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Simon the Fiddler

Author : Paulette Jiles
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2020-04-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780062966766


Book Simon the Fiddler Description/Summary:

“The reader is treated to a kind of alchemy on the page when character, setting and song converge at all the right notes, generating an authentic humanity that is worth remembering and celebrating.” — New York Times The critically acclaimed, bestselling author of News of the World and Enemy Women returns to Texas in this atmospheric story, set at the end of the Civil War, about an itinerant fiddle player, a ragtag band of musicians with whom he travels trying to make a living, and the charming young Irish lass who steals his heart. In March 1865, the long and bitter War between the States is winding down. Till now, twenty-three-year-old Simon Boudlin has evaded military duty thanks to his slight stature, youthful appearance, and utter lack of compunction about bending the truth. But following a barroom brawl in Victoria, Texas, Simon finds himself conscripted, however belatedly, into the Confederate Army. Luckily his talent with a fiddle gets him a comparatively easy position in a regimental band. Weeks later, on the eve of the Confederate surrender, Simon and his bandmates are called to play for officers and their families from both sides of the conflict. There the quick-thinking, audacious fiddler can’t help but notice the lovely Doris Mary Dillon, an indentured girl from Ireland, who is governess to a Union colonel’s daughter. After the surrender, Simon and Doris go their separate ways. He will travel around Texas seeking fame and fortune as a musician. She must accompany the colonel’s family to finish her three years of service. But Simon cannot forget the fair Irish maiden, and vows that someday he will find her again. Incandescent in its beauty, told in Paulette Jiles’s trademark spare yet lilting style, Simon the Fiddler is a captivating, bittersweet tale of the chances a devoted man will take, and the lengths he will go to fulfill his heart’s yearning. "Jiles’ sparse but lyrical writing is a joy to read. . . . Lose yourself in this entertaining tale.” — Associated Press

Simon the Fiddler

Author : Helen M. Anderson,Roy Collection
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1920
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : OCLC:36061587


Book Simon the Fiddler Description/Summary:

Reuse This Book!

Author : Houghton Mifflin Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publisher : HMH Books For Young Readers
Release : 2021-03-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0358447747


Book Reuse This Book! Description/Summary:

A paper-over-board picture book with sturdy pages and the interactivity of Press Here that introduces younger readers to recycling, resources, Earth science, and conservation.


Author : Mary Sharratt
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2021-04-27
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781328518781


Book Revelations Description/Summary:

A fifteenth-century Eat, Pray, Love, Revelations illuminates the intersecting lives of two female mystics who changed history—Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich. Bishop’s Lynn, England, 1413. At the age of forty, Margery Kempe has nearly died giving birth to her fourteenth child. Fearing that another pregnancy might kill her, she makes a vow of celibacy, but she can’t trust her husband to keep his end of the bargain. Desperate for counsel, she visits the famous anchoress Dame Julian of Norwich. Pouring out her heart, Margery confesses that she has been haunted by visceral religious visions. Julian then offers up a confession of her own: she has written a secret, radical book about her own visions, Revelations of Divine Love. Nearing the end of her life and fearing Church authorities, Julian entrusts her precious book to Margery, who sets off the adventure of a lifetime to secretly spread Julian's words. Mary Sharratt vividly brings the medieval past to life as Margery blazes her trail across Europe and the Near East, finding her unique spiritual path and vocation. It's not in a cloistered cell like Julian, but in the full bustle of worldly existence with all its wonders and perils.

The Golden Hawks

Author : Paulette Jiles
Publisher : James Lorimer & Company
Release : 1985
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0888621736


Book The Golden Hawks Description/Summary:

The Golden Hawks want a clubhouse of their own. But where can they find one in their new housing development on the edge of the city? First they try to make their clubhouse in Joe's bedroom, but their parents get angry when the kids hammer holes in the wall. Then they scare themselves silly looking for scrap wood in an empty--and spooky--apartment building. Finally they try to make money so they can build a clubhouse. Will the Golden Hawks ever have a place to call their own? First published in 1978, The Golden Hawks is an honest and touching look at life on the edge of a Canadian city. A volume in the Where We Live series.

Marjorie Morningstar

Author : Herman Wouk
Publisher : Little, Brown
Release : 2013-01-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780316248549


Book Marjorie Morningstar Description/Summary:

Now hailed as a "proto-feminist classic" (Vulture), Pulitzer Prize winner Herman Wouk's powerful coming-of-age novel about an ambitious young woman pursuing her artistic dreams in New York City has been a perennial favorite since it was first a bestseller in the 1950s. A starry-eyed young beauty, Marjorie Morgenstern is nineteen years old when she leaves home to accept the job of her dreams--working in a summer-stock company for Noel Airman, its talented and intensely charismatic director. Released from the social constraints of her traditional Jewish family, and thrown into the glorious, colorful world of theater, Marjorie finds herself entangled in a powerful affair with the man destined to become the greatest--and the most destructive--love of her life. Rich with humor and poignancy, Marjorie Morningstar is a classic love story, one that spans two continents and two decades in the life of its heroine. "I read it and I thought, 'Oh, God, this is me.'" --Scarlet Johansson

The Courage of Their Convictions

Author : Peter H. Irons
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2016-07-05
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781501155130


Book The Courage of Their Convictions Description/Summary:

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Monsieur Lambert

Author : Jean-Jacques Sempé
Publisher : Phaidon Incorporated Limited
Release : 2006-11
Category : Design
ISBN : UOM:39015047303550


Book Monsieur Lambert Description/Summary:

Monsieur Lambert is a gentle, and unmistakably French, graphic novel with text and pictures by one of the world's best-loved illustrators. Jean-Jacques Sempe offers a glimpse of the everyday lives and secret passions of the regulars in a small Parisian bistro. When Monsieur Lambert does not turn up for lunch at his usual time, the other regulars speculate that he must have met a woman. How else can they explain his strange new behaviour? The diners start discussing women they have loved and lost and, in doing so, they reveal unexpected facets of their own lives and personalities. The restaurant and its regulars are brought to life vividly in a series of drawings which, together with handwritten dialogue and a laconic commentary, display Sempe's signature unerring eye and ear for the telling details of human behaviour. The text was translated from French by award-winning translator Anthea Bell.

The Exonerated

Author : Jessica Blank,Erik Jensen
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 2004
Category : Drama
ISBN : 9780571211838


Book The Exonerated Description/Summary:

What effect does it have on a person--a soul, a life--to have freedom and self-respect stripped away and then, ostensibly, returned years later after decades of incarceration? The Exonerated attempts to answer this question through the words of six innocent men and women who, after years in jail, emerged from death row to try to reclaim what was left of their lives. Among them are Sunny Jacobs, a mother of two whose unwavering belief during sixteen years in jail that she would be released (despite the execution of her husband, who was also innocent, for the same crime) allowed her to dedicate herself to being a "living memorial" when she was freed. There is Kerry Max Cook, a Texan who was convicted of murdering a young woman even though she was found with another man's hair grasped in her fist--a man whom "Texas killed a thousand times, and just keeps on doing it" in his nightmares. And there is Delbert Tibbs, a black Chicago poet who speaks of his years on death row with anger and bitterness, yet also, as he says, "still sings." All their stories have been compiled and edited by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen into The Exonerated, a play that is both a riveting work of theater and an exploration of the dark side of the American criminal justice system.

The Pioneers

Author : David McCullough
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Release : 2020-05-05
Category : History
ISBN : 9781501168703


Book The Pioneers Description/Summary:

The #1 New York Times bestseller by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian David McCullough rediscovers an important chapter in the American story that’s “as resonant today as ever” (The Wall Street Journal)—the settling of the Northwest Territory by courageous pioneers who overcame incredible hardships to build a community based on ideals that would define our country. As part of the Treaty of Paris, in which Great Britain recognized the new United States of America, Britain ceded the land that comprised the immense Northwest Territory, a wilderness empire northwest of the Ohio River containing the future states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. A Massachusetts minister named Manasseh Cutler was instrumental in opening this vast territory to veterans of the Revolutionary War and their families for settlement. Included in the Northwest Ordinance were three remarkable conditions: freedom of religion, free universal education, and most importantly, the prohibition of slavery. In 1788 the first band of pioneers set out from New England for the Northwest Territory under the leadership of Revolutionary War veteran General Rufus Putnam. They settled in what is now Marietta on the banks of the Ohio River. McCullough tells the story through five major characters: Cutler and Putnam; Cutler’s son Ephraim; and two other men, one a carpenter turned architect, and the other a physician who became a prominent pioneer in American science. “With clarity and incisiveness, [McCullough] details the experience of a brave and broad-minded band of people who crossed raging rivers, chopped down forests, plowed miles of land, suffered incalculable hardships, and braved a lonely frontier to forge a new American ideal” (The Providence Journal). Drawn in great part from a rare and all-but-unknown collection of diaries and letters by the key figures, The Pioneers is a uniquely American story of people whose ambition and courage led them to remarkable accomplishments. “A tale of uplift” (The New York Times Book Review), this is a quintessentially American story, written with David McCullough’s signature narrative energy.

Rock 'n' Roll Woman

Author : Katherine Orloff
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1974
Category : Rock musicians
ISBN : UOM:39015012960202


Book Rock 'n' Roll Woman Description/Summary:

'Rock 'n' roll women' contains interviews with female musicians; Nicoel Barclay, Toni Brown, Rita Coolidge, and others.

Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle & Dick

Author : Terry Johnson
Publisher : Methuen Drama
Release : 1998
Category : Drama
ISBN : UOM:39015046484922


Book Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle & Dick Description/Summary:

Filming's not as glamorous as it's cracked up to be. It's a bit of a miserable business if your caravan leaks, your co-star's a manic depressive, and those younger women aren't as young as they used to be. Carrying on in the great tradition of British comedy, Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick takes some familiar faces and gets a bit familiar with them.

My Fat Friend

Author : Charles Laurence
Publisher : Oberon Books
Release : 2004-04-01
Category : Drama
ISBN : 1840023201


Book My Fat Friend Description/Summary:

Vicky, who runs a bookshop, is a heavyweight. When a customer - a handsome bronzed man of thirty - seems attracted to her she resolves to slim by hook or by crook. Aided by her two friends, hard exercise, diet and a graph, she manages to reduce to a streamlined version of her former self - only to find that it was her rotundity that attracted the handsome book buyer in the first place. When, on his return, he finds himself confronted by a sylph his disappointment is only too apparent. The newly slim Vicky is left alone once more. My Fat Friend premiered at the Globe Theatre in 1972 starring Kenneth Williams and Jennie Linden and has since been performed throughout the UK and the US and in many European countries.

Tree of strings

Author : Keith Sanger,Alison Kinnaird
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-12-14
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781317300908


Book Tree of strings Description/Summary:

This is the first history of the harp in Scotland to be published. It sets out to trace the development of the instrument from its earliest appearance on the Pictish stones of the 8th century, to the present day. Describing the different harps played in the Highlands and the Lowlands of Scotland, the authors examine the literary and physical evidence for their use within the Royal Courts and "big houses" by professional harpers and aristocratic amateurs. They vividly follow the decline of the wire-strung clarsach from its links with the hereditary bards of the Highland chieftains to its disappearance in the 18th century, and the subsequent attempts at the revival of the small harp during the 19th and 20th centuries. The music played on the harp, and its links with the great families of Scotland are described. The authors present, in this book, material which has never before been brought to light, from unpublished documents, family papers and original manuscripts. They also make suggestions, based on their research, about the development and dissemination of the early Celtic harps and their music. This book, therefore, should be of great interest, not only to harp players but to historians, to all musicians in the fields of traditional and early music, and to any reader who recognises the importance of these beautiful instruments, and their music, throughout a thousand years of Scottish culture.

Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States

Author : Jasper Burns
Publisher : JHU Press
Release : 1991-04
Category : Nature
ISBN : 0801841453


Book Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States Description/Summary:

Describes the fossils of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and how and where to hunt for them

The Highland Bagpipe and Its Music

Author : Roderick D. Cannon
Publisher : Birlinn Limited
Release : 2008
Category : History
ISBN : 1841586668


Book The Highland Bagpipe and Its Music Description/Summary:

Presents the history of the origins and music of the bagpipe - Scotland's most famous instrument. This book covers both Ceol Mor and Ceol Beag, Piobaireachd, dance music, martial music, music for competitions and music for pleasure, music for pipe bands as well as a commentary on the state of contemporary piping.

Saint Valentine

Author : Robert Sabuda
Publisher : Aladdin
Release : 1999-01-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0689824297


Book Saint Valentine Description/Summary:

How did Valentine's Day, one of our most popular holidays, begin? It started in ancient Rome when a kind physician named Valentine took an interest in a young blind girl. With his healing skill and his deep faith he restored her sight. What we now call Valentine's Day began when he sent the little girl a secret message, which she received after the Christian martyr was executed. For this tale rich in sentiment, master illustrator Robert Sabuda has created exquisite paper mosaics to suggest early Christian art that resonates with both subtlety and power.

A Moon for the Misbegotten

Author : Eugene O'Neill
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 2006-01-01
Category : Electronic books
ISBN : 9780300166217


Book A Moon for the Misbegotten Description/Summary:

A new, affordable paperback edition of one O’Neill’s late masterpieces Eugene O’Neill’s last completed play, A Moon for the Misbegotten is a sequel to his autobiographical Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Moon picks up eleven years after the events described in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, as Jim Tyrone (based on O’Neill’s older brother Jamie) grasps at a last chance at love under the full moonlight. This paperback edition features an insightful introduction by Stephen A. Black, helpful to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of O’Neill’s work.