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Author : Danez Smith
Publisher : Graywolf Press
Release : 2020-01-21
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9781644451090


Book Homie Description/Summary:

Danez Smith is our president Homie is Danez Smith’s magnificent anthem about the saving grace of friendship. Rooted in the loss of one of Smith’s close friends, this book comes out of the search for joy and intimacy within a nation where both can seem scarce and getting scarcer. In poems of rare power and generosity, Smith acknowledges that in a country overrun by violence, xenophobia, and disparity, and in a body defined by race, queerness, and diagnosis, it can be hard to survive, even harder to remember reasons for living. But then the phone lights up, or a shout comes up to the window, and family—blood and chosen—arrives with just the right food and some redemption. Part friendship diary, part bright elegy, part war cry, Homie is the exuberant new book written for Danez and for Danez’s friends and for you and for yours.

Psst! Homie!

Author : Alex Garcia
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2020-04-26
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781728359885


Book Psst! Homie! Description/Summary:

My Califa’s Rehab Rangers booking number is YA-65544; I will never forget it. This is a first-hand narration of growing in the 1980’s and 1990’s around criminally infested streets of Los Diablos County, Califas. This autobiography describes a gang initiation, drug involvement, and twenty years of arrests for various low-level non-violent crimes. It is an adventurous entourage through police precincts and juvenile hall institutions leading to Los Diablos’ dreadful Twin Titans Corrective Facilities, including Califa’s Rehab Rangers. Eventually, we will visit the ever-controversial Immigration and Child Endowments’ holding camps tossing out legal and illegal immigrants with lifetime deportations ignoring all American-raised families. Part memoir, part inspiration—total human institutionalization and dehumanization, uncut. In addition, we will explore human life complexities within today’s state-of-the-art prisons and we will see men coping for survival with only their essential necessities to strive. Moreover, questions will abound about our innate free will, that is, are we indeed free from Big Brother? Is the separation of migrant families legal? This story may also serve as an academic reference to our technical legality of incarceration—and once inside, what are our constitutions protecting prisoners’ rights, or should they have any legal protections whatsoever. Indeed, we are forever cognizant that not everything under our sun is a ray of hope for every man; therefore, our daily challenge is to withhold those glorious constitutions that grant us universal liberty of choice. At our day’s end, literature is mind’s liberty.


Author : David Gonzales,Elliott Serrano
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Release : 2017-06-27
Category : Adultery
ISBN : 1524103802


Book Homies Description/Summary:

It's time to go back to the barrio with the Homies! The pop culture phenomenon that took the 1990s by storm returns with brand-new hijinks co-plotted by the creator of Homies himself, David Gonzales. In Barrio Quién Sabé, the entire community is one big familia, laughter and good times are the perfect cure for reality, and the Homies love their lowriders like they love their ladies: painted, sexy, curvy, and dressed to kill. Follow the colorful, oddball characters in four wild adventures: the wedding of Gata to would-be bachelor-for-life Hollywood, a charity match of rival luchadores to save the neighborhood community center, the haunting of the Mexican legend La Llorona, and the arrival of an illegal alien... of the extraterrestrial kind! Welcome to East Los Angeles, esé! Reviews: "Written with heart and authenticity... worth the price of admission for the art alone." - Outright Geekery "Heart, comedy... that will please any reader. 98% Nerd Score!" - PopNerdTV

Homies #1

Author : David Gonzales,Elliot Serrano
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Release : 2016-10-05
Category : Humor
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Homies #1 Description/Summary:

It's time to go back to the barrío with the HOMIES! The surprise hit of the 90's is back in a brand-new comic book series co-plotted by original HOMIES creator David Gonzales and "Adventures of Grumpy Cat" writer Elliott Serrano, featuring all-new stories and never-before-seen characters. With art and covers by Andrew Huerta, HOMIES #1 features the long-awaited wedding of Hollywood and Gata. It's been a day that she has imagined for her entire life, but now Gata has to deal with everyone trying to ruin it! What will she do when she hears the whispers about Hollywood and his womanizing ways? Will the wedding still take place when everything that can go wrong actually does? Is Hollywood destined to be a bachelor for life, or will Gata finally get him to settle down? It's a day that will be full of love, laughs and heartbreak. But for who? It's time to go back to the barrío with the HOMIES! The surprise hit of the 90's is back in a brand-new comic book series co-plotted by original HOMIES creator David Gonzales and "Adventures of Grumpy Cat" writer Elliott Serrano, featuring all-new stories and never-before-seen characters. With art and covers by Andrew Huerta, HOMIES #1 features the long-awaited wedding of Hollywood and Gata. It's been a day that she has imagined for her entire life, but now Gata has to deal with everyone trying to ruin it! What will she do when she hears the whispers about Hollywood and his womanizing ways? Will the wedding still take place when everything that can go wrong actually does? Is Hollywood destined to be a bachelor for life, or will Gata finally get him to settle down?

Jesus And His 13 Homies

Author : Jessica Zuniga-Gomez
Publisher :
Release : 2022-07-04
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781365232978


Book Jesus And His 13 Homies Description/Summary:

Homies: A David Gonzales Retrospective

Author : David Gonzales
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Release : 2016-12-21
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781524100759


Book Homies: A David Gonzales Retrospective Description/Summary:

"Cruise on a trip through my memories of drawing lowriders and tees, of creating Homies for the last thirty-five years. A pictorial narrative of one artist following his dreams..." Created by David Gonzales, the Homies first appeared as an underground comic strip that debuted in Lowrider Magazine in 1978, a reflection of his friends and lifestyle. At first a group of tightly knit Chicano buddies from East Los Angeles, the Homies expanded their crew to over 300 characters from all different cultures, genres, and even species. In an inner-city world plagued by poverty and oppression, they formed a strong, binding cultural support system that enabled them to overcome negativity and turn to laughter and good times as an antidote for reality. Homies erupted as a mainstream sensation in 1994 when trend-savvy retailer Hot Topic offered Homies shirts for sale, rapidly becoming popular with the youth market. Following on the heels of a successful T-shirt run, Homies was licensed for figurines in the vending machine toy industry, where all sales records were broken, with over 150 million figurines sold worldwide. The licensing program soon spread to products such as action figures, remote-control and die-cast cars, notebooks, posters, plush, Halloween masks, video games, music, and more, carried by specialty and mass retailers everywhere. History of the Homies is a triumphant celebration of the turbulent times, remarkable artistry, and youthful street culture of a pop culture phenomenon, including hundreds of pictures and a complete guide to Homies figurines.

The Limits of Private Governance

Author : Florian Grisel
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2021-09-09
Category : Law
ISBN : 9781509938155


Book The Limits of Private Governance Description/Summary:

Is there a future for the law? In this book, Florian Grisel addresses one of the most fascinating questions raised by social scientists in the past few decades. Since the 1980s, socio-legal scholars have argued that governance based on social norms (or “private governance”) can offer an alternative to regulation by the law. On this account, private governance could be socially efficient and even optimal compared with other modes of governance. The Limits of Private Governance supplements this optimistic analysis of private governance by assessing the long-term evolution of a private order in the fishery of Marseille. In the last eight centuries, the fishers of Marseille have regulated their community without apparent means of legal support from the French state. In the early 15th century, they even created an organisation called the Prud'homie de Pêche in order to regulate their fishery. Based on archival evidence, interviews and ethnographic data, Grisel examines the evolution of the Prud'homie de Pêche and argues that the strong social norms in which it is embedded are not only powerful tools of governance, but also forces of inertia that have constrained its regulatory action. The lessons drawn from this book will appeal to academics, policy-makers and members of the general public who have an interest in the governance of our modern societies.

Homies and Hermanos

Author : Robert Brenneman
Publisher : OUP USA
Release : 2012
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780199753840


Book Homies and Hermanos Description/Summary:

Using the tools of sociological theory, Robert Brenneman seeks to discover why a pot-smoking, gun-wielding "homie" gang member would want to trade in la vida loca for a Bible and the buttoned-down lifestyle of an evangelical hermano (brother in Christ) - and to what extent this strategy works for the many youth who have tried it.

A B to Jay-Z

Author : Jessica Chiha,Danny Chiha
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-04
Category : Alphabet books
ISBN : 0648073904


Book A B to Jay-Z Description/Summary:

ABC alphabet book for kids

Big Homie Wisdom

Author : Joshua Nichols
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017-10-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1549941933


Book Big Homie Wisdom Description/Summary:

This book is for anyone struggling with daily trials and tribulations and how to handle them in the ways of a Big Homie! In life it is indeed all about your mindset and in this quick but influential read, you'll discover that you're not alone and that Wisdom is gained over time and never overnight.

My Kind

Author : Megan Gannon
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-10-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0646995375


Book My Kind Description/Summary:

In 'My Kind' with Eddie's Lil' Homies children learn ways to show kindness. When Eddie was drafted to the AFL he faced challenges due to his inability to read or write. Due to this, he hopes all children can have equal opportunities. This is Ed's first book and it's all about spreading kindness and treating everyone equally. It also makes reading fun, so rap or rhyme with your own Lil' Homies.

Field of Blood

Author : Clifford "Gwalla" Evans
Publisher : Page Publishing, Inc
Release : 2020-11-13
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781645448174


Book Field of Blood Description/Summary:

This world is not a world where the lowest can live through easily. It’s needless this young man was born into it at its lowest point in New Orleans, Louisiana, where only the strong survived who were trained to murder the people closest to them as if it was common law for the good to die young. Growing up, he learned to stand his ground, and he did it alone. Year after year, the void in his heart became larger, and his hunger for love grew stronger as he searched through the mud for it, leaving him covered in disappointing associations with those of dirty intentions of breaking him down every time he appeared to them as if he was building himself up. As he attempted to make friends, it seemed as if he was being influenced to dig his own resting place in a life full of conflict, where the people he desired to love treated him as a spectacle only because they saw his quality, making themselves feel as if they were nothing. In his life, he realized that real things remain the same and that fake people, places, and things always change, leaving his heart filled with pain as God painted the picture vividly before his eyes.

Romey the Homie

Author : Dawn Nicole
Publisher : Bookbaby
Release : 2021-10-18
Category : Education
ISBN : 1667801554


Book Romey the Homie Description/Summary:

Romey The Homie is the coolest 5 year old around! Always full of fun and laughter, Romey brightens every room he enters! However, as the very first day of school arrives, he begins to experience what we call "FIRST DAY JITTERS"! Come along and read with us as Romey overcomes the fear of his very first day of kindergarten!

Around the World in Seventy-Two Days

Author : Nellie Bly
Publisher : Read Books Ltd
Release : 2021-05-06
Category : History
ISBN : 9781528792561


Book Around the World in Seventy-Two Days Description/Summary:

First published in 1890, “Around the World in Seventy-Two Days” is a chronicle of Elizabeth Seaman's record-breaking trip around the world in the footsteps of Jules Verne's fictional character Phileas Fogg. A fantastic real-life adventure tale highly recommended for those with an interest in travel writing and journalism in general. Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman (1864–1922), also known as Nellie Bly, was an American industrialist, journalist, charity worker, and inventor. Together with her famous trip, she is also remembered for feigning insanity in order to infiltrate and write an exposé on an insane asylum. Contents include: “A Proposal to Girdle the Earth”, “The Start”, “Southampton to Jules Verne's”, “Jules Verne at Home”, “On to Brindisi”, “An American Heiress”, “'Two Beautiful Black Eyes'”, “Aden to Colombo”, “Delayed Five Days”, “In the Pirate Seas”, “Against the Monsoon”, etc. Read & Co. Travel is republishing this classic travelogue now complete with an introductory biography by Frances E. Willard and Mary A. Livermore.


Author : Warren R. Braden
Publisher : Educational Studies Press
Release : 1998
Category : Social Science
ISBN : UOM:39015042992282


Book Homies Description/Summary:

HOMIES is a study of a group of African-American men from the west side of Chicago known as "homies." This study explains the communication & bonding between these men. It exposes the social contribution of their alternative reality & explores its rationality. Information gathered from about 20 homies describes two differing homie cultures: "book smart" & "street smart." Additionally, four themes emerge in this study: 1) "I am who you're not--the culture that gets defined becomes the one that is controlled; 2) "The 'hood' is my real home"--"homies" rarely travel physically or mentally from the confines of their neighborhood; 3) "We are alone together"--they have maintained & supported their roles as social outcasts; & 4) "We can't & if we could, we don't know how"--they have created a culture that isolates them from society as well as denies them the tools to adequately fight the system. To order write to LEPS Press, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115, call 800-348-7543, or FAX 815-753-0369.

Homie, Lover, Friend

Author : Shawn Thompson
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-02-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1542551072


Book Homie, Lover, Friend Description/Summary:

When the love lives of three best-friends living in the fast streets of ATL become entangled, relationships as they know it will be turned upside down in a charade of lies, deceit and manipulation. Beau is a gay up and coming real estate agent who struggles to find a long-term relationship despite the previous transgressions in his past. Monae is a sexy and savvy corporate woman that tussles with adopting a new leadership role in her career and devoting her time to an all or nothing fianc�. Roland is a successful entrepreneur and self-proclaimed dog who begins to fear that karma wants him to see the error in his ways. Together these three will be forced to re-evaluate what it truly means to be an H.L.F.

Who Is the Big Homie

Author : Donnie Baker
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2021-07-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781664184633


Book Who Is the Big Homie Description/Summary:

The Big Homie is a boss who owns the city of Chicago.