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The Guardians

Author : John Christopher
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-11-04
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781481418348


Book The Guardians Description/Summary:

In the divided England of the distant future, a recently-orphaned boy flees the sprawling area known as the Conurb for the serene world of the County where the people seem to live a simpler existence.

The Guardians

Author : Susan Pedersen
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-06-18
Category : Anti-imperialist movements
ISBN : 9780199570485


Book The Guardians Description/Summary:

The Guardians offers an entirely new account of the transformation of the imperial order after World War I. It recovers the crucial role played in that process by the mandates system of the League of Nations, the international regime set up to oversee the colonies and territories seized from Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The League mattered because it created an arena in which imperial rule came under intense public scrutiny and contestation. Colonialnationalists, Western humanitarians, international lawyers, and German and Italian colonial revisionists all brought their claims to Geneva, and these scandals and crises shaped international norms aboutsovereignty and trade, changing how imperial states sought to exercise power. We live today in a world in which statehood is ubiquitous but global inequality still rife. If we look back at the interwar era with international eyes, we can see our modern world in formation.

The Guardians

Author : Sarah Manguso
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release : 2012-02-28
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781429950220


Book The Guardians Description/Summary:

The Guardians opens with a story from the July 24, 2008, edition of the Riverdale Press that begins, "An unidentified white man was struck and instantly killed by a Metro-North train last night as it pulled into the station on West 254th Street." Sarah Manguso writes: "The train's engineer told the police that the man was alone and that he jumped. The police officers pulled the body from the track and found no identification. The train's 425 passengers were transferred to another train and delayed about twenty minutes." The Guardians is an elegy for Manguso's friend Harris, two years after he escaped from a psychiatric hospital and jumped under that train. The narrative contemplates with unrelenting clarity their crowded postcollege apartment, Manguso's fellowship year in Rome, Harris's death and the year that followed—the year of mourning and the year of Manguso's marriage. As Harris is revealed both to the reader and to the narrator, the book becomes a monument to their intimacy and inability to express their love to each other properly, and to the reverberating effects of Harris's presence in and absence from Manguso's life. There is grief in the book but also humor, as Manguso marvels at the unexpected details that constitute a friendship. The Guardians explores the insufficiency of explanation and the necessity of the imagination in making sense of anything.

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

Author : William Joyce,Laura Geringer
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2011-10-04
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781442430488


Book Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King Description/Summary:

Nicholas St. North, a daredevil swordsman seeking treasure in the fiercely guarded village of Santoff Claussen finds, instead, the great wizard Ombric Shalazar and a battle against the Nightmare King and his evil Fearlings--a battle Nicholas can win onlyif he finds five other Guardians in time.

The Guardians

Author : Ana Castillo
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2008-12-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307485724


Book The Guardians Description/Summary:

From American Book Award-winning author Ana Castillo comes a suspenseful, moving novel about a sensuous, smart, and fiercely independent woman. Eking out a living as a teacher’s aide in a small New Mexican border town, Tía Regina is also raising her teenage nephew, Gabo, a hardworking boy who has entered the country illegally and aspires to the priesthood. When Gabo’s father, Rafa, disappears while crossing over from Mexico, Regina fears the worst. After several days of waiting and with an ominous phone call from a woman who may be connected to a smuggling ring, Regina and Gabo resolve to find Rafa. Help arrives in the form of Miguel, an amorous, recently divorced history teacher; Miguel’s gregarious abuelo Milton; a couple of Gabo’s gangbanger classmates; and a priest of wayward faith. Though their journey is rife with challenges and danger, it will serve as a remarkable testament to family bonds, cultural pride, and the human experience Praise for The Guardians NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE “An always skilled storyteller, [Castillo] grounds her writing in . . . humor, love, suspense and heartache–that draw the reader in.” –Chicago Sunday Sun-Times “A rollicking read, with jokes and suspense and joy rides and hearts breaking . . . This smart, passionate novel deserves a wide audience.” –Los Angeles Times “What drives the novel is its chorus of characters, all, in their own way, witnesses and guardian angels. In the end, Castillo’s unmistakable voice–earthy, impassioned, weaving a ‘hybrid vocabulary for a hybrid people’–is the book’s greatest revelation.” –Time Out New York “A wonderful novel . . . Castillo’s most important accomplishment in The Guardians is to give a unique literary voice to questions about what makes up a ‘family.’ ” –El Paso Times “A moving book that is both intimate and epic in its narrative.” –Oscar Hijuelos, author of The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

A Time to Kill

Author : John Grisham
Publisher : Dell
Release : 2004
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780385338608


Book A Time to Kill Description/Summary:

Criminal lawyer Jake Brigance faces the fight of his life when he is asked to defend Carl Hailey, who, in a rage of anger, shot and killed the men on trial for the rape of his daughter.

Who Guards the Guardians and How

Author : Thomas C. Bruneau,Scott D. Tollefson
Publisher : University of Texas Press
Release : 2009-06-03
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 029278340X


Book Who Guards the Guardians and How Description/Summary:

The continued spread of democracy into the twenty-first century has seen two-thirds of the almost two hundred independent countries of the world adopting this model. In these newer democracies, one of the biggest challenges has been to establish the proper balance between the civilian and military sectors. A fundamental question of power must be addressed—who guards the guardians and how? In this volume of essays, contributors associated with the Center for Civil-Military Relations in Monterey, California, offer firsthand observations about civil-military relations in a broad range of regions including Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Despite diversity among the consolidating democracies of the world, their civil-military problems and solutions are similar—soldiers and statesmen must achieve a deeper understanding of one another, and be motivated to interact in a mutually beneficial way. The unifying theme of this collection is the creation and development of the institutions whereby democratically elected civilians achieve and exercise power over those who hold a monopoly on the use of force within a society, while ensuring that the state has sufficient and qualified armed forces to defend itself against internal and external aggressors. Although these essays address a wide variety of institutions and situations, they each stress a necessity for balance between democratic civilian control and military effectiveness.

Guide to the Guardians.

Author : William Joyce
Publisher : Simon & Schuster Children's
Release : 2012-10-01
Category : Rise of the Guardians (Motion picture)
ISBN : 0857079476


Book Guide to the Guardians. Description/Summary:

Get to know all the Guardians with this great guide that is chock full of information about your favourite heroes from the movie. Including games, stickers, and perf-out trading cards, this is a perfect companion to the movie! Based on the series The Guardians of Childhood by award-winning author William Joyce, DreamWorks Animations presents Rise of the Guardians, a film for all the family!

On the Brinks

Author : Sam Millar
Publisher : The O'Brien Press
Release : 2014-05-02
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781847176561


Book On the Brinks Description/Summary:

‘Security guards told the police that they were surprised by assailants who had somehow evaded the sophisticated security system. They could not say how many robbers there appears to be one of the biggest robberies in U.S. history.’ New York Times, front page In 1993 $7.4 million was stolen from the Brink’s Armored Car Depot in Rochester, New York, the fifth largest robbery in US history. Sam Millar was a member of the gang who carried out the robbery. He was caught, found guilty and incarcerated, before being set free by Bill Clinton's government as an essential part of the Northern Ireland Peace Process. This remarkable book is Sam's story, from his childhood in Belfast, membership of the IRA, time spent in Long Kesh internment camps and the Brinks heist and aftermath. Unputdownable.

Guardians of Being

Author : Eckhart Tolle
Publisher : New World Library
Release : 2011-03-21
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 9781608680443


Book Guardians of Being Description/Summary:

This wonderfully unique collaboration brings together two masters of their fields, joining original words by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle with delightful illustrations by Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. Every heartwarming page provokes thought, insight, and smiling reverence for all beings and each moment. More than a collection of witty and charming drawings, the marriage of Patrick McDonnell's art and Eckhart Tolle's words conveys a profound love of nature, of animals, of humans, of all life-forms. Guardians of Being celebrates and reminds us of not only the oneness of all life but also the wonder and joy to be found in the present moment, amid the beauty we sometimes forget to notice all around us.

The Tumor

Author : John Grisham,Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Publisher : Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Release : 2015-03
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781495179419


Book The Tumor Description/Summary:

John Grisham says THE TUMOR is the most important book he has ever written. In this short book, he provides readers with a fictional account of how a real, new medical technology could revolutionize the future of medicine by curing with sound. THE TUMOR follows the present day experience of the fictional patient Paul, an otherwise healthy 35-year-old father who is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Grisham takes readers through a detailed account of Paul’s treatment and his family’s experience that doesn’t end as we would hope. Grisham then explores an alternate future, where Paul is diagnosed with the same brain tumor at the same age, but in the year 2025, when a treatment called focused ultrasound is able to extend his life expectancy. Focused ultrasound has the potential to treat not just brain tumors, but many other disorders, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer. For more information or to order a free hardcopy of the book, please visit The Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s website Here you will find a video of Grisham on the TEDx stage with the Foundation’s chairman and a Parkinson’s patient who brings the audience to its feet sharing her incredible story of a focused ultrasound “miracle.” Readers will get a taste of the narrative they expect from Grisham, but this short book will also educate and inspire people to be hopeful about the future of medical innovation.

To the Guardians of the Poor of the Several Unions Named in the Schedule Hereunto Annexed ... We, The Poor Law Commissioners, in Pursuance of the Authoritiers Vested in Us by an Act Passed in the Fifth Year of the Reign of His Late Majesty King William the Fourth ... Do Hereby Rescind Every Order, Whether General Or Special, Heretofore Issued by the Poor Law Commissioners ...

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1847
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : BSB:BSB10687734


Book To the Guardians of the Poor of the Several Unions Named in the Schedule Hereunto Annexed ... We, The Poor Law Commissioners, in Pursuance of the Authoritiers Vested in Us by an Act Passed in the Fifth Year of the Reign of His Late Majesty King William the Fourth ... Do Hereby Rescind Every Order, Whether General Or Special, Heretofore Issued by the Poor Law Commissioners ... Description/Summary:

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!

Author : William Joyce
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2012-02-21
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781442430501


Book E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! Description/Summary:

E. Aster Bunnymund uses his martial arts skills, his network of tunnels, and the help of MiM, Sand Mansnoozy, and Nicholas St. North to battle the Nightmare King, Pitch, who has sent a venomous serpent to attack Bunnymund's royal guard of warrior eggs.


Author : Max Brooks
Publisher : Del Rey
Release : 2020-06-16
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781984826794


Book Devolution Description/Summary:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The #1 New York Times bestselling author of World War Z is back with “the Bigfoot thriller you didn’t know you needed in your life, and one of the greatest horror novels I’ve ever read” (Blake Crouch, author of Dark Matter and Recursion). As the ash and chaos from Mount Rainier’s eruption swirled and finally settled, the story of the Greenloop massacre has passed unnoticed, unexamined . . . until now. The journals of resident Kate Holland, recovered from the town’s bloody wreckage, capture a tale too harrowing—and too earth-shattering in its implications—to be forgotten. In these pages, Max Brooks brings Kate’s extraordinary account to light for the first time, faithfully reproducing her words alongside his own extensive investigations into the massacre and the legendary beasts behind it. Kate’s is a tale of unexpected strength and resilience, of humanity’s defiance in the face of a terrible predator’s gaze, and, inevitably, of savagery and death. Yet it is also far more than that. Because if what Kate Holland saw in those days is real, then we must accept the impossible. We must accept that the creature known as Bigfoot walks among us—and that it is a beast of terrible strength and ferocity. Part survival narrative, part bloody horror tale, part scientific journey into the boundaries between truth and fiction, this is a Bigfoot story as only Max Brooks could chronicle it—and like none you’ve ever read before. Praise for Devolution “Delightful . . . [A] tale of supernatural mayhem that fans of King and Crichton alike will enjoy.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “The story is told in such a compelling manner that horror fans will want to believe and, perhaps, take the warning to heart.”—Booklist (starred review)

The Lost King

Author : Margaret Weis
Publisher : Spectra
Release : 2011-08-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307801982


Book The Lost King Description/Summary:

A galactic revolution has toppled the Starfire dynasty, and swept into power the harsh Democratic Republic. To support the murdered king is now punishable by death. But on distant worlds, the few surviving Guardians carry a dangerous secret: Somewhere in the galaxy, they shield the rightful heir to the throne. Stalking the hidden king is the Warlord, a ruthless Republican general who wields the bloodsword. Only a few brave rebels dare to oppose him: young Dion, who fights to find his destiny; the mercenary Tusk; the outlaw commander Dixter; and the beautiful Lady Maigrey, the only person alive who can match the Warlord’s cunning. Theirs is the ultimate battle against a star-spanning corruption—the ultimate sacrifice for the glory of the lost king’s throne.

Jack Frost

Author : William Joyce
Publisher : Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
Release : 2020-09-15
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781442430570


Book Jack Frost Description/Summary:

The Guardians’ powers are put to the ultimate test in their final battle in this thrilling conclusion to the epic chapter book series from William Joyce. When we last saw the Guardians, they were celebrating their victory during Bright Night, the final great Battle of the Moon, where they defeated Pitch once and for all. Or so they thought. Now, many years later, the Guardians have settled into their final selves, embracing their public images and the Earth Holidays. But the world has not been without evil since Pitch’s imprisonment. All the Guardians feel the weight of lurking menace, but Jack Frost—now half human, half of his former self Nightlight—feels it the most. Jack’s transition from Nightlight to Guardian was not an easy one. Always inclined to keep to himself, Jack has become especially isolated from the other Guardians since his transformation. Yet it is Jack who Ombric Shalazar (once a great wizard, now known as Father Time) trusts with a tremendous secret. But for Jack to fully understand this secret, he must revisit his past—and finally tell his story. Jack’s story, however, isn’t the only one to be reopened; an old enemy whose chapter we thought closed will reappear and with him bring a darkness and destruction that will test the Guardians like never before. It’s a battle of superlatives—the worse fighting the greatest, but where, oh where, is Jack?

The Sandman and the War of Dreams

Author : William Joyce
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2013-11-05
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781442430549


Book The Sandman and the War of Dreams Description/Summary:

When Pitch and Katherine go missing, the Man in the Moon recruits the sleepy but clever Sandman to aid the Guardians' cause in an adventure that finds them struggling to convince their new member to accept a more optimistic perspective. By the creator of the best-selling The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

The Guardians Collection

Author : William Joyce
Publisher : Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
Release : 2018-12-18
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 1534440011


Book The Guardians Collection Description/Summary:

The origin stories of your favorite childhood heroes are revealed in this boxed set featuring all five of William Joyce’s Guardians chapter books. Of course you know the Guardians. You’ve known them since before you can remember: Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost. But...where did they come from? And what nefarious evil-doer forced to band together to protect the children of the world? Answers are revealed and imaginations unfurl in this treasure trove of a boxed set. This set includes all five titles in the Guardians chapter book series: Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth’s Core! Toothiana, Queen of the Fairy Army The Sandman and the War of Dreams Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning

The Pioneers

Author : David McCullough
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Release : 2020-05-05
Category : History
ISBN : 9781501168703


Book The Pioneers Description/Summary:

The #1 New York Times bestseller by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian David McCullough rediscovers an important chapter in the American story that’s “as resonant today as ever” (The Wall Street Journal)—the settling of the Northwest Territory by courageous pioneers who overcame incredible hardships to build a community based on ideals that would define our country. As part of the Treaty of Paris, in which Great Britain recognized the new United States of America, Britain ceded the land that comprised the immense Northwest Territory, a wilderness empire northwest of the Ohio River containing the future states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. A Massachusetts minister named Manasseh Cutler was instrumental in opening this vast territory to veterans of the Revolutionary War and their families for settlement. Included in the Northwest Ordinance were three remarkable conditions: freedom of religion, free universal education, and most importantly, the prohibition of slavery. In 1788 the first band of pioneers set out from New England for the Northwest Territory under the leadership of Revolutionary War veteran General Rufus Putnam. They settled in what is now Marietta on the banks of the Ohio River. McCullough tells the story through five major characters: Cutler and Putnam; Cutler’s son Ephraim; and two other men, one a carpenter turned architect, and the other a physician who became a prominent pioneer in American science. “With clarity and incisiveness, [McCullough] details the experience of a brave and broad-minded band of people who crossed raging rivers, chopped down forests, plowed miles of land, suffered incalculable hardships, and braved a lonely frontier to forge a new American ideal” (The Providence Journal). Drawn in great part from a rare and all-but-unknown collection of diaries and letters by the key figures, The Pioneers is a uniquely American story of people whose ambition and courage led them to remarkable accomplishments. “A tale of uplift” (The New York Times Book Review), this is a quintessentially American story, written with David McCullough’s signature narrative energy.

The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

Author : Frank Cole
Publisher : Cedar Fort
Release : 2011
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 1599554488


Book The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter Description/Summary:

Fifteen-year-old Amber Rawson, who has a passion for archaeology and a talent for deciphering ancient codes, must find the ancient Tebah Stick, a biblical artifact capable of global destruction, and save her kidnapped archaeology instructor.