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Building a Family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination

Author : Kenneth Raymond Daniels
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2004-01-01
Category : Artificial insemination, Human
ISBN : 0864694717


Book Building a Family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination Description/Summary:

This book has been written for parents who have used donor insemination to build their families and also for those considering whether the donor insemination option is the right option for them. The parents who share their stories in this book tell of the range of thoughts and feelings that they experienced from the time they discovered they needed help to build their families. They discuss the issues they faced concerning the decision to be open and honest with their children and how they talked with them. Here Ken Daniels combines parents' expectations with his and others' research and thinking. The result is a book that will contribute to the health and well-being of families that have been built with the assistance of donor insemination.

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation

Author : Ellen Sarasohn Glazer,Evelina Weidman Sterling
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release : 2011-12-15
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781849059077


Book Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation Description/Summary:

A practical guide for prospective parents covering the key decisions, stages and ethical questions relating to donor conception

A Donor Insemination Guide

Author : Marie Mohler,Lacy Frazer
Publisher : Alice Street Editions
Release : 2002-01
Category : Medical
ISBN : 1560232269


Book A Donor Insemination Guide Description/Summary:

Shares the experiences of other lesbian women who have successfully conceived using donor insemination. Reveals everything the doctors don't tell you about the practical details and emotional aspects of this intimate process.

Parental Kidnapping

Author : Patricia M. Hoff
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1988
Category : Abduction
ISBN : STANFORD:36105043587109


Book Parental Kidnapping Description/Summary:

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation

Author : Evelina Weidman Sterling,Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release : 2013-05-28
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780857006523


Book Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation Description/Summary:

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation is a helpful, authoritative guide to negotiating the complex and emotive issues that arise for those considering whether or not to pursue egg donation. It presents information clearly and with compassion, exploring the practical, financial, logistical, social and ethical questions that commonly arise. This fully updated second edition also includes recent developments in the field, including travelling for egg donation and the emerging field of epigenetics. This book will be valued by all those considering or undergoing donor conception, as well as the range of professionals who support them, including infertility counsellors, psychologists, therapists and social workers.

Investigating Social Problems

Author : A. Javier Trevino
Publisher : SAGE Publications, Incorporated
Release : 2021-01-05
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781544389653


Book Investigating Social Problems Description/Summary:

General Editor A. Javier TreviƱo, working with a panel of experts, thoroughly examines all aspects of social problems, providing a contemporary and authoritative introduction to the field. Each chapter is written by a specialist on that particular topic. This unique, contributed format ensures that the research, examples, and theories described are the most current and relevant available.

The Pea That Was Me

Author : Kimberly Kluger-Bell
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2014-06-20
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 1495290042


Book The Pea That Was Me Description/Summary:

The Pea That Was Me is wonderful introduction for children to the fact that a donor helped to bring them into the loving arms of their "two moms." The basic fact that it takes an egg ("from a lady") and a sperm ("from a man") to make a baby that "grows in mommy's tummy" is introduced in a gentle and light-hearted way. Reading this one of a kind book opens the door to further talk about donors, how happy you are to have these special children, and how grateful you are to the doctor and the donor who helped!

Single Mothers by Choice

Author : Jane Mattes
Publisher : Harmony
Release : 1994
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9780812922462


Book Single Mothers by Choice Description/Summary:

A handbook for women who have chosen single motherhood offers an analysis of available options, from artificial insemination to adoption, and examines the special problems, questions, and rewards of single motherhood

Helping the Stork

Author : Carol Frost Vercollone,Heidi Moss,Robert Moss
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 1997-10-21
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 002861917X


Book Helping the Stork Description/Summary:

Helping the Stork The sourcebook for all the information parents-to-be need to know about the choices and challenges of donor insemination Each year donor insemination (DI) offers a pathway to parenthood for the hundreds of thousands who turn to family-building alternatives. Although DI is considered as often as adoption, couples facing male infertility, as well as single women and lesbian couples, have had few places to turn for information about this method, which has been shrouded in secrecy. In Helping the Stork, parents-to-be, as well as friends and family, doctors, and counselors, can explore the choices and challenges raised by this alternative to overcoming childlessness. This comprehensive handbook moves through each step of the process: reaching a solid decision about whether donor insemination is the best choice for a family's future; handling the difficult issue of privacy; selecting a donor and getting started; and learning to thrive as a family meeting DI's added challenges. Full of wisdom from medical and mental health experts, Helping the Stork is also enriched with stories from many families who share their insights and experiences. This book is a reassuring, supportive, and helpful guide that no one considering or going through the process of donor insemination should be without. Visit us online at

Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies

Author : Timothy F. Murphy
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Release : 2000
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 1579581420


Book Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies Description/Summary:

The Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies surveys the field in some 470 entries on individuals (Adrienne Rich); arts and cultural studies (Dance); ethics, religion, and philosophical issues (Monastic Traditions); historical figures, periods, and ideas (Germany between the World Wars); language, literature, and communication (British Drama); law and politics (Child Custody); medicine and biological sciences (Health and Illness); and psychology, social sciences, and education (Kinsey Report).

Going Solo

Author : Genevieve Roberts
Publisher : Hachette UK
Release : 2019-04-18
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9780349421506


Book Going Solo Description/Summary:

Going Solo is the empowering and uplifting story of one woman's choice to become a single mother. 'I hope this story gives hope to anyone who wants children and to anyone who finds themselves single. Not to follow this path necessarily, but to remember that there are always many options.' Aged thirty-seven, single and having experienced two miscarriages, Genevieve Roberts found out that her fertility levels were dwlindling. On hearing this news, she made the courageous decision to embark on motherhood solo and eventually became pregnant using a sperm donor. Genevieve describes her initial fear of the prospect of birth without a partner, and the trepidation she felt towards all the responsibility she has taken on. She recounts all the milestones of pregnancy and motherhood that most women share with their partner -- going to NCT classes alone, taking part in birthing workshops with her sister-in-law, her amazement that two people in her pregnancy yoga class are following the same path as her. But ultimately what triumphs is Genevieve's excitement at meeting her daughter. She recalls the first months of parenthood, navigating the love, worry and tiredness of life with a newborn without a partner. She describes the beautiful simplicity of the relationship between herself and her daughter, as she gets to know Astrid without having to consider a partner. Going Solo is for anyone whose life has taken an unexpected twist; for people who are interested in modern families and for those who want to take control of their life and follow their dreams of parenthood. It celebrates the fulfilment that comes from following what makes you happy, and reminds us that beauty may be found when life offers a surprise or a deviation from convention.

The Parent's Desk Reference

Author : Irene M. Franck,David M. Brownstone
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1991
Category : Child development
ISBN : 0136499899


Book The Parent's Desk Reference Description/Summary:

An encyclopedia about parenting with over 2,000 entries covering all aspects of child rearing from A to Z.

Why Don't I Have a Daddy?

Author : George Anne Clay,Lisa Krebs
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release : 2008
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9781425995874


Book Why Don't I Have a Daddy? Description/Summary:

As the little lion cub notices all different types of families, he starts to question his own family. His family consists of his mother and him. The little cub learns that while there is no daddy in his family, there is a donor lion who made his life possible. Through his mother s love and nurturing, the lion cub understands how special he and his family are. This book, winner of the Mom's Choice Silver Award for children's picture books, presents the basic facts of anonymous donor conception in a simple but loving manner. By reading this story with a child who was conceived through the help of an anonymous donor, the child will start learning about and understanding his or her family and his or her origins, just as the lion cub does in the story. The delightful illustrations of various animals and their families make the subject accessible to small children. It is a book you can share with your child over the years, and with each reading your child will gain more insight and appreciation for his or her family - for his or her own special story.

Choosing Single Motherhood

Author : Mikki Morrissette
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2008
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 0618833323


Book Choosing Single Motherhood Description/Summary:

Provides information and advice for women choosing to become single mothers, and includes interviews with family therapists and single mothers on the topic.

Principles of Infertility Nursing

Author : Catherine Garner
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 1991-04-24
Category : Medical
ISBN : UOM:39015019827206


Book Principles of Infertility Nursing Description/Summary:

This book is an essential guide to nursing care of the infertile couple. It is designed to instruct nurses on the principles of care for the couple undergoing the infertility evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Chapters are organized to address the pathophysiology, diagnostic techniques, treatment options and comprehensive nursing care of conditions such as endometriosis, ovulation disorders, uterine and tubal anomalies, and male fertility factors. There are detailed chapters that discuss coordinating therapeutic donor insemination and advanced reproductive technologies programs. Issues such as assisting couples with decision-making and addressing the psychosocial issues are covered in depth. One chapter discusses the professional development of the nurse specializing in infertility, with suggestions for structuring job responsibilities and avoiding burn-out. Experienced nurse authors offer an overview of the legal and ethical dilemmas faced by nurses. This book is a first for providing guidance to nurses in one of the newest areas of specialization.

When Baby Makes Two

Author : Jene Stonesifer
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1995
Category : Mother and child
ISBN : 1565653467


Book When Baby Makes Two Description/Summary:

Information on the emotional, economic and legal issues of single motherhood