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Rain Will Come

Author : Thomas Holgate
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Release : 2020-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542005981


Book Rain Will Come Description/Summary:

A thrilling, page-turning debut about a twisted killer and a broken cop--both with nothing to lose. Paul Czarcik, the longest-tenured detective in the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement, puts the rest of the team to shame. Ruthless and riddled with vices, Czarcik always gets his man. And fast. Until now... A double slaying isn't the open-and-shut case of urban crime he's used to. Connecting it to a high-profile Texas judge, Czarcik realizes something bigger is going on. It's the work of a serial killer for whom Chicago is just the beginning. Now he's inviting Czarcik to play catch-me-if-you-can on a cross-country murder spree. Going rogue, Czarcik accepts the challenge. But as the bodies pile up, he must come to grips with the fact that nothing--not the killer, the victims, or the rules--is what it seems in this bloody game of cat and mouse.

Come On, Rain!

Author : Karen Hesse
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2016-01-26
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780545347495


Book Come On, Rain! Description/Summary:

Newbery Medalist Karen Hesse recreates the body and soul-renewing experience of a summer downpour after a sweltering city heat wave.

Big Rain Coming

Author : Katrina Germein,Bronwyn Bancroft
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 1999
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780618083442


Book Big Rain Coming Description/Summary:

Though everyone eagerly awaits the rain, it is slow in coming.

Coming Rain

Author : Stephen Daisley
Publisher : Text Publishing
Release : 2015-04-22
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781925095029


Book Coming Rain Description/Summary:

Winner of the 2016 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards, Acorn Foundation Literary Award Western Australia, the wheatbelt. Lew McLeod has been travelling and working with Painter Hayes since he was a boy. Shearing, charcoal burning, whatever comes. Painter made him his first pair of shoes. It's a hard and uncertain life but it's the only one he knows. But Lew's a grown man now. And with this latest job, shearing for John Drysdale and his daughter Clara, everything will change. Stephen Daisley writes in lucid, rippling prose of how things work, and why; of the profound satisfaction in hard work done with care, of love and friendship and the damage that both contain. Stephen Daisley was born in 1955 and grew up in the North Island of New Zealand. He has worked on sheep and cattle stations, on oil and gas construction sites and as a truck driver, among many other jobs. Stephen's first novel, Traitor, won the 2011 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Fiction. He lives in Western Australia with his wife and five children. ‘Coming Rain is a universal story of love and aspiration, betrayal and disappointment. The prose is masterful, simple and moving. The characters are utterly believable and complex in their ordinariness. It was a book that all three judges came across joyfully and read with the ease of those who know they’re in the hands of a confident writer.’ Jill Rawnsley, convenor of the 2016 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards Fiction category ‘Daisley’s reverence and knowledge of the outback transcends the cliché of heat, dust and flies, inviting readers into a mesmerising world of desert flora and fauna...He minutiae of the woolshed and animal behaviour are brought to life with skill and affection.’ Readings ‘[Daisley’s] imagination is vitalised by the visceral—shearing, killing, saddling and riding horses, using tools, accommodating to whatever physical surroundings present themselves...this late beginner continues to make his distinguished, solitary way, not least in reclaiming the rural societies of a half century ago, rendered so vividly that they seem keenly of the present, rather than past curiosities.’ Australian ‘Coming Rain shimmers with dusty red heat...Tune in to the distinctive rhythm of the prose and you’ll enjoy the rich, subtle rewards of a really good book.’ NZ Listener ‘Some of [Daisley’s] most vivid writing. Here the minutiae of farm life are rendered with respect and sympathy...Moving and brilliant.’ Australian Book Review ‘Powerful masculine prose, brutal truths and unflinching truthfulness make this a novel that is as unsettling as it is evocative.’ New Zealand Herald ‘[His] writing style reminds me of Henry Lawson’s. Its short, sharp sentences and chapters, raw language and dialogue define the characters and the Outback in a grimly realistic but deeply humane way.’ Good Reading ‘Stephen Daisley writes with the potent economy of a short-story writer, and he triumphs with this visceral account that will linger in your mind long after the last page.’ North and South ‘[Coming Rain] has lingered in my mind all year, not least because one of the main characters is a dingo.’ Australian, Best Books of 2015 ‘The book that I keep pressing into friends’ hands is Coming Rain by Stephen Daisley in which alternate chapters are narrated by a pregnant female dingo. Nothing short of genius.’ Clare Wright, The Books We Loved 2016, Sydney Morning Herald ‘This is an astonishingly good read...The writing is spare, the landscape and relationships haunting—a beautiful and unforgettable read.’

Come Rain or Come Shine

Author : Jan Karon
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2015-09-22
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780698141414


Book Come Rain or Come Shine Description/Summary:

#1 New York Time bestselling author Jan Karon delivers the wedding that millions of Mitford fans have waited for. It’s a June day in the mountains, with more than a few creatures great and small, and you’re invited—because you’re family. Over the course of ten Mitford novels, fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, first seen in At Home in Mitford as a barefoot, freckle-faced boy in filthy overalls. Now, Father Tim Kavanagh’s adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened his own animal clinic. Since money will be tight for a while, maybe he and Lace Harper, his once and future soul mate, should keep their wedding simple. By the way, it’s a pretty casual affair, so come as you are and remember to bring a tissue or two. After all, what’s a good wedding without a good cry?

I Will Send Rain

Author : Rae Meadows
Publisher : Macmillan
Release : 2016-08-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781627794268


Book I Will Send Rain Description/Summary:

A luminous, tenderly rendered novel of a woman fighting for her family's survival in the early years of the Dust Bowl; from the acclaimed and award-winning Rae Meadows. Annie Bell can't escape the dust. It's in her hair, covering the windowsills, coating the animals in the barn, in the corners of her children's dry, cracked lips. It's 1934 and the Bell farm in Mulehead, Oklahoma is struggling as the earliest storms of The Dust Bowl descend. All around them the wheat harvests are drying out and people are packing up their belongings as storms lay waste to the Great Plains. As the Bells wait for the rains to come, Annie and each member of her family are pulled in different directions. Annie's fragile young son, Fred, suffers from dust pneumonia; her headstrong daughter, Birdie, flush with first love, is choosing a dangerous path out of Mulehead; and Samuel, her husband, is plagued by disturbing dreams of rain. As Annie, desperate for an escape of her own, flirts with the affections of an unlikely admirer, she must choose who she is going to become. With her warm storytelling and beautiful prose, Rae Meadows brings to life an unforgettable family that faces hardship with rare grit and determination. Rich in detail and epic in scope, I Will Send Rain is a powerful novel of upheaval and resilience, filled with hope, morality, and love.

Rain Reign

Author : Ann M. Martin
Publisher : Feiwel & Friends
Release : 2014-10-07
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781250064233


Book Rain Reign Description/Summary:

Rose Howard is obsessed with homonyms. She's thrilled that her own name is a homonym, and she purposely gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms (Reign, Rein), which, according to Rose's rules of homonyms, is very special. Not everyone understands Rose's obsessions, her rules, and the other things that make her different – not her teachers, not other kids, and not her single father. When a storm hits their rural town, rivers overflow, the roads are flooded, and Rain goes missing. Rose's father shouldn't have let Rain out. Now Rose has to find her dog, even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search. Hearts will break and spirits will soar for this powerful story, brilliantly told from Rose's point of view.

The Rain Before It Falls

Author : Jonathan Coe
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2008-03-11
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307268556


Book The Rain Before It Falls Description/Summary:

As a young girl, Rosamond is sent to Shropshire to escape the Blitz. Here, in the countryside, she forms a close bond with her older cousin, Beatrix, a young woman haunted by anger and resentment. Sixty years later, just before her death, Rosamond records her memories on cassettes, addressing them to a distant cousin—a near stranger-named Imogen. As Gill, her beloved niece, listens to these tapes, a heart—stopping family saga is revealed. In this masterful portrait of three generations of woman, Jonathan Coe exposes the profound reserves of hope and loss within the lives of ordinary woman.

When Rain Clouds Gather

Author : Bessie Head
Publisher : Waveland Press
Release : 2013-09-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781478611677


Book When Rain Clouds Gather Description/Summary:

Rural Botswana is the backdrop for When Rain Clouds Gather, the first novel published by one of Africa’s leading woman writers in English, Bessie Head (1937–1986). Inspired by her own traumatic life experiences as an outcast in Apartheid South African society and as a refugee living at the Bamangwato Development Association Farm in Botswana, Head’s tough and telling classic work is set in the poverty-stricken village of Golema Mmidi, a haven to exiles. A South African political refugee and an Englishman join forces to revolutionize the villagers’ traditional farming methods, but their task is fraught with hazards as the pressures of tradition, opposition from the local chief, and the unrelenting climate threaten to divide and devastate the fragile community. Head’s layered, compelling story confronts the complexities of such topics as social and political change, conflict between science and traditional ways, tribalism, the role of traditional African chiefs, religion, race relations, and male–female relations.

The Martian Chronicles

Author : Ray Bradbury
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2012-04-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781451678192


Book The Martian Chronicles Description/Summary:

The tranquility of Mars is disrupted by humans who want to conquer space, colonize the planet, and escape a doomed Earth.

Do You Think It Will Rain Today?

Author : Carissa Ganong
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-11-24
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1514841940


Book Do You Think It Will Rain Today? Description/Summary:

There is a place in Costa Rica where people from all over the world work to advance our scientific knowledge. This place, the La Selva Biological Station, is known around the world for its scientific productivity and fantastic rainforest. However, this is also a place where occasionally you will hear things like... "What kind of soup is it?" - "Chlorophyll.""I'm pregnant!...with a botfly." "Something behind Casa 4 smelled like a dead animal." - "Oh, that was probably our field clothes.""...and this part of it is inedible." - "Oh, I think I ate that already." "Your project just ate my project!"Come in for a behind-the-scenes, always hilarious, sometimes gross, and occasionally even inspiring journey into the lives of field biologists in the tropical rainforest. Carissa Ganong's collection of quotes (hundreds of them over the last few years) will give you an insight into the lives of thousands of students, researchers and visitors to this most wonderful place on Earth.

Leaving Before the Rains Come

Author : Alexandra Fuller
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2015-01-22
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780698145610


Book Leaving Before the Rains Come Description/Summary:

The New York Times Bestseller from the author of Travel Light, Move Fast "One of the gutsiest memoirs I've ever read. And the writing--oh my god the writing."—Entertainment Weekly A child of the Rhodesian wars and daughter of two deeply complicated parents, Alexandra Fuller is no stranger to pain. But the disintegration of Fuller’s own marriage leaves her shattered. Looking to pick up the pieces of her life, she finally confronts the tough questions about her past, about the American man she married, and about the family she left behind in Africa. A breathtaking achievement, Leaving Before the Rains Come is a memoir of such grace and intelligence, filled with such wit and courage, that it could only have been written by Alexandra Fuller. Leaving Before the Rains Come begins with the dreadful first years of the American financial crisis when Fuller’s delicate balance—between American pragmatism and African fatalism, the linchpin of her unorthodox marriage—irrevocably fails. Recalling her unusual courtship in Zambia—elephant attacks on the first date, sick with malaria on the wedding day—Fuller struggles to understand her younger self as she overcomes her current misfortunes. Fuller soon realizes what is missing from her life is something that was always there: the brash and uncompromising ways of her father, the man who warned his daughter that "the problem with most people is that they want to be alive for as long as possible without having any idea whatsoever how to live." Fuller’s father—"Tim Fuller of No Fixed Abode" as he first introduced himself to his future wife—was a man who regretted nothing and wanted less, even after fighting harder and losing more than most men could bear. Leaving Before the Rains Come showcases Fuller at the peak of her abilities, threading panoramic vistas with her deepest revelations as a fully grown woman and mother. Fuller reveals how, after spending a lifetime fearfully waiting for someone to show up and save her, she discovered that, in the end, we all simply have to save ourselves. An unforgettable book, Leaving Before the Rains Come is a story of sorrow grounded in the tragic grandeur and rueful joy only to be found in Fuller’s Africa.

Smoke and Rain

Author : V. S. Holmes
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-09-19
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0996133003


Book Smoke and Rain Description/Summary:

I expected a hero to save us all. Turns out, I was thinking of the wrong part of the story.In the beginning, we aren't saved. The world is broken. There are only pieces and grief. Depending on the story, the fruit of grief is vengeance or justice or hardened resolve.The pieces must be gathered and flames kindled before I'm reforged. I don't know what shape I will take. Those pieces might become a hero...or a monster.A mad king's genocide destroyed Alea's home and left her sanity in tatters. The struggle between the gods and their creators fills the world with war. Caught in the crossfire of a conflict she knows little about, Alea only wants a quiet life. Trouble is, the darkness roiling in her mind may be the one thing that could end the bloodshed.A storm brews within her, and not even the gods will be safe when it breaks upon the world.


Author : James MacDonald
Publisher : B&H Publishing Group
Release : 2006
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0805441999


Book Downpour Description/Summary:

Distressed by statistics showing little or no difference between the lifestyles of professing Christians and non-believers, a pastor presents a five-point outline that charts the pathway to personal revival, based on his popular annual Pastors Conference. 22,500 first printing.

The Rain Came Down

Author : David Shannon
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2016-08-30
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781338113211


Book The Rain Came Down Description/Summary:

Caldecott Honor artist David Shannon captures the chaos that follows an unexpected downpour in this engaging story.


Author : Cynthia Barnett
Publisher : Crown
Release : 2015-04-21
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780804137102


Book Rain Description/Summary:

Rain is elemental, mysterious, precious, destructive. It is the subject of countless poems and paintings; the top of the weather report; the source of the world's water. Yet this is the first book to tell the story of rain. Cynthia Barnett's Rain begins four billion years ago with the torrents that filled the oceans, and builds to the storms of climate change. It weaves together science—the true shape of a raindrop, the mysteries of frog and fish rains—with the human story of our ambition to control rain, from ancient rain dances to the 2,203 miles of levees that attempt to straitjacket the Mississippi River. It offers a glimpse of our "founding forecaster," Thomas Jefferson, who measured every drizzle long before modern meteorology. Two centuries later, rainy skies would help inspire Morrissey’s mopes and Kurt Cobain’s grunge. Rain is also a travelogue, taking readers to Scotland to tell the surprising story of the mackintosh raincoat, and to India, where villagers extract the scent of rain from the monsoon-drenched earth and turn it into perfume. Now, after thousands of years spent praying for rain or worshiping it; burning witches at the stake to stop rain or sacrificing small children to bring it; mocking rain with irrigated agriculture and cities built in floodplains; even trying to blast rain out of the sky with mortars meant for war, humanity has finally managed to change the rain. Only not in ways we intended. As climate change upends rainfall patterns and unleashes increasingly severe storms and drought, Barnett shows rain to be a unifying force in a fractured world. Too much and not nearly enough, rain is a conversation we share, and this is a book for everyone who has ever experienced it.

The Rain Queen

Author : Kimberly A. Suta
Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
Release : 2012-09-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1440403236


Book The Rain Queen Description/Summary:

The Rain Queen invites all to imagine that which has become unimaginable. In 1942 MODJADJI, SOUTH AFRICA, women ruled. This is not fiction, this is fact. Their peaceful culture is the complete antithesis of three strangers who have lost all hope but find it again together as the only survivors of a catastrophic train wreck. They agree to start their lives anew, letting the world believe them dead. As the shine of new money and new lives wears quickly, they find themselves traveling the globe in search of myth and salvation in the form of a 'magic treasure' hidden by Princess Dzugundini, the founder of the Rain Queens over 400 years ago. They soon learn that changing names, identities and bank accounts is merely superficial; they must find faith in themselves before true change can begin. The Rain Queen is a sexy, funny, and fanciful story with a depth of soul that reaches out to remind us what beautiful gifts we're given every day, if we choose to see them.

Views and Reviews

Author : Henry James
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1908
Category : English literature
ISBN : UOM:39015066051551


Book Views and Reviews Description/Summary:

Sheltering Rain

Author : Jojo Moyes
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2013-07-16
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781443428149


Book Sheltering Rain Description/Summary:

On Coronation night in 1953 the expat community in Hong Kong gathers for a celebration party. While they strain to listen to the proceedings on a faulty wireless, twenty one year old Joy falls in love. She is engaged within twenty four hours but will not see her fiance again for a year. In 1980 eighteen year old Kate's rebellion is to run away from County Wexford with her illegitimate child. Fifteen years later Sabine leaves trendy Hackney to visit the grandparents she has never known, and finds that time in Wexford seems to have stood still. When Sabine, her mother and grandmother are brought together, a deeply buried family secret is discovered - as well as some fundamental truths; about the conflict between love and duty, about women's choices, and about mothers and daughters. Jojo Moyes effortlessly weaves a rich and vivid tapestry of character, time and place. The result is a novel about many different kinds of love that will make you laugh as well as cry, and sets the benchmark for a new generation of storytelling.