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Author : Manjit Kumar
Publisher : Icon Books Ltd
Release : 2008-10-02
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781848311039


Book Quantum Description/Summary:

'This is about gob-smacking science at the far end of reason ... Take it nice and easy and savour the experience of your mind being blown without recourse to hallucinogens' Nicholas Lezard, Guardian For most people, quantum theory is a byword for mysterious, impenetrable science. And yet for many years it was equally baffling for scientists themselves. In this magisterial book, Manjit Kumar gives a dramatic and superbly-written history of this fundamental scientific revolution, and the divisive debate at its core. Quantum theory looks at the very building blocks of our world, the particles and processes without which it could not exist. Yet for 60 years most physicists believed that quantum theory denied the very existence of reality itself. In this tour de force of science history, Manjit Kumar shows how the golden age of physics ignited the greatest intellectual debate of the twentieth century. Quantum theory is weird. In 1905, Albert Einstein suggested that light was a particle, not a wave, defying a century of experiments. Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Erwin Schrodinger's famous dead-and-alive cat are similarly strange. As Niels Bohr said, if you weren't shocked by quantum theory, you didn't really understand it. While "Quantum" sets the science in the context of the great upheavals of the modern age, Kumar's centrepiece is the conflict between Einstein and Bohr over the nature of reality and the soul of science. 'Bohr brainwashed a whole generation of physicists into believing that the problem had been solved', lamented the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann. But in "Quantum", Kumar brings Einstein back to the centre of the quantum debate. "Quantum" is the essential read for anyone fascinated by this complex and thrilling story and by the band of brilliant men at its heart.

Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality

Author : Manjit Kumar
Publisher : W. W. Norton
Release : 2011-05-09
Category : Science
ISBN : 0393339882


Book Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality Description/Summary:

“A lucid account of quantum theory (and why you should care) combined with a gripping narrative.”—San Francisco Chronicle Quantum theory is weird. As Niels Bohr said, if you weren’t shocked by quantum theory, you didn’t really understand it. For most people, quantum theory is synonymous with mysterious, impenetrable science. And in fact for many years it was equally baffling for scientists themselves. In this tour de force of science history, Manjit Kumar gives a dramatic and superbly written account of this fundamental scientific revolution, focusing on the central conflict between Einstein and Bohr over the nature of reality and the soul of science. This revelatory book takes a close look at the golden age of physics, the brilliant young minds at its core—and how an idea ignited the greatest intellectual debate of the twentieth century.

Einstein and the Quantum

Author : A. Douglas Stone
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 2015-10-06
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780691168562


Book Einstein and the Quantum Description/Summary:

Einstein and the Quantum reveals for the first time the full significance of Albert Einstein's contributions to quantum theory. Einstein famously rejected quantum mechanics, observing that God does not play dice. But, in fact, he thought more about the nature of atoms, molecules, and the emission and absorption of light--the core of what we now know as quantum theory--than he did about relativity. A compelling blend of physics, biography, and the history of science, Einstein and the Quantum shares the untold story of how Einstein--not Max Planck or Niels Bohr--was the driving force behind early quantum theory. It paints a vivid portrait of the iconic physicist as he grappled with the apparently contradictory nature of the atomic world, in which its invisible constituents defy the categories of classical physics, behaving simultaneously as both particle and wave. And it demonstrates how Einstein's later work on the emission and absorption of light, and on atomic gases, led directly to Erwin Schrödinger's breakthrough to the modern form of quantum mechanics. The book sheds light on why Einstein ultimately renounced his own brilliant work on quantum theory, due to his deep belief in science as something objective and eternal.

The Quantum Book of Soma

Author : G. D. Bakshi
Publisher : Garuda Prakashan
Release : 2021-10-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1942426763


Book The Quantum Book of Soma Description/Summary:

This book is about one of the last unresolved riddles of Indology. It is a search for the mythical Vedic Soma. What was this Soma? It was defined as a Deva-a god in the Vedic pantheon.The entire 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda is devoted to this magical Soma. Soma, however, is like the Beeja mantras (Aum, Hum, Sreem etc) of the Vedas. It was a meta-concept of extraordinary elegance and beauty. It encompassed a whole spectrum or range of meanings in that one word. In this book, the author examines in detail the Botanical aspect of Soma as a psychotropic plant; studies the biological aspect of Soma as an endogenous elixir-which he personally experienced in meditation; examines the Soma of Senses-of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell-and the Soma of Action as defined in the Geeta. The highlight of this book is the Quantum Mechanical approach to understanding the Atman and the act of seeing that generates this cosmos. This book analyses the Vedic Mahavakyas in the light of latest discoveries in Quantum Physics and neuro-biology; and the correspondences are simply amazing and revelatory. "General Bakshi explores Soma extensively in neurobiology and mind body medicine and depth psychology, and ultimately its connection to the subtle body and chakras & Agni/Kundalini, weaving modern science with yogic meditation. All these many types of Somas are part of a greater integral and universal view of the infinite and eternal reality, the Atman that is Brahman. His explanation of Soma in terms of Vedantic Mahavakyas like Tat Tvam Asi is most notable."Dr. David Frawley, Author, Vedic Acharya


Author : Patricia Cornwell
Publisher : Large Print Press
Release : 2020-09-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1432881779


Book Quantum Description/Summary:

"On the eve of a top-secret space mission, Captain Calli Chase--a NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and cybercrime investigator-- detects a problem in the tunnels below a NASA research center. She discovers dried blood, a missing security badge, a suspicious suicide. This series of disturbing clues point to Calli's twin sister Carme, who's been missing for days. Desperate to avoid disaster and clear her sister's name, Captain Chase races to find answers to her twin's erratic conduct. But time is running out, and she realizes that failure means catastrophe--for both the space program but for the safety of the entire nation"--Back cover.

Elementary Quantum Mechanics

Author : David S. Saxon
Publisher : Courier Corporation
Release : 2013-07-24
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780486310411


Book Elementary Quantum Mechanics Description/Summary:

This volume focuses on the formulas of quantum mechanics rather than on applications. Topics include the dual nature of matter and radiation, state functions, linear momentum, motion of a free particle, and more. 1968 edition.

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Author : Michael A. Nielsen,Isaac L. Chuang,Isaac L.. Chuang
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2000-10-23
Category : Computers
ISBN : 0521635039


Book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Description/Summary:

First-ever comprehensive introduction to the major new subject of quantum computing and quantum information.

Mastering Quantum Mechanics

Author : Barton Zwiebach
Publisher : MIT Press
Release : 2022-04-12
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780262366892


Book Mastering Quantum Mechanics Description/Summary:

A complete overview of quantum mechanics, covering essential concepts and results, theoretical foundations, and applications. This undergraduate textbook offers a comprehensive overview of quantum mechanics, beginning with essential concepts and results, proceeding through the theoretical foundations that provide the field’s conceptual framework, and concluding with the tools and applications students will need for advanced studies and for research. Drawn from lectures created for MIT undergraduates and for the popular MITx online course, “Mastering Quantum Mechanics,” the text presents the material in a modern and approachable manner while still including the traditional topics necessary for a well-rounded understanding of the subject. As the book progresses, the treatment gradually increases in difficulty, matching students’ increasingly sophisticated understanding of the material. • Part 1 covers states and probability amplitudes, the Schrödinger equation, energy eigenstates of particles in potentials, the hydrogen atom, and spin one-half particles • Part 2 covers mathematical tools, the pictures of quantum mechanics and the axioms of quantum mechanics, entanglement and tensor products, angular momentum, and identical particles. • Part 3 introduces tools and techniques that help students master the theoretical concepts with a focus on approximation methods. • 236 exercises and 286 end-of-chapter problems • 248 figures

Quantum Cryptography and Secret-Key Distillation

Author : Gilles van Assche
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2006-06-29
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9780521864855


Book Quantum Cryptography and Secret-Key Distillation Description/Summary:

Quantum cryptography (or quantum key distribution) is a state-of-the-art technique that exploits properties of quantum mechanics to guarantee the secure exchange of secret keys. This 2006 text introduces the principles and techniques of quantum cryptography, setting it in the wider context of cryptography and security, with specific focus on secret-key distillation. The book starts with an overview chapter, progressing to classical cryptography, information theory (classical and quantum), and applications of quantum cryptography. The discussion moves to secret-key distillation, privacy amplification and reconciliation techniques, concluding with the security principles of quantum cryptography. The author explains the physical implementation and security of these systems, enabling engineers to gauge the suitability of quantum cryptography for securing transmission in their particular application. With its blend of fundamental theory, implementation techniques, and details of recent protocols, this book will be of interest to graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in electrical engineering, physics, and computer science.

The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics

Author : Siegmund Brandt,Hans D. Dahmen
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2012-12-06
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781468402339


Book The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics Description/Summary:

In learning quantum theory, intuitions developed for the classical world fail, and the equations to be solved are sufficiently complex that they require a computer except for the simplest situations. This book represents an attempt to jump the hurdle to an intuitive understanding of wave mechanics by using illustrations to present the time evolution and parameter dependence of wave functions in a wide variety of situations. Most of the illustrations are computer-generated solutions of the Schrödinger equation for one- and three-dimensional systems, with the situations discussed ranging from the simple particle in a box through resonant scattering in one dimension to the hydrogen atom and Regge classification of resonant scattering. Thoroughly revised and expanded to include a discussion of spin and magnetic resonance.

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Author : Johannes Buchmann,Jintai Ding
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2008-10-06
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9783540884026


Book Post-Quantum Cryptography Description/Summary:

Threedecadesagopublic-keycryptosystemsmadea revolutionarybreakthrough in cryptography. They have developed into an indispensable part of our m- ern communication system. In practical applications RSA, DSA, ECDSA, and similar public key cryptosystems are commonly used. Their security depends on assumptions about the di?culty of certain problems in number theory, such as the Integer Prime Factorization Problem or the Discrete Logarithm Problem. However, in 1994 Peter Shor showed that quantum computers could break any public-key cryptosystembased on these hard number theory problems. This means that if a reasonably powerful quantum computer could be built, it would put essentially all modern communication into peril. In 2001, Isaac Chuang and NeilGershenfeldimplemented Shor'salgorithmona7-qubitquantumcomputer. In 2007 a 16-qubit quantum computer was demonstrated by a start-up company with the prediction that a 512-qubit or even a 1024-qubit quantum computer would become available in 2008. Some physicists predicted that within the next 10 to 20 years quantum computers will be built that are su?ciently powerful to implement Shor's ideas and to break all existing public key schemes. Thus we need to look ahead to a future of quantum computers, and we need to prepare the cryptographic world for that future.

Quantum Cosmology - The Supersymmetric Perspective - Vol. 2

Author : Paulo Vargas Moniz
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2010-04-27
Category : Science
ISBN : 9783642115691


Book Quantum Cosmology - The Supersymmetric Perspective - Vol. 2 Description/Summary:

We read in order to know we are not alone, I once heard, and perhaps it could also be suggested that we write in order not to be alone, to endorse, to promote continuity. The idea for this book took about 10 years to materialize, and it is the author’s hope that its content will constitute the beginning of further explorations beyond current horizons. More speci cally, this book appeals to the reader to engage upon and persevere with a journey, moving through the less well explored territories in the evolution of the very early universe, and pushing towards new landscapes. P- haps, during or after consulting this book, this attitude and this willingness will be embraced by someone, somewhere, and this person will go on to enrich our quantum cosmological description of the early universe, by means of a clearer supersymm- ric perspective. It is to these creative and inquisitive ‘young minds’ that the book is addressed. The reader will not therefore nd in this book all the answers to all the problems regarding a supersymmetric and quantum description of the early universe, and this remark is substantiated in the book by a list of unresolved and challenging problems, itself incomplete.

Quantum Dots

Author : Lucjan Jacak,Pawel Hawrylak,Arkadiusz Wojs
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-06-29
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9783642720024


Book Quantum Dots Description/Summary:

We present an overview of the theoretical background and experimental re sults in the rapidly developing field of semiconductor quantum dots - systems 8 6 of dimensions as small as 10- -10- m (quasi-zero-dimensional) that contain a small and controllable number (1-1000) of electrons. The electronic structure of quantum dots, including the energy quan tization of the single-particle states (due to spatial confinement) and the evolution of these (Fock-Darwin) states in an increasing external magnetic field, is described. The properties of many-electron systems confined in a dot are also studied. This includes the separation of the center-of-mass mo tion for the parabolic confining potential (and hence the insensitivity of the transitions under far infrared radiation to the Coulomb interactions and the number of particles - the generalized Kohn theorem) and the effects due to Coulomb interactions (formation of the incompressible magic states at high magnetic fields and their relation to composite jermions), and finally the spin-orbit interactions. In addition, the excitonic properties of quantum dots are discussed, including the energy levels and the spectral function of a single exciton, the relaxation of confined carriers, the metastable states and their effect on the photoluminescence spectrum, the interaction of an exciton with carriers, and exciton condensation. The theoretical part of this work, which is based largely on original re sults obtained by the authors, has been supplemented with descriptions of various methods of creating quantum-dot structures.

Quantum Gravity

Author : Claus Kiefer
Publisher : OUP Oxford
Release : 2012-04-05
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780191628856


Book Quantum Gravity Description/Summary:

The search for a quantum theory of the gravitational field is one of the great open problems in theoretical physics. This book presents a self-contained discussion of the concepts, methods and applications that can be expected in such a theory. The two main approaches to its construction — the direct quantisation of Einstein's general theory of relativity and string theory — are covered. Whereas the first attempts to construct a viable theory for the gravitational field alone, string theory assumes that a quantum theory of gravity will be achieved only through a unification of all the interactions. However, both employ the general method of quantization of constrained systems, which is described together with illustrative examples relevant for quantum gravity. There is a detailed presentation of the main approaches employed in quantum general relativity: path-integral quantization, the background-field method and canonical quantum gravity in the metric, connection and loop formulations. The discussion of string theory centres around its quantum-gravitational aspects and the comparison with quantum general relativity. Physical applications discussed at length include the quantization of black holes, quantum cosmology, the indications of a discrete structure of spacetime, and the origin of irreversibility. This third edition contains new chapters or sections on quantum gravity phenomenology, Horava-Lifshitz quantum gravity, analogue gravity, the holographic principle, and affine quantum gravity. It will present updates on loop quantum cosmology, the LTB model, asymptotic safety, and various discrete approaches. The third edition also contains pedagogical extensions throughout the text. This book will be of interest to researchers and students working in relativity and gravitation, cosmology, quantum field theory and related topics. It will also be of interest to mathematicians and philosophers of science.

Quantum Machine Learning

Author : Siddhartha Bhattacharyya,Indrajit Pan,Ashish Mani,Sourav De,Elizabeth Behrman,Susanta Chakraborti
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Release : 2020-06-08
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9783110670721


Book Quantum Machine Learning Description/Summary:

Quantum-enhanced machine learning refers to quantum algorithms that solve tasks in machine learning, thereby improving a classical machine learning method. Such algorithms typically require one to encode the given classical dataset into a quantum computer, so as to make it accessible for quantum information processing. After this, quantum information processing routines can be applied and the result of the quantum computation is read out by measuring the quantum system. While many proposals of quantum machine learning algorithms are still purely theoretical and require a full-scale universal quantum computer to be tested, others have been implemented on small-scale or special purpose quantum devices.

Quantum Objects

Author : Gregg Jaeger
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-08-27
Category : Science
ISBN : 9783642376290


Book Quantum Objects Description/Summary:

This monograph identifies the essential characteristics of the objects described by current quantum theory and considers their relationship to space-time. In the process, it explicates the senses in which quantum objects may be consistently considered to have parts of which they may be composed or into which they may be decomposed. The book also demonstrates the degree to which reduction is possible in quantum mechanics, showing it to be related to the objective indefiniteness of quantum properties and the strong non-local correlations that can occur between the physical quantities of quantum subsystems. Careful attention is paid to the relationships among such property correlations, physical causation, probability, and symmetry in quantum theory. In this way, the text identifies and clarifies the conceptual grounds underlying the unique nature of many quantum phenomena.

NMR Quantum Information Processing

Author : Ivan Oliveira,Roberto Sarthour Jr.,Tito Bonagamba,Eduardo Azevedo,Jair C. C. Freitas
Publisher : Elsevier
Release : 2011-04-18
Category : Science
ISBN : 0080497527


Book NMR Quantum Information Processing Description/Summary:

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (QIP) deals with the identification and use of quantum resources for information processing. This includes three main branches of investigation: quantum algorithm design, quantum simulation and quantum communication, including quantum cryptography. Along the past few years, QIP has become one of the most active area of research in both, theoretical and experimental physics, attracting students and researchers fascinated, not only by the potential practical applications of quantum computers, but also by the possibility of studying fundamental physics at the deepest level of quantum phenomena. NMR Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing describes the fundamentals of NMR QIP, and the main developments which can lead to a large-scale quantum processor. The text starts with a general chapter on the interesting topic of the physics of computation. The very first ideas which sparkled the development of QIP came from basic considerations of the physical processes underlying computational actions. In Chapter 2 it is made an introduction to NMR, including the hardware and other experimental aspects of the technique. In Chapter 3 we revise the fundamentals of Quantum Computation and Quantum Information. The chapter is very much based on the extraordinary book of Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang, with an upgrade containing some of the latest developments, such as QIP in phase space, and telecloning. Chapter 4 describes how NMR generates quantum logic gates from radiofrequency pulses, upon which quantum protocols are built. It also describes the important technique of Quantum State Tomography for both, quadrupole and spin 1/2 nuclei. Chapter 5 describes some of the main experiments of quantum algorithm implementation by NMR, quantum simulation and QIP in phase space. The important issue of entanglement in NMR QIP experiments is discussed in Chapter 6. This has been a particularly exciting topic in the literature. The chapter contains a discussion on the theoretical aspects of NMR entanglement, as well as some of the main experiments where this phenomenon is reported. Finally, Chapter 7 is an attempt to address the future of NMR QIP, based in very recent developments in nanofabrication and single-spin detection experiments. Each chapter is followed by a number of problems and solutions. * Presents a large number of problems with solutions, ideal for students * Brings together topics in different areas: NMR, nanotechnology, quantum computation * Extensive references

Quantum Dot Molecules

Author : Jiang Wu,Zhiming M. Wang
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-10-28
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9781461481300


Book Quantum Dot Molecules Description/Summary:

A quantum dot molecule (QDM) is composed of two or more closely spaced quantum dots or “artificial atoms.” In recent years, QDMs have received much attention as an emerging new artificial quantum system. The interesting and unique coupling and energy transfer processes between the “artificial atoms” could substantially extend the range of possible applications of quantum nanostructures. This book reviews recent advances in the exciting and rapidly growing field of QDMs via contributions from some of the most prominent researchers in this scientific community. The book explores many interesting topics such as the epitaxial growth of QDMs, spectroscopic characterization, and QDM transistors, and bridges between the fundamental physics of novel materials and device applications for future information technology. Both theoretical and experimental approaches are considered. Quantum Dot Molecules can be recommended for electrical engineering and materials science department courses on the science and design of advanced and future electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Quantum Interaction

Author : Dawei Song,Massimo Melucci,Ingo Frommholz,Peng Zhang,Lei Wang,Sachi Arafat
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2011-10-21
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9783642249709


Book Quantum Interaction Description/Summary:

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Quantum Interaction, QI 2011, held in Aberdeen, UK, in June 2011. The 26 revised full papers and 6 revised poster papers, presented together with 1 tutorial and 1 invited talk were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. The papers show the cross-disciplinary nature of quantum interaction covering topics such as computation, cognition, mechanics, social interaction, semantic space and information representation and retrieval.