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Don't Make a Sound

Author : T. R. Ragan
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Release : 2020-05-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542093872


Book Don't Make a Sound Description/Summary:

Her own past could be a reporter's biggest story in this twisting thriller about murder and family secrets by the New York Times bestselling author T.R. Ragan. Plagued by traumatic childhood memories, crime reporter Sawyer Brooks still struggles to gain control of her rage, her paranoia, and her life. Now, after finally getting promoted at work, she is forced to return home and face her past. River Rock is where she'd been abandoned by her two older sisters to suffer alone, and in silence, the unspeakable abuses of her family. It's also where Sawyer's best friend disappeared and two teenage girls were murdered. Three cold cases dead and buried with the rest of the town's secrets. When another girl is slain in a familiar grisly fashion, Sawyer is determined to put an end to the crimes. Pulled back into the horrors of her family history, Sawyer must reconcile with her estranged sisters, who both have shattering memories of their own. As Sawyer's investigation leads to River Rock's darkest corners, what will prove more dangerous--what she knows of the past or what she has yet to discover?

Don't Make a Sound

Author : David Jackson
Publisher : Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
Release : 2018-05-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781785763977


Book Don't Make a Sound Description/Summary:

'Incredibly chilling. A contender for THRILLER OF THE YEAR' Fiona Cummins, bestselling author of Rattle 'A FAST-PACED and DARKLY DISTURBING thriller' Clare Mackintosh, bestselling author of Let Me Lie and I See You You can't choose your family. Or can you? Meet the Bensons. They're an ordinary couple. They wash their car, mow their lawn and pass the time of day with their neighbours. And they have a beautiful little girl called Daisy. There's just one problem. SHE'S NOT THEIRS. D. S. Nathan Cody is about to face his darkest and most terrifying case yet . . . See what everyone is saying about DON'T MAKE A SOUND... 'A MIND-BLOWING, HEAD-RATTLING, whirlwind of a thriller. David Jackson is the king of 'just-one-more-chapter'. I bloody LOVED it' Joanna Cannon, Sunday Times bestselling author 'Damn, Don't Make a Sound was good. Tore through it in two days. CREEPY, CHILLING . . . Perfect!' Caz Frear, bestselling author of Sweet Little Lies 'Jackson catapults himself into the top echelons of crime fiction with Don't Make a Sound. This book is going to be a talking point for years to come' Luca Veste, author of The Bone Keeper 'OMG what a brilliant read! Hardly breathed the whole way through! LOVED this book!' Samantha Hayes, bestselling author of The Reunion 'One of the most DISTURBING, FRIGHTENING crime novels I've read in a long time' Martyn Waites 'OMG this book! Don't Make a Sound started off CREEPY then became so TENSE that I barely breathed from the middle to the end' Susi Holliday 'Bloody CREEPY and absolutely GRIPPING. Another hit from a chap who really knows how to fill his inkwell with our deepest fears' David Mark 'I haven't read a book in one sitting in a long time but Don't Make a Sound REDEFINES GRIPPING. And that twist at the end! Bravo!' Chris Whitaker, award-winning author of TALL OAKS 'Excellent. Such a page-turner' G. J. Minett 'A parent's nightmare. A cop's worst fear. Jackson doesn't mince his words when it comes to dark and disturbing' Mel Sherratt 'A beautifully wrought thriller that had the kid in me cowering beneath the bed covers. One of the best thrillers of my year' CJ Carver 'Disturbing subject matter, expertly handled & well executed. If you like your tension drip-fed, this one's for you' Mari Hannah 'A chilling slice of Suburban Gothic that KEPT ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT. Lock all your doors because, trust me, you're never going be able to look at your neighbours the same way again' Mark Hill

I Just Don't Like the Sound of No!

Author : Julia Cook
Publisher : Boys Town Press
Release : 2018-01-23
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 9781545721483


Book I Just Don't Like the Sound of No! Description/Summary:

‘NO’ is RJ’s least favorite word . . . and he tries his best to convince his dad, his mom, and his teacher to turn “No” into “Maybe” or “We’ll see” or “Later” or “I’ll think about it.” Author Julia Cook helps K-6 readers laugh and learn along with RJ as he understands the benefits of demonstrating the social skills of accepting “No” for an answer and disagreeing appropriately. Tips for parents and educators on how to teach and encourage kids to use these skills are included in the book. I Just Don’t Like the Sound of NO! is another in the BEST ME I Can Be! series of books from the Boys Town Press that teach children social skills.

Why Red Doesn't Sound Like a Bell

Author : J. Kevin O'Regan
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release : 2011-08-01
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9780199777471


Book Why Red Doesn't Sound Like a Bell Description/Summary:

The book starts by analyzing the problem of how we can see so well despite what, to an engineer, might seem like horrendous defects of our eyes. An explanation is provided by a new way of thinking about seeing, the "sensorimotor" approach. In the second part of the book the sensorimotor approach is extended to all sensory experience. It is used to elucidate an outstanding mystery of consciousness, namely why, unlike today's robots, humans actually can feel things. The approach makes predictions and opens research avenues, among them the phenomena of change blindness, sensory substitution, and "looked but failed to see", as well as results on color naming and color perception and the localisation of touch on the body.

I Don't Sound Like Nobody

Author : Albin Zak
Publisher : University of Michigan Press
Release : 2012-10-04
Category : Music
ISBN : 9780472035120


Book I Don't Sound Like Nobody Description/Summary:

A definitive study of the most important decade in post-World War II popular music history

Don't Make a Sound

Author : David Jackson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-11
Category : Family secrets
ISBN : 1785763903


Book Don't Make a Sound Description/Summary:

Meet the Bensons. A pleasant enough couple. They keep themselves to themselves. They wash their car, mow their lawn and pass the time of day with their neighbours. And they have a beautiful little girl called Daisy. There's just one problem. Daisy doesn't belong to the Bensons. They stole her. And now they've decided that Daisy needs a little brother or sister. D.S. Nathan Cody is about to face his darkest and most terrifying case yet.


Author : Brian Selznick
Publisher : Scholastic
Release : 2015-09-03
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781407166551


Book Wonderstruck Description/Summary:

Ben's story takes place in 1977 and is told in words. Rose's story in 1927 is told entirely in pictures. Ever since his mother died, Ben feels lost. At home with her father, Rose feels alone. When Ben finds a mysterious clue hidden in his mother's room, and when a tempting opportunity presents itself to Rose, both children risk everything to find what's missing. Rich, complex, affecting and beautiful, WONDERSTRUCK is a staggering achievement from a uniquely gifted artist.

Not a Sound

Author : Heather Gudenkauf
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2017-05-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781460396650


Book Not a Sound Description/Summary:

A shocking discovery and chilling secrets converge in this gripping novel from New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf When a tragic accident leaves nurse Amelia Winn deaf, she loses everything that matters—her job, her husband, David, and her stepdaughter, Nora. Now, two years later and with the help of her hearing dog, Stitch, she is finally getting back on her feet. But when she discovers the body of a fellow nurse in the dense bush by the river, deep in the woods near her cabin, she is plunged into a disturbing mystery that could shatter the carefully reconstructed pieces of her life all over again. As clues begin to surface, Amelia finds herself swept into an investigation that hits all too close to home. But how much is she willing to risk in order to uncover the truth and bring a killer to justice? And don’t miss Heather’s latest book, AN OVERNIGHT GUEST! You’ll be chilled and riveted from start to finish with this story of an unexpected visitor and a deadly snowstorm! Check out these other riveting novels of suspense by bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf: The Weight of Silence These Things Hidden One Breath Away Little Mercies Missing Pieces Before She Was Found This is How I Lied

Don't Tickle the Bear!

Author : Sam Taplin
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-07
Category : Bears
ISBN : 1474976751


Book Don't Tickle the Bear! Description/Summary:

You mustn't tickle the bear, or it might growl at you... but it's hard to resist that fluffy touchy-feely patch! This hilarious book has four touchy-feely patches which make a sound when you press them (bear, eagle, moose and wolf), along with holes in the pages and a musical finale.

Don't Tickle the Pig

Author : Sam Taplin
Publisher : Touchy-feely sound books
Release : 2021-02-26
Category : Board books
ISBN : 1474981321


Book Don't Tickle the Pig Description/Summary:

Don't tickle the pig or you might make it oink! but that touchy-feely patch is ever so tempting! Little children will love pressing the touchy-feely patches to hear the animal sounds in this hilarious and charming book. Combines touchy-feely patches with sounds and holes in the pages to create a fun and amusing experience for little children. A musical finale features all the animals being noisy at once.

Who Makes the Sound?

Author : Karen Mack
Publisher : Publishamerica Incorporated
Release : 2008-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1606108522


Book Who Makes the Sound? Description/Summary:

This book is a fun and interactive way to teach children about sounds and who is making the sound.

A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound

Author : John Irving
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2004
Category : Bedtime
ISBN : 0747572933


Book A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound Description/Summary:

When a child hears a noise in the night he gets up to investigate. He calls his father to help him and they work through all the things that the 'noise' could be, eventually realising that it is nothing to be scared of. An empowering book about over coming ones fears handled with brilliant originality by John Irving and Tatjana Hauptmann.

The Foley Grail

Author : Vanessa Theme Ament
Publisher : CRC Press
Release : 2014-04-03
Category : Art
ISBN : 9781135021702


Book The Foley Grail Description/Summary:

Master classic and cutting-edge Foley techniques that will allow you to create rich, convincing sound for any medium, be it film, television, radio, podcasts, animation, or games. In The Foley Grail, Second Edition award-winning Foley artist Vanessa Theme Ament teaches you how Foley is designed, crafted, and edited for any project, right down to the nuts and bolts of spotting, cueing, and performing sounds. Various renowned sound artists provide a treasure trove of shortcuts, hot tips, and other tricks of the trade. This new edition features: Entirely new chapters dedicated to Foley in games, television, broadcasting, and animation, as well as what is new in sound for media education All new sound "recipes" that include proven Foley methods you can immediately use on your own projects New case studies from well-known films, shows, games, and animations Interviews with current sound artists from across the globe An extensive companion website ( featuring video demonstrations of Foley artists at work, video tutorials of specific Foley techniques, lectures from the author, and much more

Don't Touch the Lion! BB

Author : Sam Taplin
Publisher : Touchy-feely sound books
Release : 2019-11-14
Category : Animal sounds
ISBN : 1474968724


Book Don't Touch the Lion! BB Description/Summary:

You mustn't touch the lion, or you might make it roar... but that touchy-feely patch is just too tempting! When you stroke each touchy-feely patch in this exciting new novelty series, you'll hear the animal make a sound. At the end of the book, you'll find all of the animals being noisy at once. Illustrations: Full colour throughout

Where the Sky Meets the Ocean and the Air Tastes Like Metal and the Birds Don't Make Sound

Author : Mike Kleine,Dan Hoy
Publisher : Trnsfr Books
Release : 2021-07-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1735572721


Book Where the Sky Meets the Ocean and the Air Tastes Like Metal and the Birds Don't Make Sound Description/Summary:

Fiction. Poetry. African & African American Studies. Detectives Michael and Daniel must try to solve a murder on planet Earth. The victim may or may not be named Jane from Yesterday. And the Man of One Thousand Years, cult leader of the Architects of Q'Noor, may or may not be responsible. As Michael and Daniel hurl themselves inexorably toward a final confrontation with the Man of One Thousand Years through a dreamlike landscape of exploding cacti, cultists, centaurs, spells, river gorgons, lobster enthusiasts, and undulating portals activated by prayer, they collide with a succession of randos and adversaries--Vampyre King, Man with Face Like Fire, Qyumoo'un, Eater of Dreams, Excalibur, Prince Al-Wajeed, and dozens more--sparing few in their frenzied quest for the truth."It's as if Richard Brautigan and Derek McCormack rewrote Collateral to make it a buddy film in which reality is constantly in the process of collapsing. Weird and wonderful and playful, this is the detective novel on acid."--Brian Evenson"This book is a quest, a doorway, a surrealist play--I don't know what the hell to call it, which is why I can't recommend it enough. You've never read anything else that's fun like this is fun."--Amber Sparks

Never Make A Sound

Author : Fanen Chiahemen
Publisher : Awakened Press
Release : 2021-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1989134157


Book Never Make A Sound Description/Summary:

A young girl growing up in a turbulent family setting creates a secret inner world to escape her toxic environment. Emotionally neglected, confused and dislocated, she begins to exhibit erratic behaviour, and while the adults around her are unable to respond with love, her fantasy activity intensifies, sowing the seeds of alienation and a distorted self-image. Keenly observant, knowing and adaptive, she is driven to seek help despite the obstacles in her way, eventually finding the courage to take her first steps towards uncovering the truth. Told through the eyes of a child in a suite of stories and poetry, this memoir is a raw, intimate journey of a young girl finding a way to survive in an impossible situation. A true story of resilience and the strength of the human spirit.

Peppa Pig Ding! Dong! Let's Play!

Author : Mark (CRT) Baker
Publisher : Phoenix
Release : 2017-05
Category : Board books
ISBN : 1503721574


Book Peppa Pig Ding! Dong! Let's Play! Description/Summary:

Ring the doorbell and find out who comes to Peppa Pig's rainy day picnic! 5 additional buttons bring the story to life with fun sounds, and the voice of Peppa and her friends! Matching words with pictures and sounds enhances reading comprehension, and engages young readers at story time.

Out of Her Mind

Author : T. R. Ragan
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Release : 2020
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542093902


Book Out of Her Mind Description/Summary:

A string of copycat crimes leads a reporter down a terrifying path in a heart-stopping thriller by New York Times bestselling author T.R. Ragan. Crime reporter Sawyer Brooks still grieves for the family she and her two sisters never had. Raised in a house of horrors, they continue to fight through the trauma--releasing their rage by seeking justice for those who are just as vulnerable as they were. When a little girl's bones are unearthed in Sacramento's Land Park and twelve-year-old Riley Addison disappears, solving these cases becomes an obsession for Sawyer--one that puts her job at risk. Yet she can't turn back, and the deeper Sawyer's investigation goes, the darker it gets. A psychopath is on the loose and has been trolling Sacramento for years--hiding in plain sight behind a motherly facade. The more Sawyer persists, the closer she gets to a disturbing place reminiscent of her own terrorized childhood. With time running out, Sawyer will risk anything to save Riley from the dark. But the killer will do anything to keep her there.

I Heard a Sound

Author : David J. Ward
Publisher : Holiday House
Release : 2020-07-28
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9780823437047


Book I Heard a Sound Description/Summary:

Learn the science of sound with easy experiments and examples from everyday life. Crickets, clarinets, and vocal chords. All vibrate. All make sound. Here is science learning at it's best: a kid-friendly, accessible text, with bold, retro-styled illustrations, and hands-on experiments you can try at home! Using everyday items like straws, balloons, rulers, and wax paper, readers can: • See how sound can pass through a string • Use four straws to hear high and low sounds • Show how vocal chords work • Use wax paper to see sound vibrate • Learn how sound waves work And much more! A glossary is included in the back of the book. A Junior Library Guild Selection

The Sound of Music Story

Author : Tom Santopietro
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2015-02-17
Category : Performing Arts
ISBN : 9781466870598


Book The Sound of Music Story Description/Summary:

On March 2, 1965, "The Sound of Music" was released in the United States and the love affair between moviegoers and the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was on. Rarely has a film captured the love and imagination of the moviegoing public in the way that "The Sound of Music" did as it blended history, music, Austrian location filming, heartfelt emotion and the yodeling of Julie Andrews into a monster hit. Now, Tom Santopietro has written the ultimate "Sound of Music" fan book with all the inside dope from behind the scenes stories of the filming in Austria and Hollywood to new interviews with Johannes von Trapp and others. Santopietro looks back at the real life story of Maria von Trapp, goes on to chronicle the sensational success of the Broadway musical, and recounts the story of the near cancellation of the film when the "Cleopatra" bankrupted 20th Century Fox. We all know that Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer played Maria and Captain Von Trapp, but who else had been considered? Tom Santopietro knows and will tell all while providing a historian's critical analysis of the careers of director Robert Wise and screenwriter Ernest Lehman, a look at the critical controversy which greeted the movie, the film's relationship to the turbulent 1960s and the super stardom which engulfed Julie Andrews. Tom Santopietro's "The Story of 'The Sound of Music'" is book for everyone who cherishes this American classic.