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The End of Alzheimer's Program

Author : Dale Bredesen
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2020-08-18
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780525538509


Book The End of Alzheimer's Program Description/Summary:

The instant New York Times bestseller The New York Times Best Selling author of The End of Alzheimer's lays out a specific plan to help everyone prevent and reverse cognitive decline or simply maximize brainpower. In The End of Alzheimer's Dale Bredesen laid out the science behind his revolutionary new program that is the first to both prevent and reverse symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Now he lays out the detailed program he uses with his own patients. Accessible and detailed, it can be tailored to anyone's needs and will enhance cognitive ability at any age. What we call Alzheimer's disease is actually a protective response to a wide variety of insults to the brain: inflammation, insulin resistance, toxins, infections, and inadequate levels of nutrients, hormones, and growth factors. Bredesen starts by having us figure out which of these insults we need to address and continues by laying out a personalized lifestyle plan. Focusing on the Ketoflex 12/3 Diet, which triggers ketosis and lets the brain restore itself with a minimum 12-hour fast, Dr. Bredesen drills down on restorative sleep, targeted supplementation, exercise, and brain training. He also examines the tricky question of toxic exposure and provides workarounds for many difficult problems. The takeaway is that we do not need to do the program perfectly but will see tremendous results if we can do it well enough. With inspiring stories from patients who have reversed cognitive decline and are now thriving, this book shifts the treatment paradigm and offers a new and effective way to enhance cognition as well as unprecedented hope to sufferers of this now no longer deadly disease.

The End of Alzheimer's

Author : Dale E. Bredesen
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2017
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780735216204


Book The End of Alzheimer's Description/Summary:

Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer, but no one knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer's Disease. Dale Bredesen, MD, offers hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive decline. Arguing that AD is not one condition, as it is currently treated, but three, Bredesen outlines 36 metabolic factors (micronutrients, hormone levels, sleep) that can trigger "downsizing" in the brain. He then shows us how to rebalance these factors using lifestyle modifications like taking B12, eliminating gluten, or improving oral hygiene.

The End of Alzheimer’s

Author : Thomas J. Lewis,Clement L. Trempe
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2017-05-12
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9780128121139


Book The End of Alzheimer’s Description/Summary:

The End of Alzheimer’s: The Brain and Beyond, Second Edition is the first comprehensive overview on the molecular basis of Alzheimer’s outside of the brain, merging the most recent findings within the field into a single book. It aims to educate the reader on the many overlooked aspects of Alzheimer’s disease that occur outside the brain. This book uniquely provides step-by-step, peer-reviewed evidence that the current research model may be misguided and that a new and emerging model is more accurate. It carefully outlines the molecular research in Alzheimer’s outside the brain and argues that a more thorough, whole-body diagnosis will provide better answers about its causes and lead to new treatments. It is beneficial to researchers who need to be apprised of the emerging science on the causes of Alzheimer’s, and will hopefully redirect many into new avenues of cellular research and discovery. Comprehensive literature-based summary of the current state of molecular Alzheimer’s disease research Details the shortcomings of the prevailing model and therapeutics in development Reviews blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s and their link to amyloid- and Tau-independent causes outside the brain Describes the tissues outside the brain impacted by Alzheimer’s and the underlying molecular causes Explains the whole-body risks associated with Alzheimer’s, along with concomitant measures to slow or prevent the disease Provides a protocol to properly research, evaluate, measure, diagnose, and potentially treat Alzheimer’s patients

The End of Memory

Author : Jay Ingram
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 2015-09-29
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781466887916


Book The End of Memory Description/Summary:

It is a wicked disease that robs its victims of their memories, their ability to think clearly, and ultimately their lives. For centuries, those afflicted by Alzheimer's disease have suffered its debilitating effects while family members sit by, watching their loved ones disappear a little more each day until the person they used to know is gone forever. The disease was first described by German psychologist and neurologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906. One hundred years and a great deal of scientific effort later, much more is known about Alzheimer's, but it still affects millions around the world, and there is no cure in sight. In The End of Memory, award-winning science author Jay Ingram writes a biography of this disease that attacks the brains of patients. He charts the history of the disease from before it was noted by Alois Alzheimer through to the twenty-first century, explains the fascinating science of plaques and tangles, recounts the efforts to understand and combat the disease, and introduces us to the passionate researchers who are working to find a cure. An illuminating biography of "the plague of the twenty-first century" and scientists' efforts to understand and, they hope, prevent it, The End of Memory is a book for those who want to find out the true story behind an affliction that courses through families and wreaks havoc on the lives of millions.

The Alzheimer's Solution

Author : Dean Sherzai,Ayesha Sherzai
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2017-10-05
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781471162794


Book The Alzheimer's Solution Description/Summary:

THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, PROVEN PROGRAMME FOR REVERSING THE SYMPTOMS OF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE Alzheimer's Disease affects over 47 million people worldwide but 90 per cent of cases can be prevented. Based on the largest clinical study to date, The Alzheimer's Solution, by leading neurologists and Alzheimer's specialists Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, provides the essential practical tools you and your family need to reverse the symptoms and prevent cognitive decline. Alzheimer's disease isn't a genetic inevitability and a diagnosis doesn’t need to spell the end. Ninety per cent of us can avoid getting it and for the 10 per cent with strong genetic risk, the disease can be delayed by 10 to 15 years. This is based on the remarkable results Dr Dean Sherzai and Dr Ayesha Sherzai have seen in their own clinic. This much-needed revolutionary book provides: *The groundbreaking and successful programme for the treatment of Alzheimer's *A practical 5-part plan for reversing and preventing Alzheimer's, covering food, sleep, exercise, stress-management and activities that keep your brain healthy *A questionnaire for assessing your risk level and daily guides for optimising your brain's health *Delicious and simple brain-healthy recipes for you and the family to enjoy Praise for The Alzheimer's Solution: 'The Sherzais' research is changing the landscape of neurodegenerative diseases as well as the outcomes for thousands of patients.' Dr Keith Black, Chairman of the Neurosurgery Department and Director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurological Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 'A very important book.' Dr Dilip Jeste, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine 'The Alzheimer’s Solution supplies everything you need to know about the prevention of this disease' Dr Joel Fuhrman, New York Times best-selling author of Super Immunity, Eat to Live and The End of Diabetes, President, Nutritional Research Foundation 'This [is a] thorough, thoughtful, empowering, and timely book…Every family should own, and apply, The Alzheimer’s Solution.' Dr David Katz, founding director of Yale University's Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, founder and president of the True Health Initiative, and author of Disease-Proof

Summary of the End of Alzheimer's: the First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale Bredesen

Author : Concise Concise Reading
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-12-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1973442922


Book Summary of the End of Alzheimer's: the First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale Bredesen Description/Summary:

Summary of The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale BredesenConcise Reading offers an in-depth and comprehensive encapsulation of the instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller "The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline" by Dr. Dale Bredesens. It provides the essence and wisdom of the book as well as contemplative discussions that will help you appreciate the book even more. It contains many tantalizing sections including:* Book Summary* Background Information About The Author* Discussion QuestionsAnd much more!Download and start reading immediately.*Note: This is an unofficial companion book of Dale Bredesen's "instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller "The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline".- It is designed to enrich your reading experience and not the original book.

Alzheimer's Disease

Author : Amy Borenstein,James Mortimer
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2016-02-16
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9780124171541


Book Alzheimer's Disease Description/Summary:

Alzheimer's Disease: Lifecourse Perspectives on Risk Reduction summarizes the growing body of knowledge on the distribution and causes of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in human populations, providing the reader with knowledge on how we define the disease and what its risk and protective factors are in the context of a life-course approach. At the conclusion of the book, the reader will understand why Alzheimer’s disease likely begins at conception, then progresses through early-life and adult risk factors that ultimately impact the balance between pathologic insults in the brain and the ability of the brain to modify disease symptoms. In contrast to edited volumes that may have little cohesion, this book focuses on an integrated life-course approach to the epidemiology of dementia, in particular, Alzheimer’s disease. Reviews the current science surrounding Alzheimer’s disease Provides a primer of foundational knowledge on the disease's epidemiology and biostatistics Utilizes a life-course approach, providing a novel and integrated view of the evolution of this illness from genes to brain reserve Uses the ‘threshold model’—a theory first described by Dr. Mortimer and widely accepted today—which incorporates the idea of risk factors for the pathology and expression of the disease Proposes that improving brain health through modifiable behaviors can delay disease onset until a later age Examines the future of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, a subject of great current interest

Married to Alzheimer's

Author : Steph Booth
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2019-03-07
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781473555402


Book Married to Alzheimer's Description/Summary:

EXTRAORDINARY MEMOIR OF A LIFE AND LOVE TORN APART BY DEMENTIA When her husband Tony was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2004, Steph Booth had to say goodbye to life as she knew it. The disease encroached into their lives, taking away Tony day by day. Open and honest, but with heart and warmth, Steph reveals and the hardship of caring for Tony and losing herself in the midst of it. Along the way we learn of the people they were, the dynamics of their relationship – Tony’s theatrics, Steph’s stubbornness – effortlessly captured with lightness and humour. Borne out of her much-loved Irish Times column, Married to Alzheimer’s is a poignant account of a life and love torn apart by dementia and a bond that was unshakeable. Tony was never a conformist. An actor, rebel, raconteur. The frustration, the grief, the laughter, the anger, the joy meant life with him was anything but ordinary.

In Pursuit of Memory

Author : Joseph Jebelli
Publisher : Little, Brown Spark
Release : 2017-10-31
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780316398961


Book In Pursuit of Memory Description/Summary:

For readers of Atul Gawande, Siddhartha Mukherjee, and Henry Marsh, a riveting, gorgeously written biography of one of history's most fascinating and confounding diseases -- Alzheimer's -- from its discovery more than 100 years ago to today's race towards a cure. Alzheimer's is the great global epidemic of our time, affecting millions worldwide -- there are more than 5 million people diagnosed in the US alone. And as our population ages, scientists are working against the clock to find a cure. Neuroscientist Joseph Jebelli is among them. His beloved grandfather had Alzheimer's and now he's written the book he needed then -- a very human history of this frightening disease. But In Pursuit of Memory is also a thrilling scientific detective story that takes you behind the headlines. Jebelli's quest takes us from nineteenth-century Germany and post-war England, to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the technological proving grounds of Japan; through America, India, China, Iceland, Sweden, and Colombia. Its heroes are scientists from around the world -- many of whom he's worked with -- and the brave patients and families who have changed the way that researchers think about the disease. This compelling insider's account shows vividly why Jebelli feels so hopeful about a cure, but also why our best defense in the meantime is to understand the disease. In Pursuit of Memory is a clever, moving, eye-opening guide to the threat one in three of us faces now.

Developing Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease

Author : Michael S. Wolfe
Publisher : Academic Press
Release : 2016-05-27
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780128021644


Book Developing Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease Description/Summary:

Developing Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease: Progress and Challenges provides a thorough overview of the latest advances toward the development of therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease, along with the major hurdles that still must be overcome and potential solutions to these problems. Despite the lack of progress toward developing therapeutics that can slow or stop the progression of this disease, important discoveries have been made and many promising approaches are advancing in preclinical studies and clinical trials. This book outlines the special challenges related to specific targets and approaches, while presenting a realistic, comprehensive and balanced view of drug discovery and development in this area. Written by international leaders in the field, the book assesses prospects for the emergence of effective agents and allows readers to better understand the challenges, failures, and future potential for research in Alzheimer’s disease. This book is a valuable resource to academic scientists carrying out translational research in Alzheimer’s disease, industrial scientists engaged in Alzheimer's drug discovery, executives in biopharmaceutical companies making strategic decisions regarding the direction of internal research and potential outside partnerships, and graduate-level students pursuing courses on Alzheimer's therapeutics. Provides a realistic but promising assessment of the potential of various therapeutic approaches to Alzheimer’s disease Focuses primarily on neuroprotective agents and cognitive enhancers, as well as approaches to targeting the amyloid B-peptide, tau and Apolipoprotein E Discusses alternative approaches, preclinical and clinical development issues, related biomarkers and diagnostics, and prevention and nonpharmacological approaches

The Problem of Alzheimer's

Author : Jason Karlawish
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2021-02-23
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781250218742


Book The Problem of Alzheimer's Description/Summary:

A definitive and compelling book on one of today's most prevalent illnesses. In 2020, an estimated 5.8 million Americans had Alzheimer’s, and more than half a million died because of the disease and its devastating complications. 16 million caregivers are responsible for paying as much as half of the $226 billion annual costs of their care. As more people live beyond their seventies and eighties, the number of patients will rise to an estimated 13.8 million by 2025. Part case studies, part meditation on the past, present and future of the disease, The Problem of Alzheimer's traces Alzheimer’s from its beginnings to its recognition as a crisis. While it is an unambiguous account of decades of missed opportunities and our health care systems’ failures to take action, it tells the story of the biomedical breakthroughs that may allow Alzheimer’s to finally be prevented and treated by medicine and also presents an argument for how we can live with dementia: the ways patients can reclaim their autonomy and redefine their sense of self, how families can support their loved ones, and the innovative reforms we can make as a society that would give caregivers and patients better quality of life. Rich in science, history, and characters, The Problem of Alzheimer's takes us inside laboratories, patients' homes, caregivers’ support groups, progressive care communities, and Jason Karlawish's own practice at the Penn Memory Center.

SUMMARY The End of Alzheimer's

Author : Short Reads
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-10-23
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1948191008


Book SUMMARY The End of Alzheimer's Description/Summary:

Discover The Secret To Living A Life FREE From ALZHEIMER DISEASE Disclaimer: This is a Summary and Review of the End of Alzheimer Book, It's not the Original Book by Dale Bredesen, M.D That Alzheimer's disease is incurable, almost untreatable and has no confirmed method of prevention is one fact that is depressing not just to the victims of this disease but their families, friends and the medical community. This book by The Renowned MD, Dale E. Bredesen represents an important milestone in the approach to Alzheimer's disease, to treat it as mysterious and inexhaustible distress almost exclusively by our genes, to understand it as multifunctional provided it can be prevented and even reversed in a large-measured diet and change of lifestyle. For the first time, patients and families affected by Alzheimer's disease - and those with high risk for this devastating disease - really have the cause for hope. An innovative plan based on scientific research and clinical results that are shown to prevent and reverse Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline by treating metabolic imbalances with lifestyle changes. The Main Aim of summarizing this book is to make for easier understanding of the original book and to help people to effectively Comprehend, articulate, imbibe and practicalize the priceless information provided by Dale E. Bredesen. What you'll Get From This Book Executive Summary of the original book Key Takeaways & Brief chapter-by-chapter summaries Save a Life Today, Scroll Up Now and Click BUY

The Caregiver's Guide to Dementia

Author : Gail Weatherill
Publisher : Rockridge Press
Release : 2020-01-21
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 1646113926


Book The Caregiver's Guide to Dementia Description/Summary:

Care for yourself, while caring for a loved one with dementia When caring for someone with dementia, your own mental stability can be the single most critical factor in your loved one's quality of life. The Caregiver's Guide to Dementia brings practical and comprehensive guidance to understanding the illness, caring for someone, and caring for yourself. From understanding common behavioral and mood changes to making financial decisions, this book contains bulleted lists of actions you can take to improve your health and your caregiving. Inspirational and compassionate, it focuses on the caregiver's underlying love and humanity that cannot be taken away by any disease. In The Caregiver's Guide to Dementia you'll find: Dementia defined--Understand dementia and its many forms, with an explanation of the illness and its variations. Caregiver wellness--At the end of each chapter, a small section provides relaxation and mindfulness exercises and reflection for dementia caregivers. Practical approach--The back of the book is filled with resources, from financial planning to tips on safety, along with questions for health care professionals, lawyers, accountants, therapists, and friends.

The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution

Author : Dean Sherzai,Ayesha Sherzai
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2021-03-23
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780063139305


Book The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution Description/Summary:

The most scientifically rigorous, results-driven cookbook and nutrition program on the planet, featuring over 75 recipes designed specifically to protect and enhance your amazing brain. Dean Sherzai, MD and Ayesha Sherzai, MD have spent decades studying neuro-degenerative disease as Co-Directors of the Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Hospital. Together, they created and perfected a highly-intentional and specific nutrition program with one goal in mind: preventing Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and cognitive decline in their patients. The results have been astounding. It starts by implementing their "Neuro Nine" foods into your diet every single day. In just thirty days, and with the help of the clear instructions and 75+ easy and delicious meals you'll find in this book, The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution, you can boost the power of your brain, protect it from illness, and jumpstart total body health, including weight loss and improved sensory ability and mobility. In The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution, Dean and Ayesha offer an action-oriented cookbook for preventing disease and propelling results like improved mental agility, short- and long-term memory, sharpness, and attention. Let this be the first 30 days of the rest of your life.

End of Alzheimer's Diet Cookbook

Author : Dave Miller
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-09-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1976218772


Book End of Alzheimer's Diet Cookbook Description/Summary:

DISCOVER HOW TO LIVE A LIFE FREE FROM ALZHEIMER DISEASE. This book is a great sit-down read, as well as a beginner's guide to the "The end of Alzheimer's." This book contains other "hacks" as described in the "The end of Alzheimer's" by Dale E. Bredesen MD" diet regime, which will make you feel really Alzheimer disease. This cookbook is packed with mind blowing recipes to help in reversing cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. This book can be a bit of slog at times even compared to similar titles that have come out this year like The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry, undoctored by William Davis, and Head Strong by Dave Asprey but most importantly this only reflects the extent of Dr. Bredesen's research and intellect. Undoubtedly, this book is worth the effort for anyone touched by someone experiencing or at risk for (pretty much everyone) cognitive decline. The recipes in this book apply Bredesen's approach broadly to any and all dementias be they officially diagnosed as Alzheimer's or not. I will assure you that if you follow this End to Alzheimer's cookbook properly, you WILL prevent and reverse cognitive decline. Recipes are free from processed food that contains refined carbohydrates (like flour and sugar) because they increase inflammation and cause blood sugar fluctuations. There is NO DIET out there that provides "A HEALTHY YOU" like the End to Alzheimer's cookbook Diet; GIVE IT A TRIAL!

The End of Alzheimer's Programme

Author : Dr Dale Bredesen
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2020-08-20
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9781473564169


Book The End of Alzheimer's Programme Description/Summary:

The scientifically-proven practical plan to help reverse Alzheimer’s and prevent cognitive decline from the international bestselling author of The End of Alzheimer's. Following his ground-breaking book that transformed how we think about Alzheimer's and its treatment, world-renowned neurology expert Dale Bredesen provides an unprecedented hands-on guide to achieving complete brain health. In The End of Alzheimer's Programme, he lays out step-by-step his highly sought after, scientifically-proven method that you can follow with a healthcare professional to stop Alzheimer's in its tracks. Alzheimer’s Disease is a protective response to an array of factors that directly affect the brain, such as inflammation, genetic inheritance, nutrients and hormones. In this book, Bredesen will show you which of these factors you need to address to enhance your cognitive abilities by laying out a personalised lifestyle plan. Covering sleep, exercise, diet, brain training and more, Bredesen will show you how to retain, regain and maximise cognitive function for any ability and for any age with extraordinary results. Based on cutting-edge research and full of inspiring success stories from Bredesen’s patients, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their brainpower and is a vital guide for carers and healthcare professionals.

We Are Not Ourselves

Author : Matthew Thomas
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-08-19
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781476756660


Book We Are Not Ourselves Description/Summary:

Raised by her Irish immigrant parents in a 1940s Queens apartment where alcohol and company combine in mercurial ways, Eileen marries an unambitious scientist with whom she endures an increasingly psychologically dark family life. A first novel.

Jan's Story

Author : Barry Petersen,Barry Rex Petersen
Publisher : Behler Publications
Release : 2010
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781933016443


Book Jan's Story Description/Summary:

Jan Petersen was vibrant, active, healthy, and just 55 when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Barry was not even slightly prepared for what happened to her, and how it would impact his life when "forever" suddenly and terrifyingly has an expiration date.

Alzheimer's Disease, Media Representations and the Politics of Euthanasia

Author : Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone
Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Release : 2013-05-28
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781472401113


Book Alzheimer's Disease, Media Representations and the Politics of Euthanasia Description/Summary:

Drawing on extensive data including news media reports and commentaries, documentaries, courts and court reports, films, websites, professional literature and government and non-government agencies, this book explores the 'Alzheimerisation' of the euthanasia debate, examining the shift in recent years in public attitudes towards the desirability and moral permissibility of euthanasia as an end-of-life 'solution' for people living with the disease - not just at its end stage, but also at earlier stages. With attention to media representations and public understandings of Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's Disease, Media Representations and the Politics of Euthanasia sheds light on the processes contributing to these changes in public opinion, investigating the drivers of vexed political debate surrounding the issue and examining the manner in which both sides of the euthanasia debate mobilise support, portray their opponents and make use of media technologies to frame the terms of discourse. Paving the way for a greater level of intellectual honesty with regard to an issue carrying significant policy implications, this book will be of interest to scholars of media and communication, social movements and political communication, and the sociology of health and medicine, as well as researchers and professionals in the fields of palliative and end of life care.