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Memories in the Drift

Author : Melissa Payne
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2020-08-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542004721


Book Memories in the Drift Description/Summary:

Melissa Payne, bestselling author of The Secrets of Lost Stones, returns with another haunting and hopeful novel about redemption, the power of memory, and a woman's will to reclaim her life. My name is Claire. I'm thirty-six years old. It's September. I know what I'm doing and why I am here...for now. Ten years ago, Claire Hines lost her unborn child--and her short-term memory--following a heartrending tragedy. With notebooks, calendars, to-do lists, fractured pieces of the past, and her father's support, Claire makes it through each day, hour by hour, with relative confidence. She also has a close-knit community of friends in the remote Alaskan town where she teaches guitar to the local children. It's there, in the reminders. As determined as Claire is to regain all that's disappeared, she'd prefer to live without some memories of her before life--especially those of her mother, Alice, who abandoned her, and Tate, the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. But when Alice and Tate return from the past, there'll be so much more for Claire to relive. And to discover for the very first time. Through healing, forgiveness, and second chances, Claire may realize that what's most important might not be re-creating the person she was, but embracing the possibilities of being the person she is.

Memories That Smell Like Gasoline

Author : David Wojnarowicz
Publisher : Open Road Media
Release : 2014-06-03
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781480489622


Book Memories That Smell Like Gasoline Description/Summary:

Autobiographical stories and drawings by the artist and AIDS activist featured in the new documentary by Chris McKim. For most of his life, David Wojnarowicz considered himself the ultimate outsider and a true invisible man. “I’m a blank spot in a hectic civilization,” he writes in this fierce and unforgettable collection of four blistering autobiographical pieces, illustrated with his own arresting ink drawings. Wojnarowicz, who died of AIDS in New York City at the age of thirty-seven, left behind a body of work that was staggering in its variety and originality. Painter, writer, photographer, performance artist, and filmmaker, he made an indelible mark on virtually every stage of the national arts scene. Yet nowhere does his anger, love, or compassion show itself as strongly as in his writing, which earned a Lambda Literary Award and prompted critics to call him the Jack Kerouac of his generation. The horrors of Wojnarowicz’s past inform his literature—his years spent as a child prostitute and living homeless on the New York streets, his outspoken, very public battle against the disease that would eventually take his life, and the entrenched government bureaucracy that sat by and did nothing. The world as seen through Wojnarowicz’s eyes in these four masterful short works is stark, cruel, and cold—and yet gloriously alive, ennobled by surprising acts of heartrending humanity. Memories That Smell Like Gasoline is a celebration of sorts: of sex, of love, of art, and of having truly lived.

The Secrets of Lost Stones

Author : Melissa Payne
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2019-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542006287


Book The Secrets of Lost Stones Description/Summary:

A soul-stirring novel about the bonds between mother and child and the redemption that comes with facing the past and letting it go. Thirty-two-year-old Jess Abbot has lost everything: her job, her apartment, and--most heart-wrenching--her eight-year-old son, Chance, to a tragic accident. Haunted by memories and grief, Jess packs what's left and heads for the small mountain town of Pine Lake, where she takes a position as caregiver to an eccentric old woman. A rumored clairvoyant, Lucy is strange but welcoming and immediately intuits Jess as a "loose end" in need of closure. But Jess isn't the only guest in Lucy's large Victorian home. There's also Star, a teenage runaway with a secret too painful to share. And the little boy with heart-shaped stones, who comes with a hope for reconciliation--and a warning. Soon Jess learns that she's not the only lost soul running from the ghosts of the past. She and Star have been brought together for a reason: to be saved by the very thing that destroyed them.

Poplar Island

Author : Peter K. Bailey
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2011-02-17
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1456460153


Book Poplar Island Description/Summary:

True story of a young boy growing up on an island in the Chesapeake Bay and going to school by boat. Book includes an interesting history of this unique island, the first settlement in Talbot County, and also the home to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's exclusive "Jefferson Islands Club" in the 1930's. Also included is the story of the island's incredible reconstruction, started in 1998, after the island had all but washed away.


Author : Fannie A. Beers
Publisher : Silver Burdett Press
Release : 1888
Category : Nurses
ISBN : WISC:89059412569


Book Memories Description/Summary:

Lost Memory of Skin

Author : Russell Banks
Publisher : Knopf Canada
Release : 2011-10-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307401755


Book Lost Memory of Skin Description/Summary:

The author of Continental Drift, Rule of the Bone and The Sweet Hereafter returns with a very original, riveting mystery about a young outcast, and a contemporary tale of guilt and redemption. The perfect convergence of writer and subject, Lost Memory of Skin probes the zeitgeist of a troubled society where zero tolerance has erased any hope of subtlety and compassion. Suspended in a modern-day version of limbo, the young man at the centre of Russell Banks's uncompromising and morally complex new novel must create a life for himself in the wake of incarceration. Known in his new identity only as the Kid, he is shackled to a GPS monitoring device and forbidden to go near where children might gather. He takes up residence under a south Florida causeway, in a makeshift encampment with other convicted sex offenders. Barely beyond childhood himself, the Kid, despite his crime, is in many ways an innocent. Enter the Professor, a university sociologist of enormous size and intellect who finds in the Kid the perfect subject for his research. But when the Professor's past resurfaces and threatens to destroy his carefully constructed world, the balance in the two men's relationship shifts. Banks has long been one of our most acute and insightful novelists. Lost Memory of Skin is a masterful work of fiction that unfolds in language both powerful and beautifully lyrical.

Arctic Archives

Author : Susi K. Frank,Kjetil A. Jakobsen
Publisher : transcript Verlag
Release : 2019-10-31
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9783839446560


Book Arctic Archives Description/Summary:

This pioneering volume explores the Arctic as an important and highly endangered archive of knowledge about natural as well as human history of the anthropocene. Focusing on the Arctic as an archive means to investigate it not only as a place of human history and memory - of Arctic exploring, 'conquering' and colonizing -, but to take into account also the specific environmental conditions of the circumpolar region: ice and permafrost. These have allowed a huge natural archive to emerge, offering rich sources for natural scientists and historians alike. Examining the debate on the notion of ('natural') archive, the cultural semantics and historicity of the meaning of concepts like 'warm', 'cold', 'freezing' and 'melting' as well as various works of literature, art and science on Arctic topics, this volume brings together literary scholars, historians of knowledge and philosophy, art historians, media theorists and archivologists.

Hemingway, Memories of Les

Author : Ray Pace
Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
Release : 2012-06-11
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1477644059


Book Hemingway, Memories of Les Description/Summary:

Les Hemingway was a talented writer and adventurer who stood in the giant shadow cast by his brother, Ernest Hemingway. From the book: "There was a sense of both the magic and the tragic involved with the Hemingway name; it could open doors and it could also be a big pain. Here was my friend who had a career most writers would die for. He had written a best-selling book, had reported for major dailies, had free-lanced for a number of magazines and lived in a beautiful place in South Florida and it wasn't enough for the critics and maybe naggingly never enough for him because he wasn't Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway."

Skinner's Drift

Author : Lisa Fugard
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2013-03-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780670923571


Book Skinner's Drift Description/Summary:

Lisa Fugard's Skinner's Drift is a beautifully written début that reveals the secrets and violence buried beneath the earth of a South African farm. Skinner's Drift, lying amongst the sandstone rocks of the eastern borders of South Africa, beside the snaking bed of the Limpopo River, was Eva Van Rensburg's home. As a young girl she would range through its mopane trees at night, hunting jackals with her stammering father. But as soon as she grew up, Eva fled the farm and has not returned for more than ten years. Now, as her father lies dying in hospital with only his claustrophobic sister for company, Eva must go back to confront her family and remember the beauty, and the horror, of her life on Skinner's Drift. Praise for Skinner's Drift: 'A wonderfully brave novel - unflinchingly and lovingly written. It is books like this - books that shake the dust out of our heads and hearts - that allow us all to understand our past slightly better and walk forward more confidently' Alexandra Fuller 'An achingly beautiful book' Monica Ali 'Fugard wonderfully captures the swift rivers of change in which contempt and fear, resentment, righteousness and loyalty churn in one unending torrent' Daily Mail Lisa Fugard grew up in South Africa and now lives in the desert of Southern California with her husband and young son. Her short stories have been published in magazines and literary journals and she has written many travel pieces for the New York Times. Skinner's Drift is her first novel.

The Old Drift

Author : Namwali Serpell
Publisher : Hogarth
Release : 2020-05-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781101907153


Book The Old Drift Description/Summary:

"A dazzling debut, establishing Namwali Serpell as a writer on the world stage."--Salman Rushdie, The New York Times Book Review NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Dwight Garner, The New York Times * The New York Times Book Review * Time * NPR * The Atlantic * BuzzFeed * Tordotcom * Kirkus Reviews * BookPage Winner of the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award * Winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for Fiction * Winner of the Windham-Campbell Prizes for Fiction 1904. On the banks of the Zambezi River, a few miles from the majestic Victoria Falls, there is a colonial settlement called The Old Drift. In a smoky room at the hotel across the river, an Old Drifter named Percy M. Clark, foggy with fever, makes a mistake that entangles the fates of an Italian hotelier and an African busboy. This sets off a cycle of unwitting retribution between three Zambian families (black, white, brown) as they collide and converge over the course of the century, into the present and beyond. As the generations pass, their lives--their triumphs, errors, losses and hopes--emerge through a panorama of history, fairytale, romance and science fiction. From a woman covered with hair and another plagued with endless tears, to forbidden love affairs and fiery political ones, to homegrown technological marvels like Afronauts, microdrones and viral vaccines, this gripping, unforgettable novel is a testament to our yearning to create and cross borders, and a meditation on the slow, grand passage of time. Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Ray Bradbury Prize * Longlisted for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize "An intimate, brainy, gleaming epic . . . This is a dazzling book, as ambitious as any first novel published this decade."--Dwight Garner, The New York Times "A founding epic in the vein of Virgil's Aeneid . . . though in its sprawling size, its flavor of picaresque comedy and its fusion of family lore with national politics it more resembles Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children."--The Wall Street Journal "A story that intertwines strangers into families, which we'll follow for a century, magic into everyday moments, and the story of a nation, Zambia."--NPR

Memories of the Future

Author : Siri Hustvedt
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2019-03-19
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781982102852


Book Memories of the Future Description/Summary:

Longlisted for the 2020 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence A provocative, exuberant novel about time, memory, desire, and the imagination from the internationally bestselling and prizewinning author of The Blazing World, Memories of the Future tells the story of a young Midwestern woman’s first year in New York City in the late 1970s and her obsession with her mysterious neighbor, Lucy Brite. As she listens to Lucy through the thin walls of her dilapidated building, S.H., aka “Minnesota,” transcribes her neighbor’s bizarre and increasingly ominous monologues in a notebook, along with sundry other adventures, until one frightening night when Lucy bursts into her apartment on a rescue mission. Forty years later, S.H., now a veteran author, discovers her old notebook, as well as early drafts of a never-completed novel while moving her aging mother from one facility to another. Ingeniously juxtaposing the various texts, S.H. measures what she remembers against what she wrote that year and has since forgotten to create a dialogue between selves across decades. The encounter both collapses time and reframes its meanings in the present. Elaborately structured, intellectually rigorous, urgently paced, poignant, and often wildly funny, Memories of the Future brings together themes that have made Hustvedt among the most celebrated novelists working today: the fallibility of memory; gender mutability; the violence of patriarchy; the vagaries of perception; the ambiguous borders between sensation and thought, sanity and madness; and our dependence on primal drives such as sex, love, hunger, and rage.

Here Lies Memory

Author : Doug Rice
Publisher : Black Scat Books
Release : 2016-09-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0997777117


Book Here Lies Memory Description/Summary:

HERE LIES MEMORY explores the place of memory in living, daily, scarred and sacred lives. Two Pittsburgh families struggle to survive trauma and love. A man wills himself to go blind, not to forget, but to remember in new ways. Another man drinks beer after beer until he can no longer drink away what he must face directly. This novel explores what language and photographs do to memory, desire, and love, and what gentrification is doing to the souls of families and neighborhoods.

The Soul Searchers 1968-1978

Author : Lloyd A. Pinchback
Publisher : James Currey
Release : 2013
Category : Soul music
ISBN : 0615825265


Book The Soul Searchers 1968-1978 Description/Summary:

A ten-year account of the genesis and evolution of Washington, DC's Soul Searchers band; from 1968, the year Chuck Brown, John Euell, and Lloyd Pinchback exited the Los Latinos to form the Soul Searchers, to 1978, the year Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers released their first major recorded hit, "Bustin' Loose."

Remembering What I Forgot

Author : K. Allen
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-06-26
Category : Alzheimer's disease
ISBN : 1546413391


Book Remembering What I Forgot Description/Summary:

You may remember visiting a grandparent or elder friend who lived in a nursing home memory unit. When you were a child you may recall sights, sounds, and smells that caused you to feel uneasy. Step into any one of today's 16,000 long-term care facilities across the US, and suddenly those memories reemerge. Nurse Supervisor K. Allen tells of the emotional investments found while working with seniors inside the Van Gogh, a large upscale urban assisted living complex. Located at its core is found a locked memory care unit, the Rembrandt, where he and his heroic support team struggle to comfort those suffering from Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia. Emotionally rich and deeply moving, Remembering What I Forgot tells of a day in the life of a memory unit nurse and the unimaginable obstacles faced by todays health care workers. A first of its kind, the story provides its reader with a rare glimpse into "life on a memory unit" including the emotional torment experienced by visitors who witness their loved one slip into ever increasing apathy and confusion. In its truest sense a love story of the need to cope and how to find hope when someone we love suddenly cannot remember well and is handed a diagnosis of Dementia. Insightful, humorous and heartfelt, Remembering What I Forgot conveys a message of inspiration and helps us connect with those in the final chapter of their life. Let us not forget them.

Crises of Memory and the Second World War

Author : Susan Rubin Suleiman
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2012-05-22
Category : History
ISBN : 1475191537


Book Crises of Memory and the Second World War Description/Summary:

In this acclaimed book, renowned Harvard scholar Susan Rubin Suleiman discusses individual and collective memories of World War II, as reflected in literary memoirs, autobiographical novels, works of history and philosophy, and films. Suleiman argues that memories of World War II transcend national boundaries, due not only to the global nature of the war but also to the increasingly global presence of the Holocaust as a site of collective memory. Among the works she discusses are Jean-Paul Sartre's essays on the Occupation and Resistance in France; Marcel Ophuls's innovative documentary on the Nazi interrogator Klaus Barbie, who was tried for crimes against humanity in 1987; István Szabó's film "Sunshine," a chronicle of Jewish identity in central Europe; literary memoirs by Jorge Semprun and Elie Wiesel; and experimental writing by child survivors of the Holocaust, Georges Perec and Raymond Federman.

Growing Up Brooklyn

Author : Tony Palermo
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-08-31
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1975673212


Book Growing Up Brooklyn Description/Summary:

Childhood memories become warm and rose colored, "and that's as it should be," so said an old friend of mine who shared more than a few with me. Mine, too, are warm and rose colored; but also vivid. Yes, I really do remember being in a crib. Folks challenge me on that once in a while. But for how much longer, I'm not sure. Once the mental concrete hardens, I'll be left with what I can glean from pictures and second hand accounts. So I wrote this book. And of course, one memory led to another. Eleven years of them, the ones I spent growing up Brooklyn. What follows are the good stories of the people who mattered - still matter - to me. Today more than ever, I look at them with warm, rose colored sight, content that my earliest memories are true and valuable.

Memories of Union High

Author : Marion Woodfork Simmons
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2011-11
Category : Education
ISBN : 0615530923


Book Memories of Union High Description/Summary:

2012 National Indie Excellence Award - African American Non-Fiction Finalist In 1895, members of the Caroline County Sunday School Union implemented a plan to build and operate a secondary school for Negro children in Caroline County, Virginia. The school, originally named Bowling Green Industrial Academy, then Caroline County Training School and finally Union High School, served as the only secondary school for Negro children in the county from 1903 to 1969. Union High alumni speak fondly of their school. With church and home, it was an important institution in their community. The administration and faculty nurtured, supported, and encouraged the students. They held them to high standards and expected to them to excel. Parents and members of the community strove to support the school in every way possible. And the school served all members of the community, not just students. For many, Union High was an oasis that sheltered them from the hardships of growing up in a segregated society and provided them a solid foundation to become productive members of society. The last group of students graduated from Union High School on June 5, 1969. At the start of the 1969-1970 school year, both Black and White students attended the school, renamed Bowling Green Senior High School, when the Caroline County School system became integrated. Memories of Union High contains historical information, memories from alumni, faculty, family and friends, excerpts from school newspapers and yearbooks, over 100 photographs and other memorabilia. It is a fitting tribute to the people associated with Union High and a good history lesson for those who are not familiar with the school.

The Sleepy Inlet

Author : Mary Magwood Causey
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2015-03-09
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1500991686


Book The Sleepy Inlet Description/Summary:

Mary Magwood Causey grew up on the isolated shores of Little Bulls Island, South Carolina. The family lived in a home built from timbers harvested from shipwrecks. There was no electricity and no phone—none of the conveniences deemed essential to modern life. The youngest of almost a dozen siblings, Causey was alone more often than not, her brothers and sisters having mostly moved, married, or joined the army. She learned to entertain herself, writing poetry and playing creative but often lonely games, surrounded by the peace and beauty of the small island. At age eight she experienced a near-tragedy that transformed into a miraculous event, changing her life forever. This is the story of Causey, her siblings, and her parents—her hardworking Mamma and her old-fashioned, unchangeable Poppa who lived on and loved Little Bulls Island his entire life. And it's the story of a rebellious teenager, whose desire for a “normal” life leads to her hurting the father she loves dearly. Part inspirational memoir, part poetry collection, and part recipe book, The Sleepy Inlet captures Causey's memories of a simple life and an island whose beauty and peace she would only fully appreciate after she left.

Remembering Joy

Author : Jenni Moen
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2013-06-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1490409246


Book Remembering Joy Description/Summary:

One mistake can shatter dreams and shape the future. Alexis knows this first hand. Even though her memory of that day is hazy, she has spent the last ten years trying to put it behind her. Armed with the knowledge that her career will be her only legacy, Alexis works night and day to prove that she is more than just her last name. It's not only that she doesn't have time for love. She doesn't have the heart for it. After all, there's no point in starting something you can't finish. When she meets Adam, she's drawn to him in a way even she can't deny. The film student is dark and brooding and strangely charming. He's the perfect distraction from her mundane life. And, as if fate is pushing them together, he seems to be around every corner. It's enough to almost make her entirely forget about her past and take a chance. But Adam can recall every detail that she's forgotten. What she doesn't remember, he can't forget.

To Leave a Memory

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-12-10
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0996882200


Book To Leave a Memory Description/Summary:

To Leave a Memory is the heartwarming story of a Georgia family's struggle to overcome a devastating tragedy.When history professor Andrew Ward ignores his wife Lizzy's premonition that something will happen if he allows their son to go out one stormy night, the teen dies on a rain-slick highway. Andrew is too anguished to admit he was wrong, and over the years he and Lizzy drift into avoidance.Forgotten in the marital divide, young daughter Jane can't forget or forgive her brother's death. Nor can Andrew's brother Thomas, an arrogant millionaire and a perpetual prickle in Andrew's side.Decades later, Lizzy decides to leave. Jane, now a tech guru and mother of three, urges her mother to repair her marriage. Oblivious to the women's plans, Andrew hides in his office, trying to write a grand apologia that will finally atone for his heartbreaking error. But when a second tragedy strikes, each family member faces a difficult choice that no one wants to make.