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Suffragette Legacy

Author : Camilla Mørk Røstvik,Ella Louise Sutherland
Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Release : 2015-10-01
Category : Feminism
ISBN : 9781443885003


Book Suffragette Legacy Description/Summary:

The suffragettes are dead. Long live the suffragettes! As part of the Wonder Woman Radical Manchester events celebrating International Women’s Day, the one-day conference Suffragette Legacy brought together academics, artists, campaigners and activists to present and speak about how their work is affected by the suffragette legacy of feminism in 2014. The organisers welcomed academic papers, feminist theory, poetry and visual art to discuss this important, but often complex topic. It was found that the suffragette legacy is often hidden in private stories, in little-known projects, in art and in metaphor. In addition, the contributions to the conference showed that certain suffragette words, worries and worlds in gender politics still play out amongst humans. This edited volume will encourage more dialogue, discussions and future narratives for our feminist foremothers in both Manchester and beyond.

Stories from Suffragette City

Author : M.J. Rose,Fiona Davis
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
Release : 2020-10-27
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250241337


Book Stories from Suffragette City Description/Summary:

One City. One Movement. A World of Stories. Stories from Suffragette City is a collection of short stories that all take place on a single day: October 23, 1915. It’s the day when tens of thousands of women marched up Fifth Avenue, demanding the right to vote in New York City. Thirteen of today's bestselling authors have taken this moment as inspiration to raise the voices of history and breathe fresh life into their struggles and triumphs. The characters depicted here, some well-known, others unfamiliar, each inspire and reinvigorate the power of democracy. We follow a young woman who is swept up in the protests when all she expected was to come sell her apples in the city. We see Alva Vanderbilt as her white-gloved sensibility is transformed over the course of the single fateful day. Ida B. Wells battles for racial justice in the women's suffrage movement so that every woman's voice can be heard. Each story stands on its own, but together Stories From Suffragette City becomes a symphony, painting a portrait of a country looking for a fight and ever restless for progress and equality. With an introduction by Kristin Hannah and stories from: Lisa Wingate M.J. Rose Steve Berry Paula McLain Katherine J. Chen Christina Baker Kline Jamie Ford Dolen Perkins-Valdez Megan Chance Alyson Richman Chris Bohjalian and Fiona Davis

Death in Ten Minutes

Author : Fern Riddell
Publisher : Quercus
Release : 2019-03-05
Category : History
ISBN : 9781635061314


Book Death in Ten Minutes Description/Summary:

WOMEN WERE NEVER GIVEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE . . . THEY TOOK IT BY FORCE, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. BUT WHY HAS THE RADICAL LEGACY OF THE SUFFRAGETTES BEEN ERASED FROM HISTORY? In Death in Ten Minutes, historian Fern Riddell uncovers the story of radical suffragette Kitty Marion, told through never-before-seen personal diaries in Kitty's own voice. In the early twentieth century, women in the UK and the US were fighting for the vote using any means necessary. Kitty Marion was sent on a mission by the family of Emmeline Pankhurst, founders of the leading militant organization for women's suffrage in the UK: to carry out a nationwide campaign of bombings and arson attacks in support of their goals. Kitty's subsequent arrests and force-feedings while in prison put her on a path of dedicated radical activism, leading her across the ocean to New York City, where she joined Margaret Sanger in advocating for birth control. But in the aftermath of World War I, the dangerous and revolutionary actions of Kitty and other militant suffragettes were quickly hushed up and disowned by the feminist movement, and the women who carried out these attacks were erased from our history. Now, for the first time, their untold story will be brought back to life.


Author : Martha S. Jones
Publisher : Basic Books
Release : 2020-09-08
Category : History
ISBN : 9781541618602


Book Vanguard Description/Summary:

The epic history of African American women's pursuit of political power -- and how it transformed America. In the standard story, the suffrage crusade began in Seneca Falls in 1848 and ended with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. But this overwhelmingly white women's movement did not win the vote for most black women. Securing their rights required a movement of their own. In Vanguard, acclaimed historian Martha S. Jones offers a new history of African American women's political lives in America. She recounts how they defied both racism and sexism to fight for the ballot, and how they wielded political power to secure the equality and dignity of all persons. From the earliest days of the republic to the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and beyond, Jones excavates the lives and work of black women -- Maria Stewart, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Fannie Lou Hamer, and more -- who were the vanguard of women's rights, calling on America to realize its best ideals.

The Rebel Suffragette

Author : Beverley Adams
Publisher : Pen and Sword History
Release : 2021-11-30
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781526773937


Book The Rebel Suffragette Description/Summary:

The suffragette movement swept the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Led by the Pankhurst’s, the focus of the movement was in London with demonstrations and rallies taking place across the capital. But this was a nationwide movement with a strong northern influence with Edith Rigby being an ardent supporter. Edith was a controversial figure, not only was she was the first woman to own and ride a bicycle in her home town but she was founder of a school for girls and young women. Edith followed the example of Emmeline Pankhurst and her supporters and founded the Preston branch of the Women’s Social and Political Union. She was found guilty of arson and an attempted bomb attack in Liverpool following which she was incarcerated and endured hunger strike forming part of the ‘Cat and Mouse’ system with the government. During a political rally with Winston Churchill Edith threw a black pudding at a MP. There are many tales to tell in the life of Edith Rigby, she was charismatic, passionate, ruthless and thoroughly unpredictable. She was someone who rejected the accepted notion of what a woman of her class should be the way she dressed and the way she ran her household but she was independent in mind and spirit and always had courage in her own convictions. As a suffragette, she was just as effective and brave as the Pankhurst women. This is the story of a life of a lesser known suffragette. This is Edith’s story.

Emmeline Pankhurst

Author : June Purvis
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2003-09-02
Category : History
ISBN : 9781134341924


Book Emmeline Pankhurst Description/Summary:

Emmeline Pankhurst was perhaps the most influential woman of the twentieth century. Today her name is synonymous with the 'votes for women' campaign and she is remembered as the most brave and inspirational suffrage leader in history. In this absorbing account of her life both before and after the campaign for women's suffrage, June Purvis documents her early political work, her active role within the suffrage movement and her role as a wife and mother within her family. This fascinating full-length biography of Emmeline Pankhurst, the first for nearly seventy years, draws upon new approaches to feminist biography to place her within the context of her family and friends. It is based upon an unrivalled range of primary sources, including personal interviews with her surviving family.

The Suffragette

Author : Estelle S. Pankhurst
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1911
Category : Suffragists
ISBN : OCLC:318810453


Book The Suffragette Description/Summary:

History of Woman Suffrage: 1883-1900

Author : Elizabeth Cady Stanton,Susan Brownell Anthony,Matilda Joslyn Gage,Ida Husted Harper
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1902
Category : Women
ISBN : STANFORD:36105010339906


Book History of Woman Suffrage: 1883-1900 Description/Summary:

Princess of the Hither Isles

Author : Adele Logan Alexander
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 2019-09-24
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780300244847


Book Princess of the Hither Isles Description/Summary:

A compelling reconstruction of the life of a black suffragist, Adella Hunt Logan, blending family lore, historical research, and literary imagination Born during the Civil War into a slaveholding family that included black, white, and Cherokee forebears, Adella Hunt Logan dedicated herself to advancing political and educational opportunities for the African American community. She taught at Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute but also joined the segregated woman suffrage movement, passing for white in order to fight for the rights of people of color. Her determination—as a wife, mother, scholar, and activist —to challenge the draconian restraints of race and gender generated conflicts that precipitated her tragic demise. Historian Adele Logan Alexander—Adella Hunt Logan’s granddaughter—portrays Adella, her family, and contemporaries such as Booker T. Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Theodore Roosevelt, and W. E. B. Du Bois. Alexander bridges the chasms that frustrate efforts to document the lives of those who traditionally have been silenced, weaving together family lore, historical research, and literary imagination into a riveting, multigenerational family saga.

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Suffragette!

Author : Fiona Macdonald
Publisher : The Salariya Book Company
Release : 2021-01-25
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781912537273


Book You Wouldn't Want to Be a Suffragette! Description/Summary:

The spread of female suffrage is one of the success stories of the 20th century, but it was not achieved without a great deal of hardship. Eyewitnesses tell the story from both sides of the Atlantic, and we learn that even today there is still some way to go. This title in the best-selling children’s history series, You Wouldn't Want To…, features full-colour illustrations which combine humour and accurate technical detail and a narrative approach placing readers at the centre of the history, encouraging them to become emotionally-involved with the characters and aiding their understanding of what life would have been like as a Suffragette. Informative captions, a complete glossary and an index make this title an ideal introduction to the conventions of information books for young readers. It is an ideal text for Key Stage 2 shared and guided reading and helps achieve the goals of the Scottish Standard Curriculum 5-14.

Feminine Fascism

Author : Julie V. Gottlieb
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2021-04-28
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780755633647


Book Feminine Fascism Description/Summary:

The British Fascisti, the first fascism movement in Britain, was founded by a woman in 1923. During the 1930s, 25 per cent of Sir Oswald Mosley's supporters were women, and his movement was 'largely built up by the fanaticism of women.' What was it about the British form of Fascism that accounted for this conspicuous female support? Gottlieb addresses these questions in the definitive work on women in fascism. This book continues to fill a significant gap in the historiography of British fascism, which has generally overlooked the contribution of women on the one hand, and the importance of sexual politics and women's issues on the other. Gottlieb's extensive research makes use of government documents, a large range of contemporary pamphlets, newspapers and speeches, as well as original interviews with those personally involved in the movement. This new edition includes a preface analysing the current affairs of the last 20 years, reframing the book according to contemporary context. Here, Gottlieb looks at the resurgence of populism, the rise of women as leaders of far-right parties across Europe and North America, and the normalisation of fascism in fiction and political discourse.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Author : Naomi E. Jones
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019
Category : African American women civil rights workers
ISBN : 1502645602


Book Ida B. Wells-Barnett Description/Summary:

Ida B. Wells-Barnett began her career at sixteen as a teacher and went on to become a lecturer, investigative journalist, and advocate for social justice. As the first journalist to research and document lynching, she battled racial injustice through her writing and public speaking. She was also a women's rights activist who helped organize women's clubs to work toward suffrage and urban reform. Through historical photographs, educational sidebars, and compelling writing, this biography discusses Wells-Barnett's most significant works and her contributions to civil rights and women's suffrage, along with the major events in her life that shaped her work.

Mr. President, How Long Must We Wait?

Author : Tina Cassidy
Publisher : 37 Ink
Release : 2020-03-03
Category : History
ISBN : 9781501177774


Book Mr. President, How Long Must We Wait? Description/Summary:

In this “heroic narrative” (The Wall Street Journal), discover the inspiring and timely account of the complex relationship between leading suffragist Alice Paul and President Woodrow Wilson in her fight for women’s equality. Woodrow Wilson lands in Washington, DC, in March of 1913, a day before he is set to take the presidential oath of office. He is surprised by the modest turnout. The crowds and reporters are blocks away from Union Station, watching a parade of eight thousand suffragists on Pennsylvania Avenue in a first-of-its-kind protest organized by a twenty-five-year-old activist named Alice Paul. The next day, The New York Times calls the procession “one of the most impressively beautiful spectacles ever staged in this country.” Mr. President, How Long Must We Wait? weaves together two storylines: the trajectories of Alice Paul and Woodrow Wilson, two apparent opposites. Paul’s procession of suffragists resulted in her being granted a face-to-face meeting with President Wilson, one that would lead to many meetings and much discussion, but little progress for women. With no equality in sight and patience wearing thin, Paul organized the first group to ever picket in front of the White House lawn—night and day, through sweltering summer mornings and frigid fall nights. From solitary confinement, hunger strikes, and the psychiatric ward to ever more determined activism, Mr. President, How Long Must We Wait? reveals the courageous, near-death journey it took, spearheaded in no small part by Alice Paul’s leadership, to grant women the right to vote in America. “A remarkable tale” (Kirkus Reviews) and a rousing portrait of a little-known feminist heroine, this is an eye-opening exploration of a crucial moment in American history one century before the Women’s March.

Sylvia Pankhurst

Author : Rachel Holmes
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2020-11-12
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781526634122


Book Sylvia Pankhurst Description/Summary:

'A wonderful book ... Holmes sublimely illuminates Sylvia's extraordinary life' The Times 'A masterpiece' Vanessa Redgrave Born into one of Britain's most famous activist families, Sylvia Pankhurst was a natural rebel. A free spirit and radical visionary, history placed her in the shadow of her famous mother, Emmeline, and elder sister, Christabel. Yet artist Sylvia Pankhurst was the most revolutionary of them all. Sylvia found her voice fighting for votes for women, imprisoned and tortured in Holloway prison more than any other suffragette. But the vote was just the beginning of her lifelong defence of human rights. She engaged with political giants, warned of fascism in Europe, championed the liberation struggles in Africa and India and became an Ethiopian patriot. Her intimate life was no less controversial. The rupture between Sylvia, Emmeline and Christabel became worldwide news, while her romantic life drew public speculation and condemnation. Rachel Holmes interweaves the personal and political in an extraordinary celebration of a life in resistance, painting a compelling portrait of one of the greatest unsung political figures of the twentieth century. 'A monument to an astonishing life' Daily Telegraph, Best Biographies of 2020 'A robust and sensitive biography' Sunday Times, History Books of the Year 'A moving, powerful biography' Guardian

Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggles

Author : A. Reading,T. Katriel
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2015-06-09
Category : History
ISBN : 9781137032720


Book Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggles Description/Summary:

If societies have only memories of war, of cruelty, of violence, then why are we called humankind? This book marks a new trajectory in Memory Studies by examining cultural memories of nonviolent struggles from ten countries. The book reminds us of the enduring cultural scripts for human agency, solidarity, resilience and human kindness.

Emmeline Pankhurst 85 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Emmeline Pankhurst

Author : Peggy Preston
Publisher : Emereo Publishing
Release : 2014-05-18
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1488548846


Book Emmeline Pankhurst 85 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Emmeline Pankhurst Description/Summary:

Best Emmeline Pankhurst Biography to date. This book is your ultimate resource for Emmeline Pankhurst. Here you will find the most up-to-date 85 Success Facts, Information, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Emmeline Pankhurst's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Suffragette (film) - Cast, First-wave feminism - Timeline of first-wave feminism worldwide, Social reform - The Women's Suffrage movement, Sylvia Pankhurst - Partner and son, Emmeline Pankhurst - Conciliation, force-feeding, and arson, Emmeline Pankhurst - Illness and death, Feminism in the United Kingdom - 20th century, Suffragette - Origins, List of women's rights activists - British, Emmeline Pethick Lawrence - Biography, Christabel Pankhurst - Early life, Bow, London - Suffragettes, Rebecca West - Politics, British Union of Fascists - Relationship with the Suffragettes, Force-feeding - In prisons, A Theory of Justice: The Musical! - Characters and original Oxford cast, Frederick Pethick-Lawrence, 1st Baron Pethick-Lawrence - Political career, Women's Social and Political Union - Formation, Greater Manchester - Galleries, museums and exhibitions, Christabel Pankhurst - Suffrage, List of suffragists and suffragettes - British, Emmeline Pankhurst - Legacy, Votes for Women - Suffrage movements, Teresa Billington-Greig - Life, Emmeline Pankhurst - Marriage and family, Women's Franchise League, Chorlton-on-Medlock - Notable residents, George Lansbury - Campaigner for women's suffrage, Oldham - Social history, Fabian Window - Design and construction, edomilj Mijatovi - Diplomatic career, and much more...

My Own Story

Author : Emmeline Pankhurst
Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
Release : 2021-02-01
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781513275949


Book My Own Story Description/Summary:

My Own Story (1914) is a memoir by English political activist and suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. Written at the onset of the First World War, My Own Story brings attention to Pankhurst’s cause while defending her decision to cease activism until the end of the war. Notable for its descriptions of the British prison system, My Own Story is an invaluable document of a life dedicated to others, of a historical moment in which an oppressed group rose up to advocate for the simplest of demands: equality. Born in a politically active household, Emmeline Pankhurst was introduced to the women’s suffrage movement at a young age. In 1903, she founded the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), an organization dedicated to the suffragette movement. As their speeches, rallies, and petitions failed to make headway, they turned to militant protest, and in 1908 Emmeline was arrested for attempting to enter Parliament to deliver a document to Prime Minister H.H. Asquith. Imprisoned for six weeks, she observed the horrifying conditions of prison life, including solitary confinement. This experience changed her outlook on the struggle for women’s suffrage, and she increasingly saw imprisonment as a means of radical publicity. Over the next several years, she would be arrested seven times for rioting, destroying property, and assaulting police officers, and while in prison staged hunger strikes in order to gain the attention of the press and political establishment. My Own Story is a record of one woman’s tireless advocacy for the sake of countless others. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Emmeline Pankhurst’s My Own Story is a classic of English literature reimagined for modern readers.

The Suffragist Playbook: Your Guide to Changing the World

Author : Lucinda Robb,Rebecca Boggs Roberts
Publisher : Candlewick Press
Release : 2020-08-31
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781536214543


Book The Suffragist Playbook: Your Guide to Changing the World Description/Summary:

Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? Take a few tips from the suffragists, who led one of the largest and longest movements in American history. The women’s suffrage movement was decades in the making and came with many harsh setbacks. But it resulted in a permanent victory: women’s right to vote. How did the suffragists do it? One hundred years later, an eye-opening look at their playbook shows that some of their strategies seem oddly familiar. Women’s marches at inauguration time? Check. Publicity stunts, optics, and influencers? They practically invented them. Petitions, lobbying, speeches, raising money, and writing articles? All of that, too. From moments of inspiration to some of the movement’s darker aspects—including the racism of some suffragist leaders, violence against picketers, and hunger strikes in jail—this clear-eyed view takes in the role of key figures: Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard, Ida B. Wells, Alice Paul, and many more. Engagingly narrated by Lucinda Robb and Rebecca Boggs Roberts, whose friendship goes back generations (to their grandmothers, Lady Bird Johnson and Lindy Boggs, and their mothers, Lynda Robb and Cokie Roberts), this unique melding of seminal history and smart tactics is sure to capture the attention of activists-in-the-making today.