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Our Stop

Author : Laura Jane Williams
Publisher : Avon Books
Release : 2020-02-11
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0008366187


Book Our Stop Description/Summary:

'The love story you need in your suitcase this summer!' Red What if you almost missed the love of your life? Nadia gets the 7.30 train every morning without fail. Well, except if she oversleeps or wakes up at her friend Emma's after too much wine. Daniel really does get the 7.30 train every morning, which is easy because he hasn't been able to sleep properly since his dad died. One morning, Nadia's eye catches sight of a post in the daily paper: To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I'm the guy who's always standing near the doors... Drink sometime? So begins a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word. A wonderfully funny will-they-won't-they romance told with real emotional honesty, perfect for those who loved Sally Thorne's 99% Mine and Helena Hunting's Meet Cute. Recommended by Bustle as a 'Rom-Com Novel You Need To Read This Summer!'

Our Stop

Author : Laura Jane Williams
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Release : 2019-06-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780008320539


Book Our Stop Description/Summary:

‘Joyful, romantic and life-affirming.’ Red Magazine ‘It had me totally gripped.’ Beth O’Leary, author of The Flatshare ‘A love story that is guaranteed to make you smile.’ Closer What if you almost missed the love of your life?

Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill

Author : Dave Grossman,Gloria Degaetano
Publisher : Harmony
Release : 2014
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9780804139359


Book Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill Description/Summary:

A retired lieutenant colonel and the founder of the Parent Coaching institute join forces to make the case that violence in media and games conditions children to take it for granted as an acceptable part of life and trains them to be successful instigators of violence. Original.

American Royals II: Majesty

Author : Katharine McGee
Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers
Release : 2020
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781984830210


Book American Royals II: Majesty Description/Summary:

In an alternate America, tensions are high as Beatrice prepares to become the country's first queen, while Princess Samantha and Prince Jefferson struggle to decide what their futures might hold.


Author : Swandog
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2015-07-21
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1511956283


Book Doomed Description/Summary:

Swandog explains the phenomenal rise of the Islamic State terror group and militant Islam in general and tells why we are unable to stop it ... unless we begin to think unconventionally. He offers a bold and unconventional strategy for the destruction of the Islamic State and the eradication of militant Islam.

Dark End of the Spectrum

Author : Anthony S. Policastro
Publisher : Outer Banks Publishing Group
Release : 2009-02-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781452402345


Book Dark End of the Spectrum Description/Summary:

"The family elements in the story - the real struggles with marriage, raising a family, making a living, and just trying to enjoy life - have broadened the book's appeal to a wider audience, primarily women who are not into technology."DARK END OF SPECTRUM will make you think twice before turning on your cell phone or PDA!DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a frighteningly plausible and headline ripping tale of the real threats that loom in cyberspace and beyond with a Michael Crichton realism. Based on the author's years of research into the hacker culture.DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a thriller that will connect with everyone with a cell phone, PDA or wireless device.When a group of digital terrorists known as ICER take over the US power grid and the cell phone network, they give the government an ultimatum - bomb the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan with nuclear weapons to put an end to Al-Quada or they will start downing commercial airliners. When the government refuses, ICER destroys most of the downed aircraft in airports all over the country. When ICER sends a pulse that will kill millions on the East Coast, only security expert Dan Riker can stop them, but ICER has kidnapped Dan's family.Will Dan save his family or will millions die?

Red, White & Royal Blue

Author : Casey McQuiston
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Release : 2019-05-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250316776


Book Red, White & Royal Blue Description/Summary:

* Instant NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestseller * * GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD WINNER for BEST DEBUT and BEST ROMANCE of 2019 * * BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR* for VOGUE, NPR, VANITY FAIR, and more! * What happens when America's First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales? When his mother became President, Alex Claremont-Diaz was promptly cast as the American equivalent of a young royal. Handsome, charismatic, genius—his image is pure millennial-marketing gold for the White House. There's only one problem: Alex has a beef with the actual prince, Henry, across the pond. And when the tabloids get hold of a photo involving an Alex-Henry altercation, U.S./British relations take a turn for the worse. Heads of family, state, and other handlers devise a plan for damage control: staging a truce between the two rivals. What at first begins as a fake, Instragramable friendship grows deeper, and more dangerous, than either Alex or Henry could have imagined. Soon Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret romance with a surprisingly unstuffy Henry that could derail the campaign and upend two nations and begs the question: Can love save the world after all? Where do we find the courage, and the power, to be the people we are meant to be? And how can we learn to let our true colors shine through? Casey McQuiston's Red, White & Royal Blue proves: true love isn't always diplomatic. "I took this with me wherever I went and stole every second I had to read! Absorbing, hilarious, tender, sexy—this book had everything I crave. I’m jealous of all the readers out there who still get to experience Red, White & Royal Blue for the first time!" - Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of The Unhoneymooners "Red, White & Royal Blue is outrageously fun. It is romantic, sexy, witty, and thrilling. I loved every second." - Taylor Jenkins Reid, New York Times bestselling author of Daisy Jones & The Six

Four-Word Self-Help

Author : Patti Digh
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release : 2010-09-01
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9780762799848


Book Four-Word Self-Help Description/Summary:

Four-Word Self-Help is a pithy nod to the fact that life is simpler than we try to make it. Author Patti Digh gives truisms for most of our woes in four well-chosen words, taking the issues of our busy, burdened days and proving that rather than “solving” a complexity with another complexity, the answer may well lie in simple actions. Twelve hot-button “issues” are addressed: Community, Love, Stress, Travel, Soul, Wellness, Success, Green, Activism, Children, Generosity, and Endings. Each concise nugget of advice, 101 in all, has been illustrated with sumptuous original art from around the world by readers of the author’s blog,

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Author : Laura Jane Williams
Publisher : Hodder Paperbacks
Release : 2018-06-12
Category : Inner child
ISBN : 1473659981


Book Ice Cream for Breakfast Description/Summary:

'Read this for life lessons you know but have neglected.' Stylist 'Rediscover and embrace your inner silliness and watch your busy, stress-filled actual life become, well, simpler.' Red Discover the surprising art of reconnecting with your inner child in order to make your adult life that little bit simpler. You can own your own home and want to build a blanket fort on a bad day. Hell! On a good day, too. Give yourself permission to seek praise, ask for help, and have something soft snuggled against your face because you're sad. You can pay your bills on time and still exclaim out loud when something is really f*cking cool, run a business and wear cat-covered thermals under your suit. You can take time to play, just because. Full of spirit and un-self-conscious enthusiasm, Ice Cream for Breakfast: Child-Like Solutions to Bullsh*t Adult Problems is the permission slip all too-grown-up-for-their-own-good-but-secretly-scared-of-adulting adults need to locate their inner-child nestled deep within, so that we might all relax enough to laugh harder, wonder more, and marvel at magic on the daily.

It's Too Late to Stop Now

Author : Kenneth Garner
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-12-22
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1541261771


Book It's Too Late to Stop Now Description/Summary:

Don't Be Afraid Of Disappointment Habakkuk 2:2 Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it. It's Too Late To Stop Now Author Kenneth Garner points out, once God reveals the vision to His people, it's their job to run with the vision. What happens most of the time is that we start off running and somewhere down the line - disappointment, fear, or some sort of trial tries to hinder us from reaching our purpose. It's Too Late To Stop Now is a book to let you know that failure is not an option. God is not finished with you! The things He spoke to you years ago, He's about to bring to pass, and the things He showed you in the midnight hour are about to be uncovered in your life. In this book, you will learn how disappointments turn into blessings; how you can be successful when things get worst, and how not to visualize failure in the mist of trial. The battle is already won............ It's Too Late to Stop Now!!! Your best is yet to come.

Don't Lie to Me

Author : Jeanine Pirro
Publisher : Center Street
Release : 2020-09-22
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781546059721


Book Don't Lie to Me Description/Summary:

Judge Jeanine Pirro, author of two New York Times bestsellers, exposes the lies and distortions of the president's enemies. It's been nearly four years since President Trump took office, and Judge Jeanine Pirro has had enough of the left's countless lies and false accusations. She is now forced to ask: How could anyone vote against President Trump this November? What more could you possibly want? In Don't Lie to Me, Judge Jeanine brings her signature writing style and acute legal mind to topics such as the impeachment inquiry, the military, and the road to the 2020 presidential election. She will highlight President Trump's triumphs and his strength during the coronavirus crisis.

Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons

Author : Carey Parker
Publisher : Apress
Release : 2018-08-24
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9781484238523


Book Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Description/Summary:

Rely on this practical, end-to-end guide on cyber safety and online security written expressly for a non-technical audience. You will have just what you need to protect yourself—step by step, without judgment, and with as little jargon as possible. Just how secure is your computer right now? You probably don't really know. Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the modern world, but if you're like most people, you have no clue how these things work and don't know the real threats. Protecting your computer is like defending a medieval castle. While moats, walls, drawbridges, and castle guards can be effective, you'd go broke trying to build something dragon-proof. This book is not about protecting yourself from a targeted attack by the NSA; it's about armoring yourself against common hackers and mass surveillance. There are dozens of no-brainer things we all should be doing to protect our computers and safeguard our data—just like wearing a seat belt, installing smoke alarms, and putting on sunscreen. Author Carey Parker has structured this book to give you maximum benefit with minimum effort. If you just want to know what to do, every chapter has a complete checklist with step-by-step instructions and pictures. The book contains more than 150 tips to make you and your family safer. It includes: Added steps for Windows 10 (Spring 2018) and Mac OS X High Sierra Expanded coverage on mobile device safety Expanded coverage on safety for kids online More than 150 tips with complete step-by-step instructions and pictures What You’ll Learn Solve your password problems once and for all Browse the web safely and with confidence Block online tracking and dangerous ads Choose the right antivirus software for you Send files and messages securely Set up secure home networking Conduct secure shopping and banking online Lock down social media accounts Create automated backups of all your devices Manage your home computers Use your smartphone and tablet safely Safeguard your kids online And more! Who This Book Is For Those who use computers and mobile devices, but don’t really know (or frankly care) how they work. This book is for people who just want to know what they need to do to protect themselves—step by step, without judgment, and with as little jargon as possible.

The Missing Piece

Author : Carol McCormick
Publisher : Celestial Press
Release : 2012-01-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780967536811


Book The Missing Piece Description/Summary:

2013 GOLD MEDAL WINNER: Reader's Favorite International Book Award for Christian Romance. The Missing Piece by international bestselling author Carol McCormick. "Fresh dialogue, realistic characters, a powerful message. McCormick does a great job creating her characters and portraying the struggles they endure," The Romance Readers Connection How does a man pick up the pieces when his world crashes around him? Misplaced priorities shattered his marriage. Problems almost crushed him. Love motivated him to mend the damage, once he found all the pieces. After only a few months of marriage, Lorraine left Dylan on a wintry night after he'd spent one too many nights out with the guys. Unable to cope with the loss, Dylan escapes the painful feelings by drinking them away. This decision costs him a year-and-a-half of his life after he stops in a little mountain town and ends up in the local jail. When he's released, he returns home in search of a job to get his life...and his wife back. The Missing Piece is not only a love story about a man who loves a woman, but is also a love story about a merciful God who loves mankind, even when he falls. The novel is an emotionally-charged journey of hope and redemption with a touch of spunk, a hint of humor, and a few twists along the way.

Love Edy

Author : Shewanda Pugh
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014-05-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0692027149


Book Love Edy Description/Summary:

When Edy Phelps falls hard for her best friend, she knows nothing can come from it. Forget actual chemistry, or the fact that she cherishes his mother more than her own; centuries of tradition say that Hassan Pradhan will grow up, marry the girl his parents select, and think nothing of his best friend: the dancer with the bursting smile. Except he can't. He won't. In a world erupting with possibilities for the boy with a body of steel and dreams of the NFL, everything seems promised while nothing at all is; when he's denied the girl he wants most. Two hearts. Two families devoted through generations of friendship. Could Edy and Hassan really risk all that? And yet ... how could they not?

Apollo's Curse

Author : Brad Vance
Publisher : Brad Vance
Release : 2016-06-05
Category : Fiction


Book Apollo's Curse Description/Summary:

All Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer. After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club, well, the more romances they read, the more they’re convinced they can do better. And do they ever! They join their creative forces to become “Pamela Clarice,” self-published romance novelist. When they look for a cover model for their first book, Dane sees the photos that will change his life. Paul Musegetes is the world’s most popular romance cover model, and the most secretive. Dane soon finds himself obsessed with this supernaturally handsome man, and when he meets Paul at the Romance Writers’ Ball on the Summer Solstice, he and Paul connect for one night of passion… After that night, Dane's a writing machine. He can’t stop writing romances, and every story he touches turns to gold. But he also finds that he can’t write anything but romances. And soon he's spending every waking moment of every day writing another after another... Then Dane finds out that this Midas touch has a heavy price. When the year is over, he’ll never write again. Not a romance, not a serious novel. Nothing. Not even a grocery list. And that leaves him with only one option – find Paul, and get him to break the curse. But before he can do that, he’ll have to track down Paul’s equally mysterious photographer, Jackson da Vinci… EXCERPT: I stopped crying around my third drink. Rose and Sherry patted me on the shoulder, and we’d reshuffled the chairs so that my back was to the rest of the bar and nobody could see me blubber. “What am I going to do?” I cried. “I’m going to be…nothing. All my life, all I ever wanted to do was write. And then this happened, and I was writing! And I loved it…love it. But the whole idea was that I’d do this till I got rich, and then, I’d write more books like ‘The Doldrums,’ and if they didn’t sell, well, so what?” I finished off my concoction as Rose signaled for another round. “Maybe,” Sherry said, a little wobbly herself after two glasses of wine, “he’s been around forever. Paul.” “What do you mean?” Rose asked. “Maybe he’s been doing this throughout the ages,” Sherry mused. “For all we know, he’s been crowning the Queen of Romance Novels for eternity.” Rose’s eyebrows went up. “You mean, like, he schtupped Barbara Cartland?” This made me laugh at the worst moment, and I choked on my drink. But Sherry took her seriously. “Sure, or even Jane Austen, for all we know. Maybe she got some after all. And where else did all these ladies keep coming up with tall dark and handsome, huh?” “But that implies he’s immortal or supernatural or…” I tailed off. “We should find his old pics, and run them through some kind of facial recognition software. Compare them to the recent ones, see if he’s aged…” Rose shook her head. “No, he doesn’t look a day older, but he hasn’t been around that many years. And look at Elijah Wood! Ever since ‘Lord of the Rings,’ he hasn’t aged a day.” “Maybe he’s not human either,” Sherry speculated.

Time to Make It Stop

Author : Jim George
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2012-10-01
Category : Attitude change
ISBN : 0615690742


Book Time to Make It Stop Description/Summary:

"Time to Make It Stop" is a simple, easy to read and fun guide to relieving the stress and anxiety of today's hectic modern life. Each page comes alive with deceptively simple cartoon illustrations that delight the eye and open the mind to the timeless world of "Now" and the gift called the Present. It is written by Jim George, who combines a thirty-year career in animation and children's books with a private hypnotherapy and counseling practice to create a one-of-a-kind "Dr. Seuss of Self Help" experience.

The Love Square

Author : Laura Jane Williams
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Release : 2020-06-29
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780008365448


Book The Love Square Description/Summary:

‘Joyful and romantic ... tailor-made for summer!’ COSMOPOLITAN ‘Full of delicious food, real kindness and sexy men... what’s not to like?!’ BETH O’LEARY, bestselling author of The Flatshare

The Theology of Lotegeluaki. Isaiah

Author : Stanley Ole Lotegeluaki
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-03-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1544679424


Book The Theology of Lotegeluaki. Isaiah Description/Summary:

Concerning chpt 34 Ezekiel God says that He will judge the Shepherds of the flocks, not only the rulers of Israel but all the leaders of the world. The Lord says - Ezekiel 34:3 "Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock. 4: The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye sought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force & with cruelty have ye ruled them." That is the state of the leadership around the world, but God is going to get rid of the evil shepherds & replace them with Jesus Christ. Concerning the flock, God is going to judge between the cattle, the fat sheep & the lean sheep. Some Christians have made it harder for other people to enter the faith, especially the Right Wing of the U.S.A. They hate and are xenophobic, yet they say they are Christians. Example Christians voting for Trump have alienated- the Latinos, the Blacks & anyone who loves the Environment, free Medical & Education for all. And these people who dont want to help the Environment, & free Medical help to the poor say they are Christians. This is the reason why no one wants to join Christianity- they see the Hate driven religion of the Right. That coupled with the Pedophile scandal & the history of Christians destroying the Indians, & the Bible belt in the south U.S.A. fighting to retain slavery has driven many away from the faith. Ezekiel 34:17 " And as for you, O My flock, thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I judge between cattle & cattle, between the rams & the he goats. 18: Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have eaten up the good pasture, but ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pastures? & to have drunk of the deep waters, but ye must foul the residue with your feet? 19: And as for My flock, they eat that which ye have trodden with your feet; & they drink that which ye have fouled with your feet. 20: Therefore thus saith the Lord God unto them; Behold, I even I, will judge between the fat cattle & between the lean cattle." God will judge what happened between the nations. One of the problems of nations is pride. God in Ezekiel calls nations "Trees" and Satan''s nation is a big tree. All Trees drink water or politics to grow. The Lord says concerning Satan''s tree. Ezekiel 31:3" Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, & with a shadowing shroud, & of an high stature; & his top was among the thick boughs. 4:The waters made him great..." 9:I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches; so that all the trees {nations} of Eden, that were in the garden of God, envied him. 10: Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Because thou hast lifted up thyself in height, & hath shot up his top among the thick boughs, & his heart is lifted up in his height;" God destroyed and cut down the tree. Ezekiel 31:14" To the end that none of all the trees by the waters exalt themselves for their height, neither shoot up their top among the thick boughs, neither their trees stand up in their height, all that drink water {politics}: for they are all delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men, with them that go down to the pit." That means- Nationalism- is evil. Christian nations do not exalt themselves or have pride in themselves. For all "trees" drink water & they all die like men. So I tell the new African nation & other nations, dont exalt yourself, be humble, no exceptionalism. If you do lift up yourself in the forest- garden of Eden- God will put you in your place and cut you down. Haughtiness goes before a fall. Look what happened to the two superpowers at the S. Coming. Proverb 17:19 " He loveth transgression that loveth strife: and he that exalteth his gate seeketh destruction." So God is going to judge among the nations {cattle-xenophobic sheep- or trees that drink water}

Accidental Protector

Author : Nicole Snow
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-08-29
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1726348091


Book Accidental Protector Description/Summary:

Accidentally hitched. Cue the sweet insanity. Waking up next to the world's hottest stranger is my first red flag. The huge rock on my finger? Hint number two I'm head-over-heels in trouble. I'm hair-on-fire freaked by the marriage certificate. Then I sit down with Noah Bernard, my mysterious new "husband." He talks a good game. Easy, when he'd put Hercules to shame. Olympian abs. Defiant growl. Come-to-mama eyes. Mammoth freaking ego. I almost wish I remembered our honeymoon. But I need answers. Not more secrets. I came to Reno to reinvent myself. What's a pretend wife to do with a tight-lipped temporary badass? Sweet revenge, for one. Like the day my two-timing ex hears I've landed Mr. Perfect. Hello, unintended consequences. After Noah finds out, there's no hiding the truth. I know why there's this darkness in his eyes. I learn how bad my lips can ache for one more kiss. I see him face down hell itself. Protecting me. I keep asking the inevitable: what if the divorce papers can't undo love? From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow - a marriage mistake rocks two battered hearts home. Snarly alpha hero, full of secrets, eager to protect his little firecracker. Full length romance novel with a jaw-dropping Happily Ever After.

Sometimes Our Stop-Doing List Needs to Be Bigger Than Our To-Do List

Author : Mpire Publishing
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-01-14
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 166074783X


Book Sometimes Our Stop-Doing List Needs to Be Bigger Than Our To-Do List Description/Summary:

Ever find yourself not achieving your goals? Or do you know someone that needs a bit of a kick in their butt to achieve their dreams?! Then look no further. This Daily Goal Planner/To-Do List is perfect to help anyone get closer to their dreams a little every day!In this Planner: Establish your goalsSet a To-Do list each morningAchieve your Goals!Clear marked out area to write down your goals and to-do lists daily