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The Last of the Moon Girls

Author : Barbara Davis
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2020-06-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 154200649X


Book The Last of the Moon Girls Description/Summary:

A novel of secrets, memory, family, and forgiveness by the bestselling author of When Never Comes. Lizzy Moon never wanted Moon Girl Farm. Eight years ago, she left the land that nine generations of gifted healers had tended, determined to distance herself from the whispers about her family's strange legacy. But when her beloved grandmother Althea dies, Lizzy must return and face the tragedy still hanging over the farm's withered lavender fields: the unsolved murders of two young girls, and the cruel accusations that followed Althea to her grave. Lizzy wants nothing more than to sell the farm and return to her life in New York, until she discovers a journal Althea left for her--a Book of Remembrances meant to help Lizzy embrace her own special gifts. When she reconnects with Andrew Greyson, one of the few in town who believed in Althea's innocence, she resolves to clear her grandmother's name. But to do so, she'll have to decide if she can accept her legacy and whether to follow in the footsteps of all the Moon women who came before her.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon (Winner of the 2017 Newbery Medal)

Author : Kelly Barnhill
Publisher : Algonquin Books
Release : 2016-08-09
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781616206567


Book The Girl Who Drank the Moon (Winner of the 2017 Newbery Medal) Description/Summary:

Winner of the 2017 Newbery Award The New York Times Bestseller An Entertainment Weekly Best Middle Grade Book of 2016 A New York Public Library Best Book of 2016 A Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2016 An Amazon Top 20 Best Book of 2016 A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2016 A School Library Journal Best Book of 2016 Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016 2017 Booklist Youth Editors’ Choice Every year, the people of the Protectorate leave a baby as an offering to the witch who lives in the forest. They hope this sacrifice will keep her from terrorizing their town. But the witch in the Forest, Xan, is kind. She shares her home with a wise Swamp Monster and a Perfectly Tiny Dragon. Xan rescues the children and delivers them to welcoming families on the other side of the forest, nourishing the babies with starlight on the journey. One year, Xan accidentally feeds a baby moonlight instead of starlight, filling the ordinary child with extraordinary magic. Xan decides she must raise this girl, whom she calls Luna, as her own. As Luna’s thirteenth birthday approaches, her magic begins to emerge--with dangerous consequences. Meanwhile, a young man from the Protectorate is determined to free his people by killing the witch. Deadly birds with uncertain intentions flock nearby. A volcano, quiet for centuries, rumbles just beneath the earth’s surface. And the woman with the Tiger’s heart is on the prowl . . .

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Author : B. C. Dee
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016-02-15
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1943802041


Book The Girl Who Drank the Moon Description/Summary:

When Callie and her teddy bear invited the moon in for a tea party, they had no idea how much fun they would have...and what a catastrophe they would cause. What on Earth can you do after you've drunk the moon all up? This tale of friendship and generosity is a fun read-aloud, and the cheery and playful illustrations draw you in with a secret star hidden on every page. Some book sites suggest that this kind of story is best classified as a fairy tale, I prefer "contemporary realistic fiction." It could happen. Kids have great imaginations. Who knows what they will imagine when they play? This book would make a good bedtime story for girls or boys. Callie is a little girl. She has a teddy bear. She and her bear befriend the moon. There is self-sacrifice on both sides, so they have a reciprocal friendship. Also, the last picture in the book is of Callie sleeping, snuggling her bear, under the warm, golden light of the shining moon. That is bedtime gold!On the educational side (educational fiction?), it involves social skills, nature and the outdoors, and how things work. Because it is a picture book, it falls into the "early learning" category, but I think it's a universal tale that is good for kids and adults alike. Although I may have learned it in school, until I researched near-Earth astronomy for this book, I couldn't explain why the moon goes through its phases, waxing, and waning. I've put a helpful graphic and layman's-terms explainer at the end of this book--it's for parents in case of pop quizzes of the "why is the sky blue" variety.The funny misunderstandings of this monthly rhythm are not limited to the young. It is the egocentrism of youth, though, that puts Callie in the central role of causing the moon to shrink and disappear.

The Moon Within

Author : Aida Salazar
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2019-02-26
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781338283396


Book The Moon Within Description/Summary:

The dazzling story of a girl navigating friendship, family, and growing up, an Are You There God, It's Me Margaret? for the modern day, from debut author Aida Salazar. ****Four starred reviews!***** "A worthy successor to Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret set in present-day Oakland." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewCeli Rivera's life swirls with questions. About her changing body. Her first attraction to a boy. And her best friend's exploration of what it means to be genderfluid.But most of all, her mother's insistence she have a moon ceremony when her first period arrives. It's an ancestral Mexica ritual that Mima and her community have reclaimed, but Celi promises she will NOT be participating. Can she find the power within herself to take a stand for who she wants to be?A dazzling story told with the sensitivity, humor, and brilliant verse of debut talent Aida Salazar.

Girls in the Moon

Author : Janet McNally
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2016-11-29
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780062436269


Book Girls in the Moon Description/Summary:

Everyone in Phoebe Ferris’s life tells a different version of the truth. Her mother, Meg, ex-rock star and professional question evader, shares only the end of the story—the post-fame calm that Phoebe’s always known. Her sister Luna, indie rock darling of Brooklyn, preaches a stormy truth of her own making, selectively ignoring the facts she doesn’t like. And her father, Kieran, the co-founder of Meg’s beloved band, hasn’t said anything at all since he stopped calling three years ago. But Phoebe, a budding poet in search of an identity to call her own, is tired of half-truths and vague explanations. When she visits Luna in New York, she’s determined to find out how she fits in to this family of storytellers, and maybe even to continue her own tale—the one with the musician boy she’s been secretly writing for months. This soul-searching, authentic debut weaves together Phoebe’s story with scenes from the romance between Meg and Kieran that started it all—leaving behind a heartfelt reflection on family, fame, and finding your own way.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Author : Grace Lin
Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release : 2009-07-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0316052604


Book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Description/Summary:

A Newbery Honor WinnerA New York Times Bestseller This stunning fantasy inspired by Chinese folklore is a companion novel to Starry River of the Sky and the New York Times bestselling and National Book Award finalist When the Sea Turned to Silver In the valley of Fruitless mountain, a young girl named Minli lives in a ramshackle hut with her parents. In the evenings, her father regales her with old folktales of the Jade Dragon and the Old Man on the Moon, who knows the answers to all of life's questions. Inspired by these stories, Minli sets off on an extraordinary journey to find the Old Man on the Moon to ask him how she can change her family's fortune. She encounters an assorted cast of characters and magical creatures along the way, including a dragon who accompanies her on her quest for the ultimate answer. Grace Lin, author of the beloved Year of the Dog and Year of the Rat returns with a wondrous story of adventure, faith, and friendship. A fantasy crossed with Chinese folklore, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a timeless story reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz and Kelly Barnhill's The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Her beautiful illustrations, printed in full-color, accompany the text throughout. Once again, she has created a charming, engaging book for young readers.

Keeping the Moon

Author : Sarah Dessen
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2004-05-11
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781101042700


Book Keeping the Moon Description/Summary:

Never underestimate the power of friendship. When Colie goes to spend the summer at the beach, she doesn’t expect much. But Colie didn’t count on meeting Morgan and Isabel. Through them, she learns what true friendship is all about, and finally starts to realize her potential. And that just might open the door to her first chance at love. . . . “A down-to-earth Cinderella story. . . captures that special feeling.” —The New York Post Also by Sarah Dessen: Along for the Ride Dreamland Just Listen Lock and Key The Moon and More Someone Like You That Summer This Lullaby The Truth About Forever What Happened to Goodbye

The Girl who Chased the Moon

Author : Sarah Addison Allen
Publisher : Bantam
Release : 2011
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780553385595


Book The Girl who Chased the Moon Description/Summary:

Moving in with the grandfather she never knew after the death of her mother, 17-year-old Emily witnesses bizarre supernatural activities in her new North Carolina community while befriending its remarkable residents. By the author of The Sugar Queen. Reprint.

When Never Comes

Author : Barbara Davis
Publisher : AmazonCrossing
Release : 2018-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1503950174


Book When Never Comes Description/Summary:

Author Barbara Davis deftly explores an emotionally charged landscape of pain, loss, and despair--and the risk one woman will take in the hope of loving again. As a teenage runaway and child of an addict, Christy-Lynn learned the hard way that no address was permanent, and no promise sacred. For a while, she found a safe haven in her marriage to bestselling crime novelist Stephen Ludlow--until his car skidded into Echo Bay. But Stephen's wasn't the only body pulled from the icy waters that night. When details about a mysterious violet-eyed blonde become public, a media circus ensues, and Christy-Lynn runs again. Desperate for answers, she's shattered to learn that Stephen and his mistress had a child--a little girl named Iris, who now lives in poverty with her ailing great-grandmother. The thought of Iris abandoned to the foster care system--as Christy-Lynn once was--is unbearable. But she's spent her whole life running--determined never to be hurt again. Will she finally stand still long enough to open herself up to forgiveness and love?

The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon

Author : Land Wilson
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release : 2020-02-04
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781728225791


Book The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon Description/Summary:

A sweet bedtime story that will inspire children to protect the Earth and encourage others to do the same. When Sofia dreams of visiting the Moon one night, she discovers people are hurting the Earth! With the Moon as her guide, Sofia learns how we can work together to make Earth feel better. With rhyming text and beautiful illustrations, this sweet, environmentally friendly story is a gentle lesson and clear reminder of the importance of caring for our planet. Previously published as Sofia's Dream, this updated edition includes bonus back matter about pollution and the simple steps we can take to protect the Earth! "Young activist dreamers will appreciate the new perspective and environmental call to action."—Kirkus Reviews

Life as We Knew it

Author : Susan Beth Pfeffer
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2008
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780152061548


Book Life as We Knew it Description/Summary:

Through journal entries, sixteen-year-old Miranda describes her family's struggle to survive after a meteor hits the moon, causing worldwide tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

Listen to the Moon

Author : Michael Morpurgo
Publisher : Feiwel & Friends
Release : 2015-10-27
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781250078612


Book Listen to the Moon Description/Summary:

Alfie lives off the coast of England. Merry lives in New York City. Until Merry and her mother set sail on the Lusitania for England, where Merry's father is recuperating from a war injury. People told them not to go, hearing rumors that the Lusitania might be carrying munitions. But they are desperate to be reunited with Merry's father. Alfie and his father find a lost girl in an abandoned house on a small island. The girl doesn't speak, except to say what sounds like "Lucy." Alfie's mother nurses her back to health. The others in the village suspect the unthinkable: Lucy is actually German-an enemy-because she's found with a blanket with a German tag. Told from Alfie and Merry's points of view, this exquisite novel tells of friends, enemies, and unexpected kindnesses.

Daughters of the Moon

Author : Joseph Curtin
Publisher : Pinnacle Books
Release : 2000
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0786013095


Book Daughters of the Moon Description/Summary:

A legendary vampire known as the Blood Countess journeys from her castle in the Carpathian Mountains to the glitter of the modern-day world of rock music, in search of a beautiful young woman named Chloe who is destined to become her faithful servant, but Chloe is determined to stop the depraved huntress's evil, regardless of the personal cost. Original.

Sing Down the Moon

Author : Scott O'Dell
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2010-09-13
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780547349657


Book Sing Down the Moon Description/Summary:

A 1971 Newbery Honor Book The Navajo tribe's forced march from their homeland to Fort Sumner by white soldiers and settlers is dramatically and courageously told by young Bright Morning.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur

Author : Amy Reeder,Brandon Montclare
Publisher : Marvel Entertainment
Release : 2021-05-26
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN : 9781302938093


Book Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Description/Summary:

Collects Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2016) #25-36. When the Silver Surfer arrives in Manhattan warning of an ancient cosmic menace on a collision course with Earth, Lunella Lafayette must step up and solve the impossible! But without Devil Dinosaur by her side, Lunella joins forces with some new friends who are missing their own pals: the Human Torch and the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing! You don’t want to miss the debut of the Fantastic Three! But who will make it a truly awesome foursome? Then, it’s time to cry S.O.S. — that means Save Our School, from New York City’s new mayor, Wilson Fisk! But who is Princess Fisk, and what is her tragic past? Plus: Lunella’s cousin comes to visit…meet Devin Dinosaur! But who invited the Wrecking Crew?

Owl Moon

Author : Jane Yolen
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 1987
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780399214578


Book Owl Moon Description/Summary:

On a winter's night under a full moon, a father and daughter trek into the woods to see the Great Horned Owl.

Love, Alice

Author : Barbara Davis
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2016
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780451474810


Book Love, Alice Description/Summary:

Dovie Larkin's life was shattered when her fiance committed suicide. Now, plagued by guilt, she has become a fixture at the cemetery where he's buried, visiting his grave daily. One day, she sees an old woman whose grief mirrors her own leave a letter on a nearby grave. Dovie ignores her conscience and reads the letter - a mother's plea for forgiveness to her dead daughter - and immediately needs to know the rest of the story. As she delves deep into a decades-old mystery involving one of Charleston's wealthiest families she starts to discover the keys to love and forgiveness.

Between Us and the Moon

Author : Rebecca Maizel
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2015-06-30
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780062327635


Book Between Us and the Moon Description/Summary:

A luminous YA love story that evokes Judy Blume's Forever for a new generation. Sarah—Bean to her friends and family—is an aspiring astronomer and champion mathlete. She lives behind her beloved telescope, with her head in the stars and her feet planted firmly on the ground. For as long as she can remember, she's also lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Scarlett. But after a traumatic end to the school year, Sarah goes to Cape Cod for the summer with her family, determined to grow up. It's there that she meets gorgeous, older college boy Andrew. He sees her as the girl she wants to be. A girl like Scarlett. He thinks she's older, too—and she doesn't correct him. For Sarah, it's a summer of firsts. Before she knows what's happened, one little lie has transformed into something real. And by the end of August, she might have to choose between falling in love, and finding herself. Fans of Jenny Han and Stephanie Perkins are destined to fall for this romantic and heartfelt coming-of-age novel about how life and love are impossible to predict.

The Girl in the Moon

Author : Terry Goodkind
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2018-03-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781510736429


Book The Girl in the Moon Description/Summary:

In his newest heart-pounding suspense novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind introduces the world to his most unforgettable and deadly character yet. Angela Constantine is a girl born broken. When Angela was young, before she came to realize she had a rare ability, she was a rather ordinary girl. At least, that was what everyone said. But Angela is anything but ordinary. The daughter of a meth addict, she is convinced she was born a freak. Haunted by an abusive childhood, she was forced to become a woman far too soon. And in the process, she became more. Angela Constantine has a secret life. Angela juggles multiple jobs to live a secluded life in a cabin in the mountains. But she also lives a secret life, right under everyone’s noses. Because her family’s bloodline carries the ability to recognize killers, she adopts a solitary, violent existence in service of her own, personal mission in life. When Angela unexpectedly finds herself the prey of a group of international terrorists, she is the only one who knows the truth of what they are about to do. She might look like an unlikely hero. She might also be our only hope. Angela Constantine is . . .The Girl in the Moon.

Reaching for the Moon

Author : Katherine Johnson
Publisher : Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Release : 2020-05-05
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781534440845


Book Reaching for the Moon Description/Summary:

“This rich volume is a national treasure.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Captivating, informative, and inspiring…Easy to follow and hard to put down.” —School Library Journal (starred review) The inspiring autobiography of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who helped launch Apollo 11. As a young girl, Katherine Johnson showed an exceptional aptitude for math. In school she quickly skipped ahead several grades and was soon studying complex equations with the support of a professor who saw great promise in her. But ability and opportunity did not always go hand in hand. As an African American and a girl growing up in an era of brutal racism and sexism, Katherine faced daily challenges. Still, she lived her life with her father’s words in mind: “You are no better than anyone else, and nobody else is better than you.” In the early 1950s, Katherine was thrilled to join the organization that would become NASA. She worked on many of NASA’s biggest projects including the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first men on the moon. Katherine Johnson’s story was made famous in the bestselling book and Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures. Now in Reaching for the Moon she tells her own story for the first time, in a lively autobiography that will inspire young readers everywhere.