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Dogs of War

Author : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher : Head of Zeus Ltd
Release : 2017-11-02
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781786693877


Book Dogs of War Description/Summary:

A NEW SCIENTIST BOOK OF THE YEAR. My name is Rex. I am a good dog. Rex is also seven foot tall at the shoulder, bulletproof, bristling with heavy calibre weaponry and his voice resonates with subsonics especially designed to instil fear. With Dragon, Honey and Bees, he's part of a Multiform Assault Pack operating in the lawless anarchy of Campeche, Mexico. A genetically engineered Bioform, he's a deadly weapon in a dirty war. All he wants to be is a Good Dog. And to do that he must do exactly what Master says and Master says he's got to kill a lot of enemies. But who, exactly, are the enemies? What happens when Master is tried as a war criminal? What rights does the Geneva Convention grant weapons? Do Rex and his fellow Bioforms even have a right to exist? And what happens when Rex slips his leash?


Author : Eric A. Kimmel
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1997
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0823413020


Book Bearhead Description/Summary:

Bearhead succeeds in outwitting the witch Madame Hexaba and a frog-headed goblin.

Bear Head

Author : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher : Head of Zeus Ltd
Release : 2021-01-07
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781800241572


Book Bear Head Description/Summary:

WELCOME TO HELL CITY, MARS Jimmy Martin has a sore head. He's used to smuggling illegal data in his headspace. But this is the first time it has started talking to him. The data claims to be a distinguished academic, author and civil rights activist. It also claims to be a bear. A bear named Honey. Jimmy has nothing against bioforms – he's one himself, albeit one engineered out of human stock – and works with them everyday in Hell City, building the future, staking mankind's claim to a new world: Mars. The problem is that humanity isn't the only entity with designs on the Red Planet. Out in the airless desert there is another presence. A novel intelligence, elusive, unknowable and potentially lethal. And Honey is here to make contact with it, whether Jimmy likes it or not.

Keep Up, Katmai

Author : Pili Palm-Leis
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-10
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1443163767


Book Keep Up, Katmai Description/Summary:

A once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot becomes a stunning non-fiction picture book! Keep Up, Katmai is a remarkable up-close view into an inquisitive real grizzly cub's day, with stunning photographs shot by renowned wildlife photographer Barrett Hedges. In this unique format, photographs give an up-close view into a very important event in a grizzly cub's life - when she learns to fish for salmon with her brothers and sister. Young readers will cheer for Katmai, the smallest of the cubs, as we follow her day. The incredible collection of photos shows how wild bears eat, learn and play, as their mother protects and feeds them. The result? A beautiful introduction to this incredible, endangered species, and a wonderful story celebrating the love between parents and their children. Back of book material includes a fascinating interview with author Pili Palm-Leis and photographer Barrett Hedges. While anyone would look at these photos and know they are special, an experienced nature photographer would immediately recognize that they also represent a unique shoot. To see a grizzly mom in the wild with four live cubs is almost unheard of. Barrett's shoot captured behaviour that is very hard to get, especially in the same frame. Thanks to his eye and deep knowledge and respect for the wildlife he photographs, young readers will witness magnificent scenes in nature that most of us would never have a chance to experience.

The Expert System's Brother

Author : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher :
Release : 2018-07-17
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250197559


Book The Expert System's Brother Description/Summary:

Bestselling British master of science fiction Adrian Tchaikovsky brings readers a new, mind-expanding science fantasia in The Expert System's Brother After an unfortunate accident, Handry is forced to wander a world he doesn’t understand, searching for meaning. He soon discovers that the life he thought he knew is far stranger than he could even possibly imagine. Can an unlikely saviour provide the answers to the questions he barely comprehends? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

A Summer in Denali National Park

Author : Barrett Hedges
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2009-04-01
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1364261960


Book A Summer in Denali National Park Description/Summary:

Denali National Park was where I chose to go right after graduating college in 2008. I had never been to Alaska before, and all I knew was that Denali was a great park that had a variety of wildlife. This was where my journey began for becoming a National Geographic wildlife photographer. It was a very exciting summer because on each trip I was learning so much about myself, my camera, angles, wildlife and how they move, and the amount of work it takes to become a great wildlife photographer. Follow my first summer in Alaska as I take many backpacking trips and start my career as a wildlife photographer.

The Expert System's Champion

Author : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher : Tordotcom
Release : 2021-01-26
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250766380


Book The Expert System's Champion Description/Summary:

In Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Expert System's Champion, sometimes the ones you hate are the only ones that can save you. It's been ten years since Handry was wrenched away from his family and friends, forced to wander a world he no longer understood. But with the help of the Ancients, he has cobbled together a life, of sorts, for himself and his fellow outcasts. Wandering from village to village, welcoming the folk that the townships abandon, fighting the monsters the villagers cannot—or dare not—his ever-growing band of misfits has become the stuff of legend, a story told by parents to keep unruly children in line. But there is something new and dangerous in the world, and the beasts of the land are acting against their nature, destroying the towns they once left in peace. And for the first time in memory, the Ancients have no wisdom to offer... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Polar Bear Vs. Grizzly Bear

Author : Isabel Thomas
Publisher : Capstone Classroom
Release : 2006
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1410924017


Book Polar Bear Vs. Grizzly Bear Description/Summary:

Scores are assigned to polar and grizzly bears for such qualities as physical characteristics, hunting ability, and behavior, which are then compared to find out who would win if the two were to fight each other.

The Doors of Eden

Author : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher : Tor UK
Release : 2020-08-25
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781760981730


Book The Doors of Eden Description/Summary:

The Doors of Eden is an extraordinary feat of the imagination and a page-turning adventure. Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author, has excelled himself with this breathtaking novel. They thought we were safe. They were wrong. Four years ago, two girls went looking for monsters on Bodmin Moor. Only one came back. Lee thought she’d lost Mal, but now she’s miraculously returned. But what happened that day on the moors? And where has she been all this time? Mal’s reappearance hasn’t gone unnoticed by MI5 officers either, and Lee isn’t the only one with questions. Julian Sabreur is investigating an attack on top physicist Kay Amal Khan. This leads Julian to clash with agents of an unknown power – and they may or may not be human. His only clue is grainy footage, showing a woman who supposedly died on Bodmin Moor. Dr Khan’s research was theoretical; then she found cracks between our world and parallel Earths. Now these cracks are widening, revealing extraordinary creatures. And as the doors crash open, anything could come through. 'Inventive, funny and engrossing, this book lingers long after you close it' - Tade Thompson, Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author of Rosewater Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of Children of Time, Children of Ruin and many other novels, novellas and short stories. Children of Time won the Arthur C. Clarke award in its 30th anniversary year.

A Boy and His Bunny

Author : Sean Bryan
Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
Release : 2011-06-07
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781611450231


Book A Boy and His Bunny Description/Summary:

One morning, a boy wakes up with a rabbit on his head and, although his mother is skeptical, he soon discovers that he can be fed, ride a bobsled, and even look cool with a rabbit on his head.

Counting Bears

Author : Judy Nayer
Publisher : Twin Sisters®
Release : 2017-03-02
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9781620025581


Book Counting Bears Description/Summary:

"Five bears on the stair. Six bears in the chair. Bears, bears, everywhere. But where’s my bear?" Read along and count the bears from 1-10 with this fun Early Reader that uses repetitive text and bright illustrations! This Level 1 Early Reader uses an average of 2-4 words per page, pictures that suggest meaning, and fun rhymes. "Counting Bears" will help children achieve reading success in and outside of the classroom while laying the foundation for a lifetime of reading enjoyment! Titles in the Early Reader Series include: Tails!, Hats! Hats! Hats!, Counting Bears, If I Had A Dinosaur, Who’s In My Tub? New Shoes, Salt and Pepper, and Wiggly Tooth.


Author : Laura Lam
Publisher : Orbit
Release : 2020-05-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780316462891


Book Goldilocks Description/Summary:

A gripping science fiction thriller where five women task themselves with ensuring the survival of the human race—if you mixed ". . .The Martian and The Handmaid's Tale, this sci-fi novel would be the incredible result" (Book Riot). “Best of 2020” –Library Journal “Best of 2020” –Kirkus “Best of 2020 – runner up” –Polygon “Our favorite books of 2020” –GeekDad Despite increasing restrictions on the freedoms of women on Earth, Valerie Black is spearheading the first all-female mission to a planet in the Goldilocks Zone, where conditions are just right for human habitation. It's humanity's last hope for survival, and Naomi, Valerie's surrogate daughter and the ship's botanist, has been waiting her whole life for an opportunity like this - to step out of Valerie's shadow and really make a difference. But when things start going wrong on the ship, Naomi begins to suspect that someone on board is concealing a terrible secret - and realizes time for life on Earth may be running out faster than they feared . . . "Goldilocks is a thrilling, character-driven space opera", perfect for readers of The Martian, The Power, and Station Eleven (Shelf Awareness).

Karen Memory

Author : Elizabeth Bear
Publisher : Tor Books
Release : 2015-02-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781466846340


Book Karen Memory Description/Summary:

"You ain't gonna like what I have to tell you, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. See, my name is Karen Memery, like memory only spelt with an e, and I'm one of the girls what works in the Hôtel Mon Cherie on Amity Street. Hôtel has a little hat over the o like that. It's French, so Beatrice tells me." Set in the late 19th century—when the city we now call Seattle Underground was the whole town (and still on the surface), when airships plied the trade routes, would-be gold miners were heading to the gold fields of Alaska, and steam-powered mechanicals stalked the waterfront, Karen is a young woman on her own, is making the best of her orphaned state by working in Madame Damnable's high-quality bordello. Through Karen's eyes we get to know the other girls in the house—a resourceful group—and the poor and the powerful of the town. Trouble erupts one night when a badly injured girl arrives at their door, beggin sanctuary, followed by the man who holds her indenture, and who has a machine that can take over anyone's mind and control their actions. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the next night brings a body dumped in their rubbish heap—a streetwalker who has been brutally murdered. Bear brings alive this Jack-the-Ripper yarn of the old west with a light touch in Karen's own memorable voice, and a mesmerizing evocation of classic steam-powered science. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Author : Tom Stoddard
Publisher : River City Pub
Release : 1996
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 1881320707


Book Turnaround Description/Summary:

By 1958 the once formidable University of Alabama football program had reached an all-time low -- only four wins in three years. A savior was found in Paul "Bear" Bryant, and he was given free rein to work his miracle. Turnaround offers the first comprehensive look at how Bear Bryant turned the Tide. Through interviews with players and coaches, detailed accounts of practice sessions, play-by-play recountings of the games from Bears inaugural year, and photos from the 1958 season, Turnaround is a look at the culture of the '50s, Alabama's love affair with football, and the relentless quest of a fascinating man for the keys to victory.

Redemption's Blade

Author : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher : Rebellion Publishing Ltd
Release : 2018-07-24
Category : Electronic books
ISBN : 9781786181510


Book Redemption's Blade Description/Summary:

Bear on a Bike

Author : Stella Blackstone
Publisher : Barefoot Books
Release : 2001
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 1841483753


Book Bear on a Bike Description/Summary:

A bear uses various means of transportation to travel throughout the world, followed by a little boy who keeps questioning him about his destination.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Author : David Ellwand
Publisher : Silver Dolphin
Release : 2011
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN : 1607103214


Book Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Description/Summary:

In this familiar action song which identifies parts of the body, a group of teddy bears touch different parts of themselves. On board pages.

Touching Spirit Bear

Author : Ben Mikaelsen
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2010-04-20
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0062009680


Book Touching Spirit Bear Description/Summary:

In his Nautilus Award-winning classic Touching Spirit Bear, author Ben Mikaelson delivers a powerful coming-of-age story of a boy who must overcome the effects that violence has had on his life. After severely injuring Peter Driscal in an empty parking lot, mischief-maker Cole Matthews is in major trouble. But instead of jail time, Cole is given another option: attend Circle Justice, an alternative program that sends juvenile offenders to a remote Alaskan Island to focus on changing their ways. Desperate to avoid prison, Cole fakes humility and agrees to go. While there, Cole is mauled by a mysterious white bear and left for dead. Thoughts of his abusive parents, helpless Peter, and his own anger cause him to examine his actions and seek redemption—from the spirit bear that attacked him, from his victims, and, most importantly, from himself. Ben Mikaelsen paints a vivid picture of a juvenile offender, examining the roots of his anger without absolving him of responsibility for his actions, and questioning a society in which angry people make victims of their peers and communities. Touching Spirit Bear is a poignant testimonial to the power of a pain that can destroy, or lead to healing. A strong choice for independent reading, sharing in the classroom, homeschooling, and book groups.