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Economic Growth and Social Reproduction

Author : United Nations Women
Publisher : United Nations
Release : 2015-09-30
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9789213614440


Book Economic Growth and Social Reproduction Description/Summary:

This work develops a set of regimes that link structures of economic growth with those of social reproduction. These regimes are then linked to groups of countries organized by economic structure and level of development to evaluate the macroeconomic consequences of a decline in gender inequality in the labour market. Social reproduction is defined in terms of the time and money it takes to produce, maintain and invest in the labour force, so it includes both paid and unpaid care work. The analytical emphasis is on how the distributions of production and reproduction among women, men, the state and capital determine investment and growth and how gender inequality is both cause and consequence of these relationships.

Power, Production and Social Reproduction

Author : S. Gill,I. Bakker
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2003-09-30
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780230522404


Book Power, Production and Social Reproduction Description/Summary:

Written by leading authorities from Europe, the Americas and Asia, this path-breaking work develops an innovative and original theorization of global political economy. Whilst most approaches theorize global political economy from the perspectives of power and production or states and markets, this work argues that what feminists call social reproduction is a more basic framework, upon which most forms of power and production, and states and markets, must necessarily rest. By combining Feminist and Radical Political Economy with Critical International Studies, the volume explores how global transformations of states, growth in the power of capital, and extension of market values and market forces in everyday life, all affect the security of the majority of the population, and the reproduction of communities and societies. The book shows how public and private forms of power regulate three main aspects of social reproduction: biological reproduction; reproduction of labour power; and social practices connected to caring and provisioning of human needs.

Social reproduction, economic growth, and environmental sustainability in the era of restrictive immigration and integration policies

Author : Leticia Tusemererwa
Publisher : GRIN Verlag
Release : 2019-10-30
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9783346046505


Book Social reproduction, economic growth, and environmental sustainability in the era of restrictive immigration and integration policies Description/Summary:

Academic Paper from the year 2019 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Miscellaneous, grade: B, Lund University (Department of Political Science), course: Social Policy and Economic Performance, language: English, abstract: The 2015 Swedish restrictive TIP on the limitation to permanent residence permit and family reunification has gained much critics and applauds. Critisms on health, social integration, and labour market participation of actual focus groups, and applauds on its economic boost in terms of reducing strains on the welfare system and number of refugees. The economic and social significances of the policy are evident. Therefore, looking at it through the lens of social reproduction and economic production, and integrating the environment aspect will offer extended insights on the policy issue at hand. However, there is limited research on the 2015 temporary restrictive immigration policies as a form of social integration policy in relation to how they address or not social reproduction and economic production, and the environment thus making it an interesting field to study. This paperwork fills up the gap and introduce immigration and integration as an area of study in social policy and economic performance. Also, focusing on social reproduction in relation to restrictive immigration and integration policy, consents focus and understandings on the question of refugees making, maintenance, production and reproduction abilities within the atmosphere of restrictive immigration and integration policy. Moreover, the paper will contribute with insights on how restrictive immigration and integration policies, as a certain form of social policy, can address or not refugees and immigrant’s social reproduction, boost or not boost economic growth, and impact the environment

Social Reproduction

Author : Antonella Picchio
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1992-10-22
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 0521418720


Book Social Reproduction Description/Summary:

This book focuses on the relationship between the process of producing commodities and the process of social reproduction of the labouring population, and seeks to restore that problematic relationship to the central place it had in the analysis of Smith, Ricardo, and Marx.

Social Reproduction and the City

Author : Simon Black
Publisher : University of Georgia Press
Release : 2020-07-15
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780820357539


Book Social Reproduction and the City Description/Summary:

The transformation of child care after welfare reform in New York City and the struggle against that transformation is a largely untold story. In the decade following welfare reform, despite increases in child care funding, there was little growth in New York’s unionized, center-based child care system and no attempt to make this system more responsive to the needs of working mothers. As the city delivered child care services “on the cheap,” relying on non-union home child care providers, welfare rights organizations, community legal clinics, child care advocates, low-income community groups, activist mothers, and labor unions organized to demand fair solutions to the child care crisis that addressed poor single mothers’ need for quality, affordable child care as well as child care providers’ need for decent work and pay. Social Reproduction and the City tells this story, linking welfare reform to feminist research and activism around the “crisis of care,” social reproduction, and the neoliberal city. At a theoretical level, Simon Black’s history of this era presents a feminist political economy of the urban welfare regime, applying a social reproduction lens to processes of urban neoliberalization and an urban lens to feminist analyses of welfare state restructuring and resistance. Feminist political economy and feminist welfare state scholarship have not focused on the urban as a scale of analysis, and critical approaches to urban neoliberalism often fail to address questions of social reproduction. To address these unexplored areas, Black unpacks the urban as a contested site of welfare state restructuring and examines the escalating crisis in social reproduction. He lays bare the aftermath of the welfare-to-work agenda of the Giuliani administration in New York City on child care and the resistance to policies that deepened race, class, and gender inequities.

Social Reproduction, Solidarity Economy, Feminisms and Democracy

Author : Christine Verschuur,Isabelle Guérin,Isabelle Hillenkamp
Publisher : Springer Nature
Release : 2021-09-06
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9783030715311


Book Social Reproduction, Solidarity Economy, Feminisms and Democracy Description/Summary:

This book contributes to timely debates on the conditions of resistance and changes with the aim to offer a ray of hope in times of ecological, economic, social and democracy crisis worldwide. In the context of the crisis of social reproduction, impoverishment and growing inequalities, myriads of women-led grass-root initiatives are bubbling up. They reorganize social reproduction; redefine the meaning of work and value; explore new ways of doing economics and politics; construct solidarity-driven social relationships and combat their subordination. In doing so, these initiatives challenge the patriarchal, financialized and dehumanizing capitalist system and offer transformative, sustainable paths for feminist social change. Drawing on fine-grained ethnographies in Latin America and India, this book sheds light on women’s daily struggles, their difficulties, contradictions, fragilities, and also their successes and achievements. This book seeks to inspire activists, researchers and policy-makers in the field of feminism and solidarity economy to contribute to amplifying the movement, which rests on the articulation of the various initiatives.

The Secret Life of Cities

Author : Helen Jarvis,Andy C. Pratt,Peter Cheng-Chong Wu
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2016-07-01
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781317904540


Book The Secret Life of Cities Description/Summary:

Contemporary urbanisation has two faces: global flows of people, money and information, and that of localised social and economic disparities. Recent research has focused on the headlines of global cities as control centres of the world economy, and social and economic shock waves that have raged through cities and regions, but less attention has been paid to the secret life of cities, and the changing nature of everyday life in the wake of such changes.This book challenges current research and policy agendas recommending spatial concentration and relocation as a solution to the problems of environmental sustainability and social dislocation. Instead, this book highlights the key linkages between social and environmental problems, it argues that neither are likely to be resolved with a simple spatial fix. The book draws attention to local contexts of contemporary urbanisation emphasising consideration of policy making from the perspective of the household as a key unit of analysis in identifying links between labour and housing markets, transport and leisure.This book draws upon detailed household interviews about the daily experience of life in a global city. It illustrates the dilemmas and solutions that people routinely find in order to go on in their lives. It shows that these local fixes that are managed at the level of the household work in spite of, and sometimes against, existing policies aimed at sustainability. It concludes that policy making needs to be radically overhauled in order to address the integrated nature of people's everyday lives.

Care Extractivism and the Reconfi guration of Social Reproduction in Post-Fordist Economies

Author : Christa Wichterich
Publisher : kassel university press GmbH
Release : 2019-04-29
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9783737606325


Book Care Extractivism and the Reconfi guration of Social Reproduction in Post-Fordist Economies Description/Summary:

This paper suggests the concept of care extractivism as a space- and time-diagnostic tool to international political economics in post-fordist societies. Analogous to resource extractivism, care extractivism depicts the intensified commodification of social reproduction and care work along social hierarchies of gender, class, race and North-South as a strategy to cope with a crisis of social reproduction. Extractivist policies result in the creation of a cheap reproductive labour force. The paper analyses the current national and transnational reconfiguration of social and biological reproduction in Germany / Western Europe interacting with Eastern Europe and Asia. Currently, the most striking features of care extractivism are a) professionalisation for efficiency increase, b) transnationalisation based on import of care workers, and c) transnationalisation of biological reproduction based on reproductive technologies. The contradiction between the rationale of care and the neoliberal capitalist market logic results in frequent care struggles such as the protests of hospital nurses against the depletion of care resources. The politisation of care by the protesting care workers asks for giving preference to the care economy as a common good over care as a commodity.

Theory as Critique: Essays on Capital

Author : Paul Mattick
Publisher : BRILL
Release : 2018-06-14
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9789004366572


Book Theory as Critique: Essays on Capital Description/Summary:

In Theory as Critique, Paul Mattick explores the structure of the argument in Marx’s Capital in order to explain its applicability to the society we live in.

The Global Crisis and Transformative Social Change

Author : Peter Utting,Shahra Razavi,Rebecca Varghese Buchholz
Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan
Release : 2012-03-02
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780230297821


Book The Global Crisis and Transformative Social Change Description/Summary:

Global crises not only impact the economy and people's livelihoods, they also unsettle basic ideas and assumptions about the meaning and drivers of development. This collection of theoretical and empirical studies contributes to the global debate about the substance and politics of policy change three years into the 2007/8 crisis. It examines the challenges and dynamics involved from the perspective of development and developing countries. In doing so it engages with some of the most pressing and contested issues. To what extent does the crisis provide an opportunity for moving away from the doctrines and policies that reinforced inequality and vulnerability? What new directions in policy, especially social policy, are required, and are developing countries moving in such directions? Are social forces and political coalitions supportive of transformative change able to mobilize? While the political underpinnings of policy change conducive to social reform - contestation, social mobilization and coalition politics - are energized in the context of crises, the nature of demands and the responsiveness of elites can vary considerably.

Beyond States and Markets

Author : Isabella Bakker,Rachel Silvey
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2012-08-21
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781135972387


Book Beyond States and Markets Description/Summary:

Seeking to extend our understanding of the contemporary global political economy, this book provides an important and original introduction to the current theoretical debates about social reproduction and argues for the necessity of linking social reproduction to specific contexts of power and production. It illustrates the analytic value of the concept of social reproduction through a series of case studies that examine the implications of how labor power is reproduced and how lives outside of work are lived. The issues examined in countries including the Ukraine, Chile, Spain, Nepal, India and Indonesia, consist of: Human trafficking and sex work Women and work Migration, labor and gender inequality Micro-credit programs and investing in women Health, biological reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies The book lends a unique perspective to the understandings of transformation in the global political economy precisely because of its simultaneous focus on the caring and provisioning of the everyday and its relationships to policies and decisions made at the national and international levels of both formal and informal institutions. With its multi-disciplinary approach, this book will be indispensable to students and scholars of International Political Economy, Development Studies, Gender or Women’s Studies, International Studies, Globalization and International Relations.

The Future of the Capitalist State

Author : Bob Jessop
Publisher : Blackwell Publishing
Release : 2002-12-30
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 0745622739


Book The Future of the Capitalist State Description/Summary:

Offers a radical interpretation of welfare regimes and their likely future development. Bob Jessop explores interrelated aspects of all capitalist welfare regimes, including the forms, modes of governance, scales, and specific policies pursued in support of economic growth and social reproduction.

Forces of Reproduction

Author : Stefania Barca
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release : 2020-11-26
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9781108871471


Book Forces of Reproduction Description/Summary:

The concept of Anthropocene has been incorporated within a hegemonic narrative that represents 'Man' as the dominant geological force of our epoch, emphasizing the destruction and salvation power of industrial technologies. This Element will develop a counter-hegemonic narrative based on the perspective of earthcare labour – or the 'forces of reproduction'. It brings to the fore the historical agency of reproductive and subsistence workers as those subjects that, through both daily practices and organized political action, take care of the biophysical conditions for human reproduction, thus keeping the world alive. Adopting a narrative justice approach, and placing feminist political ecology right at the core of its critique of the Anthropocene storyline, this Element offers a novel and timely contribution to the environmental humanities.

New Frontiers in Feminist Political Economy

Author : Shirin M. Rai,Georgina Waylen
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-11-07
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781134649204


Book New Frontiers in Feminist Political Economy Description/Summary:

This volume brings together the work of outstanding feminist scholars who reflect on the achievements of feminist political economy and the challenges it faces in the 21st century. The volume develops further some key areas of research in feminist political economy – understanding economies as gendered structures and economic crises as crises in social reproduction, as well as in finance and production; assessing economic policies through the lens of women’s rights; analysing global transformations in women’s work; making visible the unpaid economy in which care is provided for family and communities, and critiquing the ways in which policy makers are addressing ( or failing to address) this unpaid economy.

Feminist Theory

Author : Martha E. Giménez
Publisher : BRILL
Release : 2018-10-25
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9789004291560


Book Feminist Theory Description/Summary:

In Marx, Women and Capitalist Social Reproduction, Martha E. Gimenez advances a theory of social reproduction which, dialectically, views it as determined by production and as a space for the emergence of political struggles and - potentially - critical forms of consciousness.

Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care

Author : Christine Bauhardt,Wendy Harcourt
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2018-12-07
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781317301929


Book Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care Description/Summary:

This book envisages a different form of our economies where care work and care-full relationships are central to social and cultural life. It sets out a feminist vision of a caring economy and asks what needs to change economically and ecologically in our conceptual approaches and our daily lives as we learn to care for each other and non-human others. Bringing together authors from 11 countries (also representing institutions from 8 countries), this edited collection sets out the challenges for gender aware economies based on an ethics of care for people and the environment in an original and engaging way. The book aims to break down the assumed inseparability of economic growth and social prosperity, and natural resource exploitation, while not romanticising social-material relations to nature. The authors explore diverse understandings of care through a range of analytical approaches, contexts and case studies and pays particular attention to the complicated nexus between re/productivity, nature, womanhood and care. It includes strong contributions on community economies, everyday practices of care, the politics of place and care of non-human others, as well as an engagement on concepts such as wealth, sustainability, food sovereignty, body politics, naturecultures and technoscience. Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care is aimed at all those interested in what feminist theory and practice brings to today’s major political economic and environmental debates around sustainability, alternatives to economic development and gender power relations.

The Dialectic of Capital (2 vols.)

Author : Thomas Sekine
Publisher : BRILL
Release : 2020-07-13
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9789004384828


Book The Dialectic of Capital (2 vols.) Description/Summary:

This book endeavours to show what capitalism logically is all about. Too much has been talked about without its real identity exposed, or even meant to be exposed.

Social Reproduction

Author : Meg Luxton,Kate Bezanson
Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Release : 2006-10-02
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9780773531031


Book Social Reproduction Description/Summary:

Using a feminist political economy approach, contributors document the impact of current socio-economic policies on states, markets, households, and communities. Relying on impressive empirical research, they argue that women bear the costs of and responsibility for care-giving and show that the theoretical framework provided by feminist analyses of social reproduction not only corrects the gender-blindness of most economic theories but suggests an alternative that places care-giving at its centre. In this illuminating study, they challenge feminist scholars to re-engage with materialism and political economy to engage with feminism.