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Plants with Style

Author : Kelly Norris
Publisher : Timber Press
Release : 2016-02-08
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781604697346


Book Plants with Style Description/Summary:

“A love letter to plants…that oozes enthusiasm.” —The English Garden Why settle for lackluster gardens filled with dull, ho-hum plants? In this spirited, provocative book, plant guru Kelly Norris calls for a garden revolution: out with the boring plants and in with the exciting newcomers that will make your jaw drop and your pulse quicken! A passionate horticulturist and lifelong gardener, Kelly is the ideal guide to the botanical riches available to today’s gardeners. In chapters on environment, structure, seasonal standouts, and plant combinations he shines a spotlight on the A-list plants in every category—plants that will thrive, not merely survive. Along the way, he shows you how to forge a personal style in harmony with your garden’s setting and local environment. As Kelly puts it, “A garden is the best way to savor life on earth.” Let Plants with Style guide you to the plants that will provide a richer, more fulfilling connection between you and your own patch of soil.

Decorating with Plants

Author : Baylor Chapman
Publisher : Artisan Books
Release : 2019-04-30
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN : 9781579657765


Book Decorating with Plants Description/Summary:

Houseplants are more popular than ever before—especially with millennials, who are setting up their homes for the first time and discovering that nothing can add energy, style, and that essential “lived-in-ness” to their spaces better than a little bit of green. Whether it’s a statement-making fiddle-leaf fig or a tiny tabletop succulent, a houseplant instantly elevates the look of your home. But where to begin? In Decorating with Plants, Baylor Chapman walks readers through everything they need to know to bring houseplants into their home. First, there’s Plant Care 101: from how to assess light conditions to tricks for keeping your plants alive while on vacation, Chapman gives readers the simple, foundational info they need to ensure their plants will thrive. Then she introduces us to 28 of her favorites—specimens that are tough as nails but oh-so-stylish, from the eye-catching Rubber Tree to the delicate Cape Primrose. Finally, she guides readers through the home room by room: Place an aromatic plant like jasmine or gardenia to your entry to establish your home’s “signature scent.” Add a proper sense of scale to your living room with a ceiling-grazing palm. Create a living centerpiece of jewel-toned succulents for a dining table arrangement that will last long after your dinner party. From air purification to pest control, there’s no limit to what houseplants can do for your home—and Decorating with Plants is here to show you how to add them to spaces big and small with style.

Plant Style

Author : Alana Langan,Jacqui Vidal
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-09
Category : House plants
ISBN : 0500501033


Book Plant Style Description/Summary:

Expert advice on how to make your home fashionably lush with greenery

Wild at Home

Author : Hilton Carter
Publisher : Ryland Peters & Small
Release : 2019-04-09
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781782497592


Book Wild at Home Description/Summary:

"Hilton Carter's love for plants is infectious... His lush and exuberant displays are inspiring reminders that plants can be so much more than neat little containers on a window sill."Grace Bonney, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Design*Sponge Take a tour through Hilton’s own apartment and other lush spaces, filled with a huge array of thriving plants, and learn all you need to know to create your own urban jungle. As the owner of over 200 plants, Hilton feels strongly about the role of plants in one’s home – not just for the beauty they add, but for health benefits as well: ‘having plants in your home not only adds life, but changes the airflow throughout. It’s also a key design element when styling your place. For me, it wasn’t about just having greenery, but having the right variety of greenery. I like to see the different textures of foliage all grouped together. You take a fiddle leaf fig and sandwich it between a birds of paradise and a monstera and.... yes!’ You will be armed with the know-how you need to care for your plants, where to place them, how to propagate, how to find the right pot, and much more, and most importantly, how to arrange them so that they look their best. Combine sizes and leaf shapes to stunning effect, grow your own succulents from leaf cuttings, create your own air plant display, and more.

New Naturalism

Author : Kelly D. Norris
Publisher : Cool Springs Press
Release : 2021-02-16
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9780760368206


Book New Naturalism Description/Summary:

In New Naturalism, horticulturist and modern plantsman Kelly D. Norris shares his inspiring, ecologically sound vision for home gardens created with stylish yet naturalistic plantings that mimic the wild spaces we covet, such as meadows, prairies, woodlands, and streamsides—far from the contrived, formal, high-maintenance plantings of the past. Through a basic introduction to plant biology and ecology, you’ll learn how to design and grow a lush, thriving home garden by harnessing the power of plant layers and palettes defined by nature, not humans. The next generation of home landscapes don’t consist of plants in a row, pruned to perfection and reliant on pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides to survive. Instead, today’s stunning landscapes convey nature's inherent beauty. These gardens are imbued with romance and emotion, yet they have so much more to offer than their gorgeous aesthetics. Naturalistic garden designs, such as those featured in this groundbreaking new book, contribute to positive environmental change by increasing biodiversity, providing a refuge for wildlife, and reconnecting humans to nature. In the pages of New Naturalism you’ll find: Planting recipes for building meadows, prairies, and other grassland-inspired open plantings even in compact, urban settings Nature-inspired ways to upgrade existing foundation plantings, shrub beds, and flower borders to a wilder aesthetic while still managing the space Inspiration for taking sidewalk and driveway plantings and turning them into visually soft, welcoming spaces for humans and wildlife alike Ideas for turning shady landscapes into canopied retreats that celebrate nature Creative ways to make an ecologically vibrant garden in even the smallest of spaces New Naturalism approaches the planting beds around our homes as ecological systems. If properly designed and planted, these areas can support positive environmental change, increase plant and animal diversity, and create a more resilient space that's less reliant on artificial inputs. And they do it all while looking beautiful and improving property values.

Tropical Garden Style with Hardy Plants

Author : Alan Hemsley
Publisher : Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Limited
Release : 2002
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 1861082371


Book Tropical Garden Style with Hardy Plants Description/Summary:

Assess your growing environment, choosing plants that thrive despite deep shade or baking sunshine, wet clay or sandy soil. Analyze the structure and aesthetics of this wonderfully overgrown setting, plus options for maintaining it year-round. A beautifully photographed plant guide presents all the varieties you could wish for: herbaceous, biennials, lilies, tender perennials and annuals, grasses, palms, gingers, bananas, succulents, water plants, and more.

Botanical Style

Author : Selina Lake
Publisher : Ryland Peters & Small
Release : 2016-05-12
Category : Design
ISBN : 1849757135


Book Botanical Style Description/Summary:

The first chapter, Botanical Inspirations, takes a look at the ingredients of the look—antique botanical prints and artworks, flower stalls, potting sheds, and houseplants—and draws upon these sources for fresh ideas to transform your home into a leafy haven. Moving on, Selina explores five different facets of the botanical look. Vintage Botanicals celebrates the gentle palette and delicate style of floral watercolors and pressed flowers, while Boho Botanicals has more of a free-spirited 1970s vibe, with jungly potted plants, flower garlands, and even a decorated teepee. The varied textures and contemporary appeal of Industrial Botanicals give it a modern edge, utilizing materials such as polished concrete, rusted metal, and laboratory glass and combining them with peeling paint and vintage science posters on the walls. Next, Natural Botanicals is based around antique botanical prints and museum specimen cases for a nostalgic feel while Tropical Botanicals features bold leafy prints, spiny cacti, and palm trees for a distinctly glamorous retro flavor. Throughout the book, Selina‘s imaginative ‘DIY Makes’ and insightful ‘Style Tips’ provide a wealth of inspiring suggestions for how to recreate the textures, tones, and ambience of Botanical Style in your own home.

A Guide to Bearded Irises

Author : Kelly Norris
Publisher : Timber Press
Release : 2012-05-22
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781604694062


Book A Guide to Bearded Irises Description/Summary:

The diversity of bearded irises rivals that of any other perennial grown in temperate climates. For some gardeners, they bring back warm memories of a grandparent's garden; for others, they're a cutting-edge plant with a seemingly endless capacity for producing new forms and patterns. As the manager of Rainbow Iris Farm and co-editor of the Bulletin of the American Iris Society, Kelly Norris is the authority on gardening with bearded irises. His introductory chapters offer tips for successful growth, garden design, plant selection, and "creating" new irises. A Guide to Bearded Irises also provides portraits of the most outstanding plants in each of the six recognized categories, from the dainty miniature dwarf bearded irises to the stately tall bearded irises. A resource section lists specialty nurseries, organizations devoted to bearded irises, and public gardens with notable iris collections.

Palm Springs-Style Gardening

Author : Maureen Gilmer
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2008-12
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 0932653898


Book Palm Springs-Style Gardening Description/Summary:

Discusses the basics of desert gardening and the two main growing seasons in the Coachella Valley--fall and winter--and provides advice on cultivating palms, African succulents, cacti, wildflowers, native and tropical plants, and trees.

Plant Tribe

Author : Igor Josifovic,Judith De Graaff
Publisher : Abrams
Release : 2020-03-17
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781683358763


Book Plant Tribe Description/Summary:

The bestselling authors of Urban Jungle delve into the many ways that nurturing plants helps nurture the soul This new book by the authors of the bestselling Urban Jungle addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants. Aimed at a wider audience than typical houseplant books, each chapter combines easily digestible plant knowledge, style guidance via real home interiors, and inspiring advice for using plants to increase energy, creativity, and well-being and to attract love and prosperity. Also included: real-world @urbanjungleblog followers’ FAQs; a section on plants and pets; and plant care for the different stages of a houseplant’s life. The focus is on using plants to raise the positive energy of every room in the house and to live happily ever after with plants.

The Inspired Houseplant

Author : Jen Stearns
Publisher : Sasquatch Books
Release : 2019-01-29
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781632171788


Book The Inspired Houseplant Description/Summary:

The ultimate go-to guide for aspiring indoor gardeners, this book offers inspiration and instruction to envision and create your own gorgeous in-home garden spaces. With plentiful images and a distinctly modern and sophisticated feel, this book imparts both easy-to-follow advice and creative garden-design inspiration. Whether you are looking to pick a statement plant for your living room, create a terrarium centerpiece, or arrange an artful display of air plants, this book will provide the tools you need. You'll be tempted to thumb through it again and again--for both resource and relaxation. Includes: -Plant Basics: beginner-friendly plant care info -Plant Guide: profiles of popular indoor plants -Plant Projects: fun, easy projects with major wow factor (including trending designs like terrariums, air plants, marimo and other underwater gardens, kokedama, mounted staghorn ferns, and edible herbs) -Plant Style: ways to use plants in interior design for every style from Desert Boho to Midcentury Modern

Beyond the Windowsill

Author : Jon Carloftis
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2007-01-30
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781591862635


Book Beyond the Windowsill Description/Summary:

The choices are more varied, beautiful, and easy-to-grow than ever! Beyond the Windowsill celebrates the versatility and beauty of indoor plants, and their ability to style a home in ways that are unexpected and wonderful. With an eye for design, author and garden designer Jon Carloftis provides a unique perspective on plants as decorative accessories. Whether your style is classic or modern, your furnishings traditional or contemporary, indoor plants will enhance your home and breathe new life into any space. Also included are profiles of the author's sixty favorite indoor plants, and information on easy care and maintenance. Book jacket.

Living With Plants

Author : Sophie Lee
Publisher : Hardie Grant Publishing
Release : 2017-05-18
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781743584927


Book Living With Plants Description/Summary:

Urban Jungle

Author : Igor Josifovic,Judith de Graaff
Publisher : Callwey
Release : 2016-09
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 3766722441


Book Urban Jungle Description/Summary:

* Provides all your DIY ideas for styling and tips on how to plant* Inspiration for seasoned plant lovers as well as beginners, providing the total package on the topic of living with plantsUrban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants is a source of inspiration, ideas and a manual for all of those who want to bring more plants into their home.The book guides the reader through different "green" homes in five European countries and shows how beautiful, unique, creative and even artistic living with plants can be. More than that the reader finds endless ideas for styling from the bloggers of the "Urban Jungle Bloggers" community. To complete the topic of indoor plants the book offers easy help for taking care of the plants and DIY tips.

Indoor Plant Decor

Author : Kylee Baumle,Jenny Peterson
Publisher : St Lynns Press
Release : 2013
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 098556220X


Book Indoor Plant Decor Description/Summary:

With more and more people (5.9 million-plus) working from home or retiring from the workforce (10,000 new baby boomers retiring every day) the quality of the home environment is becoming more important than ever. Jenny and Kylee know that adding living plants to the decor pays off in enjoyment, pride of place, and an increased sense of well being (not to mention lower blood pressure, higher creativity and cleaner air quality). House stagers and decorators know that well placed plants add value to a home. In Indoor Plant Decor, the authors show how to design with plants and containers to enhance one's personal style. The book is divided into 8 style categories, like “Peaceful Zen,” “Classic Elegance,” Modern Eclectic,” and “Vintage Vibe” - with photo collages of style elements, easy DIY projects, plant and container selection, and care tips for all environments and seasons. Full-color photos throughout.

The Diversity and Evolution of Plants

Author : Lorentz C. Pearson
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 1995-03-23
Category : Science
ISBN : 0849324831


Book The Diversity and Evolution of Plants Description/Summary:

This exciting new textbook examines the concepts of evolution as the underlying cause of the rich diversity of life on earth-and our danger of losing that rich diversity. Written as a college textbook, The Diversity and Evolution of Plants introduces the great variety of life during past ages, manifested by the fossil record, using a new natural classification system. It begins in the Proterozoic Era, when bacteria and bluegreen algae first appeared, and continues through the explosions of new marine forms in the Helikian and Hadrynian Periods, land plants in the Devonian, and flowering plants in the Cretaceous. Following an introduction, the three subkingdoms of plants are discussed. Each chapter covers one of the eleven divisions of plants and begins with an interesting vignette of a plant typical of that division. A section on each of the classes within the division follows. Each section describes where the groups of plants are found and their distinguishing features. Discussions in each section include phylogeny and classification, general morphology, and physiology, ecological significance, economic uses, and potential for research. Suggested readings and student exercises are found at the end of each chapter.

Boys with Plants

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2019-03-19
Category : Humor
ISBN : 145217444X


Book Boys with Plants Description/Summary:

Based on the eponymous and blooming Instagram account, Boys with Plants is a fun and lush celebration of the dreamiest dudes with the greenest thumbs. This collection showcases a wide array of beautiful plants and luscious flora, along with 50 men from around the world who love and care for them. Luxurious full-color spreads provide indoor and outdoor home and garden inspiration paired with tips on how to select, grow, and style plants, plus a short bio of each boy. Boys with Plants will leave readers desiring a gorgeous urban jungle of their own (and maybe a handsome fellow to tend to it).

Houseplants for All

Author : Danae Horst
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2020-08-11
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9780358379966


Book Houseplants for All Description/Summary:

Turn over a new leaf with Houseplants for All, and actually keep all your plant babies happy and healthy. Use the plant profile quiz to easily find your perfect match instead of picking up whatever catches your eye at the store and hoping that it'll survive your home and lifestyle. Whether you're always busy and can't remember to water, get unobstructed natural light all day, or live in the shadow of a skyscraper, a tropical oasis or arid winter-land, there is a plant that'll thrive with you. After finding the right plants for your home, this book will help you to master plant care, complete with projects and tips for which containers work best, the best plants for small places, how to live together with pets and plants, and solutions to problems like pests, root rot, and lack of nutrients. Whether you're an experienced plant parent or have never owned anything other than a fake ficus, this book is the perfect guide for happy plants in your home.

Epic Tomatoes

Author : Craig LeHoullier
Publisher : Storey Publishing
Release : 2015-01-16
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781612122090


Book Epic Tomatoes Description/Summary:

Savor your best tomato harvest ever! Craig LeHoullier provides everything a tomato enthusiast needs to know about growing more than 200 varieties of tomatoes, from planting to cultivating and collecting seeds at the end of the season. He also offers a comprehensive guide to various pests and tomato diseases, explaining how best to avoid them. With beautiful photographs and intriguing tomato profiles throughout, Epic Tomatoes celebrates one of the most versatile and delicious crops in your garden.