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God's Feminist Movement

Author : Amber Picota
Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
Release : 2016-07-19
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780768409352


Book God's Feminist Movement Description/Summary:

Experience True Liberation by Seeing Your Beauty, Femininity, and Freedom From Heavens Point of View Has Christianity kept women trapped in the stone age? In many ways, yes; but this is not by Gods design. As society offers women opportunities to explore outer-space and govern nations, the church often stifles and limits them. The tide is changing, though. Amber Picotas Gods Feminist Movement is a new covenant manifesto calling women to embrace their true identity in Christ and fulfill their destiny as revolutionaries who shape the course of history with the Kingdom of God. There is a powerful new feminist movement emerging in the body of Christ. Its not politically driven and its not being championed by an uprising of angry man-haters. Based on an intense study of Scripture, factoring in historical and contextual hermeneutics and original languages, Picota shares a practical, non-legalistic, and non-traditional (yet deeply Biblical) look at topics that women commonly face, such as: Dating and Modesty Female Leaders in the Church Submission in Marriage Beauty and Self-Image Celebrate the power and beauty of womanhood. God has given you permission to change the worldby being you! Break off religious traditions that keep women trapped in old school legalism and move beyond Christian clichs that minimize a womans true position in Christ!

God's Feminist Movement

Author : Daniel Hanson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-02-19
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 0971894663


Book God's Feminist Movement Description/Summary:

God's Feminist Movement is self-help that speaks on the issues of life every child, man, and woman should know. It discusses family, sex, dating, marriage, divorce, feminism and other pertinent topics. Learn, how to go against cultural that promotes promiscuity, with new and proven methods to help your children build confidence and self-worth

The Accidental Feminist

Author : Courtney Reissig
Publisher : Crossway
Release : 2015-05-07
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781433545511


Book The Accidental Feminist Description/Summary:

“My name is Courtney. I’m an accidental feminist.” Although many Christians wouldn’t identify themselves as feminists, the reality is that the feminist movement has influenced us all in profound ways. We unconsciously reflect our culture’s ideas related to womanhood rather than what’s found in the Bible. In this book, Courtney Reissig—a wife, mom, and successful writer—recounts her journey out of “accidental feminism,” offering wise counsel for Christian women related to relationships, body image, and more—drawing from the Bible rather than culture. Whether you’re a committed feminist, a staunch traditionalist, or somewhere in between, this book will help you answer the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian woman?” You’ll discover the joy, purpose and importance that are found in God’s good design.

God's Daughters

Author : R. Marie Griffith
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release : 2000-11-24
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780520226821


Book God's Daughters Description/Summary:

"Vivid, lucid, and well-written. I came away with a better understanding of how the specific realities of being 'submissive wives' are negotiated, constructed, challenged, and transformed."—Lynn Davidman, author of Tradition in a Rootless World "Griffith's deft portrayal is a unique and important contribution to the study of Pentecostal spirituality and a compelling model for the retelling of women's religious experience in twentieth-century American culture."—Margaret Bendroth, author of Fundamentalism and Gender, 1875 to Present


Author : Katie Hedges
Publisher : WestBow Press
Release : 2019-02-11
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9781973652755


Book Narrow Description/Summary:

Throughout these pages are woven Biblical truth, historical statistics, helpful how-to’s, and many of Katie’s own personal convictions, all included to guide you to a successful marriage and thriving family!

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Revised Edition)

Author : John Piper,Wayne Grudem
Publisher : Crossway
Release : 2021-01-11
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781433573484


Book Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Revised Edition) Description/Summary:

A Guide to Navigate Evangelical Feminism In a society where gender roles are a hot-button topic, the church is not immune to the controversy. In fact, the church has wrestled with varying degrees of evangelical feminism for decades. As evangelical feminism has crept into the church, time-trusted resources like Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood help remind Christians of what the Bible has to say. In this edition of the award-winning best seller, more than 20 influential men and women such as John Piper, Wayne Grudem, D. A. Carson, and Elisabeth Elliot offer thought-provoking essays responding to the challenge egalitarianism poses to life in the church and in the home. Covering topics like role distinctions in the church, how biblical manhood and womanhood should work out in practice, and women in the history of the church, this helpful resource will help readers learn to orient their beliefs with God’s unchanging word in an ever-changing culture.

Evangelical Feminism

Author : Pamela Cochran
Publisher : NYU Press
Release : 2005
Category : Religion
ISBN : 0814716504


Book Evangelical Feminism Description/Summary:

For most people, the terms “evangelical” and “feminism” are contradictory. “Evangelical” invokes images of conservative Christians known for their strict interpretation of the Bible, as well as their support of social conservatism and traditional gender roles. So how could an evangelical support feminism, a movement that seeks, at its most basic level, to redress the inequalities, injustice, and discrimination that women face because of their sex? Evangelical Feminism offers the first history of the evangelical feminist movement. It traces the emergence and theological development of biblical feminism within evangelical Christianity in the 1970s, how an internal split among members of the movement came about over the question of lesbianism, and what these developments reveal about conservative Protestantism and religion generally in contemporary America. Cochran shows that biblical feminists have been at the center of changes both within evangelicalism and in American culture more broadly by renegotiating the religious symbols which shape its deepest values.

The Woman's Bible

Author : Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
Release : 2021-02-01
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781513275970


Book The Woman's Bible Description/Summary:

The Woman’s Bible (1895-1898) is a work of religious and political nonfiction by American women’s rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Despite its popular success, The Woman’s Bible caused a rift in the movement between Stanton and her supporters and those who believed that to wade into religious waters would hurt the suffragist cause. Reactions from the press, political establishment, and much of the reading public were overwhelmingly negative, accusing Stanton of blasphemy and sacrilege while refusing to engage with the book’s message: to reconsider the historical reception of the Bible in order to make room for women to be afforded equality in their private and public lives. Working with a Revising Committee of 26 members of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Stanton sought to provide an updated commentary on the Bible that would highlight passages allowing for an interpretation of scripture harmonious with the cause of the women’s rights movement. Inspired by activist and Quaker Lucretia Mott’s use of Bible verses to dispel the arguments of bigots opposed to women’s rights and abolition, Stanton hoped to establish a new way of framing the history and religious representation of women that could resist similar arguments that held up the Bible as precedent for the continued oppression of women. Starting with an interpretation of the Genesis story of Adam and Eve, Stanton attempts to show where men and women are treated as equals in the Bible, eventually working through both the Old and New Testaments. In its day, The Woman’s Bible was a radically important revisioning of women’s place in scripture that Stanton and her collaborators hoped would open the door for women to obtain the rights they had long been systematically denied. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s The Woman’s Bible is a classic of American literature reimagined for modern readers.

God's Design for Women in an Age of Gender Confusion

Author : Sharon James
Publisher : Ep
Release : 2019
Category : Religion
ISBN : 1783972637


Book God's Design for Women in an Age of Gender Confusion Description/Summary:

Is There Anything Unique About Being A Women? God's Word Says Yes! Men and women are absolutely equal in dignity. They are also significantly different. Women are only honoured (and fulfilled) when both truths are celebrated. Read this revised edition of Sharon James' God's Design for Women if you want to find out about: The positive impact Christianity has had on women throughout history, The various waves of feminism right up to the #MeToo movement, The Bible's teaching about equality and complementarity, A survey of views on women's ministry, An overview of biblical ministries of women, A biblical perspective on work, singleness, marriage and motherhood Book jacket.

Women, Ritual, and Power

Author : Elizabeth Ursic
Publisher : SUNY Press
Release : 2014-09-30
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781438452869


Book Women, Ritual, and Power Description/Summary:

Reveals the triumphs and struggles of contemporary Christian congregations to express female imagery of God in worship. Many Christians do not know the Bible contains female images of God because they have never heard nor seen them in church. In Women, Ritual, and Power, Elizabeth Ursic gives the reader insight into four Christian communities that worship God with female imagery, both as a worship focus and a community identity. These Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Catholic congregations operate within their established church denominations and are led by either ordained Protestant ministers or vowed Catholic sisters. Because expressing God-as-She can expose strident claims for maintaining God-as-He, this book shows not only how patriarchy continues to operate in churches today, but also how it is being successfully challenged through liturgy. “Women, Ritual, and Power is an important contribution to the theological world. Elizabeth Ursic sheds light on what has enabled churches to include female images for the divine and provides multiple narratives of the negative reactions to such images. As she displays how gender is understood in Christian worship with evidence that some churches do include feminist imagery, the continuing presence of patriarchy is also revealed. The book is basically about the constructive function of the inclusion of feminine images for all. One of the main reasons we need this book is that Ursic perceives there is a much wider/larger group of Christians who would love to have more feminist images than is recognized in churches and church practices.” — Mary McClintock Fulkerson, author of Changing the Subject: Women’s Discourses and Feminist Theology


Author : Diane Passno
Publisher : Focus on the Family Pub
Release : 2000
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 1561797901


Book Feminism Description/Summary:

Diane Passno, in an insightful analysis of feminism from its roots in the church to its current state of extremism, examines where feminism went wrong, discusses what God says about the roles and rights of women, and gives hope and help to women as they face modern-day challenges.

Sex, Race, and God

Author : Susan Thistlethwaite
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2009-04-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781725225466


Book Sex, Race, and God Description/Summary:

God and the Nations

Author : Douglas John Hall,Rosemary Radford Ruether
Publisher : Minneapolis, MN : Fortress Press
Release : 1995
Category : Religion
ISBN : UOM:39015033978506


Book God and the Nations Description/Summary:

In a time of rapid change and global confusion, how are Christians to perceive God at work in history? The theme of God's presence among the nations is here addressed from different perspectives by two major theologians. Douglas John Hall explores foundational theological questions: the providence of God, the relation of global to national concerns, and the role of the church in relation to God's worldly work. Rosemary Radford Ruether raises the question of the presence of God in the context of three major crises of our times—the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, global poverty and the preferential option for the poor, and the ecological crisis.

WomanPrayer WomanSong

Author : Miriam Therese Winter
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release : 2008-07-01
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781725221994


Book WomanPrayer WomanSong Description/Summary:

Activist Faith

Author : Carol Ann Drogus,Hannah W. Stewart-Gambino
Publisher : Penn State Press
Release : 2005
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9780271025490


Book Activist Faith Description/Summary:

&"An extensive and powerful literature on religion, society, and politics in Latin America in recent years has begun with the assumption that most of the movements that surged in the struggle against military rule are dead, that most of the activists are scattered and burned out, and that the promise of civil society as a source of new values and a new kind of citizenship and political life was illusory. Many have assumed that the religiously inspired activism of that period left little lasting impact, but hardly anyone has actually looked at the activists themselves to see what remains, how they cope in a different, more open environment, and how they see and act on the present and future. Activist Faith addresses these issues with a wealth of empirical detail from two key cases and with a richly interdisciplinary argument that draws on theorizing about social movements. The authors strive to understand what sustains activism and movements in radically different circumstances from those in which they arose. Their analysis is enriched by systematic attention to the impact of gender and gender-related issues on activism and movements. In the process, they shed much needed light on the fate of the activists and social movements that rose to prominence throughout Latin America during the 1980s. This beautifully written book is a major achievement that gives us analytical tools for studying how movements and activists survive in the doldrums and when a cycle of protest peaks and societies move on.&"&—Daniel H. Levine, University of Michigan

Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century

Author : Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
Publisher : Society of Biblical Lit
Release : 2014-06-26
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781589839212


Book Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century Description/Summary:

Chart the development of feminist approaches and theories of interpretation during the period when women first joined the ranks of biblical scholars This collection of essays on feminist biblical studies in the twentieth century seeks to explore four areas of inquiry demanding further investigation. In the first section, articles chart the beginnings and developments of feminist biblical studies as a conversation among feminists around the world. The second section introduces, reviews, and discusses the hermeneutic religious spaces created by feminist biblical studies. The third segment discusses academic methods of reading and interpretation that dismantle androcentric language and kyriarchal authority. The fourth section returns to the first with work that transgresses academic boundaries in order to exemplify the transforming, inspiring, and institutionalizing feminist work that has been and is being done to change religious mindsets of domination and to enable wo/men to engage in critical readings of the Bible. Features: Essays examine the rupture or break in the malestream reception history of the Bible Exploration of the term feminism in different social-cultural and theoretical-religious locations Authors from around the world present research and future directions for research challenging the next generation of feminist interpreters

Faith of Our Foremothers

Author : Barbara Anne Keely
Publisher : Westminster John Knox Press
Release : 1997-01-01
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 0664257216


Book Faith of Our Foremothers Description/Summary:

Here are the stories of twelve women--Sophia Fahs, Hulda Niebuhr, Nelle Morton, Rachel Henderlite, Iris Cully, Norma Thompson, Olivia Pearl Stokes, Sara Little, Dorothy Jean Furnish, Freda Gardner, Letty Russell, and Maria Harris--all religious educators, all who transformed the field of religious education, some long before the contemporary feminist movement. Though the women represent different times, interests, and approaches to the discipline, they all shared a commitment to creative and enthusiastic religious education.

No Time for Silence

Author : Janette Hassey
Publisher : Christians for Biblical Equality
Release : 1986
Category : Religion
ISBN : UOM:39015016868450


Book No Time for Silence Description/Summary:

Debate over women's public ministry tends to focus on biblical and theological issues without grappling with the historical questions. Janette Hassey counters the popular but misleading claim that evangelical feminism (the movement for women's equality rooted in Scripture and evangelical Christian faith) is simply an accommodation to recent secular feminist and theologically liberal movements for women's rights. Rather, evangelical feminism in America first surfaced in the mid-nineteenth century and accelerated at the turn of the century. Those who endorsed women's public ministry were convinced that a literal approach to the Bible, and especially prophecy, demanded such leadership by women.

God's Word to Women

Author : Katharine C. Bushnell
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-02-04
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1523853492


Book God's Word to Women Description/Summary:

In this new 2016 edition, Amy Francis gives a historical review of the Biblical sources to which Kathleen Bushnell refers in her landmark analysis of the changing interpretation of the Hebrew source documents. This, and a fresh re-imagining of Bushnell's info-graphic, will assist readers in following her closely-argued case. - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - Biblical scholar, social activist, physician and missionary and linguist, Katherine Bushnell was an extraordinarily gifted and inspirational leader frequently credited with the awakening of the women's empowerment movement within the Church. In her masterpiece, God's Word to Women, she carefully argues the case that women should learn directly from the words of God, by educating themselves and taking the initiative. A timeless classic that includes her stunning chart explaining how male scholars, perhaps unintentionally, have changed their choice of words down the centuries, leaving the current English versions of the bible attributing "lust" or "desire" to women, when these sentiments may not have been in the original biblical source documents.

The British Christian Women's Movement

Author : Jenny Daggers
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2002
Category : Religion
ISBN : UOM:39015056237665


Book The British Christian Women's Movement Description/Summary:

This book presents a timely study of a neglected British Christian women's movement. Jenny Daggers charts the inception of the movement in the exciting times of the post-sixties decades, amid new currents generated in the British denominational churches, and the wider current of Women's Liberation. Focusing on Christian women's concern with the position of women in the church, this book identifies a core Christian women's theology which affirms a (rehabilitated) 'new Eve in Christ', and so contrasts with a concurrent paradigm shift taking shape in North American feminist theology. Daggers argues that this divergence is primarily due to the effect of the prolonged Church of England women's ordination debate upon the ethos of the British Christian women's movement.