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Author : T. Winters
Publisher : TA Winters
Release : 2013
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781482099201


Book Awatangi Description/Summary:

Jess has been in love with her best friend, Kate, for seven years, but her feelings have never been returned. One night they sleep together, and Jess finds out how much it is possible to be hurt by someone close. Jess and Kate struggle to redefine their friendship. They spend a week at Jess's family holiday house in a small seaside town, Awatangi, intending to make the time to talk things through, but the conversations never happen. Kate makes vague promises, but begins to have second thoughts. Jess wants Kate, and nothing else, and is heartbroken that isn't enough.Jess decides – while everything is changing in her life – that she doesn't want to go on living in the city, that she wants to return to Awatangi. Part of her hopes some physical distance between them may help things with Kate, and part of her – frustrated and upset – simply wants to leave Kate behind. In Awatangi, Jess meets Keri, a local lawyer who has also recently returned home. Like Jess, Keri surfs, and like Jess, she seems to feel some attachment to her family roots in Awatangi. Jess is drawn to Keri, but forces herself not to let anything happen. Despite everything, Kate is still Jess's closest friend, and she has loved Kate all her life. She feels she has to give the situation with Kate as long as she can to work itself out. Awatangi is about coping with feelings for a close friend that are not returned, set in a small holiday township on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is an exploration of getting what you've always wanted and it not being enough, of being in love with one person and wanting another, and of finding out that life doesn't always turn out as expected.

For the Love of a King

Author : Ryder Bailey
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-02-28
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1523996366


Book For the Love of a King Description/Summary:

He will live his life for the love of a king... Ardan is overjoyed when he is selected to become the new court sorcerer for the King of Phelin. He expects to be giving advice to the king and court about anything and everything magical, but he doesn't expect to become the close friend and lover to the heir to the throne, Caol. When it happens, he chooses to find peace with it and enjoy it - until an invading army takes control of the country and tears their relationship apart. Ardan is left to fulfill his lover's last request; to take the newborn baby prince away from the conquered capital and raise him to restore Phelin. But raising Prince Caolan and helping him to regain the country will not be simple, not when Caolan has his own ideas about the way things should be.

Organized Crime and States

Author : J. Briquet,G. Favarel-Garrigues
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2010-09-10
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9780230110038


Book Organized Crime and States Description/Summary:

In contrast to a globalizing approach to 'transnational organized crime,' this edited volume studies socio-historical environments in which mafia-esque violence has found a fertile ground for growth and development within the political arena.


Author : Te Miringa Hohaia,Gregory O'Brien,Lara Strongman
Publisher : Victoria University Press
Release : 2006-04
Category : Art
ISBN : 0864735200


Book Parihaka Description/Summary:

"Drawing on previously unpublished manuscripts, many of the teachings and sayings of Te Whiti and Tohu - in Maori and English - are reproduced in full with extensive annotation by Te Miringa Hohaia. Parihaka: The Art of Passive Resistance reaches beyond the art and literary worlds to engage with cultural issues important to all citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand."--Jacket.

Chadwick's Child Maltreatment - Volume 1

Author : David L. Chadwick,Randell Alexander,Angelo P. Giardino,Debra Essemio-Jenssen,Jonathan D. Thackeray
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014
Category : Abused children
ISBN : 1936590271


Book Chadwick's Child Maltreatment - Volume 1 Description/Summary:

Preceded by: Child maltreatment / edited by Angelo P. Giardino, Randell Alexander. 3rd ed. c2005.

The Mystery of the Fiery Eye

Author : Robert Arthur
Publisher : Turtleback
Release : 1984-01-01
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 0606218041


Book The Mystery of the Fiery Eye Description/Summary:

Three junior detectives solve a mystery involving a collection of antique busts, a legacy, a strange letter, and a red ruby.

More Meanderings

Author : Derek Fountaine,Sam Sterling
Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing
Release : 2012-04-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781622120246


Book More Meanderings Description/Summary:

'More Meanderings' is a collection of stories with no specific genre. 'Habit of a Lifetime'... why should Alfred break his routine just because he's dead? 'The Dream' ... are all dreams impossible, or...? 'Bernadette' ... is there a greater force in this world than Mother Love? 'Pegasus'... Winged horse or iron horse? 'Olympus Mons' ... does love have to have restrictions? 'Eternal Embers' ... How many generations, over how many eons, have stared into the embers and remembered...? 'Demetrie' ... just who, or what, is Demetrie? 'The Collection' ... he collected WHAT 'The Third Face in the Photo' ... Gone and forgotten? No! 'The Price' ... no one will know; but; there is always a price to pay! 'Max, ' ... cute little puppy, hero dog. 'Regarding Robert' ... Just where did he wake up? 'Unchained Melody' seek and ye shall find, especially when you don't want to!

God, Take Over; I Am Finished

Author : Catherine Agada
Publisher : Ctk Publishing
Release : 2013-07
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 0615810438


Book God, Take Over; I Am Finished Description/Summary:

In every trial or tribulation, there is an opportunity that can bring us closer to God and to our goals when we allow God to take control. God, Take Over; I Am Finished is a cry for mercy and divine intervention when suffering seems unfair and you realize that no one else can help you. A dry valley and wilderness experience story, based on the author's tribulations and triumphs as she struggled, willingly and sometimes unwillingly, to submit to God's will. It reveals how she passed through the storm and survived and what she gained out of the pains she had to endure. Its principal message lies in the realization and fact that where human senses, strength, power, abilities, knowledge, and intelligence end, God's supremacy begins. By applying her experiences and the Word of God, Catherine Agada shows you how to discover divine strength in weakness; peace in chaos, and His love in suffering. She inspires and teaches you to love better, live happier, forgive faster, pray efficiently, and increase faith. God, Take Over; I Am Finished can restore hope and improve your relationships with God and man.

George Gershwin Girl Crazy for Trumpet Quartet

Author : Giovanni Abbiati
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-06-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1983319325


Book George Gershwin Girl Crazy for Trumpet Quartet Description/Summary:

This collection contains 3 songs from George Gershwin's musical "Girl Crazy":1. But Not For Me2. Embraceable You3. I Got Rhythmarranged for trumpet quartet by Giovanni

Sazigyo, Burmese Manuscript Binding Tapes

Author : Ralph Issacs
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2014
Category : Art
ISBN : 6162150739


Book Sazigyo, Burmese Manuscript Binding Tapes Description/Summary:

Sazigyo are fine, tablet-woven Burmese tapes used to bind the palm-leaf manuscripts of an earlier era. Tiny images and extended texts were deftly woven into the long, colorful bindings. These Buddhist "textile texts" were commissioned by donors to make merit in the hope of attaining a better rebirth and ultimately nirvana. This beautiful book elucidates the religious and social context of sazigyo and describes in detail the weaves, texts, designs, and images. It contains stunning, full-scale reproductions and enlargements of many hundreds of sazigyo segments found in collections throughout the world and presents translated excerpts from 150 sazigyo texts. The book is a celebration of a craft now vanishing and a tribute to the skill and flair of Burmese women weavers. It will appeal to weavers and textile designers and to all admirers of exquisite craftsmanship. Ralph Isaacs is coauthor of Visions from the Golden Land: Burma and the Art of Lacquer.


Author : Witi Ihimaera
Publisher : Exisle Publishing
Release : 2003-11-01
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781927147375


Book Auckland Description/Summary:

In his introduction to this anthology, Witi Ihimaera describes Auckland, Tamaki makau rau, as the place desired by many. The variety in this absorbing collection of short stories, poetry and extracts from novels and memoirs shows that while Auckland may not always have been desirable, it has certainly fascinated generations of very different writers, who have explored almost every part of this far-flung city. C.K. Stead and Maurice Gee, for example, go west, Tina Shaw and Diane Brown visit the city centre, Paula Morris and Peter Wells haunt the suburbs, while Robert Sullivan and Albert Wendt head south. Witi Ihimaera has skilfully constructed a literary map of the City of Sails: whether you are a tourist or a resident, an enjoyable journey is guaranteed. The 'Our City' series offers a new perspective on New Zealand's major cities. Each volume presents a selection of the literature inspired by one of New Zealand's four major cities. Chosen with care by a well-known editor from each city, the selections include short stories, poems, and extracts from novels and writers' memoirs. Each contributor, whether contemporary or historical, has a strong association with the city concerned, and every selection has something significant to say about the character of the city. Together they create a vivid picture of what makes the city unique.

Conflict Resolution and Human Needs

Author : Kevin Avruch,Christopher Mitchell
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-05-02
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 9781136226038


Book Conflict Resolution and Human Needs Description/Summary:

This edited volume examines Basic Human Needs theory and interactive problem solving, looking at recent developments in thinking about both and how these might affect peacebuilding in contemporary conflicts of the twenty-first century. The era in the immediate aftermath of World War II was, paradoxically, a time of great optimism in parts of academia. There was, especially in the United States and much of Europe, a widespread belief in the social sciences that systematic scholarly analysis would enable humanity to understand and do something about the most complex of social processes, and thus about solving persistent human problems: unemployment, delinquency, racism, under-development, and even issues of conflict, war and peace. This book examines the evolution of the Basic Human Needs theory and is divided into two key parts: Basic Human Needs in Theory and Basic Human Needs in Practice. Exploring this theory through a wide range of different lenses, including gender, ethics and power, the volume brings together some of the leading scholars in the field of peace and conflict studies and draws upon research both past and present to forecast where the movement is headed in the future. This book will be of much interest to students of peace and conflict studies, conflict resolution, psychology, security studies and IR.

A Happy Life for Busy People

Author : Neil Panosian
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013-12
Category : Self-Help
ISBN : 1493620908


Book A Happy Life for Busy People Description/Summary:

If you're like most people, you can't afford to charter a yacht to the Bahamas on a moment's notice, nor can you take a week off work to attend a soul-cleansing spiritual retreat. So how is the busy, everyday, hard-working person supposed to find joy and passion in life? This is exactly the problem that Neil A. Panosian has spent most of his life trying to solve. A bartender and postal worker, the author felt uncomfortable with the rampant negativity in the world today and wanted to turn this discontent into something constructive—something the average person could use to increase their overall happiness, in just a few simple steps. So he started a blog dedicated to his pursuit of positivity, and quickly gained thousands of followers who were also looking for good ideas for improving their lives. Soon, he found that certain small actions were adding up to big rewards, and the rest is history. This fun-to-read book contains the best of the best—tools that can be used quickly and universally to increase joy, whether you're a busy professional, a blue-collar worker, or a single parent doing the best you can with little money or time.

Who Rides the White Horse

Author : Ray Ralph
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2014-06-26
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN : 1499786689


Book Who Rides the White Horse Description/Summary:

Who Rides the White Horse Hi my friend, after you've read this book you may not want to consider me a friend. I'm learning to accept that. There was a time that when I met someone like me the way I am now. I felt the same way as many of you will. Even though you won't be able to prove me wrong, you're going to hate me for the way I tell the truth. Yes I know I seem to act and sound cocky. I'm hoping that some one can knock old Ray off his high horse with a stronger sense of truth than mine. It's been a few years now and no one yet has done that. My pledge is that should some one prove anything that I have said to be a lie at the very least I'll have to publically apologize. If my word is worth anything it's now on the line. My name is Ray Ralph. I'm the author of Christ, Christianity, and Christians Welcome to the real world. For most of you who are about to read this book, It will most likely not live up to your expectations. The majority of you who read these types of books will be expecting more of the same old same old. These days preachers of all faiths prepare their sermons for their next worship day. You will attend the service out of tradition, and habit more than anything else. It's your responsibility, your duty to honor God with your presence. You'll show up at the church dressed in your Sunday best whether you have services on Sunday, Saturday, or any other day. You'll find your seat, make yourself as comfortable as you can, some of those seats are as comfortable as easy chairs, and some are bring your own pillows. Then you muddle through the next few hours give or take. Whatever the sermon is about, you usually don't have a say, and yet you'll suppose ably accept it as Gods Word. What was said actually didn't make sense but hey, the sermon was good the pastor who told it is your friend. Gods chosen representative. They don't make mistakes and if they do there so insignificant it doesn't matter. Like many of you I was raised a Christian and as I was growing up I heard the word of God told to me the same way, over and over for over 50 years. Myself I had never read a book of the Bible in my life. I used the same excuse as many of you; it's just too hard to understand. All those years I just took for granted that what my preachers were telling me was Gods Word. My preachers wouldn't lie. I stood up for my faith whatever the consequences. Now that I think back upon many of my conversations with other faiths it didn't matter that what I was saying was totally wrong, as far as I was concerned I was right and they were wrong. What I couldn't figure out was why everyone else couldn't see that my faith was the true faith. I could see their faiths short comings, but I couldn't see mine. Then one morning it happened, TheReallyTruth. You are now about to read Christ, Christianity, and Christians. This Roller Coaster Ride I call TheReallyTruth is rolling, ride with your eyes and mind wide open. Remember to show this book to your pastor's asking them to put Ray in his place. Should you and or your faith disagree with what I say, they should be able to do that? Thank You and Enjoy!... Sincerely Ray Ralph ...

The Naga of Burma

Author : Jamie Saul
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2005
Category : Art
ISBN : UOM:39015061281344


Book The Naga of Burma Description/Summary:

Traces the origins of the naga of Burma, and examines their social structures, religion, and ritual, architecture, arts and crafts, hunting and warfare, costume and ornament. Destined to become an essential study for all with interest in these fascinating people.

Poppy's Return

Author : Pat Rosier
Publisher : Spinifex Press
Release : 2004
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1876756446


Book Poppy's Return Description/Summary:

This thoughtful follow up to Poppy's Progress explores issues of family relationships, especially grief and loss. Middle-aged Poppy Sinclair is content enough with her life and her comfortable relationships with her friends, family, and cat. She is thrown into turmoil, however, when she must move back to her hometown to care for her dying father. There, she must face not only the difficult, slow loss of a parent to cancer but also her lingering feelings for a former flame, Jane. In a time of strong emotions for her entire family, Poppy reaches a turning point in her life, torn by grief for her father and excitement over what Jane might offer. Exquisite characterization and engaging dialogue distinguish this subtly challenging novel.