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Author : Blake Crouch
Publisher : Crown Publishing Group (NY)
Release : 2019
Category : FICTION
ISBN : 9781524759780


Book Recursion Description/Summary:

New York City cop Barry Sutton investigates the devastating phenomenon the media has dubbed False Memory Syndrome-- a mysterious affliction that drives its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived. Neuroscientist Helena Smith dedicated her life to creating a technology that will let us preserve our most precious moments of our pasts. If she succeeds, anyone will be able to re-experience a first kiss, the birth of a child, the final moment with a dying parent. Together they face a force that attacks not just our minds but the very fabric of the past. Memory makes reality-- and the force is beginning to unmake the world as we know it. -- adapted from jacket.


Author : Tony Ballantyne
Publisher : Spectra
Release : 2006-08-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780553902877


Book Recursion Description/Summary:

The future is everything we wanted it to be—and far more than we bargained for. It is the twenty-third century. Herb, a young entrepreneur, returns to the isolated planet on which he has illegally been trying to build a city—and finds it destroyed by a swarming nightmare of self-replicating machinery. Worse, the all-seeing Environment Agency has been watching him the entire time. His punishment? A nearly hopeless battle in the farthest reaches of the universe against enemy machines twice as fast, and twice as deadly, as his own—in the company of a disarmingly confident AI who may not be exactly what he claims. . . . Little does Herb know that this war of machines was set in motion nearly two hundred years ago—by mankind itself. For it was then that a not-quite-chance encounter brought a confused young girl and a nearly omnipotent AI together in one fateful moment that may have changed the course of humanity forever.

Dark Matter

Author : Blake Crouch
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release : 2017
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781101904244


Book Dark Matter Description/Summary:

"Extra Libris: Essays, Reader's Guides, and More"--Page [345].

Introduction to Recursive Programming

Author : Manuel Rubio-Sanchez
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2017-10-05
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9781351647175


Book Introduction to Recursive Programming Description/Summary:

Recursion is one of the most fundamental concepts in computer science and a key programming technique that allows computations to be carried out repeatedly. Despite the importance of recursion for algorithm design, most programming books do not cover the topic in detail, despite the fact that numerous computer programming professors and researchers in the field of computer science education agree that recursion is difficult for novice students. Introduction to Recursive Programming provides a detailed and comprehensive introduction to recursion. This text will serve as a useful guide for anyone who wants to learn how to think and program recursively, by analyzing a wide variety of computational problems of diverse difficulty. It contains specific chapters on the most common types of recursion (linear, tail, and multiple), as well as on algorithm design paradigms in which recursion is prevalent (divide and conquer, and backtracking). Therefore, it can be used in introductory programming courses, and in more advanced classes on algorithm design. The book also covers lower-level topics related to iteration and program execution, and includes a rich chapter on the theoretical analysis of the computational cost of recursive programs, offering readers the possibility to learn some basic mathematics along the way. It also incorporates several elements aimed at helping students master the material. First, it contains a larger collection of simple problems in order to provide a solid foundation of the core concepts, before diving into more complex material. In addition, one of the book's main assets is the use of a step-by-step methodology, together with specially designed diagrams, for guiding and illustrating the process of developing recursive algorithms. Furthermore, the book covers combinatorial problems and mutual recursion. These topics can broaden students' understanding of recursion by forcing them to apply the learned concepts differently, or in a more sophisticated manner. The code examples have been written in Python 3, but should be straightforward to understand for students with experience in other programming languages. Finally, worked out solutions to over 120 end-of-chapter exercises are available for instructors.

The Recursion Method

Author : V.S. Viswanath,Gerhard Müller
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2008-10-10
Category : Science
ISBN : 9783540486510


Book The Recursion Method Description/Summary:

In this monograph the recursion method is presented as a method for the analysis of dynamical properties of quantum and classical many-body systems in thermal equilibrium. Such properties are probed by many different experimental techniques used in materials science. Several representations and formulations of the recursion method are described in detail and documented with numerous examples, ranging from elementary illustrations for tutorial purposes to realistic models of interest in current research in the areas of spin dynamics and low-dimensional magnetism. The performance of the recursion method is calibrated by exact results in a number of benchmark tests and compared with the performance of other calculational techniques. The book addresses graduate students and researchers.

Recursion Across Domains

Author : Luiz Amaral,Marcus Maia,Tom Roeper,Andrew Nevins
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-06-07
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9781108418065


Book Recursion Across Domains Description/Summary:

Explores two important phenomena in natural language - recursion and embedding - integrating current linguistic theory, cross-linguistic fieldwork, and specific acquisition and experimental techniques.

Recursion: Complexity in Cognition

Author : Tom Roeper,Margaret Speas
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2014-06-05
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9783319050867


Book Recursion: Complexity in Cognition Description/Summary:

This volume focuses on recursion and reveals a host of new theoretical arguments, philosophical perspectives, formal representations and empirical evidence from parsing, acquisition and computer models, highlighting its central role in modern science. Noam Chomsky, whose work introduced recursion to linguistics and cognitive science and other leading researchers in the fields of philosophy, semantics, computer science and psycholinguistics in showing the profound reach of this concept into modern science. Recursion has been at the heart of generative grammar from the outset. Recent work in minimalism has put it at center-stage with a wide range of consequences across the intellectual landscape. The contributor to this volume both advance the field and provide a cross-sectional view of the place that recursion takes in modern science.

Thinking Recursively

Author : Eric Roberts
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
Release : 1986-01-17
Category : Computers
ISBN : UOM:39015009830640


Book Thinking Recursively Description/Summary:

Thinking Recursively Eric S. Roberts Digital Equipment Corporation Recursion: The process of solving large problems by breaking them down into smaller, more simple problems that have identical forms. Thinking Recursively: A small text to solve large problems. Concentrating on the practical value of recursion. this text, the first of its kind, is essential to computer science students’ education. In this text, students will learn the concept and programming applications of recursive thinking. This will ultimately prepare students for advanced topics in computer science such as compiler construction, formal language theory, and the mathematical foundations of computer science. Key Features: Concentration on the practical value of recursion. Eleven chapters emphasizing recursion as a unified concept. Extensive discussion of the mathematical concepts which help the students to develop an appropriate conceptual model. Large number of imaginative examples with solutions. Large sets of exercises.

System Simulation by Recursive Feedback

Author : D. D. Nixon
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2001
Category : Computer simulation
ISBN : NASA:31769000451974


Book System Simulation by Recursive Feedback Description/Summary:

Conventional construction of digital dynamic system simulations often involves collecting differential equations that model each subsystem, arranging them to a standard form, and obtaining their numerical solution as a single coupled, total-system simultaneous set. Simulation by numerical coupling of independent stand-alone subsimulations is a fundamentally different approach that is attractive because, among other things, the architecture naturally facilitates high fidelity, broad scope, and discipline independence. Recursive feedback is defined and discussed as a candidate approach to multidiscipline dynamic system simulation by numerical coupling of self-contained, single-discipline subsystem simulations. A satellite motion example containing three subsytems (orbit dynamics, attitude dynamics and aerodynamics ) has been defined and constructed using this approach.

Classical Recursion Theory

Author : P. Odifreddi
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 1992-02-04
Category : Computers
ISBN : 0080886590


Book Classical Recursion Theory Description/Summary:

1988 marked the first centenary of Recursion Theory, since Dedekind's 1888 paper on the nature of number. Now available in paperback, this book is both a comprehensive reference for the subject and a textbook starting from first principles. Among the subjects covered are: various equivalent approaches to effective computability and their relations with computers and programming languages; a discussion of Church's thesis; a modern solution to Post's problem; global properties of Turing degrees; and a complete algebraic characterization of many-one degrees. Included are a number of applications to logic (in particular Gödel's theorems) and to computer science, for which Recursion Theory provides the theoretical foundation.

Interfaces + Recursion = Language?

Author : Uli Sauerland,Hans-Martin Gärtner
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Release : 2007-01-01
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9783110207552


Book Interfaces + Recursion = Language? Description/Summary:

Human language is a phenomenon of immense richness: It provides finely nuanced means of expression that underlie the formation of culture and society; it is subject to subtle, unexpected constraints like syntactic islands and cross-over phenomena; different mutually-unintelligeable individual languages are numerous; and the descriptions of individual languages occupy thousands of pages. Recent work in linguistics, however, has tried to argue that despite all appearances to the contrary, the human biological capacity for language may be reducible to a small inventory of core cognitive competencies. The most radical version of this view has emerged from the Minimalist Program: The claim that language consists of only the ability to generate recursive structures by a computational mechanism. On this view, all other properties of language must result from the interaction at the interfaces of that mechanism and other mental systems not exclusively devoted to language. Since language could then be described as the simplest recursive system satisfying the requirements of the interfaces, one can speak of the Minimalist Equation: Interfaces + Recursion = Language. The question whether all the richness of language can be reduced to that minimalist equation has already inspired several fruitful lines of research that led to important new results. While a full assessment of the minimalist equation will require evidence from many different areas of inquiry, this volume focuses especially on the perspective of syntax and semantics. Within the minimalist architecture, this places our concern with the core computational mechanism and the (LF-)interface where recursive structures are fed to interpretation. Specific questions that the papers address are: What kind of recursive structures can the core generator form? How can we determine what the simplest recursive system is? How can properties of language that used to be ascribed to the recursive generator be reduced to interface properties? What effects do syntactic operations have on semantic interpretation? To what extent do models of semantic interpretation support the LF-interface conditions postulated by minimalist syntax?

Recursion and Human Language

Author : Harry van der Hulst
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Release : 2010
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9783110219241


Book Recursion and Human Language Description/Summary:

In this volume, the issue of recursion is tackled from a variety of angles. Some articles cover formal issues regarding the proper characterization or definition of recursion, while others focus on empirical issues by examining the kinds of structure in languages that suggest recursive mechanism in the grammar. Most articles discuss syntactic phenomena, but several involve morphology, the lexicon and phonology. In addition, we find discussions that involve evolutionary notions and language disorders, and the broader cognitive context of recursion.

Logic, Sets, and Recursion

Author : Robert L. Causey
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning
Release : 2006
Category : Computers
ISBN : 0763737844


Book Logic, Sets, and Recursion Description/Summary:

The new Second Edition incorporates a wealth of exercise sets, allowing students to test themselves and review important topics discussed throughout the text."--Jacket.

Recursion Sequences

Author : Alekseĭ Ivanovich Markushevich
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1975
Category : Sequences (Mathematics).
ISBN : STANFORD:36105031865244


Book Recursion Sequences Description/Summary:

The Recursive Mind

Author : Michael C. Corballis
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 2014-04-27
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9781400851492


Book The Recursive Mind Description/Summary:

The Recursive Mind challenges the commonly held notion that language is what makes us uniquely human. In this compelling book, Michael Corballis argues that what distinguishes us in the animal kingdom is our capacity for recursion: the ability to embed our thoughts within other thoughts. "I think, therefore I am," is an example of recursive thought, because the thinker has inserted himself into his thought. Recursion enables us to conceive of our own minds and the minds of others. It also gives us the power of mental "time travel"--the ability to insert past experiences, or imagined future ones, into present consciousness. Drawing on neuroscience, psychology, animal behavior, anthropology, and archaeology, Corballis demonstrates how these recursive structures led to the emergence of language and speech, which ultimately enabled us to share our thoughts, plan with others, and reshape our environment to better reflect our creative imaginations. He shows how the recursive mind was critical to survival in the harsh conditions of the Pleistocene epoch, and how it evolved to foster social cohesion. He traces how language itself adapted to recursive thinking, first through manual gestures, then later, with the emergence of Homo sapiens, vocally. Toolmaking and manufacture arose, and the application of recursive principles to these activities in turn led to the complexities of human civilization, the extinction of fellow large-brained hominins like the Neandertals, and our species' supremacy over the physical world. Some images inside the book are unavailable due to digital copyright restrictions.

The Recursion Method and Its Applications

Author : D.G. Pettifor,D.L. Weaire
Publisher : Springer
Release : 1985-02-01
Category : Science
ISBN : 3540151737


Book The Recursion Method and Its Applications Description/Summary:

This volume reviews recent advances in the development and application of the recursion method in computational solid state physics and elsewhere. It comprises the invited papers which were presented at a two-day conference at Imperial College, London during September 1984. The recursion method is based on the Lanczos algorithm for the tridiago nalisation of matrices, but it is much more than a straightforward numerical technique. It is widely regarded as the most elegant framework for a variety of calculations into which one may incorporate physical insights and a num ber of technical devices. The standard reference is Volume 35 of Solid State Physics, which contains all the early ideas of Heine, Haydock and others, upon which the method was established. The present volume provides the first review of subsequent developments. It also indicates where problems remain, or opinions differ, in the interpretation of the mathematical details or choice of practical techniques in applications. The field is still very li vely and much remains to be done, as the summary chapter clearly demonstra tes. We are grateful to the S. E. R. C. 's Collaborative Computational Project No. 9 on the electronic structure of solids and the Institute of Physics's Solid State Sub-committee for their sponsorship of the conference. We thank Angus MacKinnon for his help in conference organisation and Jacyntha Crawley for secretarial assistance. December 1984 David G. Pettifor Denis L. Weaire v Contents Part I Introduction Why Recur? By V.


Author : David J. Lobina
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2017-06-29
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN : 9780198785156


Book Recursion Description/Summary:

This book provides a comprehensive account of the role of recursion in language in two distinct but interconnected ways. First, David J. Lobina examines how recursion applies at different levels within a full description of natural language. Specifically, he identifies and evaluates recursion as: a) a central property of the computational system underlying the faculty of language; b) a possible feature of the derivations yielded by this computational system; c) a global characteristic of the structures generated by the language faculty; and d) a probable factor in the parsing operations employed during the processing of recursive structures. Second, the volume orders these different levels into a tripartite explanatory framework. According to this framework, the investigation of any particular cognitive domain must begin by first outlining what sort of mechanical procedure underlies the relevant capacity (including what sort of structures it generates). Only then, the author argues, can we properly investigate its implementation, both at the level of abstract computations typical of competence-level analyses, and at the level of the real-time processing of behaviour.

Complexity, Logic, and Recursion Theory

Author : Andrea Sorbi
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 1997-02-04
Category : Mathematics
ISBN : 0824700260


Book Complexity, Logic, and Recursion Theory Description/Summary:

"Integrates two classical approaches to computability. Offers detailed coverage of recent research at the interface of logic, computability theory, nd theoretical computer science. Presents new, never-before-published results and provides informtion not easily accessible in the literature."