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How to Be a Moonflower

Author : Katie Daisy
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2021-08-03
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781797203348


Book How to Be a Moonflower Description/Summary:

How to Be a Moonflower, the new book from bestselling author Katie Daisy, celebrates the magic and mystery of the world at night. Discover the world that awakens after everyone else has gone to sleep. In this lavishly illustrated book, New York Times–bestselling artist Katie Daisy explores the mystery and magic of the nighttime. Join her on a journey from dawn to dusk, complete with quotes, poems, meditations, field guides to different nocturnal flora and fauna, and charts that map out the cosmos. From night-blooming flowers to cozy campfires, from moon baths to meteor showers, Katie Daisy's lush illustrations capture the beauty that comes to life in the darkness. BELOVED AUTHOR: Known for her lush, painterly artwork and love of the natural world, NEW YORK TIMES–bestselling author Katie Daisy has 112K followers on Instagram, where you will find frequent posts featuring her vibrant illustrations. A CELEBRATION OF NATURE: Nature-lovers and plant-appreciators will find much to admire in this book. Illustrating everything from the phases of the moon to fluttering moths, Katie Daisy has a knack for capturing the very best this magical world has to offer. EXPLORE THE WONDERS OF NIGHT TIME: The nighttime offers time for reflection, exploration, and adventure. This book will help you make the most of those mystical, after-dark hours and observe the hidden wonders that come to life at night DELUXE PACKAGE: Featuring a tactile two-piece case with silver metallic ink on the spine and back cover, How to Be a Moonflower makes a beautiful gift for the people in your life who look to art and illustration for creative encouragement, self-exploration, and mindfulness. Perfect for: • Fans of Katie Daisy's artwork and previous book HOW TO BE A WILDFLOWER • free spirits • art and nature lovers • tarot readers and moon worshippers

How to Be a Wildflower

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Chronicle Books
Release : 2016-02-16
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781452152653


Book How to Be a Wildflower Description/Summary:

A fresh perspective, an outdoor exploration, a new adventure about to begin—How to Be a Wildflower is the book to celebrate these and other wide-open occasions. Encouraging self-discovery through encounters with nature, beloved artist Katie Daisy brings her beautiful paintings and lettering to this collection of things to do and make, quotes, meditations, natural history, and more. A recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie, a prompt to hike by the light of the moon, a place to press flowers: every page inside the charming textured two-piece case invites readers to wander, gather, savor, and ponder the natural world around them. For every wild and free spirit—and those who aspire to be—this is a field guide to living life to the fullest.

Conversations with a Moonflower

Author : Chris Hall
Publisher : Cedar Fort
Release : 2011
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1599557959


Book Conversations with a Moonflower Description/Summary:

Chris Hall receives a moon plant from an Amish woman, and it changes Chris's life forever.


Author : J. D. Slajchert
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-10-15
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0692185534


Book MoonFlower Description/Summary:

As a Division I basketball player and co-parent to his chronically ill little sister Lee, Tim Dexter isn't your average college kid. With an enormous amount of responsibility on his shoulders, TD's only true escape is his adventurous, gorgeous, and mysteriously named friend, Emma Rey Finley. From their first day of college, Emm brings a much-needed, addictively playful sense of mystery and excitement into TD's life. Whether they were texting in coded messages, going on "missions" to find the best ice cream in town, or finding a way to put a smile on Lee's face, TD believes his unique bond with Emm to be both ethereal and eternal. As their senior year begins, things start to change between TD and Emm. Afraid of losing her forever-and amid the most important season of his athletic career-TD spends months devising a plan to confess his feelings. But when he's ready to proclaim his love to his best friend, the unthinkable happens.

The Moonflower

Author : Peter Loewer
Publisher : Peachtree Publishing Company
Release : 2019-03-21
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 168263101X


Book The Moonflower Description/Summary:

When the sun sets, the night comes alive. As the moon shimmers down, bats swoop, hawkmoths flit, owls hunt, and the moonflower unfurls for its one night in the moonlight. In this lyrical yet accurate account of nature at night, readers will learn how moths drink, how bats ?see,? how bumblebees sleep, how vines climb, and even how to plant your own moonflower. Husband and wife Peter and Jean Loewer are writers and illustrators who deal with the natural world. The Loewers have collaborated on two other children?s books: Pond Water Zoo and The Inside-Out Stomach.

The Moonflower Monologues

Author : Tess Guinery
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-08-31
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 1524867500


Book The Moonflower Monologues Description/Summary:

Just as the moonflower dares to stand and blossom, growing bright and free in the shadows of the night, may these gentle pages inspire you to bloom, bursting with poetry, in the most unexpected of moments. From celebrated Australian artist Tess Guinery comes The Moonflower Monologues, her second book of beautifully designed poetry and prose. This collection is many things: an exploration of strength and femininity, an invitation to let things go wrong, a reminder that growth comes in many forms, and an acknowledgment that "some things can't be written in sugar, only salt." Some of the writings are extravagant, some are sparse, but all are infused with Guinery's introspection, stillness, and kindness.

Moonflower Murders

Author : Anthony Horowitz
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2020-11-10
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780062955470


Book Moonflower Murders Description/Summary:

Featuring his famous literary detective Atticus Pund and Susan Ryeland, hero of the worldwide bestseller Magpie Murders, a brilliantly complex literary thriller with echoes of Agatha Christie from New York Times bestselling author Anthony Horowitz. Retired publisher Susan Ryeland is living the good life. She is running a small hotel on a Greek island with her long-term boyfriend Andreas. It should be everything she's always wanted. But is it? She's exhausted with the responsibilities of making everything work on an island where nothing ever does, and truth be told she's beginning to miss London. And then the Trehearnes come to stay. The strange and mysterious story they tell, about an unfortunate murder that took place on the same day and in the same hotel in which their daughter was married—a picturesque inn on the Suffolk coast named Farlingaye Hall—fascinates Susan and piques her editor’s instincts. One of her former writers, the late Alan Conway, author of the fictional Magpie Murders, knew the murder victim—an advertising executive named Frank Parris—and once visited Farlingaye Hall. Conway based the third book in his detective series, Atticus Pund Takes the Cake, on that very crime. The Trehearne’s, daughter, Cecily, read Conway’s mystery and believed the book proves that the man convicted of Parris’s murder—a Romanian immigrant who was the hotel’s handyman—is innocent. When the Trehearnes reveal that Cecily is now missing, Susan knows that she must return to England and find out what really happened. Brilliantly clever, relentlessly suspenseful, full of twists that will keep readers guessing with each revelation and clue, Moonflower Murders is a deviously dark take on vintage English crime fiction from one of its greatest masterminds, Anthony Horowitz.


Author : Sabina Laura
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-02-02
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1707239843


Book Moonflower Description/Summary:

"I am a moonflower. I will bloom even when it's dark." Moonflower is a collection of poetry and illustrations that take you on a journey of learning to grow even in darkness.


Author : Sirona Knight
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide Limited
Release : 1996-01-01
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 1567183859


Book Moonflower Description/Summary:

Now you can experience the ultimate sexual and spiritual fulfillment you've only dreamed about. Moonflower is full of exciting and innovative methods for using dreamwork and sexual union as powerful magical techniques to help you achieve what you truly desire: deep intimacy with your lover; harmony within yourself; oneness with the Divine; and a richer, more meaningful life in every way. The word "Moonflower" means "to flow with the cycle of the moon." The book Moonflower flows with the seasons, illustrating renewal and creation in the mating of male and female energies. The combined powers of female and male joined together when making love results in a vast surplus of energy. You can use this energy to enhance love, link with the Divine, and improve your life. Using the yearly cycle of the Moon as a model, you'll flow through thirteen erotic guided journeys. Each one features a goddess and her consort who embody the seasonal energy intrinsic to each lunar month. - The Storm Moon: Epona & Taranis - Increase your abilities and skills to manifest your highest dreams. - The Hare Moon: Danu & Math - Discover control of the self and how to increase personal rapport with your partner. - The Dyad Moon: Mei & Gwydion - Learn to appear energetically in two places simultaneously as you unwrap the illusionary cocoon of your ordinary existence. - The Blood Moon: Morgana & Ogmios - Uncover the secret link between dreams and creativity. These magical, sensual journeys will foster your divine sexual union to help you become one with your lover physically and spiritually…and allow you to activate the glorious aspects of the god and goddess within yourself and your relationship.

The Moonflower

Author : Phyllis A. Whitney
Publisher : Open Road Media
Release : 2017-07-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781504043885


Book The Moonflower Description/Summary:

The wife of a scientist fights for her marriage—and her husband’s sanity—in postwar Japan in this novel by “a superb and gifted story teller” (Mary Higgins Clark). When Jerome Talbot’s brilliant career as an atomic physicist leads him once again to Japan, his wife, Marcia, knows it means yet another long separation, but she hopes to reunite with him soon. Confidently awaiting word to join him, she is blindsided when she receives a letter demanding divorce. Stunned and hurt, she leaves their home in Hawaii to confront Jerome in Kyoto, certain she’ll get an explanation to heal her wounded heart. But when Marcia arrives, she can’t be sure of anything . . . Jerome has become a stranger—obsessed, cruel, unhinged, and resolved never to return home—committed only to his work, which reaches back to World War II. Even more peculiar, he’s living in unusual intimacy with a a close-knit, unnervingly private Japanese family whom Marcia is forbidden to talk to and to whom Jerome seems not only beholden, but enslaved. Marcia resolves to stay in Kyoto until she discovers the secret driving her husband mad—and the truth behind a terrible legacy that could threaten both their lives. A “brilliant, absorbing, [and] moving” novel of romantic suspense by a New York Times–bestselling, multiple award–winning author—who was herself born in Yokohama—The Moonflower is an authentic exploration of life in postwar Japan, as well as a chilling tale of guilt, family secrets, and a marriage at risk in the never-forgotten shadow of Hiroshima (Richmond Times-Dispatch). This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.

The Flower Book

Author : Rachel Siegfried
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2017-02-07
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781465495532


Book The Flower Book Description/Summary:

The Flower Book explores 60 flowers, bloom-by-bloom in stunning portraiture. Lush macrophotography allows readers to see the details of each featured flower up close, from the amaryllis in spring, snapdragon in summer, and dahlia in fall to tropical wonders such as orchids and more. Intimate portraits of each flower include quick-reference profiles with tips for choosing the best blooms, care for cut stems, arranging recommendations, colors, shapes, and even growing tips to transform the home, from yard to tabletop. Gorgeous photographs throughout spotlight 30 sample floral arrangements that show how to design and build custom floral arrangements using featured blooms. Plus, a step-by-step techniques section walks beginners through the basics of foliage and fillers, bouquets, and arrangements to make this book as practical as it is beautiful. The Flower Book celebrates all the wonderful qualities of flowers-their sheer beauty, infinite variety, and power to evoke admiration-bloom by exquisite bloom.

The Way to Start a Day

Author : Byrd Baylor
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2014-04-15
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781481417167


Book The Way to Start a Day Description/Summary:

Beautiful paintings highlight the ways various peoples from around the world welcome the sun and the start of a new day in this Caldecott Honor–winning picture book. Some people say there is a new sun every day, and that it begins its life at dawn and lives for one day only. They say you have to welcome it. From cavemen, to the Aztecs, to the ancient Egyptians, Baylor Bird describes the ways that people throughout history and the world celebrated the dawn. By the end you may be inspired to create your own song for the sunrise.

The Magic and Mystery of Trees

Author : Jen Green
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2019-03-05
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781465488909


Book The Magic and Mystery of Trees Description/Summary:

This breath-taking book about trees takes children on a captivating journey of nature packed leafy exploration, showing them just how special these mighty organisms are. Discover how they communicate and warn each other of predators, how they nurture their networks, record the past, and anticipate the future to ensure their survival. There's so much more to trees than meets the eye. Learn about the amazing natural science of trees in this nature and science children's book. From the highest branches, all the down to the complex "wood wide web" of roots, every part of a tree plays an important role. Not only in its own growth but that of the whole ecosystem of the forest or woodland. Did you know that trees take care of each other and that a whole forest is connected? A truly delightful non-fiction read that is suitable for all ages - each page of this nature book is nothing short of astonishingly beautiful. Enjoy a mixture of real images, vibrant illustrations, and patchwork-layering, making each page feel like a nature scavenger hunt. You'll learn unbe-leaf-able tree facts, see extraordinary trees from around the world, and the animals that call them home. Find out what trees do for us and how we are damaging them with pollution and deforestation. This book will show that it's not too late to do something about it, and you'll find out how you can help with instructions on how to plant your very own tree! When you get to know these silent giants, you'll never look at trees the same way again. Discover The Secret World Of Trees Do you know that trees send underground messages? Have you heard that they take care of their families? A tree is so much more than it seems. The Magic And Mystery of Trees is the perfect introduction to the world of trees - above and below ground. Combining stunning photography with beautiful illustrations, turn the pages to find out how trees help prevent soil erosion, mark the seasons, and provide a habitat for wildlife - amongst other fun facts and amazing information about their role in nature. There are also some super fun, practical activities for kids! From planting your own tree to how to measure a tree's age, this book highlights the importance of trees to our planet through exciting hands-on activities. Children will begin to understand the importance of trees to our planet and take their first steps towards safeguarding them for future generations. Explore the secret lives of trees learning: - What they are - How they live - About their animal assistants - How to help trees - Tree defenses and senses, and much more!

Killers of the Flower Moon

Author : David Grann
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2017-04-18
Category : True Crime
ISBN : 9780385534253


Book Killers of the Flower Moon Description/Summary:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST From the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Lost City of Z, a twisting, haunting true-life murder mystery about one of the most monstrous crimes in American history In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, the Osage rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe. Then, one by one, the Osage began to be killed off. The family of an Osage woman, Mollie Burkhart, became a prime target. One of her relatives was shot. Another was poisoned. And it was just the beginning, as more and more Osage were dying under mysterious circumstances, and many of those who dared to investigate the killings were themselves murdered. As the death toll rose, the newly created FBI took up the case, and the young director, J. Edgar Hoover, turned to a former Texas Ranger named Tom White to try to unravel the mystery. White put together an undercover team, including a Native American agent who infiltrated the region, and together with the Osage began to expose one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history. A New York Times Notable Book Named a best book of the year by Amazon, Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, Time, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly, Time Magazine, NPR, Vogue, Smithsonian, Cosmopolitan, Seattle Times, Bloomberg, Lit Hub, and Slate

Book Girl and the Undine Who Bore a Moonflower (light novel)

Author : Mizuki Nomura
Publisher : Yen Press LLC
Release : 2013-01-22
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780316245968


Book Book Girl and the Undine Who Bore a Moonflower (light novel) Description/Summary:

"I've been kidnapped by a bad person. Bring a change of clothes and your homework and come save me!" Duped by this seemingly earnest summons from Tohko, Konoha finds himself forced to spend his summer break at the Himekura villa, writing snacks for his greedy club president. But the shadow of a tragedy from eighty years past threatens to destroy their otherwise peaceful summer! What is the "secret" that stirs the Book Girl's imagination?

Moon Flower

Author : Shirl Henke
Publisher : Grand Central Pub
Release : 1989
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0446346446


Book Moon Flower Description/Summary:

The second novel in the passion-filled Gone to Texas trilogy--set in 19th century Texas--from the author of Cactus Flower. Lovely, fiery Deborah Manchester was determined to fight for women's equality--even though her proper Bostonian friends and her fiance scorned her ideas.

The Lure of the Moonflower

Author : Lauren Willig
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2015-08-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780698183476


Book The Lure of the Moonflower Description/Summary:

In the final Pink Carnation novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla, Napoleon has occupied Lisbon, and Jane Wooliston, aka the Pink Carnation, teams up with a rogue agent to protect the escaped Queen of Portugal. Portugal, December 1807. Jack Reid, the British agent known as the Moonflower (formerly the French agent known as the Moonflower), has been stationed in Portugal and is awaiting his new contact. He does not expect to be paired with a woman—especially not the legendary Pink Carnation. All of Portugal believes that the royal family departed for Brazil just before the French troops marched into Lisbon. Only the English government knows that mad seventy-three-year-old Queen Maria was spirited away by a group of loyalists determined to rally a resistance. But as the French garrison scours the countryside, it’s only a matter of time before she’s found and taken. It’s up to Jane to find her first and ensure her safety. But she has no knowledge of Portugal or the language. Though she is loath to admit it, she needs the Moonflower. Operating alone has taught her to respect her own limitations. But she knows better than to show weakness around the Moonflower—an agent with a reputation for brilliance, a tendency toward insubordination, and a history of going rogue. READERS GUIDE INCLUDED

Point Two

Author : Max Ellendale
Publisher : Four Point Trilogy
Release : 2016-05-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1520477228


Book Point Two Description/Summary:

The case is reopened... "I can't believe this shit is happening again. Four Point's dead and yet, everyone I care about is unsafe. Again. Brody's gone, Maggie's hurt, and now Ben and I have to fix everything ourselves. This time, I'll be the one watching..."