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Real Fake Love

Author : Pippa Grant
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-09-03
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1940517869


Book Real Fake Love Description/Summary:

When a grumpy athlete's grandma tries to play matchmaker, he turns to a jilted bride who desperately needs to NOT fall in love to play his fake girlfriend.

Fake Love Is Real Hate

Author : Shan Maurice
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-05-23
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1686870043


Book Fake Love Is Real Hate Description/Summary:

In this book, Shan talks about the dynamic of valuable relationships, versus dead weight associations. He helps you to separate real friends, from fake ones. Real family, from fake ones. How to recognize them and how to deal with them. A lot of people need to understand that all love isn't genuine. Everyone doesn't want to see you happy or winning. This book will help you spot fake love to prevent getting double crossed out here, because fake love is worse than real hate.


Author : Stephanie Wood
Publisher : Random House Australia
Release : 2021-01-05
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781760899110


Book Fake Description/Summary:

When Stephanie Wood meets a former architect turned farmer she embarks on an exhilarating romance with him. He seems compassionate, loving, truthful. They talk about the future. She falls in love. She also becomes increasingly beset by anxiety at his frequent cancellations, no-shows and bizarre excuses. She starts to wonder, who is this man? When she ends the relationship Stephanie reboots her journalism skills and embarks on a romantic investigation. She discovers a story of mind-boggling duplicity and manipulation. She learns that the man she thought she was in love with doesn't exist. She also finds she is not alone; that the world is full of smart people who have suffered at the hands of liars, cheats, narcissists, fantasists and phonies, people enormously skilled in the art of deception. In this brilliantly acute and broad-ranging book, Wood, an award-winning writer and journalist, has written a riveting, important account of contemporary love, and the resilience of those who have witnessed its darkest sides.

Too Real for Fake Love

Author : Mrz. Nikki J
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-11-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1940560454


Book Too Real for Fake Love Description/Summary:

Patrice and KimBella take a trip overseas, expecting a nice vacation--not to meet the mysterious Carter and Maurice. The connections are steamy and undeniable so they bring the party home. But something's not right. Patrice can feel it. KimBella can feel it. Carter and Maurice are hiding the truth behind their lavish lifestyle. Soon everybody's lives are in danger, including Patrice's own family. And only Carter and Maurice can make things right again.

Real Fake

Author : Carolyn Keene
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2007-07-10
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781416938811


Book Real Fake Description/Summary:

When Nancy is selected to be on a new mystery reality television series in Paris, she quickly discovers that the real mystery is going on behind-the-scenes, and must figure out who is sending her creepy E-mails.

Real/Fake Princess

Author : I-Haun
Publisher : DrMaster Publications
Release : 2007
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 1597960829


Book Real/Fake Princess Description/Summary:

Secrets are revealed as love is shattered and rekindled anew.

Fake Love

Author : Jillian Dodd
Publisher : Swoonworthy Books
Release : 2021-04-20
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1953071198


Book Fake Love Description/Summary:

Fake Love Need Not Apply

Author : Chantal Heide
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-02-28
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1544007884


Book Fake Love Need Not Apply Description/Summary:

The online dating world is filled with lies. How will you find the one partner who's ready to give the love you're looking for? Motivational speaker Chantal Heide has done it again, showing you how to achieve true love using her easy to follow 7 step formula. Learn how to recognize the sort of guys who deceive their way into getting what they want without being prepared to give you what you need, and avoid getting trapped in the same cycles of disappointment and craving change. Find out how to become free of one sided relationships, and get a crystal clear idea of what pitfalls and red flags to look for so you can see them a mile away. And best of all, learn what attracts and keeps real love in your life so you can step into loving and supportive unions that help you become the greatest version of yourself while taking you on the best ride of your life. Relationships will either heal your past pains or create new ones. Choose wisely, and blossom into the woman you were born to be - a healer, a lover, and a teacher. Chantal Heide is a Human Relations and communications expert with a successful practice helping clients learn how to find and keep a "magical" loving relationship. She is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, coach, frequent media contributor, and author of several books including No More Assholes - Your 7 Step Guide To Saying Goodbye To Guys And Finding The Real Man You're Looking For. Visit Chantal's website at

Love Changes Everything

Author : Micah Berteau
Publisher : Revell
Release : 2019-09-03
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781493421978


Book Love Changes Everything Description/Summary:

We all crave love. We try to fill the void inside with any number of poor substitutes. We seek validation from empty outlets. We're thirsty for compliments. We change who we are to impress people who aren't looking and don't care. Yet, we are still desperately searching for a love that changes everything for us, a love that doesn't fade and doesn't fail--even when we do. That's the kind of love God shows that he has for us through the remarkable story of Hosea and Gomer. Unpacking this powerful love story from the Old Testament in a way you have never heard, pastor Micah Berteau releases us from the fears, hurts, insecurities, and anxieties of life by showing us just how extravagantly we are loved--in spite of our faults, our failures, and our sins. If you're tired of trying so hard to be worthy of someone else's love, lost in what's fake, or drawn to live in the temporary, Micah Berteau has good news for you--there is a better way to live and love. Foreword by Jentezen Franklin.

Super Fake Love Song

Author : David Yoon
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2020-11-17
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781984812247


Book Super Fake Love Song Description/Summary:

An NPR Book Concierge Pick of the Year “The fun of this engrossing read is that underneath the slapstick lies a finely nuanced meditation on how we perform as ourselves.” —New York Times Book Review From the New York Times bestselling author of Frankly in Love comes a moving young adult novel about friendship, identity, and acceptance. Perfect for fans of John Green and To All the Boys I've Love Before. When Sunny meets Cirrus, he can't believe how cool and confident she is. So when Cirrus mistakenly thinks Sunny plays guitar, he accidentally winds up telling her he's the front man of a rock band. Before he knows it, Sunny is knee-deep in the lie: He gets his best friends to form a fake band with him and starts dressing like a rock star. But no way can he trick this amazing girl into thinking he's cool, right? Just when Sunny is about to come clean, Cirrus asks to see them play sometime. Gulp. Now there's only one thing to do: Fake it till you make it.

Fake Love Letters, Forged Telegrams, and Prison Escape Maps

Author : Annie Atkins
Publisher : Phaidon Press
Release : 2020-02-12
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN : 071487938X


Book Fake Love Letters, Forged Telegrams, and Prison Escape Maps Description/Summary:

A behind-the-scenes look at the extraordinary and meticulous design of graphic objects for film sets Although graphic props such as invitations, letters, tickets, and packaging are rarely seen close-up by a cinema audience, they are designed in painstaking detail. Dublin-based designer Annie Atkins invites readers into the creative process behind her intricately designed, rigorously researched, and visually stunning graphic props. These objects may be given just a fleeting moment of screen time, but their authenticity is vital and their role is crucial: to nudge both the actors on set and the audience just that much further into the fictional world of the film.

Jake the Fake Keeps it Real

Author : Craig Robinson,Adam Mansbach
Publisher : Crown Books for Young Readers
Release : 2017-03-28
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780553523539


Book Jake the Fake Keeps it Real Description/Summary:

For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate comes the first book in a side-splitting illustrated series from comedian and film star Craig Robinson, #1 New York Times bestselling author Adam Mansbach, and NAACP History Maker recipient and cartoonist Keith Knight. Jake can barely play an instrument, not even a kazoo. And his art? It’s better suited for Pictionary than Picasso. Which is a real problem because Jake just faked his way into the Music and Art Academy for the gifted and talented (and Jake is pretty sure he is neither). More jokester than composer, Jake will have to think of something quick before the last laugh is on him. Featuring more than 160 illustrations, Jake the Fake is sure to bring the laughs with his hilarious high jinks!

My Real Fake Boyfriend

Author : Amanda Browning
Publisher : Harlequin Books
Release : 2006-11
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0373180063


Book My Real Fake Boyfriend Description/Summary:

When love letters from a long-ago romance are stolen, Rachel has to retrieve them in order to save her grandmother from embarrassment, but it involves working with Nathan, a guy Rachel has had a crush on for the past two years.

Real Food/Fake Food

Author : Larry Olmsted
Publisher : Algonquin Books
Release : 2017-10-03
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781616207410


Book Real Food/Fake Food Description/Summary:

“Olmsted makes you insanely hungry and steaming mad--a must-read for anyone who cares deeply about the safety of our food and the welfare of our planet.” —Steven Raichlen, author of the Barbecue! Bible series “The world is full of delicious, lovingly crafted foods that embody the terrain, weather, and culture of their origins. Unfortunately, it’s also full of brazen impostors. In this entertaining and important book, Olmsted helps us fall in love with the real stuff and steer clear of the fraudsters.” —Kirk Kardashian, author of Milk Money: Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm You’ve seen the headlines: Parmesan cheese made from wood pulp. Lobster rolls containing no lobster at all. Extra-virgin olive oil that isn’t. So many fake foods are in our supermarkets, our restaurants, and our kitchen cabinets that it’s hard to know what we’re eating anymore. In Real Food / Fake Food, award-winning journalist Larry Olmsted convinces us why real food matters and empowers consumers to make smarter choices. Olmsted brings readers into the unregulated food industry, revealing the shocking deception that extends from high-end foods like olive oil, wine, and Kobe beef to everyday staples such as coffee, honey, juice, and cheese. It’s a massive bait and switch in which counterfeiting is rampant and in which the consumer ultimately pays the price. But Olmsted does more than show us what foods to avoid. A bona fide gourmand, he travels to the sources of the real stuff to help us recognize what to look for, eat, and savor: genuine Parmigiano-Reggiano from Italy, fresh-caught grouper from Florida, authentic port from Portugal. Real foods that are grown, raised, produced, and prepared with care by masters of their craft. Part cautionary tale, part culinary crusade, Real Food / Fake Food is addictively readable, mouthwateringly enjoyable, and utterly relevant.

Real Or Fake? 2

Author : Emily Krieger
Publisher : National Geographic Books
Release : 2017-05-15
ISBN : 9781426327780


Book Real Or Fake? 2 Description/Summary:

Offers suspicious stories, fishy facts, and dubious lists, encouraging readers to determine which facts are true and which are false.

A Temporary Boyfriend

Author : Summer Dowell
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-03-03
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1699847037


Book A Temporary Boyfriend Description/Summary:

"I need a boyfriend. For the weekend." Type A Madison Hudson has spent the last six years working toward the nutritionist position that's almost in her grasp. She's got the qualifications, the schooling, the perfect resume; all that's left is to impress her future boss. Something a white lie about an imaginary boyfriend can achieve. Computer nerd Eric Ward usually stays away from drama. But when his sister's roommate needs a boyfriend for a night, he can't find an excuse to say no. How hard can one evening be? Pity no one told him what a knockout his fake girlfriend would be. How long before their little white lie turns into a whole lot more than these two planned for? Don't miss A Temporary Boyfriend, the second book of The Fake Love series by Summer Dowell. If you like fake relationships and swoon worthy moments, then this is a romantic comedy you won't put down!

How to Fake Romance

Author : Martin Vanwoudenberg
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2010-11
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 1450257380


Book How to Fake Romance Description/Summary:

By nature, men are not romantic creatures, nor do they see the need for continued romance. They tolerate the concepts during the chase, but once they settle into a relationship, little thought is devoted to romance except by their significant others. Entertaining and informative, How to Fake Romance speaks about romance to men of all ages and at all places in their live-in, committed relationships. It presents ninety pragmatic tips for keeping the flame alive in a wide variety of interesting and unique ways. Organized into short, bite-sized pieces, it illustrates how a man can continue to bring the excitement back into his love life. Each idea is expanded with a list of potential pitfalls and ways to get added mileage from the effort. Because today's couples are busy and short of disposable income, How to Fake Romance is geared toward real men who operate on tight schedules, limited budgets, and innate aversions to the word romance. The ideas are designed to be completed in ten minutes or less and for the fewest dollars possible and are guaranteed to sweep that special someone off her feet time and time again.

Fake Plastic Love

Author : Kimberley Tait
Publisher : Flatiron Books
Release : 2017-05-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250093882


Book Fake Plastic Love Description/Summary:

“Prepare yourself for a daring, unsparing takedown of millennial Manhattan, trick by glossy trick.” —Beatriz Williams We are a bifurcated generation, the Romantics versus the Realists: those who prefer transistor radios to Bose sound systems, scuffed ocean liner trunks to gleaming Rimowa hard shells, fountain pens to BlackBerry keyboards, restored old roadsters to eco-friendly hybrids, the unsmudgeable guarantee of old illusions to present-life ones, tinny and certain to disappoint. When M. meets Belle at Dartmouth, they become the unlikeliest best friends. Belle is an unapologetic Romantic famous on campus for her bright red accessories and hundred-watt smile, while M. is a tomboyish Realist who insists she’ll always prefer her signet ring to any diamond. Despite their differences, they are drawn together, and after graduation they both move to New York with all the unfounded confidence of twenty-two. M. secures a job at the city’s most prestigious investment bank, and Belle turns her nostalgic aesthetic into one of the first lifestyle blogs, which quickly goes viral. Their future is spread before them, a glittering tableau of vintage cocktails, password-guarded parties, and high-octane ambition. But as they are pulled deeper into their new lives, and into the charming orbit of their Gatsby-esque new friend, Jeremy, style and substance—and dreams and reality—increasingly blur. In this fake plastic world, what do success and love and happiness even look like? Dazzling, whimsical, and full of yearning, Fake Plastic Love is the transporting story of bright young things tested by the unsentimental realities of post-graduate life. Tipping its hat to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Kimberley Tait’s gorgeous, incisive debut is a portrait of millennial Manhattan—equal parts nostalgia and modernity—that explores the timeless question: You will be a grand total of what you spend your time doing, so what do you want to add up to?

The Liar's Dictionary

Author : Eley Williams
Publisher : Doubleday
Release : 2021-01-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780385546782


Book The Liar's Dictionary Description/Summary:

An exhilarating and laugh-out-loud debut novel from a prize-winning new talent that chronicles the misadventures of a lovelorn Victorian lexicographer and the young woman put on his trail a century later to root out his misdeeds while confronting questions of her own sexuality and place in the world. “An audacious, idiosyncratic dual love story about how language and people intersect and connect, and about how far we'll go to save what we're passionate about.”—NPR Mountweazel n. the phenomenon of false entries within dictionaries and works of reference. Often used as a safeguard against copyright infringement. Peter Winceworth, Victorian lexicographer, is toiling away at the letter S for Swansby's multivolume Encyclopaedic Dictionary. His disaffection compels him to insert unauthorized fictitious entries into the dictionary in an attempt to assert some sense of individual purpose and artistic freedom. In the present day, Mallory, a young intern employed by the publisher, is tasked with uncovering these mountweazels before the work is digitized. She also has to contend with threatening phone calls from an anonymous caller. Is the change in the definition of marriage really that upsetting? And does the caller really intend for the Swansby's staff to 'burn in hell'? As these two narratives combine, both Winceworth and Mallory discover how they might negotiate the complexities of the often nonsensical, relentless, untrustworthy, hoax-strewn, and undefinable path we call life. An exhilarating debut novel from a formidably brilliant young writer, The Liar's Dictionary celebrates the rigidity, fragility, absurdity, and joy of language.

Trick Play

Author : Eden Finley
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-06-26
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 198323236X


Book Trick Play Description/Summary:

Matt: Want to know the fastest way to get screwed out of a football career? Get photographed in a compromising position in a gay bar. Yep, welcome to my life. My agent says he can fix my image. He wants me to become the poster boy for gay football players. Me? I just want back on the field. I'll do anything to play for the NFL again, even pretend to have a steady boyfriend. If only my fake boyfriend wasn't Noah Huntington III-the most arrogant, entitled rich guy in the world.Noah: Pretend to be Matt Jackson's boyfriend, my best friend said. It'll be fun, he said. What Damon neglected to mention is Matt is surly and bitter. Being his boyfriend is a job in itself. From his paranoia over being constantly photographed to his aversion to PDA, being with Matt isn't the care-free fake relationship I expected when I signed on to do this. It's supposed to be a win-win. I get to stick it to my politician dad who thinks no one is good enough for the Huntington name, and Matt's reputation of being the bad boy of football dies.What I don't expect is to start caring for the guy. That's not part of the plan. Then again, neither is fooling around with him. Oops.**Trick Play is a full-length MM novel with a HEA/HEA and no cliffhanger*