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The Effort

Author : Claire Holroyde
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-01-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1538717611


Book The Effort Description/Summary:

For readers of Station Eleven and Good Morning, Midnight comes an electric, heart-pounding novel of love and sacrifice that follows people around the world as they unite to prevent a global catastrophe. When dark comet UD3 was spotted near Jupiter's orbit, its existence was largely ignored. But to individuals who knew better -- scientists like Benjamin Schwartz, manager of NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies -- the threat this eight-kilometer comet posed to the survival of the human race was unthinkable. The 150-million-year reign of the dinosaurs ended when an asteroid impact generated more than a billion times the energy of an atomic bomb. What would happen to Earth's seven billion inhabitants if a similar event were allowed to occur? Ben and his indomitable girlfriend Amy Kowalski fly to South America to assemble an international counteraction team, whose notable recruits include Love Mwangi, a UN interpreter and nomad scholar, and Zhen Liu, an extraordinary engineer from China's national space agency. At the same time, on board a polar icebreaker life continues under the looming shadow of comet UD3. Jack Campbell, a photographer for National Geographic, works to capture the beauty of the Arctic before it is gone forever. Gustavo Wayãpi, a Nobel Laureate poet from Brazil, struggles to accept the recent murder of his beloved twin brother. And Maya Gutiérrez, an impassioned marine biologist is -- quite unexpectedly -- falling in love for the first time. Together, these men and women must fight to survive in an unknown future with no rules and nothing to be taken for granted. They have two choices: neutralize the greatest threat the world has ever seen (preferably before mass hysteria hits or world leaders declare World War III) or come to terms with the annihilation of humanity itself. Their mission is codenamed The Effort.

F for Effort

Author : Richard Benson
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2014-01-21
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781452138589


Book F for Effort Description/Summary:

From the author of the national bestseller F in Exams comes a brand new compendium of hilarious and inventive wrong test answers and homework hiccups. Featuring gems from elementary school ("two halves make a whale"), middle grades (Q: What does "germinate" mean? A: To become a German citizen), and high school (Q: Fossil fuels are usually associated with which major type of rock? A: Classic rock), these 250 examples of creative invention are sure to charm anyone who has had to bluff or blunder their way through a test.

Nim and the War Effort

Author : Milly Lee
Publisher : Turtleback
Release : 2002-04-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0606243518


Book Nim and the War Effort Description/Summary:

In her determination to prove that an American can win the contest for the war effort, Nim does something which leaves her Chinese grandfather both bewildered and proud.

I See You Made an Effort

Author : Annabelle Gurwitch
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2014-03-06
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781101634721


Book I See You Made an Effort Description/Summary:

“Annabelle Gurwitch is the child prodigy of the literature on aging. The only downside of this book is that it is bound to deepen your laugh lines.”—Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed Actor and humorist Annabelle Gurwitch returns with a wickedly funny book of essays about the indignities faced by femmes d’un certain âge. Whether she is falling in lust at the Genius Bar, coping with her best friend’s assisted suicide, or navigating the extensive—and treacherously expensive—anti-aging offerings at the beauty counter, Gurwitch confronts middle age with candor, wit, and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Scorchingly honest, surreally and riotously funny, I See You Made an Effort is the ultimate coming-of-middle-age story and according to Bill Maher, "it should be required reading for anyone between the ages of 40 and death. Scratch that—even after death, it's a must read."

The Wright Stuff

Author : Derek Webber
Publisher : Apogee Books
Release : 2010
Category : Science
ISBN : 1926592174


Book The Wright Stuff Description/Summary:

Recounted through a well-selected collection of photographs, this discussion relates a succession of advancements and risk taking, chronicling the evolution of space tourism. Traveling back to the almost simultaneous beginnings of aviation and rocketry, this analysis highlights the crucial names in the industry, honoring them with "The Wright Stuff" awards for their contributions. Illustrating how today's tickets to space have been made possible not just by entrepreneurs and engineers but also by the efforts of artists, regulators, politicians, and some of the earliest aviators, this exploration also touches on today's rapid expansion phase of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space flights. Clearly depicting how a commercial business can emerge in this swiftly growing field, this unique investigation also provides examples of how space tourists are helping to create reusable technologies of benefit to all.

William Henry Seward and the Secession Crisis

Author : Lawrence M. Denton
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2009-09-12
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780786454228


Book William Henry Seward and the Secession Crisis Description/Summary:

While Abraham Lincoln was taking center stage in a divided country, a political rival-turned-ally was exerting a major influence on national affairs. William Henry Seward, U.S. senator and former New York governor, lost the Republican Party nomination but aided Lincoln by touring the country on behalf of the Republican ticket. As Southern states prepared to withdraw from the Union, Secretary of State Seward sought to reunite the country. This biography explores Seward’s political power and the theory that, as president, he might have prevented the Civil War.

Urbanism Without Effort

Author : Charles R. Wolfe
Publisher : Island Press
Release : 2019-03-01
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 9781610919623


Book Urbanism Without Effort Description/Summary:

How do you create inviting and authentic urban environments where people feel at home? Countless community engagement workshops, studies by consulting firms, and downtown revitalization campaigns have attempted to answer this age-old question. In Urbanism Without Effort, Chuck Wolfe argues that "unplanned” places can often teach us more about great placemaking than planned ones. From impromptu movie nights in a Seattle alley to the adapted reuse of Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia, Wolfe searches for the "first principles” of what makes humans feel happy and safe amid the hustle and bustle of urban life. He highlights the common elements of cities around the world that spontaneously bring people together: being inherently walkable, factors that contribute to safety at night, the importance of intersections and corners, and more. In this age of skyrocketing metropolitan growth, he argues, looking to the past might be our best approach to creating the urban future we dream about. A whirlwind global tour, Urbanism Without Effort offers readers inspiration, historical context, and a better understanding of how an inviting urban environment is created.

The Mahabharata, Volume 3

Author : Anonim
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2014-08-14
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780226223711


Book The Mahabharata, Volume 3 Description/Summary:

The Mahabharata, an ancient and vast Sanskrit poem, is a remarkable collection of epics, legends, romances, theology, and ethical and metaphysical doctrine. The core of this great work is the epic struggle between five heroic brothers, the Pandavas, and their one hundred contentious cousins for rule of the land. This is the third volume of van Buitenen's acclaimed translation of the definitive Poona edition of the text. Book 4, The Book of Virata, begins as a burlesque, but the mood soon darkens amid molestation, raids, and Arjuna's battle with the principal heroes of the enemy. Book 5, The Book of the Effort, relates the attempts of the Pandavas to negotiate the return of their patrimony. They are refused so much as a "pinprick of land," and both parties finally march to battle.


Author : Jay Schulkin
Publisher : Psychology Press
Release : 2020-08-27
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9781000149432


Book Effort Description/Summary:

In Effort: A Behavioral Neuroscience Perspective on the Will, author Jay Schulkin presents a two-fold thesis: there is no absolute separation of the cognitive and non-cognitive brain, and there are diverse cognitive systems, many of which are embodied in motor systems that underlie self-regulation. Central to this thesis is that dopamine is the one neurotransmitter that underlies the diverse senses of effort, and is apparent in most everyday activity, whether solving a problem in our head or moving about. As scientific literature abounds with studies of decision-making and effort, this book emphasizes the importance of demythologizing our understanding of cognitive systems in order to link motivation, behavioral inhibition, self-regulation, and will. Effort will benefit researchers and students in neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, as well as anyone with interest in this topic.

You Are an Artist

Author : Sarah Urist Green
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020
Category : ART
ISBN : 9780143134091


Book You Are an Artist Description/Summary:

"More than 50 assignments, ideas, and prompts to expand your world and help you make outstanding new things to put into it Curator Sarah Urist Green left her office in the basement of an art museum to travel and visit a diverse range of artists, asking them to share prompts that relate to their own ways of working ... This book is for anyone who wants to make art, regardless of experience level. The only materials you'll need are what you already have on hand or can source for free. Full of insights, techniques, and inspiration from art history, this book opens up the processes and practices of artists and proves that you, too, have what it takes to call yourself one"--

Climate Diplomacy from Rio to Paris

Author : William Sweet
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 2016-12-06
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780300224771


Book Climate Diplomacy from Rio to Paris Description/Summary:

The essential primer for understanding climate diplomacy, describing both the major players and the path to progress, from the 1992 Rio Summit to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference Climate Diplomacy from Rio to Paris is the first accessible overview of climate diplomacy in its first quarter century. The author, who has reported on energy and climate for two decades, provides readers with a nuanced account of the major players and their interests—from the United States, the European Union, and China to environmental organizations, the United Nations, and the Vatican—and analyzes the outcomes of the major climate conferences at Rio, Kyoto, Copenhagen, and Paris.

You're Worth The Effort.

Author : Sirius Publications
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-07-19
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1081551267


Book You're Worth The Effort. Description/Summary:

120 pages. Lined paper. 6''x9'' perfect size to cary around with you. Fits everywhere. Professionally designed with a matte finish. Perfect binding soft cover; no need to worry about pages accidentally ripping. Suitable for taking notes, writing, organizing, goal setting, doodling, drawing, lists, journaling and brainstorming. Personalized notebooks and journals make a thoughtful gift for adults and kids as a functional gift for any occasion.

Effort and Grace

Author : Simone Kotva
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2020-06-25
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9781350113664


Book Effort and Grace Description/Summary:

Philosophy and theology have long harboured contradictory views on spiritual practice. While philosophy advocates the therapeutic benefits of daily meditation, the theology of grace promotes an ideal of happiness bestowed with little effort. As such, the historical juxtaposition of effort and grace grounding modern spiritual exercise can be seen as the essential tension between the secular and sacred. In Effort and Grace, Simone Kotva explores an exciting new theory of spiritual endeavour from the tradition of French spiritualist philosophy. Spiritual exercise has largely been studied in relation to ancient philosophy and the Ignatian tradition, yet Kotva's new engagement with its more recent forms has alerted her to an understanding of contemplative practice as rife with critical potential. Here, she offers an interdisciplinary text tracing the narrative of spiritual exertion through the work of seminal French thinkers such as Maine de Biran, Félix Ravaisson, Henri Bergson, Alain (Émile Chartier), Simone Weil and Gilles Deleuze. Her findings allow both secular philosophers and theologians to understand how the spiritual life can participate in the contemporary philosophical conversation.

Public Health Practice in Australia

Author : Sally Fawkes,Vivian Lin,James Smith
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2020-07-16
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781000246988


Book Public Health Practice in Australia Description/Summary:

Public Health Practice in Australia offers a thorough introduction to what public health practitioners do, and the 'effort' involved in improving the health of the public. This second edition has been fully revised and updated in line with current policies and practice. It highlights common threads that underlie seemingly disparate activities, ideas and entities that comprise the organised effort of public health practice. The emphasis is on securing and maintaining the conditions in society that enable people to live healthy and fulfilling lives. The authors examine the impact of historical, social, economic, environmental and political factors on the health of individuals, communities and populations. Taking an applied, multidisciplinary approach, they outline the strategies and tools that public health practitioners use to improve health outcomes: identifying infrastructure needs in the workforce, public and private sector organisations, and in regulation; gathering, analysing and using health data; applying interventions in health policy, provision of health services and health promotion. Public Health Practice in Australia draws on current international and Australian research and the interwoven case studies make the theories and concepts come alive. It is a valuable resource for students and professionals across the health sciences including public health, medicine, environmental health, health promotion, health information management and health administration. 'The book is impressive in the completeness, clarity and consistency of the material covered, and for the way in which many of the theoretical issues are related to current practice. An extremely useful and valuable reference for both students and practitioners alike.' - Thomas Tenkate, Environmental Health

An Effort Based Approach to Consonant Lenition

Author : Robert Kirchner
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-12-16
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781136710490


Book An Effort Based Approach to Consonant Lenition Description/Summary:

The first serious typological survey of the lenition process in modern phonological literature.

Time and Effort

Author : James Turner
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-01-17
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1732728917


Book Time and Effort Description/Summary:

After 32 years providing medical care for patients with devastating brain and spinal cord injuries, James Turner, M.D. began recording the stories he heard as a child, the stories he told his own children, and the remarkable path traveled from his early struggles in public education to acceptance at a world-famous university medical school. The result is a collection of vignettes that illustrate the choices and unavoidable circumstances which determined the route he took, and why he was ultimately successful in achieving an education. The author also has a keen eye for history, and the setting for the stories herein spans a period of remarkable social and economic upheaval in U.S. history; from family tales of the Great Depression and WWII, to the author's personal experience observing the inner workings of the Department of Defense during the escalation of the war in Vietnam, and the turmoil of political assassination and racial violence visited upon Washington, D.C. in 1968. This book should be of interest to a wide variety of readers. Although told in chronological order, each piece can be read as a stand-alone short story, allowing the reader to pick and choose portions of particular interest and the order in which read. Superficially, Time and Effort is a group of adventures, misadventures, hair-raising tales, and coming-of-age stories from the middle of the last Century. More importantly, the stories represent a first-person account of a child with atypical learning patterns, attempting to navigate an inflexible public education system and discover what abilities he has, while being told he has next to none. Both the subtle and overt ways in which schools label and stigmatize these children are demonstrated by example. Many of the stories relate to the author's military experience. For veterans, especially of the Vietnam Era, some will evoke familiar memories, while others describe a path less taken at the height of that war. Ultimately, this book is about hope, about the power of perseverance, about the remarkable kindness of strangers, and about the enormous influence each individual can have on the success and well-being of others.

The Rise of the G.I. Army, 1940-1941

Author : Paul Dickson
Publisher : Atlantic Monthly Press
Release : 2020-07-07
Category : History
ISBN : 9780802147684


Book The Rise of the G.I. Army, 1940-1941 Description/Summary:

The dramatic, untold story of how the American Army was mobilized from scattered outposts two years before Pearl Harbor into the disciplined and mobile fighting force that helped win World War II In September 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland and initiated World War II, a strong strain of isolationism existed in Congress and across the country. The U.S. Army stood at fewer than 200,000 men—unprepared to defend the country, much less carry the fight to Europe and the Far East. And yet, less than a year after Pearl Harbor, the American army led the Allied invasion of North Africa, beginning the campaign that would defeat Germany, and the Navy and Marines were fully engaged with Japan in the Pacific. The story of America’s astounding industrial mobilization during World War II has been told. But what has never been chronicled before Paul Dickson’s The Rise of the G. I. Army, 1940-1941 is the extraordinary transformation of America’s military from a disparate collection of camps with dilapidated equipment into a well-trained and spirited army ten times its prior size in little more than eighteen months. From Franklin Roosevelt’s selection of George C. Marshall to be Army Chief of Staff to the remarkable peace-time draft of 1940 and the massive and unprecedented mock battles in Tennessee, Louisiana, and the Carolinas by which the skill and spirit of the Army were forged and out of which iconic leaders like Eisenhower, Bradley, and Clark emerged; Dickson narrates America’s urgent mobilization against a backdrop of political and cultural isolationist resistance and racial tension at home, and the increasingly perceived threat of attack from both Germany and Japan. An important addition to American history, The Rise of the G. I. Army, 1940-1941 is essential to our understanding of America’s involvement in World War II.

Attention and Effort

Author : Daniel Kahneman
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Release : 1973
Category : Attention
ISBN : UOM:39015001424285


Book Attention and Effort Description/Summary:


Author : Paolo D'Angelo
Publisher : Columbia University Press
Release : 2018-03-06
Category : Art
ISBN : 9780231540346


Book Sprezzatura Description/Summary:

The essence of art is to conceal art. A dancer or musician does not only need to perform with ability. There should also be a lack of visible effort that gives an impression of naturalness. To disguise technique and feign ease is to heighten beauty. To express this notion, Italian has a word with no exact equivalent in other languages, sprezzatura: a kind of unaffectedness or nonchalance. In this book, the first to consider sprezzatura in its own right, philosopher of art Paolo D’Angelo reconstructs the history of concealing art, from ancient rhetoric to our own times. The word sprezzatura was coined in 1528 by Baldassarre Castiglione in The Book of the Courtier to mean a kind of grace with a special essence: the ability to conceal art. But the idea reaches back to Aristotle and Cicero and forward to avant-garde works such as Duchamp’s ready-mades, all of which share the suspicion of the overt display of skill. The precept that art must be hidden turns up in a number of fields, from cosmetics to interior design, politics to poetry, the English garden to shabby chic. Through exploring different articulations of this idea, D’Angelo shows the paradox of aesthetics: art hides that it is art, but in doing so it reveals itself to be art and becomes an assertion about art. When art is concealed, it appears as spontaneous as nature—yet, paradoxically, also reveals its indebtedness to technique. An erudite and surprising tour through aesthetics, philosophy, and art history, Sprezzatura presents a strikingly original argument with deceptive ease.