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Divine Fate: The Complete Series Box Set

Author : Alicia Rades
Publisher : Crystallite Publishing
Release : 2018-05-06
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781948704045


Book Divine Fate: The Complete Series Box Set Description/Summary:

Ryn Tyler's life changed the day she killed a demon. Now she's been thrown headfirst into a magical school for angels, with the power to become their savior in the war against demons. She trains in secret with her bad boy mentor, Marek, who's hiding a troubled past. Only Ryn has the ability to end the war and save the people she loves. But Ryn's fate doesn't just concern her new home. If she fails, humanity will fall... and the very world will be at stake. ** This digital box set includes all three books in the Divine Fate trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Alicia Rades. Join the battle of angels versus demons in this complete series! The Divine Fate series is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure for young adult paranormal and urban fantasy fans. Topics: angels, demons, teen romance, young adult paranormal romance, supernatural, paranormal romance books for teen girls, young adult urban fantasy series, teen fantasy, young adult fiction, teen fiction, magic, high school, young adult angels, modern fantasy, YA paranormal books, YA paranormal fantasy, complete series, fantasy and magic, teen and young adult books, young adult fantasy, teen books, young adult paranormal series

Touched by Grace

Author : Alicia Rades
Publisher : Crystallite Publishing
Release : 2018-03-19
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9780999187265


Book Touched by Grace Description/Summary:

Fate Actually

Author : Elizabeth Hunter
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-12-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1941674615


Book Fate Actually Description/Summary:

She's an empath who's always prepared, but can she handle a supernatural storm of lies, temptation, and murder?Toni Dusi grew up knowing everyone's business and everyone knowing hers because in Moonstone Cove, you can't pass a restaurant, farm, or winery that doesn't have at least one Dusi involved. Despite her family, Toni has managed to carve out a private niche for herself. She has a car shop she loves, a country cottage all to herself, and has carefully avoided any long-term romantic commitments.Then fate handed Toni a shot of supernatural empathy that threw all that out the window of her prized vintage Mustang.Now she's feeling the mood swings of everyone from her parts guy to her reluctant crush to her second cousin going through a messy divorce. She's losing her temper, she's crying a river, and she's definitely giving in to temptation.But when the body of a longtime family rival turns up at her cousin's winery, Toni realizes her inconvenient feelings-magic has turned her into one heck of a lie detector. She and her new friends, Katherine and Megan, might be the only ones who can clear her cousin's name.When fate throws a final curveball in Toni's direction, will she drop everything with disastrous consequences? Or can a forty-one-year-old empath learn enough new tricks to keep the life she's built without sacrificing new happiness?Fate Actually is a paranormal women's fiction novel and the second book in the Moonstone Cove series by USA Today best-selling author Elizabeth Hunter.

Fate's Eyes

Author : Luke Bleckly
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2015-05-19
Category : Art
ISBN : 9781503505636


Book Fate's Eyes Description/Summary:

Some people believe that fate is predestined. That our futures are already laid out before us and we just follow it blindly, never disrupting the pre-destined path of our lives. They are wrong. There are two. And Darren can see both.

Fate of Storms

Author : Meredith Wild,Angel Payne
Publisher : Waterhouse Press
Release : 2021-05-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781642632491


Book Fate of Storms Description/Summary:

A stolen destiny. An impossible quest. Kara Valari has broken one of the underworld’s highest laws and is serving the ultimate sentence. But nothing—not even the impossible quest of breaching the boundaries of hell and facing off with Hades himself—will keep Maximus Kane from rescuing her. The journey will demand all of Maximus’s courage…and help from an unlikely guide. Driven by love, he sets off into a dark realm he only knows from the tattered pages of Dante’s Comedy. In hell’s bleak world, every part of Kara’s soul is subjected to Hades’s morbid fascination and merciless assault. Giving in to his demands means sharing the intimate details of why she dared to disobey him—a love for Maximus that, even now, burns on in her heart. Just when Kara resolves herself to an eternity of her nightmare, she discovers a glimmer of hope…a way to glimpse her beloved. Could her visions of Maximus unite them once more, or are they just another twisted punishment for her in a kingdom designed for agony? In those fleeting moments of light and passion, Kara rekindles her fight to survive. Darkness may still separate her from Maximus, but they’re connected by fate. But can their love survive this storm?

Fate, Love, and Seven Dreams

Author : MAX.C
Publisher : AUFB Studio
Release : 2014-03-22
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Fate, Love, and Seven Dreams Description/Summary:

Spiritual Picture Book, Graphic Light Novel. This book is a collection of short graphic stories regarding the fate and love found in various actual in life. Perhaps it can offer you a little guidance if you are troubled by an issue of life, fate, or love. "Modern love is always about finding each other in among people brushed by us and loving passionately with sweetness. Love gradually fades away and then becomes a little suspicious. It’s not just love. Even in work and life there is suspicion all the time." This book is an original ebook, providing you with the best reading experience.

Fate (1)

Author : Laura Sánchez Herráez
Publisher : Babelcube Inc.
Release : 2021-02-20
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781071589410


Book Fate (1) Description/Summary:

Book description: Carme and Joan come from different worlds. She has had a complicated life and, at seventeen, she is alone and with a bleak future ahead of her. He is a rookie cop but with a brilliant career to develop, with loving and supportive parents. The fate of both cross in the Barcelona streets by chance, uniting their lives remain forever. Two completely different people who feel that everything is easier if they are together. Two crossed lives that improve each other. A police unit that will start to work in spite of everything. A human trafficking case that goes beyond their borders, which is the beginning of something that they themselves do not know what implications it will have on their future or on those around them.

Fate's Warriors Trilogy

Author : J.C. Diem
Publisher : Seize The Night Agency
Release : 2022-05-16
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Fate's Warriors Trilogy Description/Summary:

This book contains the complete trilogy of the Fate's Warriors series. Note: This series contains characters from the Mortis, Shifter Squad and Hellscourge series, but it can be read as a standalone series. God of Mischief: Locked in a never-ending battle for supremacy, the balance between good and evil is approaching a climax that will determine the destiny of every living being. Advocate for Order, Fate has chosen three warriors to face the agent of Chaos; Loki. Torn from their worlds, Natalie, Lexi and Violet will embark on a multi- dimensional mission. Their task is far more than just to save their own version of Earth. This time, the stakes are much higher. Seeking revenge for being banished from Asgard, Loki has found some unlikely allies to assist him. Once he has defeated Odin and his army, he will turn his attention to Earth. With seven billion slaves to command, nothing will stop him from achieving what he has always craved; ultimate power. Fate isn’t going to make conquering Earth easy for Loki. She uses her well-honed manipulation skills to try to sway him from the dark path he’s chosen. Bianca Caldwell, a helpless mortal who knows nothing about Gods or monsters, will be drawn into the maelstrom with no hope of escape. God of Mayhem: The Shifter Squad is called back into action as Lexi, Natalie and Violet travel to the next dimension in search of their target. Lexi’s world comes under threat from the very being who created shapeshifters so long ago. Again, Loki has allied himself with the Grimgorg, but this time he has new monsters at his beck and call. Loki on the Alpha World continues to strive to keep Bianca Caldwell safe as Fate had instructed him. The girl is an unwanted burden that he wishes he could foist off onto someone else. Instead, he is stuck with her and his very future could depend on keeping her alive. Lexi and her team must once again step up to save their world, but their version of Loki has tricks at his disposal that will make things very difficult for them. They must rely on the two warriors from other realities to help them defeat their enemies. Fate chose them for a reason and they have to trust that neither of them will buckle under the pressure. God of Malice: Violet’s world has only recently recovered from being invaded, but it is now about to be subjected to an attack by aliens. Her angelic and human friends will need to step up once again to save their planet. They will be instrumental in helping Hellscourge and her fellow warriors save humanity from enslavement. Bianca has felt like a pawn ever since she fell into Loki’s arms. When Fate contacts her directly and gives her a task, she realizes her hunch is correct. Her mission is monumental and she isn’t sure that she can pull it off. For the sake of humanity, she has to do the impossible; change the mind of a god. Violet’s version of Loki has allied himself with creatures who are even more sly and treacherous than he is. His choice of partners will prove to be more of a danger than he’d anticipated, but he’d never expected the peril would be to himself.

Mercyful Fate's Don't Break the Oath

Author : Henrik Marstal
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Release : 2021-12-30
Category : Music
ISBN : 9781501354403


Book Mercyful Fate's Don't Break the Oath Description/Summary:

Upon its release, Don't Break the Oath charted fifth on the official British heavy metal album list and was supported by a two month long sold-out American tour in early 1985. The band's controversial stage appearance with burning crosses, a microphone stand formed as a cross made of two human leg bones, as well as other blasphemous rituals attracted the attention of the then newly formed PRMC (Parental Resource Music Center) committee, ironically reassuring the band its position on the charts. But though the album was hugely popular in the anglophone metal scene, it was conceived in peripheral Denmark. This book discusses the relationship between center and periphery. It juxtaposes the Anglophone reticent of heavy metal with the rather marginalized location of Copenhagen, and examines Mercyful Fate's relation to the Nordic region more generally. It also takes a close look at the methods involved in the production of King Diamond's vocals, and emphasizes the role of the vocalist as just as an important part of the over-all soundscape as the instrumental contributions.

The Chinese Philosophy of Fate

Author : Yixia Wei
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-10-19
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9789811043710


Book The Chinese Philosophy of Fate Description/Summary:

This book is based on the study of the traditional Chinese philosophy, and explores the relationship between philosophy and people’s fate. The book points out that heaven is an eternal topic in Chinese philosophy. The concept of heaven contains religious implications and reflects the principles the Chinese people believed in and by which they govern their lives. The traditional Chinese philosophy of fate is conceptualized into the "unification of Heaven and man". Different interpretations of the inter-relationships between Heaven, man and their unification mark different schools of the traditional Chinese philosophy. This book identifies 14 different schools of theories in this regard. And by analyzing these schools and theories, it summarizes the basic characteristics of traditional Chinese philosophy, compares the Chinese philosophy of fate with the Western one, and discusses the relationship between philosophy and man’s fate.

Fate Changes Destiny

Author : Roshini Ramakumar
Publisher : Educreation Publishing
Release : 2017-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Fate Changes Destiny Description/Summary:

To every girl who has fallen in true love and broken apart. Loneliness is a killer but it makes you feel who you are. It takes you up and down, drifts through past and future and makes sure you are alive. It's a constant feeling and no one can get rid of it. No matter what happens, get up and go ahead girl. Because you the best and you need to be appreciated. You are enough and You deserve to be happy and nothing else.

Fate, Providence and Moral Responsibility in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Thought

Author : Pieter d’Hoine,Gerd Van Riel
Publisher : Leuven University Press
Release : 2014-03-05
Category : Philosophy
ISBN : 9789058679703


Book Fate, Providence and Moral Responsibility in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Thought Description/Summary:

Essays on key moments in the intellectual history of the West This book forms a major contribution to the discussion on fate, providence and moral responsibility in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Early Modern times. Through 37 original papers, renowned scholars from many different countries, as well as a number of young and promising researchers, write the history of the philosophical problems of freedom and determinism since its origins in pre-socratic philosophy up to the seventeenth century. The main focus points are classic Antiquity (Plato and Aristotle), the Neoplatonic synthesis of late Antiquity (Plotinus, Proclus, Simplicius), and thirteenth-century scholasticism (Thomas Aquinas, Henry of Ghent). They do not only represent key moments in the intellectual history of the West, but are also the central figures and periods to which Carlos Steel, the dedicatary of this volume, has devoted his philosophical career.

Runaway Fate

Author : Elizabeth Hunter
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-11-27
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1941674607


Book Runaway Fate Description/Summary:

Time Travel in Popular Media

Author : Matthew Jones,Joan Ormrod
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2015-04-30
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9780786478071


Book Time Travel in Popular Media Description/Summary:

In recent years numerous films, television series, comic books, graphic novels and video games have featured time travel narratives, with characters jumping backward, forward and laterally through time. No rules govern time travel in these stories. Some characters move by machine, some by magic, others by unexplained means. Some time travelers can alter the timeline, while others are prevented from causing temporal aberrations. The fluid forms of imagined time travel have fascinated audiences and prompted debate since at least the 19th century. What is behind our fascination with time travel? What does it mean to be out of one's own era? How do different media tell these stories and what does this reveal about the media's relationship to time? This collection of new essays--the first to address time travel across a range of media--answers these questions by locating time travel narratives within their cultural, historical and philosophical contexts. Texts discussed include Doctor Who, The Terminator, The Georgian House, Save the Date, Back to the Future, Inception and Source Code.

Prim and Proper Fate

Author : Tami Lund
Publisher : Tami Lund
Release : 2022-01-20
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Prim and Proper Fate Description/Summary:

A month ago, shapeshifter Brandon Haines betrayed his pack and his Chala. The dust has settled and he knows he’s lucky to be alive. He had his reasons—and they were justified—but he’s seen the error of his ways, and he fights for the good guys now. Too bad they won’t let him forget his past mistakes. Suddenly, he’s being thrust into the challenge of his life, and he has to work with the one woman he despises most in this world; the Fate named Prim. She’s sex and candy walking, he can’t get her out of his head…and now he needs her. Because Gavin Rowan's curse has been lifted, and Prim is the only one who can re-curse him. Otherwise, Brandon's whole damn species will be annihilated. Twisted Fate Trilogy, in reading order: Of Love & Darkness Prim and Proper Fate Prisoner of Fate

Reason and Religion in Clarissa

Author : Professor E Derek Taylor
Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Release : 2013-04-28
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9781409475163


Book Reason and Religion in Clarissa Description/Summary:

What distinguishes Clarissa from Samuel Richardson's other novels is Richardson's unique awareness of how his plot would end. In the inevitability of its conclusion, in its engagement with virtually every category of human experience, and in its author's desire to communicate religious truth, E. Derek Taylor suggests, Clarissa truly is the Paradise Lost of the eighteenth century. Arguing that Clarissa's cohesiveness and intellectual rigor have suffered from the limitations of the Lockean model frequently applied to the novel, Taylor turns to the writings of John Norris, a well-known disciple of the theosophy of Nicolas Malebranche. Allusions to this first of Locke's philosophical critics appear in each of the novel's installments, and Taylor persuasively documents how Norris's ideas provided Richardson with a usefully un-Lockean rhetorical grounding for Clarissa. Further, the writings of early feminists like Norris's intellectual ally Mary Astell, who viewed her arguments on behalf of women as compatible with her conservative and deeply held religious and political views, provide Richardson with the combination of progressive feminism and conservative theology that animate the novel. In a convincing twist, Taylor offers a closely argued analysis of Lovelace's oft-stated declaration that he will not be 'out-Norris'd' or 'out-plotted' by Clarissa, showing how the plot of the novel and the plot of all humans exist, in the context of Richardson's grand theological experiment, within, through, and by a concurrence of divine energy.

Fate's Fables

Author : T. Rae Mitchell
Publisher : Original Mix Media Inc
Release : 2013-02-01
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9780991798711


Book Fate's Fables Description/Summary:

Seventeen-year-old Fate Floyd loves adventure -- as long as it's enjoyed from the comfort of her couch. So it's probably best she has no idea the future of the universe rests squarely on her shoulders. Summoned by a desperate stranger's spell in a last ditch effort to fix a colossal screw-up, Fate's cast into a secret world bound by the ancient Book of Fables to retrieve a magical object powerful enough to set everything right. The only problem is, once she's inside this savage wonderland, her only way out is to change the endings of the book's eight dark fables into their mirror opposites. Fortunately, she doesn't have to run this gauntlet alone because she meets the mysteriously familiar Finn, who's as inexplicably drawn to her as she is to him.As they endure horrors beyond imagining, Fate awakens to powers she never knew she possessed and Finn questions his very existence, while an insidious darkness changes him in frightening ways. Ultimately, Fate must confront the faceless evil concealing itself behind the eyes of her one true love or remain trapped within the Book of Fables forever.

The Fate's Chronicles Boxset

Author : Rhiannon Futch
Publisher : Rhiannon Futch
Release : 2022-03-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781955749107


Book The Fate's Chronicles Boxset Description/Summary:

Life seemed over when her husband died, but it was only just beginning. Get the completed series all in one book! Join Fate in A Vampire’s Fate and journey with her through the four other books that complete the series! A Vampire’s Fate My name is Fate. I thought my life was over when my husband died. But it was just beginning. When Devon walked into the library, I thought he was trouble wrapped in a tall, dark and handsome package. He might be the one thing saving me from the trouble left behind by my husband and his girlfriend, as the killer they hired still plans to earn her pay. A Vampire’s Treasure Who would have thought convincing your vampire lover to turn you would be so difficult? Devon was supposed to make me a vampire a century ago but I was murdered before he got the chance. Now he has all this opportunity and he keeps putting it off, I just need to figure out why. Devon is the love of my life so why do I feel pulled to Charles who just won't leave me alone? Charles comes to the library every night determined I will fall into his arms and his bed from the power of his dashing good looks alone. I want to say not a chance in hell but somehow, I find myself strangely drawn to him. I know where my heart lies, but can I follow my heart knowing that it could cost the lives of everyone around me? A Vampire’s Dream Hostage. This fool may hold Fate hostage, but that doesn’t mean she will suddenly fall at his feet. No matter how handsome he is. All she wants is to figure out how to go home without Charles killing her friends. What happened to his quiet life? Fate is hostage in Charles’s manor, and he is certain that everything will be perfect now. He’ll just hold on to Fate until she falls in love with him and forgets all about Devon. Being a vampire means that he has all the time in the world. Then Fate’s sister turns up at his door, claiming she is his reincarnated mother. Most of his accounts disappear, and Fate’s sister won’t stop trying to kill her. A Vampire’s Chase Fate is back home where she belongs but danger lurks around every corner. New abilities and a new soul bond with her former kidnapper complicate things plenty. But things really heat up when her sister escapes and vows to put an end to Fate for her mysterious benefactor. Just how much can one girl take? A Vampire’s Fight The forces working in the shadows have grown impatient and the danger surrounding Fate grows with every second that passes. Knowing that Demeter is desperate to grab her before she is fully a goddess, Fate is sticking close to home. She has plenty to occupy her there with her two mates, a foundation to get off the ground, and powers she has barely began to explore. Add an intense training schedule and trying to get to know her parents, finding things to do is the only thing she is not concerned with. With all her distractions will she find a way to stop Demeter and the Beast? Keywords: completed series, series, series starter start a new series, serial, paranormal romance series, serial romance, romance, new adult romance, romance ebook top romance reads romance fiction, top ebooks in romance, romance, steamy romance, contemporary romance, steamy romance novels, vampire romance, vampire, vampire love story, vampires, adult vampire romance series, paranormal romance witch, paranormal womens fiction, romance paranormal steamy, paranormal romance, paranormal elements, top ebooks in paranormal, paranormal, supernatural paranormal romance, paranormal romance goddess, paranormal witch romance, boxset, box set

The Selling Party

Author : Michael Granat
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release : 2014-12-16
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781460246399


Book The Selling Party Description/Summary:

Is it just another day in the life of ex-lawyer, Michael Rice, as he approaches the age of 60? To escape a situation he finds unbearable, Michael decides to sell his health food store, and contrives The Selling Party as a means to that end. But can the loose threads of his life be so easily tied together? Will he be able to get out of the bed he made, to wake up to the life he dreams of? Can his failed marriage, distant son, deceased parents, Jewish heritage, and the various and divergent strands and loves of his life be reconciled? Can he overcome his limitations, or is he but a pawn in the hands of fate? Join Michael on this adventurous, exhilarating, sometimes sad and often humorous journey over the mountains and molehills of his urban existence in Southern Ontario. Is The Selling Party fact or fiction, or merely a fantasy in Michael’s mind?