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Author : Manjit Kumar
Publisher : Icon Books Ltd
Release : 2008-10-02
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781848311039


Book Quantum Description/Summary:

'This is about gob-smacking science at the far end of reason ... Take it nice and easy and savour the experience of your mind being blown without recourse to hallucinogens' Nicholas Lezard, Guardian For most people, quantum theory is a byword for mysterious, impenetrable science. And yet for many years it was equally baffling for scientists themselves. In this magisterial book, Manjit Kumar gives a dramatic and superbly-written history of this fundamental scientific revolution, and the divisive debate at its core. Quantum theory looks at the very building blocks of our world, the particles and processes without which it could not exist. Yet for 60 years most physicists believed that quantum theory denied the very existence of reality itself. In this tour de force of science history, Manjit Kumar shows how the golden age of physics ignited the greatest intellectual debate of the twentieth century. Quantum theory is weird. In 1905, Albert Einstein suggested that light was a particle, not a wave, defying a century of experiments. Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Erwin Schrodinger's famous dead-and-alive cat are similarly strange. As Niels Bohr said, if you weren't shocked by quantum theory, you didn't really understand it. While "Quantum" sets the science in the context of the great upheavals of the modern age, Kumar's centrepiece is the conflict between Einstein and Bohr over the nature of reality and the soul of science. 'Bohr brainwashed a whole generation of physicists into believing that the problem had been solved', lamented the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann. But in "Quantum", Kumar brings Einstein back to the centre of the quantum debate. "Quantum" is the essential read for anyone fascinated by this complex and thrilling story and by the band of brilliant men at its heart.

Quantum Theory

Author : David Bohm
Publisher : Courier Corporation
Release : 1989-05
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780486659695


Book Quantum Theory Description/Summary:

This advanced undergraduate-level text presents the quantum theory in terms of qualitative and imaginative concepts, followed by specific applications worked out in mathematical detail.


Author : Patricia Cornwell
Publisher : Large Print Press
Release : 2020-09-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1432881779


Book Quantum Description/Summary:

"On the eve of a top-secret space mission, Captain Calli Chase--a NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and cybercrime investigator-- detects a problem in the tunnels below a NASA research center. She discovers dried blood, a missing security badge, a suspicious suicide. This series of disturbing clues point to Calli's twin sister Carme, who's been missing for days. Desperate to avoid disaster and clear her sister's name, Captain Chase races to find answers to her twin's erratic conduct. But time is running out, and she realizes that failure means catastrophe--for both the space program but for the safety of the entire nation"--Back cover.

Quantum Computing Since Democritus

Author : Scott Aaronson
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2013-03-14
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780521199568


Book Quantum Computing Since Democritus Description/Summary:

Takes students and researchers on a tour through some of the deepest ideas of maths, computer science and physics.

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Author : Michael A. Nielsen,Isaac L. Chuang
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2010-12-09
Category : Science
ISBN : 1107002176


Book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Description/Summary:

One of the most cited books in physics of all time, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information remains the best textbook in this exciting field of science. This 10th anniversary edition includes an introduction from the authors setting the work in context. This comprehensive textbook describes such remarkable effects as fast quantum algorithms, quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography and quantum error-correction. Quantum mechanics and computer science are introduced before moving on to describe what a quantum computer is, how it can be used to solve problems faster than 'classical' computers and its real-world implementation. It concludes with an in-depth treatment of quantum information. Containing a wealth of figures and exercises, this well-known textbook is ideal for courses on the subject, and will interest beginning graduate students and researchers in physics, computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering.

The Quantum Story

Author : J. E. Baggott
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2011-02-24
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780199566846


Book The Quantum Story Description/Summary:

Utterly beautiful. Profoundly disconcerting. Quantum theory is quite simply the most successful account of the physical universe ever devised. Its concepts underpin much of the twenty-first century technology that we now take for granted. But at the same time it has completely undermined our ability to make sense of the world at its most fundamental level. Niels Bohr claimed that anybody who is not shocked by the theory has not understood it. The American physicist Richard Feynman went further: he claimed that nobody understands it. The Quantum Story begins in 1900, tracing a century of game-changing science. Popular science writer Jim Baggott first shows how, over the space of three decades, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, and others formulated and refined the theory--and opened the floodgates. Indeed, since then, a torrent of ideas has flowed from the world's leading physicists, as they explore and apply the theory's bizarre implications. To take us from the story's beginning to the present day, Baggott organizes his narrative around forty turning-point moments of discovery. Many of these are inextricably bound up with the characters involved--their rivalries and their collaborations, their arguments and, not least, their excitement as they sense that they are redefining what reality means. Through the mix of story and science, we experience their breathtaking leaps of theory and experiment, as they uncover such undreamed of and mind-boggling phenomenon as black holes, multiple universes, quantum entanglement, the Higgs boson, and much more. Brisk, clear, and compelling, The Quantum Story is science writing at its best. A compelling look at the one-hundred-year history of quantum theory, it illuminates the idea as it reveals how generations of physicists have grappled with this monster ever since.

Quantum Physics

Author : Marc Humphrey PhD,Paul V. Pancella PhD,Norah Berrah, PhD
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2015-01-06
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781615643622


Book Quantum Physics Description/Summary:

Quantum physics explores the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller levels. Idiot's Guides: Quantum Physics makes this very complex topic easy to understand. It skips the complicated math and dives right into all the concepts, paradoxes, thought experiments, and implications that make quantum mechacs so fascinating to armchair science buffs. Topics covered include: - Quantum vs. classical physics - A look at the smallest known particles - How the tiniest particles behave both as particles and waves - The famous double-slit experiment - Quantum wave function - The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - How particles can be in multiple places at once - Quantum entanglement - The Schrodinger's cat thought experiment - Competing interpretations of quantum physics - The Copenhagen interpretation and need for an observer - The role of consciousness in quantum theory - The Many Worlds interpretation and parallel universes - Building a quantum computer - Quantum gravity and the search for a theory of everything

Quantum Optics

Author : Girish S. Agarwal
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2012-11-15
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781107006409


Book Quantum Optics Description/Summary:

Ideal for graduate courses on quantum optics, this textbook provides an up-to-date account of the basic principles and applications. It features end-of-chapter exercises with solutions available for instructors at It is invaluable to both graduate students and researchers in physics and photonics, quantum information science and quantum communications.

Quantum Information

Author : Masahito Hayashi
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2006-04-20
Category : Science
ISBN : 9783540302650


Book Quantum Information Description/Summary:

This graduate-level textbook provides a unified viewpoint of quantum information theory that merges key topics from both the information-theoretic and quantum- mechanical viewpoints. The text provides a unified viewpoint of quantum information theory and lucid explanations of those basic results, so that the reader fundamentally grasps advances and challenges. This unified approach makes accessible such advanced topics in quantum communication as quantum teleportation, superdense coding, quantum state transmission (quantum error-correction), and quantum encryption.

Quantum Gravity

Author : Carlo Rovelli
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2004-11-15
Category : Science
ISBN : 0521837332


Book Quantum Gravity Description/Summary:

Quantum gravity is one of the major "open" problems in theoretical physics, and the loop and spinfoam approach in this book is a major research area in the field. Emphasizing conceptual and foundational issues raised by quantum gravity, especially on the nature of space and time, the text is intended for researchers working in quantum gravity and graduate students.

Quantum Mechanics

Author : Richard Wallace Robinett
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2006-04-13
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780198530978


Book Quantum Mechanics Description/Summary:

`Quantum Mechanics' is a comprehensive introduction to quantum mechanics for advanced undergraduate students in physics. It provides the reader with a strong conceptual background in the subject, extensive experience with the necessary mathematical background, as well as numerous visualizations of quantum concepts and phenomena.

Quantum Computing

Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,Intelligence Community Studies Board,Computer Science and Telecommunications Board,Committee on Technical Assessment of the Feasibility and Implications of Quantum Computing
Publisher : National Academies Press
Release : 2019-04-27
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9780309479691


Book Quantum Computing Description/Summary:

Quantum mechanics, the subfield of physics that describes the behavior of very small (quantum) particles, provides the basis for a new paradigm of computing. First proposed in the 1980s as a way to improve computational modeling of quantum systems, the field of quantum computing has recently garnered significant attention due to progress in building small-scale devices. However, significant technical advances will be required before a large-scale, practical quantum computer can be achieved. Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospects provides an introduction to the field, including the unique characteristics and constraints of the technology, and assesses the feasibility and implications of creating a functional quantum computer capable of addressing real-world problems. This report considers hardware and software requirements, quantum algorithms, drivers of advances in quantum computing and quantum devices, benchmarks associated with relevant use cases, the time and resources required, and how to assess the probability of success.

Quantum Mechanics

Author : H.A. Kramers
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications
Release : 2018-05-16
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780486824734


Book Quantum Mechanics Description/Summary:

Masterful exposition develops important concepts from experimental evidence and theory related to wave nature of free particles. Topics include classical mechanics of point particles and problems of atomic and molecular structure. 1957 edition.

Quantum Theory of Materials

Author : Efthimios Kaxiras,John D. Joannopoulos
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2019-05-31
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780521117111


Book Quantum Theory of Materials Description/Summary:

An accessible overview of the concepts and tools essential to the physics of materials, with applications, exercises, and color figures.

Taking the Quantum Leap

Author : Fred A. Wolf
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2010-10-19
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780062036391


Book Taking the Quantum Leap Description/Summary:

This book entertainingly traces the history of physics from the observations of the earlyGreeks through the discoveries of Galileo and Newton to the dazzling theories of such scientists as Planck, Einstein, Bohr, and Bohm. This humanized view of science opens up the mind-stretching visions of how quantum mechanics, God, human thought, and will are related, and provides profound implications for our understanding of the nature of reality and our relationship to the cosmos.

Einstein and the Quantum

Author : A. Douglas Stone
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 2015-10-06
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780691168562


Book Einstein and the Quantum Description/Summary:

Einstein and the Quantum reveals for the first time the full significance of Albert Einstein's contributions to quantum theory. Einstein famously rejected quantum mechanics, observing that God does not play dice. But, in fact, he thought more about the nature of atoms, molecules, and the emission and absorption of light--the core of what we now know as quantum theory--than he did about relativity. A compelling blend of physics, biography, and the history of science, Einstein and the Quantum shares the untold story of how Einstein--not Max Planck or Niels Bohr--was the driving force behind early quantum theory. It paints a vivid portrait of the iconic physicist as he grappled with the apparently contradictory nature of the atomic world, in which its invisible constituents defy the categories of classical physics, behaving simultaneously as both particle and wave. And it demonstrates how Einstein's later work on the emission and absorption of light, and on atomic gases, led directly to Erwin Schrödinger's breakthrough to the modern form of quantum mechanics. The book sheds light on why Einstein ultimately renounced his own brilliant work on quantum theory, due to his deep belief in science as something objective and eternal.

Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles

Author : Robert Eisberg,Robert Martin Eisberg,Robert Resnick
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
Release : 1985
Category : Science
ISBN : UOM:39015026538655


Book Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles Description/Summary:

A revision of a successful junior/senior level text, this introduction to elementary quantum mechanics clearly explains the properties of the most important quantum systems. Emphasizes the applications of theory, and contains new material on particle physics, electron-positron annihilation in solids and the Mossbauer effect. Includes new appendices on such topics as crystallography, Fourier Integral Description of a Wave Group, and Time-Independent Perturbation Theory.

The Quantum and the Lotus

Author : Matthieu Ricard,Xuan Thuan Trinh
Publisher : Broadway Books
Release : 2001
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9781400080793


Book The Quantum and the Lotus Description/Summary:

In an incisive dialog, a Buddhist monk trained as a molecular biologist and a leading astrophysicist raised as a Buddhist explore the interconnections that exist between the traditional teachings of Buddhism and the theories of modern-day science as they share new thoughts on the relationship between science and religion. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

A First Course in Loop Quantum Gravity

Author : Rodolfo Gambini,Jorge Pullin
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2011-09-22
Category : Science
ISBN : 9780199590759


Book A First Course in Loop Quantum Gravity Description/Summary:

Loop quantum gravity is one of the modern contenders for a unified description of quantum mechanics and gravity. Up to now no book has covered the material at the level of a college student or of other readers with some knowledge of college level physics. This book fills that gap.

Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians

Author : Leon Armenovich Takhtadzhi͡an
Publisher : American Mathematical Soc.
Release : 2008
Category : Mathematics
ISBN : 9780821846308


Book Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians Description/Summary:

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of quantum mechanics from a mathematics perspective and is accessible to mathematicians starting with second-year graduate students. It addition to traditional topics, like classical mechanics, mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, quantization, and the Schrodinger equation, this book gives a mathematical treatment of systems of identical particles with spin, and it introduces the reader to functional methods in quantum mechanics. This includes the Feynman path integral approach to quantum mechanics, integration in functional spaces, the relation between Feynman and Wiener integrals, Gaussian integration and regularized determinants of differential operators, fermion systems and integration over anticommuting (Grassmann) variables, supersymmetry and localization in loop spaces, and supersymmetric derivation of the Atiyah-Singer formula for the index of the Dirac operator. Prior to this book, mathematicians could find these topics only in physics textbooks and in specialized literature. This book is written in a concise style with careful attention to precise mathematics formulation of methods and results.Numerous problems, from routine to advanced, help the reader to master the subject. In addition to providing a fundamental knowledge of quantum mechanics, this book could also serve as a bridge for studying more advanced topics in quantum physics, among them quantum field theory. Prerequisites include standard first-year graduate courses covering linear and abstract algebra, topology and geometry, and real and complex analysis.