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The Books That Mattered

Author : Frye Gaillard
Publisher : NewSouth Books
Release : 2012-09-01
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781603061971


Book The Books That Mattered Description/Summary:

Frye Gaillard’s first encounters with books were disappointing. As a child he never cared much for fairy tales – “stories of cannibalism and mayhem in which giants and witches, tigers and wolves did their best to eat small children.” But at the age of nine, he discovered Johnny Tremain, a children’s novel of the Revolutionary War, which began a lifetime love affair with books, recounted here as a reader’s tribute to the writings that enriched and altered his life. In a series of carefully crafted, often deeply personal essays, Gaillard blends memoir, history and critical analysis to explore the works of Harper Lee, Anne Frank, James Baldwin, Robert Penn Warren, John Steinbeck, and many others. As this heartfelt reminiscence makes clear, the books that chose Frye Gaillard shaped him like an extended family. Reading The Books that Mattered: A Reader’s Memoir will make you study your own shelves to find clues into your own literary heart.

The Life You Stole

Author : Jewel E. Ann
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-02-06
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1733778683


Book The Life You Stole Description/Summary:

Sex. Lies. Revenge. On the heels of a devastating loss, Evelyn fights to put her life back together. Only ... part of her husband belongs to another woman, and the devil owns her soul. "If you tell her the lie, I will tell her the truth." When her best friend goes to great lengths to protect Evelyn from destruction and devastation, mistakes are made, lines are crossed, and all trust is shattered. "We weren't unbreakable. I just needed to believe we weren't unrepairable." Don't miss the explosive conclusion to this unforgettable thriller by Jewel E. Ann, bestselling author of The Transcend Series.

Moments that Mattered

Author : Pamela Hull
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
Release : 2020-11-09
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781644624357


Book Moments that Mattered Description/Summary:

When I was young and slept sweet dreams,how could I knowGod's plan and the mysteryof breathing in and out? Childhood - Youth - Young Adult - Adult The span of our lives.Within each segment are disparate, illustrative stories of routine, everyday occurrences. Insignificant at the time, they eventually proved to be life-altering in forming character, direction and inclination, and wi

When Pride Still Mattered

Author : David Maraniss
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 1999-10-07
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780684872902


Book When Pride Still Mattered Description/Summary:

In this groundbreaking biography, David Maraniss captures all of football great Vince Lombardi: the myth, the man, his game, and his God. More than any other sports figure, Vince Lombardi transformed football into a metaphor of the American experience. The son of an Italian immigrant butcher, Lombardi toiled for twenty frustrating years as a high school coach and then as an assistant at Fordham, West Point, and the New York Giants before his big break came at age forty-six with the chance to coach a struggling team in snowbound Wisconsin. His leadership of the Green Bay Packers to five world championships in nine seasons is the most storied period in NFL history. Lombardi became a living legend, a symbol to many of leadership, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, and to others of an obsession with winning. In When Pride Still Mattered, Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss captures the myth and the man, football, God, and country in a thrilling biography destined to become an American classic.

Leading Lives That Matter

Author : Mark R. Schwen,Dorothy C. Bass
Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Release : 2006-04-25
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0802829317


Book Leading Lives That Matter Description/Summary:

Compiles a wide range of texts-from fiction, social science, philosophy, and ancient poetry-related to questions that arise for those who are trying to decide what to do with their lives

The Only Life That Mattered

Author : James L. Nelson
Publisher : McBooks Press
Release : 2004
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 159013060X


Book The Only Life That Mattered Description/Summary:

Based on the real-life female pirates of the West Indies, this novel of swashbuckling on the high seas in the eighteenth century finds adventure-seeking Anne Bonny teaming up with Calico Jack Rackham to raise the skull and crossbones over the Caribbean. Original.

Living a Life that Matters

Author : Harold S. Kushner
Publisher : Anchor
Release : 2003-12-16
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781400077694


Book Living a Life that Matters Description/Summary:

In this bestselling work of spiritual advice, the beloved author shows how even our smallest daily actions can become stepping steps toward integrity. Drawing on the stories of his own congregants, on literature, current events and, above all, on the Biblical story of Jacob (the worldly trickster who evolves into a man of God), Rabbi Harold S. Kushner—author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People—addresses some of the most persistent dilemmas of the human condition: Why do decent people so often violate their moral standards? How can we pursue justice without giving in to the lure of revenge? How can we turn our relationships with family and friends into genuine sources of meaning? Persuasive and sympathetic, filled with humanity and warmth, Living a Life That Matters is a deeply rewarding book.

Things That Matter

Author : Charles Krauthammer
Publisher : Crown Forum
Release : 2015
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780385349192


Book Things That Matter Description/Summary:

Selected essays previously published in various periodicals and journals.

Movies That Mattered

Author : Dave Kehr
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2017-11-03
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN : 9780226495712


Book Movies That Mattered Description/Summary:

Dave Kehr’s writing about film has garnered high praise from both readers and fellow critics. Among his admirers are some of his most influential contemporaries. Roger Ebert called Kehr “one of the most gifted film critics in America.” James Naremore thought he was “one of the best writers on film the country as a whole has ever produced.” But aside from remarkably detailed but brief capsule reviews and top-ten lists, you won’t find much of Kehr’s work on the Internet, and many of the longer and more nuanced essays for which he is best known have not yet been published in book form. With When Movies Mattered, readers welcomed the first collection of Kehr’s criticism, written during his time at the Chicago Reader. Movies That Mattered is its sequel, with fifty more reviews and essays drawn from the archives of both the Chicago Reader and Chicago magazine from 1974 to 1986. As with When Movies Mattered, the majority of the reviews offer in-depth analyses of individual films that are among Kehr’s favorites, from a thoughtful discussion of the sobering Holocaust documentary Shoah to an irresistible celebration of the raucous comedy Used Cars. But fans of Kehr’s work will be just as taken by his dissections of critically acclaimed films he found disappointing, including The Shining, Apocalypse Now, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Whether you’re a long-time reader or just discovering Dave Kehr, the insights in Movies That Mattered will enhance your appreciation of the movies you already love—and may even make you think twice about one or two you hated.

Those that Mattered

Author : Barbara Angle
Publisher : Crown
Release : 1994
Category : Coal miners
ISBN : UOM:39015017434120


Book Those that Mattered Description/Summary:

Returning home from college to her West Virginia, coal-mining roots, Portia Crowe escapes a bad marriage and follows in her family's footsteps to become one of the first female members of the United Mine Workers. A first novel. 15,000 first printing.

No Time for Spectators

Author : Martin Dempsey
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-05-12
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1939714214


Book No Time for Spectators Description/Summary:

Why are the best leaders the ones who are most adept at following? What should we expect of those who have the privilege of leading? And what may leaders expect of those who follow them? Drawing upon a military career spanning more than four decades, General Martin Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, examines the limits of loyalty, the necessity of sensible skepticism, and the value of responsible rebelliousness, and explains why we actually should sweat the small stuff. No Time for Spectators takes readers behind the closed doors of the Situation Room, onto the battlefields of Iraq, and to the East German border at the height of the Cold War. It contends that relationships between leaders and followers--employers and employees, politicians and constituents, coaches and athletes, teachers and students--are most productive when based on certain key mutual expectations. The book begins from the premise that life is not a spectator sport. Especially not today, especially not at a time when issues are so complex, information is so pervasive, scrutiny is so intense, and the stakes are so high. No Time for Spectators may not be the answer to all of our problems, but it is a clarion call for those who are actually interested in solving them.

Tuesdays with Morrie

Author : Mitch Albom
Publisher : Crown
Release : 2007-06-29
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780307414090


Book Tuesdays with Morrie Description/Summary:

A special 20th anniversary edition of the beloved international bestseller that changed millions of lives Maybe it was a grandparent, or a teacher, or a colleague. Someone older, patient and wise, who understood you when you were young and searching, helped you see the world as a more profound place, gave you sound advice to help you make your way through it. For Mitch Albom, that person was Morrie Schwartz, his college professor from nearly twenty years ago. Maybe, like Mitch, you lost track of this mentor as you made your way, and the insights faded, and the world seemed colder. Wouldn't you like to see that person again, ask the bigger questions that still haunt you, receive wisdom for your busy life today the way you once did when you were younger? Mitch Albom had that second chance. He reconnected with Morrie in the last months of the older man's life. Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch in his study every Tuesday, just as they used to back in college. Their rekindled relationship turned into one final "class:" lessons in how to live. Tuesdays with Morrie is a magical chronicle of their time together, through which Mitch shares Morrie's lasting gift with the world.

A Big Little Life

Author : Dean Koontz
Publisher : Bantam
Release : 2011
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780345530608


Book A Big Little Life Description/Summary:

The author presents a tribute to his late golden retriever, Trixie, that describes his family's adoption of the retired service animal, the numerous lessons he learned throughout their relationship, and the family's grief upon her passing.

The Four Things That Matter Most - 10th Anniversary Edition

Author : Ira Byock
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-06-10
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 9781476748535


Book The Four Things That Matter Most - 10th Anniversary Edition Description/Summary:

Updated with stories from people who have been inspired by the original text, a guide to connecting with what matters most identifies four phrases for honoring relationships, letting go of unhealthy emotions, and living life fully.

The Book That Matters Most

Author : Ann Hood
Publisher : W. W. Norton
Release : 2016-08-08
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0393241653


Book The Book That Matters Most Description/Summary:

Ava s twenty-five-year marriage has fallen apart, and her two grown children are pursuing their own lives outside of the country. Ava joins a book group, not only for her love of reading but also out of sheer desperation for companionship. The group s goal throughout the year is for each member to present the book that matters most to them. Ava rediscovers a mysterious book from her childhood one that helped her through the traumas of the untimely deaths of her sister and mother. Alternating with Ava s story is that of her troubled daughter Maggie, who, living in Paris, descends into a destructive relationship with an older man. Ava s mission to find that book and its enigmatic author takes her on a quest that unravels the secrets of her past and offers her and Maggie the chance to remake their lives."

Black Lives Have Always Mattered, A Collection of Essays, Poems, and Personal Narratives

Author : Abiodun Oyewole
Publisher : 2Leaf Press
Release : 2017-07-08
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781940939629


Book Black Lives Have Always Mattered, A Collection of Essays, Poems, and Personal Narratives Description/Summary:

BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED, A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS, POEMS AND PERSONAL NARRATIVES, edited by Abiodun Oyewole, extends beyond the Black Lives Matter movement’s primary agenda of police brutality to acknowledge that even when affronted with slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, racial injustice and inequality, black lives have always mattered. While written primarily by African American poets, writers, activists and scholars, selections are also from people of the Latino and African diasporas and white activists. Collectively, these 79 contributors provide a call-to-action that challenges readers to confront long-held values and beliefs about black lives, as well as white privilege and fragility, as it surveys the historical and contemporary ravages of racism and its persistence of structural inequality. More importantly, BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED provides a first-hand perspective to a problem known to the African American community long before the Black Lives Matter movement revealed it to the general public: that black lives have always mattered. Connecting the past to the present, the contributors of BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED provide an eye-opening and engaging collection that has the potential to reignite a broader push for black liberation and equality for all.

Simplify Your Life

Author : Elaine St. James
Publisher : Hachette Books
Release : 2014-04-22
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9780316335591


Book Simplify Your Life Description/Summary:

More than 1,000,000 copies in print! The more complex life becomes, the more people crave simplicity. Whether it's in your work, relationships, health, finances, or leisure time, North America's simplicity expert Elaine St. James can help you learn to unwind and improve the quality of your life. If you're feeling over-powered, overextended, and overwhelmed, SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE is the antidote, providing one hundred proven, practical steps for creating a simple and satisfying way of life.

Come Matter Here

Author : Hannah Brencher
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2018-05-29
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780310350859


Book Come Matter Here Description/Summary:

“Someday, somewhere” is a dangerous game. The real stuff of life is here and now. Life is scary. Adulting is hard. When faced with the challenges of building a life of your own, it’s all too easy to stake your hope and happiness in “someday.” But what if the dotted lines on the map at your feet today mattered just as much as the destination you dream of? Hannah Brencher, TED Talk speaker and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, thought Atlanta was her destination. Yet even after she arrived, she found herself in the same old chase for the next best thing…somewhere else. And it left her in a state of anxiety and deep depression. Our hyper-connected era has led us to believe life should be a highlight reel—where what matters most is perfect beauty, instant success, and ready applause. Yet, as Hannah learned, nothing about faith, relationships, or character is instant. So she took up a new mantra: be where your feet are. Give yourself a permission slip to stop chasing the next big thing, and come matter here. Engage the process as much as you trust the God who lovingly leads you. If you are tired of running away from your life or tired of running ragged toward the next thing you think will make you feel complete, Come Matter Here will help you do whatever it takes to show up for the life God has for you. Whether you need to make a brave U-turn, take a bold step forward, or finish the next lap with fresh courage, find fuel and inspiration for the journey right here.


Author : Steven Johnson
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2018-09-04
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9780525534709


Book Farsighted Description/Summary:

The hardest choices are also the most consequential. So why do we know so little about how to get them right? Big, life-altering decisions matter so much more than the decisions we make every day, and they're also the most difficult: where to live, whom to marry, what to believe, whether to start a company, how to end a war. There's no one-size-fits-all approach for addressing these kinds of conundrums. Steven Johnson's classic Where Good Ideas Come From inspired creative people all over the world with new ways of thinking about innovation. In Farsighted, he uncovers powerful tools for honing the important skill of complex decision-making. While you can't model a once-in-a-lifetime choice, you can model the deliberative tactics of expert decision-makers. These experts aren't just the master strategists running major companies or negotiating high-level diplomacy. They're the novelists who draw out the complexity of their characters' inner lives, the city officials who secure long-term water supplies, and the scientists who reckon with future challenges most of us haven't even imagined. The smartest decision-makers don't go with their guts. Their success relies on having a future-oriented approach and the ability to consider all their options in a creative, productive way. Through compelling stories that reveal surprising insights, Johnson explains how we can most effectively approach the choices that can chart the course of a life, an organization, or a civilization. Farsighted will help you imagine your possible futures and appreciate the subtle intelligence of the choices that shaped our broader social history.