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Stories of the Saints

Author : Carey Wallace
Publisher : Workman Publishing
Release : 2020-03-31
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781523503940


Book Stories of the Saints Description/Summary:

Performing Miracles. Facing Wild Lions. Confronting Demons. Transforming the World. From Augustine to Mother Teresa, officially canonized as St. Teresa of Calcutta, discover seventy of the best-known and best-loved saints and read their riveting stories. Meet Joan of Arc, whose transcendent faith compelled her to lead an army when the king’s courage failed. Francis of Assisi, whose gentleness tamed a man-eating wolf. Valentine, a bishop in the time of ancient Rome, who spoke so often of Christ’s love that his saint’s day, February 12, has been associated with courtly love since the Middle Ages. St. Thomas Aquinas, the great teacher. Peter Claver, who cared for hundreds of thousands of people on slave ships after their voyage as captives. And Bernadette, whose vision of Mary instructed her to dig the spring that became the healing waters of Lourdes. Each saint is illustrated in a dramatic and stylized full-color portrait, and included in every entry are the saint’s dates, location, emblems, feast days, and patronage. Taken together, these stories create a rich, inspiring, and entertaining history of faith and courage. For kids age 10 and up. A perfect gift for Confirmation.

The Book of Sam

Author : Rob Shapiro
Publisher : Dundurn
Release : 2020-08-15
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781459746770


Book The Book of Sam Description/Summary:

A hell-bound fantasy starring demons, damsels, and an unlikely hero. “A fast-paced, page-turning adventure built out of a strikingly original mythology. Eerie, surprising, and a lot of fun.” — Elan Mastai, author of All Our Wrong Todays Sixteen-year-old Sam Sullinger lives in the shadow of adolescence. He's lost among his overachieving siblings, constantly knocked down by his harsh father, and bullied daily. His only solace is his best friend and crush, Harper. In a grand plan designed to help him confess his love to Harper, Sam accidentally sets off a series of events that lead to her being kidnapped and taken to Hell. Racked with guilt, Sam makes a bold decision for the first time in his life: he’s going to rescue his only friend. Sam is thrust into a vivid world fraught with demons, vicious beasts, and a falling city. And every leg of his journey reminds him that he isn’t some brave knight on a quest — he’s an insecure teenager yearning to make his mark on at least one world.

Book of Wings

Author : Tawhida Tanya Evanson
Publisher : Esplanade Books
Release : 2021-03
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1550655647


Book Book of Wings Description/Summary:

In this sweeping, allusive novel, the celebrated poet, dervish, and oral storytellerTawhida Tanya Evanson comes to terms with what it means to stand on one's own two feet inan uncertain world. The acclaimed Antiguan-Canadian artist traces a global journeyfrom Vancouver to the United States, Caribbean, Paris, and Morocco as arelationship with her lover and travel partner disintegrates and she finds herself ona path toward personal discovery and spiritual fulfillment that leads her deep intothe North African landscape.

The Worst Book Ever

Author : Elise Gravel
Publisher : Drawn & Quarterly
Release : 2021-04-29
Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN : 9781770464902


Book The Worst Book Ever Description/Summary:

Elise Gravel wants to write a totally drab book; her characters want to let loos. Who's gonna win? Don’t take the title as a metaphor: it really is the worst book ever. Governor General Literary Award winning children’s book author and illustrator Elise Gravel takes readers on an unexpected journey through the world’s most boring book. The story’s characters and omniscient readers alike quickly become annoyed by the author’s bland imagination and rebel against her tired tropes and stale character choices, spouting sass in an attempt to get her attention and steer the narrative in a more interesting direction. After all, you don’t even have to buy the book, but the characters? They’re stuck in there for an eternity, and they’re going to do their best to make the most of it, or at least have a little fun where they can. As the charming and bizarre true nature of the characters overpowers the dry attributes given to them by the author, this once blasé story quickly picks up speed, transforming the story into something much more unique than originally promised. With Gravel’s signature goofy characters behind the wheel, no silly twist or rude body function is off the table!

Hello, Rain!

Author : Kyo Maclear
Publisher : Chronicle Books LLC
Release : 2021-04-13
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781452143415


Book Hello, Rain! Description/Summary:

A glorious celebration of all the reasons to love the rain! Internationally acclaimed writer Kyo Maclear has partnered with printmaker Chris Turnham to create a colorful and lively celebration of rain. Flowers bloom in the garden. Umbrellas bloom on the streets. There are puddles for jumping and, later, a cozy home for hot chocolate and books. There's so much to love about the rain! • CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AUTHOR: Kyo Maclear is an essayist and novelist who has written more than a dozen books for children. • GORGEOUS ART: Chris Turnham's print-making expertise—especially his masterful use of color and texture—spills over into the stunning images throughout this book. • TALENTED DUO: Publisher's Weekly said Kyo and Chris's debut book The Wish Tree "hums with understated everyday magic," while School Library Connection said it was a "warm and magical tale of friendship and the intrinsic beauty of nature." • CELEBRATES NATURE: Whether you love rain or sun, whether you are out-and-about or stuck inside, this book is a great reminder of the natural beauty all around us. • PERFECT FOR HOME OR SCHOOL: This book is an ideal fit for a cozy family read at home or school story time reading tied to curriculum about the weather or the seasons. • A BOOK TO COME BACK TO: Children will return to this book again and again to discover new details. Perfect for: • Parents, caregivers, and grandparents • Teachers and librarians • Nature-lovers • Those who love the rain or anyone living in rainy regions!

Like Home

Author : Louisa Onome
Publisher : Delacorte Press
Release : 2021-02-23
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780593172605


Book Like Home Description/Summary:

Fans of Netflix's On My Block and readers of Elizabeth Acevedo and Angie Thomas will love this debut novel about a girl whose life is turned upside down after one local act of vandalism throws both her relationships and neighborhood into turmoil. Chinelo, or Nelo as her best friend Kate calls her, is all about her neighborhood Ginger East. She loves its chill vibe, ride-or-die sense of community, and the memories she has growing up there with her friends. Ginger East isn't what it used to be though. After a deadly incident at the local arcade, most of her friends' families moved away. Kate, whose family owns the local corner store, is still there and as long as that stays constant, Nelo's good. When Kate's parent's store is vandalized and the vandal still at large, Nelo is shaken to her core. And then the police and the media get involved and more of the outside world descends upon Ginger East with promises to "fix the neighborhood." Suddenly, Nelo finds herself in the middle of a drama unfolding on a national scale. Worse yet, Kate is acting strange. She's pushing Nelo away at the exact moment they need each other most. Now Nelo's entire world is morphing into something she hates and she must figure out how to get things back on track or risk losing everything--and everyone--she loves.

Happy Hour

Author : Marlowe Granados
Publisher : Verso Books
Release : 2021-09-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781839764035


Book Happy Hour Description/Summary:

With the verve and bite of Ottessa Moshfegh and the barbed charm of Nancy Mitford, Marlowe Granados’s stunning début brilliantly captures a summer of striving in New York City Refreshing and wry in equal measure, Happy Hour is an intoxicatingnovel of youth well spent. Isa Epley is all of twenty-one years old, and already wise enough to understand that the purpose of life is the pursuit of pleasure. She arrives in New York City for a summer of adventure with her best friend, one newly blond Gala Novak. They have little money, but that’s hardly going to stop them from having a good time. In her diary, Isa describes a sweltering summer in the glittering city. By day, the girls sell clothes in a market stall, pinching pennies for their Bed-Stuy sublet and bodega lunches. By night, they weave from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side to the Hamptons among a rotating cast of celebrities, artists, Internet entrepreneurs, stuffy intellectuals, and bad-mannered grifters. Resources run ever tighter and the strain tests their friendship as they try to convert their social capital into something more lasting than precarious gigs as au pairs, nightclub hostesses, paid audience members, and aspiring foot fetish models. Through it all, Isa’s bold, beguiling voice captures the precise thrill of cultivating a life of glamour and intrigue as she juggles paying her dues with skipping out on the bill. Happy Hour is a novel about getting by and looking great in a system that wants you to do neither.

Heaven is Small

Author : Emily Schultz
Publisher : House of Anansi
Release : 2009-04-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780887848407


Book Heaven is Small Description/Summary:

Award-winning author and poet Emily Schultz offers an immensely readable, funny, and sharp novel about a man who works for a Harlequin-like publisher, and gradually discovers that he has arrived in "heaven." Like Will Ferguson's international bestseller, Happiness, Heaven is Small is a smart, satirical novel from one of our best. Heaven is Small is the funny, layered, startling, and profound story of Gordon Small, a degree-clutching slacker and failed fiction writer. Gordon is also, we discover in the first paragraph, recently deceased - although this is "an event he failed to notice." When Gordon finds himself suddenly employed at the Heaven Book Company, the world's largest romance publisher, he begins to notice that something is odd: his routines within the company's walls, though familiar in some respects, have taken on a strange cast - stranger than is usual in the average suburban office. With sly deadpan humour, brilliant insight into the human condition, and exceptionally beautiful writing, Schultz explores what it means to be truly alive only after you're dead.

Quill & Quire

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2010
Category : Book industries and trade
ISBN : OSU:32435081766719


Book Quill & Quire Description/Summary:

Buying on Time

Author : Antanas Sileika
Publisher : The Porcupine's Quill
Release : 1997
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780889841864


Book Buying on Time Description/Summary:

Take a step back into the dawn of suburban life. Revisit the era when mothers in print dresses performed the arcane ritual of mixing the colour dot into the margarine, fathers filled every room of the house in Weston with tobacco smoke, and all the riches of America were to be had by buying on time. Nothing you ever saw on Ozzie and Harriet' ever looked anything like this. East European immigrants to Toronto in the early fifties dreamed of the good life in the suburbs. But they did not have any money, so they put up an outhouse, dug a pit in a new subdivision, threw a roof over the hole, and lived there among the lawns and gardens of their neighbours whose imaginations were largely limited to asphalt driveways. Their neighbours were not amused. Buying on Time is a very funny and occasionally poignant look at growing up in the suburbs in the 1950s and '60s. This collection of linked stories follows an immigrant family as it fights to build a house and find a new life in Canada after World War II. At the heart of the stories is the Old Man, the irascible, insanely self-confident, pipe-smoking father who studies what he calls the English' with an incredulity that is wildly comic, and who marches into Eatons trailing sawdust in order to buy his depressed wife a new fur coat. His English is bad, and his religion is almost mediaeval, yet he has cunning and a zest for life, as well as a taste for Five Star Whisky.

The Blue Clerk

Author : Dionne Brand
Publisher : Duke University Press
Release : 2018-08-23
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9781478002055


Book The Blue Clerk Description/Summary:

On a lonely wharf a clerk in an ink-blue coat inspects bales and bales of paper that hold a poet's accumulated left-hand pages—the unwritten, the withheld, the unexpressed, the withdrawn, the restrained, the word-shard. In The Blue Clerk renowned poet Dionne Brand stages a conversation and an argument between the poet and the Blue Clerk, who is the keeper of the poet's pages. In their dialogues—which take shape as a series of haunting prose poems—the poet and the clerk invoke a host of writers, philosophers, and artists, from Jacob Lawrence, Lola Kiepja, and Walter Benjamin to John Coltrane, Josephine Turalba, and Jorge Luis Borges. Through these essay poems, Brand explores memory, language, culture, and time while intimately interrogating the act and difficulty of writing, the relationship between the poet and the world, and the link between author and art. Inviting the reader to engage with the resonant meanings of the withheld, Brand offers a profound and moving philosophy of writing and a wide-ranging analysis of the present world.

This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart

Author : Madhur Anand
Publisher : Strange Light
Release : 2020-06-30
Category : Families
ISBN : 9780771007774


Book This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart Description/Summary:

"Wondrously and elegantly written in language that astonishes and moves the reader...This is an important book: an emotional and intellectual tour de force." --Jane Urquhart An experimental memoir about Partition, immigration, and generational storytelling, This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart weaves together the poetry of memory with the science of embodied trauma, using the imagined voices of the past and the vital authority of the present. We begin with a man off balance: one in one thousand, the only child in town whose polio leads to partial paralysis. We meet his future wife, chanting Hai Rams for Gandhiji and choosing education over marriage. On one side of the line that divides this book, we follow them as their homeland splits in two and they are drawn together, moving to Canada and raising their children in mining towns and in crowded city apartments. And when we turn the book over, we find the daughter's tale--we see how the rupture of Partition, the asymmetry of a father's leg, the virus of a mother's rage, makes its way to the next generation. Told through the lenses of biology, physics, history and poetry, this is a memoir that defies form and convention to immerse the reader in the feeling of what remains when we've heard as much of the truth as our families will allow, and we're left to search for ourselves among the pieces they've carried with them.

Small Saul

Author : Ashley Spires
Publisher : Kids Can Press Ltd
Release : 2011-01-03
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781554539598


Book Small Saul Description/Summary:

Small Saul is a different kind of pirate. Will Small Saul be able to prove his worth as a pirate or will he be thrown overboard?

Disintegration in Four Parts

Author : Jean Marc Ah-Sen,Emily Anglin,Devon Code,Lee Henderson
Publisher : Coach House Books
Release : 2021-06-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781770566620


Book Disintegration in Four Parts Description/Summary:

Four writers, four different perspectives on the problematic notion of purity. "All purity is created by resemblance and disavowal." With this sentence as a starting point, four authors each write a novella considering the concept of purity, all from astonishingly different angles. Jean Marc Ah-Sen writes about love blooming between two writers belonging to feuding literary movements. Emily Anglin explores an architect's search for her twin at a rural historic house. Devon Code documents the Wittgensteinian upheavals of the last days of an elderly woman. And Lee Henderson imagines Dada artist Kurt Schwitters finding unlikely inspiration in a Second World War internment camp in northern Norway. Wildly different in style and subject matter, these four virtuoso pieces give us a 360-degree view of a philosophical theme that has never felt so urgent. “Despite the disparity of their subject matter – a Nazi-evading Dadaist detained in Norway, urban and familial estrangements, complicated love amid the avant-garde, the vicissitudes of old age – these brilliantly inventive, delightfully strange stories cling together like four unlikely soulmates, unified by art’s pursuit of coherence through life’s various disintegrations.” —Pasha Malla, author of Kill the Mall


Author : Catherine Nolin,Grahame Russell
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-10-25
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 177113562X


Book Testimonio Description/Summary:

What is land? A resource to be exploited? A commodity to be traded? A home to cherish? In Guatemala, a country still reeling from thirty-six years of US-backed state repression and genocides, dominant Canadian mining interests cash in on the transformation of land into property, while those responsible act with near-total impunity. Editors Catherine Nolin and Grahame Russell draw on over thirty years of community-based research and direct community support work in Guatemala to expose the ruthless state machinery that benefits the Canadian mining industry--a staggeringly profitable juggernaut of exploitation, sanctioned and supported every step of the way by the Canadian government. This edited collection calls on Canadians to hold our government and companies fully to account for their role in enabling and profiting from violence in Guatemala. The text stands apart in featuring a series of unflinching testimonios (testimonies) authored by Indigenous community leaders in Guatemala, as well as wide-ranging contributions from investigative journalists, scholars, lawyers, activists, and documentarians on the ground. As resources are ripped from the earth and communities and environments ripped apart, the act of standing in solidarity and bearing witness--rather than extracting knowledge--becomes more radical than ever.


Author : Anne Simpson
Publisher : Broadview Press
Release : 2020-05-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781988298634


Book Speechless Description/Summary:

A gripping, poignant novel about a Nigerian teenager and a Canadian journalist about the power of words. A’isha Nasir is a Nigerian teenager who has been charged with adultery. She is sentenced to death by stoning—a sentence to be carried out after her daughter is weaned. Sophie MacNeil is an ambitious, though inexperienced, Canadian journalist living in Nigeria. Speechless is the story of how their lives become intertwined in a fast-paced tale of justice, witness, and courage. Sophie MacNeil is working in Lagos as a contract reporter for the Daily Leader. Desperate to do serious work, she convinces the editor of the newspaper to let her cover A’isha’s story. After meeting with A’isha, she writes an impassioned article about the way women suffer under shariah law. Her story is regarded as inflammatory, written by an outsider. The Kaduna office of the Daily Leader is firebombed and rioting quickly slips into sectarian violence. Turned back at the border as she tries to flee, Sophie comes to terms with the naiveté with which she approached the story. Still, A’isha had spoken to her. And she had a duty to listen. Speechless offers a thoughtful and complex view of how stories are told. Who should tell a story? What happens when one speaks on behalf of another? At once compelling and lyrical, this novel presents a nuanced cast of characters trying to navigate the power of their words, their responsibility for them, and how they affect others in matters of life and death.

Taken by the Muse

Author : Anne Wheeler
Publisher : NeWest Press
Release : 2020-10
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1774390019


Book Taken by the Muse Description/Summary:

Laced with humour and revelation, Anne Wheeler's creative non-fiction stories tell of her serendipitous journey in the seventies, when she broke with tradition and found her own way to becoming a filmmaker and raconteur. Join this celebrated screenwriter and director as she travels south of Mombasa after calling off her wedding; attempts to gain acceptance in a male-dominated film collective; travels to India to visit friends who are devoted to a radical Master, and ultimately discovers her sense of purpose and passion close to home, sharing stories that would otherwise be lost about ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Taken by the Muse: On the Path to Becoming a Filmmaker is a must-read for anyone open to exploring the possibilities of who they are and what they might do with their lives - and for those who love a good story told with integrity and warmth.

Hair Twins

Author : Raakhee Mirchandani
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0316495301


Book Hair Twins Description/Summary:

Follows a Sikh father and his daughter as they go through their daily hair routine.

Over the Shop

Author : Jonarno Lawson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-01-05
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781536201475


Book Over the Shop Description/Summary:

In a beautifully detailed wordless picture book, a tumbledown building becomes home sweet home for a found family. A lonely little girl and her grandparent need to fill the run-down apartment in their building. But taking over the quarters above their store will mean major renovations for the new occupants, and none of the potential renters can envision the possibilities of the space--until one special couple shows up. With their ingenuity, the little girl's big heart, and heaps of hard work, the desperate fixer-upper begins to change in lovely and surprising ways. In this bustling wordless picture book, JonArno Lawson's touching story and Qin Leng's gentle illustrations capture all angles of the building's transformation, as well as the evolving perspectives of the girl and her grandparent. A warm and subtly nuanced tale, Over the Shop throws open the doors to what it means to accept people for who they are and to fill your home with love and joy.

Race with Me

Author : Andre De Grasse,Robert Budd
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-07-06
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1443187550


Book Race with Me Description/Summary:

A celebration of sport -- and Andre De Grasse's positive, winning attitude Everyone gets nervous butterflies. I don't let that feeling stop me. I love the feeling of being proud of myself. I can only feel it by trying my best. My butterflies just mean I am excited to run. Lace up your shoes and get ready for race day with Canada's 2019 Athlete of the Year, Andre De Grasse! Find out what it was like for him as an underdog, and how he motivates himself to face every challenge, in this inspiring celebration of sport. Filled with full-colour photos and illustrations, this book covers themes of reflection, mindfulness and gratitude sure to motivate all kinds of readers.