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River of Painted Birds

Author : Tessa Bridal
Publisher : Rio de La Plata Editions
Release : 2015-10-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0996284907


Book River of Painted Birds Description/Summary:

Isabel Keating flees 18th century Ireland disguised as a man after accidentally killing her abusive husband. She boards a ship bound for South America and there joins forces with the ship's owner and a Jesuit priest devoted to saving native tribes from slavery. Their partnership not only affects their lives but the future of the Spanish colonies.

The Painted Bird

Author : Jerzy Kosinski
Publisher : Bantam
Release : 1983-03
Category : Abandoned children
ISBN : 0553236318


Book The Painted Bird Description/Summary:

Trieste en wrede, maar ontroerende geschiedenis van een voortdurend opgejaagde jongen in het door de nazi's bezette, hongerende Oost-Europa.

Audubon: the Man who Painted Birds

Author : Norah Smaridge
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1970
Category : Artists
ISBN : OSU:32435063452320


Book Audubon: the Man who Painted Birds Description/Summary:

The 19th-century naturalist and artist famous for his accurate paintings of birds and animals.

Open and Innovative Trade Opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean

Author : Baisotti, Pablo Alberto
Publisher : IGI Global
Release : 2020-06-26
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781799835059


Book Open and Innovative Trade Opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean Description/Summary:

Trade, especially international trade, is an important component of business that can be instrumental to the prosperity of a country or region. The various economic expansions into the South American region, in particular, have become increasingly scrutinized for their industrial and capital policies and how they impact the local communities as a whole. Open and Innovative Trade Opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of international trade relations within Latin American countries. While highlighting topics including international relations, local governance, and global economics, this book is ideally designed for entrepreneurs, government officials, business owners, researchers, policymakers, academicians, students, and international business professionals.

The Birds of America

Author : John James Audubon
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1840
Category : ART
ISBN : HARVARD:32044102823804


Book The Birds of America Description/Summary:

This edition has 65 new images, making a total of 500. The original configurations were altered so that there is only one species per plate. The text is a revision of the Ornithological Biography, rearranged according to Audubon's Synopsis of the Birds of North America (1839).

Painted Bird

Author : Jerzy Kosinski
Publisher : Everbind
Release : 2009-07-01
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0784808384


Book Painted Bird Description/Summary:

A young boy is abandoned by his parents during World War II.

The Tree of Red Stars

Author : Tessa Bridal
Publisher : Milkweed Editions
Release : 1997
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1571310231


Book The Tree of Red Stars Description/Summary:

A work of autobiographical fiction tells the story of Magda--a girl bewildered by the political upheaval in her native Uraguay--life under seige, and the subtle and overt results of her political activism

LogoLounge 5

Author : Bill Gardner,Catharine Fishel
Publisher : Rockport Pub
Release : 2011-10-01
Category : Design
ISBN : 9781592537358


Book LogoLounge 5 Description/Summary:

DIVThe fifth volume in the best-selling LogoLounge series brings together an exciting collection of 2,000 totally new logos from designers worldwide submitted to, the largest collection of logo designs in the world. The front of the book contains an inspiring series of articles, featuring top-notch design work from such world design leaders as Lippincott, Felix Sockwell, Fragile, Cato Purnell, Chermayeff & Geismar, Mattson Creative, Moving Brands, Origin Communications, and Hulsbosch. The second part of the book contains 2,000 logos logically organized by category (typography, crests, people, mythology, nature, sports, and so on), plus additional articles on the latest work by Interbrand, Design Ranch, Von Glitschka, Landor and more. /div

How to Find a Bird

Author : Jennifer Ward
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2020-08-04
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781481467063


Book How to Find a Bird Description/Summary:

A joyful and informative guide to birdwatching for budding young birders from an award-winning author-illustrator duo. How do you find a bird? There are so many ways! Begin by watching. And listening. And staying quiet, so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat. Soon you’ll see that there are birds everywhere—up in the sky, down on the ground, sometimes even right in front of you just waiting to be discovered! Young bird lovers will adore this lushly illustrated introduction to how to spot and observe our feathered friends. It features more than fifty different species, from the giant whooping crane to the tiny ruby-throated hummingbird, and so many in between, and a detailed author’s note provides even more information about birding for curious readers. This celebration of the wondrous variety, colors, and sounds of the avian world is sure to have children grabbing their binoculars and heading outside to explore.

Travel Guide to the Jewish Caribbean and South America, A

Author : Frank, Ben G.
Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.
Release : 2010-09-23
Category : Travel
ISBN : 9781455613304


Book Travel Guide to the Jewish Caribbean and South America, A Description/Summary:

A Travel Guide to the Jewish Caribbean and South America is a tremendous work encompassing history, culture, and modern travel to some of the most important sites in these places. This is a practical, anecdotal, and adventurous journey including kosher restaurants, cafes, synagogues, and museums, plus cultural and heritage sites. Though many understand American Jewish history as beginning with the East European mass immigration of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Jews in the Americas planted roots as early as 1654, when twenty-three Jews fleeing the Inquisition arrived in New Amsterdam. While the European roots of American Jews are often explored, less discussed are the still-vibrant Jewish communities throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Explored here are the oldest surviving synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, Mikve Israel in Curaçao; the largest Jewish community in the Caribbean, in Puerto Rico; the three synagogues in Havana, Cuba; the Israeli cafe in Cuzco, Peru, near the historic Inca site, Machu Picchu; and other Jewish sites from Buenos Aires to Mexico City. Also included are general travel information and tips.

What It's Like to Be a Bird

Author : David Allen Sibley
Publisher : Knopf
Release : 2020-04-14
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9780525520290


Book What It's Like to Be a Bird Description/Summary:

The bird book for birders and nonbirders alike that will excite and inspire by providing a new and deeper understanding of what common, mostly backyard, birds are doing—and why: "Can birds smell?"; "Is this the same cardinal that was at my feeder last year?"; "Do robins 'hear' worms?" "The book's beauty mirrors the beauty of birds it describes so marvelously." —NPR In What It's Like to Be a Bird, David Sibley answers the most frequently asked questions about the birds we see most often. This special, large-format volume is geared as much to nonbirders as it is to the out-and-out obsessed, covering more than two hundred species and including more than 330 new illustrations by the author. While its focus is on familiar backyard birds—blue jays, nuthatches, chickadees—it also examines certain species that can be fairly easily observed, such as the seashore-dwelling Atlantic puffin. David Sibley's exacting artwork and wide-ranging expertise bring observed behaviors vividly to life. (For most species, the primary illustration is reproduced life-sized.) And while the text is aimed at adults—including fascinating new scientific research on the myriad ways birds have adapted to environmental changes—it is nontechnical, making it the perfect occasion for parents and grandparents to share their love of birds with young children, who will delight in the big, full-color illustrations of birds in action. Unlike any other book he has written, What It's Like to Be a Bird is poised to bring a whole new audience to David Sibley's world of birds.

Our Garden Birds

Author : Matt Sewell
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2012-06-19
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781446489086


Book Our Garden Birds Description/Summary:

In this beautiful, collectible new volume, street artist Matt Sewell offers his own unique take on 52 of our favourite British garden birds. Since its first appearance in July 2009, Matt's 'Bird of the Week' feature for the Caught by the River website has quickly become a cult hit. His pop-art watercolours are distinctive and enchanting, as are his innovative descriptions, which see great tits 'bossing the other birds around', the 'playful yet shy buoyancy' of bullfinches and the 'improbable' nature of the waxwing ('like a computer-generated samurai finch'). With 52 birds, one for each week of the year, this delightful gift book will appeal to bird watching enthusiasts, children and adults, and art and illustration fans alike.

Remarkable Birds

Author : Mark Avery
Publisher : Thames & Hudson
Release : 2016-09-13
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9780500773536


Book Remarkable Birds Description/Summary:

Everything you didn’t know about the avian world: a fascinating compendium showcasing the extraordinary wonders of birds, illuminated with exquisite ornithological illustrations, prints, and drawings Humans share the Earth with more than 10,000 species of birds and have always been enchanted by them. Birds can be a sign of the changing seasons, a symbol of freedom, or simply a breathtaking vision of beauty. Remarkable Birds approaches these fascinating creatures thematically across eight sections covering all aspects of humans’ relationship with birds. “Songbirds” celebrates the greatest bird virtuosi, such as the nightingale, while “Birds of Prey” includes majestic hunters such as the harpy eagle. “Feathered Travelers” describes astounding journeys made by birds including tiny hummingbirds that migrate huge distances. “The Love Life of Birds” illuminates the most brilliant displays upon which different species rely to find a mate—notably the extravagant plumage and dances of birds of paradise. “Avian Cities” explores the spectacular, large colonies of species such as the flamingo, while “Useful to Us” examines the diverse ways we find birds valuable, such as the turkey or the canary. “Threatened & Extinct” describes some species that have been lost forever, and others on the brink. Birds have also had great mystical significance and “Revered & Adored” considers such species as the sacred ibis, believed by the ancient Egyptians to represent the god Thoth.

The Painted Bird

Author : Jerzy Kosinski
Publisher : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Release : 2007-12-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780802195753


Book The Painted Bird Description/Summary:

The classic novel of a boy’s struggle for survival in WWII Poland, from the National Book Award–winning author of Steps and Being There. “In 1939, a six-year-old boy is sent by his anti-Nazi parents to a remote village in Poland where they believe he will be safe. Things happen, however, and the boy is left to roam the Polish countryside. . . . To the blond, blue-eyed peasants in this part of the country, the swarthy, dark-eyed boy who speaks the dialect of the educated class is either Jew, gypsy, vampire, or devil. They fear him and they fear what the Germans will do to them if he is found among them. So he must keep moving. In doing so, over a period of years, he observes every conceivable variation on the theme of horror” (Kirkus Reviews). Originally published in 1965, The Painted Bird established Jerzy Kosinski as a major literary figure. With sparse prose and vivid imagery, it is a story of mythic proportion and timeless human relevance. “One of the best . . . Written with deep sincerity and sensitivity.” —Elie Wiesel, The New York Times Book Review “Of all the remarkable fiction that emerged from World Wat II, nothing stands higher than Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird. A magnificent work of art, and a celebration of the individual will. No one who reads it will forget it; no one who reads it will be unmoved by it. The Painted Bird enriches our literature and our lives.” —Jonathan Yardley, The Miami Herald “Extraordinary . . . Literally staggering . . . One of the most powerful books I have ever read.” —Richard Kluger, Harper’s Magazine “One of our most significant writers.” —Newsweek

Pachamama Tales: Folklore from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay

Author : Paula Martin,Margaret Read MacDonald
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Release : 2014-07-31
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781610698535


Book Pachamama Tales: Folklore from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay Description/Summary:

A bilingual collection of enchanting folk tales from the peoples of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, accompanied by historical and geographical background as well as color photographs. • Provides ready-to-tell stories from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay that both entertain and promote multicultural awareness • An ideal resource for storytellers, folklorists, parents, librarians, Spanish instructors, and other educators who conduct storytime programs • Includes color inserts that help bring the rich folklore and culture of these South American nations to life • Stories are presented in both English and Spanish

Exploring Museum Theatre

Author : Tessa Bridal
Publisher : Rowman Altamira
Release : 2004
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN : 0759104131


Book Exploring Museum Theatre Description/Summary:

Museum theatre can be one of the most effective and rewarding programs your institution ever undertakes, and it can be one of the most challenging! Some institutions shy away from theatre because it seems too foreign to their mission, while others take it on enthusiastically but with little understanding of its demands. In Exploring Museum Theatre Tessa Bridal, one of the leading experts in the field, helps bridge these gaps and leads you along the path to a successful museum theatre program. She covers the philosophical and historical background including how to find your style, developing your first program, costs and funding, working with actors, directors, and other professionals, technical issues, evaluations, promotion, presenting difficult issues, collaborations, and historic interpretation. Appendixes and a bibliography round out this excellent reference.

The Devil's Cormorant

Author : Richard J. King
Publisher : University of New Hampshire Press
Release : 2013-09-22
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781611684742


Book The Devil's Cormorant Description/Summary:

Behold the cormorant: silent, still, cruciform, and brooding; flashing, soaring, quick as a snake. Evolution has crafted the only creature on Earth that can migrate the length of a continent, dive and hunt deep underwater, perch comfortably on a branch or a wire, walk on land, climb up cliff faces, feed on thousands of different species, and live beside both fresh and salt water in a vast global range of temperatures and altitudes, often in close proximity to man. Long a symbol of gluttony, greed, bad luck, and evil, the cormorant has led a troubled existence in human history, myth, and literature. The birds have been prized as a source of mineral wealth in Peru, hunted to extinction in the Arctic, trained by the Japanese to catch fish, demonized by Milton in Paradise Lost, and reviled, despised, and exterminated by sport and commercial fishermen from Israel to Indianapolis, Toronto to Tierra del Fuego. In The DevilÕs Cormorant, Richard King takes us back in time and around the world to show us the history, nature, ecology, and economy of the worldÕs most misunderstood waterfowl.

Apeirogon: A Novel

Author : Colum McCann
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2020-02-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780679604600


Book Apeirogon: A Novel Description/Summary:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “A quite extraordinary novel. Colum McCann has found the form and voice to tell the most complex of stories, with an unexpected friendship between two men at its powerfully beating heart.”—Kamila Shamsie, author of Home Fire FINALIST FOR THE DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD • LONGLISTED FOR THE BOOKER PRIZE • WINNER OF THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Independent • The New York Public Library • Library Journal From the National Book Award–winning and bestselling author of Let the Great World Spin comes an epic novel rooted in the unlikely real-life friendship between two fathers. Bassam Aramin is Palestinian. Rami Elhanan is Israeli. They inhabit a world of conflict that colors every aspect of their lives, from the roads they are allowed to drive on to the schools their children attend to the checkpoints, both physical and emotional, they must negotiate. But their lives, however circumscribed, are upended one after the other: first, Rami’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Smadar, becomes the victim of suicide bombers; a decade later, Bassam’s ten-year-old daughter, Abir, is killed by a rubber bullet. Rami and Bassam had been raised to hate one another. And yet, when they learn of each other’s stories, they recognize the loss that connects them. Together they attempt to use their grief as a weapon for peace—and with their one small act, start to permeate what has for generations seemed an impermeable conflict. This extraordinary novel is the fruit of a seed planted when the novelist Colum McCann met the real Bassam and Rami on a trip with the non-profit organization Narrative 4. McCann was moved by their willingness to share their stories with the world, by their hope that if they could see themselves in one another, perhaps others could too. With their blessing, and unprecedented access to their families, lives, and personal recollections, McCann began to craft Apeirogon, which uses their real-life stories to begin another—one that crosses centuries and continents, stitching together time, art, history, nature, and politics in a tale both heartbreaking and hopeful. The result is an ambitious novel, crafted out of a universe of fictional and nonfictional material, with these fathers’ moving story at its heart.

Birds of the Pacific Northwest

Author : John Shewey,Tim Blount
Publisher : Timber Press
Release : 2017-03-01
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781604697858


Book Birds of the Pacific Northwest Description/Summary:

Birding in the Pacific Northwest has never been easier! Birds of the Pacific Northwest describes and illustrates more than 400 bird species commonly encountered in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia. This comprehensive, full-color guide is organized to follow the order in which groups and species are presented by the American Union. Range maps for each species provide valuable information for identification. Detailed accounts of nearly 400 bird species, including common favorites and rare curiosities More than 870 spectacular photographs of relevant plumages and birds in flight Precise descriptions of voices, behaviors, and habitats Top birding sites in the Pacific Northwest Individual range maps, showing seasonal and migratory patterns Easy to use for beginners and experts alike

Life without Lead

Author : Daniel Renfrew
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 2018-09-04
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9780520968240


Book Life without Lead Description/Summary:

Life without Lead examines the social, political, and environmental dimensions of a devastating lead poisoning epidemic. Drawing from a political ecology of health perspective, the book situates the Uruguayan lead contamination crisis in relation to neoliberal reform, globalization, and the resurgence of the political Left in Latin America. The author traces the rise of an environmental social justice movement, and the local and transnational circulation of environmental ideologies and contested science. Through fine-grained ethnographic analysis, this book shows how combating contamination intersected with class politics, explores the relationship of lead poisoning to poverty, and debates the best way to identify and manage an unprecedented local environmental health problem.