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Perfect Little Children

Author : Sophie Hannah
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2020-02-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780062978226


Book Perfect Little Children Description/Summary:

The New York Times bestselling author of The Monogram Murders and Woman with a Secret returns with a sharp, captivating, and expertly plotted tale of psychological suspense. All Beth has to do is drive her son to his soccer game, watch him play, and then return home. Just because she knows her ex-best friend lives near the field, that doesn’t mean she has to drive past her house and try to catch a glimpse of her. Why would Beth do that and risk dredging up painful memories? She hasn’t seen Flora for twelve years. She doesn’t want to see her today—or ever again. But she can’t resist. She parks outside the open gates of Newnham House, watches from across the road as Flora arrives and calls to her children Thomas and Emily to get out of the car. Except . . . There’s something terribly wrong. Flora looks the same, only older. Twelve years ago, Thomas and Emily were five and three years old. Today, they look precisely as they did then. They are Thomas and Emily without a doubt, but they haven’t changed at all. They are no taller, no older. Why haven’t they grown? How is it possible that they haven’t grown up?

Haven't They Grown

Author : Sophie Hannah
Publisher : Hachette UK
Release : 2020-01-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781444776225


Book Haven't They Grown Description/Summary:

'Sophie Hannah, who can twist a conventional plot until it screams for mercy, puts an existential spin on the domestic-suspense novel' New York Times 'Fiendishly clever' Daily Mail 'Complex and sinister' Observer 'A literary high-wire artist' Sunday Express 'Prepare for sleep deprivation!' Red All Beth has to do is drive her son to his Under-14s away match, watch him play, and bring him home. Just because she knows that her former best friend lives near the football ground, that doesn't mean she has to drive past her house and try to catch a glimpse of her. Why would Beth do that, and risk dredging up painful memories? She hasn't seen Flora Braid for twelve years. But she can't resist. She parks outside Flora's house and watches from across the road as Flora and her children, Thomas and Emily, step out of the car. Except... There's something terribly wrong. Flora looks the same, only older - just as Beth would have expected. It's the children that are the problem. Twelve years ago, Thomas and Emily Braid were five and three years old. Today, they look precisely as they did then. They are still five and three. They are Thomas and Emily without a doubt - Beth hears Flora call them by their names - but they haven't changed at all. They are no taller, no older. Why haven't they grown?

The Perfect Child

Author : Lucinda Berry
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Release : 2019-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 154204054X


Book The Perfect Child Description/Summary:

A page-turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own--and the unsettling consequences of getting what they always wanted. Christopher and Hannah are a happily married surgeon and nurse with picture-perfect lives. All that's missing is a child. When Janie, an abandoned six-year-old, turns up at their hospital, Christopher forms an instant connection with her, and he convinces Hannah they should take her home as their own. But Janie is no ordinary child, and her damaged psyche proves to be more than her new parents were expecting. Janie is fiercely devoted to Christopher, but she acts out in increasingly disturbing ways, directing all her rage at Hannah. Unable to bond with Janie, Hannah is drowning under the pressure, and Christopher refuses to see Janie's true nature. Hannah knows that Janie is manipulating Christopher and isolating him from her, despite Hannah's attempts to bring them all together. But as Janie's behavior threatens to tear Christopher and Hannah apart, the truth behind Janie's past may be enough to push them all over the edge.

Little Children

Author : Tom Perrotta
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2007-04-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781429907828


Book Little Children Description/Summary:

Tom Perrotta's thirty-ish parents of young children are a varied and surprising bunch. There's Todd, the handsome stay-at-home dad dubbed "The Prom King" by the moms of the playground; Sarah, a lapsed feminist with a bisexual past, who seems to have stumbled into a traditional marriage; Richard, Sarah's husband, who has found himself more and more involved with a fantasy life on the internet than with the flesh and blood in his own house; and Mary Ann, who thinks she has it all figured out, down to scheduling a weekly roll in the hay with her husband, every Tuesday at 9pm. They all raise their kids in the kind of sleepy American suburb where nothing ever seems to happen-at least until one eventful summer, when a convicted child molester moves back to town, and two restless parents begin an affair that goes further than either of them could have imagined. Unexpectedly suspenseful, but written with all the fluency and dark humor of Perrotta's previous novels, Little Children exposes the adult dramas unfolding amidst the swingsets and slides of an ordinary American playground.

Nothing to See Here

Author : Kevin Wilson
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2019-10-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780062913487


Book Nothing to See Here Description/Summary:

A New York Times Bestseller • A Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick! Named a Best Book of the Year by The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, People, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, TIME, The A.V. Club, Buzzfeed, and PopSugar “I can’t believe how good this book is.... It’s wholly original. It’s also perfect.... Wilson writes with such a light touch.... The brilliance of the novel [is] that it distracts you with these weirdo characters and mesmerizing and funny sentences and then hits you in a way you didn’t see coming. You’re laughing so hard you don’t even realize that you’ve suddenly caught fire.” —Taffy Brodesser-Akner, author of Fleishman is in Trouble, New York Times Book Review From the New York Times bestselling author of The Family Fang, a moving and uproarious novel about a woman who finds meaning in her life when she begins caring for two children with a remarkable ability. Lillian and Madison were unlikely roommates and yet inseparable friends at their elite boarding school. But then Lillian had to leave the school unexpectedly in the wake of a scandal and they’ve barely spoken since. Until now, when Lillian gets a letter from Madison pleading for her help. Madison’s twin stepkids are moving in with her family and she wants Lillian to be their caretaker. However, there’s a catch: the twins spontaneously combust when they get agitated, flames igniting from their skin in a startling but beautiful way. Lillian is convinced Madison is pulling her leg, but it’s the truth. Thinking of her dead-end life at home, the life that has consistently disappointed her, Lillian figures she has nothing to lose. Over the course of one humid, demanding summer, Lillian and the twins learn to trust each other—and stay cool—while also staying out of the way of Madison’s buttoned-up politician husband. Surprised by her own ingenuity yet unused to the intense feelings of protectiveness she feels for them, Lillian ultimately begins to accept that she needs these strange children as much as they need her—urgently and fiercely. Couldn’t this be the start of the amazing life she’d always hoped for? With white-hot wit and a big, tender heart, Kevin Wilson has written his best book yet—a most unusual story of parental love.

The Intentional Bookshelf

Author : Samantha Munoz
Publisher : Kat Biggie Press
Release : 2016-11-26
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0986196959


Book The Intentional Bookshelf Description/Summary:

You are a parent and with that title comes both endless joy and incredible responsibility. You have the opportunity to mold and shape your child in any way imaginable, and that fact alone is scary and overwhelming. Stop thinking you have to do it all by yourself! In The Intentional Bookshelf author, blogger, and bibliophile-mama, Samantha Munoz shares how her daughter's carefully curated bookshelf has saved her sanity as a parent and can save yours, too. Through actionable tips, thoughtful personal stories, and tongue in cheek humor, Sam teaches you: The value of literature for parents and children How to plan and build your child's library The types of books to choose from How to organize your shelves Unique activities to go outside the book and more! The choice is yours; either struggle through parenting with no backup or learn to craft a library of resources that is a reflection of your child and your family. (Hint, if the second option sounds amazing this book is for you!)"

Dreaming Dangerously

Author : Kathleen Harsch
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2012-06-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 1477632395


Book Dreaming Dangerously Description/Summary:

Praise for DREAMING DANGEROUSLY 5 out of 5 star reviews: Once I read the first page, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Dreaming Dangerously is a book I would recommend to anyone to read... the Author is skilled. -Dominique, It really just blew me away how much I loved reading this book. Chani, I loved Dreaming Dangerously. Mind reading is one of those things not all authors can write about. Dreaming Dangerously is a book I would highly recommend. - Kris Spor, Amazon customer Overview of DREAMING DANGEROUSLY:A teen mind-reader tries to keep her secret from the gossips at her high school. A popular boy who finds out. Her nightmares start to come true. She must learn to trust him before it's too late to stop the tragedy that awaits. FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS YOUNG ADULT SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY and can't get enough of Hunger Games, and Evermore, then you must read DREAMING DANGEROUSLY as your next YA thriller!! Other works by Kathleen Suzette Harsch:DARKNESS DESCENDS, book 2 of the Children of the Psi series is out now!

The Leaf Thief

Author : Alice Hemming
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release : 2021-08-03
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781728235219


Book The Leaf Thief Description/Summary:

Perfect for fans of Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, The Leaf Thief is a funny picture book that teaches kids about autumn, adapting to change, and the seasons. Squirrel loves counting the leaves on his tree—red leaves, gold leaves, orange, and more. But hold on! One of his leaves is missing! On a quest to find the missing leaf, Squirrel teams up with his good friend Bird to discover who the leaf thief could be among their forest friends. With vibrant art and captivating characters, the magic of autumn is captured beautifully on each page as readers tag along Squirrel's forest adventure. Is there truly a leaf thief afoot, or is something else going on in Squirrel's forest? A perfect exploration of change—both seasonal, and the anxiety that change sometimes causes. Bonus material explaining about the changing of the seasons. Poised to be a new fall classic. Pick up The Leaf Thief if you are looking for: A classic read for ages 4 and up Back to school books, ideal for your classroom, homeschool curriculum, and more! Seasonal and educational stories about the changing seasons

It's Good to Be Kind

Author : Lauren DuBois Rosemond
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-06
Category : Animals
ISBN : 1541040546


Book It's Good to Be Kind Description/Summary:

"Shares the story of Leonard the Lion--admired by all other animals as King of the Jungle--who wears a red cape and uses his power and status to make a positive impact on those around him. The fun, colorful book is sprinkled with magic and mystery"--

Tiny, Perfect Things

Author : M. H. Clark
Publisher : Compendium Publishing & Communications
Release : 2018-06
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 1946873063


Book Tiny, Perfect Things Description/Summary:

"The whole world is a treasure waiting to be found. Open your eyes and see the wonderful things all around. This is the story of a child and a grandfather whose walk around the neighborhood leads to a day of shared wonder as they discover all sorts of tiny, perfect things together. With rhythmic storytelling and detailed and intricate illustrations, this is a book about how childlike curiosity can transform ordinary days into extraordinary adventures. [€[ A modern classic nursery picture book featuring strong visual storytelling [€[ Perfect bedtime or anytime reading for ages 2"€"7 [€[ A relational book of observation and gratitude which encourages children to find and appreciate what the world around them has to offer [€[ Gifting occasions: baby gift, kid's birthday, just because"

I Am Perfect

Author : Lubna Kharusi
Publisher : Lubybuby
Release : 2016-01-28
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 0993090133


Book I Am Perfect Description/Summary:

A song book that highlights that inside everyone there is a perfect and loving heart, and that if we uncover our perfection and recognise it in others we can change the world for the better. The song takes you through the personal journey of a little monster who discovers his self worth is not defined by his physical characteristics or by the definitions placed on him by others, but by how he allows his light and love to shine. Once he understands his own value he is able to see the perfection in others even when they are hurtful. He then goes on to show that if we all recognised the perfection in each other and acted from a place of love we can change the world to a better place. "Let us live the perfection that we are and uncover ourselves to shine like a star. Our potential never stops to spread love on this earth, it is why we are here, it is the reason for our birth."

The Telling Error

Author : Sophie Hannah
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Release : 2014-04-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781444736755


Book The Telling Error Description/Summary:

Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie's mysteries, the ninth psychological thriller from Sophie Hannah is a literary mystery and a puzzle that's impossible to solve . . . 'Fiendishly clever' Sunday Express 'Exceptional' Elle Knowing the secret will kill you. All she wanted to do was take her son's forgotten sports kit to school. So why does Nicki Clements drive past the home of controversial newspaper columnist Damon Blundy eight times in one day? Blundy has been murdered, and the words 'HE IS NO LESS DEAD' daubed on his wall - in red paint, not blood. And, though Blundy was killed with a knife, he was not stabbed. Why? Nicki, called in for questioning, doesn't have any of the answers police are looking for. Nor can she tell them the truth, because although she is not guilty of murder, she is far from innocent. And the words on the wall are disturbingly familiar to her, if only she could remember where she has heard them before . . .

Little Face

Author : Sophie Hannah
Publisher : Soho Press
Release : 2007-10-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781569477175


Book Little Face Description/Summary:

“Little Face is a wonderful work, a brilliant use of mirrors and the writer's magic. Chilling, tantalizing, and ultimately fair and deeply satisfying.”—Barbara D’Amato, author of Death of a Thousand Cuts “Hannah adapts to crime fiction with arresting aplomb: Her characters are vivid, the novel’s challenging double narrative is handled with flair, and its denouement is ingenious.”—The Sunday Times (London) “Outstandingly chilling.”—The Spectator “Superb . . . good, old-fashioned spine-tingling stuff, but also a fine modern thriller.”—The Times (London) “A terrifying mystery of manipulation, counter-manipulation and, finally, astounding revelation. It’s a haunting story told with bewitching skill.”—The Scotsman “Impressive.”—The Mail on Sunday The first time she goes out after their daughter is born, Alice leaves the two-week-old infant at home with her husband, David. When she returns two hours later, she insists that the baby in the crib is not her child. Despite her apparent distress, David is adamant that she is wrong. The police are called to the scene. Detective Constable Simon Waterhouse is sympathetic, but he doubts Alice’s story. His superior, Sergeant Charlie Zailer, thinks Alice must be suffering from some sort of delusion brought on by postpartum depression. With an increasingly hostile and menacing David swearing she must either be mad or lying, how can Alice make the police believe her before it’s too late? Sophie Hannah is an award-winning and best-selling poet in the United Kingdom. She has also previously published fiction. This is her first psychological crime novel. She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and two children.

Neverworld Wake

Author : Marisha Pessl
Publisher : Ember
Release : 2020-05-26
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780399553943


Book Neverworld Wake Description/Summary:

"A group of teens who all attended the same elite prep school reunite a year after graduation. After a night on the town, the teens are faced with an impossible choice--only one of them can live and the decision must be unanimous"--

My Lovely Wife

Author : Samantha Downing
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2019-03-26
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780451491749


Book My Lovely Wife Description/Summary:

SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE INSTANT #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER USA Today bestseller Edgar + ITW Thriller Award nominee for Best First Novel “Think: Dexter but sexier.”—theSkimm “A dark and irresistible debut.”—People “Will shock even the savviest suspense readers.”—Real Simple Dexter meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith in this wildly compulsive debut thriller about a couple whose fifteen-year marriage has finally gotten too interesting... Our love story is simple. I met a gorgeous woman. We fell in love. We had kids. We moved to the suburbs. We told each other our biggest dreams, and our darkest secrets. And then we got bored. We look like a normal couple. We're your neighbors, the parents of your kid's friend, the acquaintances you keep meaning to get dinner with. We all have our secrets to keeping a marriage alive. Ours just happens to be getting away with murder.

Perfect the Pig

Author : Susan Jeschke
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
Release : 2016-08-02
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781250131331


Book Perfect the Pig Description/Summary:

The adventures of Perfect the pig begin when his wish for a pair of wings is granted.

The Little Bat Who Loved Halloween

Author : Stephanie O'Connor
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-10-24
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798552714506


Book The Little Bat Who Loved Halloween Description/Summary:

A fabulous kids Halloween storybook that belongs in every young person's library! Perfect for kid's aged 3 - 7 years to snuggle up with this Halloween! A cute (and not so scary!) Halloween story for kids featuring a Little Bat who sneaks out one morning determined to spend Halloween day in the forest. Luckily, he meets a friendly owl, bird and toad which are all keen to help him. But the little bat isn't used to sunlight and didn't realise that night-time is the best time for Halloween fun. There are more reasons to love The Little Bat who Loved Halloween: This Halloween picture book is recommended for children between 3 and 7 years. Gorgeously illustrated, and delightful children's Halloween picture book for early and beginner readers. The book is written with simple sentence structures to capture young listeners' attention and to give early readers confidence. Beautifully illustrated with exquisite autumn hues that small children will love and that will get you in the mood for Halloween, fall and Thanksgiving fun. Wonderful bedtime story - perfect for these chilly autumn nights at home, or for reading in the classroom during the day. The language and illustrations throughout the book make it appealing to very young children - toddlers and preschoolers, and aims to help young readers develop early reading skills. Being a seasonal book will never get worn out, and may become a seasonal tradition! This book is an excellent gift for anyone little one who loves Halloween. This Halloween picture book is available in paperback and eBook. This is a thoroughly charming, and original Halloween book for little people, which big people can read, also! This book contains beautiful illustrations cleverly done with a lovely gentle Halloween story written for small children's imagination snd powers of observation. A beautifully illustrated book that older preschoolers or kindergarteners will enjoy retelling the story. What a wonderful way to get little kids excited about Halloween, combined with the enjoyment of reading such a fun book! Halloween traditions can be fun for everyone and families can celebrate by reading stories. Consider adding this book to the celebrations.

The Children's Story

Author : James Clavell
Publisher : Dell
Release : 2014-11-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780804154000


Book The Children's Story Description/Summary:

It was a simple incident in the life of James Clavell—a talk with his young daughter just home from school—that inspired this chilling tale of what could happen in twenty-five quietly devastating minutes. He writes, "The Children's Story came into being that day. It was then that I really realized how vulnerable my child's mind was —any mind, for that matter—under controlled circumstances. Normally I write and rewrite and re-rewrite, but this story came quickly—almost by itself. Barely three words were changed. It pleases me greatly because I kept asking the questions… Questions like, What's the use of 'I pledge allegiance' without understanding? Like Why is it so easy to divert thoughts? Like What is freedom? and Why is so hard to explain? The Children's Story keeps asking me all sorts of questions I cannot answer. Perhaps you can—then your child will...."

Most Perfect You

Author : Jazmyn Simon
Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers
Release : 2022-05-03
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780593426968


Book Most Perfect You Description/Summary:

Jazmyn Simon's debut is a moving love letter to children struggling to accept themselves inside and out—exactly as they are. This gorgeous picture book was inspired by a conversation between the author and her daughter. I was shown all the smiles in the entire world. I looked at all of the many bright smiles until I found my favorite: your smile. After comparing herself to other little girls, Irie confides in her mama that she feels something is wrong with her, that she’s not perfect as she is. And so Irie’s mama tells the magical story of how Irie was intentionally and wonderfully made. In fact, Irie is made up of all her mother's favorite things: sparkling eyes, a bright smile, and a kind heart. Actor and activist Jazmyn Simon's tender picture book emphasizes the unique beauty and strength of all children, encouraging them to love their most perfect selves.

Goodnight Scarlett and the Moon, It's Almost Bedtime

Author : Melissa Ryan
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-09-25
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1540784274


Book Goodnight Scarlett and the Moon, It's Almost Bedtime Description/Summary:

This book is uniquely original and can be personalized with any girl's name. How fun is that? Over 500 book names already published on Amazon! Think of the possibilities: baby or shower gifts, birthdays, a special something from grandma, and more. You can purchase the book's title as shown (this book is in SCARLETT'S NAME), OR you can request a new book be published in the name you desire. It's easy to order in 3 steps: 1. Go to BEFORE placing your Amazon order to let Melissa know the name you want personalized on your book. 2. Click on the "Personalize It" tab and add the name and book title you would like. Send this information to Melissa. 3. Melissa will take care of the rest. She will publish your new book title on Amazon, and once published, will get a link from Amazon to email to you. Once you receive this link, you can order your book just like any Amazon product. Easy! We've taken the worry out of the process and your child will be thrilled with the final product. Who doesn't like to see their name on the cover or hear it related throughout the story? The author, Melissa Ryan, is the mother of five children and knows the importance of reading to your little ones. It instills a love of books and fosters an active imagination in the youngest of readers. Help start them on a path of discovery with Melissa's stories. The tale of Scarlett is perfect for bedtime, especially when unleashing the child's wonder by using her own name. This is a book that can be enjoyed over and over again, and will be remembered long after the last page is read and the lights turned out. Goodnight Scarlett and the Moon is beautifully illustrated with full color images that will hold your child's attention while you read the delightful story. Walk along with Scarlett through a day of happy smiles, sleepy-eyed dreams, and a bedtime that's sure to please. She will capture your heart, and the moments spent reading it together will build fond memories that will be cherished throughout the years. This is just one of several books offered by Melissa in her ever-expanding children's book series. You'll learn to love and appreciate the extra attention that goes into each volume. Special care is taken to keep the child's heart at the center of each story, helping them build character and learn something along the way. Help that special child in your life reach for the stars, and let Goodnight Scarlett into your home to cast a moonbeam over the most precious of your possessions. Build a binding relationship with the power of'll look back in awe at the foundations you've built. Please customize and purchase this book for a special little girl in your life today. Tags: Scarlett, personalized children's books, personalized gifts, personalized baby gifts, personalized, bedtime stories, bedtime story, 1st birthday gifts