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In a Field of Blue

Author : Gemma Liviero
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2020-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542009448


Book In a Field of Blue Description/Summary:

From the bestselling author of The Road Beyond Ruin comes a novel about a family torn apart by grief and secrets, then pulled back together by hope in the wake of World War I. England 1922. It's been four years since Rudy's brother Edgar went missing in war-torn France. Still deep in mourning and grappling with unanswered questions, Rudy and his mother struggle to move on. When the enigmatic Mariette arrives unexpectedly at the family's manor claiming to be Edgar's widow, and the mother of his child, Rudy urges her to stay, hoping she'll shed light on the missing pieces. Captivated by Mariette, Rudy finds that their mutual loss and grief bind does the possibility of new love. But Mariette's revelations bring more questions than answers about Edgar's death. Suspicions threaten to divide Rudy's already fractured family, setting him on a quest for the truth that takes him from England to France and beyond. In his search, Rudy is forced to confront the tragedies of war and the realities of the brother he's lost and the woman he's found. Will the truth set him free to find peace, or will it forever shadow his future?

Blue Field

Author : Elise Levine
Publisher : Biblioasis
Release : 2017-04-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781771961523


Book Blue Field Description/Summary:

Medical-textbook illustrator Marilyn draws her husband, technical diving expert Rand, and her best friend Jane into a complex triangle of desire, loss, and guilt. Jane’s death on a dive with Rand causes Marilyn to spin out of control in a pattern of escalating risk-addiction. Marilyn drags Rand with her, endangering them both in their private underwater version of hell.

Gathering Blue

Author : Lois Lowry
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2000-09-25
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 054734578X


Book Gathering Blue Description/Summary:

Lois Lowry once again creates a mysterious but plausible future world. It is a society ruled by savagery and deceit that shuns and discards the weak. Left orphaned and physically flawed, young Kira faces a frightening, uncertain future. Blessed with an almost magical talent that keeps her alive, she struggles with ever broadening responsibilities in her quest for truth, discovering things that will change her life forever. As she did in THE GIVER, Lowry challenges readers to imagine what our world could become, how people could evolve, and what could be considered valuable. Every reader will be taken by Kira’s plight and will long ponder her haunting world and the hope for the future.

The Road Beyond Ruin

Author : Gemma Liviero
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2019
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1503901017


Book The Road Beyond Ruin Description/Summary:

For some people in post-World War II Germany, the battle is not over. August 1945. As Stefano, an Italian POW, heads toward home across war-ravaged Germany, he encounters a young child beside his dead mother. Unable to leave him to an unknown fate, Stefano takes the boy with him, finding refuge in a seemingly abandoned house in a secluded woodland. But the house is far from vacant. Stefano wakes at the arrival of its owner, Erich, a former German soldier, who invites the travelers to stay until they can find safe passage home. Stefano cautiously agrees, intrigued by the disarming German, his reclusive neighbor Rosalind, and her traumatized husband, Georg. Stefano is also drawn to Monique, the girl in a photograph on Rosalind's wall, who went missing during the war. But when he discovers letters written by Monique, a darker truth emerges. This place of refuge could be one of reckoning, and the secrets of the past might prevent the travelers from ever getting home.

Blue Planet Rising

Author : Jeffery Bagley
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2014-08
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1500718971


Book Blue Planet Rising Description/Summary:

The date is October 2043. Humanity is slowly trying to recover from the tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions caused by the passing of the brown dwarf star. New threats to human civilization present themselves as many of the asteroids and comets from the outer reaches of the solar system are thrown inwards toward the inner planets by the departing brown dwarf star. As the space force gears up to meet these challenges, new opportunities present themselves. A manned expedition to the planet Elpis is planned to explore the uncharted planet and examine the alien artifacts that have been discovered there. Large corporation are jockeying for rights to mine the mineral laden asteroids that have become accessible. The nations of Earth are re-aligning into new alliances as they race to feed their surviving populations before the upper latitudes of Earth are completely covered by ice. Against the backdrop of a new future, the wealthy and egotistic billionaire Benjamin Greco continues to pursue his own vision of what humanity should do and become.

Black Eyes & Blue Lines

Author : Heather C. Myers
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-06-04
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1547135751


Book Black Eyes & Blue Lines Description/Summary:

He drives her crazy - and not in a good way. But she can't get him out of her head. Katella Hanson hasn't made the best choices. After her grandfather was murdered, her boyfriend and first line center of the Newport Beach Seagulls, breaks up with her because he can't handle it anymore - whatever that means - and demands to be traded to a different team. When he comes back a year later in order to practice with the team, Katella goes into a downward spiral, hooking up with another team mate and then breaking things off once he found someone he was more serious with. She's a hot mess and she needs to get her act together. It doesn't help that one of the team's new acquisitions, James Negan, is the biggest jerk she's ever met. Sure, he's sort of good looking in a rough way and he's an excellent hockey player. But he's a jackass and Katella has sworn off hockey players. Until he kisses her one afternoon in the team's gym. Now, he's all she can think about, even with her ex coming back to the team and trying to make up for leaving her. The AllStar weekend is coming up, and for the Gulls, that means doing their annual AllStar Auction, where the general population pay an obscene amount of money to come bid on a date with each player, raise money for charity, and congratulate the team's AllStar selection. Katella doesn't expect to bid on Negan but she does. And she wins. Negan owes her a date and he's all too happy to oblige. Now, Katella must sort out her residual feelings for her ex, this new attraction to a man she thought she hated, and decide what she really wants at the end of the day. Warning: This novel deals with Alpha male hockey players who aren't afraid to swear, get rough, and fight for the women they love. Don't read if you like your heroes polite, refined, and restrained.

Shades of Blue - 30 Years of (Un) Ethical Policing

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-12-26
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1522893520


Book Shades of Blue - 30 Years of (Un) Ethical Policing Description/Summary:

Shades of Blue - 30 Years of (un) Ethical Policing is an entertaining and interesting journey into the moral/ethical dilemmas that challenge police officers. It is written as the memoir of the main character and contains accounts of riveting events in the author's career. The authentic presentation places readers right in the middle of the action. If you have ever wondered about the real culture of law enforcement, this book lets you walk in their shoes. The author's street philosophy, acquired over 30 years as a police officer, makes for engaging and humorous reading.

The White Light Chronicles

Author : Rj Truman
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014-08-11
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1499324642


Book The White Light Chronicles Description/Summary:

Adrianna thought she lived in Hell, but it was nothing compared to what was about to happen to her. In 'Adrianna – Blue Like My Heart' the third instalment of The White Light Chronicles. We get to discover how it feels to be a demon from the deep, who is one day transported into a weak frail human body. With extracts from Adrianna's personal journal you can get a real feeling of what it's like to be a creature from the Under World, living in the real world. Find out what really happened in the years when Lucifer wasn't around to take care of things in the Under World. Only one will rise, but who will fall? All I can say for sure is not everyone will make it.

Blue Team Field Manual

Author : Alan White
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-01-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 154101636X


Book Blue Team Field Manual Description/Summary:

Blue Team Field Manual (BTFM) is a Cyber Security Incident Response Guide that aligns with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework consisting of the five core functions of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover by providing the tactical steps to follow and commands to use when preparing for, working through and recovering from a Cyber Security Incident.

Blue Hill Blood

Author : Elizabeth Gray
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2015-08-22
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1516936191


Book Blue Hill Blood Description/Summary:

Henry - My past is gruesome and unforgettable no matter how hard I try to let go. Writing is my escape. My only therapy. When I met my wife, had children, and my career sky-rocketed, I thought I'd never revisit those dark days again. So, the moment Blue Hill, Maine beckons for me, I go willingly in an effort to write the next big story. But when a ghost from my past shows up, all of my carefully rebuilt walls come crumbling down hard and fast. My only way of defense is ripped from my grasp as this distraction bounces into my life. Will I be able to sift through what's fiction to find reality? Eli - I'm a serial killer. A victim of narcissism and the need to satisfy my own urges. I have a thirst to snuff out the lives of those that remind me of her-the woman that ruined me-and I take great pleasure in quenching that thirst. I have no rules. No parameters. I do as I please. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Henry McElroy, is my god. His sick, twisted mind constructs the world to which I rule. I would be nothing without him-my dark creator. *** What happens when Henry McElroy's story begins to take a realistic form the moment he sets foot in the sleepy, seaside town in Maine? As soon as he begins sharing excerpts of his book with his fans on social media, including an obsessive one he meets in Blue Hill, bodies begin to stack up in similar fashion to that of which he writes about. Will the blame be placed on the town's newest and most twisted visitor? Or will Henry be able to prove his innocence and clear his name before it's too late?

Once Upon a Mulberry Field

Author : C. L. Hoàng
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014
Category : Vietnam War, 1961-1975
ISBN : 0989975673


Book Once Upon a Mulberry Field Description/Summary:

Roger Connors, a widower with no children, is pondering whether to pursue aggressive treatment for his cancer when a cryptic note arrives from a long-lost USAF buddy announcing the visit of an acquaintance from Vietnam. Faced with ghosts of fallen comrades and haunting memories of the great love he once knew, Connors receives revelations from his visitor that uncover a missing part of his life. As he delves into a decades-old secret in search of answers and traces of a passion unfulfilled, on a journey from the jungles of Vietnam through the minefields of the heart, Connors is on a journey fraught with disillusionment and despair but ultimately redeemed by the power of love.

607 Squadron

Author : Robert Dixon
Publisher : History Press (SC)
Release : 2008-07-01
Category : Fighter pilots
ISBN : 0752445316


Book 607 Squadron Description/Summary:

While researching the effects of Battle of Britain in North East of England, Robert Dixon became aware that a number of the pilots originated from that area, many of them now virtually forgotten. A little more digging revealed a largely forgotten squadron: 607 (County of Durham) Squadron Auxiliary Air Force, created as a bomber squadron in 1930. This book affectionately traces the history of the squadron and its unique characters.

National Organizations in the Field of Aging

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1959
Category : Old age assistance
ISBN : LOC:00186011764


Book National Organizations in the Field of Aging Description/Summary:

Blue Book and Official Directory

Author : Oregon. Office of the Secretary of State
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1915
Category : Oregon
ISBN : IND:30000091790828


Book Blue Book and Official Directory Description/Summary:

Oil Trade

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1921
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : UOM:39015080145850


Book Oil Trade Description/Summary:

Ecology of Blue Straggler Stars

Author : Henri M. J. Boffin,Giovanni Carraro,Giacomo Beccari
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2014-12-03
Category : Science
ISBN : 9783662444344


Book Ecology of Blue Straggler Stars Description/Summary:

The existence of blue straggler stars, which appear younger, hotter, and more massive than their siblings, is at odds with a simple picture of stellar evolution. Such stars should have exhausted their nuclear fuel and evolved long ago to become cooling white dwarfs. They are found to exist in globular clusters, open clusters, dwarf spheroidal galaxies of the Local Group, OB associations and as field stars. This book summarises the many advances in observational and theoretical work dedicated to blue straggler stars. Carefully edited extended contributions by well-known experts in the field cover all the relevant aspects of blue straggler stars research: Observations of blue straggler stars in their various environments; Binary stars and formation channels; Dynamics of globular clusters; Interpretation of observational data and comparison with models. The book also offers an introductory chapter on stellar evolution written by the editors of the book.

The Lincoln Library of Essential Information an Up to Date Manual for Daily Reference, for Self Instruction, and for General Culture Named in Appreciative Remembrance of Abraham Lincoln, the Foremost American Exemplar of Self Education

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1924
Category : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
ISBN : WISC:89062352133


Book The Lincoln Library of Essential Information an Up to Date Manual for Daily Reference, for Self Instruction, and for General Culture Named in Appreciative Remembrance of Abraham Lincoln, the Foremost American Exemplar of Self Education Description/Summary: