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The Look-Alike

Author : Erica Spindler
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2020-01-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250083685


Book The Look-Alike Description/Summary:

From Erica Spindler, the New York Times bestselling author of The Other Girl and Justice for Sara comes The Look-Alike, a thrilling psychological drama about a woman who believes she escaped a brutal murder years ago—but does anyone else believe her? Sienna Scott grew up in the dark shadow of her mother’s paranoid delusions. Now, she's returned home to confront her past and the unsolved murder that altered the course of her life. In her mother’s shuttered house, an old fear that has haunted Sienna for years rears its ugly head—that it was she who had been the killer’s target that night. And now, with it, a new fear—that the killer not only intended to remedy his past mistake—he’s already begun. But are these fears any different from the ones that torment her mother? As the walls close in, the line between truth and lie, reality and delusion disintegrate. Has Sienna’s worst nightmare come true? Or will she unmask a killer and finally prove she may be her mother’s look-alike, but she’s not her clone?

Look-alike Animals

Author : Robin Bernard
Publisher : Scholastic Incorporated
Release : 1994
Category : Animals
ISBN : 0590273884


Book Look-alike Animals Description/Summary:

Explains the differences between such animal look-alikes as cheetahs and leopards, frogs and toads, crocodiles and alligators, seals and sea lions, and rabbits and hares.

The Look-alike Girl

Author : Carol Beach York
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1980-01-01
Category : Friendship
ISBN : 0825300169


Book The Look-alike Girl Description/Summary:

Two teenage girls promote the friendship between a lonely wealthy widow and an eight-year-old who resembles the woman's dead daughter.

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Author : Gini G Scott
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2007-07-19
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781462048359


Book Do You Look Like Your Dog? Description/Summary:

Have you ever noticed how many people look like their dog? Have you spotted these look-alikes on the street, in the park, or at a family picnic? Have you been to a dog and owner look-alike contest at a local fair? Now you can see examples of this phenomenon in DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG?, a book which features 100 look-alike owners and dogs. The photos comes from the popular Website, which gets thousands of hits a day, and the book features about 50 photos sent in by owners from all over the world and the rest taken by author Gini Graham Scott at dog shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. The book has even become a game introduced by Briarpatch and a song featured on YouTube, MySpace, and other sites. The dogs range from toy Poms and Miniature Pinschers to Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Irish Wolfhounds, Siberian Huskies, and many more. The book also includes a brief introduction about how the hundreds of breeds developed and the reason that many people do resemble like their dog in many ways, from their hair style and hair color to their body build, personality, and dress. So see if you can find your favorite dog-owner look-alike and enjoy.

Who Do I Look Like?

Author : Julie K. Lundgren
Publisher : Britannica Digital Learning
Release : 2013-03-01
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781615358748


Book Who Do I Look Like? Description/Summary:

Emergent readers learn how some offspring look similar to their parents while others do not.

Word Traps

Author : Jordan L. Linfield,Joe Kay,Joseph Krevisky
Publisher : Free Press
Release : 1993
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : STANFORD:36105008702941


Book Word Traps Description/Summary:

Defines pairs of words often confused for one another, from abject and object to yoke and yolk

Justice for Sara

Author : Erica Spindler
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2013-08-06
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250012531


Book Justice for Sara Description/Summary:

When seventeen-year-old Katherine McCall awakened one morning to find her beloved sister, Sara, brutally murdered, her whole life changed in the blink of an eye. Kat was named the prime suspect and, on a string of circumstantial evidence, charged and tried. While the jury found her innocent, not everyone else agreed, and her only choice was to go into hiding. But she carried a dark secret with her, one that made her worry she might actually have had something to do with Sara's death . . . Now, years later, Kat is still haunted by her sister's unsolved murder and continues to receive chilling anonymous letters, but she has tried to move on with her life. Until, on the tenth anniversary of Sara's death, she receives a letter that makes the past impossible to ignore: "What about justice for Sara?" What about justice for Sara? And for herself? Kat realizes that going back to Liberty, Louisiana, might be the only way to move forward and find some peace. And there's a killer out there who was never caught. But the town she's come back to is hardly different from the one she left. The secrets and suspicions still run deep. Kat has an ally in Detective Luke Tanner, son of the former Liberty police chief, but he may be her only one. With plenty of enemies, no one to trust and a killer determined to keep a dark secret buried, Kat must decide if justice is worth fighting—and dying—for. Bestselling author Erica Spindler returns with a chilling new suspense novel about a woman who goes home ten years after her sister's murder to find the true killer


Author : Natalie Lunis
Publisher : Bearport Publishing
Release : 2010-01-01
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781936088478


Book Katydids Description/Summary:

How do katydids protect themselves from predators like birds, spiders, and snakes? These insects have wings that look just like leaves on a tree, helping them disappear into their surroundings. Hungry animals often pass right by the camouflaged creatures, missing out on a tasty treat. The katydids stay safe by hiding in plain sight! Packed with fascinating facts and photos that will test children's detective skills, this book will engage emergent readers as they learn how katydids are adapted for survival. A section of the book highlights other insects that are camouflaged to look like the plants in their environment.

No Two Alike

Author : Keith Baker
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-11-04
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781481415026


Book No Two Alike Description/Summary:

Follows a pair of birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a winter landscape, where everything everywhere, from branches and leaves to forests full of trees, is unique.

You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know

Author : Heather Sellers
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2010-10-14
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781101444481


Book You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know Description/Summary:

An unusual and uncommonly moving family memoir, with a twist that give new meaning to hindsight, insight, and forgiveness. Heather Sellers is face-blind-that is, she has prosopagnosia, a rare neurological condition that prevents her from reliably recognizing people's faces. Growing up, unaware of the reason for her perpetual confusion and anxiety, she took what cues she could from speech, hairstyle, and gait. But she sometimes kissed a stranger, thinking he was her boyfriend, or failed to recognize even her own father and mother. She feared she must be crazy. Yet it was her mother who nailed windows shut and covered them with blankets, made her daughter walk on her knees to spare the carpeting, had her practice secret words to use in the likely event of abduction. Her father went on weeklong "fishing trips" (aka benders), took in drifters, wore panty hose and bras under his regular clothes. Heather clung to a barely coherent story of a "normal" childhood in order to survive the one she had. That fairy tale unraveled two decades later when Heather took the man she would marry home to meet her parents and began to discover the truth about her family and about herself. As she came at last to trust her own perceptions, she learned the gift of perspective: that embracing the past as it is allows us to let it go. And she illuminated a deeper truth-that even in the most flawed circumstances, love may be seen and felt. Watch a Video

Look-Alikes Christmas

Author : Joan Steiner
Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release : 2012-11-13
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780316232456


Book Look-Alikes Christmas Description/Summary:

Simple verses challenge readers to identify the everyday objects used to construct nine three-dimensional Christmas scenes, including a cathedral, Nutcracker ballet, and Santa's workshop.

The Look Alike Mystery

Author : Eleanor Robins
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1984
Category : Children's literature
ISBN : 0878794417


Book The Look Alike Mystery Description/Summary:

"Look alikes? Could they be twins? Meg and Kate don't think so. When they go to visit Miss Miller they're not sure just who it is they're seeing. Things go from bad to worse when the real Miss Miller gets sick"--Page 4 of cover.

The Great Genghis Khan Look-alike Contest

Author : Marjorie Weinman Sharmat,Mitchell Rigie
Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers
Release : 1993
Category : Contests
ISBN : 0679850023


Book The Great Genghis Khan Look-alike Contest Description/Summary:

Fred enters his mean-looking but sweet dog in a Hollywood contest that could lead to a movie contract, fame, and fortune.

All Cab Drivers Look Alike

Author : Felice L. Bedford
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 0615734715


Book All Cab Drivers Look Alike Description/Summary:

What people are saying:"I haven't had a chance to actually read your book yet, but it looks fascinating. Congratulations..." Alan Alda , actor and director turned science educator and enthusiast"Your book was very inspirational and I kept putting it down to jot down ideas." Dr. Mark S. Rider, Clinical Psychologist, Texas"I have finished your book and found it very interesting and impressive" Dr. William Ittelson. Professor Emeritus, founder of Environmental Psychology"I read the book (Cab Drivers), really loved it! I especially like how your tone in the book is casual, a few times I laughed out loud." Sabrina Peterson, graduate student, California"I think the book must be really read and can't be skimmed for content, but that's what makes a book great, at least in my opinion!" Alex Auerbach, undergraduate, Arizona Do you have trouble recognizing people from other races? Maybe you know someone who gets lost frequently? Dr. Felice L. Bedford's groundbreaking book presents an explanation for all of perceptual learning. Included is Dr. Bedford's recently published and in the news theory on how the mind can heal the body with perception-much like getting used to a new pair of eyeglasses! Also discussed are how it is not racist to have trouble with other-race faces (hint: it's like learning to taste wine), why Harry Potter's magic wand felt like an extension of his hand, what's really going on during ventriloquist shows (hint: it's NOT throwing the voice), and dramatic failures of perception. We are asked to contemplate mind-bending topics such as distorting time perception and even how the supernatural relates to perceptual learning. Don't miss the special section how-to section on improving your perception. Examples throughout the book relate to the reader yet do not sacrifice rigor. For the technically minded, all the "traditional" topics of perceptual learning and adaptation are covered,such as prism adaptation, Eleanor Gibson's perceptual discrimination learning, and the McCollough Effect. Published in 2013, 380 pages, 71 illustrations. (p) Bedford's book is for anyone interested in their own six senses (yes six) and for students and colleagues alike. This is also an opinionated work including anti brain-research commentary and other critiques of experiments in the scientific literature. Anecdotes on professional acquaintances provide a personal touch. Favorite sentences: Perception is lazy. You still need shoes.

The Look-Alike

Author : Joseph A. Levy
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Release : 2018-03-08
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781480953185


Book The Look-Alike Description/Summary:

The Look-Alike By: Joseph A. Levy Michael Biton is a young, ambitious law student. He has completed his first year at Brooklyn Law School, and everything is going perfectly for him as he is doing an internship with the City of New York. Suddenly out of nowhere, he gets identified, arrested and subsequently indicted for a rape that he insists he did not commit. His future, which had been unlimited, now becomes uncertain as he must pay a lot of money to a high-profile criminal defense lawyer, while at the same time deal with an arrogant, overzealous prosecutor who is determined to convict him at any cost. As he awaits trial, he starts to find out that there are many weird aspects to the case and that it is raising a lot of questions for which there are no answers. He also finds out that there is a person who looks exactly like him who attends the same law school and who worked in the same building as he. The Look-Alike is more than just a legal thriller. It is an intense, personal drama about Michael Biton getting a legal education – an education far different from the casebook law that he has been getting in law school. It is a book that will leave you guessing to the very end.


Author : Liz Wong
Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release : 2016-03-22
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780553511567


Book Quackers Description/Summary:

Jumpstart's Read for the Record® selection! A cat who thinks he’s a duck? He must be Quackers!! This quirky funny book is about standing out, fitting in, and building a life with room for all. Quackers is a duck. Sure, he may have paws and whiskers. And his quacks might sound more like...well, meows, but he lives among ducks, everyone he knows is a duck, and he's happy. Then Quackers meets another duck who looks like him (& talks like him, too!)—but he calls himself a cat. So silly! Quackers loves being among his new friends the cats, but he also misses his duck friends, and so he finds a way to combine the best of both worlds. Part cat, part duck, all Quackers!

Divine Doppelgängers

Author : Collin Cornell
Publisher : Penn State Press
Release : 2020-03-24
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781646020935


Book Divine Doppelgängers Description/Summary:

The Bible says that YHWH alone is God and that there is none like him—but texts and artwork from antiquity show that many gods looked very similar. In this volume, scholars of the Hebrew Bible and its historical contexts address the problem of YHWH’s ancient look-alikes, providing recommendations for how Jews and Christians can think theologically about this challenge. Sooner or later, whether in a religion class or a seminary course, students bump up against the fact that God—the biblical God—was one among other, comparable gods. The ancient world was full of gods, including great gods of conquering empires, dynastic gods of petty kingdoms, goddesses of fertility, and personal spirit guardians. And in various ways, these gods look like the biblical God. Like the God of the Bible, they, too, controlled the fates of nations, chose kings, bestowed fecundity and blessing, and cared for their individual human charges. They spoke and acted. They experienced wrath and delight. They inspired praise. All of this leaves Jews and Christians in a bind: how can they confess that the God named YHWH was (and is) the true and living God, in view of this God’s profound similarities to all these others? The essays in this volume address the theological challenge these parallels create, providing reflections on how Jews and Christians can keep faith in YHWH as God while acknowledging the reality of YHWH’s divine doppelgängers. It will be welcomed by undergraduates studying religion; seminarians and graduate students of Bible, theology, and the ancient world; and adult education classes.

Killer Takes All

Author : Erica Spindler
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2012-09-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781460303115


Book Killer Takes All Description/Summary:

The White Rabbit beckons you to follow him, down the rabbit hole, into his world. He's a deceiver, a trickster. You won't know what is truth and what is a lie. He aims to best you. Beat you. And when he does, you die. A friend's brutal murder turns former homicide detective Stacy Killian's life upside down. Unwilling to trust Spencer Malone, the overconfident New Orleans detective assigned to the case, Stacy is compelled to return to the investigative role she had fled. The investigation leads Stacy and Spencer to White Rabbit, a cultish fantasy role-playing game. White Rabbit is dark, violent—and addictive. As the body count mounts, they find themselves trapped in a terrifying game that's more real than life and death. Because anyone can die before the final moment when White Rabbit is over…and the killer takes all.

Do You Look Like Your Dog? the Book

Author : Gerrard Gethings
Publisher : Laurence King
Release : 2020-10-12
Category : Humor
ISBN : 1786277042


Book Do You Look Like Your Dog? the Book Description/Summary:

Why DO people look like their dogs? Is it shared personality traits, an expression of self-love, or do they grow together over time like old married couples? This book explores the intense bonds we develop with our dogs, which are far from only skin, or even fur, deep. 50 photos by renowned animal photographer Gerrard Gethings present insightful and fun depictions of dogs and their humans, and humorous texts are included in the booklet to provide clues about these 25 people and their furry best friends. The book also includes behind the scenes photos and an interview with the photographer.

Look-Alikes Around the World

Author : Joan Steiner
Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release : 2007-09-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0316811726


Book Look-Alikes Around the World Description/Summary:

Take an eye-opening trip around the world! Using everyday objects in ingenious ways, artist Joan Steiner has created three-dimensional scenes of more than 40 famous landmarks and familiar vacation locales ? from the shores of Cape Cod and chateaux across Europe to the Egyptian pyramids and the magestic Taj Mahal. Complete with photographs of the actual sites, fascinating facts, and more than 500 look-alikes to search for, this unique postcard album will challenge and captivate puzzlers of all ages.