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Escaping Eleven

Author : Jerri Chisholm
Publisher : Entangled: Teen
Release : 2020-12-08
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781682815021


Book Escaping Eleven Description/Summary:

In Compound Eleven, the hierarchy of the floors is everything. My name is Eve Hamilton, and on my floor, we fight. Which at least is better than the bottom floor, where they toil away in misery. Only the top floor has any ease in this harsh world; they rule from their gilded offices. Because four generations ago, Earth was rendered uninhabitable—the sun too hot, the land too barren. Those who remained were forced underground. While not a perfect life down here, I’ve learned to survive as a fighter. Except my latest match is different. Instead of someone from the circuit, my opponent is a mysterious boy from the top floor. And the look in his eyes tells me he’s different...maybe even kind. Right before he kicks my ass. Still, there’s something about him—something that says he could be my salvation...or my undoing. Because I’m no longer content to just survive in Eleven. Today, I'm ready to fight for more than my next meal: I'm fighting for my freedom. And this boy may just be the edge I've been waiting on.

Station Eleven

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2014-09-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780385353311


Book Station Eleven Description/Summary:

An audacious, darkly glittering novel set in the eerie days of civilization’s collapse, Station Eleven tells the spellbinding story of a Hollywood star, his would-be savior, and a nomadic group of actors roaming the scattered outposts of the Great Lakes region, risking everything for art and humanity. A National Book Award Finalist A PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist Kirsten Raymonde will never forget the night Arthur Leander, the famous Hollywood actor, had a heart attack on stage during a production of King Lear. That was the night when a devastating flu pandemic arrived in the city, and within weeks, civilization as we know it came to an end. Twenty years later, Kirsten moves between the settlements of the altered world with a small troupe of actors and musicians. They call themselves The Traveling Symphony, and they have dedicated themselves to keeping the remnants of art and humanity alive. But when they arrive in St. Deborah by the Water, they encounter a violent prophet who will threaten the tiny band’s existence. And as the story takes off, moving back and forth in time, and vividly depicting life before and after the pandemic, the strange twist of fate that connects them all will be revealed. Look for Emily St. John Mandel's new novel, The Glass Hotel, available now.

As Good As Dead

Author : Stephen L. Moore
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2016-11-22
Category : History
ISBN : 9780399583575


Book As Good As Dead Description/Summary:

“[A] truly uplifting tale of deliverance from certain death . . . A deeply personal read, in which the reader is drawn into the highs and lows of the action, the tragedy, and the salvation, because Moore has so successfully drawn out the characters. . . . Compelling reading and hard to put down.”—Naval History The heroic story of eleven American POWs who defied certain death in World War II, As Good as Dead is an unforgettable account of the Palawan Massacre survivors and their daring escape. In late 1944, the Allies invaded the Japanese-held Philippines, and soon the end of the Pacific War was within reach. But for the last 150 American prisoners of war still held on the island of Palawan, there would be no salvation. After years of slave labor, starvation, disease, and torture, their worst fears were about to be realized. On December 14, with machine guns trained on them, they were herded underground into shallow air raid shelters—death pits dug with their own hands. Japanese soldiers doused the shelters with gasoline and set them on fire. Some thirty prisoners managed to bolt from the fiery carnage, running a lethal gauntlet of machine gun fire and bayonets to jump from the cliffs to the rocky Palawan coast. By the next morning, only eleven men were left alive—but their desperate journey to freedom had just begun. As Good as Dead is one of the greatest escape stories of World War II, and one that few Americans know. The eleven survivors of the Palawan Massacre—some badly wounded and burned—spent weeks evading Japanese patrols. They scrounged for food and water, swam shark-infested bays, and wandered through treacherous jungle terrain, hoping to find friendly Filipino guerrillas. Their endurance, determination, and courage in the face of death make this a gripping and inspiring saga of survival.

My Paddle to the Sea

Author : John Lane
Publisher : University of Georgia Press
Release : 2012-09-01
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9780820339771


Book My Paddle to the Sea Description/Summary:

Like Huck Finn, Lane sees a river journey as a portal to change, but unlike Twain's character, Lane isn't escaping. He's getting intimate with the river that flows right past his home in the Spartanburg suburbs. Lane's three hundred mile float trip takes his down the Broad River and into Lake Marion before continuing down the Santee River.

The Eleven

Author : Paul Gaskill
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-12-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1916134629


Book The Eleven Description/Summary:

Keira has sworn to kill the men who imprisoned and abused her as a child. REVENGE Rowan is an assassin who chooses a girl over his mission. LOVE Sirris is the first slave to ever escape the Drosaws, and the first to ever encounter a Dragon. UNDERDOG Dess is a Kyte, and his powers are beyond anything his realm has seen before. MAGIC The lives of four people will change forever as they unite to bring the rulers of the land to their knees. But will they change for the better?

The Stars Are Fire

Author : Anita Shreve
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2017-04-18
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780385350914


Book The Stars Are Fire Description/Summary:

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER From the New York Times best-selling author of The Weight of Water and The Pilot's Wife (an Oprah's Book Club selection): an exquisitely suspenseful new novel about an extraordinary young woman tested by a catastrophic event and its devastating aftermath--based on the true story of the largest fire in Maine's history In October 1947, after a summer long drought, fires break out all along the Maine coast from Bar Harbor to Kittery and are soon racing out of control from town to village. Five months pregnant, Grace Holland is left alone to protect her two toddlers when her husband, Gene, joins the volunteer firefighters. Along with her best friend, Rosie, and Rosie's two young children, Grace watches helplessly as their houses burn to the ground, the flames finally forcing them all into the ocean as a last resort. The women spend the night frantically protecting their children, and in the morning find their lives forever changed: homeless, penniless, awaiting news of their husbands' fate, and left to face an uncertain future in a town that no longer exists. In the midst of this devastating loss, Grace discovers glorious new freedoms--joys and triumphs she could never have expected her narrow life with Gene could contain--and her spirit soars. And then the unthinkable happens--and Grace's bravery is tested as never before.

A Thousand Miles to Freedom

Author : Eunsun Kim,Sébastien Falletti
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2015-07-21
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781466870888


Book A Thousand Miles to Freedom Description/Summary:

Eunsun Kim was born in North Korea, one of the most secretive and oppressive countries in the modern world. As a child Eunsun loved her country...despite her school field trips to public executions, daily self-criticism sessions, and the increasing gnaw of hunger as the country-wide famine escalated. By the time she was eleven years old, Eunsun's father and grandparents had died of starvation, and Eunsun was in danger of the same. Finally, her mother decided to escape North Korea with Eunsun and her sister, not knowing that they were embarking on a journey that would take them nine long years to complete. Before finally reaching South Korea and freedom, Eunsun and her family would live homeless, fall into the hands of Chinese human traffickers, survive a North Korean labor camp, and cross the deserts of Mongolia on foot. Now, Eunsun is sharing her remarkable story to give voice to the tens of millions of North Koreans still suffering in silence. Told with grace and courage, her memoir is a riveting exposé of North Korea's totalitarian regime and, ultimately, a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.


Author : Tom Rogers
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014-01-06
Category : September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
ISBN : 099118100X


Book Eleven Description/Summary:

"Alex Douglas always wanted to be a hero. But nothing heroic ever happened to Alex. Nothing, that is, until his eleventh birthday [which fell on September 11, 2001]. Then everything changed"--P. [4] of cover.

Close Calls

Author : Michael P. Spradlin
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Release : 2020-01-14
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781547601394


Book Close Calls Description/Summary:

Historians tell the stories of tragic and untimely presidential deaths, but often forgotten are the near misses. JFK and his fellow servicemen spent six days on a desert island with only coconuts to eat after a deadly attack during WWII. Abe Lincoln was forced to take a train trip in disguise while America's first female detective worked to foil an early assassination attempt. And when Andrew Jackson was attacked by an upset citizen who had been stalking him for months, frontiersman Davey Crockett was the one to save him. With pacy, immediate writing and including supplemental archival photographs and archival materials, this book chronicles thrilling undertold stories of U.S. presidents' moments of bravery.

Eleven Months to Freedom

Author : Dwight R. Messimer
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016-11-15
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 1682470652


Book Eleven Months to Freedom Description/Summary:

"This book is about the eleven-month odyssey of German midshipman Erich Killinger who was captured by Russia at the start of World War I. Killinger escaped the Russian POW train in Siberia, fled to China, and passed through a series of German consulates and safe houses to Shanghai. Given fake identity papers, Killinger traveled in style by ship and rail from Shanghai to Skien, Norway, via the United States. He crossed the Atlantic as a deck hand and ultimately reached Skein, Norway safely. He arrived back in Germany on 6 March 1916--eleven months after being captured."--Provided by publisher.


Author : Robison Wells
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2011-10-04
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780062026088


Book Variant Description/Summary:

Benson Fisher thought that a scholarship to Maxfield Academy would be the ticket out of his dead-end life. He was wrong. Now he’s trapped in a school that’s surrounded by a razor-wire fence. A school where video cameras monitor his every move. Where there are no adults. Where the kids have split into groups in order to survive. Where breaking the rules equals death. But when Benson stumbles upon the school’s real secret, he realizes that playing by the rules could spell a fate worse than death, and that escape—his only real hope for survival—may be impossible.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Author : Frederick Douglass
Publisher : Standard Ebooks
Release : 2020-08-31T17:49:45Z
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : PKEY:C46EC85717E5C44C


Book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Description/Summary:

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass was written in 1845, seven years after Douglass escaped slavery, and is the first of three autobiographies. It covers his life as a slave, enduring the whips of the overseers and the hopelessness of his circumstances, until his escape to the north and arrival at New Bedford, Massachusetts. The brutalities he witnessed and his slowly growing desire for freedom are presented in the vivid language he was already known for in his antislavery oration. The eloquence of Douglass’s speeches caused some skeptics to doubt his credibility, believing that a former slave with no education could never speak so well. Thus, part of his motivation for writing the book was to dispel this suspicion and to provide a fuller history than was possible in his lectures. The abolitionists William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips provided introductions vouching for the truth of Douglass’s words. The book was an immediate best seller. The fame brought danger to Douglass, who sailed for England shortly after the book’s publication to ensure he would not be apprehended as a fugitive slave. He spent two years touring and lecturing in Great Britain and Ireland before returning to America to continue his abolitionist work. English supporters raised funds to purchase his freedom from his former master. The slave narrative is an autobiographical genre written by escaped slaves concerning their lives in bondage. Slave narratives not only promoted abolitionism by giving first hand evidence of the cruelty and hypocrisy of slaveholders, but also allowed African Americans to express themselves as intelligent, articulate individuals, deserving of respect and freedom. Douglass’s Narrative is perhaps the most important example of the genre, on the basis of its literary merits and its impact on the abolitionist movement. This book is part of the Standard Ebooks project, which produces free public domain ebooks.

Orphan Eleven

Author : Gennifer Choldenko
Publisher : Wendy Lamb Books
Release : 2020
ISBN : 9780385742559


Book Orphan Eleven Description/Summary:

In 1939, after cruel treatment at her orphanage renders her mute, Lucy runs away and joins the circus, working with the elephants and unaware that the orphanage matrons are hunting for her.

Elijah of Buxton

Author : Christopher Paul Curtis
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2012-09-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780545281195


Book Elijah of Buxton Description/Summary:

Master storyteller Christopher Paul Curtis's Newbery Honor novel, featuring his trademark humor, unique narrative voice, and new cover art--now in paperback! Eleven-year-old Elijah lives in Buxton, Canada, a settlement of runaway slaves near the American border. He's the first child in town to be born free, and he ought to be famous just for that. Unfortunately, all that most people see is a "fra-gile" boy who's scared of snakes and talks too much. But everything changes when a former slave steals money from Elijah's friend, who has been saving to buy his family out of captivity in the South. Now it's up to Elijah to track down the thief--and his dangerous journey just might make a hero out of him, if only he can find the courage to get back home.

Escape from Davao

Author : John D. Lukacs
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2011
Category : History
ISBN : 9780451234100


Book Escape from Davao Description/Summary:

Documents the escape of ten American prisoners of war from a World War II Japanese prison camp in the Philippines, describing the inhumane conditions they endured and the political struggle that influenced their return home.

The Ballad of Ami Miles

Author : Kristy Dallas Alley
Publisher : Swoon Reads
Release : 2020-12-01
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781250222121


Book The Ballad of Ami Miles Description/Summary:

A teen girl on a quest to find her long-lost mother finds herself on a journey of self-discovery in Kristy Dallas Alley's moving YA debut, The Ballad of Ami Miles. Raised in isolation at Heavenly Shepherd, her family’s trailer-dealership-turned-survival compound, Ami Miles knows that she was lucky to be born into a place of safety after the old world ended and the chaos began. But when her grandfather brings home a cold-eyed stranger, she realizes that her “destiny” as one of the few females capable of still bearing children isn’t something she’s ready to face. With the help of one of her aunts, she flees the only life she’s ever known and sets off on a quest to find her long-lost mother (and hopefully a mate of her own choosing). But as she journeys, Ami discovers many new things about the world...and about herself.


Author : Jeffrey Eugenides
Publisher : Vintage Canada
Release : 2011-07-18
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780307401946


Book Middlesex Description/Summary:

Spanning eight decades and chronicling the wild ride of a Greek-American family through the vicissitudes of the twentieth century, Jeffrey Eugenides’ witty, exuberant novel on one level tells a traditional story about three generations of a fantastic, absurd, lovable immigrant family -- blessed and cursed with generous doses of tragedy and high comedy. But there’s a provocative twist. Cal, the narrator -- also Callie -- is a hermaphrodite. And the explanation for this takes us spooling back in time, through a breathtaking review of the twentieth century, to 1922, when the Turks sacked Smyrna and Callie’s grandparents fled for their lives. Back to a tiny village in Asia Minor where two lovers, and one rare genetic mutation, set our narrator’s life in motion. Middlesex is a grand, utterly original fable of crossed bloodlines, the intricacies of gender, and the deep, untidy promptings of desire. It’s a brilliant exploration of divided people, divided families, divided cities and nations -- the connected halves that make up ourselves and our world.

Escaping the Chaos Within

Author : Nancy Mercurio
Publisher : Wellness Institute, Inc.
Release : 2001-09
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 1587410885


Book Escaping the Chaos Within Description/Summary:

This is the story of one woman's journey into healing. Typical of the modern woman, Nancy Mercurio was a wife, a mother, owned and operated one business, was co-owner of a second, taught three classes per semester at a community college PLUS took classes to complete her master's degree. She was over-extended and overwhelmed. Added to her career stresses, Nancy had undergone eleven surgeries and was placed in a full body cast twice, once for nine months. She had also been physically and mentally abused, married and divorced, was a single parent, and had lost both brother and roommate in tragic deaths. Her life was one of inner chaos. This book is about Nancy Mercurio's escape from the chaos within. With the health of a Naturopathic Physcician, Nancy slowed down, re-established her priorities, developed a healthy eating habit, and improved physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. In this book, Nancy she her experience and offers helpful suggestions for the mordern working woman obsessed with getting ahead. Interesting and helping reading.

Escape from the Overworld

Author : Danica Davidson
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2015-01-06
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781634501040


Book Escape from the Overworld Description/Summary:

?Minecraft spills into the real world ?Funny and exciting, two kids team up to save two worlds ?Classic good vs. evil story perfect for readers aged 7 to 12 ?Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Pokemon GO ?From the publisher of The Quest of the Diamond Sword and Battle of the Nether Imagine a world where your favorite video game and your average day at school collide. That’s what Stevie and Maison discover shortly after Stevie escapes the Minecraft world and slips into ours. Neither Stevie nor Maison feel at home in their own worlds. Stevie was just exploring when he stumbled into our world, but it opened the way for all sorts of Minecraft mayhem. Now these kids must work together to save both worlds—and themselves. More and more creatures are slipping out by the second, wreaking havoc on a world that has no idea how to handle zombies, creepers, giant spiders, and the like. Stevie and Maison must put their heads together and use their combined talents in order to push the zombies back into Minecraft, where they belong. As Stevie and Maison’s worlds become more combined, their adventure becomes intense and even more frightening than they could have ever imagined. Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

So Far from the Bamboo Grove

Author : Yoko Kawashima Watkins
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 1994-05-24
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780688131159


Book So Far from the Bamboo Grove Description/Summary:

In the final days of World War II, Koreans were determined to take back control of their country from the Japanese and end the suffering caused by the Japanese occupation. As an eleven-year-old girl living with her Japanese family in northern Korea, Yoko is suddenly fleeing for her life with her mother and older sister, Ko, trying to escape to Japan, a country Yoko hardly knows. Their journey is terrifying—and remarkable. It's a true story of courage and survival that highlights the plight of individual people in wartime. In the midst of suffering, acts of kindness, as exemplified by a family of Koreans who risk their own lives to help Yoko's brother, are inspiring reminders of the strength and resilience of the human spirit.