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Tolkien's Lost Chaucer

Author : John M. Bowers
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2019-09-26
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780192580306


Book Tolkien's Lost Chaucer Description/Summary:

Tolkien's Lost Chaucer uncovers the story of an unpublished and previously unknown book by the author of The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien worked between 1922 and 1928 on his Clarendon edition Selections from Chaucer's Poetry and Prose, and though never completed, its 160 pages of commentary reveals much of his thinking about language and storytelling when he was still at the threshold of his career as an epoch-making writer of fantasy literature. Drawing upon other new materials such as his edition of the Reeve's Tale and his Oxford lectures on the Pardoner's Tale, this book reveals Chaucer as a major influence upon Tolkien's literary imagination.

Jung and the Lost Gospels

Author : Stephan A. Hoeller
Publisher : Quest Books
Release : 1989-10-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0835606465


Book Jung and the Lost Gospels Description/Summary:

The "Lost Gospels" refer to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library, both discovered in the 1940s. The Nag Hammadi Library consists of writings found by two peasants who unearthed clay jars in 1945 in upper Egypt. These did not appear in English for 32 years, because the right to publish was contended by scholars, politicians, and antique dealers. The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in clay jars in Palestine by a goatherder in 1947, weathered similar storms. The first team of analysts were mostly Christian clergy, who weren't anxious to share material that frightened church leaders. As Dr. Hoeller shows, they rightly feared the documents would reveal information that might detract from unique claims of Christianity. Indeed, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library both contradict and complement accepted tenets of the Old and New Testaments.

Lost Kingdom

Author : Matt Myklusch
Publisher : Aladdin
Release : 2020-06-16
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781534424906


Book Lost Kingdom Description/Summary:

Fans of Brandon Mull and James Riley will love this heart-pounding second novel in the action-packed, accessible fantasy adventure series Order of the Majestic, which Booklist called a “delight!” Joey Kopecky and his friends, Shazad and Leanora, have the weight of the world on their shoulders. As the new Order of the Majestic, it is their responsibility to keep magic alive and free for all, and to fight the influence of the Invisible Hand, a sinister group of magicians intent on rounding up the world’s remaining magical items and keeping everything to themselves. It’s a vital mission and a sacred duty, but the Invisible Hand has been playing this game—and playing it well—for centuries. Joey, Shazad, and Leanora are still learning their powers—and lately, they can’t seem to agree on anything. But all of that changes when Fate taps them on the shoulder, and puts the Secret Map of the World in their hands. Together, Joey and his friends strike off on a tour of hidden magical realms, trying to find a lost kingdom that could hold the key to a new age of magic. Hunted by the Invisible Hand every step of the way, they must reach their ultimate destination first, or risk delivering the world’s most powerful source of magic energy right into their enemy’s hands.

The Lost Dreams

Author : Fiona Hood-Stewart
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2014-10-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781460362365


Book The Lost Dreams Description/Summary:

In the wake of devastating tragedy, Charlotte MacLeod has come home to Strathaird Castle on Scotland's ethereal Isle of Skye. Burdened by guilt and pain, she remains determined to shelter her daughter from truths she herself can't face. But the arrival of Bradley Harcourt Ward shatters her tenuous peace. The handsome American with whom Charlotte once shared friendship—and, almost, passion—is now heir to the castle and land. But he is a man torn between his duties at the helm of an empire and his growing desire to return to the land of his forefathers. And his arrival ignites a string of dramatic events that will change their lives. For the secrets that have haunted Strathaird Castle will suddenly catapult Charlotte into a glorious new destiny in which she is finally free to love. But to claim the happiness she has so long been denied, she must harness the powerful legacy of three generations of MacLeods—a bold and indomitable will to fight for the impossible.

Dawn of a Lost Sun

Author : Riley Morrison
Publisher : JTC Merchandising
Release : 2018-01-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Dawn of a Lost Sun Description/Summary:

Would you destroy the human race to save it? Kara awakens on the frozen, bleak surface, her body stolen from her by Imogen. Kara is alone. Frightened. Trapped. Aemon, injured in the battle with Kahan, escapes the fighting and soon finds himself face-to-face with Imogen and her sinister machines. And she has need of him. As the cold closes in, Kara struggles to find a way home. Soon she encounters her murderous sister, Semira, who has shared a similar fate. Exile. With Imogen beside him, Aemon returns to Stelemia and quickly learns the nature of her machines. Once men, infused into metal, now serving her every command. Imogen is the Scion of the Prophecy. The harbinger of doom. Together, Kara and Semira must overcome their differences if they hope to survive the terrors of the surface and seize back what was theirs. Imogen plans to unleash her harvesters upon humanity. Only Aemon can stop her. All the while, the ancient enemy plans their final attack. Book 2 in the epic fantasy saga of the Caverns of Stelemia.

Lost Man's Lane

Author : Anna Katharine Green
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2013-11-08
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781627936200


Book Lost Man's Lane Description/Summary:

Ever since my fortunate—or shall I say unfortunate?—connection with that famous case of murder in Gramercy Park, I have had it intimated to me by many of my friends—and by some who were not my friends—that no woman who had met with such success as myself in detective work would ever be satisfied with a single display of her powers, and that sooner or later I would find myself again at work upon some other case of striking peculiarities. As vanity has never been my foible, and as, moreover, I never have forsaken and never am likely to forsake the plain path marked out for my sex, at any other call than that of duty, I invariably responded to these insinuations by an affable but incredulous smile, striving to excuse the presumption of my friends by remembering their ignorance of my nature and the very excellent reasons I had for my one notable interference in the police affairs of New York City. Besides, though I appeared to be resting quietly, if not in entire contentment, on my laurels, I was not so utterly removed from the old atmosphere of crime and its detection as the world in general considered me to be. Mr. Gryce still visited me; not on business, of course, but as a friend, for whom I had some regard; and naturally our conversation was not always confined to the weather or even to city politics, provocative as the latter subject is of wholesome controversy.

Lost Lexington, Kentucky

Author : Peter Brackney
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Release : 2014-11-04
Category : History
ISBN : 9781625851284


Book Lost Lexington, Kentucky Description/Summary:

Lexington has dozens of well-restored landmarks, but unfortunately so many more are lost forever. The famous Phoenix Hotel, a longtime stop for weary travelers and politicians alike, has risen from its own ashes numerous times over the past centuries. The works of renowned architect John McMurtry were once numerous around town, but some of the finest examples are gone. The Centrepointe block has been made and unmade so many times that its original tenants are unknown to natives now. Join local blogger, attorney and preservationist Peter Brackney as he explores the intriguing back stories of these hidden Bluegrass treasures.

Lost and Found

Author : Ross W. Greene
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2021-08-10
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781119813576


Book Lost and Found Description/Summary:

Help the students with concerning behaviors without detentions, suspensions, expulsions, paddling, restraint, and seclusion In the newly revised Second Edition of Lost and Found, distinguished child psychologist Dr. Ross W. Greene delivers an insightful and effective framework for educators struggling with students with concerning behaviors. The author’s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach focuses on the problems that are causing concerning behaviors and helps school staff partner with students to solve those problems rather than simply modifying the behavior. In this book, you’ll discover: A more compassionate, practical, effective approach to students’ concerning behaviors, one that positions educators as allies, not enemies, and as partners, not adversaries Updated examples and dialogue suited to modern classrooms and recent innovations from the constantly evolving CPS model Specific advice on how schools can eliminate the use of punitive, exclusionary disciplinary procedures and address disproportionality Perfect for K-12 educators in general and special education, Lost and Found has also become standard reading for teachers-in-training, professors, and parents who struggle to help students for whom “everything” has already been tried.

The Lost Encore

Author : Doreen Mierau
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release : 2014-11-18
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781460229125


Book The Lost Encore Description/Summary:

This historical romance embodies family memoirs and chronicles the journeys of the Konrad family through the life of Angele. Her love for singing classical numbers makes the novel a delightful find for any reader who recognizes the arias named or is curious about what a professional singing career entails. In addition, the detailed portrayals of various cultural markers or religious denominations—such as the Mennonites with their languages, customary habits and tastes, and common personality traits—are intriguing. Lastly, the novel also endeavours to capture the reality of grief over the death of a loved one, causing the reader to meditate on how one mourns over time and how one rises from life altering challenges.

Lost and Found

Author : Maddie James
Publisher : Sand Dune Books
Release : 2019-01-11
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781622371600


Book Lost and Found Description/Summary:

Snowbound in a secluded cabin. Lost in ghosts of the past. Driven by a life unfulfilled. All Blaire Kincaid wants is to make her own way in the world, so she is thrilled when she lands her first private investigative case from a local rich and influential woman. Using her newly acquired PI skillset, Blaire sets out on an eighteen-year-old cold trail to find Reva’s missing nephew—the long-missing heir of the Maximillian MacGlenary estate. But Darian MacGlenary doesn’t want to be found. In fact, when he spies the young woman stumbling into his Appalachian hollow, he panics. Who is she and what does she want? The bearded mountain man has tucked himself far into the backwoods on purpose, and the last thing he wants is a woman nosing around. But when a chilled Blaire stumbles upon his cabin, arriving just hours ahead of an early winter snowstorm that holds them captive for days, things heat up. Darian battles not only the ghosts of his past looming large in the small cabin he calls home, but also the woman who haunts every hot and bothered night they spend together within the cabin’s four walls. Blaire, tormented by the man she’s quickly falling for, and who pushes her away at every turn, tells herself she wants nothing more than to complete her task and collect her final paycheck. That is, until they both surrender to close quarters, long nights, and body heat.

Lost in Space

Author : Marleen S. Barr
Publisher : UNC Press Books
Release : 1993
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 0807844217


Book Lost in Space Description/Summary:

Archaeologists and anthropologists discover other civilizations; science fiction writers invent them. In this collection of her major essays, Marleen Barr argues that feminist science fiction writers contribute to postmodern literary canons with radical a

Lost in Translation

Author : Nicole Mones
Publisher : Delta
Release : 1999
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780385319447


Book Lost in Translation Description/Summary:

Alice Mennegen, an American translator in Beijing, joins professor Lin Shiyang on an archaeological expedition that becomes a breathtaking erotic journey across some of the most far-flung regions of China and into her past. A first novel. Reprint. Tour.

Paradise Lost

Author : John Milton
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1835
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : UCM:5325890029


Book Paradise Lost Description/Summary:

Messages from a Lost World

Author : Stefan Zweig
Publisher : Pushkin Press
Release : 2016-09-27
Category : History
ISBN : 9781782271888


Book Messages from a Lost World Description/Summary:

Stefan Zweig was a leading talisman of a united Europe of unfettered movement, of pro-active cultural exchange, humane decency and tolerance, all polar opposites of the Nationalist regimes he loathed, and which came to power in the 1930s. In these poignant essays and addresses, forged in the last years or even months of his life, he shows his profound concern for and dedication to the survival of Europe's spiritual integrity. These essays form the natural accompaniment to Zweig's renowned memoir The World of Yesterday, registering the same themes and evoking the same nostalgia for a world brutally consigned to history. They can be seen as a vital addendum to that major work or as a prefiguration. But perhaps even more so than the prose of the memoir, these essays, few in number but rich in content, reveal the essence of Zweig's thought.

Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time

Author : Patrick Alexander
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2009
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780307472328


Book Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time Description/Summary:

"Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time is an accessible, irreverent guide to one of the most admired novels in literature."--Back cover.

The Day Whishka Lost His Purr

Author : Annabelle Christina
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release : 2018-12-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781504314138


Book The Day Whishka Lost His Purr Description/Summary:

The Day Whishka Lost His Purr is the story of Whishka the kitten who, having woken up one day to discover his purr is missing, embarks on a quest to find it and who has stolen it!

The Lost Cabin Mine

Author : Frederick Niven
Publisher : Library of Alexandria
Release : 1909
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781465588623


Book The Lost Cabin Mine Description/Summary:

The Lost Island

Author : Eilís Dillon
Publisher : New York Review of Books
Release : 2019-04-23
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781681373553


Book The Lost Island Description/Summary:

Now in paperback, a thrilling adventure story about two boys who embark on a magical trip to a mysterious island on Irish coast, in search of one boy's father. Michael Farrell was forced to grow up quickly after his father disappeared hunting for treasure on the fabled lost island of Inishmanann. Struggling to get by, he and his mother receive a mysterious message one evening from a ragged tramp who stops by their farm. The old man has proof that Michael’s father is alive! Although no one seeking the island has ever returned, Michael and his friend Joe board the first boat they can, only to find out it is run by a treacherous gang of sailors. Braving the unknown seas, they embark on a grand search for Michael's missing father, the spectacular fortune, and the island's long-lost secret. Set amid Ireland’s picturesque west coast, plots against Michael and the adventures that befall him make this magical and suspenseful narrative a page-turning, rough and tumble adventure story.

The Lost World

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher : Chicago Review Press
Release : 2005-08-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780897338592


Book The Lost World Description/Summary:

The Lost World is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale of fantasy. Two scientists, a big game hunter and a journalist set off to the wilds of South America and the Amazon in search of prehistoric beasts. There, high atop an Amazonian plateau they find an amazing land of strange and dangerous ancient creatures. The Lost World is a classic tale of science-fiction adventure that has inspired many successive works and is considered by many fans of the genre as one of the greatest sciencefiction stories ever written.

Lost to the Sea, Britain's Vanished Coastal Communities: The Yorkshire Coast & Holderness

Author : Stephen Wade
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Release : 2017-07-30
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781473893450


Book Lost to the Sea, Britain's Vanished Coastal Communities: The Yorkshire Coast & Holderness Description/Summary:

Once there was a Roman settlement on what is now Filey Brig. In Holderness, a prosperous town called Ravenser saw kings and princes on its soil, and its progress threatened the good people of Grimsby. But the Romans and the Ravenser folk are long gone, as are their streets and buildings sunk beneath the hungry waves of what was once the German Ocean.Lost to the Sea: The Yorkshire Coast & Holderness tells the story of the small towns and villages that were swallowed up by the North Sea. Old maps show an alarming number of such places that no longer exist. Over the centuries, since prehistoric times, people who settled along this stretch have faced the constant and unstoppable hunger of the waves, as the Yorkshire coastline has gradually been eaten away. County directories of a century ago lament the loss of communities once included in their listings; cliffs once seeming so strong have steadily crumbled into the water. In the midst of this, people have tried to live and prosper through work and play, always aware that their great enemy, the relentless sea, is facing them. As the East Coast has lost land, the mud flats around parts of Spurn, at the mouth of the Humber, have grown. Stephen Wades book tells the history of that vast land of Holderness as well, which the poet Philip Larkin called the end of land.