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Author : Yotam Ottolenghi
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2011-12-22
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 9781446407134


Book Plenty Description/Summary:

With his fabulous restaurants and bestselling Ottolenghi Cookbook, Yotam Ottolenghi has established himself as one of the most exciting talents in the world of cookery and food writing. This exclusive collection of vegetarian recipes is drawn from his column 'The New Vegetarian' for the Guardian's Weekend magazine, and features both brand-new recipes and dishes first devised for that column. Yotam's food inspiration comes from his strong Mediterranean background and his unapologetic love of ingredients. Not a vegetarian himself, his approach to vegetable dishes is wholly original and innovative, based on strong flavours and stunning, fresh combinations. With sections devoted to cooking greens, aubergines, brassicas, rice and cereals, pasta and couscous, pulses, roots, squashes, onions, fruit, mushrooms and tomatoes, the breadth of colours, tastes and textures is extraordinary. Featuring vibrant, evocative food photography from acclaimed photographer Jonathan Lovekin, and with Yotam's voice and personality shining through, Plenty is a must-have for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Perils of Plenty

Author : Jonathan N. Markowitz
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Release : 2020
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780190078249


Book Perils of Plenty Description/Summary:

"Why do some states project military force to seek control of resources, while others do not? Conventional wisdom asserts that resource-scarce states have the strongest interest in securing control over resources. Counter-intuitively, this book finds that, under certain conditions, the opposite is true. Perils of Plenty argues that what states make influences what they want to take. Specifically, the more economically dependent states are on extracting income from resource rents, the stronger their preferences to secure control over resources will be. This theory is tested with a set of case studies analyzing states' reactions to the 2007 exogenous climate shock that exposed energy resources in the Arctic. This book finds that some states, such as Russia and Norway, responded to the shock by dramatically increasing their Arctic military presence, while others, such as the U.S., Canada and Denmark, did not. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, countries with plentiful natural resources, such Norway and Russia were more-not less-willing to back their claims by projecting military force. This book finds that plenty can actually lead to peril when states with plentiful resources become economically dependent on those resources and thus have stronger incentives to secure their control. These findings have implications for understanding both the political effects of climate change in the Arctic and the prospects for resource competition in other regions, such as the Middle East and the South China Sea"--

Hard Times in the Lands of Plenty

Author : Benjamin Smith
Publisher : Cornell University Press
Release : 2011-05-02
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780801461866


Book Hard Times in the Lands of Plenty Description/Summary:

That natural resources can be a curse as well as a blessing is almost a truism in political analysis. In many late-developing countries, the "resource curse" theory predicts, the exploitation of valuable resources will not result in stable, prosperous states but rather in their opposite. Petroleum deposits, for example, may generate so much income that rulers will have little need to establish efficient, tax-extracting bureaucracies, leading to shallow, poorly functioning administrations that remain at the mercy of the world market for oil. Alternatively, resources may be geographically concentrated, thereby intensifying regional, ethnic, or other divisive tensions. In Hard Times in the Land of Plenty, Benjamin Smith deciphers the paradox of the resource curse and questions its inevitability through an innovative comparison of the experiences of Iran and Indonesia. These two populous, oil-rich countries saw profoundly different changes in their fortunes in the period 1960–1980. Focusing on the roles of state actors and organized opposition in using oil revenues, Smith finds that the effects of oil wealth on politics and on regime durability vary according to the circumstances under which oil exports became a major part of a country's economy. The presence of natural resources is, he argues, a political opportunity rather than simply a structural variable. Drawing on extensive primary research in Iran and Indonesia and quantitative research on nineteen other oil-rich developing countries, Smith challenges us to reconsider resource wealth in late-developing countries, not as a simple curse or blessing, but instead as a tremendously flexible source of both political resources and potential complications.

In This Land of Plenty

Author : Benjamin Talton
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
Release : 2019-08-23
Category : History
ISBN : 9780812251470


Book In This Land of Plenty Description/Summary:

On August 7, 1989, Congressman Mickey Leland departed on a flight from Addis Ababa, with his thirteen-member delegation of Ethiopian and American relief workers and policy analysts, bound for Ethiopia's border with Sudan. This was Leland's seventh official humanitarian mission in his nearly decade-long drive to transform U.S. policies toward Africa to conform to his black internationalist vision of global cooperation, antiracism, and freedom from hunger. Leland's flight never arrived at its destination. The plane crashed, with no survivors. When Leland embarked on that delegation, he was a forty-four-year-old, deeply charismatic, fiercely compassionate, black, radical American. He was also an elected Democratic representative of Houston's largely African American and Latino Eighteenth Congressional District. Above all, he was a self-proclaimed "citizen of humanity." Throughout the 1980s, Leland and a small group of former radical-activist African American colleagues inside and outside Congress exerted outsized influence to elevate Africa's significance in American foreign affairs and to move the United States from its Cold War orientation toward a foreign policy devoted to humanitarianism, antiracism, and moral leadership. Their internationalism defined a new era of black political engagement with Africa. In This Land of Plenty presents Leland as the embodiment of larger currents in African American politics at the end of the twentieth century. But a sober look at his aspirations shows the successes and shortcomings of domestic radicalism and aspirations of politically neutral humanitarianism during the 1980s, and the extent to which the decade was a major turning point in U.S. relations with the African continent. Exploring the links between political activism, electoral politics, and international affairs, Benjamin Talton not only details Leland's political career but also examines African Americans' successes and failures in influencing U.S. foreign policy toward African and other Global South countries.

Monetary Policy of Plenty Instead of Scarcity

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Currency
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1938
Category : Credit
ISBN : LOC:00123576184


Book Monetary Policy of Plenty Instead of Scarcity Description/Summary:

Monetary Policy of Plenty Instead of Scarcity

Author : United States. Congress. House. Banking and Currency Committee
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1938
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : STANFORD:36105045167298


Book Monetary Policy of Plenty Instead of Scarcity Description/Summary:

Power and Plenty

Author : Ronald Findlay,Kevin H. O'Rourke
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Release : 2009-08-10
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781400831883


Book Power and Plenty Description/Summary:

International trade has shaped the modern world, yet until now no single book has been available for both economists and general readers that traces the history of the international economy from its earliest beginnings to the present day. Power and Plenty fills this gap, providing the first full account of world trade and development over the course of the last millennium. Ronald Findlay and Kevin O'Rourke examine the successive waves of globalization and "deglobalization" that have occurred during the past thousand years, looking closely at the technological and political causes behind these long-term trends. They show how the expansion and contraction of the world economy has been directly tied to the two-way interplay of trade and geopolitics, and how war and peace have been critical determinants of international trade over the very long run. The story they tell is sweeping in scope, one that links the emergence of the Western economies with economic and political developments throughout Eurasia centuries ago. Drawing extensively upon empirical evidence and informing their systematic analysis with insights from contemporary economic theory, Findlay and O'Rourke demonstrate the close interrelationships of trade and warfare, the mutual interdependence of the world's different regions, and the crucial role these factors have played in explaining modern economic growth. Power and Plenty is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the origins of today's international economy, the forces that continue to shape it, and the economic and political challenges confronting policymakers in the twenty-first century.

Paradox of Plenty

Author : Harvey Levenstein,Professor of History Harvey Levenstein
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 2003-05-30
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 0520234405


Book Paradox of Plenty Description/Summary:

This book is intended for those interested in US food habits and diets during the 20th century, American history, American social life and customs.

In Tune with the Infinite or, Fullness of Peace, Power, and Plenty

Author : Ralph Waldo Trine
Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
Release : 101-01-01
Category : Self-Help


Book In Tune with the Infinite or, Fullness of Peace, Power, and Plenty Description/Summary:

Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters into your life. To come into the full realization of your own awakened interior powers, is to be able to condition your life in exact accord with what you would have it. Ralph Waldo Trine was a philosopher, mystic, teacher and author of many books, and was one of the early mentors of the New Thought Movement. His writings had a great influence on many of his contemporaries including Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science. He was a true pioneer in the area of life-transforming thought. No other New Thought author has sold more books than he, his writings reaching far beyond New Thought circles out to the general public, which has bought and read Trine's books without ever knowing that they were New Thought.


Author : Corinne Lee
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2016
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9780143108177


Book Plenty Description/Summary:

Using Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass as a springboard, Corinne Lee's second book of poetry is an eco-epic that investigates and embodies the deterioration of America's environment due to industrial agriculture, fossil fuels, war, racism, and technology. Lee's book-length work draws upon a variety of poetic forms and histories--especially events in 1892, which included a surge in lynching in America and the beginning of our coup d'état of Hawaii--to examine how modern technology facilitated the Holocaust, sustains America's racist prison industrial complex, fuels climate change, and ultimately underlies what has been called the Sixth Extinction. A daring and dazzling narrative of great originality, Plenty advocates a feminist ecobuddhist perspective: only by dismantling false hierarchies, especially those of patriarchal capitalism, are we able to recognize that all agents of environmental collapse are one with us.

Year of Plenty

Author : Craig L. Goodwin
Publisher : Sparkhouse Press
Release :
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781451405330


Book Year of Plenty Description/Summary:

In 2008, Pastor Craig Goodwin and his young family embarked on a year-long experiment to consume only what was local, used, homegrown, or homemade. In Year of Plenty, Goodwin shares the winsome story of how an average suburban family stumbled onto the cultural cutting edge of locavores, backyard chickens, farmers markets, simple living, and going green. More than that, it is the timely tale of Christians exploring the intersections of faith, environment, and everyday life.This humorous yet profound book comes at just the right time for North American Christians, who are eager to engage the growing interest in the environmental movement and the quandaries of modern consumer culture. It speaks also to the growing legions of the "spiritual but not religious" who long for ways to connect heaven and earth in their daily lives.Contents Adobe Acrobat DocumentForeword Adobe Acrobat DocumentChapter 1 Adobe Acrobat DocumentSamples require Adobe Acrobat ReaderHaving trouble downloading and viewing PDF samples?"Craig Goodwin invites us into a life of paying attention. This is an experiment in God's ordinary: life centered in relationship, lived in a physical world of spiritual meaning, and expressed in daily acts of attentiveness that are unhooked from patterns that degrade us and imperil the world. It turns out to be a wonderful and complicating adventure. Free from grandiosity, sentimentality, or ideology, this book tells its story with captivating humanity and motivating honesty."-Mark LabbertonDirector, Ogilvie Institute for PreachingFuller Theological SeminaryAuthor of The Dangerous Act of Worship"As someone who had gotten good at resisting grumpy calls to reject our consumerist culture, I found this book delightfully refreshing and compelling. Craig Goodwin describes an experiment in 'familial art'-a creative effort to seek out new and very practical experiments living as more faithful stewardship of the earth's resources. I haven't started raising chickens or making homemade butter (yet!) after reading this wonderful book-but I have learned some profound lessons."-Richard J. MouwPresident and Professor of Christian PhilosophyFuller Theological Seminary"Many clergy and other church leaders ask for examples of how and where missional work is actually taking place. Here is a leader faithfully engaging this work in a practical, local, on-the-ground way that leads to new expressions of church in mission. This is the kind of story about a church-in-process we need to hear."-Alan J. RoxburghFounder of the Missional NetworkAuthor of The Missional LeaderAdjunct Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary"I heartily recommend Goodwin's charming, thoughtful, and extremely funny book. With remarkable insight and refreshing humility, Craig Goodwin takes us with him and his family as they learn who and what is behind the things we so often thoughtlessly purchase. Goodwin reminds us how much of community and life we have sacrificed in the name of convenience and low price. Through engaging narrative he skillfully integrates lessons on faith, life, and God, integrating the spiritual with the material and the local with the global. This is an important contribution to the ongoing conversation about our role as Christians in taking care of and enjoying God's creation."-Scott SabinExecutive Director, Plant With PurposeAuthor of Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God's PeopleReview in Eco-Journey

The Irony of Plenty

Author : Young-Kwan Yoon
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1987
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : UCSD:31822019038843


Book The Irony of Plenty Description/Summary:

The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World

Author : Joel K. Bourne
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2015-06-15
Category : Technology & Engineering
ISBN : 9780393248043


Book The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World Description/Summary:

“An urgent and at times terrifying dispatch from a distinguished reporter who has given heart and soul to his subject.”—Hampton Sides In The End of Plenty, award-winning environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne Jr. puts our fight against devastating world hunger in dramatic perspective. He travels the globe to introduce a new generation of farmers and scientists on the front lines of the next green revolution. He visits corporate farmers trying to restore Ukraine as Europe's breadbasket, a Canadian aquaculturist, the agronomist behind the world's largest organic sugarcane plantation, and many other extraordinary farmers, large and small, who are racing to stave off catastrophe as climate change disrupts food production worldwide. A Financial Times Best Book of the Year and a Finalist for the PEN / E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award.

Penury into Plenty

Author : Ayesha Mukherjee
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2014-12-05
Category : History
ISBN : 9781317575962


Book Penury into Plenty Description/Summary:

Penury into Plenty: Dearth and the Making of Knowledge in Early Modern England is an original examination of cultural meanings of dearth and famine in England at the turn of the sixteenth century. It focuses on the socio-economic and ecological crises of the 1590s, investigating the effects of widespread fears of famine on mundane activities and knowledge making by analyzing the remedial measures undertaken by the early modern English to illustrate their commitment to resource management. The activities, theories, and publications of the prolific ‘dearth scientist’ Sir Hugh Platt are considered alongside other forms of literature such as sermons, plays, poetry and prose fiction to explain not only what dearth or famine meant in the period, but how contemporaries understood sustainable resource management. By drawing upon environmental, economic, scientific, and literary history and theory, Penury into Plenty allows modern readers to see that sustainability is not a wholly modern concept and the investigation of cultural forms of ecological consciousness and social consequences of past environmental change is vital for understanding contemporary concerns.

Plenty-coups, Chief of the Crows

Author : Plenty Coups (Chief of the Crows),Frank Bird Linderman
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Release : 2002-01-01
Category : History
ISBN : 0803280181


Book Plenty-coups, Chief of the Crows Description/Summary:

Principally an autobiographical account told to F.B. Linderman.

Fields of Plenty

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2005-10-13
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 0811842231


Book Fields of Plenty Description/Summary:

Illustrated with evocative color photographs of the land and the people who work it organically, and accompanied by a bountiful selection of recipes, this beautifully written memoir reveals the power of food as a personal and cultural force.

Peace and Plenty

Author : Sarah Ban Breathnach
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Release : 2010-12-29
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9780446574860


Book Peace and Plenty Description/Summary:

As featured on Oprah's podcast, SuperSoul Conversations "When money is plentiful, this is a man's world. When money is scarce, it is a woman's world." Unearthed in a 1932 Ladies Home Journal, this quote is the call to arms that begins PEACE AND PLENTY, Sarah Ban Breathnach's answer to the world's-- and her own personal-- financial crisis. As only Ban Breathnach can, she culls together this compendium of advice, deeply personal anecdotes, and excerpts from magazines, books, and newspapers-- particularly those of the Great Depression-- to inspire readers who are mired in today's financial difficulties. Focusing on her own personal path, Sarah Ban Breathnach will relate never-before revealed details about how she fell from the financial top to the bottom. Readers will immediately see how deeply she understands the plight of those trying to maintain a happy and comfortable home, while at the same time not even knowing if they will be able to make the mortgage to keep that home. Sarah has proved to be the voice of comfort for years to women who are spiritually bankrupt, and now she will reach to those who are financially strapped, showing them how to pull themselves out of their psychic and fiscal crises while providing deep comfort and reassurance throughout.

Red Plenty

Author : Francis Spufford
Publisher : Graywolf Press
Release : 2012-02-14
Category : History
ISBN : 9781555970413


Book Red Plenty Description/Summary:

"Spufford cunningly maps out a literary genre of his own . . . Freewheeling and fabulous." —The Times (London) Strange as it may seem, the gray, oppressive USSR was founded on a fairy tale. It was built on the twentieth-century magic called "the planned economy," which was going to gush forth an abundance of good things that the lands of capitalism could never match. And just for a little while, in the heady years of the late 1950s, the magic seemed to be working. Red Plenty is about that moment in history, and how it came, and how it went away; about the brief era when, under the rash leadership of Khrushchev, the Soviet Union looked forward to a future of rich communists and envious capitalists, when Moscow would out-glitter Manhattan and every Lada would be better engineered than a Porsche. It's about the scientists who did their genuinely brilliant best to make the dream come true, to give the tyranny its happy ending. Red Plenty is history, it's fiction, it's as ambitious as Sputnik, as uncompromising as an Aeroflot flight attendant, and as different from what you were expecting as a glass of Soviet champagne.

Plenty of Carp

Author : Cindy Lucy
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2011-03-16
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781450283069


Book Plenty of Carp Description/Summary:

Is Cindy Lucy able to catch the Big One and give honor to online dating? Is the idea of finding a lover, companion, or platonic adult male a possibility? Did she forget she was happy in the first place prior to finding the tackle box in the basement that was hooked to an online dating service? This compilation of short stories and poetry relate to experiences of hooking Carp in the plural form as with sheep, moose, and deer. Short stories such as Peas and Carrots, A Carpet Cleaner is Not a Sex Toy and Jack the Hammer Meets Betty Crocker will have you laughing with tears since you may have had similar experiences. Poetry including Dull, Interesting, and Six Plus Four Equals Zero provide an understanding that there is no one genre when it comes to describing a Carp encounter. An evening with bottom feeders always lends itself to spontaneous combustion since a gal never knows what will come flapping from his big rubbery lips.

Plenty of Petals

Author : Michael Dahl
Publisher : Capstone Classroom
Release : 2005-01-01
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1404819231


Book Plenty of Petals Description/Summary:

Learn to count by tens with Finn and friends.