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Too Close to the Sun

Author : Alan Trussell-Cullen
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2003
Category : Daedalus (Greek mythology)
ISBN : 0768521211


Book Too Close to the Sun Description/Summary:

Daedalus and his son, Icarus, attempt to escape from Crete by creating wings from the feathers of birds and flying from their prison tower. Icarus flies too close to the sun.

Icarus at the Edge of Time

Author : Brian Greene
Publisher : Knopf
Release : 2008
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307268884


Book Icarus at the Edge of Time Description/Summary:

A futuristic reimaging of the classic Greek myth, as a boy ventures through deep space and challenges the awesome power of black holes. The beauty of the book lies in the images, provided by NASA and the Hubble Space telescope, and printed on board rather than paper. On board pages.


Author : Edwin Sánchez
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1999
Category : Drama
ISBN : UOM:39015062580421


Book Icarus Description/Summary:

"The mercurial qualities of love, dreams, and beauty provide the gently pulsating thrust of Edwin Sánchez's new play ICARUS... New plays are often either hard and edgy or soft and sappy. ICARUS is the rare creation that is allowed to be both. Unabashedly sweet, often lyrical and even incisive, Sánchez's play takes a group of oddball characters--all searching, all damaged--and lets them do quietly wonderful things for one another... Like the Greek myth from which the play takes its name, ICARUS is about super-charged dreamers whose wax wings melt when they fly too close to the sun... ICARUS plays out like an inverted Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, though there's no magic to whip up a happy ending. But there are moments of grace that fill the play's one hundred minutes when the characters are momentarily released from their own traumas and attempt to help one another in unassuming but meaningful ways... an enchanted setting, dreamers almost win, lovers nearly find happiness, and beauty kisses those who most deserve its fleeting glory. Reality ultimately kills the fairy tale, but nothing can stem the heartfelt charm and warmth that radiates from ICARUS." Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune "Like two battle-weary soldiers, Altagracia and Primitivo plod toward the beach. Primitivo, a boy whose contorted body languishes in a wheelchair, is nudged forward. His sister, half-dragging the chair, is marked by a maroon-colored gnarl that runs across her forehead and down the side of her face. Just then, Primitivo, as cranky as a sleep-deprived two-year-old, begins to cry. The disquieting scene that opens Edwin Sánchez's ICARUS is enough to make anyone uneasy. But what initially seems like some postmodern cross between Beach Blanket Bingo and Freaks, Tod Browning's 1932 cult film, methodically unfolds into a thing of profound beauty. And that's the point of ICARUS: Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. It's something that runs deeper than the roots of an oak tree, down to some inner sanctuary that provides safety even in the harshest conditions. Sánchez's lyrical, often soaring portrait of dreamers is one of the sweetest, most affirming plays to come through the Bay Area in the last two years... ICARUS is propelled by Sánchez's winning, playful script. His moving text is laden with the nuggets of information...that go into building a richly etched picture. A consummate story-teller, Sánchez also is careful to leave enough blank spaces on his canvas for the audience to fill in from their own imaginations..." Mark de la Viña, San Jose Mercury News

Icarus Rising

Author : N. W. Moors
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-08-18
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1537169394


Book Icarus Rising Description/Summary:

After his fall to Earth, Icarus has been in Hell, punished for his hubris. When he wins a chance at parole, he's thrilled - except for the set of wings attached to his body. Eve Gregory runs a small bookstore in northern Connecticut. When she hires the handsome stranger to work for her, she doesn't know the secrets he's hiding. Or that becoming involved with him will embroil her with the Greek gods and goddesses. Icarus and Eve must perform a quest set down for them by Zeus. If they are successful, will that be end of their relationship? Or will love teach them a new way to soar?

The Icarus Deception

Author : Seth Godin
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2012-12-31
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9780670923014


Book The Icarus Deception Description/Summary:

In The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin's most inspiring book, he challenges readers to find the courage to treat their work as a form of art Everyone knows that Icarus's father made him wings and told him not to fly too close to the sun; he ignored the warning and plunged to his doom. The lesson: Play it safe. Listen to the experts. It was the perfect propaganda for the industrial economy. What boss wouldn't want employees to believe that obedience and conformity are the keys to success? But we tend to forget that Icarus was also warned not to fly too low, because seawater would ruin the lift in his wings. Flying too low is even more dangerous than flying too high, because it feels deceptively safe. The safety zone has moved. Conformity no longer leads to comfort. But the good news is that creativity is scarce and more valuable than ever. So is choosing to do something unpredictable and brave: Make art. Being an artist isn't a genetic disposition or a specific talent. It's an attitude we can all adopt. It's a hunger to seize new ground, make connections, and work without a map. If you do those things you're an artist, no matter what it says on your business card. Godin shows us how it's possible and convinces us why it's essential. 'If Seth Godin didn't exist, we'd need to invent him' Fast Company 'Seth Godin is a demigod on the web, a bestselling author, highly sought-after lecturer, successful entrepreneur, respected pundit and high-profile blogger' Forbes Seth Godin is the author of thirteen international bestsellers that have changed the way people think about marketing, the ways ideas spread, leadership and change including Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, All Marketers are Liars, The Dip and Tribes. He is the CEO of and a very popular lecturer. His blog,, is the most influential business blog in the world, and consistently one of the 100 most popular blogs on any subject..

Teen Titans: Beast Boy

Author : Kami Garcia
Publisher : DC Kids
Release : 2021-06-15
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 1779507291


Book Teen Titans: Beast Boy Description/Summary:

Garfield Logan has spent his life with the unpopular crowd. He decides in his senior year to accept a dare to impress the popular kids. He succeeds, but at what price?

The Fall of Icarus

Author : Ovid
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2015-02-26
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9780141398686


Book The Fall of Icarus Description/Summary:

'Drawn on by his eagerness for the open sky, he left his guide and soared upwards...' Ovid tells the tales of Theseus and the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus, the Calydonian Boar-Hunt, and many other famous myths. Introducing Little Black Classics: 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday. Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries. They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th-century California and the Russian steppe. Here are stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions. Ovid (c.43 BCE-17 CE). Ovid's other works available in Penguin Classics are The Erotic Poems, Fasti, Heroides and Metamorphoses.


Author : Adam Wing
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-10-25
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 1773702424


Book Icarus Description/Summary:

A myth as old as civilization. The boy who donned wax wings and flew too close to the sun. Follow the tale of Icarus. And that of the father who tried to save him ... but brought his life to an end. You will come to love him. Then you will watch him fall. Live the tragic story as you never imagined possible.

Black and White

Author : Jackie Kessler,Caitlin Kittredge
Publisher : Spectra
Release : 2009-06-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780553906660


Book Black and White Description/Summary:

It's the ultimate battle of good versus good. They were best friends at an elite academy for superheroes in training, but now Callie Bradford, code name Iridium, and Joannie Greene, code name Jet, are mortal enemies. Jet is a by-the-book hero, using her Shadow power to protect the citizens of New Chicago. Iridium, with her mastery of light, runs the city’s underworld. For the past five years the two have played an elaborate, and frustrating, game of cat and mouse. But now playtime’s over. Separately Jet and Iridium uncover clues that point to a looming evil, one that is entwined within the Academy. As Jet works with Bruce Hunter—a normal man with an extraordinary ability to make her weak in the knees—she becomes convinced that Iridium is involved in a scheme that will level the power structure of America itself. And Iridium, teaming with the mysterious vigilante called Taser, uncovers an insidious plot that’s been a decade in the making…a plot in which Jet is key. They’re both right. And they’re both wrong. Because nothing is as simple as Black and White.

Letters to Icarus

Author : Piper Vignette
Publisher : With Wolvz Press
Release : 2017-12-18
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0999639420


Book Letters to Icarus Description/Summary:

This is a love story about monsters, and the end of the world. His heart began to beat the first time he saw her, a translucent girl lying in the snow, so he cut it out and gave it to her. Maybe it was broken. Icarus never meant to swallow the sun. It was easier than it should have been, but who knew such a thing could be done?

Flying Too Close to the Sun

Author : James Cahill
Publisher : Phaidon Press
Release : 2018-05-11
Category : Art
ISBN : 0714875236


Book Flying Too Close to the Sun Description/Summary:

The first major survey to reveal the ways in which Classical mythology has inspired art throughout the last 2,500 years From the films of Woody Allen and the Coen Brothers to Margaret Atwood's books and Arcade Fire's songs, Classical Greek and Roman myths continue to be a source of cultural inspiration. The struggles of heroes, both triumphant and tragic, with gods, monsters, and fate, exert a particular grip on our imagination. Visual artists have long expressed and reworked these foundational stories. This is the first book to unite myth-inspired artworks by ancient, modern, and contemporary artists, from Botticelli and Caravaggio to Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.

Icarus Down

Author : James Bow
Publisher : Scholastic Canada
Release : 2016-09
Category : Fantasy fiction, Canadian
ISBN : 9781443139137


Book Icarus Down Description/Summary:

Earth's survivors cling to life on an unforgiving, distant planet, next to the sun! Three generations after the crash of the colony ship Icarus, Iapyx is barely hanging on: one of thirteen cities suspended halfway down deep chasms. The sun on the diamond lands above will kill a man in less than five minutes. The ticktock monsters in the fog forest below are a little slower - but quite a bit smarter. An electromagnetic wash has disabled the computers, the radios, even the lightbulbs. It's the steam and clockwork age reborn: a careful society, rationed and stratified. Which suits Simon Daud just fine. Simon likes the rules, and knows his place - in the shadow of his older brother, Isaac. All he wants is to earn his wings as an ornithopter pilot and get to work in the flight bays. But on his final test flight, something goes wrong. Isaac is killed. Simon is burned; his body will never be the same. Neither will his world. Not everything in Iapyx is quite as it seems, and through his rehabilitation Simon falls into the middle of a conspiracy that will bring everything he's ever known to the ground. Down in the fog forest, monsters await - but so does the truth . . . if Simon can survive long enough to find it.

The Flight of Icarus

Author : Jessica Fong
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2011-09-02
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1463681410


Book The Flight of Icarus Description/Summary:

There once was a boy foolish enough to put on soft wax wings and fly towards the sun. The sun's heat melted his wings, and he plummeted to his death towards the sea below.Everyone knows the about death of Icarus, the boy who flew. But what of the story of Icarus, the boy who wanted to touch the sun?

Daedalus and Icarus

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Orchard Books
Release : 1998
Category : Children's stories
ISBN : 1860395325


Book Daedalus and Icarus Description/Summary:

First published in 1997 and now available in paperback, a re-telling of a classic tale in the ORCHARD MYTHS series, with amusing illustrations by Tony Ross.

Fun Home

Author : Alison Bechdel
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2007
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 0618871713


Book Fun Home Description/Summary:

A memoir done in the form of a graphic novel by a cult favorite comic artist offers a darkly funny family portrait that details her relationship with her father--a funeral home director, high school English teacher, and closeted homosexual.

Could You Ever Live Without?

Author : David Jones
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2013-05-20
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 1489524347


Book Could You Ever Live Without? Description/Summary:

The past is dead, The future a Dreaming prospect. Life is now nowhere Else. Live, live for Today I say, but The moments tick And groan, moan With the dismal passage Of time and I wait Forever for what Cannot be. Poems of feeling and experience, the anthology encompasses all of life and beyond: death, the universe, hopes, dreams, love, loss - all of existence contained in one work. Poetry that captures both moments and lifetimes, memories and hopes, reality and dreams. Poems to identify with, poems of life.

Children of Icarus

Author : Caighlan Smith
Publisher : Capstone
Release : 2016-07-01
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781630790585


Book Children of Icarus Description/Summary:

It�s Clara who�s desperate to enter the labyrinth and it�s Clara who�s bright, strong, and fearless enough to take on any challenge. It�s no surprise when she�s chosen. But so is the girl who has always lived in her shadow. Together they enter. Within minutes, they are torn apart forever. Now the girl who has never left the city walls must fight to survive in a living nightmare, where one false turn with who to trust means a certain dead end.

The Icarus Syndrome

Author : Peter Beinart
Publisher : Melbourne Univ. Publishing
Release : 2010
Category : Ambition
ISBN : 9780522858044


Book The Icarus Syndrome Description/Summary:

In The Icarus Syndrome, Peter Beinart tells a tale as old as the Greeks - a story about the seductions of success. Beinart describes Washington on the eve of three wars - World War I, Vietnam and Iraq - three moments when American leaders decided they could remake the world in their image. Each time, leading intellectuals declared that history was over, and the spread of democracy was inevitable. Each time, a president held the nation in the palm of his hand. And each time, a war conceived in arrogance brought untold tragedy. In dazzling colour, Beinart portrays three extraordinary generations: the progressives who took America into World War I, led by Woodrow Wilson, the lonely preacher's son who became the closest thing to a political messiah the world had ever seen. The Camelot intellectuals who took America into Vietnam, led by Lyndon Johnson, who lay awake night after night shaking with fear that his countrymen considered him weak. And George W. Bush and the post-cold war neoconservatives, the romantic bullies who believed they could bludgeon the Middle East and liberate it at the same time. Like Icarus, each of these generations crafted 'wings' - a theory about America's relationship to the world. They flapped carefully at first, but gradually lost their inhibitions until, giddy with success, they flew into the sun. But every era also brought new leaders and thinkers who found wisdom in pain. They reconciled American optimism - our belief that anything is possible - with the realities of a world that will never fully bend to our will. In their struggles lie the seeds of American renewal today. Based on years of research, The Icarus Syndrome is a provocative and strikingly original account of hubris in the American century - and how we learn from the tragedies that result.

The Flight of Icarus

Author : Raymond Queneau,Barbara Wright
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2009
Category : Characters and characteristics in literature
ISBN : 1847491022


Book The Flight of Icarus Description/Summary:

In late 19th-century Paris, the writer Hubert is shocked to discover that Icarus, the protagonist of the new novel he's working on, has vanished. Looking for him among the manuscripts of his rivals does not solve the mystery, so a detective is hired to find the runaway character.