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The Homeowner's Energy Handbook

Author : Paul Scheckel
Publisher : Storey Publishing, LLC
Release : 2013-04-29
Category : House & Home
ISBN : 9781603428477


Book The Homeowner's Energy Handbook Description/Summary:

Are you looking for creative ways to lower your energy costs, generate more of your own power, or become less reliant on the grid? Paul Scheckel offers practical advice for taking matters into your own hands. Explaining the fundamentals of solar, wind, water, and biofuel energy production, Scheckel shows you how to build and maintain a wide variety of energy-saving and energy-producing equipment, ranging from thermosiphon solar hot water collectors to bicycle-powered generators. Use less energy, save money, and help preserve the environment.


Author : Danielle Ellison
Publisher : Entangled: Teen
Release : 2014-01-07
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781622663484


Book Salt Description/Summary:

Penelope is a witch, part of a secret society protecting humans from demon attacks. But when she was a child, a demon killed her parents—and stole her magic. Since then, she's been pretending to be something she's not, using her sister's magic to hide her own loss and prevent being sent away. When she's finally given the chance to join the elite demon-hunting force, Penelope thinks that will finally change. With her sister's help, she can squeeze through the tests and get access to the information she needs to find "her" demon. To take back what was stolen. Then she meets Carter. He's cute, smart, and she can borrow his magic, too. He knows her secret—but he also has one of his own. Suddenly, Penelope's impossible quest becomes far more complicated. Because Carter's not telling her everything, and it's starting to seem like the demons have their own agenda...and they're far too interested in her.

Secrets Exposed

Author : Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher : Julie Patra Publishing
Release : 2014-06-14
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Secrets Exposed Description/Summary:

Her enemy is her passion, her passion is her enemy... Lindsey Paxton was once the number one defense attorney in New York. She fought for those who were innocent, but charged. Her instincts were her lifeline, never failing her, as they guided her in her choices of who to defend. Or so she thought. Until she won a case she would forever wish to have lost. Her client, an accused rapist, kills and rapes a woman only a day after being set free. Destroyed by her role in the woman's death, Lindsey blames her father's controlling ways for what she has become, and runs from her career and life. Years later - the past becomes the present . . . ​Her father has cancer, and Lindsey is forced to leave her career with the Washington branch of the FBI. She finds herself facing the responsibility of running her father's law firm with the reluctant help of hotshot attorney Mark Reeves, a man who sparks her temper while also managing to tempt her heart, while setting her body on fire! With his help she finds herself fighting the emotional battles of the past, tempted to trust both him and her instincts. Now, faced with a case inherited from her father so similar to her career-ending one, she now must decide if her instincts will lead her down the path to saving an innocent man or setting free another killer. But while she fights her own battles, someone watches, wanting from the past what he had failed to get the first time . . . Lindsey.


Author : Neil Hunter
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2019-04-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781796000412


Book Thunderbird Description/Summary:

This story takes us back to the 1990s where our hero Tex is starting university and making new friends. Like most teenagers he doesn't know what life holds in store for him. Tex is having a hard time distinguishing life between his past and future. Can he finish university, or are the temptations around him going to derail his future? By the end of the story this is a tale not to be forgotten. Bold and insightful, Thunderbird is sure to become a bestseller.

Wylder Hearts

Author : Kim Turner
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press Inc
Release : 2020-12-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781509234691


Book Wylder Hearts Description/Summary:

Caleb Holt is the man to see for a good horse. Abuse an animal and he'll teach the lesson that goes with it. When he lands on top of a woman in the midst of a brawl and snags a passionate kiss, he sparks a fire he never expected. But it doesn't take the cowboy long to learn a lesson of his own… sometimes love comes with a price. Seamstress Laurel Adams is embarrassed by Caleb's stolen kiss. Though she is determined to raise her son alone, she wonders at the ease of falling for the handsome horseman. But when the husband who abandoned her returns, there is only one choice to make—the one that breaks her heart into tiny pieces.

The Flip

Author : K.L. Montgomery
Publisher : Mountains Wanted Publishing
Release : 2017-07-20
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book The Flip Description/Summary:

Andrew and Sonnet hated each other in high school. Always rivals for the best grades and top academic honors, there was no love lost between these two nerds after graduation. Ten years later, they've both been named heirs to property in Bethany Beach, Delaware, after the passing of its owner, Penelope Vaughn. Ms. Vaughn was Andrew's Great Aunt and Sonnet's beloved next door neighbor growing up. The quaint beach cottage needs serious work before going on the market. Andrew and Sonnet are both willing to bury the hatchet in exchange for drills and saws, especially since they stand to make a pretty penny with the beachfront property, which will finance Drew's dream of opening a business and Sonnet's plan to earn her doctorate in astrophysics. But when they face a multitude of home improvement obstacles, will these two former adversaries be able to pull off a successful flip? Or did Great Aunt Penny have something else in mind with her bequest? The Flip is Book 2 in the Romance in Rehoboth Series, where the ladies are strong and independent, and the men are actually nice guys. These delightful romantic comedies are set against the backdrop of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware's top vacation destination. Make sure to check out Book 1, Fat Girl. Book 3 will be out in 2018!

Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills

Author : Angus Grogono,Colin Hart
Publisher : Hodder Education
Release : 2018-10-08
Category : Study Aids
ISBN : 9781510422223


Book Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills Description/Summary:

Exam board: Cambridge Assessment International Education Level: A-level Subject: Thinking Skills First teaching: September 2018 First exams: Summer 2020 Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to provide full support of the syllabus for examination from 2020. Improve problem solving and critical thinking skills for studies and life beyond the classroom, while ensuring full coverage of the Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills syllabus (9694). - Focus on creative problem-solving with a clear model demonstrating how to assess the problem, choose and implement the appropriate strategy and give the answer. - Improve your critical thinking skills through a meticulous and rigorous approach to analysing, evaluating and constructing arguments and forming well-reasoned judgments - Prepare for further study and life beyond the classroom with advice and guidance from experienced authors. - Consolidate learning with a range of problems, exercises and examination-style questions. Available in this series: Student Textbook (ISBN 9781510421899) Student eTextbook (ISBN 9781510422230) Whiteboard eTextbook (ISBN 9781510422247) Teaching & Learning Resources (ISBN 9781510424203)


Author : Theodore Dreiser
Publisher : e-artnow
Release : 2018-11-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9788027243396


Book THE TITAN Description/Summary:

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Sometime after being released from prison, Frank Cowperwood invests in stocks subsequent to the Panic of 1873, and becomes a millionaire. He decides to move out of Philadelphia and start a new life in the West. He moves to Chicago with his mistress Aileen and his attorney is finally able to persuade his first wife to agree to a divorce. Frank decides to take over the street-railway system. He bankrupts several opponents with the help of political allies. Meanwhile, Chicago society finds out about his past in Philadelphia and they turn on him, and after being unfaithful many times, Aileen eventually loses faith in him.

Foul Ball

Author : Amber Kuhlman
Publisher : Amber Kuhlman
Release : 2022-08-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Foul Ball Description/Summary:

Macie I expect Jayce Gregory to be an entitled college athlete when I agree to tutor him. Instead, he is kind, hardworking, and handsome. I long to feel his touch, his lips on mine. And before I can think twice, I’m falling for him, and things have never felt so right. Just as I begin to believe in a happily ever after, I am diagnosed with leukemia. Jayce is too special to me to put him through such an ordeal and derail his baseball career. Breaking up with him is a decent thing to do, but it's easier said than done … especially when true love prevails. Jayce I have never been interested in dating, especially since most girls only want to date college athletes, not the real people underneath the jersey. My life changed when I meet Macie, my private tutor. This sassy, sweet, and gorgeous woman rocks my world and teaches me what true love is. When it's my turn to support Macie, she pushes me away. Unfortunately for her, I've already made up my mind. Macie can count on me to stand by her side until the very end, whether she likes it or not. If she goes down, I’ll go down with her.

The Ranger's Reunion Threat

Author : Lara Lacombe
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2020-03-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781488063978


Book The Ranger's Reunion Threat Description/Summary:

Can two exes survive long enough to have a second chance at love? Wyatt Spalding was the first man Isabel Cruz ever loved. She figured moving away cured her of her passion for him, but now that she’s back home, she knows better. And Isabel needs Wyatt’s help to find out who’s threatening her and her family. Sparks from their past and present fly as they investigate, but Isabel and Wyatt must take down a murderous monster to save the Cruz clan.

The Last Ride

Author : J.R. Roberts
Publisher : Speaking Volumes
Release : 2022-07-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781645400219


Book The Last Ride Description/Summary:

ONE WAY TICKET What's worse than baby-sitting a venomous, hell-born serial murderer is having two of the deranged killers to guard. Clint's latest assignment is escorting David Trask and John Redwater to another jail in Tombstone—where they're to pay the price for their cold-blooded crimes. But even that dark prospect and the shackles on their wrists don't stop them from stirring up trouble on the train. The Gunsmith is going to have to show them that he won't be taken for a ride—and make sure that this one is their last...

Depends on Who's Asking

Author : Lani Lynn Vale
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020
Category : Man-woman relationships
ISBN : 9798566449982


Book Depends on Who's Asking Description/Summary:

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...nope. No. Nuh-uh. That’s a lie. The moment that Caro wakes up, she knows that she’s not alone. One thump-thump from the living room and she quickly moves into action. One 9-1-1 call later, and she’s ready to defend herself. Only, she gets more than she bargains for when she steps out into her living room and comes face to face with a living, breathing nightmare. And isn’t it just fitting that the man that saves her by coming down the chimney with a large black gun in his hand is named Saint Nicholas? *** It seemed like the start of a bad joke. Saint Nicholas comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve night, but he isn’t there to bear gifts. He’s there to take out the trash. When he lands on his silent feet, he has no other choice but to put himself in harm’s way. One look at Caro’s terrified face, and he can’t stop himself. He steps in just as the bullets start flying, saving the damsel in distress and taking a bullet to the shoulder for his trouble. But one thing he can say is, heroes always win the girl. And Caro is the best Christmas miracle of all.

Castles in the Air

Author : Catherine Grace Frances Gore
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1847
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : BSB:BSB10746630


Book Castles in the Air Description/Summary:

Conspiracy of Silence

Author : Jerry McWhorter
Publisher : FriesenPress
Release : 2014-05-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781460231357


Book Conspiracy of Silence Description/Summary:

It has been 50 years since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and yet, mysteries still remain. Contrast to what history leads us to believe, Lee Harvey Oswald was only a patsy in a multi-layered plan. So what do Charles Nicoletti, James Earl Files, and the infamous mobster, John Gotti, have to do with this dastardly plot? As a 13-year-old boy recollects witnessing the assassination of President Kennedy, he paints a clearer picture of what actually unfolded that fateful day in Dallas.

Planning and Organizing Personal and Professional Development

Author : Chris Sangster
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2017-07-05
Category : Business & Economics
ISBN : 9781351910934


Book Planning and Organizing Personal and Professional Development Description/Summary:

Chris Sangster’s book is a practical, step-by-step guide to personal and professional development that covers the strategy, techniques and philosophy behind the process. Lifelong learning, the shift from trainer-centred delivery to learner-centred development and the opportunities provided by new technologies, place considerable onus on individuals to take responsibility for their own learning. This guide will help trainers and facilitators to enable learners to do just that. There are, at least, three different participants involved in any meaningful and sustainable process of personal development at work - the learner, his or her line manager and mentor(s), and the training (or development support) function. Chris Sangster provides a route map for each of these three roles. He offers a simple, compelling triangular model to illustrate the interaction of each and places particular emphasis on ’learning outcomes’ - as opposed to inputs, focusing attention and objective measurement on learning that manifests itself through application, achievement and changes in behaviour. Whether you are looking for a complete and holistic process for developing your people or a highly readable guide to unravelling the myths of development - such as the confusion between personal and professional development - this book has it all.

Gender and Sexuality Diversity in a Culture of Limitation

Author : Tania Ferfolja,Jacqueline Ullman
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2020-05-10
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781351666046


Book Gender and Sexuality Diversity in a Culture of Limitation Description/Summary:

Gender and Sexuality Diversity in a Culture of Limitation provides an outstanding and insightful critique of the ways that contemporary education is impacted by a range of political, social and cultural influences that inform the approaches that schools take in relation to gender and sexuality diversity. By applying feminist poststructural and Foucauldian frameworks, the book examines the ongoing impact of broader socio-cultural discourse on the lives of gender and sexuality diverse students and teachers. Beginning with an overview of the impact of how a culture of limitation is realised in Australia, the focus moves beyond this context to examine state and federal policies from comparable societies in countries including the USA and the UK and their effect on the production of knowledges and what’s permissible to include in educational curriculum. This research-driven book thus provides a comparative, international overview of the current state of gender and sexuality diversity in schools, and convincingly demonstrates that despite some empowerment of gender and sexuality diverse individuals, silencing and marginalization remain powerful forces. This book will be of great interest to graduate and postgraduate students, academics, professionals, and policy makers interested in the field of gender and sexuality in education. It is essential reading for those involved in pre-service and in-service teacher education, diversity education, the sociology of education, as well as education more generally.

After the Door Opened

Author : Gary Pisarski,Pisarski Gary
Publisher : Nightengale Press
Release : 2007-03-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781933449388


Book After the Door Opened Description/Summary:

In the end his was just another of the one or more murders that occur in Chicago every day; one more sudden ending resulting from lives meshing together, rubbing and bumping into one another in the daily struggle to survive. This is the story of Frank McKay, a troubled detective laboring against the background of the failure and mistakes of his own life. While he pursues the truth in the murder of Damon Grayson, the unexpected opportunity is placed in front of him to resolve his worries over money?and he must decide whether salvaging the remaining good cop in him is worth continuing the anguish in his life. And by the time the last page is read, this will become a story that asks the question of what was the motive for what happened after the door opened. What are the human emotions strong enough to push one to take another?s life? Was it love spurned? Betrayal? Money? Revenge? Hate?And when you believe you have the answer, and after you say ?Ah hah?I know?, gaze into a mirror at the image looking into and beyond the color of your eyes, and think again.Think again.

Are Social Security Changes Working?

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging. Subcommittee on Retirement Income and Employment
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1989
Category : Social security
ISBN : PSU:000015453099


Book Are Social Security Changes Working? Description/Summary:

Crystal Sage

Author : Kara Dalkey
Publisher : Roc
Release : 1999
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0451456408


Book Crystal Sage Description/Summary:

Two housecleaners discover that their client, a musicologist working on her masters thesis, has been transformed into a guitar thanks to her interference with an ancient Celtic power, and seek the help of Brian Amadan, a mysterious elven lord, to help restore her before it is too late. Original.