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Creative Care

Author : Anne Basting
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2020-05-19
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 9780062906199


Book Creative Care Description/Summary:

A MacArthur Genius Grant recipient pioneers a radical change in how we interact with older loved ones, especially those experiencing dementia, as she introduces a proven method that uses the creative arts to bring light and joy to the lives of elders. In Creative Care, Anne Basting lays the groundwork for a widespread transformation in our approach to elder care and uses compelling, touching stories to inspire and guide us all—family, friends, and health professionals—in how to connect and interact with those living with dementia. A MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, Basting tells the story of how she pioneered a radical change in how we interact with our older loved ones. Now used around the world, this proven method has brought light and joy to the lives of elders—and those who care for them. Here, for the first time, everyone can learn these methods. Early in her career, Basting noticed a problem: today’s elderly—especially those experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s— are often isolated in nursing homes or segregated in elder-care settings, making the final years of life feel lonely and devoid of meaning. To alleviate their sense of aloneness, Basting developed a radical approach that combines methods from the world of theater and improvisation with evidence-based therapies that connect people using their own creativity and imagination. Rooted in twenty-five years of research, these new techniques draw on core creative exercises—such as “Yes, and . . .” and “Beautiful Questions.” This approach fosters storytelling and active listening, allowing elders to freely share ideas and stories without worrying about getting the details “correct.” Basting’s research has shown that these practices stimulate the brain and awaken the imagination to add wonder and awe to patients’ daily lives—and provide them a means of connection, both with the world and with those caring for them. Creative Care promises to bring light and hope to a community that needs it most.

The Creative Arts in Dementia Care

Author : Jill Hayes
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release : 2011-03-15
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 0857002511


Book The Creative Arts in Dementia Care Description/Summary:

The physical care of people with dementia is of vital importance, but so too is their emotional, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The creative arts are gaining increasing recognition not only as a tool for delivering effective person-centred dementia care, but also for attending to soul as well as body. Encouraging those who care for people with dementia to develop their own creative skills, this book provides a creative map of care with easy-to-follow examples and detailed case studies. After explaining why adopting a creative approach is central to effective dementia care, the authors go on to discuss meditation, singing, movement and storytelling, describing the therapeutic benefits of each and giving practical examples of how they can be used with individuals or groups. They also look at the importance of creative supervision in promoting creativity and creating a safe space for honest interpersonal connection: an essential foundation for effective teamwork. This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the care of a person with dementia, including professional staff in residential and nursing homes, hospitals and day centres, families and other non-professional carers.

Family Child Care Homes

Author : Linda J. Armstrong
Publisher : Redleaf Press
Release : 2011-07-22
Category : Education
ISBN : 9781605543376


Book Family Child Care Homes Description/Summary:

Create a warm and inviting place where children feel at home. Discover the many ways your home can provide comfortable places where children love to learn and love to be. Filled with no- and low-cost ideas, this book demonstrates many unique and practical possibilities for your home's indoor and outdoor spaces. Chapters are packed with colorful photographs and provide examples and tips for designing learning zones, selecting items, organizing materials, and more. Checklists, resources, and questions are included to help you evaluate your setting, implement changes, and create a place that feels like a second home to the children in your care.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Author : Eric J. Topol
Publisher : Basic Books (AZ)
Release : 2012
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780465025503


Book The Creative Destruction of Medicine Description/Summary:

A professor of medicine reveals how technology like wireless internet, individual data, and personal genomics can be used to save lives.

Creative Care

Author : Ariadne (ari) Albright
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-07-29
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9798615043741


Book Creative Care Description/Summary:

Ari is a visual artist, arts educator, and arts in health consultant. This book is based on her experiences in bringing studio practices into healthcare settings and how artists looking for career opportunities to serve their community and those in vulnerable health can do the same. Written for the hands-on audience, this book includes necessary terminology, materials use and safety as well as project development for the emerging, mid and career artists and creative types.

The Journey and Promise of African American Preaching

Author : Kenyatta R. Gilbert
Publisher : Fortress Press
Release : 2011-04
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781451412536


Book The Journey and Promise of African American Preaching Description/Summary:

The Journey and Promise of African American Preaching is a constructive effort to examine the historical contributions of African American preaching, the challenges it faces today, and how it might become a renewed source of healing and strength for at-risk communities and churches. --from publisher description

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life

Author : Marissa Mullen
Publisher : Dial Press
Release : 2020
Category : COOKING
ISBN : 9780593157596


Book That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life Description/Summary:

"Chances are, you love cheese. It's delicious, indulgent, and never lets you down--it's everything you could want in comfort food. How many of us haven't spent an evening blissed out with a wedge of brie and a glass of wine? Creator of the Instagram sensation @ThatCheesePlate Marissa Mullen takes cheese to a whole new level with her gorgeous, show-stopping cheese plates. With her simple step-by-step Cheese by Numbers method, she breaks down the cheese plate into its basic components--cheese, meat (aka the Salami River), produce, crunch, dips, garnish--and shows you how to recreate these beautiful spreads for any occasion, whether it's a dinner party, a book club gathering, wine nights with friends, or your classy Netflix binge. But cheese plates aren't just the greatest snack ever created. They're also an important form of self-care. (Think of the zen art of making sand mandalas, or flower arranging--but you can eat the results.) This Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life celebrates the ways in which cheese brings people together, and how just crafting a cheese plate can be a meditative act that lets us tap into our creativity. With over 50 easy-to-make yet showstopping cheese plates, this book will teach you how to relax, enjoy, and indulge--and let cheese spark joy"--

The Creative Arts in Palliative Care

Author : Nigel Hartley,Malcolm Payne
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release : 2008-05-15
Category : Medical
ISBN : 1846428025


Book The Creative Arts in Palliative Care Description/Summary:

Use of the arts in palliative care settings is a powerful and effective way of addressing the practical, psychological, social and spiritual issues faced by service users in end-of-life care. The Creative Arts in Palliative Care uncovers the possibilities for using the creative arts and provides guidance on how to implement arts projects successfully. Part 1 focuses on designing objectives for the creative arts in palliative care - such as self-fulfilment, social participation, diversion from pain and other common symptoms - and managing creative arts services. Part 2 demonstrates the theory and principles in practice, with detailed case studies: each chapter draws on a real-life project, the approaches it employed and the outcomes achieved. This book will be essential reading for healthcare professionals, arts practitioners and all those involved in providing palliative care services.

The Book of Me

Author : Michael O'Mara Books
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-01-10
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1782439226


Book The Book of Me Description/Summary:

Through creative exercises and mini-journals, discover your unique, multi-faceted self. With short introductory narratives, and trigger headings to provoke thought, creativity and self-awareness, The Book of Me is a celebration of individuality and a chance to take stock of your life, your dreams and goals, and reflect on what's truly important to you. It is also a soothing guide to self-compassion and kindness, and a journal to reference now and in the future for maintaining well-being and self-care. Through free expression, words and pictures, and inspired by the vibrant full color illustrations, really get to know yourself in this beautifully designed and illustrated creative journal.

Creative Approaches in Dementia Care

Author : Hilary Lee,Trevor Adams
Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education
Release : 2011-05-09
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9780230344501


Book Creative Approaches in Dementia Care Description/Summary:

A practical introduction to the use of the arts in dementia care. Based on experience, the book provides clear guidance on how to employ a variety of innovative techniques including art, music and dance therapies, to promote the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of people with dementia.

Art Therapy in Palliative Care

Author : Mandy Pratt,Michele Wood
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2015-11-17
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 9781317725244


Book Art Therapy in Palliative Care Description/Summary:

This book provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the practice and results of art therapy in palliative care. It includes first-hand accounts from both therapists and clients in a variety of palliative care settings including:- * hospices and hospitals * patients own homes * prisons (AIDS patients) * adolescent griefwork groups These case studies include examples of client art work and illustrate clearly how art therapy can allow patients to regain feelings of control over their lives.

Free from Addiction

Author : Morteza Khaleghi, PhD,Constance Loizos
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2008-09-30
Category : Psychology
ISBN : 0230615422


Book Free from Addiction Description/Summary:

Addiction invades every region and demographic in the United States, affecting more than 23 million Americans and putting families though a heartbreaking cycle of recovery and relapse. Many people give up and never find the right treatment that will enable them to break free of their addiction forever. Offering a radical new approach, clinical psychologist Dr. Morteza Khaleghi argues that the vast majority of drug and alcohol addiction is driven by an emotional trauma. A pioneer of the dual diagnosis recovery program, he treats the body for chemical dependency while simultaneously ministering to the emotional block that serves as a trigger for relapse. A regular advisor on the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Khaleghi has mapped out recovery plans for thousands of patients and their families. Well-known facilities such as Hazelden, Sierra Tucson, and the Betty Ford Center refer their toughest cases to him, looking to his vast experience and high rate of success. In this groundbreaking book, he teaches you the methods that have made him the therapist that other therapists turn to for advice. Families will learn how to • Recognize addictive behavior • Plan and stage effective interventions • Work on the family dynamics that enable addiction Patients will learn to • Become self aware about addictive behavior • Identify the emotional trauma that is at the heart of nearly every addiction • Detect early signs of relapse and take preemptive measures Drawing on over 20 years of experience healing patients, Dr. Khaleghi's insightful, nurturing and-- above all--breakthrough book is geared to anyone looking for help with dependency and to the spouses, parents, children, and friends who bear the brunt of this damaging disease. Free from Addiction will redefine addiction treatment and provide new hope to all those embarking on recovery.

Creative Integrative Medicine

Author : Paul Drouin
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release : 2014-08-19
Category : Medical
ISBN : 9781452518442


Book Creative Integrative Medicine Description/Summary:

A family tragedy—the loss of his youngest brother at age eighteen from an osteosarcoma of the skull—triggered Dr. Drouin’s interest in studying medicine. Unsatisfied with the model of healing he encountered in medical school, he explored many other models of medicine that eventually led him to practice what is now called integrative medicine. He soon realized that for these complementary medicines to be accepted and integrated into our health care system, they must be scientifically recognized and become part of the curriculum in medical schools. The entire foundation of our approach to health and disease must be redefined through a deeper understanding of reality as described by quantum physics. Dr. Drouin’s initial quest has evolved into the creation of a medical and natural medicine curriculum that embraces this new paradigm of healing and the foundation of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (Quantum University). The cost of an incomplete model of understanding in medicine has enormous consequences in the management of chronic and mind-related disease. Creative integrative medicine addresses the real questions and offers a solution to the present crisis in health care. “Dr. Paul Drouin is a true hero for writing this long overdue book. Finally, people are being told the truth about health, healing, and alternative treatments. This book has sound scientific proof to empower you back to true ‘health’ care instead of ‘sick’ care. Read and learn.” —Joe Dispenza, DC, New York Times best-selling author of You Are the Placebo and Evolve Your Brain

Creative Care Imagination Kit

Author : Anne Basting
Publisher : HarperOne
Release : 2021-06-02
Category : Family & Relationships
ISBN : 0062993038


Book Creative Care Imagination Kit Description/Summary:

A tested, proven way to foster imaginative and story-based activities among diverse groups and families, especially caretakers of loved ones and those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's, from pioneering researcher Anne Basting, the author of Creative Care and a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient. Based on Basting's twenty-five years of research, this "imagination kit" makes it easy for families, friends, and caregivers to make meaningful connections with elders and others dealing with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges, including memory loss. The Creative Care Imagination Kit contains: 15 cards of Beautiful Questions/Thoughtful Actions: Each card poses one "Beautiful Question" on the front side, a question that fosters conversation without relying on the quality of one's memory or knowledge. The flip side includes follow-up questions or instructions to maximize the fun and build deeper bonds through thoughtful actions. 15 cards of Story Prompts: Each card features a picture to jumpstart a group story-creation exercise. The Imagination Kit Journal: A notebook with a letter of introduction from Basting, instructions, and spaces to record sessions as a keepsake. The Creative Care Imagination Kit sparks conversation and encourages active listening, allowing all ages to freely share ideas and stories without worrying about getting the details "correct." Basting's years of research have shown that these practices stimulate the brain and awaken the imagination, adding wonder and awe not only to the daily lives of those with dementia but to all family members, and provides them with a means of connection and communication. A simply joyful way for families and groups to play together, The Creative Care Imagination Kit invites users to shift from the expectation of memory to the freedom of imagination.

Individualized Dementia Care

Author : Joanne Rader,Elizabeth M. Tornquist
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1995
Category : Medical
ISBN : UOM:39015034412091


Book Individualized Dementia Care Description/Summary:

This book is a guide to understanding, preventing and redirecting difficult behaviors associated with dementia. It presents a framework for assessing behaviors and creating successful individualized approaches, which are designed to reduce or eliminate the use of physical restraints and inappropriate psychoactive medications. The authors emphasize the importance of examining the environment to see how it may be creating difficult behaviors and how it can be altered to reduce or eliminate them. The book is designed to meet the new federal practice standards mandated by OBRA. Nurses, social workers, nursing home administrators, activities directors, and students of gerontology will find this a valuable resource.

Air Plant Care and Design

Author : Ryan Lesseig,Meriel Lesseig
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2016-08-16
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 9781680991567


Book Air Plant Care and Design Description/Summary:

Air plants, also known as tillandsia, are some of the easiest plants to grow, which helps explain why they’re popping up in stores across the country and appearing in magazines, on blogs, and all over Pinterest. The amazing thing about air plants is that they use their roots to anchor themselves to an object, which allows them to grow in a variety of locations naturally. This flexibility of growth makes air plants ideal for decoration of home and office. While air plants are known for being easy to grow, they still do need attention to survive and live a healthy life. If taken care of, tillandsia will live for several years and will even provide “pups” for additional years of enjoyment! Authors Meriel and Ryan Lesseig are air plant enthusiasts who turned their passion into profit with Air Plant Design Studio, an e-commerce site that sells all things air plants. Here they share tips for properly caring for air plants as well as inspiration and instruction for a myriad of ways to use air plants to enhance your space or event, including air plant wedding bouquets, wall art, terrariums, wreaths, and more. Air plants can enhance the design of any space, big or small. This beautiful, inspiring, and practical guide is the perfect introduction to the wacky, hip, gorgeous world of air plants.

Forget Memory

Author : Anne Davis Basting
Publisher : JHU Press
Release : 2009-11-01
Category : Health & Fitness
ISBN : 9780801896491


Book Forget Memory Description/Summary:

Bold, optimistic, and innovative, Basting's cultural critique of dementia care offers a vision for how we can change the way we think about and care for people with memory loss.