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In a Field of Blue

Author : Gemma Liviero
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2020-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542009448


Book In a Field of Blue Description/Summary:

From the bestselling author of The Road Beyond Ruin comes a novel about a family torn apart by grief and secrets, then pulled back together by hope in the wake of World War I. England 1922. It's been four years since Rudy's brother Edgar went missing in war-torn France. Still deep in mourning and grappling with unanswered questions, Rudy and his mother struggle to move on. When the enigmatic Mariette arrives unexpectedly at the family's manor claiming to be Edgar's widow, and the mother of his child, Rudy urges her to stay, hoping she'll shed light on the missing pieces. Captivated by Mariette, Rudy finds that their mutual loss and grief bind does the possibility of new love. But Mariette's revelations bring more questions than answers about Edgar's death. Suspicions threaten to divide Rudy's already fractured family, setting him on a quest for the truth that takes him from England to France and beyond. In his search, Rudy is forced to confront the tragedies of war and the realities of the brother he's lost and the woman he's found. Will the truth set him free to find peace, or will it forever shadow his future?

Once Upon a Mulberry Field

Author : C. L. Hoàng
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014
Category : Vietnam War, 1961-1975
ISBN : 0989975673


Book Once Upon a Mulberry Field Description/Summary:

Roger Connors, a widower with no children, is pondering whether to pursue aggressive treatment for his cancer when a cryptic note arrives from a long-lost USAF buddy announcing the visit of an acquaintance from Vietnam. Faced with ghosts of fallen comrades and haunting memories of the great love he once knew, Connors receives revelations from his visitor that uncover a missing part of his life. As he delves into a decades-old secret in search of answers and traces of a passion unfulfilled, on a journey from the jungles of Vietnam through the minefields of the heart, Connors is on a journey fraught with disillusionment and despair but ultimately redeemed by the power of love.

Little Blue Book

Author : Track and Field News
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1989-03-01
Category : Metric system
ISBN : 0911521259


Book Little Blue Book Description/Summary:

The Blue Poetry Book Annotated

Author : Andrew Lang
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-02-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798706051518


Book The Blue Poetry Book Annotated Description/Summary:

The Blue Poetry Book was the third of the series of Fairy Books by Andrew Lang. This book contains 153 poems by great British and American poets such as; William Blake; Elizabeth Browning; John Bunyan; Robert Burns; Lord Byron; Thomas Campbell; Samuel Coleridge Taylor; William Cowper; Charles Lamb, and many others.

Alone Among People

Author : D. M. Anthony
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2012-08-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1478399600


Book Alone Among People Description/Summary:

At just twenty-two years of age, Briana Mils finds herself at a desperate crossroads.Once a promising student at the University of Oregon, she now finds herself alone on the streets of Portland with only the clothes on her back, memories of a happier time, and the stray dog that's adopted her. And she's got the drug that helps her forget.Briana's mistakes haunt her, lashing her with severe consequence, forcing her to make a decision few would ever make. Still, in a final attempt to make her young life count for something, Briana begins writing it all down—everything—so that others walking the crumbling precipice of rebellion might leap to safety before it's too late.She writes about her present struggles and the past. She writes about Michael, the boy she loved and left behind when she went off to college. She writes about the violent activism and drug that derailed her life. She writes about the demands placed on her by a socially conscious mother, and the adoration shown by a proud father. And Briana talks about Brody—the young activist leader who captured her heart, took it to the altar, and then crushed it.What develops is an engrossing record of a young and troubled life, one both beautiful and ugly, innocent and corrupt, lost and then found. And wrapped in its literary sinew is a cast of characters as diverse and engaging as the stars, and an impassioned love story sure to transcend time.What readers are saying:“Timeless…provocative.”“Characters so real you'd swear this was a true account.”“A brilliant read!”Alone Among People is D. M. Anthony's first novel. He lives in California where he's at work on his next book.This review is from: Alone Among People (Paperback)A Compelling and Heart Warming Story, September 25, 2012"Alone Among People is at once an engaging, moving story and a provocative statement about the thin line between thriving and sinking into an abyss as inescapable as quicksand. Its timeless and uplifting messages of hope conquering despair, healing borne of love and care, and peace at discovering one's identity are an inspiration. The author's empathy for the characters and their plight betrays knowledge of what he writes, and offers the reader a unique glimpse into a vulnerable and intimate place… his heart. I recommend this book to anyone who has traveled through the anguish of darkness and longed for the light; it may just guide your way."

Little Blue Planet

Author : Michele Downs
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-03-19
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1530217180


Book Little Blue Planet Description/Summary:

Lucky child - what a wondrous world you live in! This is the theme of Little Blue Planet - a book meant to be read aloud to very young children. As you and the child explore the pages of this book, you will encounter the natural wonders of our world: forests, jungles, volcanoes, swamps, coral reefs and many more. Each of these wonders is captured in a two-page spread, with a scenic watercolor on the left and an imaginative view featuring a child on the right. This book is a first travelogue for the tiny set. It is primarily a picture book, but has just enough text to provide context and encourage the child to imagine what it would be like to visit this place. This book makes for a beautiful and quick read.

The Land of Tomorrow

Author : William B. Stephenson
Publisher : Library of Alexandria
Release : 1919
Category : Alaska
ISBN : NYPL:33433081786083


Book The Land of Tomorrow Description/Summary:

The Road Beyond Ruin

Author : Gemma Liviero
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2019
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1503901017


Book The Road Beyond Ruin Description/Summary:

For some people in post-World War II Germany, the battle is not over. August 1945. As Stefano, an Italian POW, heads toward home across war-ravaged Germany, he encounters a young child beside his dead mother. Unable to leave him to an unknown fate, Stefano takes the boy with him, finding refuge in a seemingly abandoned house in a secluded woodland. But the house is far from vacant. Stefano wakes at the arrival of its owner, Erich, a former German soldier, who invites the travelers to stay until they can find safe passage home. Stefano cautiously agrees, intrigued by the disarming German, his reclusive neighbor Rosalind, and her traumatized husband, Georg. Stefano is also drawn to Monique, the girl in a photograph on Rosalind's wall, who went missing during the war. But when he discovers letters written by Monique, a darker truth emerges. This place of refuge could be one of reckoning, and the secrets of the past might prevent the travelers from ever getting home.

The Book

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013-04-17
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1909569046


Book The Book Description/Summary:

Everything you need to know to look after yourself to bring about and maintain perfect health, prosperity, wealth, happiness, quality of life and longevity. It reveals that we are, without realising, not doing enough or the right things to protect our health and prosperity which is equally extremely damaging to nature, wildlife, oceans, sea-life, fresh springs, waterways and air, and us. The Book by Linde utilises new and ancient knowledge from around the world, over the millennia identifying what changes we need to make to enhance every aspect of our lives with simple solutions for almost every situation. It is your most powerful contribution to protecting, nurturing and saving our planet. In summary, 'THE BOOK' Consists of Six Chapters which incorporates a summary within each one: Lifestyle; Food & Nutrition; Medical Care; Mind; Water; and Now Live the final chapter which you can cast your eye over first as it is a synopsis of the complete works. It is highly recommend to read from cover to cover but, it is packed with valuable information to just use as a Reference Manual on a day to day basis. Teaches you how to look after your body and mind to ultimately prevent illness, but also to help regain and maintain perfect health; Provides countless number of practical, realistic & simple tips to easily adopt into your day to day lifestyle improving quality of life, saving time & money and gaining longevity; Fuses together specialised areas in health & mind, lifestyle & environment under one cover; Identifies our day to day toxic exposures that we are unaware of and provides successful resolutions; Gives you complete fundamental knowledge and awareness, to use your courage to take responsibility for your life enhancing your health, prosperity and happiness; Provides you with ancient knowledge and practices to new, from science including quantum physics, to philosophy, psychology, and important detail on nutrition, exercise, energies and medicine; Is very current, answering all the conflicting hype about diets, the next super food or the bad effects of conventional drugs or sugar that are in the media weekly, even daily; For more information please visit

Marlboro Blues

Author : Tracy Rotkiewicz
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2004-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780595333967


Book Marlboro Blues Description/Summary:

Sex, drugs, & Rock'n Roll. Those are the immortal words, photographer, Ed Brockton hates. Those are the words his girlfriend, Evelyn Winthrop lives by. Set in Oxford, England in 1987, Ed and Evelyn are having problems with their relationship. He wants no reminders of her past and disregards her singing career. Evelyn on the other hand, a free-spirit, wants more out of her relationship with her boyfriend of six years. Not satisfied by her latest recording sessions for Hero's Requiem, Evelyn sets forth to make her music right and places her relationship with Ed on the back burner. Along the way, something from her past appears once more. It's something Ed never knew about and can't erase. Now, it's re-entered her life in a big way and delivers what Ed could never give her.

Controlled Substance Record Book

Author : Max N. Jax
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-08-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1975960785


Book Controlled Substance Record Book Description/Summary:

AVAILABLE NOW IN MULTIPLE SIZES - REGULAR, MID SIZE, & SLIM SIZE - SEE BELOW! WE ARE ALWAYS EXPANDING OUR EXTENSIVE LINE OF TRADITIONAL AND CUSTOMIZED MEDICAL RECORD BOOKS! We have several book formats to meet all your Drug / Narcotic / Controlled Substance record keeping needs. If we don't have what you need, we can make it for you! All of our softbound record books can be fitted for use with a hard cover binder for more durability. Visit our website (look inside the book) for more information. This Controlled Substance Record Book (Original) is an 8.5 x 11 inch softbound book that is divided into convenient, easily accessible sections: * Index Pages - 3 ea. * Shift Count Pages - 45 ea. * Drug / Medication Administration Record Pages - 150 ea. * Drug / Medication Disposition Pages - 150 ea. The index at the front of the book provides instant reference to active drug/medication pages. This book includes numbered pages to record patient drug/medication administration, including transfers to and from other books / pages. The back side of each of these page contains a section to document transferring, surrendering, and discontinuing the medications. The Shift Count pages document the accuracy of the drug/medication counts. NOTE: This book does not contain an "Emergency Drug/Medication Supply" (EDK - Emergency Drug Kit) section. - - - - - Number and Letter Codes - - - - - Some of our record books have numbers and letters and some do not. Understanding the codes will ensure that you get the record book that is best suited for your needs. The record books that do not have numbers or letters are the original record books. Those with numbers are different variations of the originals, based upon customer input / feedback. For example, the record book title that ends with 2 is the second version of that particular book. The interior pages of each version of the books are formatted differently to facilitate specific needs. Record books with letters at the end of the title (i.e. an M or S) indicate the size relative to the original record book. For example, an M indicates Mid sized and contains 2/3 the number of pages, while an S indicates Slim sized, which contains 1/3 the number of pages of the original. For Example a title of Controlled Substance Record Book (without any numbers or letters) would indicate the original record book with the most pages. A title of Controlled Substance Record Book 2M would indicate the second version, mid-sized book with 2/3 as many pages as the original size. Please review each version / variation to find the one that best suits your needs. Then decide on the number of pages you need and choose the original (no letters), mid (M), or slim (S) sized book. - - - - - Alternate Record Books - - - - - We carry a full line of record keeping book series in various formats and colors, including: - Controlled Drug Record Books - Individual Narcotic Record Books - Controlled Substance Record Books - NEW - Veterinary Record Books - NEW - - - - - - Customize Your Books - - - - - Can't find what you're looking for? Do you need a specific form or layout in your book? Want a customized look or color scheme? Want to include your company name, logo, pictures, graphics, etc.? Send an email with your request and we will work with you to provide an affordable (usually at no additional cost) option to meet your individual needs.

Heart Men

Author : Ophelia Lewis
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2011-04-19
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0975360965


Book Heart Men Description/Summary:

A story of LOVE, RITUAL KILLINGS and JUSTICE. Writer/Publisher/Humanitarian Ophelia S. Lewis takes readers on an intimate journey into the lives of Heart Robbers and Heart Breakers. This riveting tale chronicles the journey of RJ, an Atlanta Lawyer, from the U.S. to Liberia in order to defend his father against a Ritual Killing accusation. Along the way he is exposed to secrets that took place in his father's native country of Liberia as well as in his own family. The main character, RJ, introduces readers to many of the issues that plague nations around the world; as well as many of the hopes and dreams they share.

The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties

Author : Anthony Miller
Publisher : Publication Consultants
Release : 2016-11-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781594336379


Book The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties Description/Summary:

In the 1800s, when Alaska was still a territory, many came for the gold, abundant fisheries, and the fur trade—but some came to swindle, to take advantage, and prey on the innocent. Yukon was Canadian, Alaska was U.S. The two territories were intertwined, and dependent on one another. When circumstances dictated, men of a more Nobel character than most, took it upon themselves to make Right. Maintain The Right—a Canadian North West Mounted Police motto, also became known in Alaska. Some writers of history, have a tradition, an intent, to purposely slant truth, to portray certain characters or events in a more favorable light, or simply to hide the facts. They tend to treat the common man as though he didn't exist. Unmentioned are the true heroes, those who do not seek fame, but simply live their lives with purpose, then fade away, forgotten in time. In keeping with that tradition, I have inserted my characters into true events. Some historical figures you will readily recognize, others will surprise you. Locations still exist and can be visited today, Fort Whoop-Up in Alberta Canada, and the Davidson Ditch, north of Fairbanks are fine examples.

Naked Seeing

Author : Christopher Hatchell
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2014
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780199982905


Book Naked Seeing Description/Summary:

Buddhism is in many ways a visual tradition, with its well-known practices of visualization, its visual arts, its epistemological writings that discuss the act of seeing, and its literature filled with images and metaphors of light. Some Buddhist traditions are also visionary, advocating practices by which meditators seek visions that arise before their eyes. Naked Seeing investigates such practices in the context of two major esoteric traditions, the Wheel of Time (Kalacakra) and the Great Perfection (Dzogchen). Both of these experimented with sensory deprivation, and developed yogas involving long periods of dwelling in dark rooms or gazing at the open sky. These produced unusual experiences of seeing, which were used to pursue some of the classic Buddhist questions about appearances, emptiness, and the nature of reality. Along the way, these practices gave rise to provocative ideas and suggested that, rather than being apprehended through internal insight, religious truths might also be seen in the exterior world-realized through the gateway of the eyes. Christopher Hatchell presents the intellectual and literary histories of these practices, and also explores the meditative techniques and physiology that underlie their distinctive visionary experiences. The book also offers for the first time complete English translations of three major Tibetan texts on visionary practice: a Kalacakra treatise by Yumo Mikyo Dorjé, The Lamp Illuminating Emptiness, a Nyingma Great Perfection work called The Tantra of the Blazing Lamps, and a Bön Great Perfection work called Advice on the Six Lamps, along with a detailed commentary on this by Drugom Gyalwa Yungdrung.

Blue Field

Author : Elise Levine
Publisher : Biblioasis
Release : 2017-04-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781771961523


Book Blue Field Description/Summary:

Medical-textbook illustrator Marilyn draws her husband, technical diving expert Rand, and her best friend Jane into a complex triangle of desire, loss, and guilt. Jane’s death on a dive with Rand causes Marilyn to spin out of control in a pattern of escalating risk-addiction. Marilyn drags Rand with her, endangering them both in their private underwater version of hell.

Blue Team Field Manual

Author : Alan White
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-01-13
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 154101636X


Book Blue Team Field Manual Description/Summary:

Blue Team Field Manual (BTFM) is a Cyber Security Incident Response Guide that aligns with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework consisting of the five core functions of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover by providing the tactical steps to follow and commands to use when preparing for, working through and recovering from a Cyber Security Incident.

Who's the Bitch Now?

Author : J.C.,Jerrice Owens
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-06-11
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1547028084


Book Who's the Bitch Now? Description/Summary:

Very few people would challenge Fabian, the star running back whose about to go pro. Not merely for the beast that he is on the field, but also the one he becomes when he drinks. Eric Certain isn't quite so lucky. His brother Tyriq is terminally ill. But Eric's luck is sure to run out when he and Fabian soon cross paths. Scorned and scarred in the years that follow. Eric inflicts a few of his own. Will the now famous athlete hold it together, or will Eric cause him to lose it all?