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Come On In

Author : Adi Alsaid
Publisher : Harlequin
Release : 2020-10-13
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781488069383


Book Come On In Description/Summary:

This exceptional and powerful anthology explores the joys, heartbreaks and triumphs of immigration, with stories by critically acclaimed and bestselling YA authors who are shaped by the journeys they and their families have taken from home—and to find home. WELCOME From some of the most exciting bestselling and up-and-coming YA authors writing today…journey from Ecuador to New York City and Argentina to Utah…from Australia to Harlem and India to New Jersey…from Fiji, America, Mexico and more… Come On In. With characters who face random traffic stops, TSA detention, customs anxiety, and the daunting and inspiring journey to new lands…who camp with their extended families, dance at weddings, keep diaries, teach ESL…who give up their rooms for displaced family, decide their own answer to the question “where are you from?” and so much more… Come On In illuminates fifteen of the myriad facets of the immigrant experience, from authors who have been shaped by the journeys they and their families have taken from home—and to find home.

Come On In

Author : Garden and Gun Magazine
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-05-26
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 9781984826091


Book Come On In Description/Summary:

The Door to Heaven is Open, Come on In

Author : Beth Reeves
Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Release : 2018-08-09
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781642580693


Book The Door to Heaven is Open, Come on In Description/Summary:

Jesus has an open door and invites you to come on in. These are true stories of love and faith and how lives are changed when you dare to put the Lord first in your life and decide to follow Jesus. So come along with this family and experience the miracles that happened to them and the joy they felt in their lives. The door to heaven is open, come on in!

Come On In, America

Author : Linda Barrett Osborne
Publisher : Abrams
Release : 2017-03-14
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 9781683350583


Book Come On In, America Description/Summary:

On April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany and joined World War I. German submarine attacks on American ships in March 1917 were the overt motive for declaring war, but the underlying reasons were far more complex. Even after the United States officially joined, Americans were divided on whether they should be a part of it. Americans were told they were fighting a war for democracy, but with racial segregation rampant in the United States, new laws against dissent and espionage being passed, and bankers and industrial leaders gaining increased influence and power, what did democracy mean? Come On In, America explores not only how and why the United States joined World War I, but also the events—at home and overseas—that changed the course of American history.

Come on In! to the Valley of the True Blue

Author : Carolyn Long Marel
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2009-06
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781607917113


Book Come on In! to the Valley of the True Blue Description/Summary:

'A collection of writings inspired by impressions of places lived, visited, seen, felt, people encountered, LIFE as I LIVED it, Written in vignettes, poems, essays, stories. A child of parents, born in the Indian Territory, and one of the first generation of children born in Oklahoma after statehood in l907. Grandchild of pioneers making the Cherokee Land Run, in l893, where she was born on land claimed and acquired by her paternal grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Long. She grew up on that farm and became one with all she saw and felt and lived, coloring her own life as a student, a pioneer in her own rights, in her many travels and diverse interests as: Wife and Mother, Homemaker, Professional Housekeeper, Nanny to several Children (still dear to her), and to many newborn babies as a Night Nanny Nurse. Marel lives in a retirement home in Edmond, Oklahoma, where she is a regular communicant in a nearby Anglican Church. She is an active participant where she lives and continues to write almost daily.

Come on in and Have Your ...Faith Lifted

Author : Darcy Wallen
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release : 2019-09-11
Category : Religion
ISBN : 9781504372305


Book Come on in and Have Your ...Faith Lifted Description/Summary:

Dear Reader, Before you is a unique compilation of the poetry of my maternal grandfather, Michael Franklin Ellis – a.k.a. “Gramp.” This short manuscript highlights a selection of verses from his 13 published books of poetry annotated with parallel Torah excerpts. Do not let the brevity of this volume deceive you regarding its inherent depth! Before my mother’s passing, she assisted me in choosing various verses to include here, that were remarkably and intuitively Torah-aligned. Most of Gramp’s poems are witty and philosophical; some are outright sarcastic or sardonic. It was to the latter, more negative and ‘critical’ poems (the Torah tradition would call “Mussar-style”), that Mom gave a thumb’s down – these were rejected outright. In life, she always glossed over the negative and put a positive spin on things. Gramp had no formal Torah education, nonetheless, his poetry sounds as if it is informed by or taken straight from classic Rabbinic literature such as: the Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash, Biblical commentaries, Mussar and Chassidic Philosophy. Although brought up in a Jewishly-identified and culturally involved Jewish family, we were not Torah observant or knowledgeable of the traditions that The Torah and its commentaries provide. After close to four decades of living a Torah observant lifestyle and thirstily studying Torah whenever I can, while revisiting these poems, I am continuously amazed at Gramp’s intuitive, Torah-like, Kabbalistic and Chassidic bent. I am sure you will be in awe at the similarity too, as you read through this book and see the parallel Torah quotations we have included herein. You will see how Gramp’s humor and personality shines through with wit and wisdom in the upbeat style of the witty, Chassidic aphorism. Darcy F. Wallen (a.k.a. Rus Devorah Wallen) Granddaughter of Michael Franklin Ellis, ob”m Daughter of Joan Ellis Shatkin ob”m and Dr. Samuel Shatkin, DDS, MD, ob”m

Darkness, come on in: The Box Set (Horror stories & Weird tales)

Author : Germano Dalcielo,Elvio Bongorino
Publisher : Germano Dalcielo
Release : 2015-07-23
Category : Fiction


Book Darkness, come on in: The Box Set (Horror stories & Weird tales) Description/Summary:

If you look in the face of evil, evil's going to look right back at you. This is the complete collection of the three volumes in the Darkness, come on in... series: 4 horror short stories, 3 weird tales and 5 flash-fiction stories that will keep you on the edge of your seats! Make sure the lights are on... 1) You Die, I Survive: An evil man holds two boys captive. He is playing a macabre game. Together, the two must choose who lives and who dies. Who is going to win? 2) Calandrina: A mysterious, lonely woman is staring out the window. Who is she waiting for? What is she watching? She has been "blessed" with a peculiar gift. What price will she pay for this unwanted "skill"? 3) Big Brother is on my floor: What if your house spy-hole turned into a black hole sucking out all your free will? 4) The Ouija board: You really should NOT have opened that door. You handed a window on our world to the Jinn on a silver platter. Who will be safe from now on? 5) Ring around the rosie: Ring around the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes, ashes, We all fall down! The ex-asylum for children in Aguscello, Italy, has been abandoned for forty years. Who is still playing on the carousel inside the courtyard? 6) Occam's razor: The case solution is hidden in plain sight. Will the Assistant District attorney see it in time? 7) The House is in charge: What would you do if one day, you found out all the objects in your house are planning to kill you?

Come On, Rain!

Author : Karen Hesse
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2016-01-26
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780545347495


Book Come On, Rain! Description/Summary:

Newbery Medalist Karen Hesse recreates the body and soul-renewing experience of a summer downpour after a sweltering city heat wave.

Come On Up

Author : Jordi Nopca
Publisher : Bellevue Literary Press
Release : 2021-02-09
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781942658818


Book Come On Up Description/Summary:

“Jordi Nopca’s stories, written with clarity and flair, are smart and modern, filled with sharply observed detail. They capture the unease of the times and the flux of contemporary life in Barcelona with wit, wisdom, moments of pure hilarity, and a mixture of sympathy and dark laughter.” —Colm Tóibín, author of Brooklyn and House of Names “The day will come when there’ll be no need to keep repeating how Nopca’s talent and his corrosive humor have exploded and electrified the literature of Spain: it will be common knowledge.” —Enrique Vila-Matas, author of Bartleby & Co. and Mac’s Problem What happens when the hopes of a generation are dashed by austerity policies and underemployment? Come On Up is a group portrait of contemporary Barcelona, beaten by the economic crisis and divided by a secessionist movement. Always witty, often absurdist, these stories offer a mesmerizing glimpse into the daily lives of couples, families, and neighbors living the new normal of the 21st century. A husband seeks revenge on his wife as they stalk author Peter Stamm; an out-of-work bartender fills his empty days by shoving bananas into the tailpipes of parked cars; a mysterious ritual, spied through a neighbor’s window, arouses deadly spirits. Masterfully paced, the eleven mordant stories of Come On Up draw us into an embattled world whose past is unresolved and whose future is uncertain. Jordi Nopca is the author of two novels and the short story collection Come On Up. Named a “Young Catalan Writer to Watch” by Culture Trip, his books have received the Proa and Documenta Prizes. Nopca is also an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Time Out Barcelona and Words Without Borders. Born in Barcelona in 1983, Nopca is editor of the newspaper Ara and its literary supplement Ara Llegim. Come On Up is his first book of fiction to appear in English.

Come On!

Author : Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker,Anders Wijkman
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-11-12
Category : Science
ISBN : 9781493974191


Book Come On! Description/Summary:

Current worldwide trends are not sustainable. The Club of Rome’s warnings published in the book Limits to Growth are still valid. Remedies that are acceptable for the great majority tend to make things worse. We seem to be in a philosophical crisis. Pope Francis says it clearly: our common home is in deadly danger. Analyzing the philosophical crisis, the book comes to the conclusion that the world may need a “new enlightenment”; one that is not based solely on doctrine, but instead addresses a balance between humans and nature, as well as a balance between markets and the state, and the short versus long term. To do this we need to leave behind working in ”silos” in favor of a more systemic approach that will require us to rethink the organization of science and education. However, we have to act now; the world cannot wait until 7.6 billion people have struggled to reach a new enlightenment. This book is full of optimistic case studies and policy proposals that will lead us back to a trajectory of sustainability. But it is also necessary to address the taboo topic of population increase. Countries with a stable population fare immensely better than those with continued increase. Finally, we are presenting an optimistic book from the Club of Rome.

Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Author : D.J. Steinberg
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2012-06-14
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781101642764


Book Kindergarten, Here I Come! Description/Summary:

Get ready for school with these fun poems! This adorable picture book celebrates all the familiar milestones and moments shared by every single kindergartener. Whether it's the first-day-of-school jitters or the hundredth-day-of-school party, every aspect of the kindergarten experience is introduced with a light and funny poem--not to mention charming illustrations.

Come on In!

Author : Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi
Publisher : Wimmer Cookbooks
Release : 1991
Category : Community cookbooks
ISBN : 0960688617


Book Come on In! Description/Summary:

One of the most elegant cookbooks you will ever own! Screen doors are a symbol of southern hospitality -- they invite you in to enjoy warm conversation and delicious food. Beautiful color photos of many dishes and some of the most unique doorways in the South, and charming anecdotes about southerners make this a welcome addition to any collection.

Come on Down?

Author : Dominic Strinati
Publisher : Psychology Press
Release : 1992
Category : History
ISBN : 9780415063265


Book Come on Down? Description/Summary:

Come on Down represents an introduction to popular media culture in Britain since 1945. It discusses the ways in which popular culture can be studied, understood and appreciated, and covers its key analytical issues and some of its most important forms and processes. The contributors analyse some of popular culture's leading and most representative expressions such as TV soaps, quizzes and game shows, TV for children, media treatment of the monarchy, Pop Music, Comedy, Advertising, Consumerism and Americanization. The diversity of both subject matter and argument is the most distinctive feature of the collection, making it a much-needed and extremely accessible, interdisciplinary introduction to the study of popular media culture. The contributors, many of them leading figures in their respective areas of study, represent a number of different approaches which themselves reflect the diversity and promise of contemporary theoretical debates. Their studies encompass issues such as the economics of popular culture, its textual complexity and its interpretations by audiences, as well as concepts such as ideology, material culture and postmodernism.

Come On Over

Author : Jeff Mauro
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2021-04-13
Category : Cooking
ISBN : 9780062997098


Book Come On Over Description/Summary:

Bursting with personality and mouthwatering dishes, a cookbook for family and friendly gatherings from celebrity chef Jeff Mauro, co-host of Food Network’s The Kitchen. When Jeff Mauro was growing up in his big Italian American family in Chicago, his mother would often be on the phone talking to cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends. Her favorite phrase? Come on over! When Jeff heard those three words, he and his siblings knew company was coming and there would be good food to accompany their visit. A boy who loved to eat and make people laugh, Jeff was in heaven. Now the host of the Emmy-nominated The Kitchen on Food Network, Jeff still loves entertaining with his family. For Jeff, there’s no better way to create shared memories than over a good meal. In Come on Over he invites everyone to share in the fun, providing delicious recipes for all occasions, from game day to birthdays to brunch, along with fun stories from his life. Whatever the get-together, Jeff has the perfect food to make it memorable—and make everyone feel like family—with recipes such as: Early Bird Gets the Brunch . . . Come On Over Sausage, Egg, and Cheese "MoMuffins" Marjorie Alice Ross Jones' Fried Pork Chops . . . for Breakfast Hey Bro, We're Watching the Game . . . Come On Over . . . And Pick Up Some Ice on the Way BLT Sliders with Candied Bacon Pancetta and Parm Popcorn Come On Over . . . I'm Throwing an Island Party Crispy Plantain Chips Takeout-Style Chinese Spare Ribs Do You Smell That Meat Smoke? That's Right, It's Coming from my Backyard . . . Come On Over Smoked Cheez-Its Smoked Honey-Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon Sarah's Baking . . . Come On Over Sarah's Famous Sea Salt Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies No-Bake Cookie Butter Pie Overflowing with Jeff’s big personality, celebration-ready food for friends and family, and gorgeous food and lifestyle color photographs, this laugh-out-loud-funny cookbook will inspire you to pick up the phone and invite your favorite people to share good times, eat good food, and make wonderful memories.

Soul Sisters, Come on to My House

Author : Susan Freire-Korn and Her Soul Sisters
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2011-06-30
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 9781462019502


Book Soul Sisters, Come on to My House Description/Summary:

Too often in this world, hatred, violence, and ugliness saturate our twenty-four-hour news cycle, capture our attention on city streets, and stain our view of human kind. But kindness, love, mercy, and compassion are stronger than all this negativity and evil combined. In this inspiring collection of stories, Susan Freire-Korn shares how individual women have overcome adversity to emerge stronger and more courageous than ever before. Written by three African American women, three Caucasian women, and three Hispanic women, these tales share how kindness can transcend our basic human differences and bring unity to our lives regardless of culture or race. Each woman offers a unique and uplifting tale of how they suffered through sometimes years of despair and hardship, but never gave up on their desire for a better life. Whether they endured teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, and domestic abuse or loneliness, depression, and low self-esteem, these women prove that no matter the circumstances of chance or culture, the human spirit can triumph and emerge stronger than before. An excellent reference for those seeking to understand cultural differences as well as for those looking for encouragement in their own lives, Soul Sisters, Come on to My House beautifully shows how opening your heart and your mind will make the world a better place for all.

Come on, the Transmigrated Beauty

Author : Mi Hudenanxiaojie
Publisher : Funstory
Release : 2019-12-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781647877286


Book Come on, the Transmigrated Beauty Description/Summary:

Love and hate were entangled within a relationship. One was the crown prince and the other was a prince. Warm a cold and proud man, or take good care of that natural fool? Where the balance was tilted was the right choice.

Come On In!

Author : Charles Bukowski
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2009-02-24
Category : Poetry
ISBN : 9780061855825


Book Come On In! Description/Summary:

another comeback climbing back up out of the ooze, out of the thick black tar, rising up again, a modern Lazarus. you're amazed at your good fortune. somehow you've had more than your share of second chances. hell, accept it. what you have, you have. you walk and look in the bathroom mirror at an idiot's smile. you know your luck. some go down and never climb back up. something is being kind to you. you turn from the mirror and walk into the world. you find a chair, sit down, light a cigar. back from a thousand wars you look out from an open door into the silent night. Sibelius plays on the radio. nothing has been lost or destroyed. you blow smoke into the night, tug at your right ear. baby, right now, you've got it all.

Come on in My Kitchen

Author : Ata Macias,Christoph Keller
Publisher : Jrp Ringier Kunstverlag Ag
Release : 2012
Category : Music
ISBN : 3037642742


Book Come on in My Kitchen Description/Summary:

'Thank you for dancing and never forget: the good times are always now! Farewell, Ramona.'These words by the nightclub Robert Johnson's own and very mysterious hostess might be as mundane as the very concept of nightclubs. But at a second glance, it is ap