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Signs of Fingerprints

Author : Carlos Simpson
Publisher : Carlos Simpson Design Studio
Release : 2021-05-27
Category : Design
ISBN : 9781006920509


Book Signs of Fingerprints Description/Summary:

Signs Of Fingerprints and the Art of Handwriting is a retrospective of the artistry and craftsmanship of the Artist Graphic Designer Carlos Simpson from the London United Kingdom. All the images in the book are original with carefully selected fonts which represent in the Author opinion the traditional Western Alphabet in a way that the difference can be analyzed between fonts so that when you scan through the pages you are aware of the element variation from font to font and that every mark can express different messages and feelings. In this highly recommended book, the handwriting line drawings were used mostly raw materials to represent fingerprints to emphasize the idea of identity to better understand the relationship between typography and identity but also to create a manual that anyone interested in typography and handwriting can use as a reference.

Signs of Crime

Author : Marcel Danesi
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Release : 2013-11-27
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781614513162


Book Signs of Crime Description/Summary:

This book will introduce the field of forensic semiotics as a tool for understanding crime and criminality. It will focus on how symbolism, ritual, and other sign-based activities play a crucial role in the constitution of criminal organizations and often in the enactment of individual crimes. It will present semiotic notions, methods, and techniques that can be applied to forensic science, such as the role of ritual and slang in criminal gangs.

Fingerprints of God

Author : Stephen J. Malloy
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2012-11-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1475945949


Book Fingerprints of God Description/Summary:

The small town of Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina was a simple and unassuming farming community, unheard of to most people. But all that changed during the summer of 1981, and it has since been the meeting place of millions of pilgrims. In Fingerprints of God, author Stephen J. Malloy chronicles the reported miracles and extraordinary supernatural activity that have occurred in Medjugorje since that time. It all started when five teenagers and a ten-year old boy began to report in tandem that they were having heavenly visions. According to their witness, the Madonna, the Virgin Mary had begun appearing to them in order to call the world to an urgent conversion, reconciliation, and peace through Jesus Christ. Fingerprints of God uniquely combines: the authors own experiences as a pilgrim to Medjugorje; a detailed description of the central messages given by the Virgin Mary, according to the six visionaries; stories about miraculous healings and extraordinary signs; the meaning of the ten secrets, concerning prophesied events to occur in Medjugorje and in the wider world; thorough examination of what the Catholic Church has said in its official capacity concerning the reported apparitions and related phenomena; positive assessments of renowned theologians; relationship made between the Medjugorje messages, Christian morality, and biblical revelation, especially the teachings of Jesus. Celebrating thirty-one years of the Madonnas special presence, Fingerprints of God accounts that Medjugorje has been host now to more than twenty-eight million pilgrims from all over the world.

Signs and Wonders

Author : Norman L. Geisler
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2004-06-21
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781592447343


Book Signs and Wonders Description/Summary:

Some Christians claim to be able to heal the sick and even raise the dead. Some people applaud this, while others are skeptical. Are these healers using the power of God? Are they faking? Or is their power from Satan? And what about nonbelievers who also claim to perform wonders? Are they tricksters or agents of the occult? Can we believe their claims about past lives, seeing the future, UFO encounters, and spirit channeling? Norman L. Geisler takes a sane and solidly biblical look at miraculous healings and other amazing phenomena today. With penetrating insight, he constructs guidelines for judging whether any so-called miracle is truly from God or from the realm of the demonic. 'Signs and Wonders' also includes material on speaking in tongues and on the use of objects in faith healing. In addition, Geisler looks carefully at the clever trickery that charlatans use to dupe and swindle people. He shows that what often passes as supernatural can be explained as merely unusual. Here is a book for anyone who wonders about the power and the sincerity of those who claim to be wonder-workers.

Capturing the Criminal Image

Author : Jonathan Mathew Finn
Publisher : U of Minnesota Press
Release : 2009
Category : Photography
ISBN : 9780816650699


Book Capturing the Criminal Image Description/Summary:

This title traces how the act of representing and watching is central to modern law enforcement. Finn analyzes the development of police photography in the 19th century to foreground a critique of three identification practices that are fundamental to current police work.

Fingerprints, Bite Marks, Ear Prints

Author : Angela Libal
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-09-02
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781422289549


Book Fingerprints, Bite Marks, Ear Prints Description/Summary:

Welcome to the exciting world of forensic science, where every contact leaves a trace! This book shows how real-life detectives solve crimes with human signposts: fingerprints, the most well-known human indentifying mark; as well as newer technologies, like bite mark matching; and controversial new evidence, such as ear prints. Prepare yourself for a wild ride through some of the most shocking and mysterious crimes of history, the twentieth century, and may never look at your fingertips the same way again!

Intelligent Biometric Techniques in Fingerprint and Face Recognition

Author : Lakhmi C. Jain,Ugur Halici,Isao Hayashi,S.B. Lee,Shigeyoshi Tsutsui
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 1999-06-29
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 0849320550


Book Intelligent Biometric Techniques in Fingerprint and Face Recognition Description/Summary:

The tremendous world-wide interest in intelligent biometric techniques in fingerprint and face recognition is fueled by the myriad of potential applications, including banking and security systems, and limited only by the imaginations of scientists and engineers. This growing interest poses new challenges to the fields of expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary computing, which offer the advantages of learning abilities and human-like behavior. Biometric Techniques in Fingerprint and Face Recognition presents a thorough treatment of established and emerging applications and techniques relevant to this field so rich with opportunity.

Fingerprints of God: His Hand in History and in Human Hearts

Author : Franklin S. Nauman
Publisher : Author House
Release : 2008-01-25
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1467094366


Book Fingerprints of God: His Hand in History and in Human Hearts Description/Summary:

Fingerprints of God is drawn from the authors experience during 50 years of parish ministry to a broad spectrum of worshippers, from teen-agers to senior citizens, from farmers to physicists, from blue collar workers to PhDs. All shared a common hunger to know God as an eternal reality in a world of change and pursued a quest to find reasons for faith. Evidence for the presence of God can be found in history, human experience and in Holy Scripture. Fingerprints of God relates contemporary situations to biblical precedents and personalities from Genesis to Revelation in search of Truth. The author follows the footsteps of others who found the fingerprints of Gods hand in their lives. With illustrations from literature, biography, and his own personal experience, he shares insights of pastors and teachers who guided his own faith journey. The reader follows the foibles and faith of Old Testament characters leading to the person and work of Jesus Christ, the finger of God among us (Luke 11:20). The significance of his life and death and resurrection as the foundation for our faith are the focus of the concluding chapters. The author makes no claim to be profound or prophetic. Each chapter is a simple attempt to answer some question or address a current issue or need in the life of ordinary people. None of the featured topics purport to be the last word on the subject under consideration. Like the words and works of Jesus, much more could be said which is not recorded in this book, but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. John 20:30-31.

Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC 2002

Author : Pil Joong Lee,Chae Hoon Lim
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2003-07-01
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9783540365525


Book Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC 2002 Description/Summary:

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology, ICISC 2002, held in Seoul, Korea in November 2002. The 35 revised full papers presented together with an invited paper were carefully selected from 142 submissions during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. The papers are organized in topical sections on digital signatures, Internet security, block ciphers and stream ciphers, stream ciphers and other primitives, efficient implementations, side-channel attacks, cryptographic protocols and biometrics.

Digital Fingerprinting

Author : Cliff Wang,Ryan M. Gerdes,Yong Guan,Sneha Kumar Kasera
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2016-10-25
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9781493966011


Book Digital Fingerprinting Description/Summary:

This is the first book on digital fingerprinting that comprehensively covers the major areas of study in a range of information security areas including authentication schemes, intrusion detection, forensic analysis and more. Available techniques for assurance are limited and authentication schemes are potentially vulnerable to the theft of digital tokens or secrets. Intrusion detection can be thwarted by spoofing or impersonating devices, and forensic analysis is incapable of demonstrably tying a particular device to specific digital evidence. This book presents an innovative and effective approach that addresses these concerns. This book introduces the origins and scientific underpinnings of digital fingerprinting. It also proposes a unified framework for digital fingerprinting, evaluates methodologies and includes examples and case studies. The last chapter of this book covers the future directions of digital fingerprinting. This book is designed for practitioners and researchers working in the security field and military. Advanced-level students focused on computer science and engineering will find this book beneficial as secondary textbook or reference.

Signs of Life

Author : David Jeremiah
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2011-09-12
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781418566289


Book Signs of Life Description/Summary:

A tour de force of life on a journey with Jesus. By all means, take this journey if you can.—Chuck Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship With our society’s sometimes unfavorable view of Christians, it is all the more important that believers display what Dr. David Jeremiah calls signs of life — signs that Jesus has transformed us and that we are committed to Him and His kingdom. They are signs that ought to be detected from across the street, over the fence, down the hall, throughout the office, or in the pews, for it’s not enough to just talk about Jesus. It’s also not enough to serve Him in secret with our acts of private devotion. We have to display the lifestyle of the Nazarene in the midst of a corrupt and darkened culture. In a world starved for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, honesty, relevance, and compassion, Christians should specialize in exactly those things through public expressions of private faith. It’s by our smile, our compassion in the face of misfortune, our friendliness, our simple lifestyle, our willingness to commit random acts of kindness, our social ministries, our tears, and our words that unbelievers recognize Who we represent. Signs of Life will lead you on a journey to a fuller understanding of the marks that identify you as a Christian. Signs that will advertise your faith. Personal imprints that can impact souls for eternity and help you become a person of influence who radiates relevancy, authenticity, generosity, and compassion every day — just like Jesus did.

Signs of the Gods?

Author : Erich Von Däniken
Publisher : Tantor eBooks
Release : 2011-06-15
Category : History
ISBN : 9781618030047


Book Signs of the Gods? Description/Summary:

Were human beings created by powers from outer space? Did extraterrestrial giants build the megaliths of Malta and the menhirs of Brittany? Was the Ark of the Covenant a machine built by the astronaut gods? In Signs of the Gods? Erich von Däniken travels far and wide around the globe to study the many strange phenomena that all point to one conclusion---that many thousands of years ago, Earth was visited by a race of superhuman powers and intelligence.The questions he addresses along the way include: Why are the religious sites in Greece all laid out in the same geometrical pattern---a pattern which is repeated throughout the world? Does the extraordinary longevity of the ancient Sumerian kings mean that the Land of the Two Rivers was ruled by a race of supermen? Could the first men have been produced by cloning? Do the great ruins of Zimbabwe point to an impossibly detailed knowledge of astronomy? Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods provoked a worldwide storm of controversy. In Signs of the Gods? he produces powerful arguments to support his theory of astronaut gods, with evidence that is difficult to explain any other way. Hear what he has to say with an open mind---and you may find yourself agreeing with him.

Crime Scene Management

Author : Raul Sutton,Keith Trueman,Christopher Moran
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2016-09-23
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781119180913


Book Crime Scene Management Description/Summary:

Second edition of an established text on common procedures for the identification and processing of evidence at scenes of crime Includes chapters on quality assurance and credibility of practices and processes issues surrounding major and complex crime Forensic handling of mass fatalities Crime scene reconstruction and impact on evidence recovery processes

Speaking to Good Effect

Author : Douglas Gordon Lawrie
Release : 2006-01-01
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781920109080


Book Speaking to Good Effect Description/Summary:

Speaking to Good Effect introduces students to the ancient and ubiquitous art of rhetoric. Whenever we try to achieve something with words as our tools, we become rhetoricians. Whenever we respond – positively or negatively – to someone else’s words, we become rhetorical critics. It is, therefore, not surprising that the art of rhetoric has been studied and taught for more than twenty?four centuries.

Snow Signs

Author : Jennifer Seet
Publisher : CCB Publishing
Release : 2012-03-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781927360453


Book Snow Signs Description/Summary:

Snow Signs is the story of a retired female state police detective who is haunted by the unsolved case of a young deaf woman who disappeared four years ago. It tests the boundaries of belief by including the possibility of life beyond. After retirement, Claire Dungarven begins her second career as an author by writing about her most compelling and frustrating case. Libby Newman vanished off the face of the earth and Claire wants to find her. Maybe by writing about her, she can find peace for herself and, in the process, find out what happened to Libby. As she explores the facts of the case, she comes face-to-face with signs in the snow that mirror the truth. Could these signs be clues to the mystery? Or, are they sinister reminders left in the yard? The cryptic signs mount, and Claire is threatened by their existence... and by the uncertainty of who put them there. She enlists the help of Jim Hoppes, the chief deputy sheriff of the lakes conservancy where she lives, and together they work to uncover the answer of what happened to Libby Newman. They need help along the way and get it from the most improbable sources--skeptical fellow police officers, a psychic and a spirit. The mystery unravels in the dark confines of a nature park, where the investigator, the perpetrator and the victim all share their identities. The revelations might lead to truth... or another disappearance. About the Author Jennifer Seet is the author of Borderland and now Snow Signs. Both are fictional paranormal thrillers set in the hills of southern Indiana. Jennifer is a retired teacher from the Indiana School for the Deaf, who lives in Brown County, Indiana, with her husband, Bob. She has always had a fascination for and even some personal experiences with the spirit world. Mrs. Seet has also written professionally on the subject of Deaf Education and Autism, having two adult sons with the disability. While working at the Indiana School for the Deaf, she wrote several short stories for a federally-funded literacy project for deaf children. When she started her writing career after retirement, her fellow teachers at the school urged her to include deaf characters in her books. Snow Signs is a first offering at fulfilling that promise to her dear friends at the school and in the Deaf community.

Visible Signs (Second Edition)

Author : David Crow
Publisher : AVA Publishing
Release : 2010-12-17
Category : Design
ISBN : 9782940411429


Book Visible Signs (Second Edition) Description/Summary:

Explains semiotic terms and theories in relation to visual communication, illustrated with contemporary examples from art and design, it helps readers to develop their own practice.

Real-World Algorithms

Author : Panos Louridas
Publisher : MIT Press
Release : 2017-03-17
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9780262035705


Book Real-World Algorithms Description/Summary:

An introduction to algorithms for readers with no background in advanced mathematics or computer science, emphasizing examples and real-world problems. Algorithms are what we do in order not to have to do something. Algorithms consist of instructions to carry out tasks—usually dull, repetitive ones. Starting from simple building blocks, computer algorithms enable machines to recognize and produce speech, translate texts, categorize and summarize documents, describe images, and predict the weather. A task that would take hours can be completed in virtually no time by using a few lines of code in a modern scripting program. This book offers an introduction to algorithms through the real-world problems they solve. The algorithms are presented in pseudocode and can readily be implemented in a computer language. The book presents algorithms simply and accessibly, without overwhelming readers or insulting their intelligence. Readers should be comfortable with mathematical fundamentals and have a basic understanding of how computers work; all other necessary concepts are explained in the text. After presenting background in pseudocode conventions, basic terminology, and data structures, chapters cover compression, cryptography, graphs, searching and sorting, hashing, classification, strings, and chance. Each chapter describes real problems and then presents algorithms to solve them. Examples illustrate the wide range of applications, including shortest paths as a solution to paragraph line breaks, strongest paths in elections systems, hashes for song recognition, voting power Monte Carlo methods, and entropy for machine learning. Real-World Algorithms can be used by students in disciplines from economics to applied sciences. Computer science majors can read it before using a more technical text.

Computational Algorithms for Fingerprint Recognition

Author : Bir Bhanu,Xuejun Tan
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-12-06
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9781461504917


Book Computational Algorithms for Fingerprint Recognition Description/Summary:

Biometrics such as fingerprint, face, gait, iris, voice and signature, recognizes one's identity using his/her physiological or behavioral characteristics. Among these biometric signs, fingerprint has been researched the longest period of time, and shows the most promising future in real-world applications. However, because of the complex distortions among the different impressions of the same finger, fingerprint recognition is still a challenging problem. Computational Algorithms for Fingerprint Recognition presents an entire range of novel computational algorithms for fingerprint recognition. These include feature extraction, indexing, matching, classification, and performance prediction/validation methods, which have been compared with state-of-art algorithms and found to be effective and efficient on real-world data. All the algorithms have been evaluated on NIST-4 database from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Specific algorithms addressed include: -Learned template based minutiae extraction algorithm, -Triplets of minutiae based fingerprint indexing algorithm, -Genetic algorithm based fingerprint matching algorithm, -Genetic programming based feature learning algorithm for fingerprint classification, -Comparison of classification and indexing based approaches for identification, -Fundamental fingerprint matching performance prediction analysis and its validation. Computational Algorithms for Fingerprint Recognition is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This book is also suitable as a secondary text for graduate-level students in computer science and engineering.

The Fingerprints of God

Author : Robert Farrar Capon
Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Release : 2000
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0802847684


Book The Fingerprints of God Description/Summary:

Capon takes readers on a fascinating sleuthing project, developing a history of images to find evidence of the Divine Suspect in readers' midsts. Novel, wise and entertaining, "The Fingerprints of God" offers an engaging presentation of faith and the host of images that either strengthen or erode it.