-formed plans run away like a mustang. Or a bride. Neither denies their physical attraction, but love? Can the runaway bride and the responsible family man overcome their pasts and learn to trust? Will they be able to take a leap of faith toward a future together? ---------------------------------------------- Author's note: While this is the second book in the series, it can be read at any time as a stand alone. I hope you enjoy them all, in whatever order you read them. WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING ABOUT MEGAN'S BOOKS: THE WEDDING RESCUE, Love in Little Tree Book 1 4 Stars (at the Long and Short Reviews site; 3 stars on Amazon), Long and Short Reviews The Wedding Rescue is a full bodied romance filled with a lot of emotional layers. There's gentle humor, characters that are genuinely likeable, and a few that are not, with good reason. It's a well told romance story that takes the time to explore all the nuances of ranch and community life and shares with a reader all its charm and quirks. 4 Stars, Jeep Diva reviews a slow burn type of romance ... you need to read this one! STAND-IN MOM 4 1/2 Stars, Romantic Times Book Reviews a -charming romance- and -a runaway good read.- 4 1/2 Books from Long and Short Reviews -rich in emotional detail- Voted Book of the Week at LASR Readers 4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance -This is a book you will be glad you took the time to read.- THE MARRIAGE SOLUTION 4 Stars, Romantic Times Book Reviews -a sweet story of love and parenting.- MARRYING THE BOSS 2008 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Nominee Best First Book

The Name Curse

Author : Brooke Burroughs
Publisher : Montlake Romance
Release : 2021-08-31
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542029325


Book The Name Curse Description/Summary:

In this flirty wilderness adventure by the author of The Marriage Code, two hikers who drive each other crazy discover they might have a lot to learn from one another about navigating life, love, and living up to family expectations. Ever since her father died, Bernie's life has been stagnant. When concerned friends and family suggest she join a hike through Alaska to gain new perspective, Bernie reluctantly agrees to go, even though she's never been the adventurous type, unlike her namesake, Great-Aunt Bernice. Matthew is a struggling screenwriter who needs a week off the grid to gain some inspiration for a new project and to process the reappearance of his absent father. When the two meet at the trailhead, it's annoyance at first sight. He's dismayed to discover that he'll have to share a tent with Bernie, who doesn't know the first thing about camping, while she finds he's a little too into "roughing it" to be a reasonable human being. But as they're forced to hike through the wilderness together, their relationship becomes a surprising source of empathy and inspiration...and maybe other feelings too. Can the two adversaries find the path to breaking the curse of family expectations--and each other?

The Marriage Act

Author : Liza Monroy
Publisher : Soft Skull
Release : 2014-02-11
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1593765363


Book The Marriage Act Description/Summary:

After her traditional engagement to her high school sweetheart falls apart, Liza Monroy faced the prospect of another devastating loss: the deportation of her best friend Emir. Desperate to stay in America, Emir tried every legal recourse to obtain a green card knowing that his return to the Middle East—where gay men are often beaten and sometimes killed—was too dangerous. So Liza proposes to Emir in efforts to keep him safe and by her side. After a fast wedding in Las Vegas, the couple faces new adventures and obstacles in both L.A. and New York City as they dodge the INS. Their relationship is compounded further by the fact that Liza’s mother works for the State Department preventing immigration fraud. Through it all, Liza and Emir must contend with professional ambition, adversity, and heartbreak and eventually learn the true lessons of companionship and devotion. This marriage that was not a marriage, in the end, really was. The Marriage Act is a timely and topical look at the changing face of marriage in America and speaks to the emergent generation forming bonds outside of tradition—and sometimes even outside the law.