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The Distribution of Thunderstorm Days, Lightning Discharges, and the Incidence of Lightning Discharge Derived from VLF Sferics Data

Author : William B. Freeman
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1977
Category : Lightning
ISBN : UOM:39015095137868


Book The Distribution of Thunderstorm Days, Lightning Discharges, and the Incidence of Lightning Discharge Derived from VLF Sferics Data Description/Summary:

Distributions were developed for 1972 in the Eastern Hemisphere of thunderstorm days (January, April, July, and October), the incidence of lightning discharge (January and April), and the areal concentration of lightning discharge (yearly). These analyses were based on a review of sferics data. Charts of thunderstorm days differed significantly from mean charts of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), especially over the oceans, North Africa, Arabia, the Mediterranean Sea, and Southeast China. These areas of sparse data in the WMO compilation have been covered in this investigation. The tentative, first estimate of the distribution of lightning discharges over a large area of Earth differed significantly from the distribution of thunderstorm days for April and July, but the two distributions were similar for January and October. Centers of relatively high occurrence of lightning discharge on a yearly basis were located over South Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, Arabia, Southeast China, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The occurrence of lightning discharge was shown to follow Sun northward from January to the maximum poleward thrust in July. The occurrence of lightning discharge receded equatorward from July to the end of fall in December. The most reliable planetary-scale estimate of the average incidence of lightning discharge was 0.000042 per km per sec for the Northern Hemisphere (0-179E) in January 1972 and 0.000030 per km per sec for April 1972.

Lightning Electromagnetics

Author : Robert Gardner
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-11-22
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9781351435383


Book Lightning Electromagnetics Description/Summary:

A survey of theoretical and experimental research, this book covers all areas of lightning phenomenology. The four sections cover models of fundamental lightning processes, propagation of lightning-induced signals, measurement of lightning parameters, and lightning interaction with systems. The book provides an excellent review of the use of models to support remote sensing efforts. It includes data on high-frequency radiated fields for lightening and an overview of the data available in the frequency and time domains for lightning. The book also presents spectoral and temporal characteristics of lightning in the VHF-UHF frequency range and uses photographic and electromagnetic measurements to examine how lighting chooses a strike point.

Deadly and Lightning Prayer Book That Makes Satan Dial 911

Author : Tella Olayeri
Release : 2020-12-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : PKEY:6610000279654


Book Deadly and Lightning Prayer Book That Makes Satan Dial 911 Description/Summary:

This is a warfare prayer book that tells how Christian soldiers should prepare for war. Satan is battle ready every day to torment and disgrace us. We must arise to the situation, to subdue and defeat Satan of war he declared against us. Brethren, the battle we fight is not carnal but spiritual. If you don’t prepare well, you will fail. You don’t go to battle alone, you must involve God. This is the time you cry to God in petition and in prayer to equip you with spiritual military attire, weapons and equipment of war. This book will train your hands for war and your fingers for battle. You will be a formidable prayer warrior and warrior Lord in the battle field. To this end, you shall dismantle and break mountains, barriers and obstacles with spiritual caterpillar. This book shall make you understand that when battle is hot, Satan will flee, calling 911 for help. The book will make it so brutal for Satan both in the air, land and sea, and water in the spirit. With this book, there is no number of power, forces or principalities that surround you, that won’t be annihilated and defeated, as the Lord will stand by you to defeat Satan and his agents. In overall, prayer in this book will enable you do the followings: Destroy woks of darkness targeted against you. Call down heavenly soldiers on chariots of fire to fight for you. Destroy and defeat enemies that surround you. It will enable you pray without ceasing. It will make Satan flee calling 911. It will turn your mouth to fire, turn your eyes and tongue to fire as well. It will subdue and disgrace stubborn pursuers after you. It will enable you possess your possession. It will enable you possess the gate of the enemy. It will enable you dress in the spirit with garment of fire, boot of fire; armed with arrow of fire to destroy spiritual enemies. At the end of this prayer, you shall win. Great is the one that creates you, and as a product of Great Creator, so shall you be great. You shall be great in battle, great in the Lord, great before your enemies, great at home and abroad, great in the office and great in what you do. Anywhere you go or occupy be prayerful and let fire of God follow you. At this point, you will be too hot for enemy to handle and Satan shall flee, calling 911, but receive no response.

The Lightning Flash

Author : G. V. Cooray
Publisher : IET
Release : 2003
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9780852967805


Book The Lightning Flash Description/Summary:

This unique book provides the reader with a thorough background in almost every aspect of lightning and its impact on electrical and electronic equipment. The contents range from basic discharge processes in air through transient electromagnetic field generation and interaction with overhead lines and underground cables, to lightning protection and testing techniques. This book is of value to anyone designing, installing or commissioning equipment which needs to be secured against lightning strikes, as well as being a sound introduction to research students working in the field.

Lightning from the East

Author : Timothy Matthew Slemmons
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2014-03-17
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781620320006


Book Lightning from the East Description/Summary:

Liturgical Elements for Reformed Worship is a series of four liturgical resources: three consisting of liturgical elements for Years A, B, and C, and a fourth, the first such resource to support the implementation of Year D: A Quadrennial Supplement to the Revised Common Lectionary (Cascade Books). Each volume consists of a Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, Call to Confession, Prayer of Confession, and Words of Assurance, with Years A-C including additional elements (A Prayer in Preparation for Worship, The Offering, Prayer of Dedication, and a Blessing) suitable for Presbyterian, Reformed, and other Protestant worship. Each of these practical volumes is intended for use by pastors, liturgists, and other planners and leaders of worship.

Fundamentals of Lightning

Author : Vladimir A. Rakov
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2016-04-30
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781107072237


Book Fundamentals of Lightning Description/Summary:

Presents the current state of the art in lightning science, for advanced undergraduate and graduate students on a single-semester course.

Ball Lightning

Author : Cixin Liu
Publisher : Tor Books
Release : 2018-08-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780765394071


Book Ball Lightning Description/Summary:

"Wildly imaginative." —Barack Obama on The Three-Body Problem trilogy A new science fiction adventure from the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of the Three-Body Trilogy. When Chen’s parents are incinerated before his eyes by a blast of ball lightning, he devotes his life to cracking the secret of this mysterious natural phenomenon. His search takes him to stormy mountaintops, an experimental military weapons lab, and an old Soviet science station. The more he learns, the more he comes to realize that ball lightning is just the tip of an entirely new frontier. While Chen’s quest for answers gives purpose to his lonely life, it also pits him against soldiers and scientists with motives of their own: a beautiful army major with an obsession with dangerous weaponry, and a physicist who has no place for ethical considerations in his single-minded pursuit of knowledge. Ball Lightning, by award-winning Chinese science fiction author Cixin Liu, is a fast-paced story of what happens when the beauty of scientific inquiry runs up against the drive to harness new discoveries with no consideration of their possible consequences. Tor books by Cixin Liu The Remembrance of Earth's Past The Three-Body Problem The Dark Forest Death's End


Author : David Taylor, II
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-03-11
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 153051097X


Book Lucifer Description/Summary:

During his first 1,000 years of life in The Realm, Lucifer becomes an authentic superstar. All of his fellow brethren adore him and the passionate way he leads worship. His best friend Michael has been cheering him on since literally lifting him out of his Creation Cocoon. And then it happens. An unexpected rift between Lucifer and Michael inaugurates Lucifer onto the path of rebellion. While smiling at his best friend every day, Lucifer begins to amass custom designed weapons and map out the weak points in The Realm. He uses his honey-coated tongue to persuade some of the brethren to join his Loyalist army, even as other brethren sense that all is not right. As the pressure mounts towards the impending clash of lightning and thunder, Lucifer prepares to unleash something the brethren have never seen. His rebellion will change every single creature in The Realm...forever.

Lightning East to West

Author : James W. Douglass
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2006-04-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781597526104


Book Lightning East to West Description/Summary:

We live in that final time which offers humans the clearest choice in history: the kingdom or the holocaust, Jim Douglass writes. Either end is a lightning east to west: the nuclear holocaust a lightning fire, the kingdom of Reality a lightning spirit. We will choose lightning east to west today as either nuclear fire or the kingdom of God, as either despair and annihilation or transformation through nonviolence. If we look to Jesus and Gandhi, and what they point to, we can hope to choose the lightning fire of nonviolence.

An essay on the sin and the evils of covetousness. Celestial scenery. The sidereal heavens and other subjects connected with astronomy. The practical astronomer. The solar system. The atmosphere and atmospherical phenomena

Author : Thomas Dick
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1851
Category : Astronomy
ISBN : UIUC:30112114036822


Book An essay on the sin and the evils of covetousness. Celestial scenery. The sidereal heavens and other subjects connected with astronomy. The practical astronomer. The solar system. The atmosphere and atmospherical phenomena Description/Summary:

Lightning from the East

Author : Emily Dunn
Publisher : BRILL
Release : 2015-05-27
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9789004297258


Book Lightning from the East Description/Summary:

Lightning from the East uncovers the teachings and activities of Chinese Protestant-related new religious movements such as the Church of Almighty God, how Chinese authorities and Christians have responded to them, and how they fit with Chinese religion and global Christianity.


Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1891
Category : Electricity
ISBN : MINN:31951D00027555Z


Book Lightning Description/Summary:

When Lightning Struck!

Author : Danika Cooley
Publisher : Fortress Press
Release : 2015-11-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781506406305


Book When Lightning Struck! Description/Summary:

Martin Luther’s life was too exciting not to be written for teens and younger readers! In this fast-paced, action-packed novel of Martin Luther’s life, teen readers (and more than a few adults!) will be introduced to a fascinating time when princes ruled Europe and knights roamed the countryside. They’ll learn about a time when powerful forces lined up against each other and believing the wrong thing could get you killed. When Lightning Struck! is far more than just an adventure story, of course. It also tells a theological story. Drawing carefully from Luther’s own words, this book introduces readers to a kindred spirit who struggled with what knowing God through Scripture means for daily life. They will understand what was at stake and how powerfully liberating Luther’s idea of grace through faith was—in his time and in ours! In crisp, enjoyable prose, author Danika Cooley conveys both the drama and the meaning of the Reformation for younger readers like no one before her!

Sin of Mages

Author : A.J. Martinez
Publisher : Summon Sphere
Release : 2016-12-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781943845835


Book Sin of Mages Description/Summary:

Akielas had traveled the world of Odealeous searching for the apprentices that betrayed him. When he finally found them and learned of their malice plot, he was filled with remorse and blamed himself for all they had done. His apprentices named themselves the Specters and they were on the hunt for all four remnants of the dragon gods. The Specters had one jewel in their possession and Akielas feared what they would do if they found all four. Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder, and great guilt, Akielas was determine to defeat the Specters all alone. However, his friends from different parts of the world, stepped forth and joined his struggle. With sword and magic and a burning desire to avenge the fallen, they swore to defeat the Specters. But there was a problem. Akielas's hands trembled at the thought of slaying his own apprentices. Buy this book right now and enter the mystical world of Odealeous

Truly Like Lightning

Author : David Duchovny
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release : 2021-02-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780374722456


Book Truly Like Lightning Description/Summary:

From the New York Times–bestselling author David Duchovny, an epic adventure that asks how we make sense of right and wrong in a world of extremes For the past twenty years, Bronson Powers, former Hollywood stuntman and converted Mormon, has been homesteading deep in the uninhabited desert outside Joshua Tree with his three wives and ten children. Bronson and his wives, Yalulah, Mary, and Jackie, have been raising their family away from the corruption and evil of the modern world. Their insular existence—controversial, difficult, but Edenic—is upended when the ambitious young developer Maya Abbadessa stumbles upon their land. Hoping to make a profit, she crafts a wager with the family that sets in motion a deadly chain of events. Maya, threatening to report the family to social services, convinces them to enter three of their children into a nearby public school. Bronson and his wives agree that if Maya can prove that the kids do better in town than in their desert oasis, they will sell her a chunk of their priceless plot of land. Suddenly confronted with all the complications of the twenty-first century that they tried to keep out of their lives, the Powerses must reckon with their lifestyle as they try to save it. Truly Like Lightning, David Duchovny’s fourth novel, is a heartbreaking meditation on family, religion, sex, greed, human nature, and the vanishing environment of an ancient desert.

Lightning Strike

Author : William Kent Krueger
Publisher : Atria Books
Release : 2021-08-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781982128685


Book Lightning Strike Description/Summary:

The author of the instant New York Times bestseller This Tender Land returns with a powerful prequel to his acclaimed Cork O’Connor series—a book about fathers and sons, long-simmering conflicts in a small Minnesota town, and the events that echo through youth and shape our lives forever. Aurora is a small town nestled in the ancient forest alongside the shores of Minnesota’s Iron Lake. In the summer of 1963, it is the whole world to twelve-year-old Cork O’Connor, its rhythms as familiar as his own heartbeat. But when Cork stumbles upon the body of a man he revered hanging from a tree in an abandoned logging camp, it is the first in a series of events that will cause him to question everything he took for granted about his hometown, his family, and himself. Cork’s father, Liam O’Connor, is Aurora’s sheriff and it is his job to confirm that the man’s death was the result of suicide, as all the evidence suggests. In the shadow of his father’s official investigation, Cork begins to look for answers on his own. Together, father and son face the ultimate test of choosing between what their heads tell them is true and what their hearts know is right. In this masterful story of a young man and a town on the cusp of change, beloved novelist William Kent Krueger shows that some mysteries can be solved even as others surpass our understanding.

Hellfire and Lightning Rods

Author : Frederick Ferre
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2018-06-21
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781532646256


Book Hellfire and Lightning Rods Description/Summary:

Renowned philosopher Frederick Ferré invites us to contemplate a new world to be constructed out of the debris of modernity. Hellfire and Lightning Rods displays a vision in which the dichotomies between religion, philosophy, science, and technology can be seen as too-narrow construals of a single, but polyvalent, organic world. Ferré wisely notes that the conceptual worlds of premodern animism, modern “scientism,” and biblical orthodoxy have major internal flaws and create immense practical problems. Yet, while they are largely unconvincing to persons who see the need for “postmodern” approaches, a successor to these views is nowhere near universally accepted. In that context, Ferré suggests that an important interim worldview that he calls “multi-mythic organicism” will help humanity recover spiritual dimensions now lacking.