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Confessions of a Bookseller

Author : Shaun Bythell
Publisher : Godine+ORM
Release : 2020-04-07
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781567926675


Book Confessions of a Bookseller Description/Summary:

A funny memoir of a year in the life of a Scottish used bookseller as he stays afloat while managing staff, customers, and life in the village of Wigtown. Inside a Georgian townhouse on the Wigtown highroad, jammed with more than 100,000 books and a portly cat named Captain, Shaun Bythell manages the daily ups and downs of running Scotland’s largest used bookshop with a sharp eye and even sharper wit. His account of one year behind the counter is something no book lover should miss. Shaun drives to distant houses to buy private libraries, meditates on the nature of independent bookstores (“There really does seem to be a serendipity about bookshops, not just with finding books you never knew existed, or that you’ve been searching for, but with people too.”), and, of course, finds books for himself because he’s a reader, too. The next best thing to visiting your favorite bookstore (shop cat not included), Confessions of a Bookseller is a warm and welcome memoir of a life in books. It’s for any reader looking for the kind of friend you meet in a bookstore. Praise for Shaun Bythell and Confessions of a Bookseller “Something of Bythell’s curmudgeonly charm may be glimpsed in the slogan he scribbles on his shop’s blackboard: “Avoid social interaction: always carry a book.” —The Washington Post “Bythell’s wicked pen and keen eye for the absurd recall what comic Ricky Gervais might say if he ran a bookshop.” —The Wall Street Journal “Irascibly droll and sometimes elegiac, this is an engaging account of bookstore life from the vanishing front lines of the brick-and-mortar retail industry. Bighearted, sobering, and humane.” —Kirkus Reviews “Amusing and often cantankerous stories [that] bibliophiles will delight in, and occasionally wince at.” —Publishers Weekly

Confessions of a Curious Bookseller

Author : Elizabeth Green
Publisher : Center Point
Release : 2021-04
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1643588753


Book Confessions of a Curious Bookseller Description/Summary:

Without question, Fawn Birchill knows that her used bookstore is the heart of West Philadelphia, a cornerstone of culture for a community that, for the past twenty years, has found the quirkiness absolutely charming. When an amicable young indie bookseller invades her block, Fawn is convinced that his cushy couches, impressive selection, coffee bar, and knowledgeable staff are a neighborhood blight. Misguided yet blindly resilient, Fawn readies for battle.

The Diary of a Bookseller

Author : Shaun Bythell
Publisher : Melville House
Release : 2018-09-04
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781612197258


Book The Diary of a Bookseller Description/Summary:

A WRY AND HILARIOUS ACCOUNT OF LIFE AT A BOOKSHOP IN A REMOTE SCOTTISH VILLAGE "Among the most irascible and amusing bookseller memoirs I've read." --Dwight Garner, New York Times "Warm, witty and laugh-out-loud funny..."—Daily Mail The Diary of a Bookseller is Shaun Bythell's funny and fascinating memoir of a year in the life at the helm of The Bookshop, in the small village of Wigtown, Scotland—and of the delightfully odd locals, unusual staff, eccentric customers, and surreal buying trips that make up his life there as he struggles to build his business . . . and be polite . . . When Bythell first thought of taking over the store, it seemed like a great idea: The Bookshop is Scotland's largest second-hand store, with over one hundred thousand books in a glorious old house with twisting corridors and roaring fireplaces, set in a tiny, beautiful town by the sea. It seemed like a book-lover's paradise . . . Until Bythell did indeed buy the store. In this wry and hilarious diary, he tells us what happened next—the trials and tribulations of being a small businessman; of learning that customers can be, um, eccentric; and of wrangling with his own staff of oddballs (such as ski-suit-wearing, dumpster-diving Nicky). And perhaps none are quirkier than the charmingly cantankerous bookseller Bythell himself turns out to be. But then too there are the buying trips to old estates and auctions, with the thrill of discovery, as well as the satisfaction of pressing upon people the books that you love . . . Slowly, with a mordant wit and keen eye, Bythell is seduced by the growing charm of small-town life, despite —or maybe because of—all the peculiar characters there.

The Confessions of Max Tivoli

Author : Andrew Sean Greer
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release : 2007-04-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 0374706301


Book The Confessions of Max Tivoli Description/Summary:

Today Show Book Club Pick An extraordinarily haunting love story told in the voice of a man who appears to age backwards We are each the love of someone's life. So begins The Confessions of Max Tivoli, a heartbreaking love story with a narrator like no other. At his birth, Max's father declares him a "nisse," a creature of Danish myth, as his baby son has the external physical appearance of an old, dying creature. Max grows older like any child, but his physical age appears to go backward--on the outside a very old man, but inside still a fearful child. The story is told in three acts. First, young Max falls in love with a neighborhood girl, Alice, who ages as normally as any of us. Max, of course, does not; as a young man, he has an older man's body. But his curse is also his blessing: as he gets older, his body grows younger, so each successive time he finds his Alice, she does not recognize him. She takes him for a stranger, and Max is given another chance at love. Set against the historical backdrop of San Francisco at the turn of the twentieth century, Max's life and confessions question the very nature of time, of appearance and reality, and of love itself. A beautiful and daring feat of the imagination, Andrew Sean Greer's The Confessions of Max Tivoli reveals the world through the eyes of a "monster," a being who confounds the very certainties by which we live and in doing so embodies in extremis what it means to be human.

A Novel Bookstore

Author : Laurence Cossé
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2010-08-31
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781609459161


Book A Novel Bookstore Description/Summary:

A devotee of Stendhal who has shunned the company of his fellow human beings to live on the outskirts of a tiny village in Savoy is kidnapped and left for dead along a forest road. A middle-aged mother who spends much of her time shuttling her numerous offspring along twisting mountain roads loses control of her car and ends up injured but alive in a gorge. Meanwhile, an elderly man of unbreakable habits is taunted and threatened by two unknown men while on his morning walk along the cliffs of Brittany. Mystery abounds but A Novel Bookstore is no everyday mystery. The victims here are not members of the underworld, toughs or thugs, but mild, meek and apparently ordinary people. In the eyes of their aggressors, they are guilty of only one crime: expressing their tastes in literature. Indeed, all three victims are members of The Good Novel's secret selection committee. Tucked away in a corner of Paris, The Good Novel bookstore offers its clientele literary masterpieces, both contemporary and classic, selected by a top-secret committee of authors. The store has proven an instant success, but nobody could have imagined that success would unleash a tide of hatred. Now, there are those who will stop at nothing to destroy The Good Novel. One by one, the pieces of this puzzle fall ominously into place, as it becomes clear to the store's owners, Ivan and Francesca, that their dreams of an ideal place for books may be shattered by envy and violence. Elegantly mixing the mystery and literary fiction genres, Laurence Cossé has written an enthralling fable for lovers of good books and a heartfelt tribute to fine bookselling.

Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops

Author : Shaun Bythell
Publisher : Godine+ORM
Release : 2020-11-24
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781567926934


Book Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops Description/Summary:

From the author of Confessions of a Bookseller, a cankerous and darkly funny field guide to bookstore customers. It does take all kinds and through the misanthropic eyes of a very grumpy bookseller, we see them all. There’s the Expert (with subspecies from the Bore to the Helpful Person), the Young Family (ranging from the Exhausted to the Aspirational), Occultists (from Conspiracy Theorist to Craft Woman). Then there’s the Loiterer (including the Erotica Browser and the Self-Published Author), the Bearded Pensioner (including the Lyrca Clad), the The Not-So-Silent Traveller (the Whistler, Sniffer, Hummer, Farter, and Tutter), and the Family Historian (generally Americans who come to Shaun’s shop in Wigtown, Scotland).Don’t forget the Person Who Doesn’t Know What They Want (But Thinks It Might Have a Blue Cover) and the harried Parents Secretly After Free Childcare. Two bonus sections include Staff and, finally, Perfect Customer—all add up to one of the funniest books about books you’ll ever find. Shaun Bythell and his mordantly unique observational eye make this perfect for anyone who loves books and bookshops. Praise for Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops “Bythell continues his seriocomic take on his profession . . . he spares no one.” —Michael Dirda, The Washington Post “Cheers to Shaun Blythell for this delightful taxonomy of bookstore customers and visitors.” —Pamela Pescosolido, bookseller, The Bookloft “Bythell is having fun and it’s infectious.” —The Scotsman (UK) “Virtuosic venting . . . pantomime misanthropy is tempered with bursts of sweetness in the secondhand bookseller’s latest dispatches from Wigtown [Scotland].” —The Guardian “Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops (a parody of the sort of self-help titles Bythell absolutely loathes), is a series of Orwellian-incisive character sketches.” —The Critic (UK) “Bythell distills the essence of his experience into a warm, witty and quirky taxonomy of the book-loving public.” —The Week (UK)


Author : Kanae Minato
Publisher : Mulholland Books
Release : 2014-08-19
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780316200912


Book Confessions Description/Summary:

Her pupils murdered her daughter. Now she will have her revenge. After calling off her engagement in the wake of a tragic revelation, Yuko Moriguchi had nothing to live for except her only child, four-year-old child, Manami. Now, following an accident on the grounds of the middle school where she teaches, Yuko has given up and tendered her resignation. But first she has one last lecture to deliver. She tells a story that upends everything her students ever thought they knew about two of their peers, and sets in motion a diabolical plot for revenge. Narrated in alternating voices, with twists you'll never see coming, Confessions probes the limits of punishment, despair, and tragic love, culminating in a harrowing confrontation between teacher and student that will place the occupants of an entire school in danger. You'll never look at a classroom the same way again.

Whore of New York

Author : Liara Roux
Publisher : Repeater Books
Release : 2021-10-12
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781913462611


Book Whore of New York Description/Summary:

Liara Roux is accustomed to being mislabelled and misunderstood. As a child, LiaraÕs inquisitive, instinctive, and rebellious nature was frequently problematised in a world designed around the requirements of their neurotypical, cis, heterosexual male colleagues. Coming of age in an oppressively restrictive home, they shuffled tarot and explored self portraiture to rationalise the injustice of chronic pain, toxic lovers, and the cruel silence of divinity. Critiquing capitalismÕs mechanisms of exploitation, the conservatism of Western medicine, and the politics surrounding sex work, Whore of New York: Confessions of a Sinful Woman is a candid study of artistic awakening, and both spiritual and sexual growth after abuse, seen through the eyes of a proud outsider.

New People

Author : Danzy Senna
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2017
Category : Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
ISBN : 9781594487095


Book New People Description/Summary:

"As the twentieth century draws to a close, Maria is at the start of a life she never thought possible. She and Khalil, her college sweetheart, are planning their wedding. They are the perfect couple, 'King and Queen of the Racially Nebulous Prom.' Their skin is the same shade of beige. They live together in a black bohemian enclave in Brooklyn, where Khalil is riding the wave of the first dot-com boom and Maria is plugging away at her dissertation on the Jonestown massacre ... Everything Maria knows she should want lies before her--yet she can't stop daydreaming about another man, a poet she barely knows"--Back cover.


Author : Lynn Steger Strong
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
Release : 2020-07-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250247537


Book Want Description/Summary:

Named a Best Book of 2020 by Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, Vulture, The New Yorker, and Kirkus Grappling with motherhood, economic anxiety, rage, and the limits of language, Want is a fiercely personal novel that vibrates with anger, insight, and love. Elizabeth is tired. Years after coming to New York to try to build a life, she has found herself with two kids, a husband, two jobs, a PhD—and now they’re filing for bankruptcy. As she tries to balance her dream and the impossibility of striving toward it while her work and home lives feel poised to fall apart, she wakes at ungodly hours to run miles by the icy river, struggling to quiet her thoughts. When she reaches out to Sasha, her long-lost childhood friend, it feels almost harmless—one of those innocuous ruptures that exist online, in texts. But her timing is uncanny. Sasha is facing a crisis, too, and perhaps after years apart, their shared moments of crux can bring them back into each other’s lives. In Want, Lynn Steger Strong explores the subtle violences enacted on a certain type of woman when she dares to want things—and all the various violences in which she implicates herself as she tries to survive.

It’s About Time ... & Travel

Author : Richard S. Kahn
Publisher : Archway Publishing
Release : 2021-04-16
Category : Travel
ISBN : 9781665703987


Book It’s About Time ... & Travel Description/Summary:

Richard Kahn takes you on a tour of the world in It’s About Time . . . & Travel. Explore destinations and people as Richard shares his unique experiences in some of the hundred nations that he visited for business and pleasure as a travel writer and editor for more than fifty years. Richard was often in the right place at the wrong time. He found himself in Grenada at the time of the coup that led to U.S. Marines landing on that Caribbean island. On another trip, he enjoyed a private lunch with the woman who, on that very same day, attempted the coup against Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. He even had the misfortune of being mugged in China, which nearly turned into an international incident. This book is part travelogue and part memoir. Richard shares his view of the three Rs—Religion, Race Relations, and Right and Wrong—while informing both the armchair vacationer and experienced traveler. Not your normal travel guide, this is a glimpse behind the scenes of the travel industry and a look at what makes travel an entertaining and educational experience.

The Boy Next Door

Author : Irene Sabatini
Publisher : Little, Brown
Release : 2009-09-08
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780316072076


Book The Boy Next Door Description/Summary:

In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, there is a tragedy in the house next door to Lindiwe Bishop -- her neighbor has been burned alive. The victim's stepson, Ian McKenzie, is the prime suspect but is soon released. Lindiwe can't hide her fascination with this young, boisterous and mysterious white man, and they soon forge an unlikely closeness even as the country starts to deteriorate. Years after circumstances split them apart, Ian returns to a much-changed Zimbabwe to see Lindiwe, now a sophisticated, impassioned young woman, and discovers a devastating secret that will alter both of their futures, and draw them closer together even as the world seems bent on keeping them apart. The Boy Next Door is a moving and powerful debut about two people finding themselves and each other in a time of national upheaval.

The Lyme Brook Mist

Author : Anton Corvus
Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
Release : 2021-10-23
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781838595265


Book The Lyme Brook Mist Description/Summary:

Anton Corvus combines elements of many of the great literary classic adventures (think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) with various dystopian classics (1984) then adds dozens of allusions to the works of classic writers (like Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Lear) to create a unique world of fantasy, mystery and mayhem in this spellbinding and frequently hilarious novel which follows the journey of an average teenage boy, Leo, through a mad world of weird characters and crazy situations. Part tribute to his own literary heroes, part guessing-game based on literature, Corvus hides his references to the classics in the names of both people and things – trying to guess what lies hidden in each page is almost as much fun as reading the story. The deducing of the story from the clues provided will also appeal to all lovers of the mystery genre – can you work out what has happened before the end?

The Bookseller's Tale

Author : Martin Latham
Publisher : Penguin UK
Release : 2020-09-03
Category : Literary Criticism
ISBN : 9780141991245


Book The Bookseller's Tale Description/Summary:

A SPECTATOR AND EVENING STANDARD BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020 'A joy. Each chapter instantly became my favourite' David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas 'Wonderful' Lucy Mangan 'The right book has a neverendingness, and so does the right bookshop.' This is the story of our love affair with books, whether we arrange them on our shelves, inhale their smell, scrawl in their margins or just curl up with them in bed. Taking us on a journey through comfort reads, street book stalls, mythical libraries, itinerant pedlars, radical pamphleteers, extraordinary bookshop customers and fanatical collectors, Canterbury bookseller Martin Latham uncovers the curious history of our book obsession - and his own. Part cultural history, part literary love letter and part reluctant memoir, this is the tale of one bookseller and many, many books. 'If ferreting through bookshops is your idea of heaven, you'll get the same pleasure from this treasure trove of a book' Jake Kerridge, Sunday Express

Curious George (Read-aloud)

Author : H. A. Rey
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2012-11-09
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780547547749


Book Curious George (Read-aloud) Description/Summary:

“He was a good little monkey and always very curious.” This is how H. A. Rey and his wife, Margret, first introduced their now beloved troublemaker-hero to young readers in 1941. This picture ebook features the Reys’ original (quite dramatic!) story of how George first encountered the man in the yellow hat in Africa. For more monkey fun, investigate and discover all the latest on Curious George books, promotions, games, activities, and more!

Sleep Like a Tiger

Author : Mary Logue
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2012
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780547641027


Book Sleep Like a Tiger Description/Summary:

At bedtime a young girl asks "Does everything in the world go to sleep?"

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores

Author : Jennifer Campbell
Publisher : Abrams
Release : 2012-09-13
Category : Humor
ISBN : 9781468312409


Book Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores Description/Summary:

Everything from "Did Beatrix Potter ever write a book about dinosaurs?" to "Did Charles Dickens ever write anything fun?" Anyone who has ever worked in retail will nod knowingly at requests like "I’ve forgotten my glasses, can you read me the first chapter?" Or the absurdity of questions like "Excuse me . . . is this book edible?" Filled with fun and quirky illustrations by the award-winning Brothers McLeod and featuring contributions from booksellers across the United States and Canada, as well as the author's native UK, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores is a celebration of bookstores, large and small, and of the brilliant booksellers who toil in those literary fields, as well as the myriad of colorful characters that walk through the doors everyday. This irresistible collection is proof positive that booksellers everywhere are heroes.

The Bluff

Author : Willa Nash
Publisher : Devney Perry
Release : 2021-02-04
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1950692353


Book The Bluff Description/Summary:

As Calamity's newest resident, Everly Christian thought life in small-town Montana would be dull and tame-and she needs a little mundane after the last few chaotic years. But one night, boredom drives her to the local bar, where she finds herself sitting beside a handsome and mysterious artist. The man is anything but dull and tame, especially in the bedroom, and when she steps out of his shower and overhears his conversation, life gets interesting again. Reese Huxley needs a wife. And why shouldn't Everly be the bride? She's got her reasons for agreeing to the hasty nuptials-reasons she's keeping to herself. As long as she can stop herself from falling in love with her husband, she'll make it out of this sham marriage in one piece. But Everly has a weakness for wayward men, and the more Hux pushes her away, the more she realizes this bluff is anything but a lie.

The Marriage Code

Author : Brooke Burroughs
Publisher : Montlake Romance
Release : 2021-01-15
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1542025079


Book The Marriage Code Description/Summary:

In Brooke Burroughs's endearing debut novel set in vibrant India, enemies turned allies encounter obstacles in an unexpected multicultural romance only to discover that in the end, love is love. Emma has always lived her life according to a plan. But after turning down her boyfriend's proposal, everything starts to crumble. In an effort to save the one thing she cares about--her job--she must recruit her colleague, Rishi, to be on her development team...only she may or may not have received the position he was promised. (She did.) Rishi cannot believe that he got passed over for promotion. To make matters worse, not only does his job require him to return home to Bangalore with his nemesis, Emma, but his parents now expect him to choose a bride and get married. So, when Emma makes him an offer--join her team, and she'll write an algorithm to find him the perfect bride--he reluctantly accepts. Neither of them expect her marriage code to work so well--or to fall for one another--which leads Emma and Rishi to wonder if leaving fate up to formulas is really an equation for lasting love.